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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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customers without power in the area. utility crews are deployed to restore electricity mindful of the fact that they could be going through this again later in the week because of the storm that is exploding on wednesday. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in havertown. walter perez is in the lehigh valley. first meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily it seems almost unfair that as soon as we recover from one nor'easter, another one is expected to come our way. >> you're exactly right. well, what we really need is a full week of quiet weather. that's not going to happen. as you look at double scan live you can see the next storm system waiting in the wings. low pressure across the northern plain straits bringing blizzard conditions up there and this like friday's storm will transfer its low to a coastal storm. it will evolve a little bit differently but we're looking at the potential for some high snow amounts. so, winter storm watch has been posted for basically the i-95 corridor all areas north
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and west. this is where we could get some very high heavy accumulating snow during the day on wednesday. so future tracker showing as the system evolves wednesday morning that low pressure across the ohio valley starts transfer that low pressure off the carolina coast. it starts the precipitation pretty light. even a mixing. i think philadelphia actually could start tuesday night as some rain but as this system deepens, as it intensifies, it pulls down that cold air. by 5 o'clock, wednesday, it is thumping snow across really our entire viewing area but notice the isobars. remember last week on friday they were tightly packed, the lines of equal pressure. that shows the intense winds. this storm system as far as winds will pale in comparison to last friday. that's the good news. the wind is not nearly as strong. wind gusts probably about 40 to 45 miles per hour. last friday was 60 to 70. the problem, though, is that we're looking at a major snow impact. the heaviest about an eight hour time period between 10 o'clock wednesday morning,
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6 o'clock in the evening. that heavy wet snow and some wind gusts can cause additional power outages. i'll talk specifically about the no, sir amounts coming up with the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> all right, cecily. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in havertown. john -- no fault of peco but restoring power has been a painfully slow process. >> reporter: well, some numbers, jim. peco said today at peak 630,000 customers were without power. to put that in context that's more than a third of its customer base for electricity. most are back online today but there's still houses like the ones around me here that are cold and dark and the folks who stay inside those houses say it's been tough figuring out when help was going to arrive. >> lack of information, confusing information. it's just frustrating. >> it's 47 degrees in my house right now. >> reporter: after nearly 72 hours with no power in this corner of havertown, a ray of hope. shortly before 3:00 p.m. a
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crew with chain sauce quickly cut up the huge tree that brought down power lines at glendale and colonial. that meant this illinois based utility crew could begin repairing the damaged line. hopefully power and heat will be back this evening. systemwide peco says it has restored power to more than 90 percent of those who lost it during the storm. it says the "overwhelming majority of the rest should be back tonight" but concedes some small number of homes may not get lights until later. >> we do know that for some customers in our most heavily damaged areas across the region, we will be restoring service to them later midweek and later this week. >> reporter: or about the time or a day or two after forecasters say another nor'easter could target the region. todd goldsmith one of those still without lights. >> yes, i have seen the forecast. and i'm not looking forward to it. >> reporter: about a possible replay. >> yeah, i know. so, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: well, peco has
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a thousand out of state crews like the ones behind me here from illinois. given what's in the forecast it is apparently considering at least keeping some of them around for a possible round two. live in haverford township, john rawlins channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, john. lehigh valley correspondent walter perez is live at penndot in south whitehall township. walter, what's the situation there? >> reporter: well, jim, as usual, for a march snowstorm, the snow pretty much gone already here in the lehigh valley, but even as the repairs and cleanup continue, round two is right around the corner. brandon ra dui i of allentown is still without power since friday's nor'easter tour through our region. we caught up with brandon as he bought some extra gasoline hierator goi. >> just try find ways to charge a phone and contacting friends and family to get a shower and stay warm and that kind of thing. so, doing the best we can. >> reporter: making matters worse, brandon's home will likely not go back online
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before this next storm arrives. still, officials from pennsylvania power and light say, they've made tremendous strides getting power restored to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses across the region after a storm they're now ranking among the top 10 most damaging weather events they've ever had to deal with. >> we've experienced a lot of outages based on the trees coming down and making the -- also the roads inaccessible. >> reporter: albright's hardware has been busy as well after selling 20,000 bags of ice melting material this winter they're expecting a new shipment of rock salt tomorrow morning. john stall of bethlehem stopped by to purchase one more shovel just in case. >> the two that i have the one is kind of shot so i just -- i'd rather get a new one for the upcoming wednesday and just be prepared for next year. >> reporter: we spoke with penndot officials as well. they're encouraging everyone of course to stay off the roads, if you can, during the
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storm to clear the way for the plows and the salt trucks. good luck. reporting live from south whitehall, walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> walter thank you. has the updated watches and warnings for our next storm plus multiple live views of storm tracker6. just check in often as the next round of wintry weather is approaching. so it begins all over again for bill cosby. he was in norristown for a pretrial hearing today with jury selection for his retrial slated for march 29th. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live outside montgomery county court in norristown. vernon, what happened there today? >> reporter: jim, it was essentially inside baseball today. the lawyers battling and sparring with each other over which witnesses will be allowed to take the witness stand for both sides when this trial -- retrial starts next month. bill cosby back at the norristown courthouse for a
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new round of pretrial hearings on the drugging and sexual assault cancer against him lodged by former temple university employee andrea constand who testified the now disgraced show biz legend drugged her and then sexually assaulted her in his cheltenham mansion back in 04. the first trial ended with a hung jury. cosby's new did he first team headed by l.a. to me mevrov moved to have the charges dismissed on the grounds that the statute of limitations has passed. constand testified the assault occurred in january of 04 but cosby's lawyer suggest the encounter may have taken place earlier saying they'll produce her phone records saying she made no calls to open the drive way gates at the cosby home during the month in question. and if the encounter was indeed earlier the lawyers will say it would be outside the statute of limitations, too late to prosecute. the judge denied the motion to dismiss and said a jury should
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decide on her credibility. the prosecution's tried once again to get judge steven o'neill to allow testimony from 19 other alleged cosby victims going back more than four decades to testify that bill cosby drugged and molested them in the same manner allegedly used against constand. the defense will arguing their side of the 19 so-called prior bad acts tomorrow. the cosby defense continues to say he's not guilty. jim, day two of the pretrial hearings will resume here in the morning. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. >> thank you vernon. a bipartisan group of senators wants state law enforcement to be alerted when someone who isn't allowed to buy a gun tries to purchase one. republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania, democratic senator chris coons of delaware introduced the denial
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notification affect the bill requires federal authorities to notify state law enforcement when a felon or fugitive attempt to buy a firearm but fails the national instant criminal background check system. >> it's not rocket science to think that maybe we ought to be a little concerned about this person. maybe state law enforcement officials ought to know this. >> it's a way to make sure that fewer people who should not have weapons are able to get them. >> coons and toomey say the legislation is a common sense way to keep weapons from those who shouldn't have them while ensuring second amendment rights. coming up on "action news" tonight, nearly two dozen residents are receiving much needed repairs to make their homes more efficient. plus, the offers are coming in for nick foles. what will the eagles do? ducis rodgers with an update. cecily. >> tracking a developing winter storm. we have winter storm watches posted for our region. they extend all the way up through new england. details on the timing want to expect where you live in the
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accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ turning 65. downsizing. enrolling in medicare part d. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy,
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>> today marked the third anniversary of the death of sergeant robert wilson. fellow philadelphia officers and family members gathered at the 22nd district in north philadelphia to remember this fallen hero. wilson was picking up a gift for his son at the game stop on lehigh avenue and there was an attempted robbery. he was killed trying to protect others in the store. wilson's family was presented with a canvas painting of wilson today. delaware's emergency call
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centers has been upgraded and can receive emergency requests by text. governor john carney helped demonstrate the enhanced 911 feature this morning. officials stress that while texting is now available, calling 911 is still the best and fastest way top contact emergency personnel. they say texts to 911 should be short and include location and if police fire or ambulance service is needed. habitat for humanity joining forces with the organization esperanza to rehab 20's homes in the hunting park section of philadelphia. the rehab success story number one. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes was there. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: this morning homeowner an jill colon gave us a tour of his home after more than $20,000 worth of renovations were done by habitat for humanity philadelphia. completely free of cost to him. >> i am very, very grateful for everything they done on my
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house. i hope god bless you every one of them. >> reporter: just under a year ago colon's roofer was falling apart, water was leaking into the living room and he had no heating or air conditioning. unable to afford repairs, he was forced to use five space heaters for several years. now with his new and efficient hvac system his bill has dropped from $1,000 per month to 400. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: his home is the first of 20 owner occupied houses in hunting park that will be repaired by habitat for humanity as part of a new partnership with esperanza. it aims to help low income residents revitalize their neighborhood. it will cost a total of $500,000, all of which pnc bank is donating. >> waking up this morning at my house it felt warmer. knowing mr. colon's house he's not trying to heat a house with space heaters. >> everybody wins. we have a better north philadelphia. we have a better home. and we're taking care of someone who has been a
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philadelphian for a long time. >> reporter: and habitat for humanity says she receive about 600 repair requests per month just here in philadelphia and that ranges from electricity issues to roofing problems that they can only respond to about 100 of those per year so donations are always needed and areciated. if you would like to contribute go ahead and visit our web site for more information. reporting in hunting park, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news".
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>> we have a fundamental disagreement about future of what it should be but what is it going to be? >> wt is it going to be i don't think we're going to know the answer for this atson . call it the nick foles conundrum. what do you do with a super uarterback? do yourade h some draft picks or keep him as an insurance policy on carson wentz's surgically repaired knee. espn reporting eagles have received several straight offers for foles but the birds are asking for a very steep price. eagles got a first and fourth round draft pick for sam
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bradford 18 months ago. espn sources say the eagles are asking for more than that. stay tuned. phillies pitching staff has not looked great thus far in spring training. vince velasquez does his best to change that. two scoreless innings with three strikeouts. rhys hoskins that is not coming back solo home. phillies one-nothing. two more runs in the fifth inning. carlos santana doubles in a run. he had been off to a slow start. phillies go on to win four to three. ever since chase utley was traded the phillies have been looking for their second baseman of the future. they may have it in scott kingery. he has three homer this spring. that leads the team. he had 26 home runs last season between reading and lehigh valley. soon to be 24-year-old may not open the season on the big league roster.
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cesar hernandez is in there for now but kingery is well on his way. >> goal to come out here have fun and prove what i can do every day on the field. for me i'm feeling good at the plate and getting myself in some good counts which is always nice. i can go out there have fun and get myself good counts and put some good swings on the ball. >> his work ethic and his drive determination and how badly he wants it and every day he comes sort of more and more likeable as a baseball player and as a man. his teammates love him. coaching staff loves him. i think the organization is really impressed with the way scott has carried himself. >> the final ap men's college basketball poll regular season is out. villanova is ranked second. cats will next play on thursday in the big east tournament. sixers lose several leads in yesterday's los to milwaukee. the sixers still lead the bucs
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by half a game for a sixth spot in the eastern conference. the flyers are coming off a rough weekend. they gave up 11 goals combined in losses to tampa bay and florida. flyers next play wednesday at home against the pittsburgh penguins. the shooting in parkland florida close to home for shayne gostisbehere. after yesterday's game he met with some of the students and spoke with the stoneman douglas hockey team which recently won a state championship. the nfl combine wrapped up today in indianapolis. new york city. commissioner roger goodell ran. time 5.41 seconds. told he was a three sport star when he was in high school. >> we can do that right here. >> at 11:00 run it. >> i got the stopwatch. cecily tynan with the
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accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪ - honey, look what we got!
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just trying to shed those extra pounds. (giggles) me too. gettin' the beach body back... (sighs) is gonna take a lot of work. this will help you power through. one million dollar power payday, new from the pennsylvania lottery. yup, with top prizes of a million bucks. so, how do i look? like a winner. (they both laugh) keep on scratchin'! >> the winds won't be as high but the snow could be a lot more. >> could be a bigger storm of the season if this verifies. right now it's pretty quiet out there. live on sky6 taking a look at the center city skyline. just a beautiful shot. we've got blue skies, not a cloud in the sky. but there's a storm system waiting in the wings. so, winter storm watches have been posted for most of our viewing area tuesday evening through wednesday evening for the potential for heavy accumulating snow from this nor'easter. it's a coastal storm like last friday's but it will be
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developing a lot differently. so, snow really the big concern with this storm, not the wind right now, though, pretty comfortable out there. a little bit on the cool side. philadelphia 42 down from our high of 47 which is 2 degrees below normal. allentown 39. wilmington 42. and cape may 41 degrees. little bit of a breeze out there. wind chills are in the 30's but the winds will die off overnight and tomorrow even with increasing clouds it will actually feel a little bit warmer than today since the winds will be calm. so, satellite and radar, want to move and show you we actually actually have two storms on this. this is the departing nor'easter from friday. it's still kind of stuck there not moving much at all and this is one ingredient to what will become the coastal storm that will really impact our area on wednesday. so, tomorrow, pretty nice day if you need to do some more cleanup from friday's storm. we start off with sunshine. temperatures seasonably cool in the morning, 7 o'clock at 31. we get up to the upper 40's with increasing clouds in the afternoon and again, winds pretty light. so all in all a pretty nice
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day tomorrow. tuesday night, though, the precipitation moves in. looks like when it comes in we will be getting some rain mixed in especially philadelphia, south jersey and delaware and it's really, really light when it first moves in 10 o'clock on tuesday. even wednesday morning at 7 o'clock i think we'll still have a good amount of mixing. it's still really light but once that coastal low starts to intensify as it's intensifying that's when you get the heaviest snow. 12:30 we get some heavy snow developing around philadelphia continuing through 4:30 through 6 o'clock and then it's all out of here by about 10 o'clock. so, as far as snowfall amounts, we're looking at the potential for some heavy wet accumulating snow. so, this is the timeline. again, tuesday between about 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock the light precipitation arriving in the form of rain in a lot of areas, far northwest suburbs wet snow. wednesday morning it's still really light. but midday wednesday through the afternoon this is really the height of the storm. winds will be picking up 40 to 45 miles an hour gusts and
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then heavy wet accumulating snow. so expect on and snowfall. depend where you are cape may county central southern delaware two to 4 inches at at the end. lancaster about four to 8-inches. north and east of that we have a pretty wide range. eight to 16-inches, a lot of this depend on track. as the track gets more certain we'll be adding an area kind of tightening up that range but this looks like it could cause a lot of problems especially with that really heavy wet snow. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow not a bad day. early sunshine, increasing clouds, 47 degrees. wednesday the accuweather alert day. heavy snow, some gusty winds, the high 37 degrees. thursday behind that departing system it's blustery, kind of a lot like this past saturday. some sunshine, 44. friday 45 degrees, mixture of clouds and sunshine. saturday definitely the better of the two days this weekend. 46 degrees.
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don't forget to move those clocks an hour forward when you head to bed on saturday night as we begin daylight saving time and, yes, sunday late in the day sunday night into monday we have the potential for yet another nor'easter. let's take them one at a time. i'll have an update on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> all right, cecily. abc's "world news tonight" next with david muir here on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the former trump campaign adviser going rogue. testify before the grand jury in the russia inveig cooperate with robert mueller. going on live tv today, but then making bold suggestions about then-candidate donald trump, about what he allegedly knew and when. tonight, the white house responding. also tonight, another nor'easter. bracing for round two at this hour, set to slam into much of the east coast after the deadly storm already left hundreds of thousands without power. many still without power, without heat tonight. and now, this nor'easter set to hit again. the images just in tonight, the domestic figlight, the passenger who allegedly tried to open the aircraft door in mid flight. what they had to do. the middle schoolteacher removed from class, accused of leading a double


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