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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  March 4, 2018 9:00am-10:28am EST

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news at this hour a car is crushed after yet another tree falls in the delaware valley overnight. >> and power crews work around the clock in an effort to restore the power to tens of thousands of homes in the area. >> and winds are still knocking our sky 6 cameras around a little bit. this is a live picture of philadelphia international airport. we are fortunately dealing with milder temperatures and keeping our eye on another system that could bring more snow to the region this week. meteorologist chris sowers is here with a look at your exclusive accuweather preview. >> it's so funny. the way february panned out you would think okay winter is over let's move on to spring and here anor'easter and potentially another one. temperatures this morning are fairly mild and this is a good sign because we're not dealing with slick spots or icy patches all locations but the poconos above 32 degrees. lots of 40s showing up to the southeast and upper 30s to the northwest. wind speeds continue to be an
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issue. these are constant or sustained winds out of the northwest 15-20 miles per hour. reading 25, allentown 20 philadelphia 18. trenton 17. millville 16. but every now and then you get that sudden shove of wind and the gusts are in the 25-30 mile an hour range. 26 and millville 24. believe it or not the winds are getting better. we had 60-70 mile an hour gusts friday afternoon. and today we'll go 20 to 30 miles per hour. every day it gets a little bit better. tomorrow is a little bit breezy as well. cloud cover pushing away, working its way out to sea this afternoon look for a combination of sun and clouds. it will be breezy out there with a high of 46. nydia? >> trees continue to topple across the region. this big one came crashing down
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overnight. you can see a white car was crashed beneath the weight of it. fortunately no one was hurt. take a look at this video forcing drivers to go around the debris. >> and this morning those trees are keeping utility crews busy across the entire tri-state region. >> they've been working nonstop since friday to bring power tree experts are working overtime as well. we caught up with this crew yesterday as they worked into the night to remove a fallen tree. with so many trees down peco says they are helpful doing their job. >> crews are running into trees that are down across the road and we have to wait to clear the roads before we can get to t equipment that's damaged to make
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our repairs. >> this is the third worst storm utility after the ice storm of 2014 and super storm sandy. delaware county has reported almost half of its homes and businesses lost power at the peak of the storm. >> there are still nearly 142,000 people dealing with no electricity across the delaware valley but utility crews have made some great progress since the height of the storm on friday. >> the christian life center in bucks county still does not have power it's forced to cancel this morning's church services. peco reporting more than 122,000 customers still in the dark this morning. the majority are those in delaware, montgomery counties which were hit hardest by the storms. pseg says its numbers are down to 600 outages. ac electric is reporting only 2,500 and ppl still has over 13,000 in the dark. meantime our trish hartman talked to people finding ways to
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stay warm and finding fun in the storm's aftermng gym national nadia is getting some extra gym time. >> i like to jump on the trampoline and the foam pit. >> our whole neighborhood is down. >> reporter: so they came to upper marion dance and gymnastics center which opens its doors. >> keep the kids entertained. no electricity is entertained. >> i just sat and stayed warm and got back on to my internet and the kids danced and had a great time. >> reporter: high winds brought down trees over the area. this tree fell on to power lines. delaware county declared a state of emergency. and bringing in more resources. the head of the county's emergency services is urging
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folks without power to be safe. >> turning on the stove to heat your home rigging electrical appliances off a battery or generator outside, placing generators inside a building where carbon monoxide is an issue, all of these things can lead to tragedy. >> reporter: trish hartman, channel 6 action news. >> following friday's nor'easter, septa is dealing with disruptions of surface. on --service. the regional rail -- all other lines are operating. routes 101 and 102 trolleys are not operating. shuttle buses will operate in their place. amtrak says its service is returning to normal after fallen trees on a track led to major discorruptions all along the northeast corridor. all amtrak service between washington, d.c. and boston is scheduled to be back up and running today.
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acela service and keystone service to and from harrisburg are expected to be restored awell. amtrak says it's working to refund customers. a possible nor'easter headed for the delaware valley this week you can keep track wherever you are by using our free 6abc app that gives you by our meteorologists, and traffic cameras for road conditions. >> new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. a woman was driving a sedan was killed after it slammed into the tree in the city's may fair section in 4:15 this morning. the victim who was in her 20s died from her injuries. so far police have not released identity or cause for the accident. one person was killed. police say an suv veered off the
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street and hit a concrete planter on the sidewalk. it smashed through a fence and stop on property. >> it is now 9:07. a state asem reply oversight committee will hear from experts on legalizing recreational marijuana in the garden committees scheduled to happen tomorrow in trenton. making cannabis legal in key campaign promise by phil murphy. he says it could bring in $300 million in state revenue. >> there is much more to come on this sunday morning edition of action news. trying to be heart healthy. what foods to eat to bring down your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. >> an attempt to make a landing shows just how rough winds were when the nor'easter blew across the eastern seaboard. back in our area city hall the temple university camera.
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meteorologist chris sowers says you can expect more wind today. we'll have exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast after the break.
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tf video that shows an piloto make landing at reagan national airport, this happened on ay. you can see the plane swing sharply to the left and right as that pilot battles t winds there the pilot ultimately making the decision to abort the l out of an abundance of. >> taccuweather t problem in th. >> it really has. today it's getting better, we're still dealing with 30 mile per hour gusts. the winds we're seeing this morning still associated with that nor'easter that plowed through here on friday afternoon produced all that snow across parts of the area and we're also still picking up a little bit of cloud cover. as you can see behind me this is the very last of it. it's starting to wrap up and pull away. we have at least one more day where the winds are going to be
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somewhat of an issue but things slowly and surely get better. tuesday looks completely clear. it's going to get better, i promise. coastal flood advisory in effect for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. i'm going to focus more on that in the next half hour. in this segment here we're going to talk about the gusty breezes and the potential for another nor'easter tuesday night into wednesday. right now the modeling a little up in the air. some of the models have a significant snowfall for us. other models say that snow hammers new england again. 40 degrees in philadelphia with a dew point of 27. winds are out of the north at 18 miles per hour sustained. the gusts are over 25 miles per hour and that gives us a wind chill or feels-like temperature of 31, which is actually much warmer than they're dealing with across the lehigh valley. s like 14 icy cold in the poconos.
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33 degrees in dover and there you go general wind speeds are anywhere from ting 25-30. reading philadelphia 26. millville 24 and the poconos 30 miles per hour. now just because you don't see any numbers in some of these locations doesn't mean it's not windy there. it means they're not reporting gusts at this present hour. it's just a constant wind speed in those particular locations. satellite and radar a little bit of cloud cover over us clear skies out to the southwest, you get into central pennsylvania it looks nice this morning. this little bit of cloud cover here, this will be pulling off the coast. the idea is clouds giving way to some sunshine later this afternoon. blustery and chilly out there. what you're looking at one of our forecast models here. this was friday's nor'easter. what you're seeing these are isobars. lines of equal pressure. the only thing you need to know about this is the tighter these lines are, the tightly packed they are the windier it gets underneath those lines.
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still wind yi7 out here. not much wind here and here comes storm number 2. we get into tuesday afternoon, no wind across the eastern seaboard. the winds finally relax. this is still friday's nor'easter hanging off the coast. primary low goes to the great lakes states. the big question with the storm is going to be while the ss here is it still developing or is it already a full-blown nor'easter. that's going to have a huge impact on our neck of the woods. we know by the time it moves up into new england it's a full-blown nor'easter and they're talking about 40-50 mile an hour winds and probably 6-12 inches of snow if not more. the big question is what's to be and how far off t jersey shore in increasing confidence that we're going to get this the million looks like rain to snow and yes it becomes that's wednesday. for today mid 40s, partly sunny and breezy overnight tonight it again.
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temperatures down into the 20s well below here we exclusive accuweather 7-day trouble day is wednesday. rain to snow for wednesday 37 nydia? >> if you want to escape winter, how about heading here? thousands of people ventured out and what place to do thathiladelphia flower show. this year's theme is wonders of water. you can walk through a rain forecast you can imagine relaxing in a andne of the displays which features the desert. the show also features special gifts like smoky robinson and fios gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once. so get the fastest internet available plus netflix, plus up to 200 tv channels plus phone, plus a two-year price guarantee.
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>> it is 9:17. health check now staying active and eating right are the keys to slimming down that waistline. but you want to make sure you are eating a heart-healthy diet. a high fiber dis a good place to start. beans, ls are full of soluble fiber. they act like a sponge to soak up the bad ldl cholesterol.
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>> your raw and cooked vegetables are going stob good for fiber. so a heart healthy diet is going to be lots and lots of plants. >> and be sure to eat dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale. olive oil and avocados are great sources of unsaturated fatty acids. eat fatty fish like salmon which contains heart healthy omega 3's. uber has partnered its fleet with drivers with hospitals rehab centers and senior care facilities is to create a new service called uber health. when a customer books a medical appointment a health care associate can book them an uber ride as well. that makes it accessible to patients who don't own a smart phone. >> a new tool in the fight against rising health care
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costs. action news and the philadelphia inquirer just launched it last week and it's already helping our viewers. here's a refresh you are how it works and why it's critical you contribute. >> my piece of the bill is $1,798.02. >> rep americans, the lanes of west philadelphia are struggling to navigate their health care. >> i feel frustrated and scared because i don't work in the industry. i don't even know what the right questions to ask are. >> reporter: to help consumers action news and the philadelphia inquirer have teamed up to provide philly health costs. it's an online consumer giit with all kinds of helpful information and a tool that allows you to look up the costs by zip code. it's something he wishes he had been able to access before an echo cardiogram. >> i went and got the testing where he said i should get it done and two weeks later i got the bill and it was shocking.
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>> reporter: the hospital claims its cash price for the echocardiogram is more than $11,000 but the insurance company's negotiated rate is $1,176. lang is responsible for paying it out of pocket because he hasn't reached his deductible. he could have paid less if he shopped around on philly health costs. >> there were probably 50 other entries in the database for that same exact procedure that ranged in price from 150 to $2,000. >> the good news is moving forward lang will check philly health costs before any medical procedures. they also plan on addling their information to the database to help other consumers. >> take a moment to find your old explanation of benefit and put in your information. your personal information will be kept anonymous and not be
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shared publicly but we do need it in case we have follow-up questions. and the more information you can provide for each entry, the better. to get to philly health costs go to you'll see it right there on our home page. it isn't just about vision it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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>> welcome back everyone. 9:23 sunday morning forecast for today windy once again down at the jersey shore. clouds eventually giving way to sunshine 47 46 in the city same idea and for the poconos blustery and cold with a high of 33. winds out of the northwest 20-30 miles per hour. getting back to this midweek storm scenario number one, i want to illustrate this kind of give you a better idea what's going on here. primary low hands off the ball to the coastal low. right there. that coastal low you can see how close it is to the shoreline. that coastal low starts kicking back moisture and wind and all of a sudden you've got snow
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flying here in the philadelphia area again and some of it will be heavy at times. that's scenario number one. the second scenario is a little bit different and this is part of the reason why i haven't issued an accuweather alert. primary low hands off to the secondary low which is much farther out to sea by the time this storm gets going this is really just a problem for new england and your snows are flying like this. the first track the snow is all the way back here the second it's full blossom but up to the north. no accuweather alert just yet i'll wait for tomorrow for more model runs to come through. gray? >> thank you for the update. that trip to the big apple will soon be a breeze. the metropolitan transportation authority will begin phasing out met stroe cards and install a new system that will allow riders to pay with a smart
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phone. it will be systemwide by october 2 2020. the metro card will be officially retired in the year 2023. starbucks has opened its first ever reserves in seattle, washington. it's described as a marketplace store with a bakery, full liquor bar and lounge areas. the reserve store is -- >> the 90th annual academy awards is tonight in hollywood and very tight security will be in place to ensure the ceremony goes off without a hitch. more than 500 officers will be employed around the dolby theater. the massive security operation will include the fbi, firefighters and police helicopters. it's out of an abunt answer of caution not due to any specific threat. and our oscars coverage
9:25 am
begins tonight with "on the red carpet at the oscars" at 5:30. host jimmy kimmel will take the stage at 8:00 when the ceremony gets under way. >> 9:26. there's still much more to come on action news for sunday morning. pizza delivery may soon be changed forever. we've got details. >> plus crystal clear water. details on what created this south american paradise. those
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>> falling trees cars areedthe opposite
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lane as they try to avoid a tree. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out who shot two men as they were sitting inside their car eating. one is dead the other badly hurt. >> down comes netting. those stories in just a moment. but first chris sowers has the forecast. my apologies. >> it's actually kind of funny. the weather looks windy. it's going to be nice. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds just dealing with the pesky breeze which believe it or not is still coming from that huge coastal storm which is roughly about a thousand miles out to sea at this point. wait until you see the size of this thing. for today sun and clouds and breezy winds are out of the north northwest at 15-20 miles per hour occasionally you might see a gust up to 30 miles per hour. 46 degrees in philadelphia today allentown 44 millville 47. but with the breeze it will feel
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much colder than that. wind chills today are only hanging out in the mid 30s the temperatures you just saw a littledeceiving. lunchtime 43, by 3:00, 46 and 5:00 we're back down to 44. national weather service continues the coastal flood advisory is up for the entire jersey shoreline an delaware beahes until2:00. high tide is occurring right now and the tide is forecasted to be anywhere from2 abovesidered your normal high tide levels. so if you have property down here you know the drill. move your cars so when these roads start flooding the car isn't the way. even the mouth of the delaware bay picked up good beach erosion because of this massive storm. this was friday's nor'easter believe it or not from west to east it is more than 1500 miles wide and we're still picking up the winds on the back side. you go farther out here to the west this is storm number two. i'll talk more about that with
9:30 am
the 7ust a few minutes. gray? >> large to fall victim friday's nor'easter that blasted through the region. a large tree fell overnight and crushed a r? the city's overbris morning tens of thousands in the tri-state region are still in the dark. during the height of the storm on friday 600000 homes and businesses lost electricity. and as we've been showing you, many homes and cars were badly maged by falling the action cam was on chipmunk lane. you can see the tree right through the second floor. and a huge tree fell through a home here in quakertown. it landed on the bedroom of a 19-year-old girl. injured. >> about 142,000 households in the delaware valley are still without power this morning. most of them are peco in montgomery and delaware unties. many of those families have had to find other places than home to keep their children warm.
9:31 am
some people took their kids to marion dance and gymnastics center welcome break for those families that have been without power for more than a day. >> our whole neighborhood is down and pretty much every friend we know. >>ust kee entertained because that's a big thing when you haveis keeping kids >> the head of delaware county sgt your home placing on e generators inside of your house. >> the national guard had to be called in to keep up a business mess on a majorad leading to the poconos. dozens of cars and trucks got stuck between exists 293 and national guard members and local force responders brought food to drivers who had been stranded for hours. some area reported as much as 20 inches of snow. >> we only had to endure the wrath for one day but some in the northeast are trying to
9:32 am
recover from two days. >> abc's elizabeth herr has the details. >> reporter: the two day monster nor'easter slamming the eastern seaborne from georgia up to maine. >> it's just about 12 noon here in quincy massachusetts that means it's high tide and take a look at the incredible force of the storm system even as it area. >> reporter: the powerful storm leaving behind a trail of death and on. one of the victims just years old. anthony hamilton was asleep on the top bunk when the tree crashed through the family home. >> it was just a freak accident in the middle of the >> reporter: more than a million homes with power lines down everywhere. the storm also proving to be a nightmare travelers.
9:33 am
7,000 delayedflights. trains between washington, d.c. and boston completely shut down for a while with only limited service now restored. out west another winter storm drops 4 feet of snow on the sierra nevada triggering avalanches one crashing down on five people. >> incredibly lucky. >> reporter: meanwhile in a different avalanche, a snowboarder was killed. >> it is now 9:35. some new information to tell but this morning. one man is dead another in critical condition after a double shooting. the action cam at that scene, 6th and spring garden streets. police say the two men were sitting in an audi eating when a gunman walked up to the car and started shooting. the old driver was shot chest and pronounced dead at the hospital.
9:34 am
the passenger had injuries. police have not been able to make any arrest. new information to tell but this morning philadelphia police looking for suspects after a man was shot. the action cam also at this scene in north philadelphia. when officers arrived and they say found a man in his 20s sitting on a bench. he's been treated at a hospital. >> west virginia public schoolteachers are vowing to stay on strike. the legislature approved a 4% raise. the governor had promised a 5% teachers have been on strike for a little more than a week. union leaders say teachers will not return to work until they get the raises they were promised. >> president trump has escalated his threats of a trade war with europe. the president tweeting if european retaliates against steel and aluminum he will slap a tax on cars. he said he intends to impose a
9:35 am
25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum to protect the u.s. industry. the union would respond bydavidson levi's and kentucky bou >> the university of pennsylvania is cel first ivy 2006 season. the 99-93 win over brown last night at brown. the win earned the quakers a share of the ivy league title with harvard. >> just a culmination of a lot of hard wo a group of that when i got here came from last place. put in an incredible amount of effort as a team and a championship. i couldn't be happier for him. >> next week'sivy league tournament. congratulations.
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>> 9:37. there's still much more to come on action news for a sunday morning. a big moment for penn's basketball team and you just saw this. >> we'll show it to you again. >> plus it was an underwater paradise found only in south america.
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> takthis. heavy rains had turned a hiking bridge in brazil into an underwater oasis. the water levels of the river nearby that crosses the private feet during the rainfall. this unusual phenomenon happens when it rains over 6 inches at once. calcium carbonate minerals makes the water crystal clear.
9:39 am
>> beautiful. >> it's almost like that here. >> another nor'easter potential on the way. here's a look at some of the coastal flooding. normally at high tide you've got at least 10-15 you can see all the way up to the lifeguard stand you can't make out the jet i right now. the tide has come up we're seeing minor flooding, the coastal flood advisory remains in effect until about 2:00 this afternoon. after this morning's tide as i talked about yesterday, each additional tide will start getting a little bit better as the coastal low friday's nor'easter continues to work its way out to sea. so we're dealing with a little bit of a rough time this morning but it's mainly minor flooding. we're not seeing the tidal flooding like we saw yesterday. 46 degrees is today's high. the normal high is 49. high tide is occurring right now.
9:40 am
the tide is expected to run anywhere 2-3 feet above normal levels. we're still dealing with huge swells and huge breakers creating a lot oferosion all the way from cape may to point pleasant seaside heights. 40 degrees but you add on that wind and it feels like the 20s and 30s right now. 32 mile per hour in reading and 29 miles per hour in the poconos. here's the satellite and the radar. this little tail this ribbon of cloud cover is all connected to that coastal storm which is 1,000 miles off the coast. this is still some cloud cover from that storm. out to the west. we'll see a mixture of sun and cl time to time.
9:41 am
mid 40s wind chills in the 30s we'll see some shun shine and for monday morning into the afternoon same exact thing. maybe a mixture of sun and clouds a little breeze no precipitation falling. wind chills again into the 30s. then we get into this midweek time frame here this next nor'easter. it's going to jump the rockies becomes a nice little storm. the main low goes right up it transfers its energy off to a coastal low right there off the delmarva and as i talked about earlier the big question is is this storm already a full-blown coastal storm if that's the case we're going to see snow. but if it's infancy here and it gets going by the time it's to the north just a little bit of snow and wind here bigger snow up across new england you can see the lines. new england would once again take on probably at least tropical storm force winds and a lot of heavy snow. this is just one particular model, but the reason i'm showing you this is because i
9:42 am
want to show you the potential that this storm has. now it's uncertain where this heavier snow is going to track. it could be here and up into new england but right now this model has far more snow in lehigh valley that is 6-12 inches of snow. this is just one model but it shows you what the impacts that the storm may be here. overnight tonight it's cold partly cloudy center city. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast looks like this. the next three days look fairly quiet. 46 today, 47 tomorrow, all three days look for a mixture of sun and clouds. right now the early call for wednesday is rain changing over to snow with some accumulation likely in parts of the area. the winds are going to pick up to at least 30-40 miles per hour. that storm clears thursday friday and saturday all look nice. it's just one day this week but that one day could potentially be nasty. >> 9:45 your time.
9:43 am
sky live look at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. it is a cold weather ice skating fire pn the delaware water front and you can see people out there right now but this is not open to the public until 11:00 and it goes frontil 11:00 before closing until next season. if you have not seen the ter ra cotta warriors you various -- have just a few hours. they date back more than 2,000 years ago. you can see the exhibit at the franklin institute today from 9:30 until 5:00.
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you're time now 9:48. man known as major winchester the iconic tv show "mash" has died. he died aft battling bladder cancer. steers had also lent his voice and the beast" and pokecohontas. >> it is a battle most parents face how to control how much time your children spend in front of the v or smart phone. a new study give more motivation to try toet unplugged. for each half hour of tv a two-year-old watched has led to significantly eating habits.ricting screen time
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and don't allow screen time to disrupt or replace sleep or physical activity. the future of pizza delivery wrapping right now on the roads in miam it has teamed with ford. you just enter a code on the key pad to access the order and there's no worrying about a tip for the anning the autonomous cars wit drivers. they hope to have fully autonomous cars on the the year 2021. finding love can be difficult but a new app is matching potential soulmates thrii their dna. there are 11 genes that impact attraction. it says that it processes dna to match based on their pheromones. the dna costs about a month. the dating app is only availab the houston area.
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no word if it plans to expand nationwide. sports is next.
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welcome back on this sunday. it is 9:52 and 40 degrees. skies 6hd a live look from our st. hall camera. fortunately wind gusts are a lot weaker than they have been over the weekend. we are looking at the possibility of another winter storm on wednesday. turning to sports villanova's final game puts them into the record books. >> and the flyers are looking to bounce back. here's jeff skversky with all of your sunday morning sports. >> flyers looking to rebound later today against the panthers in south florida after a frustrating game in tampa yesterday. flyers blew a two-goal lead twice. flyers facing the best team in
9:51 am
hockey the lightning. he closes his eyes and just shoots. not bad. the flyers would go up two in the third. flyers down one. under three to go. what a play. there you go. in a shootout flyers lost 7-6. they are two points out of first. college hoops, villanova's run oht regular east season tiilths is over. but jay wright says he likes where this team is going even though they have not looked pretty down the down. >> villanova wearing down georgetown in the regular season finale. second half not bad either.
9:52 am
villanova wins 97-73. they finished regular season 57 and 4. the union kicking off the regular season last night against new england. they have more wins against them than any other team unio the bitter cold in chester. the first half the new kid from newark, delaware on the rebound. his first career gold. win 2-0. the opener over the revolution. ronald darby among the eagles signing autographs at phillies show. he found out just special eagles are to the fan >> it's gre howy are and how excited the city is for winning the first super bowl. i i shook was i thank you and appreu and one guy told me he could die now. >> now that is living and dying with the philadelphia eagles.
9:53 am
that is sports. i'm jeff skversky have a good day. >> 9:55 is your time. as you cheer on madness, if you're doing that cheering at work, you're nottivity plummets once tournament action begins. researchers say the average minutes a day checking scores and team rankings. ranked a close second. march nad necessary starts a week from tuesday. >> can't help yourself. >> the right of a lifetime we'll explain the reason. >> who will go home with an oscar tonight. we will soon know the answer to that question. a preview of tonight's big event in a live report from hollywood. sowers has an exclusive
9:54 am
9:55 am
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car is crushed after yet another tree falls in the delaware valley overnight. >> an effort to restore power to tens of thousands of homes in area. >> we are dealing with milder temperatures but we are storm that could bring more snow to the region this week. meteorologist chris sowers has an e wind chills behind me. it's blustry and chilly. actual air temperatures are close to 40 degrees but you factor in the wind it feels like 20s and 30s. during the month of february we hit 50 degrees or higher 15 times and we flip to march and this comes back.fficially arrives on march 20th but looking more like the middle of january. cape may with the wind 35. and the wind is ablowing out of the hour. every now and then we start to see occasional gusts in the 25-30 mile per hour range. sustained 15 in
9:57 am
philadelphia and 21 miles per hour in trenton. cloud cover holding on across the coastal plain, delaware bay area, delaware bucnties seeing clouds at this point. skies brighten up far out to the west. portions of lehigh county starting to see sunshine. that cloud cover is still associated with that huge storm. this was our nor'easter that hit friday. this thing spans some 1500 miles from west to east sitting across the atlantic right now. the cloud cover this mornipen up this afternoon and see some sunshine. sun and clouds breezy and chilly highs around 46. guys? >> all right chris, thank you. trees continue to topple across the region. this big one cameshine in delaware county overnight. the car that was crushed. fortunately no one was hurt.
9:58 am
take a look at this the action cam where a tree snapped and fell over. it's partially blocking one lane forcing drivers to go around the debris. nearly 142,000 people are still in the dark this morning, mostly due to fallen trees across the region. here's a look at the latest outages. peeporting 122,000 still in the the majority are in delaware and montgomery counties. pse&g says its number is down to just over 600 outages. delmarva has 3200 without power, ac electric is reporting 2,500 and pbl has 13,000 in the dark. >> work continues around the clock to fixed downed powerlines and blown transformers. >> some people have been trying to keep warm since the storm hit on utility crews workin to bring the lights back on. >> action news reporter bob brooks live with more on what's being done to get the power back on. bob? >> reporter: nydia and gray to
9:59 am
start the weekend, just in delaware county alone, one-third of the customers were without power. that's a lot of people and a lot of damage. some of that damage just behind me here. it looks like a neighbor just pulled out of here. they have no choice but to go through here, but you can see to the general public the road is closed off, there's even a car stuck in the middle of the road. in delaware county they've issued a declaration of disaster emergency. it's not hard to see why. all over trees and power lines are down after the storm passed and damage was assessed, more than 80,000 homes and businesses were left in the dark. many of them still today. crews are working around the clock to get those lights back on but with so much damage it's going to take some time. some residents might be getting antsy. emergency officials strongly urge not to do that. >> turning on the stove to heat
10:00 am
your home rigging electrical appliances off a battery, placing generators inside a building where carbon monoxide is an issue, all of those things can lead to tragedy. >> reporter: over in the city it's more of the same. poles are down powerlines ripping. do not go near it. another live look outhere. you can see just had bad this damage is. officials want to urge everyone do not try and rig something up in your home to get the heat or electric back on. that is when tragedy can definitely happen. they say now is the time for patience while cre tlectricity back on. reporting live in brin mawr. >> septa still dealing with disruption of service. the trenton and chest nut hill east line are still suspended this morning. all other lines are operating
10:01 am
but there may still be delays. shuttle buses will be operating and buses will be operating in place of the norristown high speed line today. amtrak says its service is returning to normal after trees on the tracks led to major disruptions. nearly all amtrak between washington, d.c. and boston scheduled to be back up and running today. acela and keystone service are expected to be restored today working to refund customers whose trips were canceled because of the storm. with another possible nor'easter headed for the delaware valley this week you can keep track by using the 6abc app. access to live double scan radar and traffic cameras so you can keep an eye on road conditions. >> 10:05 on this sunday. and new this morning
10:02 am
philadelphia police are investigating a deadly crash on the roosevelt boulevard. a woman was killed after her car slammed into a tree. this happened around 4:15 this morning. the victim died from her injuries. so far police have not released her identity or a cause for the accident. also new overnight one a one-vehicle accident. police say an suv veered off the street and hit a concrete planter on the sidewalk and then smashed through a fence and came to a stop on septa property. police say the driver was thrown from the vehicle. >> from our new jersey news room the state assembly oversiithd committee will hear from experts for legalizing recreational marijuana in the garden state. scheduled to happen tomorrow in kren ton, making -- aking it legal was promise. he says he can bring in $300
10:03 am
million in state revenue. the valley but they are up nationwide. enjoy the lower prices while they last. the spring and summer season could bring higher prices. here in philadelphia we're paying $2.75 which is down $0.03. in new jersey the cost is $2.49 and in delaware it's $2.40. >> thousands of people got out and forget the winterwoes. this year's theme is wonders of water. you can imagine yourself relaxing around a backyard pond. displays features plants from the des which thrives on very little water. like smokey robinson and martha stewart. >> take a walk over there this week. >> beautiful. >> hur ray for hollywood. the biggest night happens in
10:04 am
just hours. >> details on how an intoxicated teenager was able to get behind the wheel of a police cruiser and take off when the officer was just a feet away.
10:05 am
look at this. aing scene at a burninghters bat through smoke and flames t pull two
10:06 am
people f they're both undiscl nearly eiours for control of the dozens o residents homeless. no word on how this fire started. a new mexico police officer trying to help a drunken teenaged girl got a payback he didn't appreciate it. >> help you sit up. you miss your boyfriend? >> after trying to calm down the 16-year-old, the officer placed the girl in his vehicle while the officer spoke to the child's mother gray manages to get out of the back of the vehicle get into the driver's seat -- don't do that. they recorded her 99 mile per hour race until she eventually crashes into a ditch. the she was taken to the hospital she has some serious injuries. police investigating how the officer handled the case. wow, okay. a long line of ambulances queued up oult side a home to pick up nine college students suffering
10:07 am
from overdoses. the young men took a blue pill. police say at least one of them was under the influence of alcohol and oxycontin. investigator said these types of investigations are becoming more common. all the students are expected to recover. >> we're still dealing with the aftermath of friday's nor'easter the far northeast is also starting to recover. conditions. flooding is long the shore is now startirecede. and in upstate new york digging out from three feet of snow. some roads are not passable as crews work around the clock are cleared all the way. >> whoa. how can you love that. >> it's pretty. come on. you want to hear something funny. the surprise, i mean we've been in the 50s 60s and 70s even upstate new york for the last month. now you get 30 inches of snow,et wall
10:08 am
oped with one storm. like what just happened. let's go over to the weather center and potentially another one is on the way. as we look at the view the satellite and the radar you can see the lines. those lines are actually wrapping around the center of that nor'easter which is about a good thousand miles off the coast sitting right here. this is all the wind flow when you look at the size of this storm ialmost 1500 miles from west to east across the northern portions of the atlantic. just a massive storm. right now in philadelphia 41 degrees with a dew point of 27. pressure reading is rising from 30.19 inches and your winds are out of the north northwest at 15 miles per hour and that makes these 40s that you see across south jersey and delaware feel more like the 30s out there right now. allentown 38 philadelphia 31 dover 42 and reading at 39. winds are still ripping out of the northwest. these are gusts and we're seeing those gusts anywhere from 25 to
10:09 am
30 miles per hour so remember friday they were 60 to 70 miles per hour. yesterday they were 40 to 50 miles per hour. today they're going to be in the 20-30 mile per hour range and we're already picking that up now and as we get into tomorrow it gets a little bit better and hopefully tuesday we have no wind at all and it should be a nice comfortable day. nice and relaxing. right now 35 miles per hour in dover 28 in allentown, 23 in philadelphia. believe it or not it's on the tail end of that nor'easter. the center ask right there. remember -- is right there. remember this thing came here and cut back into new england and then it's now dipping back this way. it's running intothe canadian maritimes and getting into the greenland area and it can't move along on its way. another storm is approaching from the west and that could be our troublemaker. here's some good news national weather service just updated this. it looks like the coastal flood advisory for new jersey has expired still p for the delaware beaches. good news it looks like the
10:10 am
advisory has been lifted for the jersey shore. future tracker 6. sun afternoon temperatures are in the mid 40s. wind chills in the 30s. and as we head into monday same exact thing. high temperatures in the 40s combination clouds, wind chills are stuck in the 30s. tuesday looks comfortable, quiet. high temperatures around 46 or 47 then we get into wednesday. 46 in philadelphia today, reading 45 millville 47 48. we'll stay partly sunny and breezy. that takes us into wednesday. here comes the first of two areas of low pressure. this one rides up into the great lakes states bringing rain snow, gustyplains. then a coastal low develops on the tail end of this thing right off the delmarva and you can see how the lines get close together again. that's a strong gusty wind. this isn't a bad track for us. if the low is this far off the coast, this is just a glancing blow. if the center is closer to the jersey shore, it's going to be a problem for us.
10:11 am
nonetheless every forecast model says this is a wallop for new england once again. won't see that here. this is going to be a weaker storm than friday but sits still something to deal with. increasing confidence that this storm will affect us on wednesday. right now it looks like rain to snow could be plowabparts of the area. this time around the winds are only around 30 miles per hour. we have three fairly quiet days 46 today, 45 monday, 47 tuesday, rain to snow for wednesday. guys? >> all right chris, thank you. all right. get out, darkest hour, lady bird, the post dun kirk,water. >> one of these films will be deemed the best of the best tonight as hollywood honors the top films actors and directors of 2017. >> live with a preef view of
10:12 am
tonight's oscar ceremony. good morning, danya. it's great night. >> it is going to be a great night and i have to say i'm impressed you knew the entire category because that is one of the longest. the long road that is award season ends tonight with nominees hoping to take home that covetd oscar statue. >> reporter: the glitz, the glamour and the celebrities all coming together for hollywood's biggest night, the oscars. > i'l good a politically charged awardoment like me too time's up. kimmel saying he's hoping to set the right tone. >> i do because i have tendency strike the right tone in my life. >> reporter: one year after that snafu. >> i'm sti clear on how the beatty's handscoa eth shaping for
10:13 am
tough leactresscategori >> be actre certainly like mcdorant. oldman i>> rept best pictpwar it's note ma category fec asons. may thatnvelope yearures in place to keep a mistake from happening again. reporting live from hollywood danya bacchus hollywoodyou. >> you look beautiful by the way. >> thank you. empty handed. they are ta a swag bag$100,000. in they'll2 nigh tro are the would of spa treatments access to dating app that has n been launched. >> her aait t whme the oscarghuealny million. a acto $1.5 million attendee and00 for a fir timer. this is the second year in both a black man have been nominated for best
10:14 am
direct be sure to the oscar ceremony live from the dolby theater it's tonight 00 here on 6abc. you can see the b leading up to tonight andcan take a look back at the biggest moments from decades past. also tes with an car trivia test. online at
10:15 am
it is time to check out what's going viral in the social corner. >> just in case you don't kn this is where we chat about some of the videos and images that everybody is talking about from facebook youtube and a whole lot more. >> a baby chimp got the ride of his life it seems the chimp is not afraid of flying. he even helped the pilot adjust the throttle he sat on his lap and enjoyed some grooming
10:16 am
>> this ke right here wasp use. you can s the child taking f the house and put them through the door. that's a new take on shoving things under your bed. >> tell us w about our on our facebook and twitter malpass. eporte later this morning philadelphia's mayor is proposing raising property taxes 6% to cover a $1 billn school deficit. the shockwaves are immediate. county i pharma because it says a causing the epidimic. we'll talk about that ony and i hope to see you withst internet available you'll enjoy virtually seamless streaming for only $79.99 per month with a two year agreement and get one year ios gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network,
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♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at >> one more check of accuweather. >> h more snow sound? >> stop it. >> the next actually look all right. combination of sun andclouds. breezy today we could see gusts
10:19 am
up to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow is a little bit quiter. same thing for tuesday. another nor'easter potentially on the way for wednesday. a couple of scenarios. one shows plowable snow f other one shows the storm across new england. right now we're say rain to snow 37 degrees. thursday friday and saturday look quiet and another storm potentially is on the way for sunday. it's a really active pattern just one day of concern butbusy. all right here's g to talk about it all this morning with the former white house chief of staff, chris christie and we'll get into all the gyrations on guns and trade. and the possibility of the new trade war. >> i'll take this. due to special program action news at noon has been preempted. focus takes a look at the city's history.
10:20 am
>> have a super sunday.
10:21 am
10:22 am
president trump unleashed on his own. his inner circle shrinking. jared kushner under fire. >> i think he's been treated unfairly. >> privately trump is questioning kushner's role. did he mix his family work with foreign business. was hi he vulnerable to foreign blackmail? is all the chaos crippling the
10:23 am
presidency? questions for reince priebus and the ally he chose to run his transition, chris christie. plus -- >> take the guns first. go through due process second. >> the president surprises democrats by backing their calls for sweeping gun legislation before backing down. then he defies his top economic advisers with a surprise announcement on trade. >> what's been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful.
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