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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 1, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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>> the sixers have signed
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forvillforviliasova. >> toronto puts up a five spot second inning. tyler with the 2-1 shot. flyers have 19 games to go regular season most against teams with a winning record. flyers say they relish the challenge. >> i see it as an opportunity to prove ourselves. we deserve to be where we are in the standings. it's not just coincidence. we need to keep playing good hockey and make a statement here. flyers 26-8-3 since that ugly losing streak. thank you, ducis. memberswere at penn's landing. players mingled with the crowd at dave and busters.
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they smiled for pictures and signed a lot of autographs for fans. the wives served dinner at the ronald mcdonald house in university city. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers for traffic. for ducis rodgers, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ a semimiracle.
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>> oh! a woman fears for her cat caught in the fire. >> when they brought the cat out, it wasn't breathing. >> the heroic moves to save a member of the family. a surfer has to catch a ride at the right time. >> he's doing it. >> the mesmerizing power of mother nature's permanent wave.
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and the yes theory guys new challenge that -- >> sounds pretty much impossible. >> see if they can get perfect strangers to host a party at their house. >> i'll host a party at your house, mr. stranger, not in mine. it's okay. i'm locked in. i'm locked in. >> this motorcyclist is celebrating life right now. you can hear him screaming, it's all right, i'm not dead. you look down, his shoes are scraped up, his pants are torn and severe road rash on his knee but he couldn't be more excited to be in that situation, when you see why he got there in the first place. right off the bat we see that he is in an intense wobble that he cannot recover from. >> oh! did he go underneath the semi? >> he had to have. >> that's exactly what happened. now you can understand how he feels. check it out in slow motion.
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we see him start with the wobbles. he cannot recover. he slid right across in true "fast and furious" style, missed getting run over by the rear tires. >> the fact that you can read freight liner on the mud flap as he slides by is insane. i, i -- wow. >> wow. >> no wonder he's freaking out saying thank god i'm alive. he should be dead. >> he should be dead, and he knows it. this could easily have been a fatal accident. as soon as he stops sliding, he gets up and starts walking himself across to the shoulder, where he finally sits down. >> are you all right? >> dude, that sucked. >> that's an understatement. >> other drivers pull over, because they saw what just happened. this guy now is high on adrenalin. >> holy [ bleep ]. i went under a semitruck. >> he just cannot believe that he's alive. he shared the video on hemi moto
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on youtube. the only injuries were very small amounts of road rash to his knee, on his hip, but nothing was broken. he also shared this, advising other motorcyclists to be extra careful while on the road, because things can change in a split second. everybody likes to feel special, like they matter and teachers take on that task every single day. he has mastered this greeting for his kids. ♪ >> oh. cute. i love when teachers do this. >> every morning when his students come into class they line up and he gives them a personalized greeting that they help. >> a lot to memorize. some of the teachers can't remember the kids' names. he's got the whole dance down. >> personal touches matter.
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he's also a good dancer, too. >> that's really cute. all the kids that are waiting in line, ready to get this day started, they can't wait to greet their teacher and they're in a great mood. >> it gets them pumped up and excited before they enter the classroom. >> i love this. >> if he gets it wrong, does he give them a bad grade? >> i have a feeling he doesn't get it wrong because each of them are so happy about entering his classroom. this school is in turkey. we've seen teachers in the u.s. do handshakes to get students involved. some of this stuff, can you -- >> looks good. >> we'll leave it to him. ♪ tobias smith on that jet ski is now riding these standing waves. it's basically one of those tidal instances. it happens only a couple of times a year. you have to be at the mouth of
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king sound in western australia, and then be there on the specific day and at the specific time to then catch these permanent waves. this area is labeled avoid at all costs. because there is danger that happens at this time as well. they're known to have 2500-foot wide whirlpools that could whip you down a good 300 feet if you're in the wrong place. >> so while it looks super cool, and calm, and easy going, it's really dangerous. >> that looks calm and easy going? >> he's riding the wave instead of the wave slapping him. >> if you want to ride the big waves, you've got to be a pro to make it look easy. fortunately for us, ross clarke jones is a big wave legend. this is in portugal. this was described as a middle wave, about 25 feet but it's going to bite him. suddenly as he's pulling over this way, he loses it. >> uh-oh. >> that's where you're used to seeing, that. >> he pops up, floating, his
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quick silver airlift, essentially wearing this all-body flotation device. the water is so rough the waves are crashing and the jet skis can't get to him. >> turns from an exhilarating day out on the surf to a life-threatening situation. >> smart of him he used the rocket as a shield. >> yeah but he's still going to be exhausted by the time this is over. >> time and time again he is covered by these huge waves. >> you got to keep trying. you got to get to the edge and you got to climb up on that rock. >> eventually able to claw his way out, climb up those cliffs and get himself to safety. look at his face, though. woo. he knows how close that came. >> hey dude, did you see that, all of it? >> yep, and we got it all on video. we got him. >> this woman in russia is obviously emotional. she was in her apartment when the apartment next door to her caught fire. she and everybody in that part of the apartment had to get out, and firefighters went in, and when they went in, they found
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this little guy. >> kitty. >> that poor kitty is that woman's cat, and when they brought the cat out, it wasn't breathing. it was unconscious. the cat was in the hallway and a firefighter found it. miraculously they were able to bring the cat out. when they bring the cat out, they are giving it a chest massage and also had to give it oxygen. the kitten was not responsive at first. >> oh my gosh, look at its face. that kitty is in shock. [ meowing ] >> but then you start to hear its cries, to match the cries of its owner who is absolutely thrilled that they were able to bring the cat out. it took four hours for firefighters to contain the fire in that apartment building, but the good news is, the woman was reunited with the cat. the cass was resuscitated by firefighters. she even takes off her coat to make sure the cat is warmed up. firefighter also do all they can to save every living thing in a building when it's on fire.
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he's taking it to a whole other level, and pranking the one and only j. lo. >> today we're going to do the beer box challenge. >> there's a bigger surprise than that. and we're in hot pursuit. >> approaching red light, pedestrian, cars in the way. >> see how this car chase topples to an end. bad guy doesn't lock the door. ♪ ♪ one is the ♪ you'll ever do ♪ why have one, when you can have two-in-one? the delta hydrorain shower. when you see beautiful design do beautiful work, you see what delta can do.
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it's bananas but she doesn't know. >> this is genius. it's all in your mind. you can create anything in your head. >> if it's a rat i'm going to kill you. eww. >> banana. >> she was able to smell that it was banana. here is the last one. >> she has no idea what she's doing. >> ooh, now that's actually his buddy's mom. now we have him behind the scenes video where it explains why this woman is there in the
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first place. >> last night, i flew out jason's mom from boston to come here because she's a huge fan of jennifer lopez. she has no idea she's meeting her, though. >> she is getting a treat herself, and is going to meet her favorite artist ever. >> i and getting a head massage. >> see how it goes. >> i don't want to grab it. it's hairy. >> she starts pulling on the hair. because she thinks it's a doll. >> don't pull, don't pull. >> why not? it's not alive. it won't bite. >> watch what happens when they reveal what's actually going on. >> it's my mom. >> what? >> yeah, watch what happens when she actually sees this lady. >> oh! >> they're both screaming. she's excited to meet j. lo and j. lo is freaked she pulled out a human woman's hair. >> i'm sorry i pulled your hair out of your head.
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>> the ladies tells her how much she loves her and how happy she is for j. lo's success. that is a true fan. once j. lo leaves watch what mom says. >> she pulled my hair hard but that's okay. that's okay. >> she really is adorable. reports of an audi leaving the scene of an accident in latvia led to this police chase. we're in hot pursuit. [ siren ] the audi is approaching, red light, pedestrian, cars in the way! okay, just made it through. >> that was close. >> this is where the car veers left, goes on the left-hand side of this church, starts heading down these smaller streets. now approaching a yield sign. yield, yield! oh, that was close as well. fortunately that driver clearly paying attention. could hear the sirens of the police, and the chase continues. before this chase can get out of hand, the audi driver is then undone by traffic. car's got nowhere to go.
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the police car pulls alongside. then we transfer to body cam. >> bad guy doesn't lock the door. the cop was just like all right, you're mine. >> we're done here. >> bad guy, not smart guy. >> well let's be glad he is an idiot, because he is quickly taken down by the police. into investigating they ran his details and found out that paperwork wasn't his. that was somebody else's and they found some tablets and unidentified white powder in the car. th he has some drug charges but he assures it's fake white powder he uses to defraud drug addicts, which is way better. >> what? >> that's just the stuff i use to defraud people to think it is real drugs. >> and my name is boo boot fool so here take this. >> it didn't work and he has a couple of nice new bracelets to show off. it's the small things in
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life. >> it's just more fun being a kid. >> see the perfect entertainment for this little one. plus a drone is capturing some beautiful shots. now surfers of course are what you'll find off the coast of florida, but these surfers have company. >> no. >> nice. >> no. ay. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks.
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want to see a video again and again? head on over to, find tons of videos and share them with your friends. >> it's just more fun being a kid. for the rest of us that's just a hand dryer. if you're an adorable girl it's a perfect height to style your hair. >> i love kids because they can make a toy out of anything. >> i think it's a fun sensation especially in this next video uploaded to our "right this minute" website. this little porter, the toys in there, wrapped up like a little
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burrito and dad's drying his hair. dad stops and porter's like, uhm, hmm? >> okay, okay, okay, okay. >> what are you doing? >> more? >> yes. >> more? >> yes. >> okay. >> his hair is not fully dried. do a good job or don't do it all. >> dad continues, definitely drying it. >> okay? >> more? >> more? >> yes. >> okay we're going back in. like oliver, can i have some more, but with a hair dryer. dad john is totally game for it. all he needs to hear is. >> more. >> more? >> yes. >> they're going to be there all night. well if you live in florida and you've got yourself one of the new mavik air drones of course you want to put it up and get gorgeous shots. surfers are what you'll find off the coast of florida but they're not out there alone.
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>> no. >> nice! >> no. >> look at this. >> look, right by them. >> a whole bunch of people swimming, having a good time, boogie boarding and everything and the sharks nearby are like don't mind us. we will not hurt you. the uploader hydrophilic says he believes some sharks are black tips, spinners and some part of the annual shark migration in the waters as well and oli, i understand why you may be afraid of swimming in the ocean, because this boarder catches a small wave. falls off, and looks like he falls right on top of the shark, but there it goes. scooting out underneath the surf. >> dude never saw it. >> no clue. >> hydrophylic said he never saw sharks behave aggressively. check this out, manatees. >> cool. >> he also managed to spot an eagle ray. >> dang, the water is so clear. he's getting all kinds of
2:36 am
amazing footage. it's a classic yes theory challenge. >> hi, can we throw a dinner party at your place tonight? >> this one sounds pretty much impossible. >> because i don't want strangers in my house. >> find out if they're able to convince a stranger to use their pad. >> you might make (alex trebek) if you're age 50 to 85, you probably know what it's like to juggle bills each month. electric, gas, rent or mortgage, cable, healthcare. you know you may need some life insurance to help your loved ones later, but how do you fit it into your budget now? i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan
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this whole idea put together by buzzfeed nifty. some people may recognize the name jack coyne, he's been working with casey nystatd for years and the guys from yes theory. instead of getting to know him they decided -- >> it would be a good idea to throw him into our yes theory experience and have a dinner party at his house and only
2:40 am
inviting strangers. >> this one sounds pretty much impossible. so they divide it up into three. jack and amar are going to try to find someone's house, collin and thomas find food and samir has to find guests for a party that doesn't exist yet. amar decides the best way forward is through usage of a sign. it starts well? >> amar, we're supposed to go left, bro. >> there are some challenges. >> you want to come to a party where we don't actually have the location or know who else is going to show up. >> imagine what would you say when you get pitched this. >> but we are currently in the midst of throwing a party but we don't know where it will happen or who is going to show up. we want to know if you want to come. >> doesn't sound suspicious at all, especially when he asks. >> would you give us your information. >> phone number and


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