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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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aaa. go ahead. - [man] woo! "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with
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an accuweather alert. as we track a coastal storm. it's cloudy now but that will all change. >> we look at the jersey shore the first rain arrives this afternoon and stays with us through tomorrow and expecting high winds and a chance for flooding and even snow in some locations. >> meteorologist, david murphy, is tracking the latest forecast. he joins us live from the weather center. >> we have a lot of rain on stormtracker 6 live double scan. starting to push in through areas like richmond, new jersey and washington. and some through southern delaware. the rain in the afternoon is a nuisance variety. and we have is a number of issues over the next 24 to 48 hours. first of all a flood watch in philadelphia and areas north and east. where the heaviest rain sets up. coastal flood watch in effect and high wind watch everywhere
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and more on all of this in a second and a winter storm watch in the poconos. most of us see rain there will be significant snow up there tomorrow. the first thing is the coastal flood watch and this thing kicks in this evening and goes through tomorrow evening. that is basically three high tides to give you minor coastal flooding and maybe moderate flooding. here is the flood watch philadelphia and montgomery county and camden county and points north and east. this is where the upper level support for heavier rain is at its worst and not only tonight but tomorrow and tomorrow evening. and then a high wind watch. this appears to be turn nood a warning in parts of the region. and the general idea is from allentown to wildwood, friday tomorrow into saturday. you'll have winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour. and even higher than that down at the shore. i would look for debris on roads and downed trees and wires and branches down again and i believe this area here is a
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warning at this point. a winter storm warning in effect for the poconos and that starts out for rain early and change over to wet snow. we get enough accumulation up there to give us travel problems. could be some of that wet snow making it down it philadelphia and we'll talk about the possible impacts from that and the weekend call behind us. it's all ahead. >> thank you. of course visit for up to the minute details on the coastal storm including stormtracker 6 live double scan and stay on top of the watches and warnings as the storm moves through. "action news" is on early tomorrow morning to help you through the morning commute. tune in tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. for the lastest on the forecasr >> the latest from gloucester county three different school districts had to close because of a school threat and in the past 30 minutes we learned of an arrest. jeanette reyes announced they have a 10-year-old boy in
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custody. >> reporter: yes tha, that was collective gasp. the person charged with making the shooting threats was a so-year-old boy and that forced the closures of schools in three different districts impacting more than 4 thousand students. this school received one of those threats and these threats were made and the boy must have been up at 1:00 this morning threatening a teacher and superintendant and this was happening as the investigation went on. >> we took into custody a 10-year-old student of the school district. he has admitted to making these threats towards the school. this morning franklin township police announced they arrested who they believe is behind an email threatening a school shooting and the email was sent to a teacher in the delsy school district and they closed for an abundance of caution for the proximity schools and nearby elk
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canceled because they share buss with the district. >> it's crazy you have to worry about this type of stuff at school. >> and gregor found out with this when he arrived at school. but it's not the first time two students were arrested after they were overheard making terroristic threats and making false alarms. gregor like others parents is struggling. >> how to say something right without it spooking them in any way. >> i am nervous and scared because of what happened in florida. especially over a threat. >> active shooter drills and assembly meetings is the new norm for the younger generation but with this comes on the heels of the florida massacre this is hitting too close to home.
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>> i don't understand why someone would do it. there is month purpose to it and no point. >> we had an assembly yesterday and addressing like drills and the importance -- >> and this country needs to quit playing the silly games and start to do things the way it should be. >> police are saying this boy has no known history of misconduct but is charged with making terroristic threats and causing false alarms. and school is back in session tomorrow and we expect to learn more about this coming up this afternoon with a full report. jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in washington president trump is calling for substantial changes to the nation's gun laws. this follows yesterday's bipartisan meeting on school safety. during the gather, the president accused lawmakers, including pennsylvania senator pat toomey of being too fearful of the nra.
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he talked about background checks and banning people under 21 from buying some firearms. >> and now answering questions about another staff resignation. communications director hope hick,s resign issed yesterday. and one of his top advisers jared kushner is under scrutiny for his proposed business dealings inside of the white house. kenneth moton has the latest. >> reporter: one of president trump's closest and most loyal aides hope hicks is the latest to resign in the administration. >> hope hicks a tremendously talented person. starting off with us from day one. >> the departure is in the works for months but comes after the stunning admission to investigators that hicks occasionally tells white lies on behalf of the president. in a statement, there are no words to advocately express
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gratitude to president trump. and hicks was questioned by the council in the russian investigation after she helped to craft the president's response about the meeting at trump tower between the russian lawyer. and ousting the -- hicks and porter had been dating and adding to the turmoil. jared kushner's real estate turn got $300 million in loans from apollo management. after having meetings with kushner. >> the insinuation is, boy these additional loans sure came forward at interesting times following meetings in the white house. what happened there? those are questions not definitely answers. >> they say there was no wrong doing and a spokesperson for kushner's attorney says he is not pursuing loans while at the
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the white house abiding by all ethics rules. philadelphia's mayor is asking for a tax hike to help plug a massive hole in the budget. jim kenny is expected to make a proposal at the annual budget address at city hall. he wants a 6% increase in property taxes and put the breaks on the planned cuts to the wage taxi racing a nearly $1 billion deficit plaguing the city's public schools. two people were injured in a house fire in burlington county. the flames ripped through a twin home along hickory street. we are working to find out the condition of two people rushed to the area hospital. a state legislature is vowing to fight allegations of sexual misconduct while governor wolf is telling him to resign. on the claims one woman says he
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forced her to have sex when they broke out and another he threatened to kill her. now republican leaders working with police to investigate the claims. and ridley issued a deny and no charges were filed because they are complete fabrications. and now the case of ed pawlowski is in the hands of the jury. the defense team says he is innocent. and the jury resumed deliberations this morn snoog more to come on "action news" at noon. police in virginia are looking for a missing mother what they fountd at her home when she never showed up at work. >> and new technology is making a difference at a local hospital. how it is helping to save the lives of patients with heart problems. and david murphy has the seven-day forecast from accuweather.
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in a sew of military force russia unveiled a new generation of nuclear weapons, including a missile that cannot be intercepted. he believes his missiles can
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pierce any defense system and capable of striking anywhere. >> the search is on at noon for the missing mother of two young children in virginia. 23-year-old terry lynn st. john was reported missing tuesday morning after she didn't show up for work. when police arrived at the home they found the front door wide open and the two children home alone. they found st. john's cell phone outside of the bushes in the -- it's too soon to tell if she was abducted. jury selection started today for the pulse nightclub gunman's wife. nor solomon is facing charge. if she knowingly helped her husband omar mateen plan a shooting that killed 49 people. his wife's trial is expected to last for a month. authorities say they know what cause aid massive hole in the roof of a home in florida.
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an 80 pound inflatable raft. it reportedly fell from a helicopter in miami. and it crashed into a woman's home and she thought a bomb went off. officials are trying to figure out what caused the raft to separate from the helicopter. we are days away from the 90th annual academy awards. the famous red carpet that welcomes the the celebrities was rolled out on hollywood boulevard yesterday and putting the finishes touches at the entrance of the dolby theater. the show begins at 8:00 sunday night.
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health check this noon. taking a selfie may be hurting yourself esteem. a new study says that photographs taken at close range increases the per served side of your nose. the short distance between yourself and a selfie causes difference in dimensions and they have encountered patients seeking surgery in part because of their selfies. and in the art of aging heart disease looms larger as we grow older. doctors fix problems but have short comings and now technology
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is making a prime tool at one hospital save lives and stopping unnecessary procedures. >> rich cohen knew that high cholesterol made him a heart disease target and so did family history. >> my father had a heart attack at 48 and all of them before 60. >> he went for a cardiac assessment. he had a ct scan with a somebodiering result. >> it turns out i had a blockage in the main artery and it was significant. >> this one right here. this is called the lad. >> he sent the scan for a heart flow analysis using the science of computational fluid dynamics.
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>> it's able to discern the blood flow through the artery and see if the artery is in fact blocking heart flow. >> he needed heart bypass surgery but the doctor says the heart flow's big use is avoiding the catheterizations thoughing it's more serious ones that could be treated with medication. >> those that have problems go to the lab but they are the right patients. >> cohen could not stand the side effects from statin drugs but on a new medication that cuts the ldl cholesterol in half. >> i am much better than i was. the "action news" is out working on news stories for today beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> coming up today at companies apparently had an
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interesting incentive to have workers to work out and find a gym or find a new job. we'll break that down in big talkers and people love to talk about their meals on social media. but can that chatter be channelled for good. and health officials using post to avoid food poisoning outbreaks and coming up at 3:00 i'll do a facebook live reading books for the magic of story telling. we'll have a little digital story telling session and tell you how to help get books into the hands of all kids. >> what a great idea. >> thanks alicia. your accuweather forecast is next at noon.
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david is back with normal check of the accuweather forecast. >> we are waiting on the rain. >> yes, we are. we are still waiting and getting no areas west of philadelphia. i'm start you out with the high wind and it is indeed a warning
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filled in in shades of gold in philadelphia and immediate suburbs and berks county. that warning means that the high wind situation is far more certain and more imminent and doesn't technically kick in until tomorrow. but the areas highlights in the gold have you to be careful and we are expecting the potential for the wind profile to built in and not on the warning side and will be before tomorrow morning. as we then take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see moisture welling up on the other side of the susquehanna river and light stuff in dover. outside cloudy skies ahead of all of this. and mild lately and melting snow on spring mountain although there is the chance tomorrow afternoon for the change over to wet snow. 56 is the current temperature and winds light at 6 miles per hour. they will pick up later today and tonight in florida.
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the temperatures across the region, mid to upper 50s. allen tonight and trenton 57 degrees and cape maye. here comes the clouds and here comes the rain. the bulk of the rain is farther to the west. and a shower breaking out over the next couple of hours. and the better chance is later in the afternoon on in through the evening as it builds if intensity. cloudy skies in the lehigh valley and rain arrives there as well over the next several hours and 58 is the high and down the shore clouding up and waiting for the rain to come in late today and tonight. 54 is the high there. and philadelphia 54 degrees. and the winds should pick up a bit later into the day and the rain gets closer. and overnight tonight wind swept rain and blustery conditions building and winds gusting as high as 35 miles per hour. 42 is your low and that is the start of the win problem and higher than that into the game. as we look at future tracker 6
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between now and 9:00 you see periods of rain starting to move in and probably starting later in the afternoon in most spots and the overnight hours heavy rain is popping through and a change over tomorrow afternoon to wet snow and that puts accumulation on the ground a coating to 2 inches possible in philadelphia. this is mainly on the grass. even this 2 to 4 band and areas close to easton on the grass with slushy roads out of the question. if you head to the poconos tomorrow especially in the late morning and afternoon and nighttime. 48 inches of wet snow. tough to avoid. roads up there are slippery. and expected wind gusts are a big issue too. tomorrow 55 miles per hour. during the afternoon and at night. 65 at the shore. that could spill into saturday. and i do expect a lot of issues related to that including debris on roadways and trees and wires down. coastal flooding is part of the package. minor to moderate flooding depending on the storm track.
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maybe beach erosion. high of 58 tonight and rain arriving later today and tonight. and accuweather alert for strong blustery wind and rain turning to possible evening wet snow. and 46 saturday and 47 sunday and blustery both of those days and the next chance of rain is tuesday night. and maybe rain and wet snow wednesday morning but that is a long way off. >> thank you. students at capa got a dance lesson from one of the best in the business. -- >> brandon bieber the dance captain for the tony nominated show gave dance lessons to soon senior and junior students. >> funny show. more ahead on "action news" at
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12:30, we go back to orlando florida and check out the newest restaurants offering up delicious dishes for visitors and win a trip to the the sunshine state as well. when we come right back. hi, i'm bob harper, and i recently had a heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin. no more than 100 milligrams as it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study, brilinta worked better than plavix. brilinta reduced the chance of having another heart attack... ...or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor, since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death.
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brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding new or unexpected shortness of breath any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor if brilinta is right for you. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again we begin 12:30 with the accuweather alert for a
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coastal storm heading our way. bringing heavy rain and strong winds and snow to our region. and the rain is expected to arrive this afternoon and stay until tomorrow. john rawlins is live at the jersey shore where they are expecting beach erosion and possible flooding. david murphy is live now with the latest. not bad out there now but the change is coming. clouds are building and still fairly bright. look at satellite and radar and rain is beginning to approach the region and a thin band tha afternoon and the bulk of the rain farther to the west and south getting its act together and late this afternoon and this evening. is when you see the stuff move in. beginning to build gh tide and and the lunar high tide is in play and the lunar and saturday evening high tide. down the shore coast at


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