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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 6, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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tuesday afternoon the big story on "action news" is the next nor'easter the monster storm is coming together right now even as thousands of residents remain without power. >> crews are racing to bring the lights back on before the arrival of round two. and this time we are expecting up to a foot of snow in places and potentially damaging winds. our team coverage starts with melissa magee in for david murphy tracking the latest forecast from accuweather. >> we are tracking the storm as we go through the rest are of this evening and throughout the day on wednesday as well. we have a winter storm warning in philadelphia from pointses north and west and it goes into effect 7:00 p.m. and lasts through wednesday evening and a winter storm watch for the blue shaded counties interior section ises of south jersey and for northern delaware. the greatest impacts are in philadelphia and points to the north and west. as far as what we are tracking here stormtracker 6 live double
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scan radar showing you the area of low pressure out of the northern plains where folks were dealing with blizzard warnings and storm warnings. and this area in the southeast. that area of low pressure across the northern plains will transfer the energy to an area of low pressure off the coast and then our nor'easter blossoms. later on tonight we have the snow in philadelphia. and we track all the moisture and transfer its energy to a coastal storm. so 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. and heavy wet snow across portions of the delaware and lehigh valleys. and if you drive home you will be in the thick of the storm. we'll talk about the headlines and the timeline with the next nor'easter, 7:00 this evening through 10:00 tonight light rain and wet snow will be arriving and wednesday morning for the commute. allow extra time. yes light snow and some spotty accumulation overhead and light rain to the south and east.
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but the heaviest time period looks to be wednesday through the late morning hours and evening hours with windy conditions and heavy wet snow. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. more details and an updated snowfall map coming up in the seven day. >> thank you. not much time to finish cleaning unfriday's mess. crews are making a push to clean up the roads once the next blast of snow arrives. john rawlins is live now with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: this is a race to get this done before what ever hits us here hits us. at the peak we had 637,000 customers out of power and yesterday evening 50,000, and they cut that number in half but still racing to try to get people back online as fast as possible. but that brings us to the story
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today. bringing in state crews from parts of pennsylvania to help clear out trees. >> the state foresters dozens of people pitched in in hard hit delaware county. the goalp peco reestablish power but given all the trees, so the state crews hit the ground running yesterday to supplement the private companies and township and borough crews clearing trees. and some people out of power still after 90 some hours. >> there is a lot of frustration in the community about the pace of recovery and restoring power but these folks are here to help us, they are not charging the residents and trying to clear driveways and streets. and the safety element is a concern and wires are a big deal but they are not here to take
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the debris with them. >> reporter: well, you are looking at debris and the crew moved on and they cut it up and move tropical disturbance to the side and the street is open and the next step is for utility crews to come and restore power on norwood avenue. it's not sure when they will get here but now they have is a clear path to go ahead and work. it's a race to get as many people back online before tomorrow's storm. >> thank you. you can head to our website at for the latest watches and warnings as this next round of wintry weather arrives and see multiple live views from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. >> and the morning team will get up and early -- they don't like it but they will. to help you navigate the storm. tune in tomorrow after 4:00 a.m. for the latest road conditions for school closings or delays.
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we learn more about the truck driver that took a bizarre ride through philadelphia. he tried to squeeze through the overpass at callow hill and did not work out. the roof ripped off and he kept going dragging the roof for three miles. he tell "action news" he never saw the clearance sign and decided not to stop because there was nowhere safe for him to pull over. the driver is fined but no charges are filed. flames tore through this mobile home park in montgomery county. several "action news" viewers captured the dramatic images. the fire started just before midnight and quickly spread to a second trailer along high street. and investigators trying to figure out what sparked the the blaze nobody was hurt. bill cosby and his attorneys are back in court for norristown. they are fighting to prevent
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dozens of his accusers from testifying during the upcoming retrial. vernon odom is live at the montgomery county courthouse with more on today's arguments. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, these cosby pretrial hearings are quite contentious and the lawyers body slamming each other of allegations of ethical violations fly around the courtroom and the new defense team from the west coast are very aggressive. day two of pretrial hearings, this morning bill cosby's lawyers are presenting arguments against the prosecutions bid to have at least 19 women that they that they too are drug and assault victims of cosby and some allegations date back to the 60s. and they say they need to show a pattern of conduct. and he told the judge these are ancient allegations too old to
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be credible and unprofession unprofessionalab unprofessionalable. constand is the former temple employee who says that cosby drugged and sexually molested her in january of 2004. in his mansion. and judge prevented all but one other cosby accuser from testifying. that was declared a mistrial. and the request for more is to enrage the jury in the me too climate. the hollywood sexual harass many scandals and the judge will not rule today as the two days of pretrial hearings wrap up. rick, of course bill cosby contends he is not guilty of the charges here and jury selection is set for march 29th, and the retrial is set to open on april 2nd. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon, thank you
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the three republicans hoping for the chance to challenge tom wolf for the pennsylvania governorship went head to head in center city. laura elsworth and state senator scott wagner met for a fifth delate. the candidates talked about the health care in the keystone state and education funding and infrastructu infrastructure. voters decide on may 18, which man will face governor wolf in november. and north korea may talk to the united states about giving up the nuclear program. that kim jong un agrees to pause the nuclear and missile tests during such talks and agreed to meet with south korea's president in april. the first time in more than a decade. today president trump tweeted this may be false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. more ahead on "action news"
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at noon. president trump is denying reports of chaos in the white house. we have the latest on the staff members who future may be in jeopardy. >> a 5-year-old girl survives a terrifying ordeal how a sea instructor and strangers safford her life. and melissa magee is back with the seven-day forecast.
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authorities in florida are laying out their case against suspected gunman, nikolas cruz. prosecutors are expected to begin presenting the grand jury with evidence against the 19-year-old today. is he accused of killing 17 people in parkland florida. and now the grand jury will begin considering formal charges. hours after lawmakers in the florida senate narrowly approved new gun measures. restricting gun sales and allowing teachers to carry guns in school and it goes to the house where there say similar bill waiting for consideration. and president trump is pushing back against chaos in the white house. but current staff members that are thin ice. here is the latest from washington. >> reporter: there is say is a
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sizable list of a source of speculation. including jeff sessions and jared kushner and hr mcmaster to name a few of the roughly dozen people discussed as possible staff shakeups and president trump out right today that there may be personnel changes coming and denies a presidency in turmoil. saying, there is new fake news that there is a chaos in the white house. >> and one is not holding fire. >> donald trump caused it because he is an idiot. he voiced frustration over the special counsel investigation and lob the bombshell investigation about what then trump new about the meeting. >> i don't know why he went around trying to hide it.
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he shouldn't have. >> he did not back up the claims which the white house has denied but now the top democrat on the house committee wants to question him. >> certainly he has light to shed on what the president new before the trump tower meeting we would be interested in finding out. >> after saying he would defy the subpoena now he says he will cooperate with special counsel, robert mueller's investigation. channel 6 "action news." well, the missing wreckage of an aircraft carrier was found after his demise in world war ii. he discovered the uss lexington 500 miles off the australian coast. 216 crew members died when the japanese sank the ship in 1942. and all this time the wreckage was sitting two miles we below
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the surface of the coral sea. and a young girl survived a terrifying ordeal. 5-year-old sara slipped off the ski lift and the ski instructor grabbed on to the hood of her jacket and held on her to for over a minute. and sara's mother was at the top of the list and come down again to see if she was okay. >> she says her tongue hurt and has bruises on her neck and leg. >> they appears to have slipped off the seat because it was iced over from the night before. they are just thankful to the instructor that saved her life. still to come on "action news" a stunning turn of events on the bachelor. details of the major drama that
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left fans hanging. >> and it may go down in history as the greatest "wheel of fortune" puzzle of all times.
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for the first time in 13 years lego sales have dropped 678 the danish company ended a long streak of growth. fueled by star wars products and the lego movie. .
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the championship tight isle is now on sale. the nfl if i am manies released the title today available at the eagles pro shops and online at the super bowl victim got attention here on "wheel of fortune." last night the contestants had to solve this puzzle and the category was headline and the answer philadelphia eagles are
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superbowl champions. that never gets hold. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview. coming up in today's show from dealing with muddy strollers to slippery baby shoes if you have a young child at home or maybe a couple of kids you'll want to watch today's what's the deal. we have tips and tricks and sp hacks to sipply any parents life. you don't want to miss. coming up three day care workers are arrested accused of giving toddlers gummy bears laced with melatonin and they say they did nothing wrong and some people agree with them. we'll break it down when we see is you at 4:00. >> we'll check the track of the northea'easter when "action new comes right back.
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meteorologist, melissa magee is back now with a check of the forecast. boy this time tomorrow what will we see? flurries? snow? precip/. >> we will be into the heavy snow the heavy wet snow 1 to 2 inches per hour.
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this is the time period to watch come tomorrow. we'll show you the picture outside. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you it's dry right now and no issues with precipitation and starting the moisture develop. as we go throughout the rest of the evening hours and into tonight. from a northwest to southeast direction. here is the picture outside sky 6 hd looking at independence mall. on the tuesday afternoon. we still have sun overhead and sun giving way to increasing clouds and we are tracking round two our latest nor'easter. right now in philadelphia 44 degrees and 45 in allentown and 38 if the poconos. and 47 in millville. at the coast 39. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing you a fair amount of sunshine overhead and sun giving way to increasing clouds, we'll widen out the picture here because what we are tracking is essentially our storm starting to form. we have an area of low pressure moving across the northern
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plains and the great lakes. and this area of low pressure is going to transfer its energy to a coastal storm that will develop and work its way into the mid-atlantic region as we get into tonight. future tracker 6 showing you 8:00 tonight. we have light snow to the north and west. and rain here in philadelphia. and mixing will be taking place as we go throughout the overnight hours. by midnight light snowfall accumulation and nothing heavy to the north and west and temperatures cool down as the snow develops. rain to the south and east and you picked up tomorrow morning for the commute. not a whole lot of precipitation will be around. i would certainly allow extra time because there is mixing going on in philadelphia and light snow to the forth and west and rain to the south and east. and the bull's-eye and time period we are watching, look at this 11:00 a.m. tomorrow as the column of cold air continues to cool at the surface. we have snow in philadelphia. mixed precipitation further to the south and east and rain in extreme seasonal and delaware.
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4:30 tomorrow afternoon we are in the thick of the storm and departs from a west-east direction after 6:00 tomorrow evening. we are underneath the winner storm warning, 6 to 12 inches of snow is likely but there will be an area reading and berks county and lehigh county up to the poconos where you could find 12 plus inches of snow and philadelphia may be closer to the 6 inches and because the storm is taking its time as far as the development. there will be a sharp cut off to the south is and east with the snowfall totals that. is something we are fine tuning and we may update the map later on this afternoon. the totals dependant on the track and we find the system warming just a bit after the surface than will delay the arrival time of the precipitation and begins with light rain and mix to the north and west and ramps up into wednesday afternoon and the roads will quickly be covered. and the winds will not be as
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strong they will be quite blustery through the afternoon hours. we could have gusts from 40 to 50 miles per hour especially at the coast closer to the center of that storm. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you turning cloudy today ain high of 47 and underneath the accuweather alert on wednesday with heavy wet snow and a high temperature of 37. sunshine returning on thursday in at 42. and then we have temperatures in the 40s for the rest of this week. we'll keep a watchful eye on this storm. a new model run comes in at 1:00. we'll have more details by then guys. >> thank you. in the next half hour we'll head to the lehigh valley for storm preparation going on there. and a shocking end to the season finale of the batchelor why ari had a change of heart.
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12:30 now and we begin the second half hour with this second nor'easter just hours away from hitting us tomorrow. this one brings heavy snow and perhaps a foot or more in the philadelphia area. getting around tomorrow not going be easy. the snow and wind could cause pour power outages. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the massive mess heading our way and may start out slow and don't let your guard down the heavier punch will be nasty. timing is crucial for any storm but perhaps more so with this one because there is a lot
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of damage and power outages in the wake of friday's nor'easter. this is video of crews racing against the clock to clean up the damage. "action news" walter perez made the trip north to check in on the storm preparations there. but first lets head outside to melissa magee in for david murphy. >> the latest information is showing that the storm is trending a little warmer and delaying of the arrival of the coastal low, having said that however, this is going to be a significant storm bringing significant snowfall to portions of the delaware and lehigh valley. we have the winter storm warning up for philadelphia to points northern and west. tonight through wednesday. and we have a winter storm watch for interior south jersey and northern delaware. this is what we are tracking, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d we have an area of low pressure moving out


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