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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  March 3, 2018 6:00am-6:58am EST

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delaware valley is pelted by mother nature's fury, trees are no match for the high winds that ferociously whipped through the region as nor'easter brings a mix of rain and snow. a pleasant good morning to you morning, the big s the aftermath of the nor'eastethat blew ande destruction and trees fell on a couple of cars, and in one case aasher taken to the hospital with head injuries. the saturated grounds and bigotries were no match as the nor'easter hammered the area. bob brooks has been busy surveying the damage. let's begin with meteorologist chris sowers, what's in store for today chris? >> reporter: all right gray we're expecting strong winds
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but things will improve over the ne the powerful nor'easter. the center of circulation is off the coast. it's so far off the coast, you don't see it anywhere. this is the wrap around, the leftover bands from the store south of cape cod shifting back toward the c c far west as the new jersey shore. there are showe and snow showers north and w of philadelphia. jersey c beaches. moderate flooding is expected from sandy hook to capeth beach. even the delaware bay could see minor flooding. after this morning's high tide, every additional tide from that point on will get better. minor tidal flooding expected tonight and minor tidal flooding s the storm pulls away. cape may harbor, this morning's high tide, 8:44 a.m. that's when we are expecting the moderate flooding.
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this evening high tide, minor tomorrow morning minor flooding. same thing for steel pier in atlantic city. 30 miles per hour in trenton, 37 in wilmington and cape may 30 miles per hour. look at this, the winds yesterday afternoon near hurricane-force wind speeds in dennisville, cape may county, 71 miles per hour. cape may reported 68-mile an hour wind gusts. allentown, 60-mile an hou norm winds 62 miles per hour. fore forcted l 46 degrees is thebetween 35 and hoasionally afternoon. ng in just a another pottleay be blame for one death in the region, a 57-year-old man was killed wheree crashed down on to a in montgomery county. police telling "action news" this happened at 7:00 p.m. on south gulph road between arden and upper gulph road in upper merion township. police foundot long section of a tree on top of a vehicle. the tree landed on top of the front windshield and dashboard and front seat. the unidentified victim was
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pronouncin h caused trees to topple across the region. a downed tree has caused problems for commuters on lincoln drive in the east falls section. the strong wind knocked outr to tens ofre in the dar staye power iseral hous this morning. outages. pse&g, 13,000 outages delmarva nbe reports oesown across the dela fell along route 1 at h in overbrook causing drivers t swerve around it. bob brooks is on the scene he damage that's been left behind by bob, hopefully drivers are taking it easy this morning. >> reporter: some are some aren't in our last half-hour, we had a person that came flying up u.s. one here, they almost ran into the tree, i thought they were going to. they swerved. the big tree is at u
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y road, they down has passed the trees down all over. temperatures have droppas is starting to red cross made an overnight shelter at the keith middle school. the kingish orders in the dark. we spoke to lady who got a final order. >> apparently i called before the lights went out so my order was ready. >> reporter: you're asked to look out for downed trees several trees were knocked down, this one came down at chatham road. >> i'm going to a friend's house who has power so i can eat something, and charge my phone. >> reporter: cars are taking their time to go around the tree. i think i heard chris say the expected high is going to be 46 today. can't wait for that to happen. commuters shouldblac starting tobecause of the cold temperatures.
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some o here this all over the place keep an eye out forob brooks channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you for the septa and bus and rthus al trees. we have a link to alternative service options at amtrak is beginning to restore service after it came to a halt on the northeast corridor. modified between washington, d.c. and new york city. serv boston is expected to resume after n yard harrperating on a modified plan. this is a l airport. hundreds of flights have been canceled due to the storm. manyn american airlines. to check ahead if you have a flight this morning. trish hartman was at the airport last night and spoke to some of the travelers. >> all train service has been canceled. >> reporter: we found long lines and full bencheses -- benches at 30th street station at the height of the storm. >> septa canceled trains to
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wilmington and n were at the flower show trying to get to the flower show. >> i got here at 430 i look at the board it said it was 99 minutes late. >> reporter: amtrak suspended i-95 corridor leaving many stranded. >> it's madness bought a train ticket to richmond hopefully i'll get out. commutes that were minutes turned into hours. >> very difficult and dangerous. >> definitely you have to drive with two hands out here tonight to be safe. >> the winds the winds really, the roads are fine, but the wind are bad. >> reporter: at philadelphia canceled because of high winds and snow. american airlines suspended flights for the day. frustrated flyers are trying to rebook or find their bags. >> i'm trying to find not going anywhere. i just want to go home.
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ay more impacted because of t yesterday, be sure to check flight status before you leave. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> while we saw snow from the nor'easter some parts of the region are digging out this weekend, take a look this is the scene in south white hall township. several inches of snow falling . the storm dumped more than afoot of snow on parts of the anytime a big storm hits you can keep track of the very latest wherever you our 6abc app access to live double scan radar and traffic cameras for the road conditions. time 6:10 a.m. the happiest place on earth is bringing joy to children's meals. details on a reunion betweennald's and disney. more options when you're shopping for clothes where new brands are popping up for everyone in your family. trees are downed by the strong winds as the nor'easter
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wreakedhe hav capitol. >> reporter: the huge storm stretched from the gulf of maine to the carolinas. thinks are improving on storm tracker 6 live, we still have gusty winds, most of the storm is off the coast. i'll let you know when the things improve completely, and we're tracking a mid-week storm. details coming up right after this.
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>> glad you're waking up with us 6:13 a.m. three hundred people were displaced after strong wind took down a wall at an apartment complex in maryland. the wall left the complex collapse around 3:00 p.m. ye the building was evacuated before the collapse happened. a strong wind lifted the fla the causing
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pressure against the wall and it collapsed out. high winds brought down trees and power lines in washington d.c. some of the trees landed on top of cars basically as you seeushing them, oth car damagede when strong parts of w injured. here at le chris sowers the dt's allter: a lot of leftover wind and rain and snow showe it is gone at this point. let's get you over the weather center and show you the live hd looking at the philadelphia international airport, the wind are whipping around the camera is shaking a little bit. this is a whole lot better than yesterday as the winds started to howl. the nor'easterked up steam strength off the coast that is when the w the rain changed to snow. it was a mess. the wind gusts still between 35 and 45 miles per hour. the skies will open up a little bit this afternoon. mostly cloudy this morning peeks of sunshine, 46. windchills in the 30s
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s a whole lot better, more sun than clouds, breezy, highs around 46. windchills in the 30s again it's a brighter day than what we'll see stowed. last of that nor'easter that was spinning off the coast here, some wrap around rain approaching longed island and the jersey shoreline. for the part, over the immediate area, we're looking at rain snow showers and spritzes and sprinkles, and snow showers nothing accumulating. everybody is above freezing, the exception being the poconos. everybody else 32 degrees which is a good sign. bob brooks has been reporting totions acron new york. south harrison township 3 1/2 inches of snow. hammonton, 3 at any time 2. west deptford, 2 1/2le bit but i was looking at the reports, came into the national toosive a
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poconos, 26 there everybody else in the mid 30s. the winds are whipping around. 41 miles per hour in philadelphia and the poconos. capern thise jer coastal flooding high tide too be a moderate tide, moderate flooding is expected, high tide we're expecting minor. the worse will occur this morning, this evening,'s high tide will so on andle for the over hours the proximityrom the shoreline. cape cod boston we're expecting high low will pull high tides thee, 30s. out with cloud cover otherwise a mostly sunny day highs in the 40s.45 46, philadelphia. millville, 46. to 45. windchills all day even though we're forecasting highs in the 40s, it will feel like the 30s. 1:00 p.m6, below freezing, north and for icy patch again, low to mid 30s south across south jersey
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and delaware. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 46 not to a bad today. wind breezy tomorrow, 46. monday beautiful sunny skies chilly nice day 45. tuesday into wednesday, rain both days, 47 and 47. >> gray. >> thank you for the update.rget about winter and think philadelphia flower open at the rog t davidmurphy were at the gala hosting you can tin proceeds benefit the pennsylvania horticultural break.
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♪ harmonica tune plays ♪ everpossible. [mimicking motorcycle noises]pls ♪t i know... ♪♪ >> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:21 a.m., saturday morning, a live image there of the ben franklin bridge. you can see the clouds are building up out there. thankfully the nor'easter has eased. the sun is beginning to come up. stor today. take it ey. area ande folks dealing with powermart. aunched four two clothing brands as it aims e exet i be -- competitive with amazon and target. they have the first ever kids line and women's line and plus-size. and one for the men. they replaced several existing walmart apparel brands, the new ts
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he b getting into the home security project they have purchased ring for $1 billion. it's compatible with amazon alexis andrmrt d t i homes. b with happy meals in mcdonald. s part of the deal, mcdonald's agreeing to the n seeks low calories and salt and sugar in the meals. disney the parent company of 6abc break.
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almond fans, your favorite cereal is now more almond-y. mmmm mmmmm it's good. the honey, sweet clustery, crunchy taste of honey bunches of oats with almonds now has... ...more almonds. 25% more almonds. have you tried it yet? >> reporter: welcome back everyone 6:25 a.m. saturday morning, impacts felt across the northeast. not just the philadelphia area. boston recorded their highest tide since8th century. near blizzard conditions in upstate new york and bing sham ton and -- binghamton and
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albany. septa suspended their service the whole corridor from dell delmarva to southern new england and maine. it's sitting abbey spinning hear -- sitting and spinning here counter clockwise swirl piling all the water up along cape cod to southern new j delaware. we're worried about moderate flooding during this morning's high tide for places like atlantic city and wildwood and cape may. sunday the low pulls farther away it's sunny and breezy, tranquil a little bit breezy, but much better to handle than yesterday. 37 at the jersey shore, 46 in philadelphia. 34 for the poconos. gray? >> thank you for the update.
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sixers red hot looking to clinch home court advantage in the playoffs. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning we'll begin with the sixers after a big win in cleveland on thursday night there was zero let down last night. the sixers kept it rolling against the hornets. no need to plead to heaven notwhen you have ben fast break. 23 for joel. tighter game iner. one point game, simmons 15. 99-96. moments later they play the give and go game. sixers win 110-99. >> it's great to have him back, i told him let's do whatever we have going enjoying the career, nice to back. he plays great. >> flyers in florida, they have
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are a pair of games with teams in winning records. the flyers skated in voorhees th the back-to-back tomorrow against the panthers. they know cha them.eed hockey florida making a push for the playoffs, and tampa one of the best teams in the league. we'll see where we stand we've hockey, but we know we can play better. flyers looking good. phillies looked good yesterday, rays, phillies win 9-2. union introduced their newest player yesterday a mid fielder from the czech republic on lone from a club in china. >> i felt an interest that's important for the player you want to play for the club who wants you. the one thing i kept stressing ng to be programmed to g you tan catch the
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union in their season opener tonight against the revolution the game will air on our sister station phl17. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers. you have yourself a terrific weekend.
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>> trees block roads across the region. our nor'easter leaving a mark on the delaware valley as it exits slowing getting back on track. amtrak starts service after shutting down the northeast corridor. high winds won't be as strong today but you'll need to hold on to your hat as we take a live look sky6 live hd at the temple university camera overlooking center city. it will be moderately wind. meteorologist chris sowers is monitoring the storm. i hope today is nothing like yesterday. >> reporter: it will be nothing like yesterday. but the bulk of the storm is well off the coast at this point. one thing about a heavy wet snow it kind of sticks to everything. i'm looking at the power lines over monument, the wait of the
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snow and the ice is weighing the wires down, you can see them bending here. there are several other areas across the viewing area that's seeing the same thing. there's snow everywhere. philadelphia did not necessarily pick up all that much. west of philadelphia, some locations picked up close to ten inches. a big wallop of snow from mother nature. the winds advisory continues it's discontinued for the immediate philadelphia area but extended for the jersey shore where we'll see gusts up to 45 miles per hour through midday where the winds subside this afternoon. take a look at the current wind gusts, 41 in philadelphia. 33 in atlantic city. 30 in cape may. 35 in dover. wilmington 37. hurricane force winds begin at 74 miles per hour. dennisville in cape cape may county received 71-mile an hour winds gusts yesterday. forfortescue 61 pierls.
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61 miles per hour. ocean city, 55 miles per hour. we should not see gusts today but we'll have wrap around bands, the leftover from the nor'easter as it pulls away. 32 degrees in quakertown. center city you're above freezing i-95 corridor is above 32 which is a good sign the snow will continue to melt. glassboro, 35, tuck -- tuckahoe, 36 degrees. the mid 40s. yesterday's nor'easter wreaked havoc across the delaware valley him our already saturated grounds mean the winds knocked down roads cars. bob brooks is live in overbrook there's a tree behind you the cars are using caution this morning. >> reporter: i'll stoap out of
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the -- i'll the way. we're henley road and u.s. one. if you're coming into the area, take your time and take your time everywhere, there might be ice on the roads. throughout the night arena early winds continued to whip through trees have been knocked down a on route 1 several thise tree the southbound lane of lincoln drive anue. n a elkins who lit c >> woman was on way to ariend's. >> i'm going to a friend' house so i can charge my phone and eat >> reporter: the red cross made horsham township at the keith valley middle school 227 meeting house road. another live look out e might or two for be lot of black ice out there it migery. reporting live in overbrook, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." gray. >> take it easy out there bob. things have improved for
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those who had to spend the night in the dark. peco reporting 200,000 outages pse&g, $11,000. del mar -- delmarva, 17,000. last night storm brought amtrak to a complete halt along the northeast corridor. service from new york to boston expected to resume after 8:30 a.m. keystone service from new york, philadelphia and harrisburg is operating on a modified plan. a bus load of passengers spent hours along wayne avenue. a large tree fell in front ofing the evening rush. live wires came down behind the bus. everybody has to stay put until peco shut off the power.
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three hours later. septa reporting service delays on routes including regional rails. we posted a link on septa website on our website philadelphi airport, resuming service after 50-mile an hour wind gusts reported cancellations of hundreds of flights throughout the night. many ended up stranded at the airport. >> i'm trying to get my luggage because i'm not going anywhere. i just want to go home. >> being stranded never fun. american and other airlines are resuming flights this morning but you have to check with the airline before you head out to the airport. a woman was injured after a tree fell on top of her car in kelly drive in fairmont park. she was riding near falls bridge at 5:45 p.m. when the tree toppled on to the roof of the car. the woman in her 30s had head injuries she was taken to temple university hospital where we are told she is in stable condition. a tree crashed into a home
6:31 am
on can he -- keller road in berywn the tree went through to the first floor. no injuries were reported. action cam was in atlantic city last night where we found the strong wind gusts tore siding off the highrise of the old trump plaza. several floors were exposed to the elements. snow fell into the night making summer feel a long away away. some folks took it in stride as they went for a walk in the weather along the boardwalk. updates for the forecast a tap away and swipe away you will find storm tracker 6 live on your phone or tablet. 6abc app is a free download your your mobile device.
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if you're just waking up with us, details on how to win an orlando vacation from oscar nominations and jennifer lawrence in her new spy film red sparrow. let's take you live outside, overlooking the philadelphia international airport. 5 degrees, look at there, the sun is coming out joy joy joy but we have to conng. meteorologist chris sowers returns with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast after the break. (phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone.
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the secondime people in boston are watching their streets under to wind swept streams as this is never good news. crews had to use a front loader to get a family to safety there. only last century has a high tide in boston harbor topped 15 feet during the blizzard of 1978 anticipate january 4. it is threatening to happen again. dangerous conditions there and dangerous conditions for our area. i was driving home aftercovering the storm and pile of snow or icel from a powerracked the windshield of my car. hopefully the insurance will cover that. >> reporter: that's part of the problem, it's beautiful to look at it sticks to everything, the problem is it sticks to everything. when it starts melting it falls trees and power lines. >> it's not fun. >> reporter: your car is driving underneath that, bang. he hopefully the insurance
6:36 am
covers that. him -- live on sky6 live hd, down in cape may. the winds are affecting the jersey shore. we're dealing with a flood warning for the coastline, most of the rain and snow is long gone at this point. mostly cloudy skies continue throughout the morning hours. storm tracker 6 live, we're clear, we have snow the far westernby the way parta inhigh valley and the poconos normally these counties go to walloped with nor'easters, it was lancaster county they didn't see anything here. it was delaware county north into the lehigh valley, upper montgomery county, poconos pike county and k it on thehin some areas overspecially in thepoco band of the storm as pulls nor th sng water inland. because of that, dioastal warning from sandy hook to the delare beach morniregood are above the s and
6:37 am
ice starts melting once the sun comes up. the snow will start melti shortly trenton, 36. may 37. eds impressive, 41 miles per hour out of the northwest in philadelphia. 28 allentown.ntic c s are usually creates the delaware bay and the huge clockwise swirl pushing the water back toward the coast. here's the coastal flooding long island all the way down this morning's high tide where we are expecting moderate flooding. cape may harbor, atlantic city near the steel pier. both areas could see moderate flooding. this evening,'s high tide, moderate flooding. after this morning's high tide, each additional high tide will get better as the storm pulls away. waves 8 to 14 feet, that will create significant beach erosion for the delaware beaches and the jersey shore. later this afternoon combination of sun an clouds, temperatures in the mid 40s
6:38 am
windchills in ng sun a mid 40s 46 degrees today, clouds and sun still windy, gusts up to 40 miles per hour at times. overnight tonight partly cloudy and chilly 30 degrees outlying suburbs, 34 for center city. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, overall not a day today. it's windy but at least sunshe, snow starts to sunny breezy, 46. nice day sunny chilly 45.yet another storm pulls through here during the midweek time frame. tues like clouds and rain for the city snow north and west, the big question with that storm will it be a front that pulls through and doesn't create trouble or another coastal low develop and we have to go through that again. we'll see we'll watch that closely. >> are you happy now? >> reporter: yes i was actually. >> to an "action news" exclusive, we know that firefighters and police officers are heros. now we have real time video
6:39 am
depicting a life saving rescue, the rescue came with an interesting twist. walter perez came with the story. >> reporter: "action news" was given exclusive access to body cam video showing two police officers rushing into a burning home last year in north philadelphia. the officers areholas har and eugene the district. call. >> we were met by the residents who said there was a male on the wheelchair who could not get down. >> reporter: the officers didn't have much time because the smoke was getting thicker. >> you want to take him out? >> put him on my shoulder, ready. >> he was in the hallway he couldn't move, he wasn't saying nothing, we picked him up, officer harper put me on my shoulders in fireman carry.ely moved outside.>> reporter: the man in the wheelchair wled
6:40 am
investigators say it was the culmination of a feud between flowers and another person who lived inside the building. flowers is serving two years f and related regardless these officers along with police officials say in cases like these their top priority is saving lives. >> i didn't believe i was brave enough to go into a house that was on fire, i didn't think about it, just did it. >> this is everyday, this is everyday, life saving efforts quick thinking they are dealing with the coughing and smoke inhalation that's what they do. o. >> reporting from north philadelphia, walter perez channel 6 "action news."
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so gla us, 65:12 a.m. police saythy ptured a man police say is accused of murdering his wife arena another woman mayfair section. they followed him to hung ton valley. he allegedly shot his 42-year-old wife and 71-year-old woman in the head inside a home on chippen daily -- chippen dadle avenue. cherry hill is increasing security measures there will be increased of police officers through the end of the school year. all parents and guardians and family members must produce photo i.d. and student i.d. number before they are allowed into the school. all other visitors will need a scheduled appointment.
6:44 am
all schools will be fire drill and security drill once a month. daniel woodwth stabbing a university of pennsylvania student said his client is depressed in jail and feels remorse for his family. woodward killed blaze burnstein who went missing in january while visiting his family on winter break in orange county, california. investigators are trying to determine if he was a victim of crime. burnstein was gay and jewish. president trump is raising steel star i i -- tariffs and aluminium. u.s. and airian stock markets -- asian stock markets fell amid talk of a trade war.
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leftade, disney has released the trailer of ralph breaks the breaks into november 21. disney the parent company of 6abc. west will smith is busy at work on a called gemini man. he is less than thrilled about bugs he encountered. he showed off the mosquito netting and the clouds of co-stars he is not thrilled
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with. there are films hitting a ballerina who dances her way into the spy world popular film about a surgeon turned vigilante. >> jennifer lawrence enters the spy world with red sparrow. variety reports red could open anywhere between 15 and $19 million. while deadlines prognosticators predict it could go as high as 40 million. >> i want my family i failed to protect them. >> reporter: bruce willis turns vigilante in death wish. the update is directed by horror
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mast eli roth. it pegs at a 14 to 16 million debut with deadlines saying it could open to 20 million on the high end. >> "fyi philly" has a special surprise for you, you have until tomorrow to register to win a trip for four to orlando florida. melissa magee traveled to the sunshine state and found outline sorts of fun new things for you to do if you win. you have to register to win. the link is on the "fyi philly" page at we have another hour come your way straight ahead. here's a look at the stories we're following for you. new technology helping to save the lives of patients with heart problems. we have details on how it's making a difference in the area. good news to report on the flu outbreak we'll tell you the number of cases now stand. those stories and more when we
6:50 am
see you after the break.
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>> delaware pelted by mother nature's fury. ch trees winds that whipped through the region as a nor'easter brings a mix of rain and snow. a pleasant good morning toy morning, the big story on "action news," the aftermath of the nor'easter that blew through the delaware valley just yesterday, what a sight it was it left a wide path of downed trees, of course across the
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