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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:09pm EST

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clogged by cars right now. ever: the class aisazggror anda but perhaps you can see there are sticks and branches all over the place and what traffic is out there right now is moving very slowly. >> from the roads to the skies, if you were planning on flying anywhere today, you need to check with your carrier before heading to philadelphia international airport. as we take a live look here at stride remembering it spr.march and it's interestintea how things are out by the airport area, at this point no ground stop has been issued but more than 400 flights have already been canceled. we have team coverage here at 4 o'clock beginning with meteorologist adam joseph and utsndinly h>> 00 cecily tynan in our weather center. hi, adam. >> yeah, this is one nasty nor'easter we're dealing with somehow. here this afterno as you can see, the center of the >> reporter: mazie'sdup even thr storm is pretty far away, it's over 200 miles to the east but it is wrapping in so much moisture off the atlantic over n> we've alr new england and then going on the back edge of the low with >aneadph that colder air with those winds coming in out of the north, so everyone basically ter: gysisthen joy and now grat. at this hour flipping to that snow. in fact, that snow is blinding
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in spots. where you can see the heart of the delaware valley in center city, the schuylkill expressway, the jersey turnpike, down woodstown, f glassboro, atlantic city expressway, where you see these purples this is where you have blinding snow where you basically can't even see right in front of you halting traffic and also accumulating that snow even on the pavement surfaces so we're seeing snow rates of 2-inches per hour in this region and this band has been sitting here for a couple of hours now and this band even continues as you lift to the north towards the lehigh valley. there you can see that red we we there this morning as along route 100 to allentown, teacher surprised hi two -- route 22 to easton as this extends into some parts of montgomery county and also e elt finds lehigh county with lighter snows on either side of that band. in fact as we take a look at how much snow has fallen so far up in the mountains close to a foot of snowfall, doylestown two and a half, outside of our studios two and a half inches of snow so far boys, and>> reporter: marlton a half inch and
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hammonton 1 inch of snow less on either side of that band but the reason why it is coming down so hard and sticking on pavement surfaces across much of the delaware valley meteorologist cecily tynan is because temperatures have really crashed because of the strong winds bringing down that cold air. >> that's right. when you get the heavy precipitation it taps into the colder air higher in the atmosphere and temperatures really drop. philadelphia 33 degrees, millville the same, allentown 34. when you have temperatures like this near freezing, it does stick on the roads. notice, though, where the snow has been really shutting off. reading and lancaster temperatures in the upper 30's, above freezing and actually once the snow tapers off, temperatures will be rising over the next several hours. so, we're not talking about really a quick refreeze overnight, temperatures just hovering around freezing for awhile. visibility really shows the heart of where we're getting that heavy banding of snow, millville a third of a mile, philadelphia half mile,
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allentown and the poconos less than a mile, so that's the area where we have that heavy band. reading and lancaster visibility not bad at all, 10 miles and trenton currently visibility at 4 miles but it is tough when you're driving because the winds are really pushing around whipping around that snow. peak wind gusts dennisville, cape may county, close to hurricane force wind gusts, 71 miles per hour, cape may 68, atlantic city 61 and allentown 59 and philadelphia the winds are howling there as well a peak wind gust of 54 miles per hour. so, this is what to expect as we head through the evening hours. for about the next two hours near whiteout conditions especially philadelphia into south jersey with that heavy band that will gradually dissipate. the snow will be ending between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock but the winds still gust more than 50 miles an hour by midnight, even tomorrow morning at dawn we'll have wind gusts of more than
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40 miles per hour. next week there's another system on the way. adam will talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> all right got to get through this one first. still a long haul. cecily thank you. this weather situation has caused a mess on area roads. part of the schuylkill expressway is shut down right now because of this. a tree came crashing down on top of a septa bus and a car in the westbound lanes. this just north of the belmont avenue exit in lower merion township. no injuries were reported but the dominos have fallen hard because of this one. traffic into and out of philadelphia is brutal right now. matt pelman will detail that for us shortly. slick roads may be responsible for this crash involving a school bus in chester of the at least two cars collided with that bus at 1:30 near the intersection of second and kerlin streets. there were students on the bus at the time. but we have not yet been told if anyone was hurt. this witness tells "action news" that the children were shaken up but at least to her they appeared to be okay.
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>> right now the falling trees seem to be causing the most concern and damage. "action news" reporter john rawlins live outside the peco facility in plymouth meeting and john crews working really hard right now to try to keep up with all the demand today. >> reporter: oh,, at this point i don't think they can keep up. i think mother nature wins this round. they will keep up once this is all over. as the storm intensified today the number of outages went up. around noontime we had 30,000 in the peco system that went to 40,000 by 1:15, by 2 o'clock over 80,000 and most recent numbers about 130,000 customers who are in the dark. the fast accumulating snow hit hard beginning at about 1 o'clock. but the gusting wind that seemed to paint that snow onto the sides of cars began much earlier. shortly after 11:00 winds took down this tree in the 300 block of wear road in pike creek new castle county. earlier aston delaware county, this large tree fell and
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blocked bridgewater road pulling down power lines. peco crews quickly swarmed the the goal, to restore a 7600-volt line and transformer. peco's storm room operations is directing a large number of crews including 200 private contractors brought in for just this storm. >> we have hundreds of our peco crews, peco personnel on the street, our contractors on the street restoring service and we have been able to restore service to more than 25,000 customers. we will remain working around the clock to safely work to restore service as quickly as possible. >> reporter: it's going to beng day, long night for utility crews and possibly a long day again tomorrow and sunday. think of this as a dynamic situation. mother nature is take down the service, peco is trying to restore the service. as you heard from liz williams son they have been able to restore about 25,000 people who were without power earlier
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but still about 130,000 people who do not have power at this hour. live in plymouth meeting john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> you're right mother nature giving us a beating today. this storm bringing down trees in delaware. this was the scene along the 300 block of wear road in pike creek. you see here a big tree fell on the road and right into someone's backyard there as well. time now for the action news traffic report on a day that is very busy and for a guy who is very dedicated to his job today. >> how dedicated, matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center by the skin of his teeth. matt just got in here and in fact you had to abandon your car to get here on time. >> i did. i live, you guys know i live about a mile and a half away from the station. i tried for an hour to drive in that mile and a half, went four different ways was detoured each way i went so eventually gave up the car and i don't have boots on, i have loafers on but ran the rest of the way so we're here. >> matt thank you for doing that. >> looking a little worse for
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the wear but we're here. let's talk traffic, though, because it is really a disaster this afternoon. if you are thinking of heading out i would advise you based on my own personal experience not to do that. stay at work, stay at home. wherever you are right now, stay there at least for a couple hours. schuylkill expressway westbound side does remain closed here by gladwyne. the snow continues to fall. it's a zero travel time on the westbound side because no traffic is getting through. trees still down across the roadway. it's that one we told you about just a bit ago and that's why you see no westbound traffic moving here on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound side also all stacked up. live look at 422 in the western burbs by oaks, what a mess out here too. at least you can see some of the pavement. that's a positive thing but the camera lens partially covered with those snowflakes that are falling. traffic moving very slowly in both directions and really in all directions on all highways this afternoon. we're going to take a stop in chadds ford, delaware county. here you can still see some of the roadway. this is painter's crossing intersection of 202 and route
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one baltimore pike. these are the northbound lanes headed up towards west chester and traffic is stacked. at least here the road is passible and as long as you allow plenty of time you'll be able to get through. looks like the road surface here in delco is mostly just wet right now. have a camera that isn't working right now as is the case with some of our traffic lights this afternoon. a lot of power is out in a lot of areas. and you see the single digit speeds on the highways. schuylkill westbound still being closed is causing a domino effect. you have parking lots on mlk drive kelly drive, lincoln drive is that blocked because of a downed tree. so, pretty much whichever way you turn you're going to be stuck and that is definitely what i found on my way in this afternoon but we'll check it again, brian and sharrie coming up in just a little bit. >> all right, matt, you're our hero. >> yes, our friday hero. thanks for being here to help our viewers get around today in this mess. >> thank you, matt. as you just heard and witnessed firsthand this storm is crippling the roads and mass transit all around the region. >> all right. joining us now live on the phone is septa's director of
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media relations carla. thank you for joining us. we know you were explaining to me earlier that septa is actually being impacted by this because of the high winds. your power grid being affected. >> right, sharrie and brian, yeah, heavy winds is always a problem for us. we have power outages across the system. wires.f our trees have fallen so far on the regional rail we only have the lines that are running the fox chase, norristown, airport, wilmington, media elwyn and those lines have about a 60 minute delay. so, and our trolleys the 101, 102 about 25 minute delays so people who are traveling home at this time if you didn't get on it earlier the broad street line and market frankford line are probably your best bet. we just got word on the norristown high speedline that there is a tree that came down blocking both sides of the tracks, so that looks like they're going to send shuttle
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buses up that area there. so, you know, people just are going to have to understand they're going to have to be patient. it may take a little while to get home this evening during rush hour. >> carla. >> uh-huh. >> you mtied lo of things that are running and are not running but there is a fine line and a balance that you guys have to strike. there's increased demand for septa use in a situation like this when people feel it's not safe to drive their own cars. how do you guys make the decision as to what to run and what not to run and when you should shut down. >> you know, we keep things running until we can't run them any longer. you know, when we have situations like this we look at, you know, our lines and we say, okay, if a tree is blocking the norristown high speedline, people are going to have to find another way of transportation. i always tell people check our system status on for alternate routes. that's always the best bet for folks traveling home. >> okay. carla giving us an update.
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as carla just mentioned for more details on the routes that are running and not running also check their web site, also ours. vising details on the nor'easter including multiple live views from storm tracker6. you'll also find updated watches and warnings as the storm moves through the area. >> and of course our coverage of this nor'easter continues coming up next. >> sky6 looking live now for us at ben franklin parkway i believe as we see, of course, the wind whipping there and people trying to make their way around as we also take a look now along i believe this is in center city. >> yup, vine street expressway. >> a live look on the vine street expressway. we'll have more live reports from our region and this nor'easter when we come back. >> ♪
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>> more now on our coverage of this nor'easter as of course flooding is becoming a concern as high tide comes in near the jersey shore. "action news" reporter chad pradelli live in atlantic city with the details on the conditions there today. chad. >> reporter: yeah, sharrie
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we have been here for much of the day. this storm down here really has been more of a nuisance than creating any major problems. the precipitation has been light in terms of rain and snow but at times the winds have certainly been strong. city, strong winds have made walking the streets miserable. the outlets are barren and the boardwalk quiet. those who did venture out took it in stride including 91-year-old nina who is visiting from montreal. what's it like out here. >> beautiful compared to montreal. >> reporter: you don't think this is bad. >> no. >> reporter: josé mendez arrived from the poconos where snow totals are piling up. >> actually not too bad at all. it's no the bad at all. it's not that cold and it's not that wet, you know, it's just drizzling. >> reporter: high tide was around 8:30 a.m. there was minor flooding in the back bays. officers shut down the intersection of albany and trenton. in absecon south shore and ohio was shut down because of
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flooding but the water receded a short time later. emergency management officials are watching the storm as its impact will be felt throughout the weekend. >> we're anticipating the next high tide is going to be a little bit above the last one in which we seen route 40 closed we seen west end avenue closed. we'll see additional street closings for the evening high tide. >> reporter: and earlier today the army corps of engineers was out in longport creating some dunes to minimize the impact of high tide and the flood waters. live in atlantic city, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad, thank you. >> all right, let's bring in meteorologist adam joseph once again. turneoue.bsolute mess this >> the one saving grace at the shore is tseare northwesterly so they're moving from the land over the water you're not getting that push of water with the wind but we still have some tides of tomorrow. the tide will be worse tomorrow than today. as we take a look at the weather center here on sky6
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live blinding visibilities with that heavy snow whipping around with those very strong winds. philadelphia international airport at least trying to look at it so again, a tough go for travelers on the roads, the rails and even in the air. in fact as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan we're still on the western side of this storm so we're still seeing those bands of heavy snow coming in from the north and west. now if you look just to the east of allentown, it's starting to break up so some drier air coming in from the north here to try to shut some of this snow off and as we zoom in around philadelphia, woodbury, malvern, pottstown, down 40 to elmer and glassboro those purples you see that is that really heavy snow and that continues to work its way south and west of philadelphia but still sitting over the city of philadelphia right now and that works its way to the north and to the lehigh valley with some purples but again look to the east milford flemington hampton there's some drier air coming in so it's really heavy in one little band and then you work to the east and it almost
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shuts out of. we'll see improvement slowly here as we go into the evening hours. as we take a look at the winds, the winds still gusting right now 52 miles an hour in allentown. 62 in dover. near 50 in wilmington. 41 millville. 41 in trenton. and 56 miles an hour in the poconos and it feels really cold. in fact, wind chills in the teens in philadelphia. 20 allentown. nine in the poconos. 21 in wilmington after 70's just a few days ago. there's that powerful nor'easter as you can see, all that rain in boston and they're getting the worst of the coastal flooding effects there. we got those northwesterly winds here. as you can see 7 o'clock tonight still snowing philadelphia down to the south but breaking apart north of the city with temperatures above freezing. by 11 o'clock, just some snow along the shore, dry inland but thosinontinue to whip up with temperatures above freezing so temperatures are not going to drop below freezing once the sun sets. we're not looking at an iceup overnight tonight. they stay above freezing into tomorrow morning but the
4:20 pm
concern come tomorrow, again, not frozen roads but it is the flooding, coastal flood warning through saturday night, ocean side bayside, the delaware river. it is because of a full moon, so we're dealing with minor flooding going into the time of high tide tonight just before 8 o'clock in atlantic city, but tomorrow morning's high tide 8:17, tomorrow evening 8:44 moderate flooding down the shore so do not let your guard down if you live down the shore as we'll see worst in the way of flooding come tomorrow. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast here, the weekend looks pretty good. 48 degrees both days returning sun tomorrow but still very windy. sunny breezy sunday 48. seasonably cool on monday, sun and clouds, 47. rain arrives tuesday, 49 degrees. and there could be another low developing off the coast late tuesday, wednesday. we'll chat about that guys coming up in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> how dare you talk about another storm. >> i know we're fighting one now.
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>> enjoy this. thank you very much. >> time for the "action news" traffic report once again. >> matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center. i got to tell you for a guy hoop sprinted a mile and a half you're not out of breath. >> i recovered quickly. good afternoon once again brian and sharrie. wanted to show you this because i've never seen a travel time this high on the schuylkill expressway. 16 minutes, two hours 40 minutes. that should be about 15 minutes to come westbound and that's even a little bit misleading because up ahead around gladwyne you're not getting through at all. that's where that tree came down across the westbound lanes of the schuylkill. so, this is the scene at belmont avenue, the exit for man young and some people exiting here going across the green lane bridge.just parked. these people have been parked here for a long time this afternoon. and what's happening is because people can't use the westboundhu thinking well where can i go instead? all o secondary routes that are alare jammed as well. river drives, henry avenue, ridge avenue, route 23, all a
4:22 pm
mess. let's check out city avenue. check out all the red along city avenue. people are absolutely parked here waiting for the traffic light by 23 conshohocken avenue but these northbound drivers trying to get up towards the schuylkill you're not going anywhere quickly this afternoon. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in just a bit. issues today.mesmerized >> more "action news" coming up right after this. >> ♪ ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement.
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>> ♪ >> well, while it is a wintry mess outside, sprg has pennsyerl set up for the flower show. >> the weather will cooperate for ng day, that's tomorrow. meteorologist melissa magee live inside this afternoon. melissa, this is a visual we desperately need tay. >> reporter: absolutely. especially brian and sharrie, after a day like today we are patiently awaiting the arriving of spring. so, we are inside the convention center getting ready for our flower show special. i got to tell you it is
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gorgeous inside here. this year's theme is the wonders of water. think of it as a love letter to water show casing its beauty. right now we're looking at some of the orchids on display. we've got ferns and impatience as well. we're standing in front of the main exhibit and inside with me right now i've got sam len hennie chief of shows and events. we're all excited about tonight. >> thanks. you got to come site. it's amazing. >> absolutely. there's a lot of fun taking place over the xt days, right, flower shows. >> absolutely. this great special event flowers after hours you get to come after the flower show is over and we'll have a 70's dance party. come dressed upwe have deejays u're nogowho will be showing up.
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come out. >> we're excited for that sam thank you somuh. ou. >> the 2018 philadelphia flower show wonders of water it kicks off tomorrow night at 7 o'clock, guys with all of my weather show friends. we'll send it back inside for you. we are ready for spring. >> my goodness. >> looks so nice in there. >> thank you melissa. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow for our flower show preview and special. it airs 7:00 p.m. right here on 6abc. >> and we've got much more coverage of this nor'easter coming up in our next half hour of "action news" today. >> yeah, our live team coverage, it will that continue as sky6 here gives us the view of the whiteout conditions from our temple university cam. >> ♪
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>> downed trees to a ton of accidents a combination of driving wind and lots of snow is making driving nearly impossible in parts of the delaware valley. story.h, the imagese we have team coverage of this nor'easter including the very latest on the traffic conditions plus a live update from the lehigh valley which was hit first thisg. but we want to begin this afternoon with meteorologist adam joseph. he's tracking the serious storm system right over at tn afternoon. hey,adam. >> yes, the combination of that reallrful wi in addition to the snow falling, that's reducing visibility across much of the area, especial philadelphia, just to the south and just to the west. we're starting to see some drier air puncture in to shut off the snow in spots east of
4:30 pm
the lehigh valley still a long ways to go here especially during the evening rush hour. still seeing lots of purples in and around malvern, route three as well as 95, 295, route 40 from elmer as you head north and westwood bury as well. we're starting to see this purple shrink a little bit but still some blinding snow in these regions. in fact, anywhere where you see the deeper reds here in pas of south jersey, we'rewfaof0 plus s an hour west of the cite route, the pennsylvania turnpike an inch of snow an hour. and that even extends north towards pottsto southern areas of new jersey not dealingy snow there but even the shore starting to see some snowflakes fall. took longer to get here as that colder air dped in. dover, f seeing light snowt northeast philadelphia clocking in at
4:31 pm
62 miles an hour over 60 in dover. 60 in fortescue. mount pocono near 60 miles an hour. ocean city 55 miles an hour and as we look at this high wind warning it's in effect until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning for everyone meaning winds still gusting up to 65 even after the snow ends. think about this storm as a big top, you know one of those wooden tops you spin. once it spins up it takes awhile to wobble self and break itself down here so at 11 o'clock tonight still 50 plus miles an hour gusting area wide and as we go into 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, 46 allentown, reading, philadelphia, 46 in dover, so time w brian, youtill have lek activity at this point still prepare and have everything in order just in caseth l overnight. much more on the seven-day with a brighter weekend coming up in a little bit. >> we got the candles out and ready this morning.fect. >> thanks adam.
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>> yeah. >> the wind tipped a utility pole onto power lines incheltenn knocking out service tppen interseice's and church roads about 11:00 a.m. three schools in th were impacted but they did not dismiss early. massive tree came crashing down on houseden county. it happened along kings highway just after 2:00 this majority that of tree missed the house but look at the size that of incredibly just a window was damaged but no one was hurt. >> all right, the wicked winter weather also impacting hee roads all across theh valles betsy ross bridge heading ontoi. they're fortunate enough to be having some speed here. many places are clogged or stopped but right now on the betsy ross bridge we see traffic moving along and of course the snow still coming down. >> you can see how slick it is with all
4:33 pm
there. it's verou don't have to bet sts afternoon. for more on the conditions out there right now let's over to ma pelman. >> yeah, he's in the "action news" traffic center for us with the update of course keeping an eye on the roads. matt you got the update.of paces afternoon. it was nothing close to that but i'll tell you brian and sharrie, this is aor reopened theieve it or not schuylkill expressway. had been hours. and snce last i spoke with you withi the last 10 minutes, they have reopened lanes ofbecause of power outa l here the dowd treesest one i was. westbound traffic is still snarled, at a crawl coming out of center city but at least now we see some of that estbound traffic moving at speeds like 3 mil hou.
4:34 pm
it's still a mess and all of the secondary routesill are also congested with people trying to st awayomn drive es as well a asn accident there. the boulevard southbound at strahle street thereree blockinh of lanes. have a downed tree in west conshohocken blking a ramp from matsonford tooo the bl rte count approaching 168 taki lare22.ow c least jams h o bria especially looks matt.
4:35 pm
taperut power an oarers to"actih details from there. vern looks to be clear where you arel dth hail cn
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