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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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counties. they lost power during the last one on friday during the nor'easter. this all day storm will certainly test the resources. >> and the storm has a bit of everything and getting around will be difficult especially during the evening commute tomorrow. road crews are cross the region are loading up with road salt to get ready to deploy as needed. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is standing by in norristown. walter perez is live in south whitehall township with how folks up there are getting ready. >> but first lets go to meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph live in the "action news" weather center. >> we are tracking and talking about the storm for days and now seeing the ingredients coming into play for a major winter storm to hit the area. >> this is a major winter storm for any part of the season but when you talk about march it's impressive and your location whether you see a foot of snow or more or a wind driven rain.
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lets head over to the "action news" weather center i want to show you the radar. things are really coming into play and one low pressure moving into the ohio valley. that is the system that brought conditions to the northern plains. and that has the cold air aloft. pulling it down. and the other low developing is loaded with moisture pulling up moisture from the gulf of mexico. and pulling in moisture from the atlantic and these two low pressures get together and phase and that is what brings us our major storm. we do have winter storm warnings in the areas in pink essentially the i-95 corridor areas northern and west and potential for wet snow and interior south jersey under an advisory that will get mixing that holds down the snow amount there's. this comes as a progress and they get together and phase off the carolina coast and then future tracker 6 at 1:00 show wrez in the height of the storm. all the moisture is pulled
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non-the cold air and that creates the bands of heavy wet snow in parts of our viewing area. this is the timeline. tonight as we get the moisture from the low over the ohio valley moving in we get light precipitation beginning in the southwest from 7:00 until 11:00 the height of the storm kind of bankers hours tomorrow. ending from the southwest to the northeast between 5:00 and 9:00. all about location depending where you are. lets head to meteorologist, adam joseph. >> this is a classic storm. we break it down zone by zone. here along the pennsylvania turnpike. i-95 points north it's snow from start to finish. either side of i-95 there is say battle zone at times of wet snow, sleet and even rain and mainly rain in the far southern areas of new jersey as well as delaware. in fact we highlight the area
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along i-95. really a difference over 35 miles from norristown to williamstown. there could be a 10 inch difference in the amounts of snow over the very small amount of real estate and it all depends on how much sleet and rain mixes in with the snow. and that is still the biggest question with the storm. >> it's along i-95 does is it stay snow or flip over for an ex extended period of time. the wins are another issue, gusting 45 to 55 philadelphia to the east. 35 to 45 in the heavy snow zones to the northern and west and that creates more power outages. unfortunately as we step forward into the day on wednesday. what to expect here overall tonight into the day on wednesday. the snow is heavy and wet no matter where it falls. it will be hard to shovel and remove given the weight and the amount of moisture in that snow. it will stick to trees and wires
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and that creates additional power outages. meteorologist cecily tynan, has the expected snowfall map in just a bit. >> thank you. in the past hour philadelphia announced the snow plan during a briefing here at city hall. the snow emergency starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow officially. and you must be out of the way of plows by then. if you see a tree falling on the house, a car or blocking a road. call 911. if you come across a tree on a power line. call peco not 911. >> and as we mentioned new jersey will be under a state of emergency starting at 8:00 tonight in anticipation of the nor'easter, governor phil murphy made the announcement. the northern part of the state is still dealing with major power outages and the storm will likely bring more. this declaration allows the state to move funds where they need to get resources to residents. >> and dann cuellar is live at the penndot quart nor us in
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norristown. >> and they are giving an update how to keep traffic moving during the storm. >> reporter: that is right guys for penndot this nor'easter is the same song sec verse. they were through the drill last week. and they expect to have all hands on deck when the storm blows through here. throughout the day penndot crews are gearing up for another nor'easter and taking the storm seriously. >> we are devoting the penndot trucks and pieces of equipment to keep the roads safe and passable and handling emergencies to come out on the highway. that includes cutting up trees. you heard right, penndot crews carried on extra duties having to cut trees on major roadways including one on the schuylkill expressway. they expect to do that again this time around. when the heavy storm we get 10 inches and 8 inches and 12 inches.
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please don't pass the plow trains. we put three, four or five trucks together and go down and clear a highway. >> penndot says they have 70,000 tons of salt on hand. more than enough to handle the storm and others that come down the pike. emble and disperse beginning tonight. we are lt the penndot yard. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." back to you. walter perez is in south whitehall township for us tonight. folks i lehigh valley are stocking up. >> a wave of penndot trucks let to pretreat roads as the lehigh valley gets ready for the second coastal storm in less than a week. penndot crews spend the day in allentown gearing up and getting ready. >> we have contracts that automatically refill the salt if we get low. >> and penndot's preparation
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includes a request that everybody postpones unnecessary travel especially when the storm kicks into high gear around mid-day. meanwhile at midnight tonight penndot imposes a ban on tractor trailers and rvs and all as snow emergencies are prepared preemptively in municipalities across the lehigh valley. and we caught up with people stocking up on snow storm essential. >> milk eggs and honey. and the honey do list in my back pocket. >> lisa is stocking up for an elderly couple she takes care of. >> i got them milk and eggs and basics i plan and spending the next few nights there. >> allentown averages 32 inches of snow per year so far this season they received 29 inches
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so this storm is expected to cover the difference. back to you. >> thank you. the "action news" morning team will be on 30 minutes earlier to help you navigate the nor'easter, join matt tam david and karen for the latest on the storm's track and road conditions and school closings and delays all of that start agent 4:00 a.m. in other news tonight a sexual predator and his accomplice is on the run after an attack on a woman in center city philadelphia sunday morning. detectives just released this surveillance video of the attackers along the 1300 block of lombard street. one grabbed and strangles the victim at 5:30 a.m. and pulls her to the corner of south watt-street and stole her backpack from running away. pretrial hearings are finished in the retrial of bill cosby. and the young must decide what both sides can present in the
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case. vernon odom was live there today. >> bill cosby leaves court after a day and a half of previal hearings thateatured hand to hand combat between the da and the defense team. he spoke briefly with the media. >> this will be tried in the courtroom not the media. >> cosby lawyer, becky james argued against the prosecution bid to bring in to testify at least 19 women that say they too were drugged and sexually assaulted dating back to the 60s. they need their testimony to establish a pattern of bad conduct. and they say it's ancient allegations too old to be credible. and they say this is about two people bill cosby and andrea constand. she believes it's to stir up because of the me too movement.
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she says cosby drugged and er at his mansion in '04. the last trial ended in a hungge o'neil did not issue rulings today. >> bill cosby maintains he is not guilty of the charges lodged against him here. jury selection is set now for march 29th. vernon odom channel 6 "action news." in norristown. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report tuesday night. >> all right matt pellman is in the traffic center things are getting busy and nothing compared to tomorrow night. i'm starting to feel jittery tomorrow and it's the typical nonsense along 95. northbound lanes coming out of the city past this point at the betsy ross bridge to cotman avenue. but if you get off of 95 in northeast philadelphia watch out you can't access the local portion of woodhaven westbound.
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you can stay on woodhaven route 63 from the boulevard and local woodhaven remains closed there. and in advance of this coming storm we are cleaning up from the last storm. portions of dels mill road remain blocked and radnor township. closure at gulf creek road and a pole downtown a rider truck on king of prussia road. in lower merion we have bryn mawr avenue at old gulf blocked off and lincoln drive northbound at johnson downed trees up there jamming us up for the commute. and southwest philadelphia a water main break we are watching this afternoon blocking bartram avenue and 84 and. and tidal flooding near brooklawn speeds of 9 miles per hour if the area because of restrictions at 130 and 47. and not bad on mass transit but tomos running severechedule basica saturday scheduleokay
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thanks matt. our coverage of the approaching nor'easter con aor y n t couldl and could tolrt. ali gs here wit tofe >> and we are not ter storm across nine states from our area north to new england. we have the full accuweather forecast.
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lth check tonight a eaclea literally be a pain in you back. ing ali gorman joins us with more on how to handle it. they are nothe light fluffy snow but dense heavy snow. if are you not careful and not
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using proper mechanics it could lead to back sprains and here we go again. shovels ready and get your bready. because shoveling wet snow is especially heavy and taxing. and it could lead to injuries one of the mistakes is benning at the west bending and lifting to toss snow. a good way to pull the back muscle or worse. instead be sure to keep your back tall. bend with your knees and move your feet to turn. also try to push snow as much as possible. instead of lifting. using a smaller lighter shovel will take longer and can save your back. and experts say treat shoveling like it's a workout. you want to warm up before and take breaks and drink water and stay hydrated. but i want to mention, if you have heart problems or know that are you not in good shape. it's better to hire someone else to do it for you to stay safe.
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>> thank you ali. pennsylvania order general pasqual came today to listen he met at the montgomery county human services center and talked to him about the opioid epidemic and owner challenges of the job. he is seeking ways to ease overwhelming case loads due in part to staff turnover.
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zon as a hub the prime grocery at this warehouse at chestnut. philadelphia is bidding it be a new headquarters for amazon. and target is raising it's minimum wage to $12 an hour this spring. the hike announced by target is for seasonal work there. and targets earnings are slightly below expectations. and republicans trying to challenge tom wolf went head to head in center city today. paul mingo and scott wangner med for a fifth debate and talked about the health care system as well as education funding and infrastructure. voters will decide on may 16th which person will face governor
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wolf in november. ♪♪ abington senior high school students performed the hunch back of notre dame at mckinley park. it teaches people to not judge someone by their appearance.
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time nor a check of the all important accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan, is here now with a closer look at what to expect tomorrow. >> a bigs developinw. and the form the moisture comes in depends your lo hti to the "action news" weather center we have winner storm warnings posted for all of southeastern pennsylvania and
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manager county and areas to the north for tonight into wednesday. this is where we have the greatest potential of that heavy wet snow. significant snow on the way advisories posted for interior south jersey and newcastle county. temperatures now kind of nice the calm before the storm. philadelphia 47 degrees and mt. pocono 42 and beach haven 41 and wilmington 44 degrees. the temperatures are slightly below normal. cold air in place, and this is a system like last week where it creates its own cold air. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the moisture st from the deep south. you see it in chicago. the low pressure providing energy and cold air when they phase and inten if i. and that is when the storm system cranks uptonight we get moisture ahead of the main nor'easter by 9:0 generally on the light snow. begins at light rain don't let your guard down systeanksay y 7:00 in the
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mo we have the change over to snow in philadelphia. south jersey delaware stillraining and again it's light but once into et the storm system quickly intensifying and g down the col y banding along the i-95 corridor and still rain in south jersey and parts of delaware season snowing heavily in the poconos. and by 5:00 it starts to wind down. and areas south and west and all out of here later on tomorrow night.alking about as far this tremendously tight gradient of snow you don't have getig . cape may county southern aware. no snow. this is a rain ev you look at atlantic city through millville. m rain and minimal 1 to 3. interior south jersey 3 to 6 inches and the i-95 corridor. 6 to 10 north and west suburbs andey and the poconos this is where we get the highest accumulating snow. looking at 10 to 16 inches of
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snow. then is where we have the highest confidence in the forecast. double digit snowfall is likely in the lee survive. and lower confidence and what happens along i-95 a big kiss discreptsy mixes in. and it could cause a lot of problems mixing with snow on the roads. and that is the area to watch and questions on that. the five-day at 5:00 we have got a windy heavy wet snow tomorrow and winter storm 37 is the high. and thursday we begin to climb out of here. blustery and 42 degrees and could be a rain or snow shower across the lehigh valley and the poconos. friday 43 degrees with aningshower possible and saturday 45 degrees and we ring forward one hour and given day light savings time and sunday increasing clouds and we will have more details on that coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> busy week. >> thanks cecily. our coverage of the approaching northeast is next.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. less than a week after a nor'easter left a trail of debris and power outages we are tracking another storm that could cause problems today and tomorrow. >> and a driver that dragged his arrive behind for three miles after hitting an overpass. and a local mayor makes a big announcement. >> now the details -- the sec nor'easter to hit the delaware and highlehigh valley is just hour as way. check the bottom of your screen or online at for school closures. and it's creating issues for
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travelers tonight. septa plans to operate regional rail trains on a severe storm schedule tomorrow. mirroring a saturday timetable with some adjustments. septa asks customer to avoid travel if at all possible. and a modified schedule on the northeast corridor between washington, d.c. and boston. a full list of septa and amtrak changes can be found on the website at we have live team coverage ahead of the nor'easter tonight. john rawlins is live in delaware county with a look at how towns reeling from last week's storm is preparing for what is coming next. but first meteorologist, adam joseph, with how much snow we'll see. >> it's all about location it's a classic event that north and west gets most of the snow and south and east gets the mix and mainly rain along the shore. stormtracker 6 live double scan here is is the energy we talked
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about this yesterday diving into the ohio valley and notice the precipitation is broken in nature, that is beginning to fall apart because it's pushing the energy into the atmosphere to the coast and it's filling in with precipitation to the coast and heading up the eastern seaboard and it ramps up tomorrow and winter storm warning in every area in pink. a large amount of real estate from northern parts of maine new england and down to the mid-atlantic including philadelphia, lehigh valley and poconos. and the blue area is an advisory for parts of new jersey and northern delaware. the pink zone is where the heaviest snow is going to fall. the impact scale getting rain or sleet. and nasty during the day tomorrow. moderate impacts on the roads and rails and airways. and impact quickly, through lunch and afternoon into the evening showers and then it starts to trail off as the storm departs at 7:00 p.m. in the morning a yellow light
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slushy roads northern and west of philadelphia and wet roads to the south and east with rain in the even red light everywhere with heavy wet snow and gusty winds. we'll chat about the snow totals coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. the news of tonight's storm could not be worse for towns still cleaning up from last week's nor'easter our live coverage continues with john rawlins in havertown and preparations for the next one. >> reporter: hi monica they are mopping up from one storm and preparing for another. this is the 1200 block of manor road. most houses have power but four or five do not. a big tree over the road that snagged a wire was cut up a few hours. and across the delaware county area the priority is to get streets clear and get power back to people if possible.
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norwood borough for more than 72 hours this very big tree blocked urban avenue and kept peco crews at bay but bright and early this morning the foresters from the department of conssation and natural resources cut the tree up in 45 minutes. and the wait for utility crews to restring power lines. the goal restored power for dana cavanaugh and her neighbors. >> now you need a peco crew? >> that is the hope to see them soon. before the snow comes and we are stuck somewhere else. >> but by late this afternoon cavanaugh was still stuck in the dark. the forecast is on the mind of officials. friday's storm brought down 75 trees here and knocked out power to 75% of the township. most customers are back online but trees are still blockinroads and officials racing to before they have to roads tomorrow. >> if i have a street that isopen i can't plow it.
5:33 pm
or plow it t downing. the tree down. the goal is to get the trees open. >> it complicates matters? >> absolutely. >> echoing the call to clear roads. >> we have concerns about the incoming storm with all the wires and trees down we may bury them in the snow and now doubling the hazard. a hazard you consee. >> the race i many streets as possible. as far as restoring powers. peco numbers, between 16,000 and 17,000 remain down from 50,000 this same yesterday.n half town john iranins, channel 6 "action news." the morning team will get an early start to navigate the nor'easter. tune in tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. for the latest road conditions. and an overpass in philadelphia's point breeze section was damaged after a tractor trailer crashed into it and the vehicle continued to
5:34 pm
drive down city streets mor miles literally dragging the roof behind. and jeanette reyes spoke to the driver. >> like a sardine can. >> traffic along 21st and point breeze avenue as perplexed drivers and passersby slowed down and stared. at 10:00 last night the driver of this truck failed to clear the overpass at 12th and callow hill street. the roof was pilled off a back door torn off and with more than 50 feet of debris traveling behind the driver traveled more than 3 miles to point breeze. this shows the truck crossing the intersection before driving down the narrow street. witnesses say they thought it was a plane nearby. that was the sound of the metal scraping the asphalt. the driver marcos talked to "action news" and says there is a lot more to the story.
5:35 pm
in spanish he explained he was well aware of what happened. he is a driver for cross carrier an el paso based company and has been a driver for 30 years and never had an accident. he says there was no safe place to pull over and had to kee going until i was able to stop. the philadelphia is investigating the authorities are saying that the driver is fined but no chargfiled. to word on whether the the dr was under the influence of any kind or if cars were damaged. >> the tractor trailer is over 2000 company truck lot and the driver tells me they are weighing options on the quickest way to get it back to el paso texas. a $500 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of a robbery suspect in burlington county new jersey. an rob aid td bank on chester avenue on february 18th and was last seen getting into a blue chevy impala
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and if you recognize him or the car you are asked to can't the authorities. from the new jersey newsroom after decades o the mayor of eggs not seeking re-election. he made t announcement today the 76-year-old republican is brought of his record but says time for someone new to . and he plans to move to atlantic city when his term expires at the end of the year. time to get an update on the highw at tur. matt pellman is live. >> oh boy. what is going onhing compare to wha on tomorrow at this time. it's time to get ready and fill up the gas tank and put the shovel in the trunk of the car and time to make the preparations like penndot is doing stocking their salt trucks for the big day. on the schuylkill expressway big delays on the eastbound side. at this point just volume and we watch it live here near the conshocken curve. on the big picture still a bunch of storm damage from the last
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storm. and lincoln drive johnson street and kelly drive the traffic lights are not working. a water main break in southwest philadelphia. bartram avenue is blocked not far away from the airport. and downed wires blocking media house road. and a downed pole from an earlier crash blocking the lanes this afternoon and tidal flooding in brooklawn 130 southbound is a mess. and for tomorrow keep in mind the regional rails are on a severe storm schedule that is basically a saturday schedule and patco announced they too will run a snow emergency schedule starting at midnight tonight. we'll be here to get you through it. >> thank you matt. more ahead on "action news" tuesday night. after months of heated exchanges between the u.s. and north korea. a shocking report of a possible nuclear freeze. and she is one of president trump's top advisers and now
5:38 pm
accused of breaking federal law. we'll explain. >> and meteorologist, adam joseph, tracking the latest. how nice it was todsunshine and temperatures well into the 40s. and the numbers are crashing into the 30s tomorrow. and we'll chat about the rain and snow and wind with the nor'easter coming up in the seven-day forecast. and the flyers invited special guests to their practice today.
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top u.s. officials say they are skeptical about north korea's sudden willingness to give up their nuclear weaponsouth korea says hegreed to pause the nuclear and missile tests during talks with the u.s. and south korea had the first meeting with north in a decade. and president trump tweeted it may be false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. and a watch dog accused kellyanne conway of breakin ral law that conway violated the hatch act twice last year and attempted to influence voters when she spoke out in favor of roy moore in the senate
5:42 pm
race last year. the office sent its finding for president trump for appropriate disciplinary action. jaime apody here and the flyers are practicing. >> back on the ice a rough road trip and swept out of the sunshine state. hoping to rebound from a brutal back to back by starting another one. flyers on the ice in voorhees and a full practice after a day off to regroup. and then travel to boston thursday. just two points out of the top spot and flyers have help. okay wayne simmons missed a game with an upper body injury. how does it feel? >> i just want to be abe to come impact. >> he is a big our team and ready to go. and it's nice to have him back in the lineup. the team hosted troops from mcguire dix lakred story and smiles and lunch.
5:43 pm
we'll have more on that story at 6:00. >> they meet again the sixers are in charlotte tonight hoping for a repeat performance. they just beat the hornets by 11 on friday. it's just about that time. march madness is upon us and conference touament temple opens up thursday in orlando against tulane. they need to win the tourney to get into the big dance. >> now, everybody is in a neutral site situation and hopefully that will mean we are not worried about anything on the road we are all on the road at this point. i hope we can make shots. and for us that is a huge key for us. shooting good shots leads to us making shots and that is how we have to set it up. >> the big east tournament begins tomorrow but second ranked villanova has a by and opened on thursday. and they will play market or --
5:44 pm
>> and the great atmosphere and tradition at madison square garden. not something on our mind we are just going to do what we do. >> i love the big east tournament. you know it's one of the best termournaments out there and we play hard and love it as does every big east team out there. congrats to coach donahue, he led the quakers to a 12-2 and hosts yale on saturday. nothing like the madness of march. >> thank you jaime.he first woman to coach in the nfl spoke in center city in 2015 jen welte as a linebackers coaching intern. and then the cards coach found her playing and doc rate in psychology made her a good
5:45 pm
fit. welter told the city to keep pushing barriers and challenging others to be better.
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15 homes were evacuated that day. after a csx train collided with a tractor trailer. and investigators in centerville say more than 7,000 gallons of hydrochloric acid spilled and the driver was air-lifted to the hospital and three owners were treated for exposure. valley forge military
5:48 pm
academy and college announced the next president. general walter t. lord a south philadelphia native will take over as president at the delaware county school in april. general lord spent 36 years in the military. all right we are all about the weather now. another nor'easter in five days getting the double whammy and here is addam. >> march madness in the weather center. it's unfolding and there is plenty of moisture down to the south already gathering and that system in the midwest is falling apart and feeding storm taking over and pulling moisture from the atlantic. and snow already in central parts of pennsylvania. the take aways with this storm it's a high impact storm for everybody. whether at the shore the city the poconos or the lehigh valley. the peak is daytime on wednesday. 9:00 until 5:00.
5:49 pm
that is really the times we have the height of the storm and the heaviest snow in the northwestern suburbs of pennsylvania and the strongest winds will be right along the coast. and even winds inland are fairly powerful with this storm. as we look at temperatures with the sunshine today. not bad and mid to upper 40s. and low 40s along the shore in dover and doesn't feel like snow right now. as this system ramps up and deepens it pulls down the cold air to flip everything to snow and that happens tomorrow afternoon. satellite 6 along with action radar there is the energy diving down and classic to set up the storm. future tracker 6 showing the rain and snow overspreads the region, snow north and west and rain to the south and southeast and temperatures in the 30s. and stays in the 30s slushy roads in pennsylvania. and wet roads early tomorrow
5:50 pm
morning new jersey and delaware with temperatures well into the 30s. but then again as that system develops off the coast here comes no the wins out of the north and pulls down the cold air and we collapse the column in the atmosphere. and everything flips to snow i-95 northern and west and parts of interior south jersey and at the tail end it will flip to snow even at the shore before it ends before it departs and temperatures flirting with freezing to the north and west and slippery treacherous travel where all the heavy snowfalls. we have high confidence and low confidence. high confidence double digit snowfalls in the lehigh valley. and high confidence it's a lot of rain south jersey and delaware. low confidence with the mixing going on along i-95. there is a battle zone rain to sleet to snow. and if it sleets a lot. in certain areas it will cut
5:51 pm
down your numbers, but again as we look at the expected snowfall maps. this 10 to 16 is a very good bet in all of those areas in the purple to the north and west. nothing much to the south and east and 1 to 3 dover and atlantic city. and this area chads work salem 3 to 6 inches of snow. and right along i-95 this is the battle zone. if you mix with sleet for a good period of time it will be closer to 6. and if all snow are you closer to 10 or more even more in the city of philadelphia and mount holly and trenton but depending on the track. 10 to 16 if you are in this area it's a good bet. we'll talk about power outages and the weight of the snow. where it is all snow 1 to 2 inches an hour blinding snow and even thundersnow is possible with this storm. to show how powerful it will be. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast windy with the heavy snow and rain to the south and east and flipping to
5:52 pm
some snow before the end of it at 37 and brisk and some sun on thursday 42 degrees and friday 43 the weekend looks dry and we turn the clocks ahead one hour saturday night and the southern storm on monday looks to slide to the south and we'll watch that for monday and partly sunny tuesday at 46 degrees. we'll have more updates on phl 17 and the social media pages. check out the storm 24 hours a day at and the latest hourly forecast as the nor'easter approaches.
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burlington store as agreed to adopt more than 42 teachers in burlington county.
5:55 pm
[ applause ] >> that was the reaction at fountain wood elementary school after burlington stores announce aid donation for the elementary schools as part of the partnership. and it's money will go toward classroom materials. that is wonderful. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a powerful nor'easter taking aim at the delaware and lehigh valleys again. the late word from ac weather. and team coverage for the forecasted snowfall. for adam joseph jaime apody, cecily tynan and rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogerss cecily tynan and jim gardner. storm tracker 6 radar give us the blue print for what could end up being the biggest snow storm of the year. it begins with a mix of rain and snow tonight. and ends with a whole lot of snow on the ground tomorrow. transportation companies like new jersey dot are ready to plow. while folks are flocking to stores for essentials to clear the snow and keep the lights on. and as the person who founded the study of meteorology once said. here we go again. the big story on "action news" tonight is the second nor'easter in less than a week. philadelphia public and parochial schools have announced they are closed tomorrow as have many other districts in the
5:58 pm
region. a list of school closings is running at the bottom of your screen. we have got "action news" reporter dann cuellar at the penndot beat in norristown. christie aleto is live at philadelphia city hall and walter perez is in the lehigh valley. but first we need to the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph. cecily i know this could be bad but just how bad are we talking about? >> it depends on your location. parts of the viewing area will see more than a foot of snow and other parts getting wind
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