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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 8, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> good morning, it is 4:00 a.m. thursday, march 8. we're on a half-hour early as the cleanup goes on from the nor'easter. >> the thick wet snow across the region left thousands without power, for some families it is the second outage in atlantic city than a week. >> the plows and shovels have been working overtime as people try to dig out. some areas got more than a foot of snow. >> there are slick spots which is why philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are opening on a a 2 hour delay. there are hundreds of delays and
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closures scrolling at the bottom of the screen and >> we'll have live team coverage, but first we'll check in with matt and karen, taker ago look at the weather and traffic. i slipped a little bit on the sidewalks, ice is an issue this morning. >> reporter: it was a great time. i hope people are doing okay out there, after the snow. let's take a look at satellite and radar, wow you can see the nor'easter sitting and spinning not affecting us, off to the north and east. we're dry today. we'll get sunshine back, we've had a few breaks in the clouds yesterday. it's cold to start. testers above freezing through most of the region, nonetheless you have snow in areas, you'll see slick spots and have issues as you travel. 7:00 a.m., the freezing mark. lunch time, upper 30s.
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3:00 p.m., 40 degrees, you're dry today, but you could have gusty winds in place. 5:00, 38 degrees, 7:00. 35 a flurry in the overnight hours, but not a big deal. in greeneville we had had over ten inches of snow. princeton, township, 17.8. lower makefield, 10.5. landenburg, 9.5. broomall, 1 inches of snow. people have a lot of cleanup to do, and some areas still have snow on the roads. >> reporter: we're looking at a multiday process until the side streets and secondary roads are cleared off. highways worked very hard into the afternoon and evening and overnight. in some spots there are lane deficits, where you normally have three lanes you have two. of course, you have to watch the ramps and the shoulders. we have a crash on the
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schuylkill expressway and 202 southbound, everything is cleared out, but first of many crashes i have a feeling. we're watching a whole a bunch of downed trees out there, one in plymouth meeting closing walton road at jolly road shut down because of of the downed tree. jolly could be the alternate to get around the walton road closures. live look in center city this is the vine street expressway, all lanes are open as you cross town twep the schuylkill expressway and i-95. live look at the 42 freeway shows light volume. we're watching a downed tree in washington township blocking the southbound side of delsea drive, you want to stick with 55 that's okay as you kick things off thursday morning. >> parking is allowed along snow emergency routes.
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city offices are back open. as snow let up, many cleared sidewalks and cleared them out and dug out their cars. some of the side streets are a mess. jeanette reyes is live in south philadelphia, the streets are tight enough without baimpleg snow and ice, jennette. >> reporter: yeah, tam it's expected the narrow side streets end up being an issue, this morning for the most part it's impressive, the cleanup that the tow trucks were able to get underway beginning early yesterday morning, but as you mentioned we have side streets that are blocked, some sidewalks are tricky, even though they are cleared it's icy, as the temperatures fell below freezing. take a look at the video we gathered yesterday at the height of the storm, of course as things quited down, quite a bit. as matt mentioned many schools on a delay this morning. that makes sense, although the
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roads are easily traveled you're going to need some time to get out of the parking space because as we know the snow piles up along the cars and it can make it difficult to get out. that's what i came across this morning even though the road was cleared out. you'll have to give yourself time to travel on the sidewalks. we have people walking on the roads, we don't recommend it, they were forced to do it, because walks were icy. one of the tree falls we saw was at 23rd and race, take a listen to what one person said about that. >> we heard a crash, we outside to investigate it. it must missed my car, pretty much my lucky day, but not so much for somebody else. roads may be clear in terms of snow and ice, they are working on trees, that may have fallen
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along the roadways, give yourself time to do a last minute detour to get to work or school. for the most part impressive the way they cleared the streets for the amount of snow that fell yesterday. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> that is good to hear. thanks jennette. this is the scene for many people wires down or hanging low because of the fresh snow. family in levittown, bucks county is worried about the downed wires in their yard hanging across the swing set. power crews are working around the clock to restore power to thousands of people, just check with peco at this hour, 60,000 him or customers ae without power. that is an improvement since last night. pse&g has 27,000 outages, the hardest hit, burlington county. atlantic city most of the trouble in burlington and camden
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county with 8,000 people without lights this morning. >> cherry hill, camden county saw 8 inches of snow. in lindenwald many families are in the dark again or relying on generators. for the lane family it's the second time they lost power in the last five days. crews will be removing trees like this one that they -- thatl in cherry hill. medford, township officials declared a state of emergency due to all the snow and things like this. firefighters down the shore suspect a lightning strike sparked this raging fire in ship bottom, ocean county, the fire damaged the home on the 900 block of shore avenue. nobody was hurt. firefighters from several different agencies, assisted putting the fire out. regulators have shut down a
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major pipeline that caused sinkholes in chester county. the state public utility commission said mariner pipeline operation would be catastrophic. shipment it is will not resume until the results of an inspection. >> time to talk about what we will face the day after and see what's on the horizon, we'll see. >> reporter: we're watching a southern storm sunday into monday. at this point, the model is suggesting, 50/50 stays to the south. keep your eyen on that. storm tracker 6 live double scan, srnlt the nice to see nothing on storm tracker 6 live. the radar nice an dry, that's the way we stay today so looking good, let's go outside and show you what it looks like, once
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again do you see the flags whipping in the breeze, we have gusty winds out there this morning, we'll continue to see wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. we often feels like the transition month. it's feeling wintery as you step outside. that shot on sky6 live hd, you can see the snow on the roads, you'll be dealing with that because there was a good amount of it. snowfall totals so far this winter. 6. inches at philadelphia around yesterday, and average 22. it's felt snowy, it's been that way. wind gusts 25 miles per hour nothing in the city just credit with the wind gusts. poconos, 28. cape may, 21-mile an hour wind gusts. as you look at the day ahead it's going to be a dry. you get a break today. even though temperatures will be in the upper 30s, with the
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high march sun angle cruel get melting for sure with sunshine and clouds in the afternoon. sitting at the freezing mark at 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m., above that, 10:00 a.m., 36 staying below average, normally we would be near 50, not getting that. lunch time, 39 degrees. 2:00 p.m., 40. 4:00 p.m., 39. 6:00 p.m., 36 degrees. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, starting with today, it's feeling kind of blustery out there. sunshine and clouds, 42 is the high. tomorrow, nothing more than a stray flurry around especially in the poconos. it's a dry day. it's a chilly one, 43. we're below average the entire period, saturday, chilly, 44. turn the clocks forward saturday night.
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sunshine to clouds, 42. monday, we may get a mix of rain and snow, 40. tuesday, partly sunny, 39. wednesday, 13 degrees below average, 39 degrees. you can see the chilly temperatures we'll be dealing with it we've had a lot of snow it has not felt like march. president trump is fighting opposition from members of his own party on the tariffs. researchers say clues into what happened to amelia earhart may have been under their noses the whole time. >> reporter: we have big puddles, flooding not a major problem here, at least not yet. we'll check the spot on the schuylkill expressway where everything went south yesterday afternoon, we'll see if we're
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doing better this morning
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>> welcome back, taking a live look, mobile 6 making its way through fairmont section, 22nd street as it comes to a turn. will it make it? , yes it does. you can see the conditions of the roads, it maybe hard to
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a bunch of disabled vehicles spinning their wheels trying to make it up the incline, they got stuck and everybody was stuck for hours along 76 westbound. this morning, lanes are open, there's not a lot of traffic in them, if you need to head out, you'll be okay. plymouth township, walton road is closed because of downed
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trees. jolly road gets you around it. diamond street is closed keystone road gets you around the downed wires. creamy road and church road and mechanicsville road is closed. 47 at holy road blocked, stay on 55. that's okay this morning. 295 in gloucester county. we had problems here this afternoon not this morning, all lanes are open, you see the snow on the grassy surface, the traffic what little is moving fine. president trump can sign his new tariff proclamation as soon as today, 10% for aluminum and 25% for steel. not sitting well with his own party.
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independent organization trade partnership said the tariffs will create 33,000 new jobs in the u.s., but result in the loss of 146,000 jobs. >> florida governor rick scott has not made a decision whether or not he will sign no gun control legislation in the state. members passed the bill in response to the outcry over the shooting in parkland. the raises the age to 21 to purchase a gun and it allows faculty and staff to carry guns at school on a voluntary basis. the state senate approved the bill on monday. dwyane wade made a surprise visit to parkland school on monday. wade arranged the visit on his own. the nba star told students yesterday i'm inspired by all of you. >> the sixers hunt for the
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playoff spot continues they take on the heat in miami. they split the road games they are in 6th place in the eastern conditioners. jason kelce was bringing magic to the flyers game. it didn't work, the flyers could not pull off a win against the penguins 5-2. eagles added michael bennett from the seattle seahawks according to espn. eagles acquired again net and marcus johnson in a 5th round selection. carson wentz tweeted he will miss johnson while welcoming bennett to the team. a new study holds a clue to the decades old mystery what happened to amelia
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she went missing over the pacific ocean in 1937. there was another set of theories and thoughts that was debunked, we'll see. 419. in "healthcheck" why babies who resemble their fares are healthy -- fathers healthy. >> a dad shoves his driveway while spending time with his daughter. >> reporter: how cute that? a lot of people shoveling today, we'll talk about the numbers and where the next shot of precipitation is next. sorry. i can't make it.
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>> i guess children don't normally like shoveling, this little girl is having a blast. nicole brown sent this video showing 2-year-old mckenna
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cruising a driveway plow with dad operating the cleanup. >> that was a way to get the kids out of the house and get the driveway done. >> reporter: the mom was like take them all and go shovel. >> reporter: i would like to invite mckenna to east falls for assistance. come over, mckenna, i'll have snacks for you. i like to bribe people with food. this morning they highways are looking welt. watch it on the ramps, especially. >> woodhaven road at the boulevard, here's a rundown on mass transit we're back to normal weekday schedules. >> reporter: not feeling like march, today it is a blustery
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still gusty wind, 42. tomorrow, stray flurry, no big deal, 43. saturday, a chilly breeze, 43 degrees. we get sunshine, that's good news. sunday sunshine fades behind clouds, 44. we're watching a southern storm monday. looks like a chance we could get another strong storm on monday, some models keep it to the south. tuesday, windy and partly sunny, 40. wednesday, we're 13 degrees below average. 39 degrees tam. >> eventually it will warm up, karen. just hang in there. in "healthcheck," looks matter when it comes to babies. a new study found that babies who resemble their fathers are healthier. researchers studied babies who lived with their mothers,
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fathers spent more with their children if they resembled them. it translated into improved health they had fewer asthma attacks and fewer emergency room visitors. according according to a , drunk shopping is a thing, half of american adults admitted to making purchases while drunk. $30 billion shopping while drunk. before you had to be drunk and go to the store which is worse. 4:24 a.m., a malfunction is creeping out amazon alexis users. penns landing, the area is looking good, but the side streets are a tight, slippery go. we'll have more when we come right back.
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>> time for the morning buzz,
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appears amazon's alexa is fal -- malfunctioning, it's letting out an unprompted creepy cackle or laugh. it's described as witch-like. it's happened without the device being woken up and when it is asked to do something different. am -- amazon is working to deactivate the laugh. they don't know what it's -- what's causing the issue. snow clean up continues this morning, philadelphia international airport, we saw a lot of cancellations. today just checked, only 25 or 30, getting better. we'll be back with the team coverage of the nor'easter cleanup. we just moved in about four months ago,
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our best internet offer ever. you do the math. because for a limited time, you'll pay the 75 mbps price and get 150 mbps internet. so, double your speed and save today. that's speed on sale up to 1 gig. act now to get on america's largest gig-speed network. call today. many people will be digging out from the nor'easter. it dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of the area. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are on two hour delays. hundreds of school closings and delays are running on the bottom of the screen and good morning 4:30 a.m., march 8. we have live team coverage around the area. let's go over to matt pellman


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