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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 2, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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intense winds and rain and snow, those along the coast and throughout the region are preparing for a nor'easter. >> storm tracker 6 live is
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preparing for a potentially destructive storm, it's raining now, but the worst is yet to come. >> good morning, march 2, 5:30 a.m., tam isff, jeanette reyes joins us. we have coverage along the shore and schuylkill expressway in philadelphia. >> let's go over to david murphy and karenog friday. >> reporte today is a tough one with people driving around. >> reporter: we have water on the roads and wet snow and the high winds will be the problem i thin weather center. it's wet across the region. the rain is pushing off toward the east. as we take a closer look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we see the improvement to the east and down the shore where there is not as much the heavy stuff highlighted in yellow is c philadelphia. i'll go ahead and give you the movement, we have a spin around
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the low pressure center. the stuff up to the north is shifting back around and deintensifying a bit. if you're in southern bucks county and trenton you're stuck with the heavier rain. the stuff allentown, it'sat wety of theegion a little bit later this morning or this afternoon. as we take a look at our series of issues that we have in place today, the first one, of course, is the flood issue. the biggest counties that could hit by this is philadelphia to points north an toward the east. there's an aerial advisory. the high warning is from
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noon today until midnight tonight. we're seeing gusts 3 to 35 miles per hour, it will build to 50r more, worse down the shore, lots of trees and wires could come down, as to moderate flooding they are warning you to move your cars and bob brooks will be along naiblghts with more on -- in a little bit with more on that. tt up. >> dave we cleared ambler, montgomery county. we had oneund on 309 past welsh road. we have one on the boulevard whitiker avenue you see the area of yellow. two lanes are blocked on the inner drive, stick to the outer drive traveling on the boulevard right there.
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boulevard extension southbound toward the schuylkill expressway. no big delays, it's wet slow it down, we've been seeing cars hydroplaning. we have a jackknifed tractor-tr i-95 northbound 495 the split three lanes are blocked and a fuel spill. in windsor we had a accident that's cleared now. >> bob brooks is in atlantic city, you're watching the get a little bit more intense, right? >> reporter: absolutely, the rain is picking up, as well. it was an easy morning for u r s one crash big one, things definitely picking up right here. i want to bring up the worried
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about major street flooding that's what the fire chief in atlantic city called it. he said for two to six high tide sick -- cycles, residents can expect f if anyone wants to sands bag front doors or move cars to higher-lying areas. beach erosion they are worried about that, there are several projects going on in a variety of cities, in margate they moved the equipment back behind walls to protect that stuff. waves are expecting to climb 15 feet. high tides are what officials wants you to be aware a of. >> it will start with flooding around saturday morning, high tide 8:00 a.m., a little bit before, a little bit after. later in the back bays, major
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street flooding. we are used to the nuisance flooding. this will be a little bit more serious. >> reporter: and there you hear him, it's going to be more than nuisance flooding, take heed, you have your cars in low-lying areas move them. 2 to 6 high tides impacted by the storm, keep an eye on you for that. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." back to you guys. >> let's switch over to gray hall live along the schuylkill expressway gray how are the roads looking this morning 1234. >> reporter: this morning? , good morning to you jennette.l with the coastal system, all this is rain for now, not snow. take it easy when you head out on the roads, in particular, the schuylkill expressway because you're dealing with ponding and
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flooding on the roads. peco and penndot say they have been monitoring the system for the last several days that's expected to bring winds and rain, and heavy wet snow. peco said a b concern is the wind because it can knock down power lines and streetlights and power to customers. penndot has hundreds of workers on standby ready to be dispatched if they are needed. penndot and peco telling "action news" they are prepared for whatever mother nature brings. >> we're planning to use all our guys, they will be running their routes soon as any mixed precipitation or snow starts to fall. there are challenges with the storm we want motorists to know the winds are especially high. >> reporter: back here live, peco andenot theind. d major plow operation, but they want you to
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the winds there could be downedf power lines. if you see down power lines don't touch them treat them as if they were live and call peco and they will correct the problem. matt. >> those in new castle county are looking to prevent flooding from the delaware river. delaware city has put up portable retaining walls and installed portable pumps to eliminate any spillover, a third pump is on standby. you can get more on the coastal storm on 6abc app that includes live views of double scan radar. >> david murphy is here, you want to stay tuned with the app going throughout the morning and tomorrow, as well. >> reporter: pay attention to the winds, the winds speeds, the gusts be aware that the gusts
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could be 20 miles per hour higher than that, for my money that's the big problem today. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have precipitation that is heavy at times, sort of spinning around around trenton, and karen, if you wouldn't mind grab be my phone and muting it for me, it's replaying my facebook live which i just did, which is kind of annoying. we're looking at precipitation in trenton, pinwheeling around dropping out of the north, it was moving toward the east, it's interacting with the low pressure center off the coast. trenton and bucks county will be stuck in the heavier rain pattern. the rain in allentown will build into the region, a little bit of a lull right now. the snow in the poconos is on its way down. let's take you to sky6 live hd we have cloudy skies you can see the camera bouncing as we had
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wind gustsn parts of the region up in the 30s and up in the 50s before we are done today. degrees in philadelphia. sustained winds 17 miles per hour winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. some spots going higher that thn that. you're feeling the effects the winds. we have snow in areas to the west, there's that likelihood we'll see light snow mixing in around here, as well, later this morning and this afternoon. up in the lehigh valley, snow and high winds, temperatures in the low 40s, holding there through most of the day, uncomfortable certainly temperatur shore, we're stuck in the low to mid 40s, tidal flooding is an issue. numbers in philadelphia, we may dip in the upper 30s today. the winds gusting 50 to 55 miles per hour. of course that precipitation off and on throughout the day, every now and then it could be heavy
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to wet snow. we'll talk about that right now. model by noon has a lot of this changeover happening. even currently it might be that you're seeing wet snowflakes mixing in, the brunt of this would be this afternoon. the one thing i'll pointut is the temperatures. we'll well above freezing across the region. roads and grassy accumulations out of this. north in hampton county and the poconos that's where it will stay below freezing you'll have a bigger issue. 6:00 there's above freezing temperatures. 11:00, it's starting to get you tell of here. with the winds strong i'll see whipped around a little bit. visibility is an issue. grassy surfaces down south, 2 to 4 here. 4 inches in the valley in the poconos, 12 inches in the upper elevations. 50 to 55-mile an hour windy gusts part of the package, too.
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65 miles per hour down the shore, fallen branches on the roads and wires. we have rain and wet snow at times, the winds giving drivers an issue, high profile vehicles on controversy passes bopped around a little bit and debris on the roads i have a concern with that. saturday, dry, windy and chilly, 48. 48 on sunday, breezy. the next chance of rain, tuesday afternoon it winds up mixing just n yet.ednesday morning. is on thetment is shongld >> the weather is causingissuef the to back up because of a threat of a >> reporter: we're live in bks county, roads are wet at1, pastg youo another spote show you thn
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coming up next. >>545 although,
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dreary -- 5:45 a.m., wet and dreary, sky6 live hd i-95 people going to work and school. getting wet along the river. >> we'll seeai wet tos on the roads,
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huh? >> reporter:t doesn't, the evening commute will be it's all going downhill. it's wet out here. wet roads we're having issues. you can see under the street lamps, the rain is coming down in new britain township, bucks county upper state road at bristol road. you want to watch that. i was checking the waze app getting reports of street flooding and poor drainage areas. bishop bacon talking about it in south white hall township 22 westbound. some of the roads with the rain coming down steadily you'll get people hydroplaning and causing issues throughout trea. we had an accident on the northbound turn near heights town we have one further north with a car fire blocking the right lane. cherry hill, 38 cuthbert boulevard, traffic is moving fine hopping into new jersey on
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the majors. elsewhere, 38 looking good right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan we can see pockets. heavy rain in malvern, in coatsvil, adds ford a media, woodbury, not raining as hard in the city at the moment. pottstown, doylestown you have the heavier rain, it's pinwheeling moving around an area of low pressure you're getting the waves of the rain moving through. i want to show you another look over here, we noticed up to the north in the higher elevations in the poconos we're getting the heavier rain changing over to snowfall in the poconos, lake harmony, everywhere elst's rains y head out jennette. >>ou karen. new this morning police department in oklahoma has been can stop bullets. panama police officers found three books stops rounds f hit backpacks filled with books in ev a student as -- student's life.
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they hope to have safety procedures in place by the next school year. landslide in person pesyania is forcing people in a pittsburgh neighborhood to evacuate. officials in allegheny county say a hill side behind he, fortunately, homes is moving at a rate of more than an inch an hour. residents spent time yesterday loading up their longings. officials believe the clay soil underneath could move quicker and damage their homes.
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and financing is now available two bald eagles were rescued along the susquehanna bank in bloomberg. they were locked together in the river on sunday. they were warmed up and flew off uninjured. look at that. >> i have to say, e-a-g-l-e-s! [laughter]. now they are able to fly away, let's look at the wet roads as we head out this morning. trooper, eastbound traffic on the right heading toward king of
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prussia moving okay this morning, 422, roads are wet, slow it down, massns we spotted one delay so far. it's a good sized one on the trenton line, we have a train 21 minutes late. heaviest rain in areas around trenton and southern bucks county and burlington county and atlantic county and camde county. we have a little bit that's opened up in parts of montgomery county. twhivel areas you'll see -- in these areas you'll see wetter conditions. it's coming down from the north, areas north and east of philadelphia do not get much of a lull like those in the central portion of the region are. winds gusts 33 miles per hour in wilmington. philadelphia was in the 30-mile an hour range a lull right now. you can see how the winds are ue west. we go through the day, they will continue to build, a high wind advisory, possible flooded
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roads, winds damage with possible trees and wires down and flooding, temperatures hovering in the low 40s. young children in illinois may have to wait until high school to play tackle football. proposed legislation would forbid children from participating is moving forward state. it heads to the full house for debate. researchers believe limiting the number of years someone plays tackle football will decrease the risk of cte. parents say it's important for children to get involved with contact sports so they will be better prepared.
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>> 55:56 a.m., soggy abbey -- 5:56 a.m., soggy and wet on the benjamin franklin parkway, flags are blowing as the winds pick up across the delaware and lehigh valleys. 556, 42 degrees. it's time to see flowers or something. 58 shops and restaurants from the greater philadelphia area competed in a spring decorating contest in anticipation of the flower show. the businesses were require to
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dress up their store fronts. the philadelphia flower show kicks off tomorrow. this year's theme is wonders of water. you can get an upclose look of all the wonders of this year's flower show. watch the special tomorrow night on 6abc. >> it's great timing with all the poor weather out there. >> political upheaval what is next for the city of allentown now that the mayor was queked. corruption. -- who was convicted of corruption. >> we're tracking rain and windy and we have more on the flood concerns in a live report. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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6:00 a.m., friday, march 2. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> the rain has been falling most of the night, but the storm is getting stronger and could bring potentially destructive winds. >> there are concerns along the jersey shore where there is the threat of beach erosion. >> we have team coverages the communities brace for the nor'easter, bob brooks along the shore and gray hall in philadelphia. >> first up, karen rogers and david murphy inside where it's dry. >> reporter: dry inside but wet conditions at the moment. >> reporter: we have rain north and west of philadelphia, there you see the wide view on weather center and future tracker and all that good stuff. we have rain moving in from the west it will circulate around in
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a circular


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