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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 6, 2018 12:37am-1:05am EST

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, the pink wave. coast to coast more women running for office than ever before. as the midterm elections kick off tomorrow, we're with congressional candidates in texas. >> come to mama. come on, baby, hurry. >> hoping to make history. >> i'm going to go for it. and here i am. sorry about this. >> no, it's okay. >> how the present political climate is motivating this movement. plus, hunky health care. he's been named "people" magazine's sexiest doctor alive. building his brand into social media stardom. with the help of his adorable husky. now opening up about his dating life and his childhood insecurities. >> i didn't have a lot of female attention growing up.
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and arie you kidding me? >> i choose you today. >> the "bachelor" shocker that no one saw coming. breaking their engagement and becca's heart. >> i feel like my future was ripped away. >> and the dramatic announcement from host chris harrison. but first, the "nightline" 5. number 1 in just 6 ♪ ♪
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there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ thanks for coming in today. when it comes to planning for retirement, i get this a lot. first comes denial. not worried. plenty of time and money. then anger. why didn't i start saving years ago?? then fear. what am i gonna do now? bargaining. what if i start saving more next year. then, acceptance. we should get started. ♪ ♪ ask me how a citizens retirement checkup® can help you reach your potential. ♪ ♪
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good evening. thanks for joining us. the 2018 midterm elections are shaping up to be among the most hotly contested in history. with more americans getting involved than ever before. tomorrow in texas the election season officially kicks off, and it's looking like the future really may be female. "nightline" welcomes abc's senior congressional correspondent mary bruce. >> reporter: judy canali still gets emotional thinking about the time a friend made her realize now is her time to run for congress. >> i thought i'm going to go for it. i'm going to go for it. and here i am. sorry about this. >> no, it's okay. >> reporter: she's part of the pink wave rolling through the heart of texas. we came here ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> that's a nice welcome, good texas welcome. >> reporter: to meet these three women, first-time congressional candidates from both parties.
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they join roughly 50 other women facing off on the ballot tuesday. the kickoff of the 2018 mid-terms. coast to coast more than 400 women are running for congress. that's double the number that ran in 2016. with president trump's approval rating hovering around 40%, texas is a key test for the democrats. one of the critical issues driving these women, immigration. if the president is able to build that big beautiful wall that he wants, well, it would be felt here in this district unlike anywhere else because just in this one district there's 800 miles of border. that's 40% of the nation's border with mexico just in this one district in texas. along the border in this vast congressional district that stretches from san antonio to el paso we meet democrat gina ortiz-jones. >> there's a lot more that we could be investing in in this district, in this country. right? i'd rather be investing in smart healthy kids, not a smart wall.
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>> reporter: she could be the first iraq war vet, the first lesbian, and the first filipina-american to represent texas. >> as a first generation american what do you make of some of the president's comments on immigration? >> it's unfortunate when the commander in chief does not understand, does not appreciate that we are a country of immigrants. >> we're all from somewhere else and we need to appreciate strength and that will continue to be a strength in this country. >> reporter: a year ago jones, a career civil servant, was working for president trump's administration. today she's running against his agenda. >> i think we're being tested as texans. we're being tested as americans. is this the kind of country you want to live in? are these the type of leaders that reflect our values and the values of our great country? and i think the answer is we need a change. >> reporter: working the phones at her local campaign headquarters -- >> early voting has started. >> reporter: jones says she considers herself part of the resistance. >> it can be surprising that the number of women running, the number of women of color rung. the people that have the most to
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lose. you cannot be surprised that they have stepped up and said you know what, i'm done assuming somebody is going to do that for me which i could do for myself. >> if donald trump had not been elected would you still be sitting in an office in washington working for the administration? >> potentially. potentially. it's hard to ask that question because we're not in that situation. but i know, you know, what these times have called me to do, and this is it. so this district is basically a political seesaw. right now it's being represented by a republican. but in the presidential election it went for hillary clinton. this is the kind of place that democrats are going to have to win if they have any hope of turning red states like texas blue. >> reporter: a few hours up the road in rural crystal city, candidate canales is meeting with voters. >> i'm already the first female. there's actually two others that are running but i'm the only one that comes from over here, from this district. >> reporter: she too is fed up with the trump administration. >> i almost hardly ever want to say his name. i cannot believe our country went in this direction. and so we've got to do something better. >> reporter: she says the
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president's words about mexican americans and immigrants are too painful to ignore. >> i thought to myself, we're all mexicans now. how dare he talk about my heritage and my community in that way is it. >> reporter: deeply proud of her hetage, she the first la tetina to represent texas in washington. >> i'm latina, i'm bilingual, i speak spanish and these are my roots. very often how do i say this? >> they don't see women that look like you or talk -- >> or talk like me. >> reporter: democrats are hoping female candidates will he flip the house come november. early results already show an uptick in democrats heading to the polls. but there are also plenty of conservative women running to support president trump. t alma arredondo lynch on her ranch. ♪
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where she sings to her beloved longhorns who diligently come when she calls. >> come on, papa. >> reporter: she's a proud cowboy hat-wearing texan. >> a woman in a cowboy hat. what does that symbolize to you? >> strength. >> reporter: and conservative. sh behd she says the current reprrt the president. >> if we get enough people that are conservatives like myself who have the passion in their heart, yes, we can shake up washington. >> do you think it's going to take more women to shake up washington? >> conservative women, yes. >> reporter: on immigration she does not mince words. >> i believe in the wall. i really believe in the wall. a physical wall. >> and why do you think a physical wall is needed? >> because if we don't have something to stop this illegal immigration, if we don't have a border we don't have nty. we neee don't have sovereignty,e don't have civility. and if you don't have civility, we don't have liberty. >> reporter: her message to the dreamers, those undocumented
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immigrants brought to the u.s. as children, is blunt. >> i would want them to go back and enter the country like everybody else does. line up. >> deport them all. >> deport them all. >> deport them all. i just don't want them here. i want them to come and i want them to enter our country legally like everybody else. if you go well, that's mean spirited. i want to be mean spirited. >> you want to be mean spirited. >> yes. because for too long we've all kind of being the foster parent for all of these people other than the american people. when do we ever come first? we never come first. >> reporter: today in washington a missed deadline to decide the fate of the roughly 700,000 dreamers, leaving them in limbo. uncertain if they'll be deported. over 100,000 are in texas.rgani jessica azua. >> there is a lot of uncertainty. i don't know what to do. i always try to be very positive. we don't know what's going to happen.
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it creates a lot of fear. and that's what we feel. >> so we've come across another stretch of the border here. as you can see, this river is all that's separating the u.s. from mexico. and this is what people in washington need to understand. what they don't understand that for so many here the border is quite literally their back yard. >> reporter: the voters we met in texas regardless of political party all agreed on one thing. change is needed in washington. do you think washington understands the concerns of voters like you? >> no. >> no. >> probably not. >> no. >> no. >> without hesitation. >> you have to be corrupt. you have to play their game. >> you think the whole system is corrupt? >> yeah. don't you? >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm mary bruce in san antonio, texas. up next, how this real-life dr. mcdreamy became a social media star. and later, the shocking twist. >> i feel like my future was
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28-year-old mikhail varshavski, also known as dr. mike, has posted his way to social media stardom with 2.6 million instagram followers and counting. >> can you walk down the street without being noticed? >> the selfies happen all the time. >> yes. what is going on? what's up, guys? >> especially in crowded areas like airports, you're talking about a restaurant, they'll ask for medical advice. >> reporter: his popularity fueled by picture perfect snaps of the good doctor with his dog roxy, babies, and working out. and he dishes out a healthy dose of medical advice on his youtube channel. >> what video has gone most viral? >> actually it was my first video that i uploaded. it's called "morning routine." >> hey, everybody. dr. mike here. >> i showed the health effects of my morning routine, what it means to your brain when you do something as small as make your bid before you leave the house, when you do some stretching in the morning, when you take a cold shower. so people really related to that. >> can i overdose on claritin?
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>> once a day, no. >> reporter: medical news you can use. >> sorry to tell you this, it doesn't do anything. >> it doesn't do anything? >> no. >> reporter: from a man who many say is easy on the eyes but has fans wishing they were due for a checkup. >> how did you get into becoming this instagram sensation? >> honestly, i got very lucky. i had this viral moment. >> reporter: and that moment came after buzzfeed discovered his instagram profile and published this article back in 2015. >> they came out with their article and they called it "hot doctor and his husky." then in that week i probably gained a million followers. >> reporter: since then his social media profile has taken off. some of his posts are paid for by sponsors though he won't divulge how much he makes from them. he's brought his medical expertise to television. >> actually, a 24-hour shift is actually more favorable to residents themselves. >> reporter: he recently completed his residency and now practices family medicine at overlook medical center in new jersey. >> do you think the fact you are
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this social media celebrity gives you a little more street cred? >> actually, the biggest impact i've seen is not only are more people coming in for preventive visits just to have a conversation about their health, but also people are relating to me a lot better in a sense. and they'll say oh, dr. mike, i saw you and your dog twheekd, you went to the park and we can get 30 seconds about that and now we're comfortable. >> did you have any idea he was this social media celebrity? >> not at all. >> what do you like best about dr. mike? >> he's compassionate, he's knowledgeable. he's got a very personal way of connecting. easy on the eyes is just a bonus. >> reporter: when he's not comforting babies or on call -- >> yeah. >> reporter: -- dr. mike spends time building his brand. >> we're thinking about doing kick i kicking cancer's butt. i'm trying to say what visually can go along with that. >> reporter: but it takes more than just his good looks to make these videos go viral. >> you have to do something extra. you have to optimize it so the each algorithm clicks it.
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you have to predict what people are searching for, what they're more likely to click. >> reporter: the video he's putting together today highlights a charitable cause close to his heart. >> if something pops up that wasn't there before, if some new pain occurs, go see your doctor. >> reporter: and he's not afraid to get personal. >> i decided to take some time to honor my mom, who unfortunately i lost during medical school. >> reporter: like in this video dedicated to his late mother, who died from cancer. >> her heart stopped. medical students, residents like i am now, run into the room, start doing chest compressions, and it's obviously futile. >> it's a horrible moment. and we needed something positive. and we got roxy. and she's been such a blessing because in a moment where we were grieving for the loss of my mother we also had something positive. >> reporter: roxy is his famous husky, who has her own instagram page and 44,000 followers. >> you made the dog an internet sensation. >> roxy is a star on her own. she is beautiful, number one. she's incredibly well trained.
12:57 am
i spend a lot of time training her. >> she gives a fist bump. >> she gives a fist bump. she gives hugs. when i do events like breast cancer walk she'll come in, she'll pose for pictures. so she's a star in her own right. >> reporter: but roxy isn't the only female in his life. >> are you dating? do you have a girlfriend? >> very common question. i understand. i am dating. very beautiful lady. >> i'm jennifer lahmers. >> reporter: his girlfriend, fox 5 anchor jennifer lahmers. >> you're breaking a lot of hearts out there. >> i know. it's a great relationship. we feed off each other's enthusiasm. that makes me happy. >> i read that you are new york's most eligible bachelor. your response to that? >> i guess i was at a point of time. but now that i'm very happy in my relationship i guess i'm not the bachelor. >> but your reaction when you were given that title. >> i grew up as a huge nerd. >> reporter: born in russia, dr. mike moved to the united states with his family when he was 6 years old. >> i was studying a lot. i didn't have a lot of female
12:58 am
attention growing up. i was very skinny and awkwardly tall. so i never got any of that attention. >> reporter: is it true you used to read books about how to talk to girls? >> yes. how to talk to anybody really. i was always scared of public speaking. i was very nervous speaking to other people. i was nervous speaking to the opposite sex. so i did read books on the subject and i tried to see how can i get comfortable with my own self before i approach other people. >> how are you? no? i'm a doctor. is there anything i can help you with? >> no. >> reporter: surprising perhaps for a man whose lifeblood is connecting with millions by sharing his world. >> hi. i'm a doctor, and i was just wondering if there's anything i can help you with ladies today. questions, concerns. i can -- >> should i be eating all this cookie dough? >> is that really cookie dough? >> yea. >> using social media, using all of these things, i'm able to improve my influence as a doctor in a good way where i can help my patients live a better life, reduce their cancer risk, have better exercise, diets, all of
12:59 am
these things that make a huge difference in their lives. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm lindsey davis in summit, new jersey. next, so much for her happy ending. the "bachelor" surprise that left becca crying and alone. you've tried moisturizer but there's one... that blows them all out of the water. hydro boost water gel from neutrogena®. with hyaluronic acid it goes beneath the surface to plump skin cells from within and lock in hydration leaving skin so supple, it actually bounces back. the results will blow you away! hydro boost and our gentle exfoliating cleanser from neutrogena® thisat red lobsterest.
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but having his parents over was enlightening.
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and finally tonight, he broke his promise and her heart. tonight on "the bachelor" a stunning development. arie offering the final rose and a lifetime of happiness to becca. >> becca, will you marry me? >> of course. >> only to take it all back. >> i -- i know i made that commitment to you. and i know that this is like -- this is obviously a shock for you. and i don't think it's fair to be half in with you.
1:05 am
i don't think it's fair for us to continue and to know that my head's somewhere else. >> breaking their engagement and becca's heart. >> i feel like my future was ripped away. >> but it's not over yet. the episode ending with a shocking announcement from host chris harrison. >> the network has given us an additional show tomorrow night where we will bring arie, lauren, and becca back together on this stage. >> is there still hope for arie and lauren? and you can watch the surprise bonus he episode of "the bachelor" tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. thanks for watching abc news and "nightline" and as always, we're online on our "nightline" facebook page. good night, america.


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