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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 4, 2018 4:30pm-4:55pm EST

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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." we're following developing news on both coasts. first, that monster storm as a second readies to strike. the power emergency and the race to get the lights back on. the flooding the deep snow and the downed trees taking lives. and now the new storm on the way. where it's heading. the special reportedly now asking whether money from the middle eastpresident's campaign. jare under scrutiny as out to hear n arole n chief. teachn sight to the walkout. 20,000 teachers refusing to enter classrooms. weath slide denight. the movies an up movements. igbe will tom west coast eremto take a live look arseuding insssetts. lonefg t tehd ak tgre tmidweek, cld artsslocockmpedre thanillionf that
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monster hundreds of thousands stillac next storm hits. >> i have never seen it this bad, and as ior an cuomoyeeffort b th trying to get the trees rorr: o people beware of wires l this one.ower service. >> reporter: across the in fairfax county, virginia, scott was sleeping o when he heard and wind and the crash. >> the who came down on chmond a front homes foundatioipped scaradep walk, gone.e dest behind piles of rocks and rubble.trakg out,ut with >> such a deadly sto ke in churheraci a clean up t virgre, lyll beforeard t all att stm now, kenneth. alref the east.n winds veral from our new york station, amy >> we have produced ernies.o to 60 mile-an-hour winds, so this is as gsnowis heading insn w that m. thank we move onto the russia investigation.k times" reporting c mueller may be expanding his focus. now asking whether money from the middle east went to the president's campaign.cts again under the microscope. it comes as kushner and his
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wife, ivanka trump, showed up at the gridiron dinner. abc's david wright majority reporting from the office. >> reporter: the special could believe counsel is reportedly from russia but to the middle east. "the new york times" reports bob mueller is focused on this man, a lebanese with close ties ar meetings ahead of the president's trip to the region. among the officials, nato reportedly met with steve kush faced a barrage of recent headlines raising questions about possible conflicts of interest with his family company. kushner denies any conflict but his complicated fin have something to do with his failure to obtain a security clearance. while the president remains fiercely loyal to kushner -- >> jared has done an outstanding job. he has been treated very
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unfairly. >> reporter: those headlines seem to be taking a toll. trump reportedly joked he was sorry he was late, kushner had trouble getting through security. he cracked jokes at the expense of his attorney general saying he offered sessions a ride to the dinner but he recused himself. >> i don't think it would be good for the president for attorney general sessions to leave, but i also think the president has made up his mind in regard to how he feels about the recusal. he feels like that was the first sin, the original sin. >> reporter: tomorrow the president is expected to sit down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and we are expecting details about a possible new tariff on imported steel and aluminum. concern about a possible trade war, tom. >> so many headlines about that trade war. all right, thanks so much. back here in los angeles, movie stars and producers are arriving for the academy awards ceremony. the excitement building here on the red carpet. all eyes are on hollywood
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tonight, but behind this magic, there is very real social conflict. >> reporter: tonight, the film industry's biggest night set to. ashley judd and salma hayek, presenting tonight. the accusations of sexual assault and harassment against the film mogul which he has denied exposing a national problem across several industries. >> the new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: producers for the oscars it in the middle of a delicate dance, highlighting the great work on screen while acknowledging a turning point in the industry when it comes to the wayhave bee toaibelieved s water," and "three bilp for several awards including photography hel morrison. the firs nominated in that category.frican-american woman nominated more best adrapted screenplay. i satwhat fetra and stay hindheee to the that can come from history is e is more asin s. what ep concerns the me founder who
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told me she is confident hollywood let these movements be forgotten. >> i think we'll really thoughtful conscious content coming out that's really based in what has come up for people. so much emotion and compassion and empathy has come up in this moment and i think people will ride that wave.ted r n anhiiake th thrneesthclassroom for an studre teachers all on strikeigmplo% raise e eves.t. i a uncan governor jim justice agreeing on twitter tire among the lowest paid in the country, starting at $33 a00herel them, month. >> reporter: for when ccould be back in session, they propose a 5% raise in the house, and the% in the senate to be reconcileds anybody's guess htake. >> next to the avalanche danger. four snowmobilers swept off a trail in washington state. two of them did not survive. friends and strangers scrambling to save this snow border buried alive. abc's eva pilgrim on the risk and the life-saving tool.tonight, wild weather touching on terrifying scenes across the west.
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near yosemite at mammoth there, partially burying eight team. >> trapped. >> reporter: this was the scene just before the snow came barrelling down this path after getting more than 62 inches of snow in just two days. the ski patrol there was actually doing avalanche prevention work when this one anche in w aman. two more air lifted to safety. is missing.e tahoe, an afternoon came crashing down on five people. those nearbydiggin t d repor someone quickly hat snow board sticking rour: he was buried for six out no injuries. >> it's a good reminder to carry beacons and i'm grateful other people did have that equipment. >> reporter: a tool like this beacon that transmits a signal if you find yourself in trouble can be the difference between life or death, tom. >> a good tool in incredible moments captured on video. thanks so much.
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much more on "world news tonight" there los angeles. the apparent car-ramming terror attack. the security footage at the heart of a police investigation tonight. plus the search for a missing scientist ramping up. where investigators are now searching. and who could forget this oscars-winning moment of confusion? will there be a similar moment tonight? we'll be right back. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd e stleve hours with just one pill.
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>> come on. "la la lt flooding the stageand confusion, for a pain stakeg staking >> picture. >> reporter: a mistake they hope will never be those who managed envel still on the job, and adding a thirnsureo errors but brian will backstage. he iave them the envoe lope for best actress,ng t stone while the andansi confirm they have been happenednded the did you do? >> reporter: jimmyie repeatti joi presenting the oscar for best ut staying for everybody, but what a hollywood ending would thatoes off without a hitch hitch.y. assauban, what tonight. and a mtan accomplishi many thought wasthe new headline about a legendary sports figure. stay with us.
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over his script introducing idactor. >> bec moment. >>eporter:rica repor as goodi>> i c mto tsp>> llamas reporting tonight from los angeles. join us from abc's continuous y the main for all of us here atve a great evening. for all ab nnews, odwsight ha a gfogood night. e. fot abc news, od night. n. for all w al lviewf emy award ♪♪ gus, you are crushing it!unds. (giggles)body back. ak this will help you power through. one million dollar power payday, new fromyu looboth lau ware n the impact of a nor'easter owe s and traces ematic. sunday night i'm sarah bloomquist. perez on action news is aftermath on a nor'easter and new informationm the news room. haverford township schools tomor due to power outages
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