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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 7, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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between $181 to $330, depending on charges. according to reports, charges have recently been filed. >> there's a bigger price to pay, should this go the wrong way. >> you're right because the toronto transit commission says the rails beneath the train carry about 600 volts so if you do happen to jump off or fall off, you likely will not survive if you come in contact with one of those rails. >> woo! this little cutie got creative with play time. >> oh, snap. that is mom's lipstick? >> but she was caught red handed. >> enough with the questions, dad. i'm in a bit of a predicament here. plus it's a 300-foot deep hole in the ice. >> in the middle, they're going to drop ice down. >> see what happens. >> what? for safe drivers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno.
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>> it looks like lipstick, it's some type of makeup. dad found her covered. it's all over her legs. she basically used it as lotion on her hands and arms. >> how many wipes do you think we will need? >> one wipe. >> just one wipe. this isn't any big deal. one wipe will cover it. don't get all worked off. >> what do you want to wipe off? >> my hand. >> okay. >> there was no argument as to what happened in that last video, but in this next one, amar amari is standing up for his mom and daddy. andrea is teaching her young son, mom always wants the baby to say mama. >> da da da da. >> he's like da da, da. >> ma, ma, ma, ma. >> da, da, da, da. >> this next dad might wish mom was involved in this one.
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>> where is your gum? right there? move your fingers. >> oh, stop, stop picking. >> why is your gum in your nose? >> you tell me why, dad. who knows? >> now it's stuck in there forever. >> yes. >> just allow nature to take its course because in the midst of this conversation -- >> achoo. >> easy peasy dad. you want this gum? >> don't. you the it put it in your mouth. >> no, no, thank you. it's been a while, this is more nerdy, a video posted by peter on twitter, a glacialologist, a climate scientist nerding out in antarctica. 300-foot bore hole, they're going to drop ice down and see what happens. turn the volume up. >> what? is that china?
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>> that is the sound of what happens when this chunk of ice hits the bottom of the bore hole and sends this sound effect like something you'd imagine seeing in a cartoon. >> do it again! >> i got you. >> i don't know why that sound makes me so happy. >> you think okay a bunch of serious scientists gathering around, they're nerding out like we are, a bunch of children. >> whoa! >> this next video of frozen watch falls is not from iceland, sweden, norway, russia. this is from northern england. the beast from the east has been wreaking havoc across the uk, across europe. it's dropped temperatures right down below freezing. one advantage is all of these various waterfalls have been freezing, creating some very
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beautiful art that no one can get to. because no one's gritted the roads. >> there's no one out there. everybody's just hunkered down inside. >> someone recorded this video, shared it online, and you can enjoy it from the comfort and warmth of your living room. >> exactly. make yourself another tea. every short girl has a tall friend. >> i have an idea. let's take selfies. >> see if you can relate. is this i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85,
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for $34. this skit put together by semi sing is going to make you more sensitive to your shorter friends. [ doorbell ] >> hey! >> hey! >> bring it in. bring it in here. ♪ >> okay, come on. >> problem number one apparently that i'd never really thought about is if you are shorter -- >> you get hugged by boobs. >> you'll be motor boomed and you don't want to be. >> i've never had any complaints so far. >> then there is that he. apparently you're also an armrest in certain situations. >> i have an idea. let's take selfies. are you ready? >> okay.
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>> all right, ready, one, two, three. four. oh, looks so good. hang on, i'm going to air drop them to you. >> okay, cool. >> is this a product of being short or just having a really n inconsiderate tall friend? >> my tall friends take the best selfies. they get everybody in the picture, they have the long arms. i'm in angles and everything. i'm here for it! >> what about when you're trying to get into the club. >> well hello pretty lady. come on in. >> thanks. >> i.d.? this ain't you. >> what? >> it says that you're 5'3" here but clearly you're a lot shorter than that. >> excuse you, uhm, i'm 5'3". well 5'2 3/4" but if you round up i'm 5'3". >> we have to be that way. the good thing is that every once in a while your height
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works in your favor. >> finally! thank you. >> i guess the height problem whether you're tall or short, you just can't get around it. >> it's who you are, just own it. >> finally, thank you. >> that's our show. catch us next time for a brand new episode of "rtm."
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show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new ♪ one line, one stroke. >> you can barely see it but maybe it's a fwam. as you know andy warhal coined it phrase 50 year oofz fame. >> six self portraits just sold at a christy's auction in london and in honor of the sale, we're opening up our vault to the year 1980. sfwlr >> who is the best known and most controversial artist in
2:56 am
america today? he painted dollar bills, coke bottles, marilyn monroes and this, a campbell's soup can. 20/20 looks into the world of andy warhol. he came determined to attract a attention with the serious art world, he cut out pictures of stars from magazines and made them distinctively his own. he always carries a camera and a tape recorder and listens. quiet and inarticulate, he's content to be an observer. >> i look shy and i am shy. >> reporter: andy has always a fan mentality. he worships stars. >> it's a wonderful kind of naivety. he watches things and -- which is filling up his brain for his art.
2:57 am
>> reporter: warhol portraits begin with snap shots blown up, printed on plastic sheets and turned into silk screens. he turns out as many as 25 commissioned portraits a year. >> let's do the big smile and that's good. >> reporter: two weeks later andy began to paint. >> it's actually pretty, isn't it? that's not so bad. i have to look at it, think about it some more. >> reporter: andy warhol, whose own looks never change is his own best work of art. >> interesting to see how he does that. >> andy warhol, lizza, farrah fawcett. and passing away at the young
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♪ this morning on "world news now" states of emergency. >> winter storm is moving into the northeast, right now set to dump a foot or more of snow in some areas and make a mess of air travel nation wide. the storm track live. and breaking overnight, the porn star suing the president. and another key advisor leaves the white house. so is there chaos in the west wing? the president responds. a video of a city bus crashing into one parked car after another. what went wrong with the driver? the conflicting reports we're getting. and millions have seen this little girl admiring this portrait of michelle obama. see what happens when she meets
3:01 am
her in person. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" . >> you got that at on, buddy. >> because look at that. not playing with this. not in march. they're like it's march, it's going to be warm, great, beautiful. >> i thought this is when spring shows up. we're supposed to reset the clock soon and yes, snow is on the way. >> so clearly it is barrelling towards the northeast and major cities are in the line of that storm. >> it's going to impact the east coast from virginia to maine with the worst about midday. >> what does it look like right now in new york city? pray for new york. the devastation. it's early right now. but you see the empire state building right now and you can't see one world trade. that is because it's starting to come down here in the early
3:02 am
morning hours. >> many school districts will be closed and more than 1,000 airline flights have been canceled already. we begin with maggie ruly. >> reporter: a new storm is moving in. with 180,000 in the dark. gale forced winds and up to a foot of snow. >> very slippery. stay inside. >> reporter: as they brace for their second nor'easter in weeks, they're working to repair downed power lines. >> it's been a rough couple of days. we've been staying in a hotel. >> reporter: some communities remain under water. this family using a paddle board to get their child to school. giant waves relentlessly crashing along the coastline, slamming right into homes.
3:03 am
they're shoring opsection that collapsed during the storm. >> we have massive damage to our infrastructure here. >> reporter: power crews are working 16-hour shifts in westchester county, new york. but some residents taking matters into their own hands. >> i just saw someone who said they were going to try remove the tree today. they don't know when they're coming for power. millions are in the path of the storm as well. >> the latest from accuweather's paul williams. >> good morning. i'm glad you dressed for the occasion because it's a serious matter. we're looking for heavy rainfall from this nor'easter from philadelphia up towards portland and everything being disrupted. so by 6:00 in the morning according to our forecasting model we're going to see it change over to snow and by 6:00
3:04 am
in the evening heavy snow showers. perhaps 12 to 18 inches in some areas as it continues to travel towards the northeast. a rate of one to two inches of snow per hour. 60 mile-per-hour winds in some cases. >> what do you expect in terms of how long it will take to get through this and what part of the storm do we need to be most worried about? >> it's a lot like a cake. it's still baking at this hour. it's rising fast. and with that understanding, we're expecting, for example ibboston, one to thirty-two, then towards new york there's your cake and souffle and all that we're talking about. six to 12 inches in new york, even dipping down towards philadelphia and baltimore, one to three inches of snow there. it's going to stick around this morning but by noon i'd say
3:05 am
11:30 eastern time to 1:30, that's with had this is going to hit its full glory and punch us really hard in the so i, so to speak. take a look at this. you see the darker purple, which includes right here along the coast, 50 to 60 mile-per-hour winds, guys. >> i don't know if to be hungry or scared. we're go having to a souffle skb. >> a cake and a souffle but then we got punched in the jaw. >> just take a break and take cover. >> thank you so puch for that forecast and thanks for being with us overnight. different sort of storm. >> porn star stormi daniels declaring a so-called hush had agreement is invalid. >> it claims donald trump never signed a nondisclosure contract reportedly drawn up just beor the election to keep daniels quiet about their alleged affair. last month the president's
3:06 am
attorney, michael cohn admitted paying the star money but wouldn't say what the payment was for. it alleges he's still trying to intimidate her into silence. and another high profile departure with a top economic advisor stepping down after he opposed the president's planned tariffs on steel and aluminum. dow futures fell overnight amid fear of a trade war. cohn played a key role in getting the sweeping tax overall passed through congress. >> i like conflict. i like having two people with different points of view and i have that and then i make decision. i like watching it, seeing it and i think it's the best way to go. >> the president has had far
3:07 am
more top advisors exit in one year than any recent president. adding quote many people wanting the job. will choose wisely. the trump administration has lifted a ban on americans importing the body parts of elephants shot just for sport. the ban was toughened after cecil the lion was killed by a minnesota dentist in zimbabwe. they will now issue permits on a case by case basis. president trump's two adult sons are big game trophy hunters. they argue the money spent on safaris supports conservation. democrats try to end a two-decade drought in texas. crews and congressman won their primaries tuesday. cruz is expected to win a second term. democrats haven't won a statef wide race in texas since 1994.
3:08 am
meanwhile, they're heading to a may run off to choose their governor. the winner hopes to unseat republican greg abbott. and parker curry of washington d.c. is just two but already a star. >> so the first time was last week's memorable photo of parker, her jaw wide open staring at that image of michelle obama in the national portrait museum. >> well, it happened. not only did they meet, they danced. this apparently is parker's favorite tune, taylor swift "shake it off" and shake it off they did. >> that is awesome they were able to meet up. michelle obama says she hopes one day she'll be staring at parker's image.
3:09 am
>> how long before we see parker on ellen shaking it off? >> let's hope for bigger than that. coming umnew developments after the drunk guy mistaken ordered a $1600 uber-ride. and the dispute over their teen age son's football career. one wants him off the field for good after three concussions. and remember to tell us what you think. find us on facebook at wnn
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the on board camera capturing the moment a dayton, ohio city bus crashed if to a row of parked cars. a calling to 911 claims the bus driver was on the phone but another video indicates that was not the case. the cause of the crash is under investigation. that will be quite an insurance report. and teachers will be back in the classrooms across west virginia today.
3:13 am
>> so the strike that shut down schools across the state for nearly two weeks is finally settled after they approved a raise. they say they've approved this deal because they've agreed to off is this the raises with budget cuts. and the person in charge of music festivals. they say 26-year-old billy macfarlane billked investors. he said he started with good intensions and got in over his head. he now faces up to 40 years in prison. frmsh t the mayor of nashville disgraced. >> she's now stepping down after pleading guilty to a felony charge of theft related to that affair. >> reporter: she may be smiling but this is nashville's now former mayor in a mug shot.
3:14 am
>> what is your conditional plea to the charge of theft of property? >> guilty. >> reporter: megan berry agreed to pay back the city in travel and over time expenses that came from her affair with this man, the head of her security detail and a guy whose paycheck she was signing. >> my unwavering love for this wonderful city and its great people. will never come to an end. >> reporter: sergeant forest resigned five weeks ago when had the popular democratic mayor was forced to publicly admit to their affair. >> yes, it's over. >> can you say when had? >> yes, it's over. >> when did it end? >> it's over. >> ow did end? >> with saying it's over. >> reporter: the body guard has to pay up the salary he received while he and the mayor were
3:15 am
cozy. state authorities are still investigating this. so it may not be over. abc news, atlanta. and divorced parents in pittsburgh are battling in court over where their teen age sonicide keep playing high school football. the father said he no longer consented to his son playing after he suffered three concussions. >> but the mother signed an emergency saying he understands the risk. >> that's a tough bun. coming up the finale to the two-day bachelor finale. see what arie did and what's next for er. our analyst is here to break it all down. she's a conservative surrounded by liberals. many sleep-aids have pain medicine
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but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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live look as the storm begins to barrel down on the east coast. many cities are in the target zone. and the 33 year old is making a name for her own on day time tv's fight club "the view." >> i am offended -- >> reporter: with had the sparks fly on dwhaet view." you can be sure megan mccain isabout about to back down. the 33-year-old daughter of arizona senator, john mccain has emerged in the tumultuous political times. >> people feel unheard by
3:19 am
washington and underrepresented and there's a bunch of liberal media elites sitting back and judging them and there are times i agree. i think they're judging middle america in a way that's not fair or accurate. sfwlrks she's been in the political spotlight most of her life. tagging along with her dad during both of his presidential campaigns. >> it's so unfair to pit women against each other but men never get the same criticism and same kind of articles, the caddy, sexist misogynistic bs. >> reporter: and she insists no matter how big the disagreement, there are no hard feelings that linger off the set. >> i will say the women are really good at letting what happens on air stay on air. >> reporter: one of her tasks
3:20 am
explaining and at times defending president trump. >> i think trying to understand his voters is more productive than attacking him for being stupid. >> you said i feel like jane goodall and i vooexplain middle america. >> i have a lot of friends who don't think the people in the media understand them but i think i've made a conscious decision to understand it. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, he mocks -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. frrsh i like people that weren't captured, okay. >> i was heart broken. i wish he would apologize. i would implore him to apologize for it. >> reporter: she says attacks against her father are even more heartful especially given his
3:21 am
diagnoses. >> he was like i've fought tougher battles than this and i was just a complete mess. >> reporter: what comes first in your life? love or politics? >> love. sfwlrks new york. >> she said love but then she said i love politics. >> she just recently got married. >> a big congrad layings. there's the love part and megan says even though she lives in new york, home is always arizona. >> and she does make it home to arizona quite bit. we see photos of her and her dad recovering from the treatment he's having. >> and megan was fought just keeping track of politics, by the way. she was weighing in on the "bachelor" finale. chris harris is pretty good at breaking down intense situations and getting to the bottom.
3:22 am
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all right. it is time now for the mix. we're going to start things off with the drunk guy getting a bailout. so kenny, after being over served, ordered an uber-ride, he thought to his hotel in west virginia. turns out he ordered it them to new jersey. $1600 later, he set opgofund me page to see if he could recoupe that back. a company called eat clean bro paid the entire tab, 16$1635 an donating the money that he raised on gofund me -- >> that's nice. >> so they'll be donating that
3:26 am
to mother's against drunk driving. the founder said we support his choice not to drive, even if it cost him $1600. they are said we have drivers that depend on other motorists to be sober. >> not that he was eating clean bro. >> but he didn't drive home and that's the moral of the story. >> absolottery. "wonder woman" people have been wanting to go to the fantasy island where dianna is from. it sort of exists now. here it is. so there's an entrepreneur who's created this super she island. >> super she island. >> it is a private retreat off the coast of finland. her aim is for women to vacation at a destination away from society's pressures and embrace an are had female energy.
3:27 am
>> so away from society's pressures, she means dudes? >> basically. >> i embrace that. i'm going to go on vacation to this island just so you can't come. the idea 84 arer not allowed to go makes me feel better about it. did you know busta rhymes has an island? it's inmous ps. apparently massachusetts resident, kevin o'brien likes to use this island as a hangout spot and decided to dub it, busta rhymes island. he marked it on googles maps and tried to register with the board of geographic names. they say you can't name it after a celebrity until years after their death. if enough people start calling it busta rhymes island, they'll
3:28 am
name i
3:29 am
3:30 am
♪ this morning on "world news now," the latest white house resignation has wall street this morning spooked. the top economic advisor is out after disagreement with the president over tariffs. stocks could tank. up to two feet of snow is expected in some places as schools across it region are already shutting down. this as thousands remain without power from the previous storm. and new this half hour the first male gymnast accusing former team dr. larry nassar comes forward. >> he's breaking his silence and we have that interview coming up. and you thought you had drama at your family's thanksgiving. tea was filled as arie came face
3:31 am
to face with becca for the first time. we're going to need two segments to break it all down with our senior chief global bachelor analyst and apologist on this wednesday, march 7th. >> announcer: from abc news this is show so. "world news now." >> what are you wearing? >> i had my helmet on for the episode of last night. i figured i'd wear it in the spirit of try tooling stay safe. you got to roll, you got to do it safe. >> there are lot of people getting impacts from that last night. i think arie got the most hits. >> we're glad you're being careful. you need a helmet if you're working in the white house these
3:32 am
days because yet another shake up. the president has lost another senior aid. >> gary cohn was considered as a stabilizing force but his latest clash with the president over tariffs was apparently the last straw. >> words of cohn departure -- >> reporter: chief economic advisor, gary cohn is the 24th to resign a little more than a year into the trump administration. he's had more advisors quit or get fired by far. >> so many people want to come in. i have a choice of anybody. i could take any position in the white house and i'll have a choice of the top 10 people wanting to be in that position.
3:33 am
>> reporter: but in the case of cohn, it became untenable. tr trrs just two months earlier cohn and the president joked about roumors of his departure. >> are you happy, gary? you just passed a very big bill. i hope you're happy. gary, hope you'll be staying for a long time. >> reporter: his is just one of a dozen names floated and president trump speculating staff changesede rr like to see happen. and porn star stormy daniels has filed a lawsuit so she could
3:34 am
speak freely about their own affair. and crafted to keep daniels quiet was never signed by donald trump, making it null and void and claims michael cohn is trying to threaten daniels into sienls. he insisted it was his own money, not the president's. and more from the white house in the morning but the other breaking story. the northeast is bracing for its second winter storm. >> the worst is yet to come. the governors have already declared states of emergency. >> paul williams is here with the bad news. >> oh, gosh, make me the teller of bad news. >> you're the bad guy. >> well, say hello to the bad guy and the bad forecast. we're looking for this nor'easter to kick up as well as
3:35 am
coastal flooding all part of the mix and look at these totals, we're looking at least stieks 12 and where you see the darker blue, perhaps up to a foot over for had. then there's a problem with the wind. 50 to 60 winds even down towards the philadelphia area. it will cause havoc into portions of maine for the coastal region. >> so we just have to get through wednesday and thursday. the groundhog said we're near the end. >> just get through this one last storm. >> we're good? first of all the groundhog's not in the union. secondly in the week we're not looking for straight hair.
3:36 am
you have afrth storm monday into wednesday. so brace yourself and buckle your sfl seatbelt by any -- come again soon. >> thanks, pall. >> so the storm comes just five days after the powerful system that packed very strong winds. >> many communities are still cleaning up. there's widespread beach erosion and build gds have been weakened. >> reporter: more than 100,000 people in this region are still without power. the crews behind me say they'll working even into tomorrow 30 wintsz. that is the thresh hold.
3:37 am
and they're bracing for their second nor'easter. they say they'll stay until everyone has power restored. unprecedented talks between north and south korea have the white house expressing hopes in the nuclear stand off in the north. that came out of oo first-time meeting with south korea and sgurks officials. >> help pale we'll be in the beautiful bakt. >> director of national intelligence says he seriously doubts he'll give up his nuclear program. the trump administration is suing california to prosanctuary immigration laws but state officials are vowing to fight back. they say the new policies keep
3:38 am
imbragz officials from doing tharg job. it's mend to help in cooperating undocumented immigrants. a gun shop owner says the school shooting suspect a tried to buy a gun and was denied. the minimum age in his store is already 21. meanwhile, stoneman part of that bill being debated. >> and they're having a field day after a discovery. they discovered a bottle they thought might look nice in their home and discovered what they thought was a cigarette inside and it was staeted june 12th.
3:39 am
nearly 132 years ago. >> apparently the whole thing was part of a juralen experiment to study ocean currents. i'm guessing the study is probably over by now. >> the observatory went extinct in 1920. >> so a marine archeologist is dutch gin bottle. so bhie question is where's the gin? >> that towould be a tragedy. coming up a driver is run over by his own car. it's caught on camera. plus he's boeing charged. arie's season had a slow start
3:40 am
but jack is here to help us explain what we just watched.
3:41 am
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3:43 am
of inhad stnt karm a suspect gets his hit by his own car. he jumps out of the car after a police chase but forgot to put it in park. the cops say he's okay physically but facing criminal charges. this was his third dwi arrest. >> did he get away? >> clearly he did not. >> clearly he didn't run straight. >> it's not like it started mov basically moving when he took a diver ahead of it. a former u.s. victim of dr. larry nassar. >> he's coming forward with his own story of sexual abuse. >> reporter: jacob moore, a
3:44 am
standout gymnast is 93 coming forward allegations against the great dr., larry nassar. >> i don't think i was by any means a stupid kid, but i don't know anything about medicine. so i placed a lot of trust in him. >> he says at 16 he was abused while seeking treatment for a shoulder injury. jacob claiming that nassar administered acupuncture to his pubic area. >> the amount of trust i had in him led me away from thinking there was something wrong. i started searching the internet for evidence this was a legitimate medical treatment and i was shocked and almost angry. i was abecaused.
3:45 am
basically. >> reporter: his sister was too abused by nassar. >> he pulled his pants slightly down to expose him in fraunt of one of your other female victims actually. >> reporter: he hopes one tootoo testify against nassar in a civil case. for now he's focussed on moving forward. >> if i allow him to take away that love for the sport, i see that as him wayning. >> and this will play out. >> when we come back, it is the most talked about "bachelor" finale ever. as race car driver, arie. explosive new developments.
3:46 am
3:47 am
sfo ♪ skinny the skinny the skinny another emotional
3:48 am
unpredictable season of "the bachelor"'s in the books with lots of drama to the end. >> just when we thought this was doughing to be boring, then comes arie and then jack our senior global chief bachelor analyst contributor. >> thank god it's over. i knew it was going to be rough last night. we should remind everyone where we're at here. arie says he wants to give it a go with lauren b. one last time into the breach. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. we start off in virginia beach. he had a nervous break down before meeting lauren b. at the door. he basically told her i want a second chance, i want lauren b. back in my life.
3:49 am
she as eloquent as ever said you got me, duh. >> that is such a sham. one, he already talked to her on the phone. pretending there was all this e back. >> okay. next. got to hear from becca. she called the whole thing hard to watch. i know what you mean, girl. no two ways about that. she said ari was struggling. he basically throws himself on the bus and that is our first sound bite of the day. >> i do regret, regret proposing that day because i wasn't fully ready. >> why did you? >> i think the pressure of it,
3:50 am
the pressure of being dwhaet bachelor" and knowing there's a timeline. >> so arie also apologized, said she wants his to be happy. >> that's the pressure i feel on ply wedding day. the timeline, all these people. >> your hypothetical. >> social media ready to pounce. next she says she's never been more in love with ary -- for whatever reason. it better be because this is our second sound bite of the day. >> and i want to do this in front of everyone because i want to show you. lauren, will you marry me?
3:51 am
definitely. >> there you go. i'm surprised she didn't say definitely duh. whatever. the new happy couple. after this was over with they went on jimmy kimmel show. they've already been planting their retting. and it's for lauren fwoompt move to arizona. and -- >> because brk ecca already moved in. she was like her own drapes. >> even hours after all this went down, it's still trending on twitter. >> us weekly tweeted that neal lane is like how many rings are we going to give this guy? one officer saying i 3rd lauder
3:52 am
aplows with had the island brought out more bread sticks. sticks. >> more skinny. any object. any surface.
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♪ skinny ♪ i'm just i'm waiting for the day it lands. so we had the break up, an engagement but they're not finished yet. >> last night's episode w little further meaning we've got to roll that beautiful bachelor footage. surprise, surprise, beccak. the crowd went crazy. in face we've all forgotten, she's the there's been an out pooring of
3:56 am
support for yek wreck k. she says she's ready love and it's beccak.'s sound bite of the day. >> you realize your "the bachelorette." >> this is crazy. >> at the end of the day it's about finding. >> kmirks kmrks kmrks kmrks kmrks and let's doit. >> i think it's too soon. she just got dumped a month ago. >> bye, felicia. >> next. this whole thing went on. he introduced five of the dudes who are going to vie for
3:57 am
beckca's and the first bersin called him a banker. ryan with a march so. thet him out of here. darius hear and take the with the frrl if i remember correctly is badly. >> rets rr help the horse doesn't make it all the way up the driveway. >> he said he wants to help b k beckah on the horse and they helped her own. >> the "bachelor". no. ought bt the end of now norial day sweekd. memorial day weekend.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 4 o'clock on this wednesday march seventh and we're on a half hour early as much of the area is under a winter storm warning. >> right now a rain and snow mix has been falling for hours, snow already sticking to the ground and a lot more of that stuff is on the way. we're timing it all out for. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. there are hundreds of others across the region scrolling at the bottom of your screen and also on >> we have team coverage with a look at conditions around our area but we're going to get started with meteorologist karen rogers who is in for dave murphy and matt pelm


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