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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 7, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tonight, the states of n the air. the massive nor'easter hitting right now. from virginia up through philly, new york city, and new england. up to two feet of snow in some places. thundersnow in new york city. tonight, a teacher on bus duty, struck by lightning holding an umbrella. and our weather team telling us there could be another nor'easter brewing. also breaking tonight, reports hope hicks, who resigned from the white house, had her e-mail hacked. and the porn star now suing the president. her lawyer saying the president must have known about the payment to silence her. there is news coming in now, an apparent accidental shooting at a high school, several hit. and at another school, a student
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under arrest. a backpack bomb discovered in the cafeteria. new reporting tonight on the poison plot. authorities now say it was nerve agent used against a former spy. he and his daughter in critical condition. so was the first officer on the scene. and, the nba star and the surprise. it's "america strong." good evening. it's great to have you with us on a wednesday night. we begin with the nor'easter slamming parts of the country. drivers facing whiteout conditions. downed wires sparking. more than 100,000 customers without power for days, now getting hit a second time. and there's word this evening of
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yet another major storm right behind it. linsey davis leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, a nightmare commute. that major nor'easter bringing a full-on whiteout. the powerful storm dumping up to three inches an hour of snow, from new york city to philadelphia. accompanied by flashes of lightning. >> whoa! >> reporter: and thundersnow. in toms river, new jersey -- >> squad 29, manchester middle school. a 30-year-old female struck by lightning. >> reporter: a middlschool teacher on bus duty is lucky to be alive after lightning struck her umbrella. her injuries are not life threatening. high winds downing power lines. causing sparks to fly. in new jersey and pennsylvania, states of emergency, and trouble on the roads. wpvi's annie mccormick is outside philadelphia. >> penndot has made it so that a number of roadways like this one, you can only go 45 miles per hour. there's a tree that's actually down here as well, something that people are having to avoid. it's just constant problems, that's probably the best way to
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explain it. >> reporter: tractor trailers banned on interstates. gio benitez is in allentown, pennsylvania. >> this is exactly why they want people off the road. because they want these emergency vehicles to get through as quickly as possible. >> reporter: in rye brook, new york, this dash cam video from last week's storm shows police and a resident scrambling as a tree nearly crushes them, crashing onto power lines. crews are racing to restore power to more than 100,000 customers still in the dark from that first nor'easter. and today's storm has tripled that number. >> so, right now it's saying it's 45 degrees inside. >> reporter: nicole davis is now concerned the snow will keep her family's power off even longer. so, you lost power friday. now they're saying they might not have it restored until friday. is this the longest stretch, an entire week? >> this is the longest stretch, i think, ever. yeah. >> reporter: carol and jimmy cook had gotten their power back. >> and now with this second storm, we just lost power again. i am tired of this.
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>> reporter: and on the massachusetts coast -- >> you can see these crews. they are working until they really just cannot work anymore. >> reporter: residents are holding their breath, hoping this time the sea walls will hold. >> linzie with us live in new york. you can see the crews trying to restore power. >> reporter: yes, the crews continue to work. but we're seeing scenes like this all over the area. downed trees and power lines. and the concern now, with the snow being so heavy, it's going to bring down more trees and power line, slowing the recovery proce process. david? >> thank you. major airlines cancelling and delaying thousands of flights today. laguardia airport, cancelling nearly two-thirds of its
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flights. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, that nor'easter bringing some airports to a total standstill. flights at newark airport completely shut down 2500 flights cancelled and over 1,000 flights delayed. crews in philadelphia scrambling to clear runways and in new york, to de-ice planes. it's just after noon here and look, there's almost nobody here. they've had to cancel 580 flights today, and american airlines alone had to cancel 70% of their flights. you able to fly out of here today? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: among the few poor souls left, brian newell, trying to get to atlanta for a meeting. how frustrating is this? >> very. now i have to travel, an hour back home in the snow. >> reporter: he was delayed last week, when strong winds ripped the roof off of a hangar. but now, more problems. >> obviously cross-winds on the runway are a factor, but today
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it seems the main story is the mixed accumulation and a little bit of the wind. >> reporter: laguardia remains open, but very few planes coming in and out. representatives tell us tomorrow they will start a recovery process. but warn flyers they should expect delays. 400 flights already cancelled tomorrow. >> let's get right to rob marciano for the track of this. >> reporter: it's been a wet snow, but the strongest bands of the storm are working their way through the new york tri-state area. the center, just south, and rapidly intensifying. continuing into the gulf of maine. rain to snow in boston briefly, as it goes from west to east. gusty winds, away from the cities, 1 to 2 feet of snow. lesser amounts because of the
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wetness in the cities. and looks like another potential nor'easter coming to us on monday. >> rob, thank you. we move on to breaking developments in the white house this hour. abc news learning that hope hicks told the house intelligence committee her e-mail had been hacked. take a look at this image from january 22nd of last year. so many of those closest to the president are now gone. here's cecilia vega. >> reporter: from president trump's former communications director and longtime confidante, tonight, a stunning admission. a source inside the room for hope hicks' testimony last week to house intelligence committee members investigating russian election meddling tells abc news hicks said one of her e-mail accounts was hacked. the hack taking place during the 2016 campaign.
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it is unclear whether it was a personal or campaign e-mail account. the disclosure raising a host of questions about who was behind the hack, and what exactly they obtained. hicks resigned a day after that testimony. >> any collusion? >> reporter: a week later, another high-profile departure. the president's chief economic advisor, gary cohn, becoming the sixth top aide to leave the west wing this year alone. today, mounting questions about the turmoil. why are so many people leaving this administration? >> look, this administration has had an historic first year. we're going to continue to do great things. this is an intense place, as is every white house. and it's not abnormal that you would have people come and go. >> reporter: in fact, the number of departures is not just abnormal. it is record-setting. according to one study, staff turnover in the trump white house is higher than the past five administrations. if this is not the definition of
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chaotic, how would you describe what's happening in these recent weeks? >> if it was, then i don't think we would be able to accomplish everything we've done. >> reporter: one of the reasons for some of those departures, aides who still have not passed a background check to access classified information. the president campaigning on protecting the nation's top secrets. >> we can't have someone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified. >> reporter: but more than a year in, it remains a major problem for his administration. now, chief of staff john kelly, cracking down. abc news has learned at least three low-level white house staffers have been fired or reassigned for issues related to their security clearance. still on the job, the president's own son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner, who was stripped of his top secret security clearance after he was unable to pass an fbi background check. >> let's get to cecilia vega,
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live anotht the white house. this is not the first indication we've heard that the trump team may have been targeted by hackers. >> reporter: yes, the fbi warned the trump organization there had been an attempted attack from overseas. and the fbi has also warned top aides about being targeted by foreign hackers. but no comment today. now to the other headline involving the white house. adult film star stormy daniels is suing the president. her attorney said that there is no doubt the president had been aware of the payment. here's tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the white house in damage control. porn star stormy daniels suing president trump, arguing her
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nondisclosure agreement is null and void. daniels claims she and the president began an intimate relationship in the summer of 2006 in lake tahoe, a relationship that included at least one meeting in a bungalow at the beverly hills hotel. i spoke with her lawyer today. did your client, stormy daniels, have sex with president trump? >> yes. >> reporter: there's no doubt about that. >> no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: in the complaint, daniels acknowledges signing what she calls a hush agreement, something she has not done before. >> do you have a nondisclosure agreement? >> do i? >> reporter: the president's personal lawyer, michael cohen, has admitted paying daniels $130,000 of his own money just days before the election. but said in a statement, "neither the trump organization nor the trump campaign was a party to the transaction." daniels' attorney says the president must have been aware. >> the suggestion or any suggestion that he didn't know about it is, quite honestly, absurd, for lack of a better term. we believe that he absolutely knew about it.
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>> reporter: the white house, pressed on that today. >> i've had conversations with the president about this. as i outlined earlier, that this case had been won already in arbitration and there was no knowledge of any payments from the president. and he has denied all these allegations. >> reporter: now, daniels claims the agreement is invalid. why? >> there is a signature line for mr. trump on the agreement. he was obligated to sign it. and he never signed it. and it's really that simple. >> reporter: daniels claims they used aliases in the agreement. president trump was referred to as "david dennison" and she was "peggy peterson." and right here, you can see a blank space where daniels says mr. trump would have signed. but it's blank. >> tom, we heard sarah sanders say they already won in arbitration. >> yes, daniels' attorney tells
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us last week michael cohen obtained -- daniels' attorney calls it bogus, and they will not be intimidated. cohen is not returning our phone calls. late word of a school shooting in birmingham, alabama. one student suffering life-threatening injuries. authorities believe the shooting may have been accidental. and in florida, the showdown at this hour in the state capital over what to do after the school shooting at stoneman douglas high school. lawmakers now with two days left. will the students and parents who marched to the capital get anything they were asking for? here's victor oquendo from florida tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, as parkland school shooter nikolas cruz is formally indicted 17 counts of murder, disturbing new details about his life in jail. behind bars, cruz "appeared to be smiling and giggling." one deputy writing in a report released by the sheriff's office. he, quote, "avoids eye contact. looks downward with a blank stare." and tonight, the survivors and the families who marched to the state capitol wait to see if lawmakers do anything. they have just two more days to pass a new bill. the bill raises the minimum age to buy all guns to 21 and establishes a three-day waiting period for most firearm purchases. it does not ban assault-style rifles like the one used in the attack, as the students wanted. and it does allow certain teachers and school employees to arm themselves on a voluntary basis. these students protesting that idea. and one republican lawmaker did not like that. >> do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says no homework? or you finish high school at the age of 12 just because they want it so? no.
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>> reporter: but today, many students we spoke with said arming teachers is not a good idea. the idea of arming teachers, not necessarily just classroom teachers. how do you guys feel about that? >> it's a bad idea. teachers are there to teach. they're not, they're not thinking like, who am i going to be killing next. >> reporter: but they are cautiously optimistic tonight about the other proposals on the table. >> victor joins us now. you're learning of action just a short time ago? >> reporter: just moments ago, the house passed the stoneman douglas safety act. it would raise the minimum age to buy guns to 21, and would allow certain teaches to carry guns voluntarily. >> thank you. three police officers shot, responding to a 911 call for help. women heard screaming. more on that in a moment.
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there is a major development in the russian poison plot. here's terry moran. >> reporter: today, new security camera video showing sergei skripal, the former russian army colonel who once spied for britain, shopping at a local store. but now skripal and his daughter yulia are fighting for their lives. scotland yard this afternoon confirming it was a chemical weapons attack. >> this is being treated as a major incident involving attempted murder by the administration of a nerve agent. >> reporter: authorities also confirming that one of the first police officers on the scene, also contaminated. investigators in hazmat suits, scouring the town for clues, retracing the victims' steps last sunday. they had lunch at zizzi, an italian restaurant.
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then at 3:47 p.m., this image apparently showing them passing a security camera outside a gym on market walk. and 13 minutes later, they're found collapsed on a nearby park bench. skripal was arrested in moscow in 2006, then was sent to britain in 2010 in a spy swap. at the time, vladimir putin issued a chilling threat. "traitors will kick the bucket. trust me," he said. skripal reportedly told friends he was worried for his safety. his wife died in 2012, his son, last year. investigators are now looking into those deaths. >> thank you. a student under arrest. a backpack bomb discovered in a cafeteria. and officers shot responding to a 911 call for help. new reporting in a moment. ♪go your own way
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and the backpack bomb attack. and in missouri, police officers are mourning one of their own. and several injuries reported after a city bus collided with an suv in chicago. the suv driver cited for driving without a license. when we come back, the pro basketball player and the high school surprise. it's "america strong." ♪ life goes on, yes, life goes on... ♪ i've always wanted to share a special moment with my mom. i think surprising her with a night ski trip would just be the biggest gift i could give her.
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"america strong." the nba star, the high school, and a much-welcomed visit. >> dwyane wade! >> reporter: dwyane wade, the star player, returning to the miami heat, showing up at stoneman douglas high school. on their feet, cheering high fives for the player who has been with them since the tragedy. >> i'm so excited to be back in this city. >> reporter: back with a message for this school. >> i'm inspired by all of you. >> reporter: inspired by the student, and the young man, one of the 17 lives lost, joaquin oliver. dwyane wade learned that his parents buried in his favorite player's jersey, dwyane wade's.
6:58 pm
>> you're going to make me cry. it's emotional even thinking about that, his parents felt that was something that he wanted. so, i take a lot of pride in what i've done in this state. and what i've meant for the youth. >> reporter: wade tweeting, rest in peace. i dedicate my return to the heat to you. tonight, after the surprise visit to school today, tweeting, i just had a great conversation with students. these young adults get it. they understand the power of their voices. >> be strong, all the way, right? >> dwyane wade, vowing not to forget the high school students. us, too. thanks for watching. i'm david muir.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a business owner from atlanta, georgia... a graduate student of library science and our returning champion -- a marketing associate from portland, oregon... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. hi, folks. it's amazing how quickly things turn around on "jeopardy!" last week, small wins, $11,000, $6,000. this week, big wins. case in point, jack, 26-plus yesterday.


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