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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 5, 2018 4:30am-4:59am EST

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y. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30 a.m., march 5. hospital. many schools are closed and thousands are in the dark threeer the nte blew through. >> oscars take hollywood's serious issues head on. we'll have a look along with the big winners. matt pellman is in for david murphy. we'll be talking about the nor'easter later this week. >> reporter: i thought i had enough of friday afternoon.
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>> reporter: i was thinking about everybody tha d house. satee we're currently dry through the region.we'll have snow showers off ther two arrives through the area midweek. let's take a look right now at the current conditions through the area we're throughout the in cape may. 30 in millville. 31 in the city. rea ng. i the chilly breeze the windchills coolean t it's a cold start to tl see a mixture of sunshine and more clouds later in the day. overall partly sunny 7:00 a.m. 30. lunchtime, 41 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 44. that's the high. coming down from that 43. 7:00 p.m., partly cloudy skies and 40. today is the day you take a breath you get a chilly watch the beginning of the effects of the the track so we continue to watch to see if there's more snow? you would than us, that's what we are expecting. we have cold air in place that
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will impact snowfall totals, that could be more. we'll see snow for the city north and rain and snow,d we're fine tuning in just a few minutes.heeet. we had a crash in the westbound lanes pas vine. that cleared ospeaking of the nightmare commute on friday. it was because of the snow because of a a bunch of downed trees because of the high winds. crews worked to get them turned in falls. lincoln drive is blockf a crash gypsy at ridge avenue. city avenue out. there's a downed tree sticking out in the right lane on the southbound side. city avenue at 59th streethts still not working. we're trying to recover from the storm on friday. overnight construction near bridge on i-95. you're good to majors like i-95one 5ouhiomngmiss good on
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295 and the new jersey turnpike connector as we kick things off on this monday morning. breaking news, auring a robbery in north philadelphia. this is video just in from the 2900 block of north 5th street. the 16-year-old girl was shot three times is in serious but stable condition. the woman was grazed tpoce are lng f wh f m let shattered an apartment window in southwest philadelphia hitting a 72-year-old woman who was laying in her bed. the shooting happened on the 7100 brandt place. the victim is in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the knee. the police are talking to her 38-year-old son who was open at the time. developing overnight a downed tree and wires trapped aou're the40 blockted.usandsfthaowd t power lines road, delaware county, a working to cut up a tree just as driving
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down the treat. many schools are closing, they are scrolling at the bottom of the screen today. bill cosby will be in court other him inomen who ishru abusinsby's retooled defenseeam is led by former michael jackson lawyer. happening today pat toomey a delaware senator kiss -- chris kunes will hold nics denial notification act state law enforcement will be alerted when people try to buy a gun and background checks are denied. now let's go to the other breaking story this morning a firefighter was injured while battling a house fire in bucks county. crews arrived this morning to
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find heavy flames at the soks is on henry avenue in feasterville. good morning bob. >>tart with the good wit here,he the conscious going to st. mary's hospital. he has to be evaluated at this point, he doesn't think it's too riou he rover from point. thestarted according to fire marshals around 2:00 a.m. the firefighter fell through the floor into the basement of the home. they were pulled out, there was a may day call, they were rushed to the hospital. according to the fire marshal the firefighter awake and conscious while leaving the scene. no word on a cause no word on where the fire may have started. things are getting wrapped up here. since we've here some of the fire trucks have left the scene. that's good news. investigation underway to find out what sparked the flames, the good news the firefighter is
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expected to be okay now in the hospital. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." matt. >> thank you so much. ♪ switching gears here, the 90 osith the shape of water and three billboards outside of missouri winning big. they took on the me too and time's up movement. the red a night. >> reporter: while there was no envelope mistake development it political tone set at other award shows. it shaped up to be a great night for the shape of water. the romantic monster fable winning oscar gold for best picture. faye dunaway and warren beatty getting a over the years of moving
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making. in a chance for hollywood to tackle diversity and gender witnessing are being driven by the power sound ofs joining together in a chorus that's time's up. >> jimmy kimmel >> -- our plan toine a light -- >> mcdormand paying tribute to the women in the room. >> if i may be so honored to have the female honorees stand me in the room tonight. >> while three widely admiredded veterans each won their first oscar. >> the winner is gary oldman. >> put the kettle on, i'm bringing oscar home. >> i would like to thank the academy, never thought i would say those words. >> allison janney clinching best supporting actor category.
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jordon fill best original screen play forget out. and we all know how the oscars tend to run on the alongside jimmy kimmel offered a jet ski and a trip to arizona to the person with the shortest acceptance speech. reporting live from hollywood, danya bachus. back t in our 5:00 a.m.ook at the red with back stage interviews. >> the storm that brought down trees and power lines in the area sent waves crashing over digging out a man buried by a avalanche. we'll hear from a rescuer coming up karen. >> reporter: we have a cold start to the day with the temperatures below freezing and windchills in the 20s we'll talk about today's forecast and look at the next nor'easter that's coming up next.
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>> we live look from city hall camera at the benjamin franklin parkway, you can see the flags once again whipping in the wind. it's been a windy weekend. temperatures are chilly this morning, 31 degrees, time 4:45 a.m. >> meteorologist karen rogers joins us, could be another interesting week. don't like we, i fee we're tracking a nor'easter on the way not least. we havehowers off theine near surf southward it will get scraping off the coastline. should not be hitting us. sky6 live hd looking live over penns landing. we have a quiet scene but it's cold out there this morning. a chilly breeze we're dealing with. the 31 degrees, the dewpoint, 14. the wind out of thehwest at 15 miles per hour. the pressure is falling. the swism what it feels -- the windchill what it feels like, 21 degrees, satellite and radar you can see the pinwheeling of motion around the area of low that
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former nor'easter. and we're the snow sho coastot be impacting us, clouds push region. a wider look, we're keeping an eye on developing out to the bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the did dakotas, writing a nor'easter tomorrow night. today is a dry day. we're starting off with sunshine. clouds in the afternoon. look at where the windchills are. 6:00 a.m., 20 degrees, 10:00 a.m. 27. even in the height. afternoon, 37 degrees, so the windchill just in the 30s despite a high today of 44. it's kind of a chilly day today. we continue to watch the impact from wednesday's coastal storm that moves through quickly. we can see the area of low pressure the nor'easter developing tuesday into wednesday, bringing snowfall for parts of the region. it depends on what model we're
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looking at. i want to pull out the gfs which showing significant snow especially for the lehigh valley if there were to pan out it's a model, if this was to pan out the lehigh valley 6 to 12 inches. philadelphia 3 to 6-inch rain, less south and east. we've got a couple of days. i wanted to give you a hint at what the models are looking at. that's one of the higher projections we're seeing. it's sunny today with more clouds later. a chilly breeze. tomorrow cloudy, 47 degrees. looks like we'll get a mix of rain and snow tuesday night into wednesday. windy conditions, but not as disastrous winds as we saw with the miles per hour. 37 degrees for the high. thursday not as cold, 44. friday brisk and chilly, 41. is the first week in march we're looking at below-average testers
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with the winds feeling that way. saturday 46. we spring ahead for daylight saving time, saturday night into sunday sunday, we're watching the coast for another potential nor'easter, i know i hate to give you this, jennette just put her hands down, she is officially done people. we have two potential nor'easter on the seven-day forecast. it's a great week, happy monday. >> that's about setting us up there. nor'easter over the weekend brought damage high tides waves and flooding to many coastal towns in new england. new video shows powerful waves crashing over the roofs of homes in marshfield massachusetts. it downed trees and damaged power lines. 180,000 customers in new england remained without power as of yesterday. dramatic video shows skiers in northern california rescue a
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man who was buried by an avalanche it happened at squall valley ski resort. two men and a women were caught in the avalanche. he credits his survive to the people around him who helped dig him out of the snow. >> i was no hero, i happened to be there at the right time and react well, so were many other people. >> one of the victims was taken to the hospital with a serious injury and another was treated an released. >> well arc curious kitten -- well a curious kitten got too close to a glass job running around with his head stuck inside the jar for two days, a couple of men tracked down the cat and freed it from the jar. looks like he is okay. a baby
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issues a recall we'll have that in the report, we'll be right back.
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well, that was quite the ride home on friday, wasn't it? yeah luckily, this morning nothing like that. looking live along 422 it's dry and quiet. no delays to speak of yet. but you have a traffic pattern set up over the weekend on the westbound side of trooper road. pent. l d wires and trees around the region. coatsville route 82. manner road is closed.
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reeseville road gets you around that. towamincin township. downed wires are closing orvilla road. whitpain township it's a downed tree blocking morris road. lots of problems continue around east falls and city ther closing lincoln drive southbound. mass transit service is resuming we expect delays on the regional rails and 15 minute delays on the high speed line. lots to talk loo k business grayco is recalling a high school that was sold walmart. the chair tips over while the children are sitting inside it. a rear leg canpo overturn. it happened five times. they are offering a free repair can it. jc penny is clashing 360 jobs on top of the five thousand it cut last year. closed 140 stores in 2017. the major stock indices
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were mixed on friday, dow down, nasdaq s&p 500 up, futures are pointing to a lower open this morning. >> 4:53 a.m. new this morning gunfire erupts when two people leave a philadelphia store overnight. the story at 5:00 a.m. >> flyers playe the high school where the flew shoot the school's hockey team that's next.
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flyers defenseman s
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gosis hosted special guests homaolkey team to take a tour of the arena and meet the flyers after the game. the team won the state title last weekend gosis was born in pen brook pines and attended marjory stoneman douglas high school high school. >> 4:57 a.m. one actor thinks the eagles should have taken home an oscar last night. a community comes together to help employees of an old city restaurant that was damaged in a massive fire. firefighters are battling a fire at a home in bucks county. we're live on the scene.
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morning it a.m., monday, march 5. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us we're following breaking news. >> a firefighter has been injured battling a fire that damaged a home in bucks county. >> breaking a teenager and woman are shot inside a home in north philadelphia. police say it was a reesh. >> -- a rainbow at that year's oscars. we have a look at t best looks. >> it could be a stormy week, david murphy is off, matt pellman is herearen a jog tout today? >> no, i drove
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