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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 7, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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about 200 flights, to and from philadelphia have been cancelled throughout the day, if you were scheduled to fly out or expecting a flight in you want to check with your airline before heading to the airport but we imagine a number of flights will continue to be, delayed, or cancelled, throughout the afternoon, as we look live from philadelphia international. >> lets take a live look at mobile six navigating the road s, of course, thinks 476 southbound at montgomery county and it looks like one of the medium sized highways, again, 476 in this section gorgeous just looking at beautiful trees, covered in snow, not so perfect if you to have navigate roads. not many folks out and about in the other direction at both side of 476, this is southbound, of course, north bound quiet as well. there goes one car on the other side but we're noticing that the roads again even though it is clear they have been treated because you see slush in the trough, if you will, that indicates that they have been brined and scraped as heavy snow continues to fall they will get snow covered again, and as cars go
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by it can create, some slush, which can obviously later turn into ice when temperatures drop. so at any point you don't realize or may not know, if you were just hitting a wet patch or black ice. so, again, please be careful out and about. we see snowplows there. whole brigade of them still treating the north bound side of 476, that is good news, they have been doing a tremendous effort but mother nature verse man and woman's we are not keeping up with her as well as we would like to do mother nature here at six or seven or 8:00 o'clock, we're backing off on the snow and that will give work crews a chance to double down and get roadness good conditions for tomorrow. >> in the meantime lets check out the situation on the schuylkill expressway. they have had problems throughout the afternoon as well. "action news" report are annie mccormack is standing by or driving by, on the schuylkill, westbound, annie where exactly are you right now. >> reporter: hey right now i'm going to flip over because i wanted to show you video of a
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car that is on the side of 76 westbound, trying to, spin out or trying to get out, and thin ning out there. right now, rick, we are on the conshohocken curve approaching the conshohocken exits, and, again we're in the westbound lanes and you can see there that there is some traffic, going eastbound as well, but in front of us, right now there are not a lot of cars, however, we have sat in traffic, for about, probably an hour, and, as we were heading up here and what it was, there was a van, that was on its side, it was upright but it was, spinning out, on its side and you could see other drivers had gotten out, and tried to help it. they were shoveling, getting the snow away from behind the wheel of that vehicle, but that, that stopped things for about an her here and the conditions are not good. you shouldn't be out here if you do in the have to be. that is something we keep saying. penndot has made it so a number of roadways like this one you can only go 45 miles
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an hour. right now we're only going about between 22 and 25 miles an hour. again, in that stand still you could actually get out of the vehicle and it isn't safe to do but people were doing that because they needed to clear the front of their windshields i will switch back over, right now, sorry, there we go, there is a tree dunn here as well, something that people are having to avoid. you can see we are starting to come up to. this is a situation where we're slowing down. you can see here that we are right before the plymouth meeting and chester exits right before 476. so, again, right up here, becoming a problem, here on 76 , it is just, a constant problem that is probably the best way to explain it. so if you are going to head out here, i don't suggest it, you better have a car that can handle roadways but at this point it will be a constant issue and again, right now, i'm starting to see emergency
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vehicles, coming down 76, ease bun right now, so i don't know if that is, because they are coming out to help with different situations that they are seeing, or if it is to assist some of those, plow trains that we have seen coming through, that are plowing and salting, as well. so, keep you updated, we are trying to get to conshohocken, we are trying to get to him rick so we are hoping we can get somewhere, park and do a live shot not in the van. so for now, we will toss it back to you guys. >> all right, thanks, anni. >> we have live team coverage of the storm with adam guess he have and cecily tynan, lets get the very latest with both of you, cecily. >> what i want to show you is storm tracker six live to talk about the position and the movement of the storm. the center of the storm is that low pressure that is intensifying is really talk in it is only about 15 miles east of lbi but good news it is moving northeast at a pretty good clip, at about 35 miles
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an hour. so this is not a situation where we have a blocking high and system is stalling here. it is on the move. i want to have some good news here, look at this lightening strike, lightening strikes past 15 minutes down to eight. the storm is still intensifying but it is not intensifying at such a fast rate, and when you get that thunder snow that is when that storm system is bombing out really quickly intensifying. zoomed in you can see how that moisture you can see that really well, moisture moves in land and pivot and then been stalling right over philadelphia, right over i-95 corridor. we have had this band there for about the past two and a half hours. so where ever you see that pink, that magenta that is heaviest snow, let's zoom in right over philadelphia, and, can i use that. >> why not. >> it is puking snow right over philadelphia. i got to run out. i mean, that is how to
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describing it, it is falling out of the sky very heavily, right over center city. i think i will get in trouble for. that right over new jersey turnpike. we will flip this over. this shows us the snowfall rates. it is amazing. very rare we get snow at a rate of 3 inches per hour, just sitting over the heart of the city, 2 inches per hour, over blue route near media then note that is western spring. that is where that sharp drop off, with this snow, only half inch per hour, really shutting down in chester county, parts of the berks county. let's flip this back over and show you what i'm talking about as far as that snow. see how finally we are seeing that back edge of the heavy snow working to the east, parts of the chester county, berks county, everything is really winding down, quakertown you are in some light snow, in the really accumulating at this point you can see how that is beginning, to push to thee. so that is an indication that storm system is starting to
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lift out, zooming in, now across south jersey we do have some pockets of heavier amounts of snow. we have a little bit of mixing but right along beach but quick turn over when you we get dynamic cooling pulling down cold air in the higher atmosphere. hammington, glassboro, elmer, millwood we have heavy snowfall rates at one and a half, to 2 inches per hour. give kudos to chris sowers, who is outside, coming back in the studio. he was outside for hours. getting thumped on by the snow , he grabs a ruler, a yardstick, he goes back outside to give us measurements. you are the best. we have 6.8 inches outside our studio. cally ton heights 8.1. coatsville has eight. mount holly less, 1.5. newark delaware 6.6. also, our loyal, six abc viewers have been sending us lots of report on social media adam joseph has a report on that. a lot of pictures. >> lots of picture pretty
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pictures both indoors and outdoors with the kid, coloring, playing, maybe playing outside, and again this is all from my facebook page, enjoy chatting back and forth there. nick send this in from turnersville, new jersey. it is a blanket of white, winterland out there this street looks like it who one of its limbs in the last storm there. but it is also showing that reduced visibility, almost a haze in the distance, with those snowfall rates, of two to 3 inches per hour, and wayne, he sent me this from dennisville, new jersey, again one of those, that the snow is pace continuing on everything, it is basically like glue. it falls down and it just stick to everything that heavy wet snow, and anni he's report we saw tree down on the schuylkill expressway in the westbound lanes. we are dealing with these limbs coming down and again, power outages could still be an issue moving forward, especially in those area that pick up close to 10 or more inches of snow in and around the city off to the north and east, here's latest visability , driving around,
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not recommended over next couple of hours as we wind up this storm, and down to almost a quarter of a mile in trenton , same thing in atlantic city airport as it is flipping to snow there. half mile millville, near quarter of a mile in center city philadelphia and below a mile in wilmington and allentown. temperatures are hovering near freezing, into philadelphia, millville, trenton, and wilmington, so that is why we're seeing that snow, on the roadways, and these temperatures, they are going to stay pretty low as we go in the overnight hours so we will deal with, some icing, as we get into the overnight hours tonight and wind, not as bad as the last storm as expected but there is wind out there and that is creating wind chills right now, only in the 20's area wide. the warmest spot, go figure in the poconos, at 31 degrees, while philadelphia is coldest spot at 21 degrees. so, snow, it is exiting the coast by 7:00 o'clock, it is already ending in those western suburbs, so we will continue to see that work and eat its way in the city of
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philadelphia over the next hour or two but temperatures will drop below freezing, overnight tonight, so good idea, is to remove the snow, before you head to bed here this evening. you don't want to deal with a basically slush going over to ice chunks by tomorrow morning that you cannot remove it. but watch for those slick spots in the overnight hours tonight. yes, it is march but temperatures below freezing it doesn't matter what time it is , when it is nighttime we have no radiation to warm that ground. rick and monica now back over to you. all right, thank you so much adam. we want to take to you jeff chirico live for news cheltenham township montgomery county, how is it, wiping snow off, thick, heavy and fast, is that right, jeff. >> reporter: yeah, just right at the right time, the flakes are huge and coming down quickly but making for a beautiful scene behind me. take a look at the snow falling on that hill, absolutely beautiful scene, it is if you are looking at it outside your window.
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yes, what happens if you drive-in this mess. quickly becomes a nightmare. if you follow me over there that is 309, it is backup, there is people honking, people are angry, people are spinning their wheels, they are getting stuck, you may be able to see that truck right there. he might be having a problem that red pick up there you can see his wheels just spinning, the flakes are falling so quickly that officials here in cheltenham township tell me that the treatment on the road is simply not working, the snow is accumulating at 2 inches an hour so the brine and other treatment, the salt just doesn't do a thing right now. so traffic is very slow, on route 309, in cheltenham township, behind me. now i just check emergency management officials put a facebook powe out in the township that said quote driving is horrible. accidents every where. then in all caps, do not go out unless it is an emergency. i judge us got off the phone with them. they told me they had 11 accidents in the township since 1:00 this afternoon including a 15 vehicle
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accident on tookany parkway. that doesn't even include the many disable cars and tractor trailers. so far, four trees have fallen , including one that has block township line road. now, the roads i said were treated but really not doing much as you can see that pickup truck is not going anywhere quickly, unless you have four-wheel drive, rick and monica, you probably best that you stay indoors because any sort of travel, in this condition is probably just going to lead to what we are seeing behind us. >> thanks, so much, we appreciate that. now we want to check on other conditions throughout the area. >> lets go to center city an "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is standing by market street. wasn't that long ago you were in the studio, what was your drive like to the city. >> reporter: it wasn't great, i miss it there in that warm studio. we are here between 12th and 13th on market street. everybody has been talking about these giant flakes that are falling, some are an inch or 2 inches across.
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just huge flakes, falling from the sky, and our meteorologist s have been talking about how wet this snow is. look at the slush, this is how it is turning, in center city, it is just a thick, slushy snow here, and if you look out on market street you can see actually some of the pavement. i did drive here from out of the station and there were many roads where you could in the see the pavement at all, very slushy here and very little traffic. one of those rare scenes for center city, rare winter scene as it is a heavy, heavy snow is falling. nick, if you could even pan up a little bit i don't know if people can see these flakes that are falling and just swirling around, here, along this center city sky line, and it is just coming down, so fast, and we have even seen plow train coming through a pretty rare sight within the center city confines. so, it is not easy going, there are a few cars out, uber cars are still operating here around the city and those
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flower show, it is just a few blocks away from where i'm standing and we have seen some people coming and going, from the flower show in the city, that might be a great thing to do this time after afternoon. may not be too crowd today, great day to go. and, market street, and, and, nj transit, and, has been coming through, long with septa buses but a lot of people buses heldled underneath, trying to stay out of the heavy snow, coming down , and, whack you in the face but one of those rare center city, winter scenes here this afternoon as the snow, continues to fall. rick and monica, back to you. >> all right, sarah, thank you very much. >> now we want to check it out in ardmore, montgomery county and what pradelli will be with us. how are things fairing out there, we saw other sections of the city, and new lets see
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how you are fairing in ardmore >> reporter: much of the same, got big boy flakes, coming down at this hour, this is wet , heavy snow, you can see roadway here route 30 major thoroughfare in this area. the plows have been through a couple times but it is really doing a thick, coating getting that off, it hasn't been easy. lets take a look at these cars i would say we have about five , six, 7 inches in this area, and it is coming down strong and it has been this way for pennsylvania couple of hours, like we talk about a little bit earlier this is one of the hardest hit area, as we recall, from last week's nor'easter. we have had radnor area. lower merion and haverford township area where many down trees, were hit, with that thunderstorm or with that storm, and, we were in this area, and you can see a lot of these trees were hit heavy wet snow. we are seeing branches fall off. later concern as these trees will begin to fall, topple over and start taking out power lines. last check peco, in this
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immediate area between lower merion, radnor, haverford township there are just under seven you this people at last check without power, i was talking to a buddy in haverford township where i live, he just lost power again , a few hours ago. got kicked back on, and, he told me 15 minutes ago, once again work this storm, wet heavy snow, that is a major concern as this snow sticks to the trees, and starts taking off branches, and starts taking out power lines and starts taking out cable lines. that is something that people will be keeping an eye on. in terms of those numbers, 35, hundred here in letter merion on this right side of route 30 , and still without power, and, take a look over here you can see this young lady here trying to scrape off the snow. it is so heavy. i was at my house a couple hours ago just shoveling my work way was a difficult chore it was so heavy. out there two or three times because of this wet, rain slush that this storm began w i tried to break out snowplow
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at one point. it is just too thick. snowblowers will not work. we are watching the plows in this parking lot and they have been going through, you know, two or three times, because as they clear the area, you get more snow accumulation you can see they have to justin to come through here get this heavy snow off. if they let it pile up too high, even the plows, just can't get and move such heavy load of snow, on these parking lots, on these load ways and depending on the side and you mr. size of your vehicle. something these crews to have consider here as they continue to remove snow, but, snow is coming down hard, you know, people in this area many of them are praying that they to in the lose power once again, obviously we will keep an eye on the situation out here throughout the day and afternoon but for now live from ardmore along route 30 chad pradelli for channel six "action news", back to you guys. >> chad, thank you. >> lets look live from mobile six as it continues, to deal with the highways and by ways
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around the region, right now, it is i476 southbound, just past havertown area we are told and there is some traffic to contend with their and, the highways, snow covered, and slushy, and cars going at a reduced speed which is what penndot would be advising earlier this afternoon, so, there are cars out there, there there are motorists trying to get to their destination but be careful, visibility, always a problem, at the flakes continue to fly, and as you do have to drive out on these highways you do want to take it easy. looking live from mobile six high 476 dealing with the traffic both side north and southbound there is traffic but not moving, at a, fast pace, which obviously is, it is the thing to do, during the wintry conditions, out here at this hour. we will take a break, much more of the live coverage when we come right back.
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back live, we want take another couple looks at the situation in the area but first we will check on the airport, philadelphia international airport has had closures and some delays this morning. hundreds of them earlier in the day lets see if that is the case, mary joining us live from television. good afternoon. what is the update. >> hi, monica, yes, i issued a ground stop, around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon because of the heavy snow. so that means that any flights heading to philadelphia international are being held, at their departure airport. eventually they will be allowed to continue but there will be delays, because of that. >> how about outing flights are those also suspended as well. >> for the time being, we are, we do have one way, one runway clear for departing flights out of philadelphia. >> okay. >> we have been plowing, one
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of our runways, at a time to make sure that one always stays opened. >> we happen to have three operating normally so one out of three isn't bad. >> we have two main and two secondary runways. >> two secondary, okay. >> mary, we are having problems here but there is obviously weather issues throughout the northeast corridor. so, that is obviously, it is exacerbating the problem at philadelphia international as well, is that correct. >> that is right, rick, there has been american 500 flights cancelled today, by the airlines, as they look at their schedule and plan where they want to have their aircraft but there are some flights, that are still scheduled to depart this evening, so that is why we encourage people to check with their carrier, if they are scheduled to fly this evening, or, and. >> are we talking about hundreds of people stranded this morning at philadelphia international trying to find food and maybe plan for an evening there or what is the situation with actual creature comfort. >> well, concessions program is always opened, enduring
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snow events. and then from passengers, who are stranded overnight, we have, cots, blankets and refreshments that we pass out but tonight, it looks like everyone has planned ahead because we knew this storm was coming, so, we feel like we're in better shape, then in the past. >> great. >> so mary, is there a time approximation as to when things could start to resume here at the airport maybe eight or 9:00 o'clock, maybe before some of the flights, air lines can get back to normal. >> it all dependent on the weather and when this snow lets up. >> so if it lets up we are approximating 8:00 p.m. the guesstimate that we have or actual time we have got from accu weather, of course, mother nature is hard to predict but that is the word right now. >> we don't know, these flights, particularly the international flights that are set to depart this evening, they are all on the books as being ready to depart at their scheduled time, they could
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could be delayed if need be but the intention is to have them depart. >> okay. >> so is what your typical turnaround time if the snow stops at 8:00 p.m. how long does it take to you get both runways up at full speed and get back on the normal course. >> that depends on how heavy the snow is and a lot of other factors but we get these aircraft out as soon as possible. >> okay. so once again, for people who are trying to get to the airport or expecting a flight coming in, the best advice is to check with their individual airlines, and to see what the status on have that individual flight is, correct. >> yes, that is absolutely right, rick. >> in the meantime you are doing deicing of aircraft and overnight crews there available to resume operation in case, crews have been off the clock, cannot work a double shift that kind of thing is that right. >> we've owe the aircraft pilots have specific requirements about how much time they can spend in the air
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, our air crews, on the operations side for the airport, which, of course is owned by the city of philadelphia, that we have those crews and backup crews around the clock crews as well as contractors, so, the ground operation is always working, to get out the flights, as quickly as possible. >> all right. mary flannery at philadelphia international airport thank you for that update. ground stop is, issued and been in effect since 2:00 but all of things back to normal once snow stops, sometime this evening. >> all right, lets go over to alycia vitarelli at big board monitoring photos and all kind s of post from people out there even enjoying it or maybe not so much. >> that is exactly what we are seeing, monica our viewers using #six abc action during this nor'easter capturing the snow events around our area, and let me tell you a difference an her makes here our friend evan wells sending this picture in where you can see maybe like an inch or two of snow. within an hour, side by side,
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or top and bottom there telling the whole story, here is folks that do love it, the kids, even they it may be too hard to get a smile in here for this little one, there are snow men, and women, being built, all around the delaware valley today. however, the snow is heavy, it is wet, we have been hearing that from crews out there today and with that trees are coming down, this is from one of our viewers in feasterville looking out window and under the weight of this really heavy snow the trees are just coming down. so you do have to be careful heading out, hopefully staying home and some people getting, you know, a little head start on the shoveling here like our little friend, but, starting early and life in shoveling session the. get the little won out there and show them how to work the shovels, you know, safely, of course, and everyone saying the same thing, lets get a hoed start on this because it starts to build up, starting to get a lit crazy. i love this here, the pets, some of them love the snow, others like this guy, on the
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outside here with his beard, kind of covered? snow saying someone please let me in but when we have to go out, you to have let them out. but you know what just a pretty picture. just that this snow is really, really starting to get very heavy. this person here, from bucks county telling us that it looks like it wants to come down, at lee it is going away, from the house, so we urge you to be careful, we love beautiful images we have been sharing and real won, so keep them coming using the #six abc action, back to you guys. >> thanks, alycia. >> a lot of pretty picture, and folks having fun, believe it or not in this nor'easter. lets go live to west fill and "action news" reporter ali gorman is having fun with kids sled nothing clark park in west philadelphia, is that it. hit the hills, they are making the most of their, snow days, where, clark park here, we are can see the slope here just dozens of kid, lined up with their sled, and some of them,
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with their snow board, and snow emergency, and, how. and, make these plans to go sledding and, and, and, and, as we all know, the past couple of hours, the snow has been coming down fast and furious, there is plenty for people sledding and as soon as that happened and the kids came out here and then hit the hills, i can also show you, that there are a lot of dogs, out here, and sorry, but the dogs are out here, kind of an impromptu dog park, and, dogs love the show they are having a great time, so, snow men, and, snow, women, and, out here, as well, and lots of parents, and you know, i will say this snow, it is cold, it is wet, and, so it is not something thaw want to be outside for a very long period of time, a lot of parents tell me that the kids are coming here doing like, you know, 10 different runs, and going back
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inside to get warmed up, get hot chocolate those are the days, you know, that is very latest here. it is a cold, wet, damp, snow, and it is not the pretty kind but however kids do not mine. they are having a great time. that is very latest here, live in west philadelphia rick and monica back to you. >> all right, now lets take you live to bucks county, more beautiful scenery and then conditions for driving in the so great, trish hartman knows all too well and can give us update, hi there, trish from plumstead township. >> reporter: hey, yah it is beautiful here but it is also very wet and it is one of the things that myself, and my photographers, rick and machine calf been struggling with just to keep everything dry from just ourselves and the equipment. i had to swap out my ifb, ear piece because the other one was so wet it sounded like everyone back there under water so i could not, here, hopefully this will stay dry. and, measurements, and, we
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have our yardstick here. we will go over to the grass where things are getting pretty deep here. and, right here, right here at this spot, it is reading 13 inches on the grass here in plumsteadville, right here at 611, 5 miles north of doyletown. so, the snow actually looks like it is starting to get lighter, still falling, steadily, and it is starting to lighten up the past hour it was really coming down, we will show you road conditions here on 611. plow trucks have been coming through, all of the traffic that we have been seeing over past hour has been plow crews or suv, and hopefully they have four-wheel drive, and i did check in with bucks county , radio dispatch and the dispatcher i talked to say that they are having tons of report, quote tons of disabled vehicles, and, so everybody keeps telling me this. if you don't have to be on the road stay off because they are hearing about people who cannot get around they went out and they are in their stuff on the side of the road and they cannot get anywhere.


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