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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 7, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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free at >> ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday march seventh. much of the area is happily or unhappily waking up to yet another winter wonderland. >> right now a rain and snow mix has been falling for hours. snow is already sticking to the ground and a lot more is on the way. we're timing it all out. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools closed today. hundreds of others are joining them. that's at the bottom of your screen and also at >> we have team coverage for conditions around the region. first up let's go to karen rogers in for dave murphy and matt pelman is watching the roads.
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good morning. >> for some people this is great fun, they're sleeping in maybe shredding later. you don't have to say what it is for you. >> i don't mind me. i have power. i think everybody that's been struggling so much right and they're out in the cold. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live 3-d and we can see the precipitation hitting the area right now. the area of low pressure, the nor'easter it's just beginning to take shape. so, it's pouring down to our south and east off the coastline and will be tracking up the coast and intensifying later this morning. here are the key points. this is a high impact event. we want to warn you about that. when you step outside and see what's happening how it's going to get a lot worse this morning. peak time later this morning, 9 o'clock through the afternoon hours. this is a heavy wet snow. the strongest winds are at the coast but even in the city, you could see 40 miles an hour winds with this. let's take a closer look at exactly what you can expect with storm tracker6 live double scan. we see much of the area blanketed with snow. not a whole lot happening north and west at this point but let's go in a little bit to the area that's getting hit
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really hard right now with the snow. so in philadelphia you see the light gray. not too bad, right its coming down pretty lightly but look through glassboro, through woodstown, berlin, you see the areas of lavender in those areas that's where the snow is starting to intensify and we can switch on precipitation rates to show in you those areas we're getting 2-inches an hour in parts of gloucester county, in woodstown near salem county, the area of light pink a half inch an hour so you see the difference right now. some intense bands forming and they're forming in south jersey right now. let's take a look at what you can expect. areas of heavy snow especially south of the city at the moment. the heaviest precipitation though hasn't hit us yet. that will be from 9 o'clock to until about 5 o'clock today. it ends southwest to the neath about 5 o'clock to 9 o'clock this morning. we'll talk totals in a few minutes matt. >> traveling now is not the big challenge, karen. give it about four, five hours and it's going to be substantially more challenging. right now most of the highways are just west. west conshohocken yeah you can
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see the spray coming up off the vehicles on the schuylkill expressway eastbound by the blue route. the roads are very wet but the snow system pretty much confined to the shoulders and the grassy surfaces. live in northeast philadelphia, this is woodhaven road by 13, bristol pike. taillights here heading toward 95 and it's lighter than normal volume but the people that are out are moving okay. again its going to be later on today when they're going to have a lot more difficulty. snow is still falling but the road is just wet with a little slush along 95 by cottman avenue. southbound lanes right here would normally be starting to back up at this hour but we're not going to see that i don't think this morning. i think volume is going to remain pretty light throughout the morning commute. still want to use 95 instead of columbus boulevard, delaware avenue. northbound side still a big old lake here blocking off the northbound lanes. it's tidal flooding. again 95 a better bet. in south jersey this is pennsauken route 73 blocked off here coming away from the tacony-palmyra bridge its because of downed wires at 130 so i would use 90 and the
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betsy ross bridge instead on this wednesday morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. now let's go on over to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes live in montgomeryville montgomery county. jeanette looks as though the snow has started back up behind you. >> reporter: it certainly has within the last few minutes tam we saw it coming down more heavily. but the roads still looking good. i want to show you the difference between the grassy areas, the less traveled areas and then of course the main roads here. they're just wet so you'll get a lot of that spray early this morning. the earlier you get out better and of course the earlier you get home the better. we've been hearing about the snow coming down pretty heavily as we get into the afternoon hours. this is video we've gotten this morning. we were coming up 76, 276, 309. we did see a lot of plow trucks getting ready for the heavy snow that's supposed to begin at 9 o'clock this morning. at peak hours it will be coming down between one and 2-inches per hour and it will
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be that heavy snow. that means shoveling is going to be pretty difficult this morning. but i want to come out live here to these wires. we'll start to see those familiar sights we saw over the weekend, downed wires, downed trees and of course that could also mean outages. so, certainly difficult for those who just got their power back on within the last 24 hours or so. hopefully you are prepared in case we do have those outages. peco crews saying it's going to be pretty difficult for them since they're still recovering from this last storm and the winds that we had beginning on friday. we'll let you know, of course, throughout the morning what your commute is looking like. reporting live in montgomeryville, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you for that jeanette. a snow emergency is in that effect in philadelphia as of 8:00 this morning so starting in two hours. overnight the city outfitted sanitation trucks with snowplows. this also means all parked cars must be moved off snow emergency routes. all municipal offices in philadelphia and the courts, they're all closed today. a state of emergency has also been declared in other parts
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of pa and in new jersey. >> now, the last thing the delaware county community of havertown wants right now is another snowstorm. it took one of the biggest hits from last week's nor'easter. bob brooks is live for us at darby and eagle roads. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, matt. i can happily report that as of right now, in this moment the snow has kind of let up since we've been out here at about 3 o'clock this morning. so, that good news for the morning commute. we're just keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't get too bad out here. this place got hammered on friday, a lot of downed power lines, a lot of downed trees into those power lines and there are still some people that don't have their electricity back yet. and right now when you go outside it's going to look like a winter wonderland. we have been talking about this this morning. you'll see the thick wet heavy snow stuck on all of the tree limbs, all over the power lines. we hope everything can hold up this morning. i do want to say if anyone has any property, any cars underneath any tree limbs you're probably going to want to move it just in case. you don't want to have to call
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your insurance and tell them you got a tree limb through your windshield. "action news" ruler 3-inches. you might see 4-inches in some of the areas out here. it has been snowing pretty steadily this morning, thick flakes as well so it's accumulating pretty well and i just want to give you guys an example. you barely grip this snow and it compacts. when it gets on everything else it's going to get heavy. it forms those perfect snowballs. i know kids are going to be happy about that today but might cause some problems for people but cars, they're going by, traveling pretty fast right now. the area has had plenty of plow trucks we've seen this morning so right now the roads they just look wet, maybe just a little bit of slush so you still want to be careful on your morning commute. for now reporting live in havertown, bob brooks channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> bob you're giving me some ideas to challenge karen rogers a snowball fight so thank you for that. >> it's going down. >> maybe tam too. some parts of the region are seeing more rain than snow. this is a look at wet
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conditions along kings highway in haddonfield, camden county overnight. as you know both governors of new jersey and pennsylvania declared states of emergency as the nor'easter is expected to charge up later this morning. >> back in pa penndot crews have been on the move all night. the action cam spotted several plow trucks along 95 in delaware county. more than 400 trucks out there salting and plowing the major roads. and airlines already started canceling flights ahead of the storm. at last check nearly 2,000 flights have been canceled. some airlines offering fee waivers on certain dates. be sure to check flight status with your airline before you head out to the airport. you don't want to go through all of the snow and effort and get there and find out no flight going out or coming. >> karen you're going down. [laughter] i'll help you karen. >> listen, i really kicked your you know what at the last snowball fight we had. >> she did. >> i might have let you do it. >> that's my story and i'm sticking to it. we've got a lot of snow coming our way, too, and the trouble
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is it's a heavy wet snow. this is not a snowball you're going to want to be hit by that's for sure matt o'donnell. it's going to be hard to shovel and remove because of that so you got to really take it easy out there. send the kids outside. it's going to stick to trees and wires and we've been watching our reporters talk about that and we have additional power outages that we're concerned about because of that. well, it's mainly snow farther north and west, the area of blue, we are getting that mixing later today as well so that's why we're expecting six to 10 in the i-95 corridor but 10 to 16 north and west. we may be making some adjustments to this so we'll be talking about where the heaviest snowfall is right now and what that could mean coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes, matt. >> i don't know, karen, i -- i don't think i'd mess with you if i were matt o'donnell. >> thank you. smart man. >> you never know. all right. good morning. good morning, everybody. we're live here along 422 this morning. at this point just wet along the highway. the snow coverage that we see is on the grassy surface. may be a little slush on the
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secondary roads but 422 the eastbound lanes here are just wet at this point. that won't be the case, though, in a few hours. and on the secondaries we still have some downed wires and downed trees schuylkill township there's some along pot house road at state road. crossing the river, you have to go slowly this morning. speed restrictions are up, 25 miles per hour the max on all the bridges including our good buddy ben, the ben franklin. i would use the ben or betsy, not the tacony-palmyra because off the tacony-palmyra on 73 at 130 still have those downed wires blocking most of the lanes so that's a spot you really want to steer clear of and down the shore we've seen a lot of tidal flooding this morning but here on the garden state parkway all lanes are passable, it's just really soggy on this wednesday, matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, matt. it is now 6:tenement we're following a developing story out of west philadelphia. three teenagers are hit by gunfire while they're just trying to grab a quick bite to eat. >> people are already out in chester county shoveling what has fallen so far. the action cam found this group hard at work in west chester a few hours ago.
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[laughter] >> welcome back. matt wishes he could hang onto the cam to get a ride over to the big board over there. hey, there goes somebody walking around that in center city, 15th and j.f.k. they may be a lot smarter than anybody who is out in a car right now because it's slipping and sliding kind of weather. we've got snow coming down. right now many of the roads are mainly wet but we see accumulation off to the sides
6:15 am
of the road and you know eventually the slush will make its way into the road. >> you get scale when you put me in the picture to see how big that really is. doesn't it look bigger with me there. >> you just like hearing that. >> it looks better with you there, matt, how do you like that. >> thank you. >> take a look right now outside and show you another shot. little hard to see with the snow coming down right here and we've got reduced visibility as sky6 looks live or tries to at the center city skyline. for the most part the snow in the city has been pretty light. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan. couple things we're watching right here. first off, this rain-snow line. the rain line was originally way down here and we had snow through vineland, through toms river and now we can see some of the morning it's progressing farther westward closer to the city as we expected it to do and then later changing to snow when the storm really intensifies. let's look a little closer at some of this right now and storm tracker showing malvern, downingtown, coatesville you're not getting much so far.
6:16 am
honey brook just a few snow flurries, a little bit more now in pottstown, chadds ford not a lot happening. in the city itself, we see some brighter snow. it's coming down pretty good. earlier we saw lots of areas of lavender. i was showing you right here. and that's not so much the case right now. this right here is getting about 2-inches an hour but see what's happening, the rain is starting to take over as it gets a little closer to the city so we're watching this begin to change. changes back to snow later on and i'll show that you one in a minute. let's look at satellite and radar right now. and we can see this area of low pressure, the storm just starting to take shape. it's got a lot of moisture to work with right now. future tracker6 showing at 8 o'clock this morning that we're going to see snowfall through the i-95 corridor dipping into parts of south jersey. we advance this to 11 o'clock and that's when it's starting to really pick up in intensity. you see the darker shades of purple and we watch how you change back from rain to snow in interior parts of south jersey. that's at 11 o'clock. advance this to 1:30, the height of the storm and you can see we're stretching from snow from the poconos all the
6:17 am
way down to most of the coastline and you can see this area of low pressure, how intense it will be as you watch those winds really rapidly turning around. 1:30 this afternoon. we advance this to 5, 6 o'clock it's already pulling out of the city and moving off the coastline. so, the totals have remained the same since yesterday. here's what we're expecting. one to 3 inches in the area of gray, millville, smyrna. three to 6 inches through chatsworth williamstown and salem because you've got snow this morning and you're watching it already change back to rain now, so some of that is getting washed away. six to 10-inches across the i-95 corridor. 10 to 16 north of that. that's doylestown, lansdale, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono. that's a significant amount of snow. right now this looks on track to be the case. the own thing that we're watching behind the scenes is to see if we might need to shift this area of purple a little bit farther to the south because we're watching this area of low pressure drift just a little bit eastward. for now it looks pretty good.
6:18 am
i just want to give you an idea what we're watching behind the scenes as we watch the snowfall intensify a little bit. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day. heavy wet snow 35 degrees for your high. worst time period about 9:00 to 4:00. tomorrow blustery, some sunshine returning, 40 degrees for your high. maybe a couple of snow showers north of the city on friday with a weak disturbance. not a big deal. 43. saturday still chilly, only 43. daylight saving time begins saturday night into sunday. sunday it's partly sunny and 46. still watching the potential for a storm sunday into monday but at this point it looks like it stays south of us so it looks like we'll be okay for that one and then on tuesday, windy and chilly, only 44 degrees for your high. so, tough out there in some spots and going get a lot worse when that snow intensifies. >> okay. we'll be prepared. >> national cereal day today. >> oh. >> is that why you stay home. >> there you go or maybe some french toast. it's that kind of morning. >> i'm in the mood for eggs.
6:19 am
>> waffles, bacon. >> it's wet, cold. route one by the christian ya' and in a mall. that sounds good. if you're heading out after breakfast things look okay on route one at the moment you're just wet. 301 closed because of a crash. there's flooding along old state road. no issues though on one, if you want to use that instead. and mass transit everything is a little funky today. septa regional rails are on an enhanced saturday schedule with no service on the cynwyd line. matt. >> thank you, matt. developing this morning three men were shot inside a chinese takeout restaurant in west philadelphia. it happened on the 200 block of south 60th street at 1:00 a.m. detectives say the gunmen got out of the car opened fire jumped back into the car and sped off. two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old were shot in the arms and legs. they are in stable condition. >> stormy daniels the porn star who claims she had a year long affair with donald trump is suing him for the right to speak out. daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford filed suit yesterday seeking to
6:20 am
invalidate a nondisclosure agreement she signed in 2016. daniels says trump never signed the document so it should be considered invalid. trump's lawyer michael cohen admitted he paid daniels $130,000 as part of the agreement but claims the money was his own not trump's and that there was no affair. >> the flyers host the second place pittsburgh penguins tonight. flyers are expected to get a boost as forward wayne summoned returns. allen iverson watched the sixers take on the hornets last night in charlotte. joel embiid scored 18 points and potential rookie of the year ben simmons added 16. the sixers win 128-114. >> kind of exciting to see a.i. in the crowd. like that. all right. it is 6:20 and today's nor'easter is just starting to take shape. this is a live look here from route one in langhorne, bucks county. what we're seeing around a lot of region, you see the accumulation on the side of the roads and sort of a wet slushy mix on the road itself as the precipitation continues to come down. send us your snow photos and
6:21 am
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just kind of ties in very well. >> we're learning about ties here from these two. >> i love my ties. >> matt will talk forever about ties. >> we can go on and on but i guess we should move on. to bridesburg aramingo avenue by 95 mostly just wet at this point. little snow coverage on the grass but the road is just wet. keep in mind in the city the snow emergency takes effect at 8:00 this morning. that means if your car is parked on the snow emergency route it's time to get it off of there. meanwhile in chestnut hill still have downed trees from the last storm blocking bells mill road. still trying to recover from that one, karen and now here comes the next. >> and yet here's another. we've got our first glimpse of some snowfall totals coming in just a few but in nottingham two .8 as of a.m. greenville 2.2, mount holly
6:25 am
near trenton just 1 inch of snow but this is all just the beginning. we'll see the snow intensify later this morning. i want to show you the temperatures. it's not surprising that we've seen the snow change back to rain here in south jersey where in some spots you're at 38, 40 degrees. it's above freezing across the i-95 corridor and in the lehigh valley the mid 30's but we are going to see that snow stick when it comes down and it's so intense in that time period from about 10 to four when you expect the heaviest snowfall through the region. >> thank you tam. in today's produce tip it's the super food taking grocery stores and farmers market by storms. here's a few help cull hints about cooking with kale. >> your "action news" produce tip. seems like green kale is everywhere. it's a trendy food items. i think for good reason. a wonderful flavor, very nutritionally dense and it's also really versatile so whether you're using large kale bunches like this, stripping the leaves off and sauteeing it or using baby
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kale levers out of the bag to make a fresh salad it's really versatile. there's a lot you can do with it. if you're not already cooking with green kale i recommend giving it a try. >> awesome austin. thanks so much. 6:26 now. the "action news" team is fanned out across the region to keep you ahead of the storm. >> let's take a live look here in havertown, delaware county. you can see the tops of the bushes, the sides of the roads, the trees and you can see the effects of that snow which is steadily coming down. many residents there just getting out from last friday. we'll take a closer look at the conditions they face today coming up at 6:30. >> ♪ ♪ mom, mom, mom, we've got cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love,
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>> now on "action news" the nor'easter has arrived. this is a live look at the ben franklin parkway in center city philadelphia where the snow is falling and this is just the start. >> storm tracker6 shows the storm is settling over the region. accuweather is updating the timing as well as the snow totals that you can expect. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. hundreds of others are joining them. they're so long at the scrolling at the bottom of your screen and also on >> good morning. we have team coverage. >> first up a weather and track update with meteorologist karen rogers in for david and matt pelman. good morning to you both. >> good morning. march, march, march what are you doing to us. >> it's roaring like a lion that's what it's doing. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live 3-d and we can see the nor'easter has just been developing now. it's really going to intensify
6:31 am
later this morning into the afternoon hours and there's a lot of moisture to work with and we're going to be feeling the power of this storm coming later. so this is a high impact event. the peak starts later this morning into the afternoon hours so what you're seeing right now, just the beginning. heavy wet snow, strongest wind gusts at the coast but even in the city itself, we could see 40 miles an hour wind gusts. here's a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. not a whole lot happening in the lehigh valley. some very light snow. even in the city itself, we're seeing light but rather steady snowfall. i want to go in a little closer to this area. look at the area of lavender we're seeing near woodbury. that's a pretty significant snowfall coming down. we had that area through glassboro through berlin through malaga but what's happening is that rain line is pushing farther north. we can show you the rates with this its been falling in some areas as much as about 2-inches an hour is what we saw in glassboro but now you've got that rain line pushing through. some of that is washing away. so, it's a changing evolving storm. here's what you can expect.
6:32 am
right now, we're getting a mix of snow, sleet and rain in the area. earlier we had some really heavy snow bands through south jersey and we're watching that process of it changing to rain and then it's going to change back to snow later because the heaviest precipitation will be from 9:00 to 5:00 when we're getting that heavy wet snowfall through the region. ends from the southeast to northeast from about five to 9 o'clock this evening. when you look at the roads right now and they're mostly just wet all that's going to change in a few hours matt pelman. >> it will be a slow march to wherever you're going later on when it does. right now those roads are just wet. the spot we're seeing the most snow coverage on the grass is chester county. 30 bypass close to downingtown. watch the ramps right there definitely slushy on the ramp but the main travel lanes at this point are just wet on the 30 bypass. to the schuylkill expressway just east of conshohocken again, you're seeing a little bit of snow on the grassy surface but the main travel lanes are just wet. just a few flakes continuing to fall.
6:33 am
speeds have not fallen on 76 or any of the highways really because volume is light this morning. live look now at i-95. more snow coming down here in the port richmond section of the city. it's actually blowing sideways. still, though, the highways just wet here by the betsy ross bridge. and it's really, really wet near penn's landing. columbus boulevard northbound side just like yesterday have this lake blocking the northbound lanes of columbus boulevard delaware avenue. it's tidal flooding. i would use 95 instead. also a bunch of flooding over here the brooklawn circle and the brooklawn diner portions of 130 and 47 are blocked and we have a car stuck in the high water along broadway near king street so you do have to watch that high water this morning. matt. >> okay, we will do that. thank you, matt. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is watching those heavy wet snowflakes fall. she joins us live along route 309 in montgomeryville, montgomery county. hi, jeanette. >> reporter: hi, matt. we're closing in on the last few hours where the roads will just be wet. that's what we've been seeing and saying all morning.
6:34 am
take a live look here behind me. grassy areas seeing a ton of accumulation and then of course the less traveled areas, the slush and the roads just wet. you'll get a lot of that road spray if you're heading out this morning. we've seen a lot of salt trucks and plow trucks on standby for that snow that's set to come down at times one to 2 inches per hour beginning at 9 o'clock this morning until 5 o'clock this evening. we were talking to a lot of people who headed out earlier to work this morning saying so far it's not so bad but certainly that will change. take a listen to what one employee here at a diner had to say. >> i have four-wheel drive vehicle and i only have about a mile and a half to go. i'm going to be at my boyfriend's house so i actually live 11 miles from here, so that's why i decided to stay at my boyfriend's. >> reporter: and i know people with four-wheel drive tend to be pretty confident and you have reason to. however, this snowfall is expected to be quite a bit and of course we're expected to
6:35 am
see at least 6-inches, so if you don't have to go out don't go out. in the meantime i would suggest going out and shoveling your snow maybe several times throughout the day because it's going to be that heavy hard stuff and heavy stuff to pick up. reporting live in montgomery county, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> that's what we plan to do. thanks jeanette. 6:35. let's take a trip on mobile6. up in bucks county, this is route one in fairless hills. all those trees look like they don't have any snow on them right now. we're hoping to not see what we saw back on friday with a lot of limbs coming down and power outages especially since there are still people out there without power but mobile6 on its way up route one in bucks county. >> and we're keeping an eye on power outages this morning. so far there's been no big uptick since yesterday. peco and state workers teamed up to remove trees and restring power lines throughout delaware county. the county's emergency services department says its number one priority ahead of today's storm was clearing roads of downed wires and branches because by the end of
6:36 am
the day they know they'll be buried in snow. so let's get a sense of what the conditions are right now in delaware county. that's where we find bob brooks. he's been out there all morning and that's steady stream of snow just keeps coming, bob. >> reporter: yes, tam, absolutely. that's what it's doing, a steady stream of thick big snowflakes that's accumulating on all kinds of things. we all know havertown delaware county just got hammered in that last storm we had on friday. so many people without power. we just hope the crews can continue their work 'cause some people still don't have power. we certainly hope this storm doesn't cause any more problems. behind me you can look up into those power lines into the trees right now. we're really just getting started with this storm and you can just see it's stuck on everything right now. it's like a winter wonderland out here. fingers crossed none of that stuff comes down for anyone who might have a car underneath a tree, you might want to move it. you don't want that to come down on your car. this video is from a few hours ago this morning. we had a gentleman out here
6:37 am
near eagle and darby road which is where we are shoveling the sidewalk here. he was working really hard. this again is that thick heavy snow. like jeanette said, if your sidewalk and home is getting covered quickly, you might want to shovel it two or three times today so you don't have it all at once and might hurt yourself out there when you're trying to take care of it but back out live here, we'll take a look at the "action news" measuring stick sitting right at about 3-inches. not too bad. there is some accumulation. the roads, though, looking pretty clear for this morning commute. they might just be a little wet. all morning i was making snowballs. it packs very tight. i know kids are going to love that this morning. i just don't want to provoke matt and challenge karen to a snowball fight at any point this morning, so not going to do it here. i don't want to give him any big ideas. for now reporting live in havertown, bob brooks channel6 "action news." >> just so you know, bob, you didn't. you didn't. i was going to do it anyway.
6:38 am
>> come in bob it will be an all out melee here at the studio. >> thanks so much bob. snow emergency goes into effect in the city of philadelphia at 8 o'clock this morning. the action cam was is live at 15th and j.f.k. in center city right near city hall. it is mandatory to remove parked cars to make room for the plows along the snow emergency routes. >> please be patient with difficult roadway situations. please keep walkways clear and avoid shoveling snow into the street. >> both pennsylvania and new jersey are under states of emergency. snow totals aren't expected to be as high in the garden state but the action cam -- maybe not. we just look at mayor kenney. there we go. the action cam already found a light coating on main street in evesham burlington county overnight. >> look at it come down. let's go to delaware. the first state was one of the first places to see the snow come down last night. this is viewer video of the flakes flying in smyrna on route 100 at dickerson street.
6:39 am
taking a live look out across penn's landing and you might look out there and go that's not so bad, those are just wet roadways. i can get where i need to go. that's the view right now at 6:39 but by lunchtime maybe even earlier that's going to start to really accumulate and look different so if you can stay in at all today, that is your best bet. >> except for our big snowfall fight. karen and i are captains. i select tam. you can get bob. >> i'll be behind you. >> all right, i'll get there one. i'm going to win anyway. let's talk about what you can expect today with this snow. snow will be heavy and wet, kind of tough drippy for snowball fights but it's going to be coming down really good later this morning. it will be hard to shovel and remove. send the kids out there to help you out and it will stick to trees and wires and that's a concern especially for so many people that just got power back. we can see additional power outages. we'll have problems with the winds that will be an issue as you travel. in fact in the city, 35 to 45 miles an hour winds and even more up to 55 along the
6:40 am
coastline there. here's what you can expect. it's mainly slow north and west. along the mixing line, the area of blue, that's where you could see six to 10. we're still thinking 10 to 16 the farther north and west you go. and it's mainly rain south and east. we've seen a real change in precipitation over the past hour and a half and i'll talk about that more coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. matt, how do the roads look so far? >> they don't look too bad so far. this is the blue route 476 southbound lanes right here by the metro plex. again, highways are just wet but on the secondaries we still have a bunch of issues. just off the blue route in delaware county in newtown square downed tree blocks gradyville road westbound. palmers mill can get you around it. middletown township a downed tree along forge road. debris along creek road in brookhaven. concorde road a better bet. west sadsbury downed wires on valley road and we're hearing they're blocking the entrance
6:41 am
to the fire department so that could be problematic if the fire crews need to come out of the firehouse to tend to a fire. meanwhile in pennsauken 73 at 130 still have these downed wires, everything's blocked off. i would avoid it by using 90 and the betsy ross bridge instead. matt and tam. >> thank you, matt. 6:41 now. up next we'll run down some of our other top stories of the day including a frightening hit-and-run crash that trapped a little girl beneath a car. >> and our coverage of the nor'easter continues after the break. this is a look at the snow so far in ardmore montgomery county. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. >> ♪ >> 6:44. good morning everyone. it's wednesday. nor'easter day two for the month of march. chadds ford there in delaware county, that's route one, a little bit of traffic. not a lot of people are out there. i know that there are essential people like doctors nurses, police officers, firefighters need to get to work, news anchors and reporters. that is a barren scene along chadds ford route one. >> we know karen march is really giving us the
6:45 am
roundhouse before we get winter out of here. >> getting a little bit of everything today. i think that's trouble for people who look at these shots and think i could easily drive that which you can, it's not a big deal yet. the trouble is it's going to get worse after you go to work. if you go to work you have to plan how you're going to get home. let's check the roads. one thing to note, this is a nor'easter that's going to have really strong winds. that hasn't really happened yet. look at the flags, they're barely moving and we have very light snow that's coming down steadily. this is all going to intensify later this morning. let's go right now, take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. there we go. we can see the lehigh valley not a lot of snow so far. in allentown, in reading, we're just looking at some light flurries in pottstown maybe a little bit more. starting now in quakertown and norristown, honey brook not a lot happening. most of the snow we've seen has been in philadelphia and south and east but here's a change that we're seeing. couple things happening. you see this rain line? when we started this morning it was snowing in millville. the rain line is pushing closer towards the city.
6:46 am
as we had forecasted. and then it's going to move back down to the south where the snow intensifies so it's a changing forecast. these conditions are changing for you but the snow is still in track to intensify later this morning into the afternoon hours. we're starting to see a couple areas of lavender pick up near the city and that's that heavier snow. it's an icy mix in glassboro and rain south of that. let's talk about right now the numbers so far. now, this is as of 6 o'clock. so we know those numbers have increased from there. in nottingham township it's 2.8-inches in chester county in west chester 2.3 in greenville new castle county a little over two. wilmington 2.1. mount holly 1 inch. this storm hasn't really intensified yet. we'll show you what in will look like with future tracker. this is the current view with sat satellite and radar. this area of low pressure just starting to take shape. future tracker showing at 8 o'clock light snow in the lehigh valley, more so near i-95 and that rain south and
6:47 am
east of the city but then we advance to 11 o'clock its really starting to pick up in intensity. you can see the darker areas of purple and it's snowing through the poconos through the city and 19 parts of south jersey. that's 11 o'clock. at 1:30 in the afternoon when the storm is at its height we have snowfall all through the region. look at the strong winds. you can telly intensity of the storm as it's swirling around that area of low pressure as the low will be off our coastline. in the afternoon and evening at 6 o'clock it's already pulling away. so be careful as you're heading out. now it's not bad. late this morning into the afternoon that's when the storm really intensifies. one to 3-inches through millville and smyrna, three to 6 inches in chatsworth williamstown and salem. i-95 corridor the areas in pink six to 10-inches. you'll have some sleet mixing in with that and it still looks like north and west of that in doylestown, lansdale pottstown allentown mount pocono 10 to 16-inches of snowfall. they haven't had a lot so far but as the form intensifies we
6:48 am
expect that to be the area that really gets hit. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, heavy wet snow. worst time period about 9:00 to 4:00 to travel when the storm is really intense. 35 for your high. blustery with sun tomorrow and 40. friday we could get a quick morning snow shower especially north of the city, 43. saturday's still staying chilly. lots of sunshine though and 43. you set the clocks forward saturday night. sunday partly sunny 46. watching the coast sunday into monday but at this point the model suggesting the storm stays to our south. we may say dry monday mostly cloudy skies but we're keeping an eye on that. tuesday windy and chilly and 44 degrees. so most of the roads wet right now but they will be white in a few more hours. >> i think the time change makes up for two of the three nor'easters. >> i'm trying to help. >> yes. >> we lose on hour of sleep. >> this is the spring forward. >> we gain an hour. >> oh, wait. >> we lose an hour. >> my gosh. i was looking forward to this
6:49 am
weekend. >> there's nothing good. >> all right, doesn't make up for it at all. >> it looks pretty good, though. all things considered right now. it won't look this good later. but right now no normal delay and the highway is just wet but on the secondaries we've got a bunch of downed trees again this morning. limerick linfield trap road eastbound lane blocked because of a downed tree there and we've got speed restrictions on our area bridges because they are wet and therefore could be a little bit slippery and it's really wet in logan township gloucester county. 130 blocked south of the commodore barry bridge because of high water there. matt. >> thank you, matt. there has been a deadly hit-and-run crash on the main line. radnor township police are looking for a dark colored suv possibly a gmc. the driver reportedly struck and killed a pedestrian on the 500 block of east lancaster avenue at about 8 o'clock last night. and this was the aftermath of a hit-and-run in philadelphia's mayfair section. a three-year-old girl became pinned underneath the car at rowland and tyson avenues last night. the driver had run off on
6:50 am
foot. witnesses all gathered to free her from the vehicle by lifting it up. she is in critical condition. her mother and four-year-old sister also suffered minor injuries. police are still looking for that driver. >> the judge in the bill cosby case is weighing argument made during the entertainer's pretrial hearing. prosecutors want 19 other women to testify at cosby's retrial. lawyers for both sides debated details of cosby's financial settlement with his accuser andrea constand can be used in court. jury selection begins march 29 with the trial scheduled for april 2nd. >> just about 10 minutes away from "good morning america." >> robin roberts is live in times square with a look at what she's got coming up. robin we just need to know are you going to come pull us out of the snow bank by the end of the day. >> reporter: i may need your help matt and tam because we're going to continue your coverage on that monster storm that is affecting your area. it's affecting new york city. still so many places without power from last week's storm. schools are closed, flights
6:51 am
canceled all across this great country as states declare a state of emergency. we're going to track the latest on the storm. also ahead, "the bachelor." proposing to a different woman overnight. after breaking off his proposal with his original fiancée from the show, becca, the live decision shocking, shocking "bachelor" nation. arie and his new fiancé lauren join us live in our studio this morning just 24 hours after their proposal. oprah. get ready for oprah. she's going to be here live in our studio as well to talk about that blockbuster a wrinkle in time and what she says it was like behind the scenes shooting there in new zealand. that's all coming up here on "gma" matt and tam. >> thanks robin. see you in a bit. 6:51. another check of the accuweather forecast is coming up. before the break we leave you with a cloudy, snowy miserable scene at philadelphia
6:52 am
international airport. last check nearly 2,000 flights have been canceled so going to be tough flying as well as getting on the roads. >> ♪ ♪
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>> the snow that fell overnight left side streets slushy. the action cam was along conestoga road in wayne, delaware county, right at the border with chester county. you can see some snow and ice forming on power lines. that's kind of what happened on friday which crews will be keeping an eye on throughout this storm. be sure to send us your snow pictures and videos, use #6abc on social media. >> weather and traffic updates straight ahead. as the nor'easter continues to intensify. karen and matt. >> some of the shots we've been showing you you've noticed reduced visibility with the snow coming down. now under 2-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. that will get worse as the storm intensifies later this morning matt. >> don't think it's going to be a normal wednesday on the rails, karen. septa regional rails on an enhanced saturday schedule with no service on the cynwyd
6:55 am
line. patco running on a snow emergency schedule today so not nearly as frequently. top stories coming your way right after this break. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> let's take another look at the conditions across the delaware valley. right now the action cam is live in havertown delaware county where you can see the trees and the roadways have a pretty good dusting as much snow there. it's really starting to accumulate. >> in montgomery county another area that was hit hard by the last storm. we take a live look at a busy area, route 309 near five points in montgomeryville, sticking on the grassy surfaces, not so much on the sidewalks but yes, again, you see that wet snow sticking on the trees. we hope it's not going to bring down more limbs and more
6:58 am
power lines this time around. >> and let's go see mobile6 which has been making its way up and about through bucks county there on major roadways and you can see what we've been seeing around the region, that the middle of the roadway is clear. we've got a mix of rain and snow coming down on the windshield but a little accumulation like right there on the windshields of those cars. >> luckily though most of our roads are just wet this morning but yeah, that snow is falling as we look live here in northeast philadelphia. it's i-95 near cottman avenue. light volume and the traffic moving on the wet road surfaces at this point is moving okay. it was really wet earlier here along columbus boulevard by penn's landing. luckily that tidal flooding has come to an end. the water has receded. your back in business there. still flooding in brooklawn by the old circle. 130, 47 blocked off. we had a car stuck in the high water by broadway. that's dangerous. you can't drive through that flood water. downed wires in pennsauken that were blocking 73 by 130.
6:59 am
looks like that has just reopened, karen. >> temperatures are above freezing now and staying in the low to mid 30's. you're seeing wet roads now but as this storm intensifies you'll see it accumulate more on the roads. right now snow falling light in the lehigh valley and the city and that rain-snow line kind of inching up closer to the city in south jersey. you had some snow. it's getting washed away but you have to watch from about 10:00 to 4:00 today the height of the storm. that's when it will be the most difficult to travel and our forecast is holding. we're still expecting six to 10-inches in the i-95 corridor. more north and west. up to 16 in some spots as you're traveling today. it is a heavy wet snow and visibility will be an issue as well. >> be careful shoveling. >> yes. >> real heavy. do it in shifts, all right. we'll have updates throughout good morning america and beyond. for matt pelman dave murphy karen rogers tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great wednesday. >> ♪
7:00 am
good morning, america. winter storm emergency. that powerful nor'easter et hitting right now, 16 million in the storm zone. from virginia to new york. boston to maine. the new alert for dangerous flooding and blinding snow, up to 2 feet in some areas. more than a 1,000 flights already cancelled. schools are shut down and the warning for your morning commute. our team is live tracking the storm. breaking overnight, stormy daniels sues the president. the adult film star who claims she had an affair with donald trump now taking him on over their nondisclosure agreement. as the white house deals with another departure. ♪ and the final twist.


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