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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 8, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> this morning, job one for many people will be digging out from the nor'easter. it dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of the area. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are on a two hour delay this morning. hundreds ever are others are on a delay or closing altogether running at the bottom of the screen or >> good morning, 5:30 a.m., thursday, march 8. we have live team coverage of
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the storm cleanup with the roberts in the city and the suburbs. >> first up we start in the studio with matt pellman and karen rogers. >> reporter: empty mist -- in the mist of all this weather, you're brightening things with your orange. >> reporter: you're trying to to be nice after being mean to me. >> reporter: the nor'easter is out of here after dumping quite a bit of snow. we have clear scns, we have dry couple of days. the sun returns today and in fact the next few days, the windchills though will be in the 30s, it's feeling cold for march. in fact the it stays chilly, at least the next seven days, we're talking temperatures not only below average, but some days up to 13 degrees below average. we continue to watch a southern storm that could impact us sunday night into monday. a few headlines for the weather.
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meanwhile, 31 degrees in reading, 30 in lancaster. a little bit above freezing in the city, 33. holding at the freezing mark in millville. here's what to expect today, the windchills will be a factor. we'll see the winds up to 20 miles per hour at times. 7:00 a.m. feeling like the low 20s, 1:00 p.m. it will feel like you're sitting at the freezing mark. we'll talk about when temperatures improve coming up in a little bit. >> reporter: no crippling traffic situations, we know this is not going to be the easiest morning commute. extra time is in order as you head out. there's a lot of slick spots. you can see that along i-95 the on-ramp from allegheny avenue. in the gore point there's a lot of snow. you're seeing shine on the ramp itself. so, icy, there. although, the main lanes of i-95 northbound and southbound are mostly just wet. that's the case on most of the
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highways this morning. in the burbs we have a few accidents, i'm expecting them unfortunately this morning. if you're heading to temple university ambler campus a crash blocking the ramp from 309 northbound to butler pike. the ramp shut down because of that accident. there's a new one in chadds ford, south of painters crossing along route 1 baltimore pike at south point drive, a vehicle into the guardrail there. south jersey, belmawr, camden county not so bad. wet on 42. a few headlights coming northbound on 295. on this thursday morning. matt and tam. many people across the area are waking you mean in the dark and the cold again. >> the action cam is live in medford township, burlington county. take a look at this, one bigotry across the roadways, power lines down, as well came down along robin hood drive. following the storm, officials in medford declared a state of emergency because of so many
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situations like this one. bucks county was hit hard. this is video from bensalem where electrical wires came down and began to burn. drivers and pedestrians were told to avoid the area at for the road at meeting road off bensalem boulevard. >> outage also from peco, 56,000 customers are in the dark right now. pse and g have 27,000 outages. ac electric, also has most of it's troubles in burlington and camden counties with more than 8,000 outages. >> in the city, getting out of a parking spot could be the hardest part of your morning, it will not be an easy go. jeanette reyes is live in south philadelphia. jennette, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, tam, the good news is, getting out of your
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parking spot will probably be the hardest part, some roads are tough, the narrow streets that come with the territory. this is a street that's tricky this morning, 17th and titan. a lot of times if the road is clear, the snow is pushed up against the cars and getting out can take a little bit of trouble. once you get out, the roads are clean. take a look at the video, we saw 6-inch of snow in philadelphia. for the most part it was the wet, heavy snow. what that meant with temperatures above freezing a lot of it melted, so it was slush. it was easy to clean up the roads, n roads are all clean.
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kids decided to take up their time and take advantage of the snow yesterday. >> it was wet and slushy, it was more water, it was like slush. >> reporter: and that slush has iced over in some areas, don't get too confident as you walk out and drive out this morning, you'll notice on the car there will be ice. i expected all slush, but the temperatures are below freezing or were overnight, take it easy this morning. reporting live in south philadelphia, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you, jennette. let's go to mobile 6 live along fairmont avenue in the fairmont park area. you can see what we're seeing around the city and the region. the roads are clear, but look at the cars, not only do they have ice and snow on top of them, getting out of the snow bank can be treacherous and slippery. that's something to keep in mind this morning. >> walter perez is live in
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richboro, bucks county, a locale that walter seems to have gotten the silver medal in all this. >> reporter: the gold medal in pennsylvania, but the silver medal overall. richboro got hammered. yesterday afternoon i was reporting live from bethlehem expecting the lehigh valley to get the brunt of the school. but it was south in bucks that got pummeled. in bucks county, 16 inches of snow in richboro. the major roads and secondary roads have been plowed, they are in good shape. the back streets it's going to be a tough morning for people getting out of their driveways and back streets across this part of bucks county. while snow was the major issue in this part of bucks county, the power outages in lower bucks further south are very bad. 59% of customers in lower
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makefield this morning or without power that's down from 64% just a few hours ago. it's incredible. 41% of customers in bristol, 43% in falls township still without power this morning. it's a major problem. because of that, they have set up a red cross shelter nearby to help people in dire straits as a result of the power being out. if you need to find a shelter there's one at the middletown municipal town complex in langhorne, 3 municipal way in langhorne. reporting live from richboro, walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> this picture erveg scene in south -- picturesque scene took a shift an "action news" viewer screamed when several tree barrageses crashed under the
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weight of the snow near silvan lake in burlington county. that was the rumble of thunder snow. "action news" viewer captured the strange phenomenon in galloway township, new jersey. >> let's turn to karen rogers and see what today will be like starting to think ahead to the weekend. >> reporter: drastically different than yesterday, at any rate. we're dry and it is chilly out there. storm tracker 6 live double scan taking a break today. it has earned it. let's look outside, looking live at the center city skyline. you can see bright sunshine is to start off the day. a few more clouds fill in. even if he best of times today it will feel like at or below freezing. look at the windchills, feels like 21 in lancaster, 25 in the city. 26 at the airport, so, it's a chilly start today.
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the winds will gust at times up to 20 miles per hour. so getting a 20-mile an hour gust in cape may. 23 in the poconos. the winds yesterday were not as bad as the first storm on friday. saturday saturday showing the nor'easter pulling out of here. we stay dry, you see the clouds pulling in. we'll see more cloud cover in the afternoon hours. overall it will be partly sunny skies, 8:00 a.m. we'll be sitting around the freezing mark with sunshine. 10:00 a.m., 36 a bill moord cloud cover in the -- a bit more cloud cover in the afternoon. lunchtime, 40 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 36 degrees. the next storm we're watching is the potential for a storm sunday into monday. the model is not in agreement there's one that shows it stays to the south and another tracks up the coast producing another nor'easter. we'll see if the models get in agreement. we're not sure if we'll see any precipitation monday. the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast, blustery today partly sunny, 42. friday, a snow shower north of the city, it's an upper level disturbance that gives us something to watch for. 43. saturday, 43 degrees, set clocks forward. sunday, 44 on sunday, monday watching for this, 42. if we did get hit by this it will be another round of snow and rain. tuesday, windy and partly sunny, 40. wednesday, 39 degrees, that's 13 degrees below average. the entire seven-day period we're looking at below average temperatures. by the end of the seven day, we would normally be 52 degrees, we're not seeing 50 not there. >> we were on a good path in february, we've gone so far downhill. >> reporter: you win some you lose some that's how it evens
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out, matt. >> that's life. a car jumped a curb hitting a mother and trapping a young girl. we talked to a person who helped save the 3-year-old from beneath the car. a traffic stop has a teenager impersonating a sheriff's deputy. >> reporter: we're at route 1 at creek road where there's a crash. there's one in ambler and one in south jersey as we continue on this thursday morning.
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>> 5:45 a.m., things getting better at philadelphia international airport. there were two thousand cancellations nationwide yesterday during the storm. today about 30 arrives and departures canceled at phl. check ahead before flying out or picking someone up. >> listen matt pellman where is a good bet to go and where to stay from. >> reporter: i would say across the board, tam and matt, allow extra time because you'll encounter slick spots, you don't want to fly over the slick spots, that won't end well, this is ambler, southbound side of 309 near susquehanna road where they have the right lane blocked because that guy is facing
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sideways across the right lane. coming southbound from montgomeryville and fort washington and the pennsylvania turnpike watch out for slowing and this accident. the road is wet here, as soon as you get into the right lane and shoulder you're seeing snow and slush and iciness that's unpleasant and definitely very slippery. aside from that, not too far off we're watching for a downed tree in plymouth township blocking walton road. jolly road will get you around it. new crash in chadds ford a vehicle slammed into a guardrail, route 1 baltimore pike south of painters crossing route 1 and 202. mount laurel, portions of elbow lane and hartford road and church road are blocked this morning. in syringe -- springfield delaware county.
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we have problem at route 68. princeton, not getting by 206. downed tree there. state on route 1, no problems reported in south brunswick. down the shore, garden state parkway, drying out by the cape may toll plaza. route 40 is blocked by flooding by the ac expressway. a philadelphia driver was arrested after hitting a mother and two crowning daughters on the sidewalk in the -- young daughters on the sidewalk and running away mayfair on tuesday night. violet crosby was pinned underneath the striking car. >> she was under the car, we just with all our power lifted the car and we moved it back. >> police have arrested 31-year-old sackry lauer.
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police have arrested a 14-year-old boy for pretending to be a sheriff's deputy. it shows the boy showing up at a home driving an suv and wearing a sheriff's uniform. the homeowner said he was investigating a domestic disturbance and he pulled over a woman and gave her a warning before letting her go. see how the woman's team came together during the nor'easter, we'll be right back. right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed so you can download large files faster
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stopping the northwestern university basketball team they were leaving practice at st. joe's. the howling huskery's bus got -- husk's bus got stuck, they put muscle behind it and got the bus going again. >> i hope they are tired for the game. >> reporter: they are not tired. that's a good workout push ago
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bus. we were talking about a lane deficits, we saw that on i-95 by woodhaven. a crash in the last couple of minutes, looks like a fire is bursting out in that one car that just cropped up. this is the first time i'm seeing this. northbound side of i-95 at woodhaven. that traffic needs to stay on the right side with the flames jumping out of the vehicle, the fire sparked northbound side of i-95 no fire crews on the scene no police out there, either. that traffic should not be going that close to a vehicle fire. i-95 northbound side jamming with the vehicle accident. >> reporter: scary to see that. 42 is the high, well below the average high of 50. that would feel nice. we're not seeing the temperature of 50 anywhere in the seven-day forecast. we stay below average. we have sunshine to start, we'll see clouds mixing in this
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afternoon. temperatures are going to be in the low 40s, but the windchill will be around the freezing mark in the afternoon. temperatures, 32 at 7:00. 9:00 a.m., 35. 1:00 p.m., 40 degrees. #7:00 p.m., 35. >> we have loved all the videos and pictures our viewers sent us. a lot of you had fun enjoying the snow. keep them coming submitting them on social media, using the #6abc action. two members of the super bowl championship eagles pumped up the crowd at the flyers game. >> let's go flyers. >> how does he still have a voice? jason kelce and kendrick rallied fans at the flyers game. they gave him a flyers hat.
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looking good jason. mobile 6 is driving out
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there to show you what the conditions are like on the side streets which are going to be the problem for you, because the highways are pretty good.
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5:56 a.m. right now, fairmont section of philadelphia, 19th street, a lot of vehicles have not made their way out credit. the owners have to clean them out. >> the big digout happened without the help of streetlights, elkins park, cheltenham township emergency management reports roughly a dozen accidents and countless stranded vehicles. >> quick-falling snow plus heavy snow that brought down branches and wires and trees which is what we had in the last storm. >> even utility crews trying to restore power sometimes fell victim to the roads. >> 5:57 a.m., we'll get you up to speed on the accuweather forecast and look at the roads when we come right back. plus the eagles add a pro poller to their -- pro bowler to
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6:00 a.m., thursday, march 8. we're following the cleanup from the latest nor'easter. >> that thick wet snow across the region left thousands without power, for some families it's the second outage in less than a week. the. >> plows and shovels are in overdrive as people dig out. some areas got a foot of snow. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are opening on two hour delay, hundreds of others are delayed or closing.


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