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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> stocking up on generators, the region braces for another nor'easter while still cleaning up after the last one. o and a major makeover for the lions and the sixers. that's next. >> an army of utility workers continue the battle in the philadelphia suburbs and they are making progress. the number of outages can be
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measured in the 10s of thousands off of a high of 600,000 plus. plus the rush is on in grocery and hardware departments because of the approach of yet another storm. this one could be our biggest of the winter by far. it is monday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is the approach of another nor'easter. storm tracker 6 radar shows the precipitation for a whopping storm. the snow up north comes east combining with moisture forming in the atlantic, barrels its way up the coast and you know what happens then. cecily tynan and adam joseph have the latest projections from accuweather. dann cuellar is in king of prussia where people are flooding the stores to get ready. cecily, how big could this be?
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>> this could be the biggest snow fall as far as one storm all winter. we have the parent low bringing blizzard conditions pushing toward the ohio valley tomorrow night. as it does, it will bring light precipitation. the coastal storm takes over on wednesday. winter storm watch posted for the area tuesday evening through wednesday night. this is for interior south jersey and all of southeastern pennsylvania, new castle county delaware. these are the areas travel will be difficult during the day wednesday into wednesday evening. this has similarities to last friday, transferring energy to a coastal low. we are not talking about incredible winds, but as it intensifies, it's pulling in the moisture, cold air and heavy
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accumulating snow develops. for more timing, let's head to colleague adam joseph. >> it's been a long few days. as we go into tomorrow evening, that is when we deal with precipitation beginning to break out, that tuesday evening, you see 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., light rain south and east, light snow to the north and west. wednesday morning you wake up saying, it's not bad. you can venture out there. things deteriorate conditions wednesday morning into the afternoon when the height of the storm kicks in and we get the wind to pick up and snow to turn extremely heavy. as we look at the impact with the storm, unlike the last storm, it's not the wind. high, heavy snow, high impact for the heavy wet snow, low impact for icing or brutal cold. strong winds and coastal
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flooding on the moderate side. wednesday morning, 20 or 30 miles per hour. as the storm ramps up, they go 30 to 40 miles per hour wednesday afternoon. that will bring additional power outages especially with the wet snow. when cecily tynan comes back, she will have the man for the full forecast. >> picot has given us the latest update on outages, 27,000 remain most of them in delaware and montgomery county. >> now to dann cuellar in king of prussia where the power is out in many commercial properties. storm number two is on its way. >> that's right, jim. with another on the way this is a microcosm of the problems we are facing tonight, a major money maker shut down due to power issues.
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over there, the united artist movie complex shut down for power issues. the champ's sports bar is shut down. at the far end of the parking lot the bahamas breeze is shuttered due to power issues that still exist. >> it's inescapable. signs on the front doors with the same message, closed due to power issues. a major blow to those that come here daily to spend their hard earned dollars. >> we will continue to work until every customer is restored. >> we traveled to collingville where a crew of workers is working to restore a transformer that blew leaving many in the dark. >> friday night was hideous, candle wax everywhere.
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the worst part is not having hot water for showers and laundry. >> 63,000 of peco's customers lost power he height of the storm. we have all 2600 peco employees committed, a plan of attack for whatever quinn might bring. >> with another nor'easter on the way, people rushed to home depot after word that a shipment of generator arrived. one after the other people were buying up generators like hot cakes. >> we are getting emergency shipments in because they are flying off of the shelves. >> patty la sage scooped up one for them and another for a friend. >> a lot of stores are out. >> we called lowes and other home depots and true value, no
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one had them. >> you must consider yourself lucky to have these? >> yes. >> peco hoped to have everyone on grid midweek. that is subject to exchange chae depending on how bad the next nor'easter hits us. jim? >> one family finds a extension cord snaking through their house running a generator. the greenburgs have been told not to expect the lights to be back on until thursday midnight. they are not excited about getting through the next few days. >> there is another storm coming. i'm very, very nervous about it. i'm scared because we only have the one space heater in the den, and our bedrooms don't have
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heat, and this morning i woke up and saw my breath. >> nine homes in the greenburg area remain without power at this hour. >> bad weather is pummeling other parts of the country. in the midwest snow is falling and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. some places have half a foot of snow. this is the scene in massachusetts from virginia to maine, people are bracing for round two. you can head to our website at for the latest watches and warnings for our next storm you can see multiple live views from storm tracker radar. check in often for the next 24 to 48 hours as the next round of winter weather arrives. a southwest philadelphia woman has been released from the hospital after being treated for a leg injury. she was asleep in her bed when a
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bullet smashed through the window of the room she was in. christie ileto is live at police headquarters. what are authorities saying about all of this? >> jim, police are trying to track down the gunman. the 72-year-old victim says she had fallen asleep while watching television when she heard what sounded like a gunshot and felt a stinging pain in her leg. she had no idea she had been shot at until she saw the shell casing lying next to her bed. >> i was laying there and i heard pop. at the same time it seemed like my leg was burning too. in pain, and shock and unsure if another shot would follow, juanita and her 38-year-old grandson tried to stay calm.
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she wondered if she or her grandson were the target? police scoured the area for seniors to determine who fired into her home. detectives say it was a stray bullet that cleaved through the window and blinds but never pierced the 72-year-old's skin. >> they don't know where it came from. it came from an angle. >> it's not clear what prompted the shooting but in fortune's 13 years of living at the complex, she has no idea who could have done this and counts herself lucky to be alive. >> i'm blessed. i might not have been here, but i am, and i thank the lord for that. >> police interviewed her 38-year-old grandson. right now, there is no clear motivate for the shooting. they are trying to track down the gunman.
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anyone with information about who that might be is asked to call detectives. jim? >> thank you, christie. a philadelphia deputy sheriff has been arrested for indecently assaulting a 43-year-old woman that also works for the sheriff eat department. steven was her direct supervisor. the victim claims one incident happened in a vehicle out on assignment last may and another in the workplace. he has been suspended with intent to dismiss. >> bill cosby returned to the montgomery county courthouse in norrisville today. jury selection will begin for his hearing march 29th. today the pretrial hearing involving the judge. the prosecution wants the judge to allow 19 women to testify that cosby drugged them and
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sexual assaulted them. some witnesses are dead and it will be impossible to defend against their testimony. >> cosmo denardo i's family is being sued by all four of his victim's families. the families filed their suits today. they claim that denardo's parents should have denied him access to guns and the construction equipment use today kill them and dig their graves. >> over the weekend, a sink home developed on aliso drive in whiteland township. senoco released this statement saying in part, we injected an
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approved concrete mix referred to as flowable fill. this action has been completed and all areas have been secured. the home of the flies and sixers will get a quarter billion dollars makeover. comcast says the mezzanine level at the wells fargo center will be unrecognizable when the work is done. you can see the space is more open with menu boards and larger food and beverage offerings. there will be new lounges in the corners of the arena and a replacement of sound system with new audio technology. this is a three phase renovation. this is being touted as the largest investment for customer experience since the venue
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opened in 1996. the work is to be complete by 2021. florida legislators take action on guns in the wake of the park land, mas car. a former trump aide makes the rounds on t.v. news, suggesting that robert mueller has something on the president. dramatic video of a dangerous fire fight in new york city. >> temperatures are dropping to the 20s. wednesday, accumulating snow. detail on how much snow to expect where you live. >> and ducis rodgers with the possibilities. what will the eagles do with nick foles? that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> the former aide to the trump campaign said he would defy a mueller interview.
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he said he didn't have time to go through thousands of e-mails he's been told to turn over and said to mueller, arrest me. he thinks mueller may already have something on president trump. >> do you think they have something on the president? i think they may. i think he may have done something during the election. i don't know that for sure. >> nunberg said he thought trump knew about the trump tower meeting between don junior and a campaign staff with a team of russians that said they had dirt on hilary clinton. in the wake of last month's deadly school shooting, the florida senate narrowly passed a bill to restrict rifle sales and allow some teachers to carry guns to school.
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the bill will raise the age to purchase a gun 18-21 and ban bump stocks. >> a group of new york firefighters were hurt this morning battling a blaze in brooklyn. the burning brownstone collapsed on top of them. two of the firefighters were treated at the scene. another two take ton hospital with minor injuries. if there were an oscar for most outrageous performance, it would go to the man that took francis gorman's statue. he posted this photo of his showing off an oscar at the governor's ball. he said he won it for best producer. it was engraved with his name and taken during the party. he was arrested, the statue returned. for any minutes you missed from
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the ceremony, go to we have photographs, videos and a list of all of the winners. >> we are not winners when it comes to the weather front. >> you know me. i usually get excited about snowstorms. >> we are tired of the winter thing. >> we need a week or two of quiet weather. not happening this week. the action cam looking at city hall center city where the skies are clear. winds are diminished. sky 6 philadelphia international airport smooth sailing tonight, not the case wednesday because we have major storm on the way. the accuweather highlights showing it's the snow that's the biggest concern. looks like heavy snow.iladelphi.
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dover, 34. we are recovering from the friday storm. satellite and radar showing at the edge here, finally spinning out of frame. it's sitting mid-atlantic. this is pretty strong. strong comma shaped heavy shaped conditions in the northern plains. that's the parent low, low pressure sweeping in to transfer energy to the coastal low. that doesn't happen until wednesday. flying into philadelphia, decent weather during the day, sunshine, increasing clouds, on the cool side, wind lighter than today feeling warmer.
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7:41. 4:47, 7:42-degrees with clouds thickening. future tracker showing 10:00 tomorrow night, we have precipitation here. philadelphia on the edge starting with rain mix, north and west snow, light tonight and tomorrow night and early wednesday morning, on the light side, 8:00. still rain across south jersey and delaware. as the storm intensifies, it's pulling in cold and moisture. the dark blue is heavy banding of snow holding along the coast. we see back end snow reaching the coast by 5:30 drying out areas south and west and it all moves out. there will be mixing across cape may county, central delaware, two to four inches on the back end. atlantic city through millville,
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south of wilmington, 48, lancaster, berks county and a large area of 8-16. as the track becomes more certain tomorrow, we'll tone it down, 8-12, 12-16 but looks like a large morning portion of the g area getting a large portion of snow. precipitation tomorrow night, 4d bands of heavy snow. blustery, clouds and sunshine, 44. saturday, partly sunny, 46. daylight savings time begins, another system coastal storm sunday night into monday, temperatures in the 40s. david murphy getting new information. he has the latest at 4:30. is there a chance none of this will happen in no.
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it's not missing us all together best of my recollection the track could shift. >> a nine-year-old from new castle county is making sure the homeless have socks this winter. sammy mitchel was inspired after visiting the shelter in wilmington. she created sammy's stock stampede and set a goal of collecting 1,000 socks by march 20th. she has surpassed that goal and is at 2,000 pairs. >> i wanted to help them because socks are warm for them and cozy, and i felt like that was the perfect thing to do. >> sammy says she's going to donate all of the socks to local shelters.
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>> what to do with nick foles? that's what howie roseman is trying to figure out. >> if they trade the superbowl winning quarterback, they expect >> king's ransom in return. the birds are asking for a steep price. eagles got a first and fourth round draft pick for sam bradford. eagles are asking for more than that. we are three and a half weeks from the counting. until then, make believe in clear water. nick va les cez, two scoreless innings, three strikeouts.
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that's reece hoskins with the solo home run, 1-0 lead. two more in the fifth inning. phillys win 4-3. ever since chase utley has been traded phillies are looking for the second baseman of the future, they may have found it in scott kingery. he had 26 home runs last season. the soon to be 24-year-old may not open in the big leagues, but he's well on his way. >> the goal is to come out here and have fun and try to prove what i can do on the field. i'm getting good counts which is nice. taking it a step further, scott's valentine is his work ethic and drive and
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determination how badly he wants it. everyday, he comes more and more likeable as a baseball player and a man. his teammates love him, coaching staff loves him. i think the organization is impressed with the way he carries himself. >> still ahead, basketball, villanova gearing up for the big east tournament 6789
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>> villanova is up to number two in the men's a.p. college basketball poll. cats play thursday in the big east tournament. they have shown signs of mortality in the last month or
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so. >> we are making progress. we like the group. we like being together, we have a lot of work to do, but you don't want to waste time. we want to take advantage of every second we can get. >> they have to play their best basketball now. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." jimmy's guest tonight, katy perry. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's katy perry, oscar-winning director guillermo del toro, mean tweets music edition and guille ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ sit. sit. relax. it's embarrassing. [ cheers and applause ]


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