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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 7, 2018 1:35am-2:10am EST

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>> here's your question of the day. in 1918, henry ford narrowly
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lost an election for a u.s. senate seat in his home state of what? virginia, texas, new york, or michigan. stay tuned for the answer. open the door to a beautiful new experience for your home. glade fine fragrance mist. light layered notes of authentic florals, beech woods, and lush fruits that whisper a story on the air. imagination... we have a fragrance for that. new fine fragrance mist. infused with essential oils. artfully crafted by glade. s.c. johnson, a family company.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card. >> answer to that question was michigan. [cheers and applause] welcome back to "millionaire." we're just getting started here with kat deabill. three questions in, $2,000 in the bank. good start, but i feel like we need to do better. so let's get back to your game. >> great. >> let's get to that $5,000 threshold.
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let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] next step, $3,000 question. here it is. explaining the title to movie executives, what 1997 action film's co-writer said, "without the slash, people are going to think the movie's about hockey"? >> um, well, i happen to be a huge hockey fan. um, and i know that when the puck is dropped and the two players are going for it, it's a faceoff, so i'm going to have to say c, face/off. final answer. >> that's the movie we were looking for, all right. [cheers and applause] well done. that got you to $3,000. next up, $5,000. it's also the first threshold you can get to, so here we go, $5,000 question. the woman behind such books as "the mouse and the motorcycle" and "ramona's world,"
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in 2017 what beloved children's author turned 101 years old? >> um, i'm not 100% sure on this, so i think i am going to ask the audience. >> okay, final? >> final. >> all right, audience, we could use some literary help here, if you would. pick up those keypads, enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, kat, let's take a look at the results. 62% beverly cleary. >> okay, that's what i was thinking 'cause i think i've read judy blume when i was younger and i don't think it was her. so i'm going to say b, beverly cleary, final answer.
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>> well done, audience, well done. [cheers and applause] that's right! there you go, kat, $5,000! [horn blares] that sounds means that time is up for today. when you come back, we'll start with $5,000 already in your bank. thank you so much for watching. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison. we'll see you next time. closed captioning sponsored by: women are amazing. powerful, determined. and how do we fuel that? we eat. strawberries, almonds, and protein, food that keeps us strong. we eat. and we own it. special k.
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time for gold bondfeelingt. healing lotion., penetrates 10 surface layers deep, with 7 moisturizers, 3 vitamins. gold bond. [dramatic music] ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner ♪ looking live at storm tracker six radar we are starting to see
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precipitation in parts of the try state area right now it is mostly rain but come tomorrow it will be snow and a lot of it. that's why agencies like penn dot are loading up their trucks with salt and that's why people are flocking to stores to stock up on food and snow clearing essentials, no doubt about it a big one is coming. tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is the approach of our second nor'easter in less than a week, this one won't have quite the destructive winds but it will have a lot more snow. due to the impending snowfall all philadelphia school districts and archdiocese are closed and the full list will be on the bottom of your screen and at and we will go to action news reporter christie ileto who is live on the snow emergency route and dann cuellar
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is there and annie mccormick is outside of a home depot and cecily tynan and adam joseph have the latest from the radar. >> the storm is arriving on schedule and double scan wide view showing the secondary low and the coastal storm is starting to intensify with the moisture intensifying and tapping into the colder air and that is cooling off that column of air and starting to flip over to snow and as we zoom in the snow is coatsville and wilmington and i-95 into southern delaware and do have a report there is already a coating of snow on the ground in newark and once the storm cranks up a lot more moisture and a lot more cold air so winter storm warning has been posted for all the counties in southeast pennsylvania and mercer county this is where we expect heavy
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accumulating snow and advisories in new jersey and new castle where it will be tricky in the height of the storm and future tracker showing the storm system really deepening and intensifying and notice we don't have the tight bars like last week's storms and it's not the wind but the snow and some heavy bands of accumulating snow during the height of the storm at 1:00 and then this system will continue to push to the northeast very slowly for details on wait there we go no that is your graphic metrologist adam joseph stealing your thunder and what you get depends on your location. >> we may see thunder. >> thunder snow. >> it's all about location cecily as we look to the north and west it will be mainly snow throughout the season and pennsylvania turnpikes points to the north and west and where we expect the heaviest wet snow and most of the power outages
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because of the weight of the snow and a battle zone in the morning hours especially before all snow in the afternoon and mainly rain southern areas where it could end as a little wet snowfall so battle zone on i-95 and south of new jersey and delaware this is where the snow will be mixing at times with sleet and rain in the morning looks like less of a mixture wilmington philadelphia and pine hill and williamtown and here is an example that is only 35 miles there could be a 10" difference in snowfall in this zone so the drop off of deep snow to little snow is going to be a very short window of real estate. in the morning slushy and south and east so a yellow in the morning and evening red light with heavy wet snow and winds 45, 50 and philadelphia to the
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east 35, 45 to the north and west and could bring down trees and power outages and when metrologist cecily tynan comes back she will have the maps in a bit. >> covering real estate we will go live to action reporter christie ileto in south broad street in philadelphia christie the city has laid out the snow fighting strategy what is the plan? >> well jim this is one of several snow emergency routes in the city and come tomorrow night at 8:00 a.m. all of these cars that you still see on south broad trestreet and the median the side will make way for the plow trucks to keep the roads passable the city sanitation department is not wasting time and the group of people doing the work is called the bull gang. the vehicles will join a fleet of over 400 pieces of equipment keeping the streets clear in the height of wednesday's
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nor'easter. >> what are you doing? >> putting the chains on the tires. >> on the inside and outside. >> reporter: more than 40,000 tons of salt are ready to be dispensed. septa is asking commuters to avoid unnecessary travel as all lines will be impacted and on modified schedules. >> we already have a shut down to our job and work from home. >> reporter: so you interested in going into a shelter. racing to get the most vulnerable off the streets. >> they do not realize how cold it is with air coming up, through the vents and do not realize they can freeze to death. >> reporter: they are still responding to down trees from last weekend's storm they are trying to clear the roads of debris and asking residents to be cautious if they do venture out, will you be leaving your house? >> no i'm working home today and tomorrow also.
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>> reporter: lucky him that is what a lot of city leaders hope people stay home and off the roads and remind people if you have a weather related emergency call 911 for everything else call 311 live in south philadelphia christie ileto action news 6abc. >> and let's switch live to dann cuellar where it's just beginning to snow on ridge pike and plymouth and this is going to be challenging for penn dot. >> it sheer is jim and started raining a light rain just before 9:30 on ridge pike and just an hour and a half later slight snow mixing with the rain on ridge pike tonight, it has been a race all night long to get ready for this storm and penn dot says it's also ready. all over town the top priority was gassing up the vehicle ahead of the storm. >> here we go again. >> here we go again. >> the last thing we still
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needed to do. >> get gas. >> get the full tank of gas going. >> meanwhile throughout the day penn dot crews were busy preparing to battle the storm loading up trucks with salt and preparing for a major battle. >> that is why we are devoting all 420 penn dot trucks and pieces of equipment to keep our roads safe, passable and handle any type of emergencies to come out on the highway and that includes cutting up trees. >> reporter: cutting up trees that fell on major roadways is something penn dot crews did last week nor'easter like this that fell on a bus and asking for the public's indulgence as they work to clear roadways. >> with a storm with 6, 8, 10, 12 we will have plow trains out there please don't pass the plow trains that is when we put three, four, five trucks together and go and clear a highway. >> reporter: snow contractors
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gassing up and loading gear for the long day ahead. when are you starting? >> should be on site about 2:00 a.m. and then we will probably be going until at least midnight the following day. >> everyone say money. >> reporter: there were others looking for a day off from work or school. looks like you are getting ready for battle. >> we are going to play in it is what we are doing. >> reporter: your school got called off. >> so a bunch of snow to be driving around in. >> reporter: and back live here on ridge pike where you can see the snow already starting to accumulate on this tree and over here you see penn dot gassing up for what will inevitably be a very long night for these guys working through the night tonight so we are live here in plymouth township i'm dann cuellar and back to you. >> new jersey is under a state of emergency that went in effect at 8:00 tonight state offices will be closed tomorrow, nonessential personnel should
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not report to work. this is the first state of emergency declared by governor phil murphy since he took office in january. >> so please do not venture out on to the roads during the st m storm. we ask you to stay home so road crews whether they are state, county or local can attend to their duties. our goal is to have our major highways passable for emergency vehicles first and foremost and capable of fully reopening for commuters once the storm has passed. >> reporter: the governor says his decision is due in part to the potential for significant power outages like they were in last week's nor'easter though there is a higher chance of that happening in north jersey. action news reporter annie mccormick is live at the south philadelphia home depot and how an inch of snow prompts a rush on the store but the brisk business tonight seems to be well deserved.
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>> reporter: jim, it was busy everywhere at the home depot, local grocery stores and manager of the home depot said they were getting ready for gardening and grilling season earlier this week and when they found about the forecast they had to change gears now they are gearing up for snow supplies. >> reporter: arrived this afternoon to the south philadelphia home depot. >> reached out to a couple of our suppliers and got the salt and shovels we have in stock. >> reporter: customers relieved to find snow supplies close to spring. >> little left over because of the surprise snow last week so we are trying to stack up i got mine, i got my brother's i got one for my sister, one for the whole family. >> reporter: ed borgess says his boss at the pizza place on gerard are making sure they have a clear parking lot. >> they will be home and hungry so might as well feed the neighborhood. >> reporter: usual drill at the south philadelphia acme shoppers
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had their own version of what they consider snow day essentials. >> bananas strawberries ice cream stuff to hang around the house, stuff for salad. >> i expect a bunch of people with the lines down and got everything but the bread and mom said go get bread. >> many in the city are preparing for a day off of school and work. >> we are going to be relaxing and sleeping all day. >> netflix and watch the snow because i'm not orange county california so i'm excited for the snow. >> you are the only one. >> i think i am. >> i'm from the east coast so i'm like oh, snow again so i'm so excited let's go get wine, let's get food let's get ready. >> reporter: now if you are snowed in you have to make sure you have what makes you happy inside your house as for generators at the home depot the
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manager tells me they sold out yesterday but there are some to be rented if your power will be affected tomorrow and also say they will be open tomorrow as well. for now reporting live in south philadelphia annie mccormick 6abc action news back to you. >> a tough one a handful of folks will be riding out the storm still in the dark from the last one and peco are under 10,000 tonight down from a peak of 600,000 caused by friday's nor'easter the action news morning team will get an early start tomorrow with when they track the nor'easter and school closings and join them at 4:00 a.m. for the latest road conditions and tweaks to the forecast and remember updates are always a tap or a swipe away on our free 6abc app there you can see storm tracker six live radar and the hour-by-hour forecast from accuweather. now to a developing story from
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the section of philadelphia where police are on the look out for a hit-and-run driver who ran into a mother and children on a sidewalk and fled it happened at roland and tie son before 7:00 and 3-year-old is in bad condition and her mother and sister suffered bumps and bruises but that three-year-old was pinned underneath the car. >> about six good samaritans rushed over to the scene and literally picked up the car and were able to pull the three-year-old child out from underneath the car. >> reporter: police say they recovered drug paraphernalia from the striking car and just got surveillance of the crash from a nearby business. philadelphia police are also asking for the public's help to catch a sexual predator and his
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accomplice after an attack on a woman in center city and released surveillance on 1300-lombard street sunday and he grashed and choked the women at 5:30 a.m. and pulled her on a side street on 400-watts and the other man was a look out and a vigil was held for a 23-year-old woman fatally shot driving a van with her twin and three small children inside and people gathered in philadelphia to remember tiesha-timmons and two weeks ago she was driving on 5700 north broad street when two men opened fire and her twin says the horrible day keeps replaying in her head. >> it's tough like i can't go to sleep at night with my lights on considering the fact i was in the car when it happened. >> reporter: and no arrests have been made in timmons death the
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judge in the bill cosby is weighing to let the jury hear activations as many as 19 other women and the pretrial hearings ended without a ruling yet to come and prosecution and defense if details of cosby's settlement with andian constrand can be used and the trial is scheduled for april 2. things got heated at tonight's town hall meeting about temple new football stadium a 130 million stadium and temple president richard says building the stadium is more cost effective than leasing from lincoln financial field which is where the owls play now during his presentation a group opposed to the stadium began booing and still to come on action news it's tuesday another trump aid calls it quits, the latest on the white house upheaval and why this resignation matters plus on
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health check everybody knows opioids can be dangerous but are they worth it a study pits them head to head against tylenol and over-the-counter painkillers. >> the rain and the snow already arriving and some snow starting to accumulate and the nor'easter has not formed yet and details on the timing and what is expected where you live coming up, in the accuweather seven-day forecast. the sixers face the same team twice in a week and ducis rodgers shows us if they get stung this time by the hornets. that and more when action news continues tonight.
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gary cohn has left the building and the building happens to be the white house the president's chief economic advisor gary cohn has not actually left yet but he did announce today that he is quitting cohn was against trump's man move for tariffs on steel and alluminum so cohn is the 24th original white house staffer to leave in just about 13 months and credited with helping to orchestrate the tax overhaul but could not get trump to see it his way on tariffs. could we be witnessing a potential breakthrough in the effort to convince north korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons?
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talks between north and south korea have apparently seen kim jong-un expressing a willingness for disarmament with guarantees of north korea security and they have a history of saying one thing about a nuclear program and doing another and the american intelligence chief said today maybe this is a breakthrough but i seriously doubt it. the mayor of nashville tennessee is out tonight amid a sex scandal and criminal conviction and resigned after pleading guilty of felony theft of property and misused more than 10,000 worth of taxpayer money and she also admitted to having an affair with a member of her security detail. as part of the plea agreement both the officer and mayor have agreed to pay back thousands of dollars to the city of nashville and look at wild video from a transit bus in dayton ohio the
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bruise veers right and slams into several parked cars and trucks causing a chain reaction pile up and one car was pushed up a pole and this all happened yesterday morning and police have cited a driver one passenger was taken to the hospital. a tractor-trailer driver says in 30 years he has never had an accident until this happened. the driver failed to clear an overpass at 12 and cattle hill in the spring garden of philadelphia 10:00 last night people witnessed him driving three miles through philadelphia with 50 feet of debris trailing behind the driver tells action news he was aware of what happened and was waiting for a safe place to pull over. he has been fined by police. want something to blame for the powerful nor'easters how about this climate scientists believe it's likely connected to a vicious cycle from a warmer arctic and today they reported
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that the arctic just finished its warmest winter ever it was 8.8 degrees warmer than normal. the national snow and ice data center also says the amount of arctic sea ice in february was even less than february's record low and an area roughly the size of georgia is now open water instead of frozen over. people still deny the whole concept of global warming hard to do but some people do. >> they say the lack of arctic sea ice helps green land and that is where we get the nor'easter after nor'easter and talking about the second nor'easter in seven days in less than a week and could have another storm on sunday so talk about that snow is falling and live on sky six right now taking a look at the waterfront in wilmington delaware where yeah the snow is falling and it's actually falling at a pretty
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good clip there now let's go to another sky six taking a look at philadelphia international airport where the runways are wet and we are starting to see that snow mixing in with the rain. if you look at the light you can see the snow is falling there and also the winds are starting to pick up but this system really cranks up during the day tomorrow so double scan live rain in south jersey that snow is developing and where you see that magenta that is heavy snow and has been rolling through delaware it's moving into salem county new jersey right now south of wilmington we had coatsville and melburn and some of what you see as the rain does have snow mixing in and some areas the snow is already starting to coat the trees and the cars and the grassy surfaces and doug posted this on my facebook page thank you doug keep the photos coming and i can share them and see how we have the grassy coating and what this is the initial band of precipitation and when you get
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this you get what is called evaporating cooling 34 philadelphia wilmington 32 a allentown 35 and once this initial batch moves out we will be getting under an ocean influence in south jersey satellite and radar showing that storm system is just really beginning to take shape this is the leading edge of the precipitation it's not actually the nor'easter that is formed that takes until tomorrow morning to happen so 2:00 in the morning we do have that snow still falling across i-95 northwest suburbs interior south jersey then we kind of lose that evaporating cooling by 8:00 and see the snow change back to rain in parts of south jersey and delaware and look what happens as we head to lunchtime this is when that nor'easter really starts to deepen and starts to intensify and that pulls in the moisture and cold air and bands of heavy snow and areas south
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and west by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon that snow reaching the coast and then tomorrow night by about 8:00 it is all over. so snowfall amounts i'm pretty happy how it is developing with these numbers cape may county southern central delaware pretty much mainly a rain event and not looking at snow and south jersey south of wilmington 3-6 the i-95 corridor looking at 6-10 depending on how much sleet we get mixing in we get a lot of sleet it's 6 we don't get much it's 10 and areas north of lansdale and princeton lehigh probably a foot of snow and 10:00 in the morning out of the northeast a nor'easter 45 miles per hour and by 5:00 they shift out of the northwest and that is when we could be seeing some power outages so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it is a nasty day windy with heavy snow, 37 degrees, thursday 42 degrees we will get some melting going on friday morning
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a chance of snow showers especially north and does not look to be a big deal temperatures in the 40s and saturday pretty nice day and bump it up to 45 degrees and we begin daylight savings time early sunday morning and increasing clouds ahead of a system to the south and if it moves far enough north we are looking at snow on monday especially the first half of the day 44 and tuesday we dry out temperatures in the 40s a lot to track on storm tracker and they will be doing that on action news tomorrow beginning at 4:00. >> all right thank you a new study finds that opioids are no better the than common painkillers for chronic pain va compared open opioids to tylenol and had less pain relief and no
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use taking the opioids in the cases because of potential of addiction and abuse and prom season is around the corner and tonight some young ladies got to pick out a dress in the fair montsection opened up the prom boutique and 200 members from across the city are treated for a total prom shopping experience at no cost to their families, the teens got to pick out a dress, shoes and of course accessories and they can even receive makeup tips from trained cosmetologists domestic goddess martha stewart talked about martha's flowers a guide to growing gathering and enjoying and runs through the weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. ♪ i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month,


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