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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 2, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning america. the new warning as two monster storms hit both coasts. a nor'easter pummeling 70 million from the carolinas to maine with hurricane-force winds, rain and snow. while out west police are going door to door ordering people to evacuate. changing course. president trump meeting with the nra late last night. the group's top lobbyist tweets trump does not want gun control a day after that bipartisan meeting. this as the president announces new trade actions igniting a possible trade war. sending stocks tumbling. poison plot? this woman behind bars this morning charged with attempted murder accused of lacing a cheesecake to allegedly kill a woman who looked like her and steal her identity. how her love for selfies landed
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her in jail. hollywood's most magical night just two days away. will "lady bird" fly? will "i, tonya" win gold and the new report about warren beatty and faye dunaway after that un unforgettable best picture moment. are they planning a huge surprise? ♪ and good morning, america. hope you're well this friday morning. just two days till the oscars. >> uh-huh and take a look. they have rolled out the red carpet there at the dolby theatre. a lot of speculation about whether faye dunaway and warren beatty will be back. you asked about this michael. >> i think they should get a do-over. wasn't their fault. before that we begin with dangerous storms hitting both coasts. our team is spread out from california to new york and we're going to start with that nor'easter bringing serious and dangerous snow wind and rain
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rob is outside times square and he will lead us off. >> hey, good morning. it is nothing short of a miserable day to start your friday across the east coast and it's only going to get worse as this storm continuing to strengthen and sticks around for a good day. we've got the strongest storm now hitting the west coast, all the way down to southern california. more on that in a second but this is going to intensify over the next 12 hours. you see the rain snow speaking of snow syracuse already ten inches or forecast for 10 to 12. already a foot of snow in some spots and winds gusting over 50 miles an hour in boston winds gusting over 60 miles an hour already just outside of d.c. and high wind warnings all the way down to georgia with this system and on top of those winds big waves and coastal flooding. it's all going to be the worst along the coast and that's where we have gio benitez live for us this morning in situate, massachusetts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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we are already feeling wind gusts of up to 35 miles per hour and just look at this water right now because this is the real concern. you're going to have high tide later this morning and then you're going to not have that water recede tiltonight. so there are flooding concerns all across the east coast. this morning, it's scenes like these in pennsylvania. >> there it is right there. >> reporter: and in new york that have millions on edge. that massive nor'easter sitting off the east coast overnight packing heavy rain, snow and damaging winds. some people needing assistance because of those slipperyns. powerful storm already leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. >> i will be very careful. >> reporter: the roof of this produce business in north carolina smashed through by tree branches. in tennessee, heavy flooding forcing residents to kayak through their own front yards and in ohio more than 50,000 customers already without power. the storm now taking aim at the northeast with the potential for major coastal flooding.
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in massachusetts, evacuations already under way as officials worry the damage could be even worse than january's devastating nor'easter. >> it's a heck of a storm and people need to take it seriously. >> reporter: and here in scituate, they want people out of here by 10:00 a.m. today. what's incredible already from massachusetts to virginia we have more than a quarter of a million customers without power. >> all right, gio, be safe out there. let's go to amy freeh, a meteorologist for wabc. she's out in long beach. good morning, amy and we can tell that the wind is picking up out there too. >> reporter: it really is robin. the rain coming down at an inch and a half coming down sideways and millions are out there just trying to make their way into work but the ocean racing in and this will be a main feature of the nor'easter during high tide happening 15 minutes behind me
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at long beach we'll continue to see wears close-- waters closing in and up to hurricane force throughout the day today. so this will be a nasty storm. >> it already is. >> making for messy travel. david kerley tracking it from reagan national. good morning, david. >> reporter: it's already a mess out here. a colleague of ours was on a jet out on that runway lined up ready to take off and the pilot said it's too windy. we're not going. that beginning. the numbers as they stand right now. i believe these are going to go up but at this hour 1500 flights have been canceled and if you break it down in the northeast you can get a sense that it's going to be hit extremely hard. in fact the air force so worried it moves air force one to the west of us to dulles international airport so the president can fly to billy graham's funeral later today and took it from the military base to that airport and, of course the storm hitting on the west
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coast as well. airports there could be affected as well george. don't forget you have the ripple effect. everybody may feel this before the day is out, george. >> east and west. >> speaking of west targeting an area already hit hard by abc's kayna whitworth is in montecito, california where residents have evacuate. good morning >> robin, good morning. people here are on edge. we were actually just iss flash flood warning and that's going to be in effect for the next three hours. that is impacting some 30,000 people. 22,000 of them have been evacuated and where i'm standing right now is under a mandatory evacuation order and you can see they have sandbags lining the area and also road closures right here. authorities are saying at this point, robin, they any unnecessary risks. >> search and rescue teams are at the ready, aren't they? >> reporter: they sure are. they have extra equipment and extra crews on standby ready to go. the sheriff's office was out last night going door to door urging people to get out of
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their homes. we have several school closures in the area. right now the california highway patrol is monitoring the highway 101 deciding if they need to close that as well. this has been a terrifying situation for folks here. i spoke with the coast guard who saysrch and rescue helicopter ready and an additional crew on standby in case emergency services needs any assistance and i have to tell you authorities say this is now the new normal. >> they have been through so much as you know kayna. thank you. let's b for the the storm hitting the east. >> unfortunately the timing is going to hang around all day long and eve tomorrow. you'll survive by standing with your back to the wind and staying off roads if at all possible. looking at throughout the day, the low doesn't move a lot. the winds only increase especially along the coast but already inland wind gusts well over 50 miles an hour and saw that whit that white will be snow that will mix in all the way down to the coast late in the day and even though it's going to be wet it may very well pile up on the sides of the
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roads. 6 to 12 inches of snow in the inland areas could easily see more than that upwards of 20 in some spots. but the big story is certainly going to be the wind and the coastal flooding with this. could be damaging winds on both that's going to be the hallmarks to this system. we'll talk about that powerful california storm in just a few minutes. >> going to be a long day. rob, thank you. >> to the white house and where president trump held a late night meeting with the national rifle association. the group's top lobbyist tweeted that the president does not want gun just a day after the presidentipartisan lawmakers comprehensive new legislation. our chief white house correspondent jon karl has the latest. >> reporter: at this point it's anybody's guess where the president stands and school safety all part of a topsy-turvy couple of days where he rattled financial markets with an announcement that caught his own economic team by surprise. a day after shocking his closest allies by seeming to embraceew
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gun measures, president trump revealed h meeting last night with the nra's top lobbyist tweeting it wa a good, great meeting in the oval office. the nra's chris cox who met with trump and vice president pence suggested the president may have once again changed his tone on gun control. potus and vpotus swore the second amendment, support strong due process and don't want gun control. just a day earlier the president met with lawmakers in the white house and called for action on multiple gun measures opposed by the nra. telling the group they shouldn't be afraid to take the nra on. >> some of you people are petrified of the nra. you can't be petrified. >> reporter: one thing he embraced taking guns away from people considered a threat even without a hearing. >> i like taking the guns early. take the gunsfirst, go through due possess second. >> reporter: that put the president at odds with the nra and his republican base. >> i still support him, but he and i are just going to have to disagree on this idea of due
7:10 am
process. >> reporter: the oval office meeting with the nra wasn't the president's only surprise thursday. tunned markets and his own economic advisers by imposing new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. >> we're going to build our steel industry back and we're going to build our aluminum industry back. >> reporter: the move which sent markets tumbling deeply divided the president's economic team. the president's top economic adviser gary cohn had firmly opposed them costs for american manufacturing and could trigger a trade war. just an hour before the announcement, top white house aides were assuring people that the tariffs were not coming. i am told the president only decided to go forward as he was meeting with those steel executives that ultimately were by his side as he madeannouncement and, george look at this this another one sure to catch some of his when a country, usa, is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with trade wars areood and easy to
7:11 am
win. he goes on ending it is easy. trust me some of his top and most economists might take issue with on a mini tweet storm taking on alec baldwin but you saw that is it certain he will follow through with that and will gary cohn leave if he does? >> reporter: nothing is sure around here first of all, but i tell you that white house officials are telling me the president fully intends to go through with this announcement next week. as for gary cohn he fought tooth and nail to prevent it then he was caught by surprise when it happened. i've had several people at the white house question whether or not he can stay here or whether he will resign. >> okay jon karl thanks very much. michael. >> thank you, george. we bring in our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis for more on the plunging stock market and good morning to you, rebecca. the dow closed down more than 400 after the president announced these new tariffs. >> first of all wall street does
7:12 am
not like to hear the word trade war so while this is helpful to u.s. steel and aluminum companies which have been lobbying for these tariffs and whose stocks surged on the announcement it means american manufacturers will have to pay more for those materials and could mean price hikes so think of any product that comes in a can, beer soda that uses aluminum and steel, cars building materials like wiring and beaming, all of those businesses see their costs go up and the question is if that's the case how much of that do they ultimately aspass along to consumers and what is the ripple effect? >> do not mess with the pepsi light. they could cost more because of this so what are these companies saying about this? in we've heard from a handful of companies. molson coors where unclear what it will specifically do to prices, they are saying that u.s. consumers would surely suffer. they're calling the move disappointing.
7:13 am
misguided and warning of job losses across the beer industry michael. >> thank you so much rebecca. >> we'll be watching today. the white house responding to that new show of force from russian president vladimir putin. he's flaunting nuclear weapons he calls invincible and simulated a strike on florida saying u.s. missile defenses will be useless. martha raddatz has the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the white house's response to putin's speech echoes cold war language saying that we will ensure our nuclear arsenal is unmatched but putin's presentation was unnerving, projected on screens anim nuclear powered cruise missile which he claimed could travel low and fast through any kind of terrain and employee past any kind of obstacle including our ballistic missile defense system and in that animation, that missile appeared to be heading for the western u.s. additional animation as you said had missiles raining down on florida. the missile has been tested but it is not in production but
7:14 am
u.s./russia relations are at a low point and the two sides are not having any meaningful talk george. >> we have not seen nuclear saber rattling like this since the cold war. thank you very much. >> thank you, george. now to the new fallout from the usa gymnastics abuse scandal. this morning, aly raisman announcing she's suing usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee and abc's eva pilgrim is here with details. >> reporter: aly raisman refusing to wait any longer for these organizations to do what she says is a critical step to moving forward, a full investigation. she says she hopes byiling this lawsuit they will be held accountable to make changes to keep this from ever happening again. >> i'm no longer a victim. i'm a survivor. >> reporter: this morning olympic champion aly raisman suing the united states olympic committee and usa gymnastics. >> we still have to hold these organizations accountable. they enabled this monster, they took his side over us for so
7:15 am
long. >> reporter: raisman who brought home olympic gold for team usa in 2012 and 2016 -- >> it has been worth it. >> reporter: alleging that the organizations are partly to blame for enabling her abuser dr. larry nassar. her lawyers say the organizations put their quest for money and medals above the safety of minor competitive athletes, claiming they failed to adequately enforce policies which would prevent employees from engaging in sexually abusive misconduct. the lawsuit also alleging the organizations failed to report nassar's suspected history of sexual abuse to raisman and her parents. >> treatments with you were mandatory. you took advantage of that. lying on my stomach with you on my bed insisting that your inappropriate touch would help to heal my pain. >> reporter: the suit also showing in letter the former head of usa gymnastics sent to the usoc in describing the
7:16 am
"uss fitzgerald's" usoc's procedures as fundamentally flawed and showing apparent indifference to the welfare of young children. 20 years after that letter while facing her abuser at a sentencing, raisman shed no tears but weeks later admitting the truth. >> i know i looked strong in the moment but after i was a mess. it felt like it took me weeks to recover. >> reporter: we reached out to the usoc and usa gymnastics but have not heard back all this as the first male gymnast has come forward with allegations of sexual abuse from nassar. >> it's far from over. >> very much. thank you, eva. we turn to reverend billy graham. he will be laid to rest in charlotte, north carolina later this morning. president trump and vice president pence are expected to be among the guests in attendance. graham became just the fourth private citizen to lie in honor at the capitol washington earlier this week. the funeral is invitation only
7:17 am
but as we know his unofficial title was america's pastor so the servicvestreamed online died last week at the age of 99. >> after a remarkable career. >> yes. let's go back to rob. >> all right george let's talk about this west coast storm, the they are getting it right now look at this, tahoe city, traffic nightmare there. squall valley down the road and up in the alpine meadows winds over 130 miles per hour give you an idea how powerful the storm is blizzard warns posted for the sierras. southernnia i burn-scarred areas they will see rains and mudslides 'debris flow over an inch up to 7 feet in the sierras. time for the weekend getaways.
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>> reporter: heavy to steady rain building in from the north from a developing coastal snow in the northern and suburbs inching toward the lehigh valley. cameras bouncing a little bit and the winds blowing on the benjamin franklin parkway. afternoon we're expecting gusts into the 50s and beyond. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, an accuweather alert for strong gusty winds rain and wet snow across the region later. mostly wet roads worse up in the poconos. there. >> hearty souls. stay dry. stay warm.
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>> good morning o'donnell, 7:23 a.m. friday, march 2. the coastal storm is here, it's messing things up in the morning commute. let's go over to karen rogers for the morning update. knowledge we can see wet snowflakes the schuylkill expressway at the vine, eastbound traffic heading toward south philadelphia. an eastbound accident has cleared,ouutnway. heavy ride betweenhitman bridge and the ride. we have a northeasterly possibly
7:23 am
bring down trees we're seeing that. a down tree in washington d.c. we're dealing amtrak delays, 60 minutes. coastal line, new jersey transit, cross honoring tickets in delaware, it's a big problem on i-95 northbound at 495. a jack jacked knife tractor-trailer blocking three lanes. >> david murphy traction a coastal storm after the break.
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7:26 am
snow. the big issue high winds across the regio outages and trees down. careful out there. >> reports from atlantic city and the schuylkill expressway on this coastal storm at
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i'll get my purse. -ok, nana. get low prices today and every day. targetrun and done. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at situation in that nor'easter hits 70 million americans affected or in the path of the storm bringing snow and rain from >> a lot of the country affected. new questions about where president trump stands on gun control after he held a late meeting with the nra last night and the lobbyist tweeted the president did not want gun control. this was before he seemed to back a comprehensive gun control prague. the president attacking alec baldwin first calling him alex and then misspelled dying. he changed it in the later tweet
7:30 am
and update on the missing mom case, terrilynn st. john disappeared while h were inside. her body found and a suspect has been charged. and taking a look at the annual shark migration under way in south flo on the move and scientists found a dram and w the water. we'll begin, mysterious death, a woman's body found at her boyfriend's san diego mansion. his brother is the focus o a wrongful death civil suit now under way and amy has that story. >> it is bizarre. the death was originally ruled officially ruled as her family doesn't believe it and taking her former boyfriend's brother to court looking for some measure of justice. >> the body of a woman was found hanging. >> a mysterious death at this million dollar mansion left an exclusive southern california beach community reeling. >> 32-year-old rebecca zahau was found naked and hanging from the second story balcony.
7:31 am
>> reporter: her body discovered hanging from a>> reporter: 32-year-old rebecca zahau found dead happening in the sprawling 27-room home of her 54-year-old boyfriend pharmaceutical tycoon jonas shacknai coming on the death of another terrible tragedy. she was the only adult home when her boyfriend's 6-year-old son max plunged over a her body. the sheriff's office struggled to determine whether zahau comm max's dent or if she was murdered as possible retribution for the >> the scene was pretty suo determine whether it was a or a criminal >> reporter: her boyfriend's brother adam shacknai a tugboat captain from tennessee was visiting the family. he found rebecca's life also body that day bound and gagged cut her down and called 911. >> 911 imagine. >> a girl hung herself. >> is she still alive? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: after a seven-week
7:32 am
investigation they ruled her death a suicide. but her family never buying it. this morning adam shacknai faces a civil jury over her death. >> my sister was murdered. it is pretty obvious she was murdered. >> reporter: but adam shacknai's attorney says his attorney is not guilty and there's no evidence connecting him to zahau's death. her dna the only one police found at the scene. >> they concluded she committed suicide. >> reporter: for the first time her boyfriend and brother speaking out. >> she was an enthusiastic person. >> defending his brother. >> he wakes up and his life is changed forever not because of anything he did but because where he was, the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: authorities had cleared adam shacknai of any involvement in rebecca's death years ago but zah is asking for an unspecified amount of money in the lawsuit. it is a civil case of course and adam shacknai faces no
7:33 am
criminal charges and cannot be sentenced to prison in this case. robin. >> all right. amy, thank you. our senior legal analyst sunny hostin is here investigating the story for "20/20" on tonight. oh, my goodness. when you look at this and there are many reasons why the family rejects the idea of suicide. >> yes and i met with rebecca's sister. she said her sister was full of life. she was devoutly religious and she would have never committed suicide, especially in this fashion. i investigated it and spoke to a lot of people robin. they said they've never a woman commit suicide in this fashion which would be getting completely naked, gagging herself, binding herself with nautical knots and throwing herself over abalcony. it's the most odd way to -- that one would commit suicide. >> you have spent a lot of time and talked to a lot of people and hired an investigator. former nypd detective. he had the same questions. why would a woman commit suicide this way? is it possible for her to commit -- would it have been
7:34 am
possible to commit suicide this way and you'll see it's very unusual and he actually -- we sort of reenacted the alleged suicide and he has come to the conclusion it's quite possible that someone threw her over the balcony. >> you think there is a possibility that this may turn into a criminal investigation. >> you know the sheriff's department in coronado said they are willing to re-open an investigation if they get new evidence and so perhaps they'll be watching tonight. >> oh, my gosh. it just is an eye opener and your heart goes out to her family. >> just an incredible incredible case. >> we will be watching tonight. you can see more of the case tonight at "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern and see this w coming up later. >> headed over to "the view." >> okay. over to george. >> thank you, coming up anher bizarre accused of look-alike and steal her identity by poisoning her cheesecake. ♪ ♪ say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind?
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back with a bizarre murder plot. a russian woman is accused of poisoning cheesecake and giving it to her look-alike to steal her identity. >> reporter: sounds like the pages of a spy thriller but happened right here in new york city and they've now charged this russian woman with attempted murder. her alleged vic tellingtim telling us how she narrowly escaped death. this woman is behind bars this morning.crim attempted murder and her weapon, cheesecake. prosecutors say that in 2016, 42-year-old viktoria nasyrova targeted civic who looks strikingly similar to nasyrova giving her cheesecake lac a powerful tranquilizer.
7:39 am
>> she called me i'm going to bring you like cheesecake. when i eat the cake i like vision. >> reporter: tsvyk says her landlord discovered her unconscious dressed in lingerie with pills surrounding her. nasyrova tooktsyvk's passport.ut from death doctors told her. nasyrova was on the run sin interpol murder charge involving the death another woman. she was tracked down last year and hauled i charges. her alleged victims in the theft cases all men, prosecutors say she met them on dating websites while she allegedly used a variety of identities. something she told chasing news. >> rachel meara, sabina. >> reporter: but authorities say it was nasyrova's love for selfies that landed her in jail.
7:40 am
a private detective finding her from this selfie on facebook. >> i also noticed in the reflex of her glasses and in some of the photos provided c specific locations. >> reporter: when asked if she regrets taking the photo that pu [ speaking a foreign language ] she pleaded not guilty on all charges including that attemptednd faces up to 25 years in prison. she has publicly denied in he involvement in that murder in russia. the alleged victim in this poisoning says she did eyelash extensions for nasyrova at a salon normally and was surprised when this woman showed up at her house with cheesecake but they were friendly so she ate two pieces. >> she said, you first. >> that would have been smart. >> oh eat the cake.n't eat the cake. that's what they're saying. who will walk away with oscar gold? we have the favors to win and what we're now learning about faye dunaway and warren beatty. are they coming back? we are so stay right there.
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the s-class has sat at the pinnacle of automotive excellence for generations. the one car that continually innovates and pushes on each s-class, there lies a simple badge.d it serves as our to never rest on laurels, and to forever earn the star. this is the 2018 s-class from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. welcome back to "gma." the oscars are just two days away and chris connelly is in hollywood with a look at how the show will handle the me too movement and what we can expect from the movies and, chris, many of the categories have no clear favorite this year. >> reporter: i guess you'd say that, michael and good morning. mind me you see the grand staircase upscar presenters nominees and performers will process intoe some favorites in the acting categories but all else is intrigue and hat's going
7:45 am
to be quite unlike any other. for viewers sunday's 90th figures to bring the usual bounty of performers. ♪ i got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ >> reporter: grateful filmmakers and gags. it will bring recognition of the recent battle against decades of toxic masculinity in hollywoodtime's up vow to carry the fight elsewhere. >> the oscars is often at the forefront of social causes. it has been for years so it makes sense we would land here. >> reporter: some of the award season's most controversial players including the "the disaster artist's" james frofk co-and casey affleck do not figure to be in attendance on hollywood's biggest night. expect hashtags of all sorts to be flying as the show airs . but along with the activism there are movies to celebrate. the ceremony will be eagle story do that in the one people practice in the bathroom mirror what it would feel like to win an oscar. >> reporter: who will get to say those words for real.
7:46 am
gary oldman's transformation into winston churchill for "darkest hour" gives him an edge. as a mother seeking justice, frances mcdormand's performance in "three billboards" has all the colors of the ragerainbow. its fury seems in tune with the times. >> you get over here. >> reporter: supporting actor favors "three billboards'" sam rockwell and from "lady bird's" laurie metcalf and "i, tonya's" allison janney thought to be the favorite. >> that's the sacrifice a mother makes. >> reporter: best picture could offer edge of your seat drama at the end of the show. "the shape of water" has been as the top choice "three billboards" has great performances and zeitgeist edge. and no film was more talked about in more interesting ways than jordan peele's stunning
7:47 am
debut feature "get out." by that measure it's the movie of the year. is it the the year? that will be oscar's call. and speaking of best un unconfirmed report on tmz says warren beatty and faye dunaway will come backnce that. when we talked to jennifer todd she said it's an interesting idea. well, it's still interesting, michael. >> well if it's on tmz it must be true right. of course, you mentioned all the major categories in that piece but what else? what other categories should everyone be looking outfor? >> reporter: i'd be forward for original screenplay. you know particularly if you're a fan of "lady bird" and "get out," one of those films has a pretty good chance of taking home an oscar in that category so if you're rooting for them you'd want to pay attention to that and cinematography. rachel morrison the first nominated goes up against roger deakins. deakins is 0-13 at the oscars.
7:48 am
can you believe that so we'll see what happens this that category. >> that's when people like them are happy they're nominated. not 13 times. thanks so much. we'll have all day coverage of hollywood's big day right here on abc called "countdown to the oscars" starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 p.m. pacific time. "live from the red carpet." special new start time is 6:30 eastern, 3:00 pacific -- 3:30 pacific and the oscars broadcast 8:00 eastern, 5 on the west coast, hour earlier than usual. >> oscars all day,right? day, all day. >> give it up to michael carrying the "gma" banner for us this year. >> yeah. carpet. >> and i'll be back here on monday to do this show too so it'll be fun.
7:49 am
7:50 am
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be careful what you're wishing for. they wanted snow in tahoe. they're getting it.
7:53 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of knob drowsy claritin. live claritin clear. >> good morning i'm matt, 7:56 a.m., friday are march 2. if you have not left yet you're in for a rough morning commute. let's go over toj karen -- karen
7:54 am
rogers. i-95 southbound at cottman jammed heading toward center city 36 minute drive from woodhaven to the vine. vine street expressway, traffic heavy heading toward the schuylkill expressway. boulevard at deavereau avenue another case of mall functioning traffic lights. we've seen this three times today. in new jersey, 42 northbound a disabled vehicle by creek road jamming up traffic, watch for a slow go coming into the city from deptford or turnerville. >> no snowflakes from sky6 live hd here on the benjamin franklin parkway. but david murphy is tracking the coastal storm outside with accuweather. >> reporter: we'll see wet snow in the city, although it will be wet roads. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you pockets of heavy rain pushing from the north into south jersey by trenton. changeover from snow mixing in
7:55 am
at times in the northern and western suburbs that will dip into city this afternoon. the wind picking up. we have gusts in the 20s an 30s across the region this afternoon. this afternoon 50-mile an hour gusts or higher, troas and wires down -- trees and wires down and rain changing over to wet snow. it's dry for the weekend. >> fbi and u.s. attorneys are talking about the guilty verdict against he had pawlowski who was convicted of award contracts to business owners who funded campaign. he began a 4 term in january he most leave office. how penndot and peco have prepared for this nor'easter at
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ how beautiful ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at good morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. new warning about that vicious monster storm with 70 million americans in its path. hurricane-force wind rain and snow. 25 states on high alert from texas all the way to maine as another storm, the strongest of
7:58 am
the year is moving in on the west coast right now. >> fortnite frenzy. it has your kids glued to the screen. over 40 million people in america playing. the new causes for concern. your kids do they have gaming disorder or is it helping to keep them safe? our expert breaks it down. steal their style. behind the scenes with red carpet style ifs for the biggest stars in hollywood from saoirse ronan and emma stone to reese witherspoon. fixing fashion emergencies we all run into and everyday items that can help you look flawless both on and off the red carpet. celebration time. are you ready for oscar? we are and so is jimmy kimmel. >> no one does oscar like "gma" and if they say they do they're lying. >> getting you ready for hollywood's biggest night just two days away as we say good morning, america.
7:59 am
>> cheers. ♪ >> celebrate good times. great to have you with us on this friday morning and look at people coming from all over the country. i've never seen that in tennessee right outside of chattanooga. is that where it is? >> soddy-daisy. >> and the couple in the back it's their anniversary and came to new york for that. happy anniversary. >> we are gearing up for oscar sunday here. so is wolfgang puck out in l.a. our friend in the kit now. he is going to give us a sneak peek at what the stars will be eating and of course he's been catering the famous governors ball for 24 years straight. >> he's cooked a lot of meals in that time. but first we want to get though those storms slamming both coasts. a nor'easter bringing heavy rain snow and hurricane-force winds. we'll go back to gio benitez who is in the thick of it all. good morning gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good
8:00 am
morning to you. listen i want to show you this. this is the seawall here. look how close that water is getting now. the very concerning high tide is at 11:30 this morning and the water just won't recede until late tonight. that's why everyone is just so concerned about flooding here. they want people out of here by 10:00 a.m. today and it's not just the water, it's the wind too. you can just see we're already feeling these wind gusts of 35 miles per hour probably even more and that number could go up to 75 miles per hour later today, michael. >> all right, thank you so much gio. >> robin. >> okay michael, that storm making, of course, a miserable start to the weekend andous wet fears of mud14r50ids as a storm strikes there and, rob, he is back tracking it all. >> we have storms on both coasts. quick shot of what's going on. in syracuse we have snow happening there. happening in albany as well nothing compared to what is going on out west. blizzard warnings posted for the west coast in the mountains there. we've already seen winds gust over 100 miles an hour two feet
8:01 am
ofnow several feet coming but a flash f watch for california those burn parts of santa barbara county have been e threat for mudslides as we get over an inch of rain there and up to seven feet of snow in the sierras. they need the snow maybe not two, being a full-on blizzard in new york. you can see the snow mixing in. it's a hightorm either way. >> thank you. to the white house. some confusion there. president had a late night meeting with the nra. the nra came out of the meeting saying the president does not support gun control a flip from 24 hours before when he met with bipartisan lawmakers saying he was for comprehensive gun control. let's get the latest from jon karl. >> reporter: it's not exactly clear where the president stands on the gun issue right now. he did as mention the nra and republicans in congress by coming out and suggesting that he supports multiple gun measures that the nra has opposed for years. and in announcing this meeting the president good great
8:02 am
meeting in the oval office tonight with the nra and the nra's top lobbyist who met with, chris cox described the meeting this way. i had a great meeting tonight with donald trump and the vp. potus and vpotus support the second amendment, support strong due process and don't want gun control. so where does the president stand right now? well, i just a few moments ago spoke with sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary. she suggested perhaps he doesn't support universal background checks, just supporting the background check system. that would be a change from what he said earlier this week and as for raising the age for the purchase of assault weapon she said the president still supports that conceptually but thinks it might be a better issue handled by the states. that is a change too, george. >> jon, as you know if the president is not clear, not leading with a clear package unlikely anything will get through the congress. >> reporter: no way any of it happens unless he forces it through. even with his support that's an open question whether or not it will pass. >> jon karl, thanks very much.
8:03 am
never did something so sour turn into something so sweet. all to set the world record for the most donors to sign up for be the match in 24 hours and, boy, people from california to here in times square those two young men, chris, he has leukemia. his friend dillon was out in times square and all to raise awareness about the need for donors. and, of course we kind of joined too. okay we got to show george. but the biggest news of all, you dit. you set the world record with nearly 3500 people signed up for the be the match registry stepping up to save lives. thank you for that. it was chris, his idea and he wanted to set a world record. that was part of his bucket list so we're glad that we could help out and everybody who took part wonderful. >> really fun too. george you seemed to like it
8:04 am
more than most. everybody, up you be conce the game fortnite.n how much time is too much to be glued to screen? >> to the oscars we're taking you behind the scenes with the stylist of the stars. we'll have that and much more. lara, what do you have upstairs? >> did you like that. darn it we have a whole dance move. you missed it. i had a whole dance move with the crew. but the important thing is we are toasting with our wonderful audience for helping throw the perfect oscar party from the drinks to the food. we'll even see what celebrity chef wolfgang puck is making for all the stars and for us we hope. all coming up on "good morning america" on this oscar weekend. ♪ walmart asked three amazing directors to make a film inspired by a walmart delivery box. so the challenge in doing this shoot is to craft a narrative with just a box. fascinating way to see like how three people see the same thing. i felt this was an audience that loves film so why not make something about movies?
8:05 am
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8:09 am
♪ look at dj kalkutta. [ applause ] i know. wow, wonderful to have her here with us along with this wonderful, very well dressed audience, i might add. >> oscar weekend. >> yes, it is. >> we have the oscar themed treats to kick it off thanks to astro doughnuts and fried chicken and our entire audience is getting some oscar doughnuts. >> we're not getting left out. >> we're not. >> red velvet. have you tried them yet? >> yeah. good, good. all right. >> nobody has. >> go ahead and eat them. >> all right. >> i'll save mine till after "pop". >> real good. >> how many of you people here play hq trivia. you know the game hq trivia?
8:10 am
i played it a couple of times with my kids. can win some money. there, the host is going to be here. going to play a special edition for our oscars after-party. >> i'm so in. so fun. >> i have to say after "pop news" you got to have it. this is a good doughnut. >> today we're doing popscars. it's also friday. not friday eve, rob. it's friday. today we are calling it the popscars. so how deg of separation academy award styl put on your thinking caps. four actors who are in -- who are all in more than one of the best picture nominee, see if you can follow this so we'll start with caleb landry jones, so creepy as the brother in "get out." he is also the guy who rent the billboards to francis mcdormand in "three billboards outside
8:11 am
ebbing, missouri." lucas hedges plays her son and he is also a potential suitor in "lady bird." >> oh, yeah. >> as is timothy chalamet and picked great movies to work-related in also nominated for his role in "call me by your name." in that movie his father is played by actor michael actualstul stulbarg. in addition to "call me by your name," he's also abe rosenthal in "the post" with meryl streep and tom hanks and the doctor in "the shape of water" with the most nominations. >> what a year he's had. >> there you have it. actors and do at home. >> well done. >> really? names over and over again. those are either really good choices or really good agents. hey, also in this popscars when you lose a bag or it's stolen, hard to be funny about
8:12 am
it unless you're tiffany haddish who posted a video on instagram telling followers she had the time a women thursday but here's the thing. and my she ready team all of us up in here okay was taking pictures together and they gave us gift bags and my makeup artist put her bag inside the gift bag and then a girl who said she was going to watch the bags and not let nobody take the bags let somebody take the bag. >> well, tiffany wants you to know the thing is her i.d. was in the bag, money was in the bag. she doesn't care about that. what she wants is her makeup and she wants the fendi bag and could mean one-on-one interaction if you find it. listen up. >> if you was at the black women in hollywood essence event, check your gift bag and hit me back because we need that fendi bag back.
8:13 am
thank you. [ applause ] >> love you, tiffany. she needed that makeup because she's presenting at the oscars this sundayon't know if we mentioned it it's oscar weekend and that's "pop news." time for one more? this just in, all right, here we go. so soon you can be stopping at starbucks for coffee in theg then heading back maybe after the oscars for a night cap. the coffee giant opened its first reserve shop in seattle this week looking to take on other high-end coffee shops and added cocktails from a mixology bar turning ba hristos into bartenders so you can get your buzz nationwide in the morning with your and then your choice of beverage in the morning opening a thousand reserve bars and then changing the 20% of their regular starbucks into this reserve situation. >> really? >> for morning and night. >> guaranteeing more -- >> yes, you're chuckling. >> i'm thinking am i going to be there morning to morning or night to night in that is a very
8:14 am
fair question. we'll discuss. that is "pop news" on this friday. [ applause ] >> popscars. well done. another strong week thank you. amy, you have our "gma" cover story about a popular video game so many are playing. >> video games are facing some new scrutiny this morning. president trump has announced he's meeting with video game executives next week to discuss violent content following the deadly florishooting. this as a new game called fortnite and some parents are worrying their kids are spending too much time at the controls. it's the online game that has fans in a frenzy. fortnite's objective. players join teams and battle up to 100 others to be the last person standing. the multiplayer melee drawing comparisons to blockbuster franchise "the hunger games". >> i volunteer as tribute.
8:15 am
>> reporter: with millions of users from kids to even celebrities like chance the rapper, joe jonas and steelers wide receiver juju smith-schuster caught up in the craze. >> i'm at this party right now and all i'm thinking about is fortnite. >> over 40 million people in america play it. chances are you know somebody who is enjoying it. >> reporter: with the option to buy upgrades and bonus features the company reportedly raking in big bucks off the game's big buzz. >> it wouldn't surprise me if they were making hundreds of hundreds upon on any day, even millions. >> reporter: for some parents its popularity is a cause for concern. >> i love it. >> reporter: amy says her kids are so caught up in the game she sometimes won't see them for hours after school. >> they downloaded it around november/december. around that time i guess that's when they slowly started disappearing. >> reporter: she wrote about it in a blog titled have i lost my children to fortnite garnering ross the country. >> everyone is sort of
8:16 am
struggling with the same thing. how much time do we let them actually play this where they're not fighting and they think they've had enough time and i'm not the bad guy. >> reporter: it's the only fortnite. this year in a controversial decision, the world health organization officially recognized gaming disorder as a mental health issue. the american academy of pediatrics advises parents to place consistent limits on screen time making sure it doesn't take the place of adequate sleep, physical activity and other behaviors essential to health. but for worried parents fortnite's social aspect may actually have a positive effect. >> the beauty of video games is they're moving from being solo experiences to more social experiences that invite people to come together and bond over a shared positive activity. >> to further the discussion let's bring in clinical sports psychologist dr. jonathan fader. and, jonathan, thanks for joining us. from a clinical perspective what makes this game different than any of the games we've seen before. >> when you mentioned fortnite
8:17 am
there were people high-fiving. i saw a bunch of teenagers high-fiving. this is a viral game. people are so into this game and the thing that makes it so different is it's so interactive, michael. people can play duo as a team and really interact over the video game. it affects our pleasure centers of the brain. that's what video games do and this one is really intense. >> so speaking specifically to fortnite, how much playing time is too much parents want to know. what limits do we set? >> the american academy of pediatrics says if your kid is 20 to 5 it should be an hour or less a day. with teenagers it's about t context. how does a video game affect their activities. does it prevent them fromschoolwork done orintivities. homer simpson had a great quote, to pr think about these video yeah they give kids fun but at theme let's moderate. >> is it hard as a parent to balancendh your kids. >> it's so hard. my kids play video games and what i do i play with them. i want to see they're doing and want to -- i mean some of it is just fun but i want to be there and understand how violent it is and also want to help them
8:18 am
limit it themselves. >> it's a problem because my kids use all of those devices for their schoolwork so like mom, i'm doing schoolwork so i say you have to have a door open and you can't have headphones on. if you hear that play happening, you know. i'm doing my essay, slash doing fortnite. >> it's a great undercover thing so when you tell a kid put it on airplane mode they can't a lot of times. a lot of schoolwork is interactive doing research on the web. >> what if if there are any benefits to playing video game dmrs definitely benefits. the thing about fortnite. multi multiplayer game and the thing they enjoy about it you're talking to your friend while it. so that's one of the fun parts about it. that's what sucks people in and says, hey, five more minute ten more minute three hours more and you can your whole lifehe family room playing. a lot of kids who aren't connected in sports or other settings find a social scene in that which is as a benefit but
8:19 am
in can really get out of hand? moderation being the kye. >> i like that. you play with your kids so you know what they're doing and time to cut it off. >> play with them and find other ways to limit it. what i say is stop telling your kids don't do this. do this give them the other activities. give them other things to do. if you're just telling them stop doing that. it's just going to be a drag. connect with them. understand what they like about it. >> all right, dr. fader, thanks so much. >> a pleasure being with you. >> now over to rob. >> all right, michael, we are co we are counting down to the oscars we're talking about the california storm will it impede what's happening on the red carpet. it will be sunny. the stars will take it. here's the nominees for the best picture forecast. dunkirk new york, and lady bird, texas. check on what's happening for the oscars. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan rob shows us rain heavy at times through
8:20 am
parts of the region. a little bit of snow mixing in north and west, as we look outside we have cloudy skies look at the flags blowing gusts in the 20s and 30s going above 50 miles per hour later on today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast an janine ackerman alert for strong, potentially damaging wind gusts rain and wet snow today mainly wet roads problems in the poconos with that and coastal flooding possible at the shore. e top prize. and, of course on those red carpet gowns we got a sneak peek inside the top secret showrooms from the celebrity styleist to reese witherspoon and saoirse ronan and others, take a look. >> elizabeth is known for dressing some of the biggest names in hollywood like gwyneth paltrow and uma thurman and right now she's giving fashion editor and stylist sanaa roberts
8:21 am
rossi a sneak peek into the looks we might see at showroom's shoco. >> i have the biggest stylist in hollywood right here. >> reporter: this year she's dressing one of the fashion stars of this award season oscar nominee saoirse ronan from "lady bird." >> does she have any routines or rituals the day of oscars? >> eat. >> reporter: her road to the oscars began with the release in early november. >> 78. >> across town stylist petra works with reese witherspoon and emma stone. >> this is your show and where all the celebrities act come. >> reporter: don't forget oscar shoes. >> always these shoes -- >> for the most part they're really color coded. >> reporter: number one tip for dressing for your own red carpet moment. >> i bow down to our tailors. >> cannot wait to see but we know it's one o will you call me? just let me know.
8:22 am
yes. want to come? >> you're not invited. ♪ [ applause ] >> so fun to take a peek at that. thank senior fashion editor o claire" is here, zanna. >> te can help us in a pinch. when you've got a scuffed shoe it bri an outfit. >> hence the scuffed shoe. let me give you a shot. patent leather always gets that way. >> take toothpaste no the a gel. rub it on at the scuff with a damp cloth and it completely removes the scuff. >> please remove the toothpaste. >> please remove the toothpaste. >> sweetener for stain. >> artificial sweetener dissolve dissolves on to the stain but absorbs it so dump a pile of it on a stain immediately and then leave it for a few you can pat it from the back not the front because it pushes it in more and it comes out. >> toothpaste sweetener in the
8:23 am
is where we had to change last minute. zipper is stuck. >> so basically take a bar of soap which is never far away rub it on the teeth and it gives it enough wax to go up and down. >> from the mouth of a hollywood stylist, it here >> thank you. >> see zann's new judge on glamour stars. hi everyone, it is 8:27 a.m., friday, march 2. i'm matt o'donnell we're hanging out on the schuylkill expressway with karen rogers. >> reporter: decree, just hanging on the schuylkill expressway -- yes just hanging on the schuylkill expressway.
8:24 am
the roads are wet approaching belmont jammed from the boulevard to 02 heading westbound on the schuylkill expressway. you saw the wet snowflakes mixing in. on the boulevard it's hard to see with the precipitation coming down. boulevard southbound jammed heading toward the schuylkill expressway. we've been talking about downed trees with the nor'easter that we're seeing. in astin delaware county, power lines down, bridge water road, traffic lights are out the problems beginning with the downed tree and first spot in delaware county. another spot in wilmington, because of the strong winds we're talking about fulk road at shipley road. no word if a tree brought them down matt. >> david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast.ctly nice, matt. we're looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see rain coming down from the north.
8:25 am
there's a changeover with snow mixing in the north and west. temperatures 40 degrees, the winds building out of the northwest around the coastal low pressure center. accuweather alert because of the winds, gusting to 30 at times will go above 50. we'll have possible power outages and trees down. mainly wet roads across the region poconos that's another story. coastal flooding possible at the shore, it's dry for the weekend, but windier and chilly. >> federal prosecutors will hold a press conference afterthe conviction of allentown mayor he had pawlowski. "action news" will be there. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself.
8:26 am
experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. welcome back to "gma," everybody. that's dj kalkutta on the ones and twos.
8:27 am
but it's a very musical morning. we have from asbrook, north carolina these kids are here not only are they here they are singing at carnegie hall so congratulations. congratulations to all of you. and we're excited you're here. the rest of the audience we're excited that you're here. [ applause ] and we're really excited to find out who are the winners of the 90th academy awards two days away and excited about what the big show has in store. t.j. holmes is here to bring back a little game we played before the super bowl. it's time for some oscar props. you have the champagne and oscar. what else? >> this beautiful thing is up for grabs for one of you. we're bringing back by popular demand our champion from our super bowl props bag, lara spencer here. [ applause ] >> here you go. here you go. this is for you. a lot of people betting on who is going to win the big prizes but prop bets so you got your white boards.
8:28 am
white down your answers. up first, what will be the topic of jimmy kimmel's first joke? >> oh, gosh. >> will he talk about the 2017 best picture blunder. is he going totic, maybe the president, actor or actress or e.e, something else altogether. in 2017 hise was about the way you people go through a host, this is probably my last time here. his second joke was about how people hate us now, 225 countries hate us so that was a little politics so -- >> this is the very first joke. >> first joke will be the the blunder, the blunder and -- wow. okay. [ applause ] >> great minds, i suppose. >> everybody picked a. >> what color will the best actress winner be wearing? black, blue red, green or something else? black, blue red, green or something else? >> okay. >> yes. >> wait. can i see -- >> black, blue red, green or something else altogether.
8:29 am
black, black. all y'all got the same answers. this isn't working. now, the audience i needed you all to participate. you have your clickers there. the yes or no will the audience this time around will they be fed jimmy kimmel again this year? remember he had the candy come down last year. yes or no he'll feed the audience. george, giving this a lot of thought. drinks. so no food and just drinks. >> okay the audiencethink. thinks yes. says yes. [ applause ] >> i'm going to break this. >> you had a lot of the same answers. we need a tiebreaker. >> george could win it there if many times will the academy awards cut a winner's speech off with music? >> that's a good one. >> how many times will that take place? >> okay that's good. >> that many? three. >> okay. >> bam.
8:30 am
>> five. >> ah. >> so we might need more of a tiebreaker. but this beautiful thing is up for grabs this time around. >> wait i'll change mine to four. i'll change mine to four. >> i want to share it with you. i want to win together. >> all right. who wants to share? you don't want to share a super bowl ring. >> with like 59 other guys, so, yes. >> but we will see. we'll be back on monday. good luck to you, our champions. our champions. [ applause ] >> walk off like t.j. holmes. >> he didn't even bring us champagne. >> do we have music to play him off? >> does that count? does that count? >> all right. we have a special guest live now from l.a. he's catering the famous governors ball for the 24th consecutive year. give it up for our friend the legendary chef wolfgang puck.
8:31 am
and he's there with his son byron. good morning to you both. bright and early out there. >> good morning, good morning. >> good morning. good morning, wolfgang. do you have a chance the movies as busy as you are all year long? >> robin, i have to cook. if i watch all the movies you won't get any ill be impossible so i watched a movie maybe in the sometime. no time for the movies. >> and you have no time to watch the oscars as well because, of course, you're busy. everybody will be so hungry by the time it's over. >> i exactly. you know what i'm concentrating on here. crew starting work. the pastry chefs are making the e are our sugar bowls. look what beautiful golden sugar bowls we have. break it open and you have a beautiful coukabir with raspberries in s good. >> i'll send york. >> perfect. >> >> good job. >> one of our other great thing today we have the beef.
8:32 am
look how beautiful it looks. it's my favorite. it melts in your mouth. i don't have to give anybody a -- i have to give them a fork but no knife to eat it. it's so good. >> byron, wolfgang is all smiles right now but take us behind the scenes. is he a tyrannical chef or pretty easy-going? >> no he's definitely very easy-going guy in the kitchen of we have a great team behind us here lots of chefs constantly at worko him by any means to be overly stride dent in the kitchen. he's very easy-going. working for him, with him. it's an amazing experience here. especially for such event especially. >> i paid him to say that. [ applause ] i have to beat him up. things. chicken pot pie? >> byron, i have a your dad ever get nervous? do you ever feel the heat under pressure i kitchen? no after this many years of cooking he
8:33 am
heat. i definitely -- i definitely feel the heat. onso i'm defin it bit but he keeps me you know, even-keeled throughout the whole process. >> for the 100th anniversary we are a family business. >> can we try any? will we get a chance to eat -- >> i sent you some so you'll get something to eat. fedex is really working and i saved you an oscar here. one for robin, one for one for everybody. >> love yourburgers. i love these tiny burgers. and, wolfgang one more question. what dish are you most excited about for theover >> i'm t excited is when it's over and i sit down with mylass of ampagne. that's the best part of the whole oscar celebrations and we eat and get really good fo i love mine. itamazing. >> byron and wolfgang, thank
8:34 am
you. it's your first time on tv but you did a great job. >> t >> countdown to the oscarsit's oscars opening sear live from the red carpet at 6:30 p.m. eastern and they start a half hour earlier than usual. we'll eat, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already
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two days away, but three hollywood names have stepped behind the camera for sponsor walmart to make minute movies inspired by the blue we'll see their films during the show. walmart is supporting aspiring young filmmakers with pictures arts an sciences. it's called the academy gold program here's an intern, tracy aviseeting i people who are getting going in their careers. there has to be people who inspired you as a director if you were to getn academy award, who would you think -- thank on the stage. >> i think my family is the biggest support group of my with professors and the academy gold program the directors have super sportive. >> i like that speech. always thank the academy that's
8:38 am
good. we have a little surprise for you here, we want to bring in kristin evans with our sponsor walmart. i'm going to let you take it away because she has something to say. >> congratulations to be selected as a academy cold intern such a fabulous thing. today we would like to tell you something more. >> oh, god. >> you know we have been working with three directors creating 60 second films inspired by the walmart blue shifting box. today we want you to be the 4th director. >> yeah baby! >> oh my god. >> we want you to create your own 60 second film based on on the walmart shipping box and come to the benton film festival this spring and premier your movie.
8:39 am
>> that's amazing. all right. how about that! [cheers and applause]. time for a look at the weather forecast. >> reporter: that was pretty cool. all right we've got rain pouringdown to the region over to theeast it's heavy. there's snow mixing in north and west. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast accuweather alert, high wind warning look out for down trees and wires and wet snow coming in later on today. of thetars like jerry seinfeld.look. >> i'm always fixated serene you are and how comfortable you are. >> uh-huh. >> and how you have this life which is this big life and you've had this big career and you seem so relaxed and so happy. and i wonder what is responsible for that? >> obviously, alec obviously --
8:40 am
>> are you going to leave the obviously on every response. >> if i have to. >> you idiot underneath that -- >> that's right. obviously it's a gentleman's way of saying you idiot because what does everybody want in this business? what do they want? they want to be the person in the project that's -- sits at the top of the human pyramid, right? >> right. >> they want the big money. right? >> it helps. >> they want the big audience. those are the three things. it's my thing, big money and i got the whole -- it's massive, right? >> you got it all. >> what am i worried about. >> three just came up. >> sundays, a special edition right after the oscars on this sunday. >> looking forward to that and we've been counting down all morning long to the oscars the hottest red carpet fashion, oscar-worthy dishes and now to top it off the perfect cocktail
8:41 am
or mocktail. thanks to our sponsor, the hollywood roosevelt, take a look. >> good morning, america. i'm mick from the hollywood roosevelt. and i'm going to be making the red carpet smash. a fun and easy mocktail for your oscar party so all you'll need is raspberry, some blackberry lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda. let's get started. three raspberry, three blackberries a splash of lemon juice, three-quarters of an ounce of simple syrup and get to muddling. some ice and shake. champagne flutes make sure you double pullout of it and club soda. if you want to turn this into a cocktail all you got to do is add your favorite champagne or sparkling wine with our garnish, red carpet style.
8:42 am
>> these are our red carpet smash mocktails. i would like to point out. being served up right now and we'r your party planning withg from appetizers to party games. >> nifty. >> ready for a lit coming party game
8:43 am
♪ how beautiful ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
8:44 am
♪ dj kalkutta once again. back with countdown to the oscars. we have melissa garcia here. she's going to show us how to throw the ultimate party with affordable easy tips and, melissa, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> everything we have here is inspired by an oscar nominated movie and start with eat? >> keep in mind it is sunday night and wil the next day probably. things. we have great hors d'oeuvre blanket. we are not calling them. these are inspired by "phantom thread," b eat like a lady bird and dipping sauces more inspired and fancy for the oscars which is really we >> don't double if you can stick to your own you can double dip. i love how we put the bagel salt the
8:45 am
outside of thedogs >> it's everything bagels -- >> like birdseed. >> i like that. >> so you double dipped in each category. >> we did. >> i know you're eating. if you could put that down for asecondll not touch your wing plate. >> this is really fun. rainbow popcorn bar. super easy to do. it looks difficult but it's not. they have these color mist sprays edible that you can spray on which is really fun. >> do they taste like flavors? >> i think they're just sweet. don't we'll let rob try it. >> it tastes pink. >> your teeth are still white. that's good. fun and festive and kids love it. the sipping stars bowl. we take little ice with a starnd pop that in. easy to do and then you don't have tguests. have them do it themselves. >> you won't miss the show because everyone says i'm out of my drink. go to the bowl and get your own drink. >> that's right, michael.
8:46 am
>> that's how it happens at your house. >> less commercial breaks. how do we keep the energy going. >> test your own acting >> look how sweet you are.we'll guess. here we go. all right. >> take your time. >> you can my 22. >> it's raining.shape of water." >> wow. you are up next. >> rob is drinking and eating. >> come on. okay. okay. >> boom boom, boom. >> "the darkest hour." >> oh, my god. >>ext to you. >> a >> best one. >> i mean -- i'm going to sit here. maybe it's the lucky spot. bird." >> yes.
8:47 am
>> boom. >> that's it. >> that's quite fun. mayb together to oscars. all right. >> and y here. >> we'll be there. that's a little bit of a problem. >> a little bit. >> melissa, thank nk you so much. >> great great fun and, rob, go back to eating. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
want to say thank you to dj kalkutta. a big thank you to our audience and thank you toryone at home that's watching. be sure to tune in to abc on sunday for our all day coverage stti atstern, >> make sure to joi morning for our "gma"y. >> have a great weeken everyone.
8:50 am
hi everyone, 8:56 a.m. march 2. karen r doing right now? >> reporter: i-95 is doing thridge street. you can see the camerang in the wind. jammed traffic from cottman to past e s snowf mixing in. glenside we have accident glenside avenue at keswick. meanwhile, pennsylvania turnpike not too speeds in the near willow grove. astidedowned tree bridge road. the traffic lights are note seeing the big problems now that the winds are gusting traveling 25 miles per hour, roads arey icking this good morning david. >> reporter: really windy out here, the winds are picking up over the last hour or so, matt.
8:51 am
storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you a lot of rain heavy to the east of philadelphia. snow to the west and north, of course we're looking at a changeover to wet snow temperature. the wind. it's damp alert because these winds will continue to pick up, especially afternoon up to midnight and tomorrow morning bluster at times, gusts to 60 mis wires a bet. wet snow, though, matt. >> we'll have new reaction to the guilty allentown'son news" at hear fbi. >> back are the people can get in exchange for surround -- surrender of their firly and ryan" next they have i'ma celebration. ridaygreat weeke
8:52 am
>> announcer: it's "live with k today, catherine zeta-jones, and oscar nominee share their favorite oscar memories. in our studio, academy award
8:53 am
winner ellen burstyn. plus carson kressley with the oscar viewing party. and one member has a chance to compete in the oscar countdown games. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: hello! very nice
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