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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 5, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us we're following breaking news. >> a firefighter has been injured battling a fire that damaged a home in bucks county. >> breaking a teenager and woman are shot inside a home in north philadelphia. police say it was a reesh. >> -- a rainbow at that year's oscars. we have a look at the best looks. >> it could be a stormy week, david murphy is off, matt rte k y like to a jog toork,ou? >> no, i drove and got a
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parking spot. >> reporter: today is the quiet before the storm, we'll see a good amount of sunshine, but the cold air is in place, satellite and radar showing mostly clear skie we hapinwheeling around thf low pressure that will fillw hi' freezing or at the freezing mark everywhere mark in cape may. 30 in south jersey, 31 in the city. upper 20s in reading and lancaster. the windchill making it feel like the 20s. it's a cold start. 7:00 a.m., 31 degrees, despite sunshine partly sunny ski at noon, 44. 44 degrees at 3:00 p.m. wh mixing and clouds. at 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., dropping down to 40 under partly cloudy skies. the day ahead arc breeze, but you're dry. a lot of us looking ahead to the next storm as we like to do in this crazy month. the timing of this looks to be
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tuesday into wednesday of our next nor'easter. in place. you feel that, last time wead theaster we h le it will be snor depending on the track, the rain and snow line will be in south and east of the city. so we're continuing to watch this, i have a new model run that came in, i'll give you an idea of what that looks like in just a minute, matt. >> reporter: can't wait to us fd after friday afternoon's commute, this morning it will be much easier. i can promise you that. it wouldn't take much, looking at i-95, the roads are dry, traffic is moving well. girard avenue disabled vehicle off to the side. penndots helpi all the lanes are open on the north side, construction has cleared out. but we are trying to recover from the situation on friday, still a lot of storm damage around the region. let's zoom into this area, we
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have traffic lights out at lincoln drive at rittenhouse, south of that there's an accident. southbound lanes are blocked off heading toward ridge avenue stay local in east falls on schoolhouse lane or midvale, instead. traffic lights on the frizz as you come off the schuylkill expressway on city avenue. they are not working along city avenue at 59th street. close to st. joe's and wynnewood road closed by the seminary. i have emergency construction this morning in burlington county southbound turnpike near exit 5, right lane out of commission there on this monday. breaking this morning, a firefighter was rushed to the hospital after being injured battling a house fire in feasterville, bucks county. firefighters have placed it under control. bob brooks is live at the scene on the the unit block of henry avenue, good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, matt a big scare this morning, the good news we spoke with fire official
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up here, they say the firefighter was awake and conscious on the way to the hospital. they are a member with the trevose fire company. behind me you can see the scene. pretty much wrapping up. i'll bring up video where things were more active. fire officials say they got the call and rushed out here, they were battling the blaze, the floor collapsed and the firefighters fell down into the basement. they were pulled out and they are awake and conditions -- conscious and undergoing treatment at the hospital. >> reporter: one firefighter fell through the floor, he is at st. mary's being evaluated. the initial stages. fire, looms there were numerous areas where there was a fire is that started, currently, we're putting out hot spots and that's
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where we are right now. >> reporter: okay, you can see they have a good handle on seeing -- fire officials saying there was nobody inside the home as far as occupants are when they got there. they are not sure where the homeowners are, the firefighter who collapsed through the floor scary and awake and conditions on their way to receive treatments. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." irefighters will be okay, thank you bob. breaking this morning, a teenager and another person were shot during a robbery inside a home in north philadelphia. police say it happened around 3:30 a.m. on the 2900 block of north 6th street. the 16-year-old was shot three times and is in critical condition. a woman was grazed by her knee. the woman invited a suspect into the home before one of the men pulled out a gun and robbed the
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group. three men took off from the scene in the car. police are investigating another double shooting. investigators say a fight escalated and led to gunfire in the feltonville section. the shooting happened at whitiker avenue and the boulevard. two men were shot in the chest l condition. according to investigators two groups of men had been at a takeout store moments there the fight started. >> reporter: they entered the beer store at separate times but they exited theund the same time, it was fistfight ones pulled a gun and fired shots. >> theer mfrom the sne, policee searching for them. are feeling the impact from friday's powerful nor'easter, several school districts are closed or on a delay. we have a list running at the bottom of the screen or many residents across the
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delaware valley have been in the dark for more than 48 hours. the action cam was in havertown, delaware county where a downed tree and snarled power lines blocked wynnfield drive. crews worked to cut up a massive tree that fell on to power lines on ellis road. peco says it has 56,000 customers without power, most of them in montgomery and delaware counties. most her utilities have the lights back on for their customers, ppl in the lehigh valley have 6300 outages. >> it's been more than two weeks when a fire destroyed a building in old city that forced a popular restaurant to close in order to make repairs. hundreds came out to support the restaurant little lion. the money raised will help the employees to make ends meet while repairs are made. the owners say the restaurant
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stained significant water damage. they hope to reopen in two months. >> we hope that others will get their power back on. we have another storm to worry about this week. >> reporter: we have a storm wednesday looking more significant. another storm later in the week. you'll see that in the seven day. a lot going on. storm tracker 6 live double scan we see snow showers off the coastline. they are moving southward, they will be neared atlantic city and heading toward cape may, shortly, but they stay off the coast. let's go outside and show you what it looks like right now, wow, you can see the flags whipping in the wind out there, it's a chilly breeze out of the northwest. the temperatures 31 degrees right now. the dewpoint 15. wind out of the north/northwest at 14 miles per hour. we see gusts right now up into the 20s. it's another day withhe wind as a factor. the pressure is falling. the windchill is 21 degrees, it's winter, we're bundling up.
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satellite and radar showing we have a clear conditions starting off with clear skies in the lehigh valley, and in delaware, you can see the clouds that are kind of pushing in from the north. that will continue to be the case today. we'll see sunshine early, a bit more cloud cover later. temperatures in the mid 40s which is chilly for this time of the year. i want to show you the windchill factor. we'll see the windchill as a factor. 7:00 a.m. it will feel like 20. 9:00 a.m., 24. 11:00 a.m., feeling like below freezing, 37 degrees is what it will feel like in the afternoon despite an actual high of 45. and then we watch the next storm system developing, we see an area of low pressure that will bring blizzard-like conditions to the plains and the did dakots that transfers to low off the coast. that will be the nor'easter tuesday into wednesday. the question is how close the low hugs the coastline to determine how much snow we
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jersey is a rain and it depends on the exact track. it looks like we're getting snow. in fact the national weather service has a winter weather watch in effect for the lehigh valley. this is one model's projection of the snowfall. this is the gfs. just to give you an idea of what we're looking at. looks like the lehigh valley would be in the 6 to 12-inch range. it might be a little high, but just to give you an idea. the area of blue for the city is in the 3 to 6-inch range. that's one model's projection we'll fine tune it today and tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a chilly breeze today, 45 for the high, partly sunny skies, tomorrow, cloudy, 47. the rain/snow arrives tuesday night into wednesday. it's windy, but the gusts are not as damaging as the last storm. looks like we'll see gusts up to
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50 miles per hour. which is strong enough to have more power issues not as bad as the last one. 37 degrees for the high. thursday we're dry, sun returns it's not as cold and 44. friday, brisk and chilly again, 41. scatter, partly sunny, 46. we spring forward for daylight saving time saturday night into sunday, sunday we're watching the coast again, it's a long buu a hint that some of the model is suggesting another nor'easter on the way for the weekend. >> i like how we're switching our clocks, but -- >> yeah it could be be spring but it's not. >> the system -- investigation into the 2016 election is expanding and it could include the middle east. >> teachers in a state nearby have kept students from attending classes for more than a week, they are blaming
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lawmakers for not ending the strike. >> reporter: good morning, matt, we're live in cherry hill route 70, 41, kings highway. things are quiet this morning. we have a bunch of things storm damage in the burbs on the secondary roads. we'll have more storm damage when we continue on this monday morning.
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>> good morning everyone, 51:34 a.m., that's a live like at philadelphia international airport. lots of schools closed today, running at the bottom of the screen. 31 degrees, getting up to 45. it will feel chilly today.
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>> matt pellman has a look at traffic. coming to work this morning i saw trees down and streetlights that are not on. rough. >> reporter: we're trying to recover, the crews worked hard throughout the weekend to get the trees turned into sawdust, but there was a lot of work to do. cruel find a lot of local roads blocked off this morning. first, the highways like 309 not too far away from ambler, things are looking fine heading toward the pennsylvania turnpike. roads are dry and all the highways are open at this point. credit the secondary roads where you have blockages in towamincin township. orvilla road is closed because of downed wires stay on 40-foot aroundph's corner. route 1, pennsylvania turnpike, passable. once you get on the secondary
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roads, like mannor road blocked off because of downed wireless. i-95 and 495 have no issues. creek road, centerville road and car road are blocked because of downed trees. we have a fire location in wilmington, 28th and jefferson. newark a bunch of traffic lights not working, one intersection, marrow's road at chestnut hill road. investigation into the presidential 2016 may be expanding. robert mueller wants to know about any meetings that george nader had with senior advisor steve bone none and jared kushner who was stripped of his top security last week while he
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received half a billion of dollars in loans while meeting at the white house. kushner denies any involvement. students have missed 8 school days because teachers are on strike. deal with the state governor and the legislator fell apart that would give school employees a 5% raise and get teachers back to class. they are the lowest school -- lowest paid school teachers in the nation. sixers lost 118-110 thanks to a season high 26 turnovers. flyers suffered a third straight loss to the panthers yesterday. final panthers 4, flyers 1.
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eagles players attended a shorts show in king of prussia. jason kelce and alshon jeffrey signed autographs and posed for pictureses with the fans. ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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give us more of their luck. >> reporter: irish potatoes, pass them over. >> your order is in.
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>> reporter: on the schuylkill expressway we're having better luck than friday afternoon. >> reporter: that's not saying much. >> reporter: exactly. this is the lincoln drive and kelly drive, southbound lincoln drive just reopened, the accident is in the process of clearing. we're starting to recover on septa. all region rail lines will run this mornng but expect delays minute delays because of on going issues. 101 trolley is not running between media and woodland avenue. you'll be on the buses for that chunk and 69th street into the city will run there. we're trying to recover on mass transit. >> reporter: windchills are in the low 20s. it's a cold start to the day. we have wind gusts, 20, 22 miles per hour. that's not helping with the windchill. today's high, 45 degrees. we have sunshine, it's cold. by the afternoon, 45.
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at 3:00 p.m. we'll have partly sunny skies, it will feee the upper 30s atesy and 40 degrees. storm tracker 6 live showing nor'easter number two, so this is just an area of low pressure that is tracking up to the north and west, it's going to transfer energy to another storm that will likely produce a mix of be rain and snow for us, tuesday night into wednesday we'll talk about that coming up. >> we can't catch a break. thank you karen. in this morning's "healthcheck" having anxiety could save your life if you suffer a heart attack. new research out of screarm -- germany shows those who are, about their health show they will survive heart attack
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because they are worried about theirealtuper bowl champs, but an said they should have won an oscare of an out-of-control fight. here's "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: 29-year-old evan h up ck surviving a harrowing 6 minute after abdomin avalanche came through squall valley trapping him and five others. >> there was a ten foot wall of snow. felt like i was hit by a truck. >> reporter: his snow board providing a signal to the 100 searchers and rescue dogs responding. that avalanche one of several tumbling across the condition. two snow mobilers losing their life in washington state.
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viola davis popped in an electric pink dress, nicole kidman in blue. meryl streep stood out in red. there was an abundance of white by margot robby and jane fonda. allison get out. went neutral. i missed it. the award show kobt won an osc a lower merion native and retired los angeles laker star brought home the statue for his short dear basketball. it's based on a poem he wrote in
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2015. he later told reporters that it felt better than winning nba championship. i have my d bestrinalcalkin tweeted, the career was new england 33, philadelphia 41. beyond why he put the new england score first. that's what he did. >> 5:28 a.m., we have more oscars coverage coming up live from hollywood. plus, new this morning, scary moments for passengers on a septa bus, downed trees and wires trapped them. we're following breaking news, a firefighter is injured battling a fire at a bucks county home. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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