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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 5, 2018 7:00am-8:40am EST

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good morning, america. show stopper. at the oscars. >> all the female nominees in every category, stand with me. >> best actress, frances mcdormand, celebrating sisterhood and solidarity, as the time's up movement takes center stage. "the shape of water." >> and the ground breaking shape of water win gold. and jordan peele take home a ground breaking win. >> i thought no one would every make this movie. >> "gma" with exclusive access. >> are you ready? excited to be here? and backstage with the biggest winners. also this morning, winter storm warning. a new nor'easter moving in after that devastating storm. and major new headline in the russia investigation.
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special counsel mueller now questioning white house ties with another foreign power. and the the bigger surprise of the the night. hollywood's biggest stars stunning these unsuspecting fans. our exclusive with the man at the center of it all. all thi moments you didn't see on tv. the "gma" oscars afterparty starts right now. >> good morning, america. we do say good morning, america. you had a good time there on the red carpet. >> i had a great time on the red carpet. >> especially with tiffany. >> she was the best. >> that was a moment. so many memorable moments last night. best actress. when she got up there on that stage, frances mcdormand and said what she did. "the new york post" is out with this cover. saying ladies' night. >> quite a night. allhe awards went to the right
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winners last night. thanks to those bold letters o the envelopes. and warren beatty and faye dunaway did it without a hitch. >> they got a do-over. >> you don't look any worse for flying all night. >> thank you, george. don't get any ideas. lara is if hollywood shp she'll bring us all the stuff she did backstage with the winners. there she is. we'll hear from her in a moment. first, chris connelly with the huge moments of the night. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, yes. exciting moments last night. from the plot lines of the movies to the heart felt speeches, to jimmy kimmel's comedy. last night's kos cars combined a state-of-the-art awards show with something else, the concerted effort to pivot the hollywood conversation towards positivity. >> if we can work together to
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stop twaul harass nmt the work place, if we can do that, women will only have to deal with harassment all the time at every other place they go. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel taking on hollywood's cultural revolution. >> oscar is the most beloved and respected man in hollywood. there's a very good reason why. just look at him. he keeps his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word. >> reporter: he offered a jet ski prize for the night's shorter acceptance speech, modeled by helen mirren. >> we'll always remember this year as year men screwed up so badly, women started dating fish. >> reporter: summing up in comedy an oz car night that reregarded row maptic fantasy. >> and the oscar goes to "the shape of water." >> reporter: the night's big winner with four oscars, it's master mind ge area moe del toro
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accepted best director and picture. >> i want to dedicate this to every young film maker. the youth that is showing us how things are done. >> reporter: an easy do-over for warren beatty and faye dunaway. >> it's so nice seeing you again. >> as they say, presenting is lovelier the second time around. . >> and the oscar goes to -- >> frances mcdormand. >> reporter: her second career best actress win for "three billboards out of ebbing, missouri." >> so i'm hyper ventilating a little bit. if i fall over, pick me up because i've got some things to say. >> reporter: a call to action. >> all the female nominees stand with me. the actors. meryl, if you do it, everybody else will. look and. we all is a stories to tell and
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projects we need financed. don't talk us to about it at the parties tonight. invite us into your office in a couple of days, your can come to ours, and we'll tell you all about member. >> reporter: for one moment, al sop janney was changing the game foor good, as she accepted supporting actress for "i, tonya." >> i did it all by myself. >> reporter: more, sam rockwell. >> i would like to thank the academy. i never thought i would say those words. >> reporter: gary oldman. grateful f grateful to his 99-year-old mother. >> put the celt on. i'm bringing oscar home. >> reporter: and "get out's" jordan peele. the first african-american ever to win the academy award for best original screen play. >> i want to dedicate this to all the people who raised my voice. i love you all. thank you so much. good night. >> reporter: many voices raised on many serious matters. there was this.
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tiffany haddish hit the stage at one point. she was joined by maya rudolph. those two just crushed it. they its best, the os that inclusion is really entertaining for all of us, guys. >> it was an entertaining night. >> it gave me a vocabulary lesson, too. >> really? >> tiffany. >> are you going to make me say it now. dukey? >> really. okay. tefny was excited. >> that was a moment. that was a moment. >> i have to say, being on the red carpet, looking at tiffany, she was dancing earlier. she looked so excited. i said, are you nervous? she said, no, i just want to dance. >> it's a lovely story about the cloak she was wearing. >> and to see timothee chalamet. he is from new york.
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the shoutout to his people. guillermo del toro had people shout him out from his hometown. people in a time they were most nervous. one of the best things i have seen. >> and we got a wakanda forever. and we have the winners. they gave such great speeches. everything we're talking about. and then, you know, they headed backstage. who was waiting there for them, lara spencer. she's still there in hollywood looking smashing. good morning, lara. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. wow, what a spesht night it was backstagings being right there to witness so many historymaking moments, from jordan peele to allison janney, taking home her first oscar. we were their first stop the second they got off the stage. >> and the oscar goes to -- jordan peele. "get out." >> reporter: with those words, jordan peele making history, becoming the first african-american to win best original screen play for his much talked about thriller, "get
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out." >> can i tell you the craziest thing is getting up there and seeing just the sea of bafaces. denzel washington. meryl streep. lupita. daniel kaluuya. it's the most surreal thing. it's a dream. this means so much to me. i stopped writing this movie about 20 times because i thought it was impossible. >> reporter: did you really almost give up writing this? you wrote it? put it down? wrote it? put it town? >> so many times. i walked away. it was the hardest thing i ever tried to do. it was such a risk. and i thought that there was so many ways it could go wrong. it did go wrong so many ways before i got t right. i kept at it. i kept trying to make the movie that i wished someone would make for me. >> reporter: oprah winfrey treated at you today. >> say that again? >> reporter: oprah winfrey tweeted at you. >> that's what's up?
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>> reporter: that's what's up. >> she did? >> reporter: that's almost as good as that. >> their neck and neck. >> reporter: also great. allison janney. >> allison janney. "i, tonya." >> reporter: her first time ever attending the the oscars. she goes home with best supporting actress. i've enjoyed seeing you at every awards show in the winner's circle. >> thank you. >> reporter: what a year, what a film, what a moment? >> it is. it's unforgettable. i'll never forget every part of this day is emblazened in my mind. it's been -- yeah, i want to remember it. lit have a little bit of this just to enhance it. but i want to remember. to my "i,tonya" family. the magnificent margot robbie. and bird who el vatd my work. >> reporter: did you write a
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speech? >> oh, my gosh. the pages and pages of speeches i have win. >> reporter: you have to save those. >> it's funny. all these brilliant writer friends of mine have given me ideas. i've stolen every single one of them. >> reporter: hello and congratulations to frances. >> have tee keel la. >> reporter: and seconds after her best actress triumph, a fly-by by frances mcdormand. all women want to say thank you. >> we know it's theater, don't we? look around, ladies and gentlemen, because we all have stories to tell. >> that was the best moment. to make all the women stand up. it was special. one of my favorite moments of the night. >> reporter: one other that might have -- >> this, yes, that is my ultimate favorite moment ever. >> reporter: so you guys saw that moment. i had with frances mcdormand, on top of the world, on her way to the parties. she must have gotten caught up in the excitement. for a moment, separated from her
7:11 am
oscar. she was spotted looking a bit governor'sal oscar got away from her. but her rep has confirmed to "usa today" the leading lady and her golden friend were reunited and went on to enjoy celebratory in and out burgers. what else do you do to celebrate? >> and that tequila as she was passing by. happy to know she was reunited with the oscars. thank you, lara. much more coming up. we turn to a new storm that's targeting the midwest and the northeast. heading right for the areas already hit hard over the weekend. at least nine people have been killed. hundreds of thousands still without pouter. kenneth moton is in falls church, virginia, where the lit late latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this home owner is okay. he invited us in so we should show you this mess.
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the man was sleeping in this bed. his head on that pillow when the large tree sliced the wall like a hot knife through butter. this morning, piles of snow are blanketing the the west, causing accidents and dangerous driving conditions. the storm set to kick into the midwest and northeast. people are trying to restore electricity. from virginia to massachusetts, destruction and downed b eed po lines. overnight, more than 500,000 people still in the dark. >> it's horrible. it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: in fairfax county, virginia, resident scott rollen asleep when the tree came crashing in. >> reporter: he was pinned for 30 minutes. >> a 100-foot red oak tree came through my roof and stopped an inch from my face. if that's not a miracle, i don't know what is. >> reporter: falling trees causing do te instruction. it looked like it tried to split
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the house in half. >> yes. there was a shock. just disbelief at seeing the house. >> reporter: at least eight people killed by falling trees, including 6-year-old anthony hamilton. >> a freak accident took the baby from us. >> reporter: in hard-hit massachusetts, incredible coastal damage and flooding. waves left behind piles of rox and rubble. powerful surf ripped homes off their foundations in the community of sand wedge. >> the wind was scary. it was a bad one. >> reporter: with another storm heading this way, there's an urgency to remove fallen trees like this one so owners can cover the homes with tarps. the ohm honer says because of the loud and strong wind gusts, his wife slept in another room. otherwise, she would have taken the the brunt of the the tree. michael? to washington and the latest on the the russia investigation. new signs that robert mule sir widening his probe. pierre thomas has the details.
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>> reporter: george, good morning. most investigations like this end up following the money. today, are there are growing questions about whether business dealings in the trump family played any role in foreign policy decision and whether nations other than russia tried to influence the trump campaign. this morning, the special counsel possibly expanding the investigation. the new york times raising questions about possible attempts by officials of the united arab emrates to buy political influence by directing money to support mr. trump during the presidential campaign. according to "the times" an associate affiliated with the uae visited the white house a number of times, meeting with steve bannon and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, whoiz financial dealings have recently been scrutinized. there are reports emerging about his business seeking money from qatar. the trump administration took a
7:15 am
firm assistance against qatar. >> if it's true, it's damning. if it's true, jared kushner has to go. >> reporter: h congressional appearance of hope hicks and ongoing frustrations with attorney general jeff session. it started with sessions' recuse frl the russia investigation. >> he feels like that was the first sin. the original sin. and he feels slight t by it. he doesn't like it. he's not going to let it go. >> reporter: as of this morning, sessions has no intention of rezing. some at the justice department are waiting for trump to respond to sessions pushing back. these have been uncertain days. >> let's bring in jon karl for more on this. let's begin with jared kushner. a series of stories last week. the with the joked about him saturday night. but the bricks with piling up on his back. . >> reporter: an absolutely
7:16 am
devastating number of stories. bibi netanyahu will be here today. jared kushner has the middle east peace portfolio. the peace process is all but dead at this point. kushner is dealing with his downgraded security clearance and this story after story of bad news. but the joke the president said hit close to home. he said, you know, we were late tonight, because jared could not get through security. funny line, but also one that reflects the reality here. his position in the white house is severely diminished. >> the truth hurts a little bit. the president announced tariffs last week. still waiting for the formal announcement. the president up and tweeting about it. i spoke to his commerce secretary yesterday, wilbur ross, he seemed to open the door on the timing and maybe the scope. >> reporter: this announcement caught even by surprise. including the top economic advisers. and one quote from wilbur ross yesterday really stuck out to me. he said, about whether or not t
7:17 am
on these tariffs, quote, what he has said he has said. if he says something different, well, that is true. >> reporter: a major economic decision, george. major economic news. we haven't seen the paperwork. nobody really knows if the president will fully go through with it. >> we have seen a lot of reaction from overseas. we now have a date for my exclusive interview with james comey. his first since been fired by president trump. a special edition of "20/20" on sunday night, april 15th. snow out west rkd for the day in record for the day in salt lake city. look at the warnings and watches. blizzard warning for the plains and winter storm watch for the northeast. this is a storm can you think
7:18 am
across the plains with heavy snow and wind. chicago might get light snow, but north of 90. coastal low develops here, it will track off the coast. it will be a more typical nor'easter has the potential of dropping 6 inches to a foot. time for select cities brought do you by walgreens. >> reporter: good morning are everybody, i'm meteorologist karen rogers we're dry, but it's cold out there. let's go on outside, what beautiful shot of the sunshine
7:19 am
out there. we see a lot of it. we'll see cloud cover mixing in the afternoon, it's a nice bright start. the windchills are in the teens and 20s. it's a cold start we'll continue to have a chilly breeze all day. 45. tuesday, cloudy, 47. tuesday into our nextntial snow and wind because causing damage. wo frances stage. and the real life heroes behind this performance. ulled off anotherigse. crashing a movie theater with some o hollywood's top stars we'll talk to the man in the middle of it all.
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o'donnell, 7:23 a.m., monday, march 5. matt pellman is here with traffic taking a look at the blue route. >> reporter: it's drier than friday, but problems we have a crash on the blue route north of the media bypass. gone, but damage is done, 46 y d from i-95 to the schuylkill expressway. on the second dear roads, downed trees -- secondary roads, lincoln drive, rittenhouse, traffic lights are out. a crash in the same area, coming off the city avenue bridge city avenue soud a downed tree taking out the right lane. down tree blocking wynnewood
7:24 am
road. down tree blocking germantown avenue, stick to sten on avenue. a crash at evesham road at white horse road. >> david murphy is off, karen rogers joins us with the weather after the break. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was evenfounded, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story.
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and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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look at the windchills, feels like 18 degrees right now this philadelphia. watch with the northerly chilly breeze it will be a factor throughout the day today. it's a dry day, chilly breeze had a forhe high, partly sunny skies this afternoon. tomorrow, cloudy, 47. and then we're tracking another nor'easter, tuesday into
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wednesday, wednesday is a big day we could see impacts, mattment. >> several schools are closed or opening on a delay as they recover from f nor'easter. the list is at this is the pepsi that your father drank
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ ♪ look out cause here i come ♪ ♪ look out cause here i come ♪ watch out watch it out ♪ this is me wow. welcome back to "gma." whoo, got us dancing in our seats this morning. that's the hower house p performance of "this is me" the greatest showman. the song is all about acceptingg kiala se helped h her se quote learn no
7:31 am
power not to give power to that doubt and that insecurity anymore. >> i love hearing that message. my daughters play that sg on everyim chills. i love the message. >> the performance last night. . it was memorable. >> absolutely. also right now, thousands in the northeast are still without power after the deadly and de stating storms over the weekend. this morning, another storm on the move. taking aim at the midwest. bringing more snow, wind, and rain. and this morning in the wake of theig florida,riermeoofe the bl tod proposes legislation to raise the minimum age the to purchase a gun to 21 and also allows for some teach toers be armed. >> does not include an assault web ban. guns was front and center at the oscars. all kinds of activism on stablg. the me too moouchl. >> frances mcdormand stole the
7:32 am
show with her call to panks she asked all the women nominated last night to literally take stand in solidarity and fight for inclusivity. sfoet ♪ >> reporter: on hollywood's biggest night, it was activism that took center stage. >> so i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over, pick me up cause i've got some things so say. >> reporte frances mcdormand used her time at the microphone to honor every female nominee. >> i have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen, inclusion >> reporter: across the twitter sphere, celebrities were quick to clarify. actress and whier whitney cummings says an inclusion ride sir something actors put into their contracts to ensure gender and racial equality. on the red carpet, black and white took backseat to color.
7:33 am
>> you a 10-year-old daughter. have you explained to her what is going on? >> oh, yes, she calls herself a seminis. before all this. i really feel relieved that i know the new generations will visit easier. >> reporter: the conversations continued on the stage at times with humor. >> the academy, as you're not doubt aware, took action to expel harvey weinstein. the only ere person to be expelled from the academy ever was a character actor named car mine caridi. in 2004. he was kicked out for sharing screeners. car mooin caridi got the same punishment at harvey weinstein for giving his neighbor a copy of "sea biscuit" on vhs. >> our voices joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying, time's up. >> reporter: oscar winner common and singer andra day used their performance of "stand for
7:34 am
something" from the movie "marshall" to fight for change. >> we stant up for the dreerms, the immigrants. >> reporter: common calling out the nra. >> we put up monuments for the feminists. tell the nra they're this god's way. >> reporter: bringing the audience to their feet. and the academy devoting a to hg featuring female film makers and artistshackett, to talk about it. our media expert. bringing if different voices.rn means thanks to frances >> the first rule of story telling, show, don't tell. she had the women stand up in the audience. you could see who they were. it was very powerful. the oscars get slammed for
7:35 am
people rolliown their limousine windows and scolding us on what to do. they made it about their industry. she did a good job of make it about the peopl >> the bar high for jimmy kimmel. i think he succeeded by not making it about him and being very straight. >> he said t positivity. they did do that. there wasn't a lot of fury. a lot of serious fliut woe sho. that was tend of it. the segments with ashley judd and annabella sciorra were very good. it was meaningful and important. >> where do the awards show gos from here? >> it's tough. i said to people, two things in the world need to be fixed. voting machines and awards shows. it's tough. it's a three-hour slog. he said the first awards show was 15 minutes long. there were the joke. people wishing. >> somebody did win the jet ski.
7:36 am
>> 37 seconds. >> overall, you know, before the awards season began, we didn't know what to expect with all -- now it's culminated with the oscars. overall, what do you think? >> i thought they did a good job. with the golden floebs, there was the time up movement and the black dresses. they did a good job with each show. what we say every year. now let's see what happens. where are the meetings. do the new films get made. the idea that only 11% of films are directed by women is incredible. let's see what changes next year. >> thank you very much. back to hollywood. lara is stil backstage last nig with all the winners. including guillermo del toro. lara? >> hello, robin. yeah, guillermodel toro described his movie as a thriller, a comedy, a drama.
7:37 am
the this one had it all. >> guillermo del toro. >> reporter: with 13 nominations, more than any other film this year, it was no surprise that "shape of water" delifrd gold. what's the message you want people to take away from the film. >> the power of fairytale. to restore your faith in beauty and love and erg we don't believe in easy. >> reporter: do you remember everything you snanchtsd they showed i it to me. i looked sweaty. like michael moore. >> mrs. hayes. >> reporter: sam rockwell kicking off the night. what was it like winning the first oscar of the night. >> it was pretty amazing. it was nice to get it over with. it was surreal. real adraen lynn rush. dry mouth. you're freaking out. >> reporter: best actor, gary oldman, creditings his wife for joining him on the journey to perfect his role as winston
7:38 am
chur churchill in "darkest hour." >> my wife got me spouting churchillian quotes. she called it my miss winny. i was sort of soft and rotund. >> reporter: she liked that? >> she liked the cuddly thing. >> reporter: so she misses winston? >> in a tre m. t >> reporter: wouldouone an if he was up theree said, i deserved this. >> reporter: that is the sound bite of the night. de as if winston was living with him for all those months of the shooting of the film. and he dearly misses churchill. he said, the the truth is his wife does not. coming up, i'll bring you the
7:39 am
most talked about moments of the night. there were so many. >> so many. all right, lara, thank you very much. you were talking about the dancing. >> dancing as winston churchill. if we have it. it was great. coming up, we have the man who went to the movies. he wound up on the oscars. he's going to join us live when we come back. >> one moment you can be -- a new hero appears [kid woahs] introducing kinder joy. one egg. two treats. half smooth cocoa and sweet cream with crispy wafer bites; new kinder joy. a little surprise goes a long way you'dreamt about it, it, maybe you should just go ahead and do it. we're legalzoom, and we've helped over a million people just like you
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back now with our oscars afterparty. and the surprise for some lucky movie fans. jimmy kimmel led a group of actors to crash the screening of "a wrinkle in time." one of those lucky audience members is joining us now. mike young. how are you, my friend? >> i'm doing great. >> mike, i have to ask, what went through your mind when you saw jimmy kimmel and gal gadot walk into the theater last night? >> was just like -- man, i can't believe this is happening. once i seen him coming in, i knew it was next door. i was like, it's actually happening. i'm on the oscars this year. >> to have such big star handing out hot dogs and candy, come on? >> oh, i know. it was great. it was amazing. >> what whuz your most memorable conversation? >> it was with jimmy kimmel. kimmel. i was talking to him.
7:44 am
just told him let him know i was celebrating my wife's birthday. he said it was his wife's birthday as well. it with us cool to talk to jiminy kimmel. >> were you nervous? when you had to do that big introduction? >> i'm sorry? >>eruction? >> i was nervous. i got to tiffany's name. and i apologize on badgering you name. but i got it right the second time. >> and you know they told you to put your phone away inside the movie theater. i'm sure after this, you had to have looked at it. i mean -- what were the messages like from your friends? >> oh, everybody's like, oh, my god, what's going on? you're on the oscars? how did you get there? everything else. i was like, going for a taping. next thing i know, i'm on the oscars. it was incredible. i could barely watch the end of the movie. >> you were there for a taping. a the movie?
7:45 am
>> it was a great movie. it was -- recommend it highly. i'll go watch it again. good for the whole family. >> we should let people know, mike, when they watch the movie, stars pr not be walking into the room to surprise them. let that be known. and mike -- >> definitely. >> we're glad you had some fun last night. you were part of the oscars. it made for a very memorable moment. so that was really cool. >> thank you, mike. when we come back, we'll show you what jimmy kimmel gave all the oos car audience. also the letter he wrote for each of them. are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? from the world's number one conditioner brand... new pantene light-as-air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients...
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let's go back out to lara in hollywood. for more of the big moments of the night. including jimmy kimmel's gift to every member of the audience. >> it was a great moment. jimmy does know how to keep an audience happy. before the show started, he told them to reach under their seats. each with a lunch box. each decorated with a name of one of the best picture nominees. they were filled to the brim with snax. he slipped a handwritten note inside each one. we don't like it when people are hungry. we provided snacks nor the oscars. each box included a donation to
7:50 am
the l.a. food bank. a thauloughtful gift. >> and frances mcdor mapd's speech. she talk about another champion, halfpipe champion chloe kim. she said, i think this must be what chloe kim felt doing back-to-back 1080s in the olympic half poopipe, lara. >> chloe tweeted back, hey, frances, let's go snowboarding some time. no word yet on whether frances has taken her up on the oscar. we love those spontaneous exchanges. >> thank you, lara. much more from the oscars coming up. a lot on tiffany haddish and maya rudolph. scott rogowsky is here with a very special oscars edition.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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welcome back to "gma." this is a di snow. h ho out for the high plains.
7:55 am
>> good morning i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 a.m., monday, march 5. matt pellman joins us with traffic, matt i'm almost afraid to ask, how is the schuylkill
7:56 am
expressway doing? >> reporter: i keep saying it's better than friday. do not fear, but it's congested in the westbound lanes by lincoln drive and kelly drive. 39 minutes on travel time. should be 14 minutes. there's a crash on southbound side near johnson street. secondary routes chestnut hill germantown avenue still blocked stay on stenton avenue. towamincin township downed wires close orvilla road. 40-foot gets you around that. whitpain, maurice road is blocked. southbound side near route 1, there's a crash near delaware city. all regional rails are running but running with delays. >> taking live look at the ben franklin bridge, nice and sunny out there. karen rogers in for david murphy with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we're enjoying the sunshine, but the windchill
7:57 am
18 degrees. it's a cold one. we'll keep the chilly day, dry, high of 45. tomorrow we are turning cloudy, 47. precipitation arrives tuesday evening into tuesday night. we're watching are to the effects from the nor'easter mostly on wednesday, looks like snow and rain for some, windy high of 37. thursday, not as cold, 44. potentially another storm sunday into monday, matt. >> thank you are karen. a firefighter was injured while battling a house fire feasterville, bucks county. the floor of the home on henry avenue collapsed. the trevose fire company firefighter fell to the basement. he was awake and conscious owe owe -- on his way to the hospital. lower merion grad, kobe bryant won an oscar. details the what goes in here, abt
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
hey, this is the oscars show. where is everybody? >> all right, everybody. two minutes. we're pack in two minutes. >> two minutes, robin. >> get out. >> that's a good one. >> no, seriously. get out. ♪ ♪ diamonds up and down my chain cardi b can't tell me nothing ♪ >> hey, hey, hey. ♪ >> whoo! ♪ oklahoma okay ♪ ooh don't we look good together ♪ ♪ there's a reason why they watch all night long ♪ ♪ yeah i know heads forever gonna
8:01 am
show you off ♪ ♪ when i'm walking with you i watch the whole room change ♪ ♪ baby that's what you do my baby don't blame blame it on my cover ♪ ♪ shut down on site that's right ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> whoo! oh, my. thank you. >> how about that for the opening to the oscar afterparty. >> one of these.
8:02 am
>> the show was full of such powerful moments. frances took that stage, what that incredible speech meant to so many. celebrating every woman who was nominated. her fellow actress nominees shared this hug. whoo! people on twitter called it sisterhood at its finest. >> i agree. >> so many great behind the scenes moments you didn't see. and, did you see this man on the the red carpet? did you see him on the red carpet? [ applause ] >> so many -- so many -- red carpet, people were really so excited on the red carpet. the anticipation of going in. those nominated and those there with so much, lin-manuel miranda. viola davis. her husband. jane fonda. >> oh. jane fonda. >> so much excitement. i wanted to reach through and
8:03 am
rub your suit. >> everybody kept coming up, is that velvet? yes, it was. >> velvet? >> as excited as we were on the red carpet, they were very excited backstage. lara was there with the big winners moments after they got gold. and so myta statements on the r carpet lupita nyong'o to tiffan haddish. both their looks had stories behind them. there were reasons they had on those outfits. jimmy kimmel got a lot of laughs.promerson wihoest speech. >> so funny when helen meirn rentint i the. that's our cue. we're not going to win the jet ski. >> back to chris connelly in
8:04 am
hollywood. more on the night's biggest moments, ter: good morning, robin. there were moments big and small. last night's oscars honored movies and performances that chronicle the lives of outsiders. that's probably not a coincidence. just consider the film that won best picture. >> and the oscar goes to -- the shape of water. >> reporter: a gentle fable about a romance between a merman and a maid. a cinematic tribute to outsiders everywhere. guillermo del toro accepting best picture and director. >> i want to dedicate this to every young filmmaker. >> reporter: no drama for warren beatty and faye dunaway. >> it's so nice seng you again.
8:05 am
>> as they say, presenting is lovelier the second time around. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> frances mcdormand. >> reporter: her best actress win for "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri," had frances fire >> i have two words to leave with you tonight. ladies and gentlemen, inclusion rider. >> reporter: an inclusion rider in an actor's contract gives him or her the ability to ensure diversity in all phases of the ashley judd, annabella and salma hayek. >> joining togethern cru sinup. >> reporter: allison janney getting laughs. by spoing the it l by myself. >> reporter: another crowd rousing favorite. "get out's" jordan peele. the first african-american ever to win the oscar for best
8:06 am
original screen play. >> i want to dedicate this to all the people who raised my voice. >> reporter: our lara spencer caught up with him. >> you to have another "get out" in you? >> do i have a sequel or -- >> interpret it as you wish. >> i'm open to an idea of a sequel. i'm addicted to making movies. i want to continue telling the stories i want to see. >> reporter: telling those stories. hollywood making it possible for more different kinds of to be told. now we'll get the party started, guys. >> certainly will. thank you, chris. zplnlts another storm is brewing right now in the midwest. we want to go to rob. this could bring snow to millions? >> yes, george. we have 400,000 people still without power. damaging winds from boston to the carolinas. the next storm coming out of the rockies. salt lake city with record snow
8:07 am
yesterday. snow from minneapolis to just north of chicago by later on tonight. it traverses the great lakes and by wednesday morning, we'll get another nor'easter developing. the details are sketchy. this might be more typical. wind, yes. probably snow. a fair amount. could see six inches here in the bigger cities. don't put away the snow boots on even though you got to fancy clothes on right now. speaking of the fancy clothed. we have the best-dressed audience ever. that's right. coming up we have much more of our exclusive oscars koempb of the red carpet backstage. we'll hear from the stars on their big night. >> and the red carpet fashions taking a whole new meaning this year. how the stars sent a powerful message with what they wore. and how much do we know about the oscars? we'll find out with a "gma" edition of hq trivia. host scott rogowsky is here live. look who is over there, dj irie.
8:08 am
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good morning, america. ♪ back here on "gma." academy award nominee. hanging out. >> i'm in a good spot right now. >> oh, whoa. >> bubbling cider here. >> you were with them last night. got to hang are lara as well. there's the excitement, joining us, lar are, we raise our glass to you.
8:13 am
cheers. job -- >> right over here. >> another job well done, lara. oh. >> robin roberts, cheers to you. cheers to you, george. and to you, michael. you know what? cheers to the academy for hosting a special night for the winners, who walked offstage, came backstage right to talk to us, still totally blown away by what just happened. can you tell me what that feeling is that i will never know? to be sitting in that audience and to hear your name called? >> uh, yeah. it's breathtaking. everything slows down. it was crazy. i look hed at stephen. he was like, yeah, it happened. it just feels like, you're moving slowly. >> yesterday, you won the independent spirit award. you posted a video putting a casserole in the oven. >> you just caught me. i'm putting in my casserole. >> what was this the casserole?
8:14 am
>> absolutely nothing. >> i knew it! >> i have never made a casserole if my u iknow "get " this movie freekd me out like no other. >> yes. >> it's amazing. >> i wanted conversation to happen. i was -- i was wondering why i had never seen a horror movie about the modern africaears and pain. and -- that real horror. so -- i -- to me, there was a void in the conversation and i wanted to fill that void. >> what is that like to be in that theater and hear your name called out? >> uh -- it feels like someone hits you in the head with a metal baseball bat. then you walk offstage afterward, you're like, where -- did i -- where is my seat? >> can we just discuss "phantom thread." >> yes. >> amazingly disturbing.
8:15 am
>> reporter: mark bridges scored the best win of the night. an oscar and this bad boy. the jet ski yimmy kimmel offered up to the win we are the shoerts speech. he clocked in at 36 seconds. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: pixar's "coco" took home two . including best animated feature. hat is the message everyone to who cease to it leave with? >> it's through people who lt an imprint o many. sthat human emotion. it's september its message around the world. t> reporter: and best original derdson lopez for"remember me." did you subway? >> bobby wrote the most beautiful melody that -- and i took that tune and i had to get
8:16 am
on the f train to go to m yhe ed beautiful, leer kl music in you. how do you know that? >> i was not looking if your window. i did read that. >> is easy whe the most inspiring and powerful and >> oh.ful loving woman in yrlifk just a lovely cup. robert lopez, you just saw, he won his first oscar four years ago for "let it go" from pro "frozen." last night, he was the only double egot winner ever. two emmys, two grammys, two oscars, two tonys. talented? just a little. >> i had to give props. my muse is t.j.'s daughter. i saw what she was wearing. to be in. and i thought -- you know what?
8:17 am
if she can pull off the gold dress, maybeky do it, do it as well. tiffany haddish. you had such great time with her. >> she was great. >> she's the breakout star of the year from her role in "girls trip." to the oscar nominations. she did not disappoint last night. making quite an impression at her first oscars. right, amy? >> she had my whole family laughing with you, michael. she kept it going on stage with maya rudolph. she had a special moment with meryl streep. it seems like tiffany haddish may have won for the best time at the awards show. >> it's like a dream come true. i have sat and watched the os r oscars for years. always wanted to go. now i'm here. >> reporter: on stage, tiffany haddish living out the dream. >> when we came out together, we know some of you were thinking, are the oscars too black now? >> but we just want to say, don't worry. there are so many more white
8:18 am
people to come. >> mm-hmm. so many. we just came from backstage, and there are tons of 'em back there. >> tons of 'em. >> reporter: and bringing back her suggest white dress which v possible after shelling out big bucks for "the girlstrip" red carpet. >> this dress cost way more than my mortgage. it's an alexander mcqueen. it's a $4,000 dress. >> before he died, her father told her to make sure to honor her people. she did it on the the red carpet in a gown honoring her african roots. >> you're going track down meryl streep. you want her to play your mother in girls trip two. have you had a chance to bump into her? >> no, i haven't. i'm looking for her. and we'll have a conversation. >> reporter: before jumping the red carpet rope, anxious to meet her hero. on stage, she told meryl her
8:19 am
wish. >> hi, meryl. i want you to be my mama one day. >> one day. >> just one day. >> come get this money, girl. >> they were so good. tiffany haddish and maya raw dofl so popular. a lot of people are making a push on social media for them to host next year's oscars. maybe like a "thelma & louise" reboot. anything where they can be together. they were so good. >> they were quite funny. there. >> thank you. i like it up here. check this out, the pooches are into it. that's maui and moon and parker putting the bow tie on. if you want to watch the oscars, what kind of oscar statue that?
8:20 am
we hope you enjoyed the snow, the after party continues, i hope the weather where you live is rocking. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, i'm meteorologist karen rogers it's cold, feels like 20 degrees right now. let's check the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast as we look outside. we have the camera shaking a little bit. we have a chilly breeze and bright sunshine right now. the chilly breeze continues today 45 degrees for the high. tomorrow, cloudy, 47. tuesday night into wednesday is the arrival of our next nor'easter. it could bring a powerful snow for parts the region. 37 for the high. statemen turning the red carpet into a place to make a point. last night was no different.dy
8:21 am
bevy smith, and joe zee. cindy, this awards season kicked off a big fashion statement. all black. the stars continued to make a statement last night but in a different way. >> different from the golden globes. in was about everyone being in uniform. a palate cleanser awards ceremony with everything from the fall. last night, it was about personal statements. and when you think about it, the oscars are place for you as an actor to tell the world who you are. so we saw a lot of sort of pride in identity and lots of different ways last night. two of my favorite looks were on chadwick boseman and lupita nyong'o from "black panther." this is the wakanda. a preview of what we're going to see in 2019 when the movie is nominated. i loved both of their looks. and lupita with the warrior
8:22 am
sash. rita moreno. i have to shout out to her. i love a rewear. she's wearing the exact dress, not a replica, the exact dress she wore 66 years ago. >> you talked about personal style. tiffany haddish had her own personal style. there was a meaning behind what she wore. is there she was getting lambasted by people on social media. there's a meaning behind the dress. i hung out with her throughout the oscar weekend. she told me that this dress was all about paying homage to her father who is from eritrea. she asked, should i wear it? i said yes. i loved it. >> i thought she looked beautiful.
8:23 am
time's up pins on the red carpet as well >> mean, the reality is it's always b i carpet. more now than ever. it's not just who are you wearing, but what you to stand for?througut p go to be activism and social politics in a way. it wasn't just about time's up. it was what about you stood for. back to the thing about indiv y individuality. lin-manuel miranda wore a pin for every town. an whoopi goldberg wore a red ribbon for aids awareness. this is an incredible platform to say what you want to say. >> and speaking of trends, white was a big trend. >> it was a white hot night, darling. jane fonda, fabulous. this proves it gets grater later, right? we saw mary j. blige in the beautiful column dress. she looked beyond chic. and there were so many people in
8:24 am
metallics as well. a lot of metallics. gal gadot in the beautiful flapper she had. >> jennifer lawrence. in christian dior. and white and metallic to me, are one and the same. >> i think, gold, white, red, black. those are all strong colors. i don't think it's a coincidence we saw them. >> right there. >> oh, my gosh. >> a lot of nontraditional tuxes, as well. >> i give it up for the guys. timothee chalamet wore head to toe white. armie hammer, the velvet t. heken. ts jt.
8:25 am
thr"z wiobe bacthe lexusrr aly scy with peorr:ays on the schukill expressway. westbound side busy from passyunk to south to the vine. l expressway insteadf river drives this morning. there's a crash on the kelly drive where girard goes overk as are not working that's one ofnyh
8:26 am
outages and downed trees. city avenue bridge southbound by the schuylkill expressway downed tree sticking out in the right lane, the traffic lights are on flash, as well this>> yn is doedrtftr creek, sp5 ogsrest. day asorrowoks likves tuesday etu w a btco
8:27 am
packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% real cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." dj irie is keeping the party going here in our studios. jimmy kimmel is not the only one who can treat his audience right. we treat our audience right, as well. we're celebrating our oscars afterparty with our incredible audience. you all look beautiful. thank you, guys.
8:28 am
handsome. we're going to treat you out. so guys, come on out. >> come on out. >> come on out. >> joey d. andy. >> come on out this way. >> oh, my gosh. what are you doing, man? >> that was -- that's what -- that was -- that was a faulty hot dog cannon if you didn't recognize. ? way to go, sal. >> this was -- this hot dog must have come there the show last night. as well. >> you're not going to eat that. whoo. >> you hear that music. ♪ >> there it is. >> that's the music. the "hq" theme music. time for hq trivia. millions of fans tune in to
8:29 am
play. the host is here for a special "gma" oscars edition. please welcome scott rogowsky. ♪ >> whoo! >> hi. >> how are you? >> how are you? all right. >> hi. >> looking good. >> wow. yes, we're all looking good. so glam. >> i think w okay, so million e the tr, stigs. y >> you got me with smallest state. i said rmont, >> play with your refer your friends, get an extra life. that will keep you in. a producer played with her dad last night and got to 14 out of is a. last one, we gave out $50,000 is our record-setting game.
8:30 am
$50,000 ve winners. >> my kids get mad at me when i knock them out. >> she was like, it's your fault, mom. my on you. do you get that a lot? >> yes, it's a -- it's amazing to see the people who tweet at me and message me. >>eo time. >> i'm big at bar mitzvahs. >> the game has exploded. it's taken off. ago, we were talking 300,000 players. 2.2 million. on oscar night. yeah. >> you oo phq award. dles,ee. >> srteasy. onid dsthtfo tteth billy
8:31 am
19feoreti jabrcthirev take it >> givavi'goito stern. iidn py here i come is one, you gotta . look csettle, overca with emioduring her power house me." from "the greatest showman." she received a standing ovation hem has her own insecurities. saying that fight will always be something i struggle with. each time i sing, it gets easier. >> wow. >> and her co-stars sung their
8:32 am
prizes over twitter. zac efron, iav glorus. hugh two them. i don't know another description for that peretor extraordinary. and all hagree. >> i get chills just watching it again. >> went out into the audience. >> it was great. >> thank you. dj e jrks j irie. empire's jussie smollett is joining in.
8:33 am
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show. side bets on things that don't affect the final outcome if you win an oscar or not. we're about to find out how we did. t.j. holmes is here. let's see who the big win sir. where's t.j.?
8:35 am
>> michael was the one with the long night, not you, man. >> did you just stumble in from a party? >> i didn't stumble. eswalket i how iw u t i kno exci question ve jimmy.ate your bet about? politics one of the nominees? maybll aaid aexthmelpu. saidd bdrinks. i whenight. >> i was thetlr. give them lunch boxes. it wasn't a part of the gag on the air. so, you guys were right. he did feed the audience. >> okay.
8:36 am
>> it was a good try. it was a good got a tie with yo and lara as well out her guys. >> who' ghome? >>ho home with the prize. how many people would be played off stage. >> ithree. >> my music. >> har ra and i said five. >> george swung for theen >> you said three. exactly three were played off last night. >> oh! >> take your moment. take your moment, robin. take your moment. >> why, thank you. i would just like to thank everyone who made this possible. this is for the kids. for the kids.e ]
8:37 am
i never win. this is a -- the closest i'm going to get to the oscars. >> it's fun. prop bets. people were playing last night with it. >> congratulations, there's a lot of people getting a chunk of this, w that when th. time for a look at the local weather forecast. check it out. >> reporter: we're not ready for another storm yet, but the national weather service has a winter storm watch for the lehigh valley. chilly today, 45 is the high. turning cloudy tomorrow, 57. wednesday is the day the nextff.
8:38 am
california. hey, lara. >> hello, you guys. thanks to our sponsor, samsung, we were able to catch so many special moments on the new galaxy s 9 smartphone camera. this phone is not being released until later this month. we are able to test out the new features on the fwlits and the glamour of the red carpet. there was glitz and glamour. it took talented team goat us red carpet ready. happy other cars sunday. courtney is working her magic. kip has the first layer of spackle on. i have the abc preshow on two tvs. and e. right here. i'm ready. >> i got jay z and dj
8:39 am
khaled and top's off. let's go. oscars, baby, 90th got this. >> reporter: but before sunday night's perfection, there's a lot of practice. >> today is very important. never played a football game without practice. i have never done a tv show without some kind of rehearsal. i'm hanging out here just being myself until i run into myself. what's up, michael. >> i'm doing great, michael. >> you're looking good. >> you're looking better, man. >> i love when i talk to myself. >> it's amazing h are, you know? >> they say when you talk to yourself and then you talk back, that means your crazy. in this case, i think we're just perfect. >> reporter: our producers working tirelessly to make sure everything goes as well as it >> hustle and bustle. we work our patooties off to get
8:40 am
the best interviews on the carpet. >> day arrives. all right. this is it. we're heading down from the staging area. we'll be backstage. we'll get it all for you. >> look something -- looking so pretty. >> reporter: ctu the galaxy9.e in let theas thesisninc . stopsrtto it >>reat.u. o gold.rdresst tt b been ys id.o k.a,ou did aicfayolo lst
8:41 am
thk ra >>g s perforng e're al
8:42 am
8:43 am
musi "ht peopn hearted peoplehe wouon cur♪e for my lifeeo hurt op h♪ eanul as ones s♪ orld remem gswn ♪ peopl doven♪ you
8:44 am
♪ oh ur pplurte hyeen try ♪ that makt right hate ♪ur pe need cro
8:45 am
♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make iin to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comeseekly, or haere you han've an4/ trulicity is a once-weekly ine to tlicity. than rent the the midm
8:46 am
we estruct a kellyepter: hatt i'sheay, becae chi 3louds after, cudy, 47 den paay,s raindontoy. tt to crt todstop others all the
8:47 am
big stars including oscar-winner and ogestanney and kimmel moment bacl starri nre ta bigge>> s orrest r hsta
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