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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 6, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> now on "action news" time for a one-two punch. accuweather is tracking another nor'easter as crews race to get out from under all the damage left behind from the last one last friday.
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>> breaking overnight, fierce flames tear through two mobile homes in montgomery county. >> developing now, traffic trouble. an overpass ripped the roof right off a tractor-trailer and the driver says that's a minor problem, i'm going to just keep going dragging the sheet of metal down the tight streets behind him. >> unbelievable. goodgood morning everyone its 50 on this tuesday march sixth. david is off, matt pelman is here and karen rogers is taking on this nor'easter with boxing gloves. >> there we go. you officially have me scared. [laughter] >> as i often do. yeah, you got to be careful in the weather but today is not a big deal so if you're traveling today you don't have to worry, we're dry most of the day t let's start you off right now in the weather center. you'll look at satellite and radar and you can see that we've got clear skies to start you off. we're going to see bright sunshine early on. as you look to the west, there you can see the beginning of the precipitation, right. that's that first low that draws close to it. ahead of it we've got some cold air. it's just in the mid-20's in the lehigh valley. in fact 23 in reading.
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30 in philadelphia. 31 degrees right now in cape may. so, below freezing everywhere. the wind chill is not as much as of a factor today. we have lighter wind we start off i was sunshine at 7:00 a.m. 29. you'll see the clouds increase through the afternoon. still dry at lunchtime. run your errands, do what you need to do. kids come home from school 3 o'clock, no problem, you're dry it's 47 degrees, increasing clouds. at 7 o'clock tonight during your evening commute the weather shouldn't pose a big problem. 42 degrees, the light precipitation will be beginning around 7, 8, 9 o'clock. let's take a look at what you can expect. the winter storm warning is in effect ooh. it goes into effect at 7 o'clock this evening through 3 a.m. tomorrow. that's the highlighted area in pink where we expect the bulk of the heavy snow. the area in blue is the winter weather watch in effect for the same time period. here's the timeline of what you can expect. between 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock we see the arrival of some precipitation. it's going to start off as light rain through much of the region but some wet snow
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arrives in the lehigh valley tonight. tomorrow morning light snow north and west. we'll still be getting some light rain south and east. it's not that the morning commute is going to be such a terrible issue. it's what happens after the morning commute. through late morning into the afternoon hours, it's windy with some heavy wet snow. i'll show you what this looks like on future tracker6 and talk about some of the key time periods coming up in a few minutes, matt. >> at least you're giving us dry commutes today. thank you for that. good morning, karen, good morning, everybody. it's dry, not too bad in the great northeast along 95. no southbound delays just yet as you head down towards center city but not so dry here by penn's landing. this is columbus boulevard, delaware avenue, the northbound lane, some tidal flooding out here this morning near summer street has pretty much everything blocked off. i would just stay over on 95. don't try and drive through this big, big puddle along columbus boulevard. some of the traffic lights still out along kelly drive as we continue to clean up from friday's big storm. in germantown, rittenhouse street still blocked by
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wissahickon because of a downed tree. couple chunks of queen lane remain blocked in east falls. gypsy lane also blocked near lincoln drive. have a downed tree along city avenue underneath the schuylkill partially taking out the right lane and city avenue at 59th street traffic lights still on the fritz there. also still have some downed trees in chestnut hill, portions of bells mill and cresham valley drive remain blocked. northern delaware still without parts of creek road and centreville road because of more storm damage on this tuesday morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. with another nor'easter heading our way, peco is running out of time to make repairs from the last storm before we're in for a potential round two. 90 percent of customers are backline, that's good. but not if you're part of that other 10 percent. that's 20,000 people out there who are still in the dark and the cold. and some of the hardest hit areas of montgomery county hotel rooms are booked up with local residents. normandy farm in blue bell says about 40 rooms are filled with people dealing with having no power and it's still
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lights out for several businesses in king of prussia. shop 30's are flooding a home depot trying to get their hands on an emergency shipment of generators. >> don't want to take that chance again. this is a hot commodity. >> yes, it is. a lot of stores are out. >> in the lehigh valley, ppl electric has ranked friday's storm as one of the top 10 most damaging weather events they've ever had to deal with. hardware stores near allentown are expecting new shipments of rock salt this morning in preparation for another sizable snowfall. >> breaking overnight, two mobile homes went up in flames in montgomery county. firefighters battled the intense blaze for nearly an hour. a viewer in lower pottsgrove township sent these images to "action news." the fire broke out in one mobile home on high street at around midnight and the flames quickly spread next door. there are no reports of injuries and no word aren't what sparked the flames. >> what in the world? that's all you can say as you see this crazy scene that unfolded
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in philadelphia overnight. a tractor-trailer driver tried to squeeze through a low underpass. it didn't work out so well but he just kept going dragging the roof of his truck which had all but peeled off behind him for miles. let's turn to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes. she's live in point breeze for more on how this happened and the damage that's been left behind. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, to you, tam. you got to wonder if this driver did in fact not hear or not know that this was going on. that means he didn't hear the initial impact as his roof was being peeled off and he didn't hear the debris dragging behind him. it's about 50 feet of that debris, you can see it starts about right here goes all the way up of course to the truck and the actual door, the back door is hanging offer as well;, off as well. this as the driver went across intersections through narrow roads, witnesses watching in shock and confusion. this is incredible video shot by an "action news" viewer at 21st and christian showing
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this truck as the driver traveled more than 3 miles with the entire roof dragging behind it. the loud sound of the metal scraping the asphalt waking up dozens of people in the process. the second viewer video is actually a person running alongside the truck as he's recording all of this. police say this all started at around 10:00 last night at 12th and callowhill streets when the driver crashed into this overpass which peeled off the roof of the semi trailer and ripped off the back door. now, the truck finally came to a stop at 21st and point breeze where the truck enforcement department fined the driver. no charges have been filed and it is unclear at this hour if the truck driver was that under the influence of drugs alcohol or any substance at all. we have not yet been able to get ahold that of driver and we haven't seen him come to the scene. now, police are also looking along this 3-mile trek to see if any vehicles were damaged as a result of this. it would be very surprising if there wasn't any damage.
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we're looking to confirm some reports that we've received but again, the truck driver, we've not yet been able to get ahold of him but no charges have been filed. we'll let you know as soon as we get some new information. reporting live in point breeze jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> quite a ride. thank you jeanette. a delivery man is recovering from the shooting in north philadelphia last night. the action cam was there as medics placed the victim in an ambulance. the shooting happened on the 2000 block of west haggard street. the victim told police he didn't realize he had been shot. he's being treated for a neck wound and is expected to survive while police search for who shot him. a southwest philadelphia woman spoke exclusively to "action news" about the terrifying moment a stray bullet flew through her home. it happened on the 7100 block of brant place early yesterday morning. 72-year-old juanita fortune says she fell asleep watching television when all of a sudden she heard a gunshot. >> i was just laying there. then i heard this pop. when i heard the pop, my
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leg -- at the same time that i heard the pop, seemed like my leg was burning, too. >> now, the stray bullet only left behind a bros bruise on fortune's knee. >> a sheriff under arrest accused of indecent assault. detectives say 42-year-old steven postell forced himself on a 43-year-old coworker twice back in may. he was the victim's supervisor at the time. postell has been suspended were an intent to dismiss. >> 5:39. turning now to accuweather and honestly karen you are the only person that can protect us from all these nor'easters that keep coming up the coast. >> that's right, i'm trying to do my best. well, today i'm shielding you from it because we're dry right now. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan. no prob else will. let's go outside and show you what it looks like. much of the day is dry. we're looking life. it's a cold start. we're already 30 degrees. we can see a hint of the sunrise as you look over here.
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isn't it pretty as you look towards the east. we'll see bright sunshine at least early on. satellite and radar showing we're dry right now. we're going to have clear skies but this is the precipitation. look at the depth of the storm. here's the area of low pressure that brought blizzard conditions to the midwest. that tracks towards our region, transfers its low to a coastal storm that provides the nor'easter for us. ahead of that, today is kind of the calm before the storm. you start off with sunshine. it's just cold. at 7:00 a.m., 29. at 9:00 a.m. its 35. clouds start to increase through the afternoon. temperatures hit the upper 40's. the wind chill isn't as much of a factor. and we're dry at 5 o'clock. even at 7 o'clock at night, 42. many areas will still be dry. we have light precipitation that arrives later this evening. let's show that you on future tracker6. here's a look at 9:30 tonight. and we can see rain south and east of the city for the most part, little icy mix north and west, some snowfall in the lehigh valley just beginning later tonight. continues into the overnight hours. tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock,
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when you're commuting, you're going to have some rain south and east of the city, kind of on the border of that with a little bit of a wintry mix through the city and snowfall north and west. then the trouble really starts after that. so, we watch through the later morning into the afternoon hours when the storm pulls down its own colder air and you get that thump of kind of heavy wet snow and windy conditions. so, this is a look at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and you're traveling through some heavy snow wrapping around and we can start to see parts of interior south jersey getting that as well and then it ends tomorrow night. so, let's walk through what we expect. along the coastline not very much, one to 3-inches. about three to 6 inches in atlantic city, millville, wilmington, lancaster, through interior parts of southern gloucester camden burlington counties and then you see this area of pink through much of the region cutting through parts of northern burlington, ocean, camden, gloucester counties, philadelphia, delaware county, the lehigh valley. a general six to 12-inches of
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snow. but we are going to see some isolated bands that reach up to 16. they'll be fine tuning this through the day with adam and cecily as the models progress to see where that higher band will fall. but we want to warn you that it is a heavy snow, a wet snow that's going to be difficult tomorrow. let's talk about it with your accuweather forecast. today turning cloudy, not a big deal, 47 but precipitation arrives late this evening into tonight. tomorrow morning it will still be a mix in the city likely, rain south and east with some snow in the lehigh valley but late morning into the afternoon and early evening that's the worst time period to travel in. 37 degrees for your high. by thursday morning, we still have a couple of snow showers in the lehigh valley but we're dry during the day. some sunshine returns, 42 degrees. on friday, it's brisk and chilly, 43. saturday mostly sunny, 46. you set your clock forward saturday night into sunday but sunday we're watching the coast again.
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looks dry during the day, 47 but sunday night into monday we get a mix of rain and some snow is possible with this again. so we'll be watching for that potential monday morning. so, for today, dry for the morning commute. eastern the evening commute is mostly dry. it's just that the end of the evening commute and tonight when that light precipitation arrives. >> okay. we will be ready. >> got it. >> thank you, karen. time right now 5:43. new this morning, a midair scare. passengers jump into action to help the crew get a passenger under control when she tried to open an emergency exit. >> also in chester county, three large sinkholes have opened up along the same block in just the span of six months. what neighbors are saying is to blame. matt. >> tam we're watching some drivers try and drive through this tidal flooding along columbus boulevard northbound here by summer street close to the ben franklin bridge. i don't think i'd do that. i would stay over on 95 instead. and there's some new flooding in south jersey. i'll tell where you when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:46. our month frankford nor'easters continues as we take a live look at the ben franklin parkway, 30 degrees right now on city avenue. nor'easter number two arrives this evening probably starts as rain, heavy snow tomorrow. >> so much to look forward to, matt. >> i for one. wishing that march could be a little more lamby, a little less -- >> i like the lamby part.
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>> unfortunately i guess that's not the case. at least this morning things are dry as you hit the highways like 42. a gathering crowd here in the northbound lanes by creek road heading up toward 295 and 130. and oh, what a shock when you have tidal flooding you usually have flooding here near the brooklawn circle so if you're headed to the brooklawn diner this morning watch out. getting reports there's a vehicle stuck in the tidal flood waters along 130 southbound near broadway there in brooklawn. hopefully they get out there to help them out before too long. in burlington county, it's emergency construction that we're watching along 130 northbound side approaching kinkora road. a lane is out. no delays yet but if that stays out there through the morning commute it could cause delays later along 130 northbound. hilltown township bucks county still have downed wires blocking diamond street. keystone drive or green street gets you around it but in towamencin orvilla road reopened. downed wires cleaned up. whitpain morris road still closed because of downed
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trees. skippack pike gets you around that. northeast extension northbound still has construction between mid-county and lansdale taking out a lane and down in delaware, our southbound construction on 95 has cleared but now we're getting word of a northbound accident on the ramp to airport road and there's some slowing there as you come north of christiana. >> fellow passengers restrain an unruly woman. travelers say she tried to open an aircraft door. the plane took off from san francisco and was headed to boise idaho yesterday. police were waiting at the gate. the plane landed safely. >> a former aide to president trump is now backing away from his vow made across a number of broadcasts yesterday that he was going to defy a grand jury subpoena to the russia investigation. sam nunn berg is supposed top hand over thousands of e-mails and other documents to special counsel robert mueller. nunberg instead made the
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rounds on television talk shows yesterday declaring he was not going to cooperate. he also made the cryptic insinuation the president "may well have done something wrong during the campaign" though he said he didn't know for sure. it was hard to tell what was going on. last night in a reversal nunberg told the associated press he's angry but in the end he'll likely find a way to comply. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> good stuff this morning. even though they're not double stuff it's national oreo cookie day. >> i love when you bring treats. >> pass them down. >> i only do double stuff. >> i'm so sorry. >> that's just more for karen. >> let's go outside and check the blue route while we eat. 476 by media swarthmore on the ramps. some of the traffic lights still not working in this area but traffic in the main lanes of the blue route is moving fine. elsewhere in delco darby paoli road still blocked because of downed wires. 320 is opened though this morning. that can get you around it. other than that shuttle busing on the 101 trolley in delco we're looking good so far this morning on mass transit. karen. >> i love when you bring props. satellite and radar showing we've got clear skies right now. you can see that the clouds are going to increase,
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precipitation not that far off. here's a look at storm tracker6 live 3-d. that area of low pressure still well out here near minneapolis but as it tracks towards our region, it's going to transfer its energy to a coastal low that will track up the coast and bring us some heavy snowfall through parts of the region. so, that's why the national weather service already has this winter storm warning in effect. that's the area you see in pink here from 7:00 p.m. tuesday to 3 a.m. thursday and this is the area, philadelphia through trenton, lehigh valley, mount pocono where you could see over a foot of snow in some spots. we'll talk about totals coming up but i just want to talk about the winds. gusts to 40 to 45 miles an hour compared with the last storm that had up to 70 miles an hour gusts so not as much wind but we have the wet ground and weakened trees, more power outages could be an issue especially with that heavy snow, tam. >> ♪ so i want my glasses to be unique...
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>> sunoco fixing gaping holes in the ground caused by one of its pipe lines in chester county. chopper6 was or the 400 block of lisa drive in west whiteland township. three sinkholes opened up there over the weekend. one crater is estimated to be the size of a swimming pool. sunoco released a statement saying in part co-we injected an approved liquid concrete mix or sometimes referred to
5:57 am
as flowable fill into holes that were created by soil movement. this action has been completed and all areas have been secured ." >> a man faces grand theft charges for for stealing the oscar statue from frances mcdormand. video of the suspect terry bryant waving around what is the best actress trophy as he leaves the governor's ball on sunday night. now he was telling other people he had won that statue for best producer. bryant even posted about it proudly on social media. when you're stealing an oscar it's probably best not to go on social media. a photographer who didn't recognize bryant as a winner alerted security. the statue is now back with mcdormand. >> 5:57. if you are a new parent you know it can be tough to put a child down for a nap. still ahead, hear why several day care workers in the midwest are in trouble for their sure fire way to get the little ones to sleep. >> amazon bank loyal customer
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reportedly explores a new business venture. details coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday march sixth. here's what we're following. >> we are timing out when the snow arrives as utility crews rush to restore power before this next powerful nor'easter hits. >> also developing this morning, a bizarre ride in the point breeze neighborhood. the roof of a tractor-trailer is ripped off by an overpass but that does not slow down the driver who drags it behind him for miles. >> unhappily ever after. a shocking end to the "bachelor" season finale. hear why arie had a change of heart


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