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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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> good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. monday, march 5. tam is off, jeanette reyes joys us we're -- joins us, we'rebreaking news. >> a firefighter is injured in d bucks county. a woman were shot inside a home in north philadelphia police say it was a robbery. >> it was a fashion rainbow at this year's oscars. we have a look. >> matt pellman is here in for david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: can we go back to february. >> reporter: february was one of the warmest months and now we're
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tracking another storm on the way. today we'll see a good amount of sunshine to start you off. we'll see a hint of precipitation out to the west, an area of low pressure will form. energy will transfer to another area of low pressure that will create a nor'easter for us once again, tuesday into wednesday. 30 degrees in the city. 29 in wilmington, 29 in the lehigh valley. sitting around the freezing mark around the coastline but the windchills are in the low 20s. so you need to bundle up. we'll start out day with bright sunshine 7:00 a.m., 31. we'll have partly sunny skies lunchtime, 41. 44 degrees at 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 43. partly cloudy s o it's dry aly breeze out there today. a few extra clouds in the afternoon. but the national weather posted this winter storm watch for the lehigh valley. it starts tuesday evening and lasts through late wednesday night. giving an idea of the duration of the storm that we expect to be dealing with.
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the time sg tuesday into wednesday. colder air is in place compared to the last storm. last time we had an nor'easter we had temperatures near 60 for three days prior. snow in philadelphia likely. looks like a plowable snow in the lehigh valley. the exact track is undetermined, we'll talk about this abbey get the latest models in the seven day. a lot of going on. >> reporter: i know it was wet but i liked the 60s and 70 were we saw in february. still in the 60s and 70s speed wise along the schuylkill expressway. no big delayound by lincoln drive and kelly drive and city avenue. the crash that was closing the southbound side of lincoln drive has cleared. everything is still trying to clear out the downed trees from the big storm on friday. one closing rittenhouse street and one queen lane in east
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falls. city avenue bridge southbound up with by the schuylkill expressway sticking out into the right lane. expect delays there as you come over the city avenue bridge. the traffic lights are on the from -- fritz there, as well. in delco springfield township, traffic light troubles east of the blue route 476. debris nether providence, police there. lane blocked on the turnpike southbound near exit 5. a firefighter was rushed to the hospital after being injured battling a house fire in feasterville, bucks county. firefighters have since placed it under control. bob brooks is live at the scene on the unit block on henry avenue. good morning >> reporter: good morning, matt, we'll start with the good news, this is a young firefighter with
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the trevose fire company. they are expected to be okay, they were injured after the first floor of the home collapsed. we're on henry avenue. the fire marshal came by the van giving us an update expectinge firefighter to be thing are under control. let's bring up the video from a few hours ago. a lot of crews and firefighter out here. this broke out at 2:00 a.m. when crews got here they rushed inside to do the job. the floor collapsed and firefighter fell down, a may day was called, they him to saint's medical center. the. >> we had a firefighter fall through the floor. he is at st. mary's being evaluated. the initial stages of the fire there are numerous areas where there is a fire that started. currently they have burned out
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hot spots. that's where we are right now. >> reporter: another live look out here, the fire marshal said they have not contacted the homeowners yet there was nobody inside the home when the fire started. at this point no word on a cause, still too early in the investigation. reporting live in feasterville, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. jennette. >> thank you so much, bob. breaking this morning a teenager and another person were shot during a robbery inside a home in north philadelphia. police say it happened around 3:30 a.m. on the 2900 block of north 5th street. the 16-year-old girl was shot three times and is in critical condition. a 26-year-old woman grazed by a bullet in her knee. 9 women invited the suspects into the home before they pulled out a gun and robbed the group. they took off in a car. police are investigating another double shooting,
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investigators say a fight escalated and led to the gunfire in the city's feltonville section at whitiker avenue and the boulevard. two men were shot in the chest and both in critical condition. according to investigators the two group of men had been in a beer takeout store moments before the fight started. >> they entered the beer store at separate times. they did exit the store around the same time it's when it's clearly recorded there was fistfight. one of the male pulled a gun and fired shots. >> the gunman and two other men ran from the scene. police are searching for them. >> we're feeling the impact from the friday's powerful nor'easter. several schools are closed or opening on delay today. we have the list at the bottom of the screen and residents across the delaware and lehigh valleys are in the dark for 48 hours. action cam was in delaware county where a downed tree and
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snarled power lines blocked wynnfield drive. crews worked to cut you up a massive tree that fell on power lines on ellis road. we checked on the outages minutes ago, there are 55,000 customers without power most in montgomery and delaware counties. most other utilities have the lights back on for most of the customers, ppl and the lehigh valley have 5500 outages in the area. could be another rough start for stocks, investors are trying to get used to the volatile 2018. maribel aber joins us live from the that his in time square. >> reporter: stocks closed out the week with a mixed trading center. the futures point to mixed open. february jobs report are due out this week. another big w panther took in $56 million in ticket sales in less than 3
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weeks, black panther has raked in $500 million in the u.s., worldwide closing in on $1,000,000,000.898 million in sales. black -- $1 billion. $898 million in sales. while kobe bryant is winning after retiring from playing ball. the retired los angeles laker took home a golden statue for the animated short dear basketball. based on on the poem he wrote announcing his retirement from the sport. he said he felt better than winning the nba championship. vie viola davis popped in nicole robby worked it in rightght. rita morano donned the same gown
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she wore back in 1962 when she won for "west side story." chilly, 30 degrees, time 6:09 a.m. let's take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, good morning. >> reporter: good morning everybody, off to a cold start today. you have to bundle up we have windchills in the low 20s. the winds today, 12 to 25 miles per hour. even if the height of the afternoon, this is what it will feel like. 37 degrees the high today 45. it will feel cooler than that. tomorrow we start off with increasing clouds, we're watching in the evening hours for the arrival of precipitation. it mate start off as rain, but changing over to snow. the big day is on wednesday. the national weather service has a winter storm watch in effect for the lehigh valley. we could see plowable snow for the next nor'easter. it arrives tuesday evening.
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wednesday, i want -- it's windy a mix of rain and snow. i'll show you the latest model runs matt. are you ready to jog to work again because friday was so fun. >> reporter: big day on wednesday, not in a good way. the big issue today sun glare in the eastbound lanes the delay has not formed just yet. once you get off the highways into the burbs we're seeing downed trees and wires. coatsville mannor road is closed. reesevil frederick we have tree blocking gravel pike. road or sumneytown p road is block centerville road and faulkland road, the list goes on and on. >> wild flames in colorado trigger evacuations and threatenea base. >>ia s questio
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the investigation into russia's meddling may be ex new york times says special counsel robert mueller is asking if money from the middle east went into trump's campaign. he wants to know meeting with george nader had with kushner and steve bannon. reports surfaces that kushner's family business received half million dollars in loans from banks that sent officials to meet with him at the white house. kushner denies any conflict. a wildfire destroys several homes and barns in colorado. it charred 375 acres. another wildfire in for the carson burned 700 acres yesterday. that fire wasly close to soldier housing areas.
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firefighters got it under control in time. 200 personnel were evacuated. no injuries were reported. >> average one nor'easter per week ask a enough, but two? >> reporter: the next big one is wednesday. we're tracking the chance for one sunday into monday, as well. it's an active pattern and march appears to be a rough one that's for sure. today is an easy one. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry we stay dry today take a breath. it's cold outside. let's go outside and see what it looks like this morning. wow look at that. you see the flags whipping in the winds. we're having wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. watch the poor people crossing the street. they have their hoods on they are bundled because it's cold out there this morning. the temperature 30 degrees. dewpoint dropped. it's a dry atmosphere. the pre falling. the windchill is dropped to
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18 degrees that's the new number for us in the city. cold out there today. bundle up. satellite and radar showing we have clear skies in the lehigh valley and the poconos delaware you see the cloud in from the coastline they are pinwheeling around the area of low pressure. we'll see even more clouds this afternoon, but much of the area starting off with sunshine and more clouds filling in later. high today 45. below average 8:00 a.m. sitting around the freeing mark. 10:00 a.m. 36. lunchtime, 41. feeling like the 30s. 6:00 p.m., 43 degrees.o the winds sta relax in the overnight hours and then we watch the arrival of another storm. future tracker what to expect, an area of low pressure that will bring blizzard-like conditions to the plains. it will feel transfer energy to area of low pressure that is the nor'easter the development of
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this as the tracks up the coast. how close it gets to the coast will impact how much snow we see. i want to show you the gfs it has done a good job of handling the last couple of storms. you see the darker area of blue over the lehigh valley this is a new model run over the past a couple of hours showing 6 to 8 to 12 inches of snow in the lehigh valley. the philadelphia area in the other area of blue showing 3 to 6 inches of snow with much less south and east. this is a model's projection, we're a couple of days off i wanted to give you an idea in the lehigh valley and the poconos we could be talking about a plowable snow depending on the track that's with a we're fine tuning right now. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today it's a chilly breeze, 45 despite early sunshine. we'll see partly sunny skies in the afternoon. tomorrow it turns cloudy we may see precipitation arriving in
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the evening. may start off as rain and changeover to snow. we'll be getting precipitation overnight into wednesday. it's during the day on wednesday we see the highest impact of snow. snow and rain, windy the winds do not look as severe as the last storm. 37 for the high. thursday 44. friday brisk and chilly, 41. saturday 46. you set the clock forward saturday night into sunday for the arrival of the beginning of daylight saving time. we're watching the coast for another nor'easter sunday into monday. we keep it coming in the weather department. >> i knew we had to pay for february. i will say someone should get employee of the year based on what happened friday. >> reporter: friday was a blast. i had to leave my car and run the rest of the way in that's
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all in the past now. this morning it's dry we're thankful for that. as we look live at the ben franklin bridge. traffic is moving fine. traffic is moving fine in the eastbound right lane. the platt bridge maybe an early flight at the airport, so far so good. kind of take my word there we go, platt bridge a little bit busy coming into south philadelphia but overall not too bad. >> the sixers suffered a massive meltdown in. a 20 point lead and built it back up to blow a 19 point lead. >> reporter: in tech bytes there's a keeper mac book on the horizon. apple is working on a less expensive version of mac book air. no word on how much of a price cut it will be. the 13-inch sells for $1,000. glasses which take pictures
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>> it is time for the 6 minute meal and the deal. alicia vitarelli gets in the kitchen at ocean prime in center city to mix a shell fish cobb salad. >> we'll add gourmet dressing and mixed greens and hard boil egg, cherry tomatoes and cucumber a strip of bacon
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build this on to the plate. we have crumbled blue cheese, our poached shrimp. figure to the supermarket, they have a shrimp cocktail premade. >> light balsamic and lemon juice we'll garnish. >> less than four minutes for the seafood salad. how about that. you can find the recipe atif you make a dinner reservation at ocean prime for any monday in march tell them you saw this feature and they give you a free ravoli appetizer with your meal. >> today is monday. >> reporter: delays are not so shrimpy on the regional lays. all lanes back in service with delays. norristown 30 minutes between norristown and bryn mawr because
6:25 am
of signal problems. 01 trolley is not running between media and woodland avenue. you're on the buses. woodland and 69th street the run. >> reporter: we have a coastaloryean.o bays, we could see street flooding along the coastline. windchill in the city is 18 degrees 8:00 a. feel like 23. barely above freezing at lunch time. the high today 45. the windchill will only like 37 degrees even in the height of the afternoon matt and jennette. >> thank you so much, karen. 6:26 a.m., up next we're live in los angeles to recap the best moments from the 90th annual oscars. >> we're updating several developing stories including a shooting that wounded a woman in her 70s bed.
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>> bracing on "a -- breaking on "action news," a firefighter is injured balloting -- battling a blaze in bucks county. >> crews work to restore power all with while another nor'easter heads our way. >> good morning everyone, 6:30 a.m., monday, march 5. tam is off, jeanette reyes joys us. >> let's gon rogers in for dav and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: i watched most of it, there was not much sleep. it was a good show. >> reporter: i got up at 1:00 a.m., i was not watching. >> i was going to bed at 1. >> reporter: let's look at satellite and radar we have clear skies through much of the region in south jersey, we have more clouds in the picture at
6:30 am
this moment. you can see the precipitation building to the west. that's the beginning of what would be our next nor'easter. we're dry it's cold out there 29 in allentown and wilmington. 30 in the city. 32 degrees currently in cape may. here's how the day will look. starting off with sunshine partly sunny skies in the afternoon, but at 7:00 a.m. it's below freezing, by lunchtime 41. at 3:00 p.m. 44 degrees, the windchill will be a factor. partly sunny, 43 at 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., the winds relax and 40 degrees. the national weather service posted a winter forvening through wednesday night. the timing is tuesday evening you will feel the impacts wednesday du that's a big difference with 6 leading up to week. looks like we'll be seeing snow in philadelphia and north up toward the lehigh valley it could be a plowable snow. the exact track is uncertainty. we'll go over this in the seven
6:31 am
day and show you the chance for yet another storm at the end of the seven day. a lot of is happening matt, details in a minute. >> reporter: more fun coming our way. the fun is getting started this morning on the schuylkill expressway. just beginning to slow down on the eastbound side by conshohocken but at least the lanes are open unlike friday afternoon this morning you'll see trees off to the side both lanes are directions. now, that's not true on a lot of secondary roads. down tree blocking germantown avenue. stenton avenue a better bet. rittenhouse street traffic lights are not working and tree blocking rittenhouse itself. city avenue southbound by the schuylkill expressway there's a downed tree there sticking out in the right lane. farther south 59th street. traffic lights are dark by st. wynnewood road i do,neda te. ight troubles o southbound, debris on the
6:32 am
road fire police are directing you on this monday a firefighter was injured in bucks county as his team was forced to retreat from a burning home. bob brooks is live at the scene in feasterville. , good morning matt. the firefighter is expected to be okay according to fire marshal this firefighter awake and conscious leaving the scene on the way to the hospital. the home behind me the fire is under control. you can see a lot of firefighters and crews had to show up they rushed f floor collapsed that's when the firefighter with the trevose fire company went to the basement. the may day call was made, they had to be pulled out and rushed to the hospital. >> they were transported to the hospital by south hampton rescue squad. when he left the scene he was awake and conscious.
6:33 am
>> reporter: was he 20 years old? >> i don't know how would -- how old he was, he was a younger firefighter. >> reporter: the homeowners at this point fire officials have not contacted them yet. they are working on that. they are trying to figure out what caused the fire to start. reporting live in feasterville. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> a bullet shattered an apartment window and wounded a woman inside. the shooting happened on the 7100 block of brandt place in southwest philadelphia after midnight. the 70-year-old victim was lying in her bed in the apartment, she is in stable condition with a gunshot wounds to the knee. police are trying to determine if this was a stray bullet. downed tree and wires trapped a septa bus in mount airy overnight. this is video from wayne avenue. there was a brief fire. no injuries were reported, but the cleanup has been a massive
6:34 am
undertaking lasting all night long. >> downed trees and power lines have been a common sight across the delaware and lehigh valleys since friday's storm. many schools are opening on delay due to the on going cleanup. residents in havertown have been in the dark for 48 hours. they are firing up generators and cooking dinners on outdoor grills to get by. >> my car is right there the other problem, between the tree and the wires so, i'm grateful my center lent me her car so people are for everything which has been great. >> peco is working around around the clock with help of utility crews from five different states. sides in the bill cosby case are expected to clash over potential witnesses in the pretrial hearing in norristown. prosecutors wants to call up 19
6:35 am
other women they want to demonstrate 50 year pattern of cosby's drugging and taking advantage of woman. a judge allowed one other accuser's testimony. >> what do you know? this time they got it right. jimmy kimmel hosted the oscars, he offered punch lines in between all the awards celebrities shared powerful message of equality projecting a positive path forward for hollywood. danya bachus is in hollywood with all the latest. >> reporter: if you're looking for drama this year's oscars, it wasn't there but the show was full of surprises it continued the tone that was set with other award shows. it shaped up to be a great night for the shape of water. the romantic monster fable winning oscar gold for best
6:36 am
picture. presenters, faye dunaway and warren beatty getting a do over after the last year's flub. this year's award a celebration of 90 years of movie making. >> he with can't let bad behavior slide any more. >> reporter: in a chance for hollywood to tackle its deeper problems like diversity and inquality. >> the changes witnessing sowrchedhe of other voices saying times up. >> best actress winner frances mcdormand paying tribute to the women in the room. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. >> reporter: while three veterans each one their first
6:37 am
oscar. >> you gary oldman. >> put the kettle on i'm bringing oscar home. >> i would like to thank the academy. >> reporter: allison janney clinching the best supporting actress category. >> i did it all by myself. the first win best original screen play forget out. >> and we all know that the oscar shows tend to run long, so jimmy kimmel decided to help speed things up, he offered a jet ski and trip to a lake in arizona to the person who had the shortest acceptance speech. speech. bridge's his speech was 30 seconds long. good morning has the inside
6:38 am
access to the oscars go behind the scenes to the red carpet to everything that went on back stage. >> i would be calling up up jimmy kimle with what's up with my prize here. >> karen a lot of people in the and we have another nor'easter heading our way. >> reporter: yes we do. the windchill is 31 degrees, we go from the low 20s at 8:00 a.m., to 37 degrees is what it will feel like this afternoon despite a high of 45. today we'll see partly sunny skies, chilly breeze. tomorrow 47 degrees as clouds increase through the day. we get precipitation arriving tuesday evening it will likely start off as rain. in the overnight hours we'll seer to snow. wednes next nor'easter. it looks like we'll be impacted through the day on wednesday.
6:39 am
it will be windy gusty winds that could produce power problems or issues with downed trees, we'll get rain and snow, there are some models suggesting a plowable snow in the lehigh valley. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. matt are you ready for another storm. >> reporter: i mean i guess ready or not, we have to be ready. i know how you like things that are shiny and new. there's new pavement along 422 westbound side approaching trooper road where they moved the traffic over the weekend on the new bridge over the river. it was a pain while they moved it. eastbound starting to get busy approaching route 23 in the normal spot. bettere cleared from gravel pike. new crash at township line at walnut street. towamincin downed wires closing orvilla road. 40-foot gets you around that.pain a tree blocking morris
6:40 am
road. skippack pike a better bet there. >> 6:42 a.m. winter storms trigger dangerous avalanches out west. up next you'll hear from a couple buried by snow during a ski trip in california. actors give a social media shoutout during oscars sharing love for the super bowl champs.
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>> dramatic video shows fears in northern california rescuing a man buried by an after' avalanche. three men and two women were caught in the avalanche. he credits his survival to the people around him who helped dig him out of the snow. >> i was no hero, i happened to be there at the right time and react well, so were many other people. >> one person was taken to the hospital with a serious injury and another treated and released. back here utility crews deal with downed power lines from friday's nor'easter.
6:44 am
chopper 6 hd is live in delaware county old west chester pike, you can see a power line blocking one direction of traffic. cars having to drive around it. we've seen a lot of that in the area, 50,000 people in montgomery and delaware counties without power this chilly morning. >> i don't know that we'll get it cleaned up by the time another nor'easter arrives. >> reporter: it will be hard to do as people are getting power and the cleanup. with the nor'easter winds will be an issue not as bad as the last storm with 70-mile an hour winds, but still pretty bad. storm tracker 6 live double scan today is a dry day here. let's look at what to expect today, the first thing you have to deal with is the cold, 30 degrees dewpoint 15. we're seeing higher gusts the pressure is falling. the windchill 18 degrees. think of the people who don't have power it's 18 degrees,
6:45 am
you're talking pipes bursting. satellite and radar showing we have clear skies in the lehigh valley and the poconos and delaware a bit more cloud cover coming in off the coast with the flow out of the north and the area of low pressure spinning off the coastline. we'll have more clouds in the afternoon hours. we'll start with sunshine for most. 32 degrees 10:00 a.m., 36. lunchtime, partly sunny 41. 3:00 p.m., 44. the high today is are 45. 6:00 p.m. you'll be coming down from that, 43. dry today a chilly gusty breeze later tonight the winds relax and then we watch the arrival of the next storm. future tracker showing tuesday into wednesday. we get an area of low pressure out to the west, that transfers it's energy to a low pressure that forms off the coastline and tracks to become another nor'easter in our region. the exact placement of that low how close it rides to the coast that will impact the snowfall
6:46 am
totals that we get. i want to show you a model's projection of this, this is on the higher end gfs is looking at higher numbers than the euro. i want to show you this dark blue around the lehigh valley, suggesting we could have a plowable snow in the lehigh valley. the shade of blue over philadelphia, 3 to 6 inches of snow and much less in south jersey and delaware. could be a plowable snow in the dark area, the blue in the lehigh valley and the poconos. we're watching this tuesday into wednesday.couple of days the talkals. today, chilly, breezy, dry 45. partly sunny this afternoon. tomorrow cloudy. looks like precipitation may arrive in the evening tomorrow but it will likely start as wednesday is the day you feel the impact of the storm we're talking wind and snow and some rain potentially in south jersey and delaware, 37 degrees.
6:47 am
thursday not as cold, we dry out and get sunshine, 44. friday brisk and chilly, 41. an entire week of below-average temperatures, by the way. saturday partlily sunny -- partly sunny 46. saturday night you set the clock forward you're reminded it's still winter because of the potential of another storm sunday into monday, 46 degrees. it's cold tracking a storm on wednesday we'll not look past wednesday. decree matt you have a question. >> i wish we would spring forward both times. it would mess things up. >> reporter: a lot of people agree with you on matt. >> reporter: it's going to be a slow ride on the blue route because of this new crash in delaware county northbound side north of the route 1 media bypass even though it's off to the side. you know how it goes, everybody is slowing down to take a look. coming off i-95 up to this point
6:48 am
extra slow northbound. state of delaware, a bunch of downed trees creek road, centerville road, faulkland road remain blocked off. emergency construction on the southbound turnpike and it 5. a curious kitten got too close to a glass jar. the animal running around charleston, south carolina for days a group of men tracked down the cat and freed it from the jar. >> 6:50 a.m. time for a preview of "g.m.a." >> robin roberts is live in new york city, they got the best picture right this time. >> matt and jennette it's the morning after the golden night hour team was right there for all the oscars action we'll show you the back stage interview with lara with the big winners we'll speak live with one of the
6:49 am
lucky audience members that jimmy kimmel surprised at the screening. our fashion experts join us this morning with the best red carpet moments it's the "g.m.a." after party what you do not want to miss. i have to say the best red carpet moment, michael strahan. he just arrived back from the oscars. >> looking sharp like it wasn't a long night. >> not at all. >> it's morning i thought it was still night. >> it's all good, join us for the party. >> michael last night marked one month since the eagles won the super bowl. that was not lost on mccauley calkin. he differed with the best original score went to the shape of water. he tweeted the best original score was new england 33,
6:50 am
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>> two women inner custody for a fight that broke out in a which you canny cheese restaurant. -- chucky cheese restaurant. 20 people were involved arc woman suffered a minor stab wound to her hip. an employee sustained injuries. a philadelphia flier played tribute to the hockey team in florida. shane gosis invited the hockey team to the game against the panthers. he sported an msd strong logo on his helmet. much more to come on "action news" as we work to update you on our top stories. >> reporter: grab the coats and gloves it's cold out there this morning, the windchill are in
6:53 am
the upper teens. here's the next 6 hours as you can see it will feel like 35 degrees at 10:00 a.m., 39 and 41 at lunch time. another storm this week, matt. >> reporter: trains are back up this morning many running with delays norristown high speed line late. we'll be back in just a moment with the top stories.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:58 a.m. a firefighter was injured battling a fire in bucks county. crews arrived to heavy flames coming to the home on henry avenue in feasterville. nobody was inside. a woman and 16-year-old girl was shot during a robbery
6:56 am
in north philadelphia. police are looking for three men who fled the scene in a car. >> bill cosby will be in norristown today his lawyers will try to stop other witnesses coming to testify during his sex abuse trial. chopper 6 hd is live over road colonial road in havertown. bigotry down and power lines down. the chain saws will be buzzing today. >> reporter: elsewhere in our area delco, blue route locked you mean from route 1 media bypass a crash on the shoulder. secondaries closed, germantown avenue is block by presbyterian church stay on stenton avenue. new crash in delaware, route 1 southbound at 72. >> reporter: i feel sorry for anybody who doesn't have power windchills in the teens and
6:57 am
20s. today is a dry day partly sun skies and high of 45 degrees. the national weather service issued a winter storm watch for the lehigh valley tuesday into wednesday, our next nor'easter could provide heavy snow in that area especially. >> we'll be here for you. for matt pellman, david murphy, tamala edwards, jeanette reyes karen rogers, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great monday abbey -- and a great week everybody! good morning, america. show stopper. at the oscars. >> all the female nominees in every category stand with me. >> best actress, frances mcdormand, celebrating sisterhood and solidarity as the time's up movement takes center stage.
6:58 am
"the shape of water." >> and the ground breaking shape of water win gold. and jordan peele take home a ground breaking win. >> i thought no one would every make this movie. >> "gma" with exclusive access. >> are you ready? excited to be here? and backstage with the biggest winners. also this morning, winter storm warning. a new nor'easter moving in after that devastating storm. and major new
6:59 am
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