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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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precipitation you had. and how much you got today. folks at the shore mostly got a wintry mix and most of our regions to the north got socked with snow. and continuing coverage of the march nor'easter and the precipitation started to fall late last night and the roads are covered in snow. >> barely passable in regions. and folks are asked to stay home if they don't have to go out. >> and little by little was the way to tackle this heavy snow. all right mobile 6 driving right now along northbound route 1 headed toward cotman avenue and it looks like the roads are treated and folks are moving along at a decent clip but on the ride hand side not as good. the middle lane is the best one to ride on if you are headed out. and the crews are could having avenue inch of the nor'easter
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and trish hartman in montgomery county and nydia han in rihouse square and sara bloomquist with sledders. and lets go to cecily tynan and adam joseph with the latest on the storm. >> the storm system is lifting out of our region but it did pack a punch for parts of the area. >> we see double digit snowfall totals across the heart of the delaware valley here with the blinding snow at times this afternoon. >> and for philadelphia it's out of here let go over to the "action news" weather center. and this shows you the broad picture of double scan live radar and the storm is working up close toward long island and really shutting off the snow in most of our viewing area but there is one more band across new jersey, from burlington county into ocean county. near surf city and this is racing to the east. pretty quickly and this is where we have that blinding snow. we can flip this over and show
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you the snowfall rates. typically with snowfalls at the rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. but right along this band we have snow falling at the rate of 2 to 3 inches per hour and this band was sitting over philadelphia for about two and a half hours. and that is what brought the higher snowfall accumulations. if you look at the total, the storm formed 50 miles farther to the east so is the heaviest snow was not over the lehigh valley and the poconos. but the heart of the delaware valley. bryn mawr 11 inches and broomall a foot of snow. and the heavy wet snow and greenville about 1.5 inches of snow. and at the height of the storm a lot of us adam and i included heard the thunder. we had thundersnow is than is the sign of a quickly developing storm. for more details on thundersnow
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lets head to adam joseph. >> that is the word of the day. most of us in the delaware valley heard that. and we remember it. i heard it when i was 8 years old and never forgot it. how can it thunder and you get lightning in the snow storm. it can happen but only in the strongest of storms that develop off the coast. it's a rare event and in fact, extremely rare to have 100 lightning strikes south and east of i-95 this afternoon. it goes to show, how much energy was in the atmosphere charged up with this storm. we saw snowfall rates 2 to 3 inches an hour and they are true lightning strikes. it is dangerous. in ocean county a person and a house was struck by lightning this afternoon. >> temperatures now are above freezing with the sunshine breaking out. and right now it is slushy and wet out there. but the winds creating
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windchills only in the 20s, visibilities are coming back up with the returning sun to the west. but still a half mile of blinding snow in trenton and toms river 2.5 miles visibility. but the problem when the sunsets here the snow exits the coast by 6:00 the chilly breeze continues and temperatures drop below freezing and the slush hardens up and anything not treated will turn over to black ice. we'll have meteorologist, cecily tynan come up with a five-day with a storm we are possibly tracking. >> thank you we appreciate that. >> in the meantime matt pellman joins us with the latest on the highways. >> the latest is just the slightest bit of improvement but this is the scene we see all afternoon and kind of sick is of seeing it, cars and trucks in this case, sitting and spinning their wheels. being stuck on a snowy slushy mess. this is northeast philadelphia.
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the ramps connecting 95 northbound with academy road and the ramps are blocked now and shot is not frozen but traffic is not able to move spining along the ramps at 95 at academy. this is woodhaven road turning from snow into wetness but still coverage in both directions. up there we have some blockages, vehicles spinning out in both direction as long wide haven at 13 bristol pike. and things are improving along the schuylkill expressway. this is king of prussia from 202, turning from snow covered to slushy, it's still going to be slippery but things are getting better on the schuylkill even though the westbound travel time is slow. i like this shot. malvern, chester county, what a difference a couple of hours making looking better at 202, route 29 and all lanes are passable. and a live look at the ben franklin bridge, we are moving okay. and better news at the
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burlington bristol bridge, they have reopened. it was closed for an hour and a half. and in gloucester county these are the ramps connecting 322 with the new jersey turnpike, multiple truck issues. jackknifed truck and mass transit issues with the cynwyd lines that remain stopped as well as the new jersey transit buses. >> thank you matt. meantime a notoriously tricky spot when it snows is along city avenue in bala cynwyd. we were there when the septa bus tried to gain traction. and lots of cars got stuck in the area and luckily a good samaritan was around. trish hartman live in bucks county tonight. how are the conditions shaping up tonight? >> reporter: so it's finally starting to lighten up here in
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plumstead, lets do another measurement though. last time we were at 13 inches and now we'll get again 13 inches, so things are starting to slow down in terms of accumulation as you can probably see, it's still coming down to route 611, we can actually see the road the first time in a couple of hours that has happened. still slushy and slick and the plows are making head way here. even though officials have been urging vehicles to stay off the roads, and that includes atv's we ran into people out and about any way. drivers say that roads are treacherous through the height of this storm. and plows are coming through trying to keep route 611 clear and people are driving around even though ocs are urging folks to stay off the roads. and county dispatchers are getting records of disabled
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vehicles all over the area. and this plow driver says it's a challenge to keep things clear with how quickly the snow is accumulating. >> from 12:00 on it's a whiteout. as fast as i make it past. i can barely see my tracks behind me. >> four-wheel-drives are extremely slippery and you can't tell where the road surface ends and where the curb starts. i would not advise being out but we need a battery otherwise i would not come out. i'm own two miles from here. >> he was picking up batteries because he lost power and said here we go again because he lost power a few days ago. and last check 3,000 customers are without power here in plumstead township because of this heavy wet snow. reporting live in
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plumsteadville, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, lets head to "action news" reporter john rawlins in west goshen. >> john, the sun is coming out. look at that -- >> reporter: blue skies and sunshine, we were not thinking we'd see it that soon. that is the case and talking to drivers driving the area here around westchester and they say that the roads are clear and in good shape. let me step out here route 3, we are in west goshen township and just wet. we have power outages here in the county and started with 900 people out of power from the last storm. and now that number about 3900 and most in east town. the snow arrived in chester county overnight pretty to look at but on trees and wires impacted some electric service. some man filling gas cans at 10:00 a.m. >> i'm filling up for my generate we lost power an hour
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ago. >> we lost it last week for 20 hours, right now we are out this morning i don't know how long. >> initially the roads are wet and clear and heavy snow began and visibility dropped and driving conditions deteriorated. >> a van face forward into the hill and the pickup truck went down the gully and into the woods and the the police are there on both of them. >> not pleasant out right now. not easy to get around. >> slow down. >> plow crews kept main roads open and snowfall tapered off at 3:00 and this plow operator assessed conditions. >> it's getting better now and getting slick when we clear it off. >> it is getting ice complaints. we clear it off and salt it as we go. but it is getting better. >> so how did conditions today compare to last friday. >> there is no wind. and last friday it was all
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windy. >> that make a critical difference? >> oh yeah. >> well, so heavy snow here brought down power lines and trees, we are told 3,000 new outages. but nothing like last week where we had the wind gusts of 50 and 60 miles per hour. >> thank you john. as we are telling you many roads are still bad out there. it's best to stay in and let the crews work. lets go to the phone and check in with bob kent with penndot. >> good evening. >> thanks for joining us lets start with the currents conditions and where are you seeing the most problems at this hour. >> this hour, more or less in bucks county with the bucks county philadelphia border and trees are down. on the highway in the area of 95 and route 413 as well as 95 at woodhaven road. and u.s. 1 and 213. we have trees down that we are
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dealing with so that is kind of where we are at up in that area. it seems like the storm was worse that way and pushing out but right now that seems to be the trouble spot. >> i assume you have trains of crews working on major roads throughout the evening. will they pull an all-nighter owe on this one? >> we'll continue to be out there long match the storm moves out and pushing snow from the travel lanes and shoulders to avoid the temperatures that adam mentioned. we want to eliminate that risk. we advise most rifts to stay off the road and not travel unless they have to. the 45 miles per hour speed restriction which is in effect since 10:00 a.m. this morning, that will remain in effect. and probably only restored once conditions throughout the entire region allow. >> so you are keeping an eye on the changing forecast as we all are to determine what the roads
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will be like for rush hour tomorrow morning? >> yes, our county managers are constantly assessing conditions and looking at the forecast and assessing conditions and the crews are out. and monitoring the situation and watching for potential refreezing and our crews are out, if needed. throughout the night and into the morning hours to get the the roads clear for the morning it commute tomorrow. >> you viewers are looking live at sky 6 hd woodhaven road at route 13. and some vehicles skidded off the roadway and gotten stuck somehow and police helping folks out that is good news. one final question you feel like this storm is under your belt. and a handle on covering it and you are going to have to bite away bit by bit. once a storm moves out. we have a lot of cleanup work to
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do. and hopefully the worst is past us. from the storm standpoint. right now monica it's all about clearing up, getting as much precipitation, the snow build up on the roads and getting it cleared away and we don't have the freezeupover sunlight and the main concern with the temperatures dropping and going into the morning commute tomorrow. we advise motorists to be careful on bridges and overpasses and ramps they tend to freeze up first. we advise motorists to be careful if they have to travel. >> bob kent thank you for checking with us on the phone. >> all right. our coverage of this latest march nor'easter continues on 6 abc. >> next, what is the best part of the snow, the fun with the kids and the sledding. >> and we'll take to you southwest philadelphia where the hills are live with the sound of sledders.
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cecily -- >> double scan live radar showing the storm is exiting the region and we have a few days of quiet weather and then the potential for another storm and the timing on that if it hits. coming up in the full accuweather forecast.
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nydia han was in rittenhouse square. there she is with the channel 6 "action news" storm tracker van. >> reporter: we are doing great and have a lot of visitors today and a great day here in center city and we are tracking the evolution of this storm in center city by using our storm tracker live radar van. you see the radar now giving us real time data for neighborhoods across the tri-state area. and what an evolution it has been in center city. at 9:00 a.m. when we first arrived there was rain and heavy wet snow falling for hours. about an hour ago at 4:00. everything shut off. and they are starting to clean up now. everything looks great. they left this beautiful winter
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wonderland in the storm. and this was the place to be today just about everyone we talked to at rittenhouse square are enjoying the when ter weather. >> and we are out and about going to the restaurants downtown and everything is happy. >> this is what center city is all about? >> great. feels like christmas. >> even as the cleanup begins inside is of the park people and pooches love the winter wonderland. >> we are always prepared. it's nice when you live in the city and walk around and enjoy it. >> just enjoying the nice weather. >> that was allen brewer there using the snow as an opportunity to pursue his passion. i love that. it's a great day on rittenhouse square and everything is shut off now and the cleanup has started. channel 6 "action news." all right, nydia, thank you. we want to see how you are
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all right live now our cam
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ares are showing you clark park and sledders loving every second of this. a blast of snow is a prescription for fun for kids and brought out the gear for a day of school in philadelphia. and beautiful to watch. >> constant updates on the nor'easter is at your fingertips including real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device.
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time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan, is here now with the latest and is the worst behind us. the storm system is moving out and lets move to the accuweather sent isser. this is from dominic in yardley pennsylvania and this is yardley road and a tree limb fell and went over the power line and power is out in the area. and yardley road is closed and we see scenes like this across the large part of the viewing area. not because of the winds they are not a factor but because of the snow. double scan live radar showing the sunshine returning and a back edge now has finally moved east of trenton and moderate snow over the new jersey turnpike. there is still a bit of banding
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of snow farther to the east and this is beginning to break up. surf city right now, is in kind of a shrink band of heavier snow. it's moving off the coast. and it's getting ready to leave the region. and the focus is on dropping temperatures, temperatures dropping below freezing and the slush will be freezing solid and remove it and treat your sidewalks and driveways. allentown 28 and cape may 33 and wilmington 29 degrees. tomorrow it will be a dry day and we'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine and feels cooler than a good chunk of today. winds out of the northwest at 20 miles per hour. behind the departing storm and the windchill tracker showing 7:00 in the morning. it feels like 21 degrees and in the afternoon. the windchill will be stuck at freezing, you want to bundling up. the five-day at 5:00, mixture of clouds and sunshine, brisk and
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chilly and 42 degrees and the disturbance could bring you flurry, 43 and saturday bright sunshine and on the cool side 43 and we spring ahead saturday night as daylight saving time begins sunday into monday. track a system to the south and could be the next nor'easter if it makes it far enough to the north. i hope we keep it to the south. i don't think anyone wants another one. >> knock owe on wood. >> coverage of the march nor'easter continues when "action news" comes right back. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. wednesday night we continue to follow the big story. the nor'easter that dumped several inches of heavy snow in the area and the day started off quiet and early afternoon the snow picked up and came down fast and driving was dangerous and in some places it still is. there is limited visibility and snowy roads. "action news" reporter jeff is in montgomery county. matt pellman watching conditions on the roadways.
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but we begin with adam joseph tracking the storm all day. >> that storm is moving out right now toward long beach island all the way up into new england dealing with rain southeast new england at boston and cape cod where it changes to snow there in connecticut and vermont and rhode island. still dealing with snow in our immediate eastern and northern suburbs.right along long beach you see the bright purple pushing across old barney there at the lighthouse and tip long beach island to surf city. improvement after the blast of blinding snow that came through rates of 2 to 3 inches an hour. and light snow warren grove to the west. shutting off from the west to the east. but the weight of the snow as expected doing damage on power lines and on trees in the torresdale section of the city. kathleen said there is a large
5:32 pm
limb that snapped off the tree and power lines wedged underneath the tree and folks losing their power and be cautious from you out and around and trees can still come down and branches, live wires on the grown and avoid any situation like that. as we look at totals coming in again. this continues to update 10.3 inches in doylestown. berwyn, 9 inches of snow. and fox chase section of the city same as roxborough 7 inches of snowfall and norristown 8 inches and hammonton 1.7 inches and that will likely update. we'll look at the seven-day forecast, an issue tonight with the refreeze process and we'll chat about that as well in just a little bit. >> thank you. now lets head out to montgomery county. "action news" reporter, jeff jericho is live with the
5:33 pm
situation there. >> reporter: hey rick, the snow has stopped and that traffic jam behind me on 309 that has cleared out and the damage here in cheltenham township there are accidents and downed trees and power outages. it will make travel tricky for quite sometime. travel gridlock on roads playing out across cheltenham township to t dhis driver. >> don't have to be out here people don't be out here. most ofou can't drive on a regular day and it's raining and or dry. >> they push drivers of stuck cars up limokiln road. while pleading with people to stay off the roads and amber white chose to walk. >> i have the trash bag on my
5:34 pm
head and sneakers and all of my good stuff win here. >> and it didn't work because the snow fell quickly and this couple said they have good reason to be on the roads. >> we needed toilet paper. >> you came out for toilet paper. >> we went to costco. >> tell them what you said. >> there is not going to be snow out here. they are hyping us up. >> i believe it now. >> back out here live, township officials tell us they are out in force beginning to salt and plow the roads before the temperatures continue to dip. and night falls. in addition to the 300 or so cheltenham residents still without power, there is another 600 residents in the dark now that takes it up to 8% of the
5:35 pm
township. county wide. the number of outages has gone from 4,000 to 14,000 peco customers. channel 6 "action new all right. thank you. >> meantime "action news" reporter nydia han is checking out conditions at rittenhouse square and looking live how people are getting around. >> reporter: hi guys the snow stopped in center city and the cleanup has begun and wasting no time shoving and salting now. we are watching the evolution from the storm tracker 6 radar van. people are stopping by to check this out and sharing their thoughts about the latest round of wintry weather. >> i love this and the city planned for it and pretty safe to be outside. and most people are staying off the road and it's beautiful. >> we heard that over and over again around rittenhouse square.
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people are grateful for the latest round of snow. >> it's amazing. and it's great. >> we are shopping and eating and having a good day. >> people also say they would like this winter storm to be the last of the season. >> i think it's beautiful right now but once the end of march, april hits i'm ready for the flowers and spring time for sure. >> a lot of people certainly agree with that as well. remember the philadelphia flower show is happening at the pennsylvania convention center that is open. if you need a dose of spring head over there. >> not a bad idea thank you. time to check out tconditio tonight. matt pellman is live now in the traffic center and a busy day and how is the evening shaping up? >> we could use something more beautiful here. still not look going in northeast philadelphia. along woodhaven road we had a whole bunch of vehicles sitting and spinning and stuck in slush.
5:37 pm
luckily they are getting some of them moving once again and trying to do plowing and you are seeing the westbound lanes bristol pike but an icy mess along woodhaven for the next hour or two. one lane on the eastbound side and nobody getting by the westbound side. these are the ramps connecting 95 with academy road. we had a stuck truck here last half hour and the ramps have reopened. and still mostly snow covered so a slippery situation there. out to west conshohocken. this is the ramp from the blue route northbound to go westbound on the schuylkill and even though the travel times have improv improved drastically on 76, it's still -- and 302 looks good and 422 is shaping up nicely after a rough afternoon. the westbound lanes have no normal delay.
5:38 pm
taking off of 2, this is 42 in camden looking mostly wet and burlington county issues including it's blockage of the new jersey turnpike in mt. laurel. and lanes are blocked on 73 northbound at 38 and cinnaminson a crash blocking 130 and that is in the process of clearing and southbound to the white horse pike a downed tree and cleanup in new jersey. the cynwyd and trenton lines are still not running and river line is not running because of a downed tree there. we'll check it again at 6:00. >> lets take a live look at sky 6 hd from philadelphia international airport and the view is a lot better than it was. just about an hour ago when we could hardly see the runways or terminal. a ground stopd a few hours ago at 10:00 after near whiteout conditions, the snow is beginning to wind down and the flights are now departing we are
5:39 pm
told and still many cancellations and delays and as always check with your airline to get the status of your flight. >> visibility was low in trenton the snow was so heavy on route 1 you couldn't read some of the signs. down at city hall. crews are busy trying to clear the snow as it kept falling and the heavy snow is blamed for trees down on state street in front of the state house. many of us hate cleaning the snow from the highways and this group of guys grabbed the shovels and resolved to do the job for others and these are volunteers that removed the snow for free. >> our mission to help those in need. especially the seniors and disabled. we are doing that for the past eight years and continue to do it and continue to do it year after year. >> abc men are offering the free snow removal for the past eight
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year. >> and check the latest on the nor'easter any time at including multiple real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan and the updated hourly forecast for you as that storm has left our area. >> much more ahead on "action news" tonight. we continue to follow the impact of the nor'easter and taking a live look at sky 6 hd that is the center city skyline. sno winding down but still a lot of residual troubles. we go to break and see wonderful photos you are sending us all day long. great photos. more coverage of this march nor'easter when "action news" comes rights back.
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wow that sound you heard was thundersnow. captured by a viewer in fairless hills. a rare weather event that happens when thunder and lightning occur during a snowfall. less than 1% of all snow storms are associated with thundersnow. you got to hear it right here. >> today's snow was picture perfect for shots and scenery and selfies. many of you captured snow days
5:44 pm
and shared it us. alicia vitarelli has a look at the very best. >> snow selfies. the snow so heavy some called them snowballs today and a heavy mess and this guy here saying, are we having fun yet. i'll tell you what some kids were having fun and they didn't make a snowman but a snow goat. people were getting super creative. and it's been a mess, a beautiful mess if you call it that. someone here saying i hope it stops and soon this almost trapped me in the yardville home. there are a lot of downed trees today and this sound had people on edge -- >> that is the sound of trees cracking under the weight of the snow in medford, new jersey, hoping our friend anna and her family there their home doesn't suffer a lot of damage.
5:45 pm
that heavy snow made for good snow men materials. >> i'm making it for billy. >> you making it for billy? >> yeah. for billy. that our little friend analise 2 years old from westchester making sure her snowman is absolutely perfect. and people are sending us cute pictures, speaking of which lots of snow men and women, and snow families like this one complete with a snow dog. thank you for using #6abcaction and helping us tell our snow story. >> all right, time for sports and ducis rogers is here now. and the super bowl champs not resting on their laurels are they? >> the champs are getting stronger as they speak.
5:46 pm
the rich get richer they have added michael bennett from the seattle seahawks. the eagles required bennett and a seventh round draft pick for marcus johnson and the 32-year-old bennett is a beast. with eight and a half stacks past season. to the ice the flyers host the penguins tonight and if the ornand black ever needed a victory now is the time. the flyers lost the last three games. the schedule will only get tougher, the flyers need to be up to the task. >> getting back to our hockey and coming off back to backs and another back to back series, it's tough and know what to expect a highly offensive team. >> we have to be more steady and we had highs and lows. and i think we need to be even keeled. like when we went through a good
5:47 pm
stretch. >> simmons expected back tonight. aaron nola turns into a masterful performance. allows one hit and strikes out five. no walks. game tied at 1-1 a harmless pop-up by jt crawford. the ball drops in and nick williams scores. college basketball and la salle opens the the tournament in d.c. against umass. >> and jaylin brunson picking up hardware the big east player of the year and the big east scholar athlete of the year. and they begin big east tournament play tomorrow again marquette or depaul. >> terrific. >> more ahead on "action news" wednesday night we continue to track the nor'easter that dumped quite a bit of snow in our area. looking at the sky 6 hd at the
5:48 pm
ben franklin. doesn't it look festive. adam joseph as details from accuweather.
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meteorologist, adam joseph will be with us in a minute but first sky of shot. philadelphia international airport a much clearer view than it has been all day. things are clearing up quite a bit but lots of flights are delayed or canceled and a grown
5:51 pm
stoppage at 2:00. we spoke to philadelphia international airport officials they were hoping to get things up and running sometimes this evening. check your individual airline forbe the latest. >> the man in the know is here. >> plows on the runway, trains of plows. we are pretty much in the clear. get it out before the sunsets and temperatures are dropping overnight. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan snowing in parts of burlington county and ocean county and monmouth county and new york city. but the majority of us it has sended. and flakes at medford lakes and route 70 improving conditions thereafter some blining snow passed through with that purple that is now confined to 195 and also right along the northern end there of long beach island and seaside heights and belmar
5:52 pm
but that storm continues to race away from the north and east. and we look at the visible satellite imagery uses during the day for the sun rays to reflect off the clouds to capture the images. the comma shape is wrapping around with an eye developing there as it heads towards long island and new england and there on the western side the clouds break apart with sink issing air. many pictures coming in they are all over the place from the pets enjoying the outdoors and the kids shredding making snow men and this guy has the right idea. maria snapped this photo. and sitting down comfortably with a drink in his hand as he is plowing off the sidewalks there. this is a heavy wet snow back breaking and definitely want to leave it to those in good
5:53 pm
healthy conditions to remove the weight of the snow. wind speeds in the teens across the area 20s across the shore and winds not as bad as the last storm. the weight of the snow on the trees, helping many of them to come back down. windchill 28 and 29 if reading and really cold out there feeling below freezing and numbering if you don't have the fwl gloves or hats on. there is is the sencenter of the storm coming in from the west. tonight windy and chilly and watch the slick spots. anything that is not removed will harden up and anything not treated will ice up. 28 in the suburbs and 31 for center city. not much movement and a blocking pattern off into greenland so the lows can't escape away. and windchills near 30 tomorrow with a high of 42 and the low
5:54 pm
combines with the low on friday and could be morning flurries on friday. and continued very brisk with a high temperature of only 43 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a really chilly march. brisk and cold. 42 tomorrow and morning flurries friday and 43. and saturday it's bright and still a chill of 43 degrees and spring forward here saturday night and turn the clocks ahead an hour and lose an hour of sleep and gain sunlight during the evening hours on sunday. and sunday it turns cloudy and 44 degrees and a very close call on the models now with the possibility of another nor'easter nearby. on sunday night into monday and then it clears out. and cold tuesday and wednesday and no signs of spring with temperatures in the low 40s. no one wants to hear that. we'll follow it and it will be really close. >> great job all day.
5:55 pm
>> thank you adam. more ahead on "action news" tonight. we continue to track the latest conditions from the current nor'easter. >> all day long you bring us pictures and videos of your snow fun and work getting the snow off the sidewalk use #6abcaction. we may put them on tv. here is an another look at the best ones.
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jim gardner and the "action news" news team up next at 6:00. live team coverage as the nor'easter clears the coast finally. we'll have those stories next at 6:00. for jaime apody and cecily tynan and adam joseph i'm monica malpass have a good night and be safe.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading ns program. this one turned out just as we expected it would. a lot of snow. substantial winds at time and kept going on the roads and many people staying at home. >> oh, yes, a lot of kids spend their kids at school perfecting the sledding techniques with help from dad. it's wednesday night and the big story is the last legs of the for easter and mobile 6 is live on delaware avenue heading south just having passed penn's landing and we can tell you that the storm is prepare fog move out to sea. and much of it already has. we expect is that most schools
6:00 pm
will be back in session tomorrow but we are waiting to hear from major school districts. and our projected snow totals were pretty much on target. meteorologist, cecily tynan and adam joseph brings us up to date in a moment. first let go to annie mccormick in limerick she is touring t tri-state area for hours. hats about limerick? >> reporter: right now limerick is beautiful and the snow stopped falling two hours ago and the roads are clear especially 422. but getting up here was no easy feat. and we left bala cynwyd at 1:30 it took two and a half hours to get to king of prussia loan. this is video from earlier on the journey from 76 westbound by the conshohocken curve you see the car spinning


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