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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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essentials to clear the snow and keep the lights on. and as the person who founded the study of meteorology once said. here we go again. the big story on "action news" tonight is the second nor'easter in less than a week. philadelphia public and parochial schools have announced they are closed tomorrow as have many other districts in the region. a list of school closings is running at the bottom of your screen. we have got "action news" reporter dann cuellar at the penndot beat in norristown. christie aleto is live at philadelphia city hall and walter perez is in the lehigh valley. but first we need to the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph. cecily i know this could be bad but just how bad are we talking about? >> it depends on your location. parts of the viewing area will see more than a foot of snow and other parts getting wind and
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rain. that is the nature of a march nor'easter. but there is plenty of cold air in the upper atmosphere and this first low the apparent low taps into the cold air and that begins to drive into the ohio valley and notice it looks ragged. and already starting to transfer the energy down to the low pressure moving off the southeast coast than is the system that has the moisture and tapping into the moisture from the gulf of mexico. and pulling in moisture from the atlantic and winter storm warnings are in effect. all of southeastern pennsylvania and mercer county new jersey and areas to the north, these are the areas that deal with the heavy accumulating snow. we v an advisory in interior south jersey and newcastle county and delaware where we see accumulating snow and it's not as intense. this shows how the two low pressures come together and phase off the carolina coast and then the height of the storm at 1:00 where we get the heavy wet
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snow and cold air is pulling in and the timeline light snow and rain from the southwest to the northeast. between 7:00 and 11:00. the heaviest precipitation in the middle of the day bankers hours from 9:00 until 5:00. ending southeast to northeast. but it's location for what it means precipitation type. >> break it down to zones, northwest and south and east. we take a look at the northwestern suburbs. it is snow to the start and finish. right along i-95 it's the mix zone here on either side of the delaware river and northern parts of the delaware we have snow mixing with sleet and rain. and back over to snow. and mainly rain in southern areas before it changes to snow at the end. northern and west all snow and down to the south mainly rain. but in between the zones, there is a battle zone going on and
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this is about a 35 mile difference from norristown to williamstown there could be a 10 inch difference in that 35 miles in the snow amounts because of how much snow or sleet or rain mixed in somewhere in the zone. whether it's philadelphia or farther down to the south. we also know 45 to 50 miles per hour winds east of philadelphia. and 35 to 40 miles per hour winds inland. that is still powerful winds that will create additional power outages and the snow is heavy and wet and hard to shovel and remove where it stays all snow it will stick to the trees and wires and again more power will go out during the day tomorrow. >> all right thank you. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the facility in norristown. what are they doing to get ready here.
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>> reporter: well jim that is music to their ears here at penndot. they had a good dress rehearsal learning from the mess last week and strategizing and expecting to have all hands on deck for this. >> penndot crews there is no rest for thet days after dealing with the last nor'easter they are back on deck and ready to go. >> doing good dan, rested up over the weekend. and we put them on shifts cutting up thend getting everything out of the way. they should be well rested for this one. >> you heard him right, cutting up trees last week becau crews in to extra duty for clearing tes on maj roadways including one that fell on a septa bus on the schuylkill expressway. and hearing the weather reports they are taking the storm seriously. we are devoting all 420 penndot trucks and equipment to keep our roads safe and handle any emergency on the highway including cutting up trees.
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>> reporter: now, what about salt you ask? not worry. penndot says it has 70,000 tons enough to handle this storm and more. they have also brought in extra equipment from western pennsylvania. 5 dump truck and two graders because they expect they will need the extra stuff with this storm. live at the penndot yard in norristown. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we go live to "action news" reporter christie al philhall. christie you have the city's ans for with the storm -- >> reporter: that is right jim. there were to take aways from the press conference that wrapped up one that city crews are working around the clock trying to clean up from last week's storm. this is an added burden. if you don't have anywhere to be because the schools are closing and businesses are shutting doors in anticipation of tomorrow's storm. stay at home and keep the roads
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clear. >> we are also dealing with the aftermath of last week's damaging nor'easter. this storm could exacerbate the conditions and we could see additional downed trees on tracks and downed power lines on roadways. >> septa is bracing for round two nor'easter all lines will be impacted and on modified schedules. meanwhile 40 thousand tons of salt is ready to be dispersed on city roads and 400 pieces of equipment in full operation and the city's parks and rec department is still responding to downed trees for last week's storm. and answering over 520 calls for tree emergencies around the city. racing to clear the roads of debris and asking residents to be cautious. >> downed trees we saw last friday are still being cleared and asking you if you are out on the roads trees could be
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compromised and tree limbs fallen could be covered by snow. >> they say as 911 was inundated with calls last weekend because of the storm they ask people that see weather related emergencie and for everything else contact 311. christie aleto, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lehigh valley correspondent walter perlive. what is the information there? >> reporter: almost right on cue moments ago we found our first rain drops here in south whitehall township as the lehigh valley gets ready for the second coastal storm in less than a week. as penndot crews get ready for the second big night in a week. they ask everyone to postpone any unnecessary travel for tomorrow especially when the storm kicks into high gear mid-day. >> sometimes the plows can't do their job it's very important that motorists are partners and
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safe on the road an travel if at all possible. >> beginning at midnight penndot is posing a ban on motorcycles, rv, tandem trailers and tractors hauling empty trailers. we found no shortage of people stocking up on snow storm essentials at locatele supermarket supermarkets. >> she has a generator but could not get her refrigerator toward work. >> if you don't have the right kind of cords it doesn't run your refrigerator which we ran into with the last snow storm is. >> and allen says he lost power and it was not fun. >> the tree fell down across the street and knocked down the transformer. >> you lost power? >> for blocks yes. >> like a day and a half. but long day and a half. >> allentown averages 32 inches
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of snow and so far 29 inches so this storm is expected to cover the different. reporting live from south whitehall channel 6 "action news." >> likely a good deal more than that. governor phil murphy says the state of new jersey well the state of emergency there is in place for the entire garden state ahead of the nor'easter that goes in effect at 8:00 tonight. and a decision about whether state offices will open tomorrow will be made later tonight. of course the scramble continues to restore power to more than 20,000 peco customers that are still out. they have been in the dark since friday's storm. and state forest rangers were on the case today hoping to clear out downed trees to power crews could access power lines. the "action news" morning team will get an early start. to help you navigate the storm. so join using beginning at 4:00 that is a half hour earlier than normal. for the lates conditions plus any school closings or
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delays. there will be many. remember constant u nor'easter are a tap or awacker 6 live hodouble scan tabld for your mobile device. coming up a tractor trailer te a commotion hia after striking an overpass. and good news for the flyers as the team looks to get back win column. >> and cecily tynan gets back with the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" continues tonight.
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meet with a ctca cancer specialist in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours. learn more at tractor trailer driver struck an overpass and stripped the roof and dragged the mile for 3 miles through the city of philadelphia. it began at 12th and callow hill last night. several viewers captured the journey and it came to a stop at
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21st street and point breeze avenue. the driver waited for a safe place to pull over. that driver has been fined. bill cosby's pretrial hearing wrapped up this afternoon in norristown. cosby's attorneys were in court fighting to limit the accusers to testify in the upcoming retrial on sexual assault charges and the 80-year-old is charged with assaulting andrea constand at his home. and prosecutors want as many as 19 woman to take thestant to demonstrate a history of abuse against cosby and cosby's lawyers say the alligations are old and impossible to defend. attorney general josh shapiro is no stranger to fighting for consumer rights as part of consumer protection week he hosted a round table and
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invited them to share their stories. shapiro says if you have been scammed it's responsibility to call his office. and the eagles super bowl win is paying off for the atlantic city police department. tito's vodka and wonder bar presented the department with a 7,000 check to purchase a k-9. on super bowl sunday the bar hosted a party and the eagles scored five touch downs so tito's donated $5,000 and wonder bar donated 1,000. and the owners put in $500.
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flyers experiencing a dip and help is on the way. you lost three games in a row you need good news and the flyers get some wayne simmons expected to return against the penguins and missed the last several games with an upper body injury. >> reporter: sure they got out
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of the cold but florida was not nice they were swept out of the sunshine step. >> you start to doubt your game and we can't do that now. we have to keep pushing and keep playing our game. and we'll be fine. >> the flyers are two points out of first place with a chance to leap frog the penguins who they face tomorrow night. today at practice much needed perspective. >> they hosted the troops from mcguire dix lakehurst. >> sharing smiles. >> i came down here when i was 12 and watched them practice and go to as many games as we could. >> now you are inside of their dressing room. >> specialless. >> lots of sacrifices and they come in and they are a team too. >> he happens to play goalie in her spare time agrees. >> growing up playing hockey talking about it like a battlefield you go out there and put your body on the line and protect your teammates and do
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what you can for them. that is kind of the same thing in the military. just a broader scale. >> and humbling if you take a second to step back and think about everything that they do. it's hard to put it into perspective with just a few words. >> but the words i heard the most is thank you. >> it's my pleasure to be able to put on my uniform every day and proud to do it. to hear them say thank you it's amazing. >> jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." good people all the way around. to the sixers they meet again they visit the hornets tonight. they beat them here in philadelphia friday night by 11 points and the big east tournament begins tomorrow. and the third scene villanova play on thursday. and they don't find out their opponent until tomorrow night either depaul or marquette. >> have you to wait longer and
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as coaches, it's a little nerve-racking i don't think the players care. but the coaches we do because you have to cover a lot of things in practice rather than focus on one opponent. >> temple will begin playing the aa tournament thursday against tulle ain and the owls need to win to make their tournament. and they split the two meetings during the regular season. >> this is what happeneds in our league and most leagues you play that first round game and typically having played that team twice already. they know us pretty with well and we know them fairly well. and it's all going to come down to who is making more shots. and steve donahue is named the ivy league coach of the year he led the team to a 22-8 record and quakers face yale in the ivy league tournament on saturday. looking for a little redemption. >> villanova number two in the country and just number two in
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the tournament. xavier in the tournament. cecily tynan with the forecast when we continue.
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the express in real estate location, location. >> it's 35 miles where you go f >> snow to like 10 inches of it's all about location. lets go live at sky 6 at the aterfront the calm before the storm ndy and quiet. but building clouds and a storm is on the way and a winter storm warning posted for southeast
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pennsylvania and all areas north for the potential for significant snow on the way areas farther south and east there will be a lot of mixing nd sleet and temperatures right now not really all that cold. currently in the 40s. philadelphia 46 and down from the high of 48 1 degree below normal and cape may 40 and trenton 42. and the ocean temperature 41. and that plays a role in the forecast. this storm has to create its own cold air. and two areas of precipitation one low that is coming out of the southeast. that formed the coastal low and that has all the moisture. abundant moisture with that. and see the spin near chicago that is another low and that low pressure provides the energy and cold air to intensify the coastal storm and pull down the cold air and create the snow. so tonight at 11:00 we have some generally light precipitation arriving, northwest light snow and philadelphia areas southeast it's rain.
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as we head through the overnight hours, we tap into the cold air by 7:30 and? snow breaking out in philadelphia and south jersey and delaware and after 9:00 we get the phasing of the two low pressures and the heavy snow is during the intensification process and we have the bands of heave gentlemen snow i-95 corridor areas northern and west continuing through the afternoon hours and 4:00 it's thumping snow and everything winds down as we head into wednesday night. >> as far as the snow we have high confidence in the forecast for areas far north and west. lehigh valley double digit snowfall and i would be surprised with a foot of snow however low confidence here along the i-95 corridor. the wild card is the mixing. how much sleet do we get. if we get more sleet cutting down on snowfall totals and lets the snowfall totals are higher and we look at the map a tight
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gradient gradient, cape may county. and no snow accumulation and millville into dover and mainly rain and you get back end snow 1 to 3 inches and interior south jersey 3 to 6 in southern if you castle county. and a tight band over the i-95 corridor. 6 to 10. and sleet and 6 inches and not much sleet 10. and northwest suburbs through the lehigh valley and the poconos. 10 to 16. and the farther west you are the heavy wet snow is accumulating and the best potential for power outages. we are looking at the snow falling at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour and reduces visibility and could get isolate the thundersnow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a mess tomorrow. winter storm with wind and heave yes snow and rain along the
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coast and thursday brisk and sunshine and 42 and friday could have a few snow showers upper level low moving through and not a big event and 43 degrees and saturday it's sunny and march chill with a high of 45 degrees and spring ahead one hour. and sun increasing clouds ahead of a storm system 46 degrees that could bring us snow by monday morning. the big question how far north does it move on hopefully stays to the south. best case scenario 44 and 46 on sunday. a lot of moving parts to the storm. >> thank you cecily. finally tonight temple university filled with the sounds of jazz. ♪♪ ♪♪ the department of jazz studies hosted the annual eventually ellington high school jz a schools were invited to temple to take part and performed the works of duke elliot and other big band
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composers and arrangers and received inval ub feedback on their work. and the best part of this great music. >> abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, the nor'easter hitting in just hours. slamming the east coast, up to two feet of snow expected in some places. schools in philadelphia already closed. bracing from philly to new york city to boston tonight. nearly 200,000 without power, without heat already because of the last storm, and now this.
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also breaking at this hour yet another major departure at the white house tonight. just as the president declares everyone wants to work in the white house. and the emergency evacuations tonight. the train slamming into a truck hauling hydrochloric acid. a dangerous chemical cloud above the crash site. families rushed to safety. former dr. larry nassar. first, more than 260 women coming forward. now, the first male gymnast breaking his silence. what he says the doctor did to him. was


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