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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shovels working overtime. wi't done yet. >> a good samaritan gets emotional recalling the moment he rushed in to save a young hit and run victim. >> >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> it is cold. the slush has frozen. streets need to be plowed and
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sidewalks need to be shoveled. this is the after aftermath of a march nor'easter that met expectations. driving on the roads was treacherous if not perilous. mobile 6 found nearly white-out conditions this afternoon. princeton township wins the prize at almost a foot and a half. it's wednesday night. the big story on "action news" is clean up time in the tristate area. somehow it doesn't seem fair. daylight savings time coming up this weekend. mother nature it telling us we are in the dead of winter. schools are back open tomorrow but operating on a two hour delay. others across the area will be
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running at the bottom of the screen during this broadcast and 10s of thousands are without power again. this lefts town family is concerned about the swing set in the snow. tangdangling wires began to burn. drivers were told to avoid the area at fort road off bensalem boulevard. >> the latest outage numbers from peco just under 90,000 cus meres in the dark. the hardest hit area being burlington county. atlantic city electric with troubles the burlington and camden county, 17,751 customers in the dark. cecily tynan is standing by with
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the latest word from accuweather tonight. jeff chirico is ellen park. chad pradelli in broomal and. >> jeff what is the situation there? >> jim, all eyes are on the road. old york road behind me, right now wet and slushy. back roads and side roads could be a different story. they left chelten in much the same condition as last week, people in the dark. >> road crews were out dozen
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accidents and countless snow. >> this one knocked out power to the family for the second time in a week. jack keeps oscar the snake warm by the fire but their main concern patty's 83-year-old father who relies on oxygen. >> he is officially in hospice home care as of yesterday they brought oxygen tanks because they knew the storm was coming. the dig out began without the help of street lights. they weren't about to wait. >> temperature might drop making it harder to shovel tomorrow. >> utility crews fell victim to
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the treacherous roads and those in the dark wonder how much more they can take. >> i hear there's another storm coming. cheltenham is on a two hour delay. reporting live in elkins park jeff chirico "action news." >> let's get the latest from cecily tynan. the problem now seems to be plunging temperatures and freezing of snow and slush. >> that's right. we don't have to worry about anything falling from the sky it's falling temperatures. new england, the area is getting heavy bands of rain and snow. here more philadelphia, it was our biggest snow fall of the season officially, 6.1-inches
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of snow. the season now, up to 22.2. the average winter, 22.4. it would be nice to stop now. mother nature may have other plans. snow fall totals in pennsylvania rich bore o borough 6-inches. orfield in the lehigh valley, looked like they would get hit hard but tracked east taking the heavier band out of the area. 6.1-inches. wigged,wilmington six inches. mercer county, 17.8-inches of heavy, wet snow. overnight temperatures dropping below freezing. the morning commute use
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caution. there are a lot of icy spots secondary street. the slush, anything on cars and sidewalks will freeze over solid. i have details on the potential for another nor'easter on the way in the seven-day forecast. >> firefighters down the shore are thinking a lightning strike sparked a raging fire this afternoon. the blaze broke out just after 2:00. no one was hurt. >> that rumble you hear is thunder snow, another result of lightning during the storm. this was recorded by "action news" viewer mark razz. listening to it again from fearless hills bucks county. >> with hundreds of lightning
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strikes during the storm today maybe you heard it near your house as well. it's rare, but less than 1% of all snowstorms associated with thunder. for the situation in center city philadelphia, we turn to annie mccormick outside city hall. >> jim the city lifted the snow emergency at 9:00 tonight but there is a lot of work to do. the street department is taking care of the sidewalks. everyone is trying to get back to normal. >> the heavy wet snow left a messy clean up for residents. >> snowballs, snow men, not so much for shoveling. >> it's like more water than snow. it's like slush, basically. >> these teenagers from north philadelphia are taking this opportunity to make money off of mother nature shoveling
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driveways for cash. >> marlee hunt moved here from north carolina so did bubu. it's the yellow lab's first time in the snow. he loves it so far. he's excited. >> philadelphia became a blur of white from city avenue to market street where chunks of snow falling from the hotel blocked the roadway. a tree crushed a car. >> just missed my car. it's my lucky day. >> for some tonight wasn't about cleaning up, it was about getting out of the house after a day cooped up inside. >> it's their first timeout today. >> you have cabin fever? >> a little bit definitely. >> since the snow emergency has been lifted you can park in the
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snow emergency route. if you didn't do that in time, today your car is missing, the city says it was likely relocated. 215686 snow to find it. reporting outside of city hall, annie mccormick, "action news." back to you. >> let's switch to reporter chad pradelli in broomal. >> 12-inches of snow
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blowers hummed as people dugout from mother nature's nor'easter. >> i'm getting too old to shovel it. i have an atv with a plow on it. that does it for me. i just got done. >> for snow removal company they call storms like this, liquid gold. >> financially, it's nice. you get extra money you might need. >> many residents of gilbert county have had a long week. 10s of thousands were without power. some lost it again in broomall. we have a couple more weeks of this hopefully.
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>> bring on spring. i think it's a sentiment shared by many around here. live in broomal chad pradelli, channel6. >> a quarter of all flights at the airport were canceled today. flight crews worked furiously to get flights running again. nationwide the storm prompted 3200 cancellations. >> in wilmington tonight the federal courthouse steps are clear thanks to a crew of shovelers. the men attacked the sidewalks of the 800 block of king street. swows was creative on the theater at market street building a snowman. >> >> you can tell clean up crews
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have been down the block. roads are plowed and there are piles of branches from cut up trees. it's across south jersey as residents dig out. >> it was like a miniearthquake. there was boom. >> what she heard was the family maple tree crashing downed under the weight of wet snow. >> no power lines down. no damage. >> roads were closed while power lines sagged across camden county. the lane family is powered by a generator for the second time in five days. >> we didn't have it all last weekend. we are going okay. >> the combination of clearing the roadways as well as making sure that it's passible number one and number two, there are
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so many trees down right now. it's making things extremely impossible. >> police had to shut down the onramp at 295 north to dig out those stranded in the snow. mother nature left behind a nasty mess in south jersey. >> it was the best possible outcome. now we have to get rid of the tree. >> very lucky indeed. a lot of the trees did not cause injure y es. clean up crews will work throughout the weekend trying to move the debris ahead of the morning rush. >> "action news" will be on early tomorrow morning as our area recovers from the nor'easter. join the morning team beginning 4:00 a.m. for the latest on school delays an the traffic situation on the roads.
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this program note for general hospital fans because of live coverage this afternoon general hospital will air tonight after "nightline" at 1:05. still to come on "action news" tonight, florida lawmakers pass gun control and safety measures. and we hear from a good samaritan that pulled a three-year-old out from under a crash. and porn star stormy danielles alleging an affair with president trump is now suing him. cecily? >> temperatures are in the 30s dropping below freezing overnight. temperatures in the mid 30s. i'll talk about the potential for another nor'easter on the way. the possibility coming up in the full forecast. >> ducis rodgers with the eagles making an early offseason move
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adding to defense when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> here's an update on the little girl we told you about at 11:00 pinned under a by a hit and run made at the three-year-old girl fights for her life. that she survived at all is due good samaritan one that spoke today.
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>> joe lioni was on his way to 7-eleven when he heard the screams he felt compelled to toward. without hesitation heshe was half way under the qar. with all of our power we lifted the car and moved it back. the whole car was in the fence. the car was driven by 31-year-old zachary lauer who fled the scene and left three-year-old vie legality violet to die. >> he is in police custody
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charged with dui and several other offenses. the family is heart broken but thankful. one of the angels thinks maybe his story will lift more than a car. >> we have to stick together and help each other out. >> brian taff channel six "action news." >> seven middle school students are under arrest after threatening to shoot up their school in ocean county. the boys attend staffford township intermediate school. the matter is being iestigated byip police.>makers have actio legislation florida. the bill raises the minimum age to bun to 2 three day waiting period to purchase most
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it allows faculty and staff to carry gun on a voluntary basis. the state senate approved the bill late monday. >> word from president trump sign his tariff proclamation tomorrow afternoon at the white house25% imported steel and 10% for alum number is not sitting well with republics. 108 have sent him a letter expressingexpressing concern about the tariffs. adult film star stormy d has filed a lawsuit trying to nullify an agreement she signed days before the 2016 election preventing her from discussing a sexual encounter with
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she claims it's invalid because trump didn't sign it only his lawyer did. he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket as part of the agreement. hope hicks says her e-mail account was hacked. hicks testified before the committee last week saying the hack occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign. she didn't say if it was apaign e-mail acco >> britain's scotland yard believes that an ex-spy and his daughter were deliberately exposed to a nerve agent. this is considered attempted murder. officials are looking into possible russian involvement. russian officials say they had nothing to do with it. >> let's get the latest from
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accuweather, the next seven days, we have seven days to worry about. >> the potential for another storm over the weekend depends on track. it's not a slam dunk.eon cam by the philadelphia assessment of we had sledding going on. now it's just a slushy mess. you can see the roads are wet. there's glistening. notice the flags blowing in the wind. we'll feel the aftermath of the nor'easter in the night and during the day tomorrow. definitely feeling cold. trenton 28. philadelphia, 27. ncaster 25 and the 27-degrees. tomorrow, you want a winter coat. dry, someine, 7:22 7:00, 22.
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by the afternoon winds struggling to hit the freezing point. it feels like winter, but we'll be dry. the nor'easter brought an inch of snow to close to a foot and a half continues to turn. the senator of new england south of boston. here we have sinking air. tomorrow a good amount of sunshine for the commute. suburbs, 29. philadelphia, 32. it's on the brisk side for the winds. winds 20 miles per hour. 42-degrees feels like 30. area of low pressure meanders north. friday, we have a piece of energy dive in. that could bring morning snow showers or morning flurries. we stay on the cold side,
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43-degree, seven degrees below normal. sunday night into monday there is the potential for another nor'easter. it all depends on where the low pressure goes. if it's caught up with energy it pulls it up the coast bringing another storm with potential for accumulating snow. some of the computer models show the energy never catches up with the low. it remains week southern slide are heads out to sea, at this point, too early to tell. imhopeing for that one. the exclusive seven-day forecast, brisk and chilly 42-degrees. friday, morning flurries possible, 43. saturday a nice day, mostly sunny, on the cold side 43-degrees. head to bed saturday night turn the clocks ahead one hour as we
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begin daylight savings time. the time period for the nor'easter 42-degrees. wednesday, no sign of spring, 42-degrees. the cold air sticking around for march standards. we'll keep you posted on the potential for the nor'easter early monday. i know how you would vote. >> bring it on 17. >> you're done. i'm done. >> we found ways today how folks were enjoying the snow, getting the kids involved. that's two-year-old mckenna driving the driveway plow with dad operating cheenup. there are no mountains in wilmington delaware. this man found a way to snowboard. here's a display of true team
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work during the storm. the northeastern team was practicing for the tournament. the howling husky bus got stuck. the lady's put muscle behind it and got their bus going again. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:35 right after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thank jim. hello, philadelphia. here's a gift to you from us just because. >> it's like a tequila pinata. >>
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>> the rich get richer. eagles have acquired michael bennett. he had eight and a half sacks last season and averaged eight a year for six years. as get later to the nfl season the games mean more. jason kelsey and michael kendrick hoping to add magic to the fliers. he manage to put the puck over the goalie's head. 2-1 pliers,11 flyers. penguins get the next three of the period. flyers lose 5-2.
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philly's regular season opener 22 days away. aaron nolin stars in that one. he's light out, fourth inning, allows one hit, no walks, striking out fives. >> j.p. crawford, a problem for the red sox. nick williams scores. phillys win, 2-1. still ahead a couple of honors for the villanova wildcats. lasalle tries to extend its season.
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