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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 8, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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it's not texas. >> oh, thank goodness.u have gu? >> well, texas is what was calling to me, 'cause i thout it was around 35 million, so think that wouldmy guess. >> n>> good. >> poland. >> yes!>> it was c, the countryf poland, so you did right, you left with $30,000. and you're allowed to goho >> congratulations, $30,000 winner. thanks for watching today. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison. we'll see you next time. closed captioning sponsored by: and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating.with a mi, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do.
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brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, . ♪ >> it i cold.
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the slush has frozen. streets need to be plowed, and sidewalks need to be shoveled. this is the afte aftermath of mh nor'easter that met expectations. driving on the roads was treacherous if not perilous. mobile 6 fnd nearlyout conditions this princeton township wins the alma half. it's wednesday night. the big story on "action news" is clean up time in the tristate area. somehow it fair. daylight savings time coming up this weekend. mother nature i telling us we ae in the dead of winter. schools are back open tomorrow but operating on a two hour
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others across the area will be running at the bottom of the screen during this broadcast and 10s of thousands are without power again. this lefts town family is concerned about the swing set in the snow. tandangling wires began to drivers were told to avoid the area at fort road off bensalem boulevard. >> latest outage peco, just un meres in the dark. the hardest hit area being burlington county. atlantic city electric with troubles the burlington and camden county, 17,751 customers
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in the dark. cecily tynan is standing by with the latest word from accuweather tonight. chirico is ellen park. chad pradelli in broomal an. >> jeff, what is the situation there? >> jim, all eyes are on the road. old york road behind me, right now wet and slushy. back roads and side roads could be a different story. they left chelten in much the same condition as last week, people in the dark. >> road crews were out a dozen
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accidents anduntlessnow. >> this one knocked out power te in a week. jack keeps oscar the snake warm by the fn concern patty's 83-year-oldthere home care as of yesterday they brought oxygen tanks because they knew the sorm was the dig out began without the help of street lights. they weren't about to wait. >> temperature might drop making it harder to shovel tomorrow.
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treacherous roads a those they can how much more >> there's another storm coming. cheltenham is on a two hour delay. reporting live in elkins park, jeff chirico "action news." >> let's get the latest from cecily tynan. the s plunging temperatures and freezing of snow and slush. >> t hav worry about anything falling from the sky, it's falling temperatures. new england, the area is heavy bds of rain and ms
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ourggll of the season, officially, 6.1-inches of snow. the season now, upthe average w. it would be nice to stop now. mother nature may have other plans. snow fall totals in pennsylvania, rich bore borough 6-inches. orfield in the lehigh valley, looked like they would get hit hard but tracked east, taking the heavier band out of the area. 6.1-inches. wiggedwilmington six inches. mercer county, 17.-inches heavy, wet snow.
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overnight, temperatures dropping below freezing. the morning commute, use lot o icy spots secondary street. the sush, anything on car and sidewalks will freeze over solid. i have details on the potential for another nor'easter on the way in the seven-day forecast. >> firefighters down the shore are thinking a lightning strike sparked a raging fire this afternoon. the blaze broke out just after 2:00. no one was hurt. >> tha rumble you hear is thunder snow, another result of. this was recorded by "action news" viewer mark razz. listening to it again from
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fearless hills bucks county. >>hghtning strikes during the storm today maybe youeard near houseas well.t less than 1% of all snowstorms associated with thunder. for the situation in center cito mccormick outside city hall. >> jim, the city lifted the snow emergency at 9:00 tonight but there is a lot of work to do. the street department is taking care of the sidewalks. everyone get back to normal. >> the heavy, wet snow left a messy clean up for residents. >> snowballs, snow me much for sho>> it's li more watn snow. it's like slush, basically. >> these teenagers from north philadelphia are taking this
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opportunity to make money off of mother nature, shoveling driveways for cash. >> marlee hunt moved here from north carolina, so did bubu. it's the yellow lab's first time in the snow. he loves it so far. he's excited. >> philadelphia became a blur of white from city avenue to street where chunks of snow falling from the hotel blocked the roadway. a tree crushed a car. >> just missed my car. it's my lucky day. >> for some, tonight wasn't about cleaning up, it was about getting out of the house after a day cooped up inside. >> it's their first timeout today. >> you have cabin fever? >> a little bit, definitely.
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>> since the snow emergency has been lifted, you can park in the snow emergency route. if you didn't do that in time, today your car is missing, the city says it was likely relocated. 215686 snow to find it. reporting outside of city annie mccormick, "action news." back to you. >> switch to reporter chad pradelli in broomal. >> 12-inches of snow
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blowers hummed as people dugout from mother nature's nor'easter. >> i'm getting too old to shovel it. i have an atv with a plow on it. that does it for me. i just got done. >> for snow removal company, they call storms like this, liquid gold. >> financially, it's nice. you get extra money you might need. >> many residents of gilbert county have had a long week. 10s of thousands were without power. some lost it again in broomall.
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we have a couple more weeks of this, hopefully. >> bring on spring. i think it's a sentiment shared by many around here. live in broomal chad pradelli, channel6. >> a quarter of all flights at the airport were canceled today. flight crews worked furiously to get flights running again. nationwide the storm prompted 3200 cancellations. >> in wilmington tonight, the federal courthouse steps are clear thanks to a crew of shovelers. the men attacked the sidewalks of the 800 block of king street. swows was creative on the theater at market street building a snowman. >>
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>> you can tell clean up crews have been down the block. roads are plowed and there are piles of branches from cut up trees. it's across south jersey as residents dig out. >> it was like a miniearthquake. there was boom. >> what she heard was the family maple tree crashing downed under the weight of wet snow. >> no power lines down. no damage. >> roads were closed while power lines sagged across camden county. the lane family is powered by a generator for the second time in five days. >> we didn't have it all last weekend. we are going okay. >> the combination of clearing the roadways as well as making
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sure that it's passible number one, and number two, there are so many trees down right now. it's making things extremely impossible. >> police had to shut down the onramp at 295 north to dig out those stranded in the snow. mother nature left behind a nasty mess in south jersey. >> it was the best possible outcome. now we have to get rid of the tree. >> very lucky indeed. a lot of the trees did not cause injure y es. clean up crews will work throughout the weekend trying to move the debris ahead of the morning rush. >> "action news" will be on early tomorrow morning as our area recovers from the nor'easter. join the morning team beginning at 4:00 a.m. for the latest on
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school delays an the traffic situation on the roads. this program note for general hospital fans, because of live coverage this afternoon, general hospital will air tonight after "nightline" at 1:05. still to come on "action news" tonight, florida lawmakers pass gun control and safety measures. and we hear from a good samaritan that pulled a three-year-old out from under a crash. and porn star stormy danielles alleging an affair with president trump is now suing him. cecily? >> temperatures are in the 30s, dropping below freezing overnight. temperatures in the mid 30s. i'll talk about the potential for another nor'easter on the way. the possibility coming up in the full forecast. >> ducis rodgers with the eagles
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making an early offseason move adding to defense when "action
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>> here's an update on the little girl we told you about last night at 11:00, pinned under a car by a hit and run driver. police have made an arrest as the three-year-old girl fights for her life. that she survived at all is due to good samaritan, one that spoke today. >> joe lioni was on his way to 7-eleven when he heard the screams he felt compelled to run
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toward. without hesitation, he moved in. she was half way under the qar. with all of our power, we lifted the car and moved it back. the whole car was in the fence. the car was driven by 31-year-old zachary lauer, who fled the scene and left three-year-old vie legalit viol. >> he is in police custody charged with dui and several other offenses. the family is heart broken but thankful. one of the angels thinks maybe his story will lift more than a
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car. >> we have to stick together and help each other out. >> brian taff, channel six "action news." >> seven middle school students are under arrest after threatening to shoot up their school in ocean county. the boys attendtaffford township intermediate school. the matter is being investigated by township police. >> lawmakers have taken action on gun legislation in florida. the bill raises the minimum age to buy any gun to 21 and establishes a three day waiting period to purchase most firearms. it allows faculty and staff to carry gun on a voluntary basis. the state senate approved the bill late monday. >> word from washington, president trump will sign his
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tariff proclamation tomorrow afternoon at the white house. 25% imported steel and 10% for alum number is not sitting well with republics. 108 have sent him a letter expressinexpressing concern aboe tariffs. adult film star stormy daniels has filed a lawsuit trying to nullify an agreement she signed days before the 2016 election preventing her from discussing a sexual encounter with trump. she claims it's invalid because trump didn't sign it only his lawyer did.
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he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket as part of the agreement. hope hicks says her e-mail account was hacked. hicks testified before the committee last week saying the hack occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign. she didn't say if it was a personal or campaign e-mail account affected. >> britain's scotland yard believes that an ex-spy and his daughter were deliberately exposed to a nerve agent. this is considered attempted murder. officials are looking into possible russian involvement. russian officials say they had nothing to do with it. >> let's get the latest from accuweather, the next seven days, we have seven days to worry about. >> the potential for another storm over the weekend depends
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on track. it's not a slam dunk. the action cam by the philadelphia assessment of art, we had sledding going on. now it's just a slushy mess. you can see the roads are wet. there's glistening. notice the flags blowing in the wind. we'll feel the aftermath of the nor'easter in the night and during the day tomorrow. definitely feeling cold. trenton 28. philadelphia, 27. lancaster 25 and the airport, 2. tomorrow, you want a winter coat. dry, some sunshine, 7:2 7:00, 2. by the afternoon, winds
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struggling to hit the freezing point. it feels like winter, but we'll be dry. the nor'easter brought an inch of snow to close to a foot and a half continues to turn. the senator of new england south of boston. here we have sinking air. tomorrow, a good amount of sunshine for the commute. suburbs, 29. philadelphia, 32. it's on the brisk side for the winds. winds 20 miles per hour. 42-degrees, feels like 30. area of low pressure meanders north. friday, we have a piece of energy dive in. that could bring morning snow showers or morning flurries. we stay on the cold side, 43-degree, seven degrees below normal. sunday night into monday, there is the potential for another
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nor'easter. it all depends on where the low pressure goes. if it's caught up with energy, it pulls it up the coast bringing another storm with potential for accumulating snow. some of the computer models show the energy never catches up with the low. it remains week, southern slide are, heads out to sea, at this point, too early to tell. imhopeing for that one. the exclusive seven-day forecast, brisk and chilly, 42-degrees. friday, morning flurries possible, 43. saturday, a nice day, mostly sunny, on the cold side, 43-degrees. head to bed saturday night, turn the clocks ahead one hour as we begin daylight savings time. the time period for the
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nor'easter, 42-degrees. wednesday, no sign of spring, 4. the cold air sticking around for march standards. we'll keep you posted on the potential for the nor'easter early monday. i know how you would vote. >> bring it on 17. >> you're done. i'm done. >> we found ways today how folks were enjoying the snow, getting the kids involved. that's two-year-old mckenna driving the driveway plow with dad operating cheenup. there are no mountains in wilmington delaware. this man found a way to snowboard. here's a display of true team work during the storm. the northeastern team was
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practicing for the tournament. the howling husky bus got stuck. the lady's put muscle behind it and got their bus going again. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:35 right after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thank, jim. hello, philadelphia. here's a gift to you from us just because. >> it's like a tequila pinata. >> the ross spring dress event. it's here. where you'll find the perfect dress
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>> the rich get richer. eagles have acquired michael bennett. he had eight and a half sacks last season and averaged eight a year for six years. as get later to the season the games mean more. jason kelsey and michael kendrick hoping to add magic to the fliers. he manage to put the puck over the goalie's head. 2-1 pliers11 flyers. penguins get the next three of the period. flyers lose 5-2. philly's regular season opener 22 days away. aaron nolin stars in that one.
3:10 am
he's light out, fourth inning, allows one hit, no walks, striking out fives. >> j.p. crawford, a problem for the red sox. nick williams scores. phillys win, 2-1. still ahead, a couple of honors. >> college basketball, the biggest tournament under way in new york city. villanova sits and waits. they face the winner of tonight's depaul match up. >> the villanova point guard named the big east player of the year and scholar athlete of the
3:11 am
year. brunson averaging 19 points a gay. lasalle v. umass. powell has the ball. he gets a clean look. lasalle comes up short, 69-67. finally tonight, remember the billboards that popped up in cleveland ohio imploring lebron james to join the sixers? they are getting in on the act telling him to forget the process. >> you want to put a period end of the storm coverage for today? >> i'll talk about tomorrow morning for the morning commute.
3:12 am
you want to be careful. >> looking ahead. >> that's why it's called a forecast. temperatures are dropping below freezing. be careful. a lot of icy spots. slush freezing solid on cars, sidewalks and secondary streets. tomorrow, melting going on, temperatures roizing to the low 40s. partly sunny with winds out of the northwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour. windchill stuck below freezing most of the day, 34-degrees, feeling like winter tomorrow. as we head through the weekend, keeping our eye on the low pressure. does it move out to sea or up to coast. too early to tell. we got another nor'easter. keep you posted. >> great work. >> long day. >> yes, it was. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by knigh night life.
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>> "action news" continues early at 4:00 a.m. we are going to be on 4:00 a.m. with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. didn't.
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." as driving accidents go, this is a -- >> relatively low-speed one, but -- >> proof that what you don't see can hurt you. >> i didn't see it. a trail cam catches bears at play time. >> ooh. that was a bear slap. >> why the fun's a little rougher than normal. >> are we still playing or not? aerial refuel something serious business, but. >> make any good food? >> whipped up a few pizzas. >> the friendly banter for crews getting the job done. >> i found myself looking at the stars like, you know, just thinking about space. and look who's posing up a storm. >> daddy miriam, daddy. >> the surprise that's sure to knock her off her feet. >> ooh!
3:15 am
i feel sitting here at the "right this minute" desk watching all these dash cams has made me a better driver. none of these instincts would have helped in either of these videos. first one from thailand, looks like we're leaving some parking area, something like that, and then this happens. >> oh! what the heck? >> yeah, out of nowhere, we see a nomotorcycle enter frame and e guy goes flying. it becomes clear when you back up the video and look at that pickup, the huge pole sticking out the back. >> i didn't see it. >> clearly neither did the rider because look at. . >> he clothes lined himself. >> does a backflip. the bike eventually crashes into the vehicles on the left. i don't have any specific information as to injuries. it was a relatively low speed one but it was a face full of bar. this next video from dash cam owners australia. doesn't matter how defensive you
3:16 am
are, sometimes weird stuff just happens. >> tree down, tree down. >> what? >> when a tree out of nowhere, blue skies, no rain, no wind, just decided today's the day i don't want to be a tree anymore and right on those two cars. >> it looks to be breezy. look at the tree to the right side of the road there. you see it blowing around a little bit so maybe it was just ready to pack it in for the day. >> you kind of see how it was balanced on the edge of that little hill as well so maybe they've weakened the root structure to it. unfortunately it lands on those two cars. the poster of the video says the person with this dash cam took the footage to that guy so he could see it, mate, look at your car! martine dubuque of british columbia, canada hit what she calls the black bear jackpot. they put a trail cam and the videos they got were cool including this one of just a
3:17 am
black bear. this is what biologists call a rub tree. these are small trees that bears will choose to come and rub up on. we also see some bear play time and i love this, because you see all their teeth. you see these big claws but they're just playing, kind of like kittens and dogs would. >> this is very bear-witch. >> here you see somebody is not happy with the way things are going. >> ooh. >> that was a bear slap and then another one is like wait, what? >> are we still playing or nah? >> they're having a good time. >> best part is you see two very healthy, viable animals in the wild. >> just really good video they were able to capture because they put a trail cam up. >> that one has a tag in his ear, too, so they're being watched by more than one person. have you ever had an experience with a lynx? these two did. >> they are beautiful cats. >> they are and this one is not exactly scared. it gets a little bit closer to investigate. >> look at the paws on that
3:18 am
thing. those look like some nice slippers. >> like bobcats with a little bit more flair. >> check out the ears, like hey i'm here what's good and the walk so swaggy. hey, hey, hey. >> at this point the girlfriend is like okay, he's not paying us any more attention. just sitting there posing. >> awesome. >> beautiful video also captured in british columbia. these videos are always fascinating to us, the aerial refueling between a kc-10 and super cool looking f-22. we have the audio between senior airman jordan smith and multiple pilots coming up for refueling. the pilot and the boom operator of concentrating, thinking and talking about this precise procedure they're working on. >> what's going on? >> you guys make any good food? >> whipped up a few pizzas, i don't know, making -- no pretty
3:19 am
much guaranteed we'll make cookies on our way home. >> nice. >> like $100 million worth of military hardware. >> they say senior airman jordan smith that's what he's known for, a friendly voice, just keeping the mood up. he also had some deep thoughts along with the pilot. >> what do you do to pass the time? >> have conversations with yourself you get the best answers. >> you get like deep in thought. i found myself like looking at the stars just thinking about space. >> he's on the edge of it so why not. >> got to be comfy up there. in the 135 they lay down. >> the seats are not terrle.'s adjust forward and aft how high you sit. >> see if you can figure this riddle out. >> i can run, but i cannot walk. what am i?
3:20 am
>> run-on sentence. >> pilot goes with run-on sentence. what is the answer, airman smith? >> a nose. >> oh, nice. >> airman smith is based out of travis air force space. nice to know we have a friendly voice in the sky with the tough procedu procedures. >> i miss it, too. ♪ snow can be a lot of fun but when you have ice and snow together, it can be dangerous. these two ladies are standing outside of the complex, they've got a small child with them, having a conversation. one of the ladies starts to back up because the kid is holder her hand. >> oh! >> that's when sheets of ice and snow come flying off the top of that four-story building. >> that's the one place you don't want to stand. >> the woman in black falls to her knees. >> falls or just gets decked. >> the ice takes her out, let's be honest. >> are they okay, charity? >> they were taken to the hospital and they're okay.
3:21 am
the other woman goes for her child and picks her up. they're lucky they're okay. the entire situation is under investigation. bring you back stateside. the east coast has been hit with snowstorms and this comes out of pennsylvania? >> what is that? >> that transformer is arcing. . is common when there's heavy snow and ice. >> this is why nick doesn't live back east. >> we lost power, the heavy ice lays down. >> not so fast, because as they pan over -- >> look at! >> uh-oh. >> whoa! that's cracking and boom they fall. >> literal domino effect. >> the person posted said the trees were 100 feet tall. it is a serious situation. women try -- >> a one size fits all
3:22 am
bridesmaid dress. >> see how the testing goes. >> what? >> interesting. and grandma -- >> loves feeding the seagulls and the seagulls love her. >> see what happens when she runs out of bread. en. starting at $11.99. all the helpings you want of all the classics you love. because the best things in life should be never ending. for a limited time, only at olive garden.
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so buzzfeed as is had an idea, have these four women of differt sizes try on the same dress, a one-size-fits-all brai bridesmaid dress. this dress charm, thss can be worn multiple ways which can flatter your body type. so these girls of all different sizes and heights are going to try on this dress. >> literally the same exact one dress. >> they're going to try on the same exact dress. >> one sides fits all doesn't exist. >> girl number one. >> this isn't bad. >> they did a good job. i like the way they draped it on her body. >> girl number two. >> not bad. >> what? >> interesting. it looks like a different dress because of the way it drapes at the back. >> but it looks so pretty on her. >> and shout out for her skin.
3:25 am
great skin. girl number three. >> that's cute. >> that looks good on you. >> oh yeah, she's got like a grecian goddess thing going on. >> now let's see what happens when she puts it on. >> yes! >> that looks good! >> it does fit her. it does fit her body and it looks cute. >> so what you're saying is women only really need one dress. >> hey, take it easy over there. >> and done. >> but we're going to need them in multiple colors. >> i'm like literally shocked. whenever i go, even if it's like plus size section one size fits all i'm never believing it. >> they were amazing one size did fit all, just in different ways. ♪ you know when you're at those places you're at all the time and see a door marked private and think nothing of it. maybe you should think more. this live video posted by abc 15 reporter john treewiler in
3:26 am
scottsdale, arizona. >> here is the lobby itself and if you walk down the hall here, here's auditorium one. >> showing off the cinema, looks like any theater out there and starts wandering past some of the biggest cinemas. but he's like there's this door marked private. of course it says private so you're not going to go walking through it but if you did, it gets a bit interesting. >> now we're in a back room, okay. >> does very permission to do this? >> it was all after doing some sort of oscars broadcast the other day. he opens the door and faced with a freezer door. >> but when you open it up, you are brought into a world of luxury. >> what this is, is a private screening room, a secret cinema inside the cinema that you can actually rent. >> so the freezer door is just to throw you off? >> that's cool. nobody knows it's here. it's a completely under the radar sort of thing that you can hide. >> a total of 24 people can be in this space. >> there is room for all your
3:27 am
mates. you can rent it for three hours. you can watch whatever movie you want. costs $900. >> all right but you divide that up among your friends, what's the math on that? >> just under 40 bucks. >> what? >> does that include food and stuff? >> you get all the soft drinks you want, you get some of the snacks, popcorn, things like that. if you want to order beer, wine or there's a menu food, you even get like a butler, you can order food, sit there, enjoy. >> they've got a private restroom. >> apparently the most expensive theater they made. >> it's all behind this secret freezer door. seagulls are the true rats of the skies. >> mine, mine! >> those suckers are just waiting for an opportunity to steal your food from the beach, and that is why you get to savor this video just like the people that created this video, because
3:28 am
on this day they have put a delicious sandwich right there at such close proximity to this seagull. >> so confused. he's looking at the guy like, really? >> and it pecks and pecks and pecks and pecks away at the windshield. >> you wait. this bird is going to get its revenge on the car. >> they say after the video ended, the bird started squawking and a bunch of other seagulls came like hoodlum homies of the sky and made a raw kaus you cuss around the car. the reason this behavior begins is because people do this. see gram here, she loves feeding the seagulls and the seagulls love her. >> groundskeeper doesn't. >> she's tearing off what looks like pieces of bread and tossing them out. the birds are so good they're catching these pieces in midair. she runs out of food and the birds are still asking for more. >> mine? >> that's all i've got.
3:29 am
it's rowing at its finest. the hawaiian team here claims the tahitians are the best at this sport and they're gunning for them. look at their tough training. plus it's a michael's crafts store photo challenge. >> they are actually inviting photographers to come into their store and capture the coolest photos that don't really let you know that they are at a craft store. >> see the creative shots. great. smokey or natural eye? ugh, natural. good choice. how about calling or texting? definitely calling. puppies or kitties? sorry, cats. dry eyes or artificial tears? wait, that's a trick question. because they can both get in your way. that's why it is super-important to chat with your eye doctor if you're using artificial tears a lot and your eyes still feel dry. next question. guys, it's time for some eyelove!
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after 19 years of pro ball i know pain. but icy hot lets me power past it. [ male announcer ] icy hot no mess roll-on. icy dull pain, hot to relax it away. [ shaq ] icy hot. power past pain. jessica cobesi is becoming one of youtube's go-to photographers. we've seen her challenges on the show before and every single time she produces some really cool photographs. well this time, there's something called a michael's crafts store photo challenge where they are actually inviting photographers to come into their store and capture the coolest photos. >> we're going to michael's. >> it's genius on michael's behalf. >> exactly, i was thinking the same thing.
3:33 am
how do we get pictures of our store without paying photographers? >> jessica's super excited because she says generally they kick us out. >> usually they kick us out. >> first they try to figure out where they can start shooting. they head to the floral section because it is very pretty. i love this one, because jessica asks her model to hunch down, and from our perspective, it looks weird as heck, until you see the final photograph. >> so is the challenge literally just can you do it or will michaels in the end go this was the best picture and you get, i don't know, like supermarket sweep? >> your return for the photos is that they let you take the photos in the store so boom. >> like you live here. >> this is free marketing. >> it's america, you like people to win things. >> yes. >> i love this one because they get to the fake succulent section so she is photographing the model through this glass container. now she is a photographer so
3:34 am
naturally they have to head to the frame section and there they also capture some cool things. overall, they had a really good time. by far these are some of my favorite photographs coming from this challenge. for generations the canoe was an important part of hawaiian culture for food and transportation and even in war, but slap a red bull sticker on it, and it becomes a sport. >> oh dear. ♪ da, da, da, da, da >> oh cool. ♪ da, da, da, da, da >> 1500 years ago the first people came here in canoes. they traveled across thousands of miles of oceans to these islands. >> it's now an endurance sport and it is tough. the hawaiian team here claims that the has at that heegs tahi, training as much as 14 hours of paddling a week. >> so when you say it's such a
3:35 am
tough race, how far are they going? >> they don't talk about distance here in this video but they do point out some of the dangers. >> the weather gets crazy sometimes especially if it comes on your side, it will flip. >> so many cultures have a different approach. asia is doing drag boat racing. there's something about humans, we have to race everything. >> traditions never die and it's a good thing they've stayed alife because it keeps us in the mentality that we are still rooted in our path. these guys also talk about being part of this team is like being part of family. it's a brotherhood. >> we are family. >> for us, canoe paddling is more than a sport. it's a culture. it's a brotherhood. >> pretty cool blend of tradition and mod he were sport. tradition and modern sport. miriam is in the zone. >> hey girl. pose for the camera and post it on instagram. please. >> but her man has a surprise for her that makes her lose more than just her breath. >> oh! muscles they can't pick it
3:36 am
3:37 am
up. it's wobbly and they spill it inevitably. >> works amazingly. mike and miriam are visiting. pose for the camera and post it on instagram please. >> you want to turn around? >> getting photo bombed though. >> oh my god! >> meanwhile, mike is behind her and also posing. >> you better not -- >> oh! >> like whoa. >> dude. >> once she catches her breath and makes sure that she's stable --
3:38 am
>> i love you. will you marry me? >> he pops the question. she says yes, and well, let the smooching begin. >> because the whole location is like a giant pun, he's like falling for her. >> she almost fell because of him. >> as a matter of fact, they chose this place because this is where miriam's family took their annual vacations and of course it's just beautiful. now let's head over to this afro dance class. ♪ this is jenny and daniel, and this particular class was their formal dress acro dance class and putting on quite the show. he swings her around. ♪ >> whoa. cool. >> that's really pretty. >> swept her off her feet. >> he did. >> and -- >> they pulled it off. i've never seen that work on "right this minute" before! >> hello, as that part of the dance comes to an end the class starts to clap.
3:39 am
when she gets up, this is the part where you normally take a bow, right? >> this wasn't in the choreography. >> it wasn't. he stays down on his knees and when she turns around -- >> the show is over, folks. let's give them some space. that's our show. catch us next time for a brand new episode of "rtm." best oscar statuet. his had attorney says they don't rise to the there sooeriousness of grand theft. >> well, there was plenty of
3:40 am
booze, apparently at the governor's ball and some in our audience have had some this hour. the question is can you drunk and shocking. >> on average last year we spent nearly $450 each shopping while completely wasted. frr >> and surprisingly or not surprisingly, men are spending more. the top item was food. >> really? >> yeah. followed by shoes, clothing and gambling. i don't think i've ever had a drunk shauming online. >> guilty.
3:41 am
this is the bike. i pested it a little while ago. i was completely wasted when i bought that bike. >> so you were home, had a few too many, logged on the amazon. >> amazon. >> and thought to yourself i already have a bike. already have a bike -- >> i wake >> i wake up, i see an alert from amazon saying your new bike is on the way and i'm like i already have a bike. what had happened. my credit card got jacked. >> by me. guilty. coming up an update from the hurricane damaged islands. and later the skinny "black panther" star reaching out to a fan who saw him 30less on screen. fwll
3:42 am
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3:45 am
covered in debris. this is what it was. >> you can see there are still scars. but the boats have been moved back to the water where they belong. >> and a street full of debris also on st. martin. roof still needed repairs and some of the windows still boarded up. but the transformation from that image. >> the recovery effort in puerto rico a bit slower. roughly 150 thun rr homes and businesses are waiting for electricity. i got to visit. i saw a lot of the devastation first hand. frrsh ands the and there's so much difference what information we get here as
3:46 am
opposed to on the ground. we heard things are so much better in the san juan area and there were so many people living in conditions they were waiting to get prepared. >> and they're still dealing with this. >> we've got 10s of thousand of people still there, still scattered across the island. but the problem is that help is scheduled to end march 20th. >> hopefully that money -- >> people have forgotten about puerto rico. working out with ruth bader ginsburg. ? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. breathe freely fast wmy congestion's gone.
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♪ all night long lionel richie there. he's the latest star to cement his legacy outside the chinese theater in hollywood. >> hand print, foot print and he wrote hello and signed his name.
3:49 am
>> how did take that long? >> i know. lionel richie. >> it took "american idol"" and we're talking about legal briefs. sorry. talking about rbg. >> the og. >> the original g. isn't that insane. >> i'm scared that sonny has that. 84-year-old supreme court justice has gone from legend to the most unlikery pop i con. >> it documentary features interviews about her life and sexism and discrimination she's got against throughout her career and a look behind the robe. >> all i ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off
3:50 am
our necks. i'm 84 years old and everyone wants to take a picture with me. >> it opens world wide may 4th. the big story her workout routine. oh, wow, she can plank. >> she's doing the plank perfect. is there that's a perfect plank. >> she can work out better than i can sgrp they say she does 20 push ups. >> three times a week. if she can lift it then clearly -- they may play the villain in the blockbuster movie, papther. how many stars would offer to buy their fans new dental retainers. >> and outed one of his patients after she clinches her feet so hard that she bit through the
3:51 am
steel in her retainer. >> the girl is 18 year old sophia rob who tweeted that is my orth dauntest tumbler. >> jordan tweeted since i feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers, let me go i can replace them. >> so adam rippon became a star and fought because of his performance on the ice but because of how entertaining is most of the time. >> he explained to e! he won't be going to the next olympics unress. >> if i go to beijing 2022 it's because i found a great deal on a vacation. i'm not going to be competing. this is my last olympics.
3:52 am
and i -- again, that's why i wanted the experience. i'm 28, jimmy. i'm not a spring chicken. >> but he is a spring -- brl .
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
nba star dwayne wade was back in florida. he was there to visit stoneman douglas high school. >> reporter: dwayne wade, the star player returning to the miami heat, showing up someplace else, surpriseing it students who have been through so much at stoneman douglas high school. with with the player who's been with them since the tragedy. selfies and then taking the mike. back with a message for this
3:56 am
school. inspired by the students and by the young man, joaquin oliver. >> dwayne wade. wade telling reporters how movedee was when he first found out. >> it's emotional even thinking about that. that his parents felt that burying him in my jersey was something he wanted. so i take a lot of pride in what i've done in this state and what twrv rr meant for the youths. >> standing at the heat game with joaquin's sister, inviteing it family. and "i just had a great conversation with some of the students at stoneman dugerous high school. these young adults get it.
3:57 am
they understand the power of their voices. >> and dwane wade knows the impact of gun violence. just a couple years ago his cousin in chicago was pushing a stroller when shot and killed. and he was there playing for chicago at the time and it's something that has lived with him for so many years now. >> how men aingful for students because just him being here was so meaningful. their hockey team wining it state championship after being underdogs. >> playing carnegie hall. >> absolutely. they have a long road ahead though. don't forget to check out updates on facebook.
3:58 am
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>> good morning, it is 4:00 a.m. thursday, march 8. we're on a half-hour early as the cleanup goes on from the nor'easter. >> the thick wet snow across the region left thousands without power, for some families it is the second outage in atlantic city than a week. >> the plows and shovels have been working overtime as people try to dig out. some areas got more than a foot of snow. >> there are slick spots which is why philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are opening on a a 2 hour delay.


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