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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 6, 2018 3:40am-4:00am EST

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illusion. >> she's fantastic. i'm sure oli you can relate to this. the captions say have a baby, they said. it will be fun, they said. >> what's the mr. em? >> oh no, pretty sure they didn't just finish an ice cream cone. >> baby kyrie has a hint on dad daquan. >> they love you and you get up close to them and they just about lah! >> some sugar for some sugar, it's caroline's 1st birthday and alison and matthew her parents are singing "happy birthday" to her. ♪ happy birthday to -- >> i knew it. she went in for the dessert.
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they didn't tell her she was supposed to blow out the candles first so she went for it >> she'll never want to eat cake again. >> that could be a good thing. ♪ happy birthday to you -- meredith is 2-year-old and got two delicious doughnuts in front of her. they light the candles and she's ready. she knows what's supposed to take place. >> blow really hard. >> she's blowing. >> almost. >> are you ready? one, two, three. blow! oh, sorry honey. >> you got one. >> one down. >> oh they're tricksters. >> her parent didn't know they were trick sparkler candles until they got them on the doughnuts. she didn't know what to do with the trick candles so holds her little fists tight. i'm just wishing for it to be over. >> honest will i if you don't make your child cry on their birthday you're doing it wrong. >> thanks for joining us today.
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we'll see you next time on a brand new "rtm." ook with an oscar. the only problem. it wasn't his oscar. >> he allegedly took frances mcdormand's oscar while that governor's ball. >> it was the moment of the night. frances mcdormand setting the oscar down and asking women to stand up. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. >> reporter: but if only there
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was an oscar for most outrageous performance. >> got this tonight. it's mine. >> reporter: that's terry bryant who they confirm shot this video and posted it to his facebook page. only thing is police say that's not his oscar. and actually belongs to mcdormand. shortly after the show, she got engraved. but even with her name etched in gold, police say that didn't stop bryant from swooping in when mcdormand left the statue out of her sight. bryant showing off to unsuspecting party goers, allegedly holding the statue as his very own golden ticket. chef wolfgang puck's photographer couldn't believe it either. he followed bryant and grabbed the oscar. bryant, who has a long rap sheet didn't resist. he was eventually arrested and mcdormand was reunited with her
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little guy. he had a legitimate ticket to the governor's ball. we reached out to the academy to find out how he got that ticket and if they're changing their security protocol. so far no answer. >> huh. >> so strange. >> didn't think you'd be able to get that kind of access just by buying a general ticket. maybe we can go afterall. they'll have our pictures up or something. don't let these two in. when we come back the drama-filled "bachelor" finale is here and so is the "bachelor" appallgist.
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♪ skinny the ♪ skinny the skinny the skinny some wild stuff topping off the skinny and bachelor nation. >> let's get straight into it with our senior national global analyst. are you all right? >> i taught we were going to
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need another visit from tim and the "world news now" lounge after this. holy god. we got to do what we got to do. so off to peru. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. ari and lauren in peru with his family. they were meeting him. they said they love each other for whatever reason. things were going well. becka also met ari's family. everybody loved each other. so ari's parents said they were both on team becka. so we'll see how it goes. next here's becka coming on stage after lauren has been dispatched with extreme prejudice. as they said in "apocalypse now." becka k. there to have her dream come true and that sets up our
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sound bite of the day. >> my love for you is unmeasurable. becka, will you marry me? >> of course. >> there you go. >> yea. and they live happily ever after. >> you're thinking that's pretty much the deal. >> tv wedding. >> did you see that? a little foreshadowing there. the rose broke. okay. so here's what happened. they came back from peru. no big deal. ari gets in his own head, as the saying goes. he can't stop thinking about lauren b. next. this was the start of -- this is the start, kendis, off a happy couple weekend. it ain't going to be happy for long. ari is struggling.
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he said he felt sick to his own stomach. we can understand why. and that gets us to the sound bite of the century. >> ooh, the century. >> to me the more i hung out with you, the more i felt like i was losing a possibility of maybe reconciling things with lauren. >> so what? do you want to be back with her? >> i want to see if there's that possibility. >> are you. [ bleep] kidding me? >> that's what happens when you tell two women on national television that you love them. all that was followed by a lot of walking around in the house where the happy weekend was going to go down. she told him to leave five or six times. finally he got the idea and left. >> amen.
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>> she says she called the whole thing brutal. there was a lilt bit of her talking to chris harrison afterwards. called the whole extravaganza brutal. that, unfortunately, bridges us to tonight, the live after the final rose. the combatants will be ari, becka k., lauren b. and chris harrison. >> so are they together now? >> you got to watch. >> it's a cliff hanger. >> a ton of tissues, all the nonsense we can handle. i might wear a elhadimate. on that note, analyst out. >> that's a lot. jack, thank you. on some lighter news, my besty, dwayne "rock" johnson took home a big award, a razzie. a little different from the oscars. >> so "baywatch" beat out
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"emojis", "50 shades darker" to be the worst. >> so it's kine of like you're the best. >> ifb one at being bad. n one a. . . . . . the best. >> number one at being bad. it's funny really, nobody ever does it and yet it happens.
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try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. i also want to send best i also want to send best wishes to barbara streisand. i don't know if you heard she had her dog cloned. and now she has two dogs that are identical to the original dog, which is very difficult and expensive process. you know first they have to find a dog that looks just like your dog and they have to tell you they cloned your dog. >> that's comedy. >> comedy there. >> skinny bonus round now. that was jimmy kimmel talking about barbara streisand and her clone dogs. and they posted the most barbara streisand thing you'll ever see. a photo of her little dogs in a
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stroller visiting the grave of streisand's late pet sammy. >> or as she says they were visiting their mother. she's the l coton de tulear. >> the what? >> and she writes the point is my little girls were looking at their mother pictured on her tombstone. it's an amazing photo. okay. >> thanks, babs. moving on macaulay culkin was home alone, tweeting during the oscars. they live tweeted through the whole award show. he wasn't actually watching the show.
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>>? instead he filled the things he was doing which did not include watching the show. he was painting his toe nails. >> he also made interesting observations including going to "coco" the movie. saying the best score was new england 33, philadelphia 41. >> zinger. >> if you're in new england, too soon. and allison janney is not taking any time to rest after her big win sunday night. and obviously celebrated to the we hours but the next morning she was at her 11:00 a.m. table read for her sitcom "moms." >> and interring to applause. a writer's assistant made janney a special t-shirt saying i survived award season and all i got was
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making news in america this morning -- plenty to say. >> i have not had a drink. >> a former trump campaign aide goes on a tour of cable news, claiming russia may have something on president trump. but will sam nunberg speak with investigators? his story changing overnight. breaking now, a blizzard tearing through the midwest. leaving icy conditions. now taking aim at if storm-weary northeast. we have the latest forecast. danger on the slopes. children in different states dangling from ski lifts as people rush to save them. plus, who stole frances mcdormand's oscar? the overnight bachelor finale with a twist. and the bots take over the burg


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