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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 3, 2018 1:37am-2:09am EST

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friday night. our big story is our brutal nor'easter. it has ravaged the area. the snow is almost out of here. south jersey is getting lighter snow but the rain is out to sea. the problem continues to be the fierce winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. these scenes were tonight. fish town of ph wooden skeleton collapsed atd girard. no one was hurt how many times have seen this tonight?ll tre w e and crashed into a home in woodland delaware county. no one was hurt here either. 420,000 customers are without power tonight. peco, 360,000 outages. delaware county hardest hit with 44% of the county in the dark.
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atlantic city 29,000 outage, psg290 dell marva has 40,000 customers with no power. snapped electrical lines sparked fires. video of the glowing flames was sent ho alen did ignite anything. are maddening transportation delays. adam joseph has the from accuweather. let'tart with chirico who inutrr sotheit peoe electry is eat seen ton can seef you behind a this one example of count throughout the area falle a aintense wind. 50-foot evergreen fell the street missing homes not everyone in the area has been so lucky. >> i can't watch no movies and no at all. >> little harry quicklyth sing an
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losing power. >> peco said it would be picked at 3:00 but i found out they meant 3:00 tomorrow. >> this was the scene and sound on a dark block in east oak gusting winds tree limbs to their. >> i'm going to a friend's house that has power so i can charge my phone and eat something. i warm up anything. >> don'tina town cheltenham. >> i called just before the lights went out so my order was ready. >> y timed that well. >> i did. >> the campus of theas left i peco says it could take days restore power to everyone. >> he's been playing board games and telling stories. we don't just watch movies but
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he wants to watch movies. >> when he can. >> peco crews can't begin repairing the lines until the winds die down.that's wouakedays if bed to customers. or your loved ones are experiencing cold conditions because the heat is out, we are told that keith middle school will open shortly as a shelter for people to stay. reporting live in aboutington chirico "action news." loadg wires came down behind the everyone had to stayut uhut hours later. no one was hurt. >> a falling tree on sciek schuylkil yjuocht. livet iladelphia international airport. folks were to
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>> exactly we foundtrying rebookor get their luggage back after 500 flights were ca the weather made a mess of things tonight. >> all trains habeened. >>ound long and benches at 30th street station after the storm. septa delayed andcanceled trains. >> we were at the >> her a it late. uspend stran y get an uber lyft,hin>s, >> veryvery dangerous. >> definitely got t drive with two hands ton>> the roads are fine it's just the winds that are bad. >> at thert, hundreds of flights were becaus winds and snow. frustrated tryinind their bags. >> i'm trying to get mygage cause not going anywhere. i want to go home. >> if you are flying out tomorray the flights could be impacted as
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of the fu leave. at philadelphia international airport channel6 "action news." >> a falling tree killed a man in upper marion. the 57-year-old man was driving south near arden road at 7:00 when a tree crashed on to the windshield of his car. he was prothownsed dead at the scene. a woman hospitalized tree fell on kelly bridge at 5:45. >> ca d lcleakevercon r , am jose the s adamt'ave problems c >> gusting tomorrow. storm tracker 6 band of snow bucks county through center city into south jersey. not heavy snow but still snow in the air.
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a jacasteine inches in wayne. in philadelphia and where to four inches of snow. greenville, one inch of snow. peak wind 62it wisng 50 indswhipgho ripped off the high-rise of therump plaza.severs hexposed. snow falled coastal storm leave. we have flooding at 8:30 w morning the harsh conditions h rom going out on a >> the hawaii coastline, massive waves into the airoint winds per hour homes and flooding street the storm has taken a deadly toll. people have been killed by trees and branches
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including a six-year-old boy near richmond virginia. when a storm hits tck 6abc app giving you free updates, access ton radar and traffic cameras for road cil an safety measures monday. a short time ago an arrest in the murder of two women in philadelphia. police track the suspect down in the suburbs and finally goodnews about the intense flu season. >> we have winds which i would in the month of march. another storm on the way. >> ducis rodgers with the sixers looking to keep up the winning ways when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> in othe justwo earlier tonight in the mayfair
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section of chaselice suspect drivingrogue. was wanted for shooting his the head. the double murder took place at 7:30. noave been ft0 was walking the middle of chestnut hill road bythe s township police shot and man wanted for a stabbing in new york. officers responded to the vehicle with a new york plate idling for a long time. the driver in his 20s confronted police with police fireplet n officerse hu. bucks county district attorney is if deadly force was justified. there are a scathing of shooting investigations. thereby an increased police
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presence through the end of the year. all guardians and parents must present photo i.d. all other visitors need a scheduled appointment. schools will be required to do a fire drill and security drill every month. >> frank gilliam celebrated at th it served as a fundraiser. >> the reaction has been largely negative to presidentn to impose stiff tariffs on steel and the unions to rebel if the president goes through with this. the automobile dealer association warnedl drivear pri substantially. trump's word trade wars are good and easy to win.
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>> vice president pence aesident attended the funeral of billy graham today. the delivered by franklin graham. he told 2,000 mourners that the billy graham you saw television and in big stadiums was the billyaw at home. there weren't two billy grahams. >> the worst flu sn is the year's flu season has pe thet's february with fewer people going to the doctor with deaths are going as welthe intensity of the in beliaround the corner. hard to believe. things are in bloom at the convention center tonight the the philadelphia flower show. you see members of the and weather hard at work.please join us tomorrow for
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6abc previ special airingt 7:00 p.m. here on >> nice to somewhere. >> how a glimmer of hope that this gets out of here. >> the wind is taking atime to and unwhined as go through the weekend. lphia internationalairpor gusting 50 miles per hour. you look at that and you need dramamine. traveling in ande at or storm. we sun good thing, 40s: 5 miles hour.e 3 feel t 30s as w we look at live double scan a band of snow passing through southeastern pennsylvania through the city, south jersey about to push into delaware. the 0sin cape may. allentown, 39 in wilmington, 44 in dover. satellite and radar, a big master nor'easter pushing to the south and east taking the precipitation with it.
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sun breaks out at times tomorrow 20s in the morning, 40s in the afternoon. astal flood warnings in effect for the delaware high tide concerns the worst of all compared to today moderate 8:14 in the morning. close to that for the rest of the jersey shore. beaches, minor flooding and minor flooding 93:02 a.m. to the poconos, two feet of snow. heavy wet snow on the slopes and a chilly breeze sunday, 36. the seven-day forecast 40s for the weekend f like 30s with the wind still around breaks of sun coming back. the union the first home game. monday, seasonably cool, 47-degrees. tuesday, rain arrives
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49-degrees. there could be a coastal storm to come by late tuesday and wednesday, wet snow in the northwestern suburbs thursday friday, chilly in the upper 40s with sun and clouds. i say we go back to february. warm and no snow. look what marc >> don't like it. >> me neats. >>neither. >> the red carpet has been rolled out for the oscars this sunday. it has been covered up by a tarp to protect against the rain in los angeles. there is a roof over head on the entrance to the theater where the stars will be arriving and let's take a live look from over head in hollywood. crews only have a day and a half to get everything ready, and we invite you to join us for a nightful of oscar watching, preview 5:30 sunday and at 6:30 as show at 8:00 followed
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by "action news" at 11:00.
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the second half of back-to-back h. >> sixers keep it rolling against the hornets. ben simmons leading the fast break. down three in the third 23 for embodyemdiid. under four minutes to play, simmons he pours 15, 99-96 sixers. minutes later, give and go.
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sixers win in front of a raucous crowd. >> i was excited doing whatever we have going in general last year. to the ice, the flyers are headed to florida. catching sun rays are no on the agenda. flyersn voorhees head lied lightning. flyers know a challenge awaits them. >> trying to make a push for the playoffs. one of the b teams in the we have been playing good hockey. we know we can play better. >> phillys and rays in spring training, scott kingery making his case to be on the sample, ph
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>> fourth ranked villanova wraps up tomorrow at home against georgetown. a win. big ten tournament under way. arer penn state beats the buck with the bawl, acreson wit the basket. jail stuns them 87-89. >> the newest player boris a midfielder from czech republic on loan from china.'s a play maker going. >> i felt interest. that's important for the player. you want to play for the club that wants you. the thing i kept stressing toun season
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tenomorrow ont 0. soccer just >> thank you ducis. "jimmy kimmel live" live on channel6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 5:00 a.m. for the spire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. have a great night. ha good weekend. ie ie
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video show, "right this minute." a driver is flying down the road on a clear blue sky new jersey the moment he gets the case of the spins, right in front of a cop. >> oh.
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