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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m., thursday, march 8. we're following the cleanup from the latest nor'easter. >> that thick wet snow across the region left thousands without power, for some families it's the second outage in less than a week. the. >> plows and shovels are in overdrive as people dig out. some areas got a foot of snow. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are opening on two hour delay, hundreds of others are delayed or closing. they are bottom of the screen
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and >> we have team coverage around the region as people are digging out trying to back to work and school. let's look at weather and traffic karen rogers in for david murphy and matt pellman with traffic. >> reporter: i had a gut feeling the morning was not going well on the road. we're seeing that now. >> reporter: you know cruel have problems out there, with temperatures around the freezing mark. looking at satellite and radar you can see the nor'easter sitting and spinning not in our region. it's moved out of here, but we're seeing windy conditions, we'll have clear skies to start with, with a few clouds filling in later. 31 in reading, 28 in lancaster. up to 34 in the city, 32 in wilmington, 33 in millville. so the air temperature around freezing and the surface temperature just at the freezing mark that's why we're seeing slick spots this morning. 7:00 a.m., partly sunny i skies
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and 32. overall it's a dry day today, chilly wind, lunchtime, 39. it will feel colder at the best of times today feeling like the freezing mark. the windchill is a factor. 3:00 p.m., 40. 5:00 p.m., 38. 7:00 p.m., 35. we'll get with the march sun angle some melting going on, even though temperatures are not that far above freezing. you'll see that. for the kids it was fun, i love the pictures everybody sent me, this was billy and tommy doing sledding enjoying their day. you see the slush around them, that slush is frozen now, you have to be careful as you head out. that's what we're seeing on the roads, matt. >> reporter: i need that shark hat. maybe christmas. [laughter]. a little progress along i-95 northbound side fire crews arrived, they extinguished the vehicle fire that was sparked after a bunch of vehicles slid and slipped into each other on
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i-95 northbound north of the woodhaven road. at the moment all northbound traffic is stopped on i-95 north of woodhaven road. before you get there, there's another crash northbound side lane near cottman avenue, fire truck, ambulance arriving on the scene is as we watch live, two separate accidents on i-95 northbound, one past cottman and the other one past woodhaven. think about using frankford avenue or the northbound boulevard. coming off i-95 in delaware county there's a crash blue route, 476 northbound north of mcdade boulevard taking out the left lane. you can see the police on the scene of that accident spilling on to i-95. delco there's a crash route 1 baltimore pike south point drive, a vehicle into the guardrail there. we had another vehicle that slipped and slid in ambler, 309
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southbound side by susquehanna road. heading toward the turnpike you have the left lane getting by. it will be slow. abnormalities on mass transit, 13 different septa bus routes remain suspended on this thursday this morning. >> while you might need extra time to shovel out. it's difficult for tens of thousands of others in the area waking up in the dark. in lindenwald the zacks cam found crews repairing lines. many are charging up their generators again. for the lane family it's the second time they lost power in the last five days. crews are removing trees that fell like this one in cherry hill. >> we just checked with peco, at this hour, 53,844 customers are without power. that's 3,000 fewer than an hour ago. pse&g has 26,000 outages in the area. the hardest hit burlington
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county. the atlantic city electric has trouble in burlington and camden county with 8,000 customers unable to turn the lights on. walter perez is live in richboro, bucks county which saw the most snow on the pennsylvania side of our region, and boy they didn't want it, walter. >> reporter: i got to tell you, matt, they got hammered in bucks county. 6 to 10 inches in bucks county in general. in richboro, 16 inches of snow. you can see the results big snow piles in the parking lot and roads. the major roads and secondary roads across the region are in good shape, but the back treats are in bad shape. a lot of people will have hard time getting off their properties. richboro was the epicenter in terms of snow, but power outages, this morning, 5% of customers in lower makefield are still without power this morning.
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that's actually down from 64% earlier this morning. 55% in lower makefield. 40% out inform bristol. 35 in falls township. the good news the numbers are improving. a few hours ago, 23% of customers across bucks county were without power. at this time only 20%. there are people struggling without power. some people have been without power since last friday's storm. they set up a red cross shelter at the middletown township municipal complex for those having trouble and need extra help it's located at 3 municipal way in langhorne. red cross shelter at 3 municipal way in langhorne. reporting live from richboro, walter perez channel 6 "action news." back to you guys. >> the snow emergency is over in philadelphia, which means parking is allowed along snow emergency routes. city offices are back open
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today, as the snow let up, people got out to dig the sidewalks and clear out the walkways and dig out their cars. some of the side streets are still a mess, "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live in south philadelphia. jennette, i'm looking behind you, i'm seeing the snow on the sidewalks, the cars, better be careful or could feel like stepping on a banana peel this morning. >> reporter: this comes with the territory, you live on a side street back road your car will be stuck in a mound of snow, even though the road is cleared, somewhat clear on the roadway. you can see the snow on the sides of cars and sidewalks, fit wasn't completely cleaned off, even if you don't have snow it could be iced over. this is video from the side streets we're seeing here, we're at 17th and titan. the good news once you go to get out of here, the secondary and main roads are good.
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in fact my photographer and i were impressed how well they did yesterday the salt trucks were clearing off the roads, they took advantage of the fact temperatures were above freezing it was wet and slushy snow. take a listen to how the residents dealt with the fallen trees which were expected, one fell at 23rd and race street fell on a car there. >> we heard the crash and came out to investigate it. just missed my car, it's my lucky day, but so much for someone else. >> reporter: so, again, give yourself time, temperatures will fall below freezing overnight you'll find icy patches, but the two hour delay for philadelphia schools make sense, if you were a lucky one an your street is and you're wonding -- wondering why there was a delay, some
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people were not so lucky. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> firefighters down the shore suspect a lightning strike hit a home on the 900 block of shore avenue in ship bottom. several fire companies put the fire out. drone 6 is live over the one of the many locations that's seeing a lot of issues related to the latest storm. burlington county got it the worst along with bucks county. medford township trees down, power lines down, it's bad enough township officials had to declare a state of emergency to clean this up. >> now, let's go over to karen rogers taking a live look at where things stand with the accuweather. boy it would be nice if it could be june all of a sudden. >> reporter: it would and that's not going to happen. it will feel chilly out there. you saw the shot in medford,
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some of the areas got a foot of snow. we have a high of 42. with the high march sun angle you'll get melting. fairly chilly out there, windchills near 30 at the height of the afternoon today. tomorrow we're tracking an upper level disturbance has a chance to bring a morning flurry, i don't think it's any big deal for the area, you stay mainly dry, the next potential for the storm comes sunday into monday. the models have been disagreement with this. one takes it up the coast another down to the south. a few more things we're watching in the forecast. not june just yet. march is roaring like a lion. >> reporter: we'll wait in the words of the great paul simon we're slip sliding away. simmon says stay away from i-95, northbound side north of cottman avenue. we have a crash taking out the right lane. police are on the scene. the big irfish to fry are
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farther north, north of woodhaven roads corn wells heights park and ride parking lot. there was a crash that sparked a vehicle fire. traffic is squeezing by in the middle heading toward street road. in bucks county, it's a bunch of downed trees, blocking keller church road, creamery road, mechanicsville road. burnt house hill road. watching a crash on 309 southbound in ambler that's slowing us down. blue route, 476 northbound side by mcdade, right lane squeezing by here jamming us back to i-95. >> double agents in disguise. new documents claim your friendly best by geek guys were a group of spies. >> amazon alexa is mall
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welcome back, mobile 16 is live along the schuylkill expressway westbound heading toward the boulevard. you can seen on the major arteries things are clear. mobile 6 making good time. you can see the ice on the side of the road. you never know when cruel hit a patch that is slick and icy. >> karen, you mentioned the sun
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angle this time of the career. it will melt a lot of this. >> reporter: even though it will feel cold because of the wind. you'll get sunshine and melting. we have a foot of snow, it will not melt a foot in one day. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry right now. no problems with that at least. starting to see people get out and about as sky6 live hd looks live at city half. you can see the snow, you have to bundle up it's a cold start to the day, it will feel cold throughout the day. 34 degrees, we're above freezing in the city. the dewpoint is 23. the winds are out of the west at 10. the pressure is holding steady. the windchill what it feels like 26. it will feel cold all day. satellite and radar showing the nor'easter pulled out of here, we have a few clouds that are sitting and spinning in the area. we'll continue to see clouds and sunshine. it will be partly sunny today, not too bad. 8:00 a.m., 32. 10:00, 36. a few clouds in the picture at
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lunchtime. 39. 3:00 p.m., 40. 6:00 p.m., 36 degrees. we'll be doing some melting with temperatures like this and sunshine this time of year. but that may make things tricky again overnight tonight. partly cloudy skies, testers will drop -- temperatures will drop lower in the city, 28 degrees which means low 20s. kelly sweeney sent this in in harrison township. we have the kids doing the shoveling. today is the day to do it after school because tonight this will refreeze we'll have melting and more slick spots tomorrow. get the kids working. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's blustery, partly sunny skies and 42. tomorrow a stray flurry, doesn't look like a big deal watching for a chance of a snow shower north and west, more than likely a couple of flurries and we
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might get wrush -- brush up of wind and snow. wednesday, 39 degrees, that is 13 degrees below average. normally, we would be at 52 degrees. we're seeing 30s, it's cold out there and staying cold all week. >> spring starts in two weeks. >> two weeks. >> reporter: korea we have a couple of weeks -- yeah, we have a couple of weeks. >> reporter: this whole traffic thing could be getting better. we had two on i-95 northbound, the second one on 309 north of the pennsylvania turnpike, a
6:19 am
single vehicle lost control, penndot is out there assisting. it's off to the side on 309 northbound. in lafayette hill getting word of an accident involving a septa bus germantown pike by the general. perhaps that's why 13 of the different septa bus routes remain suspended to avoid accidents like that. otherwise we're back to normal schedules on the regional rail with delays on the inbound trenton line. >> in today's fitness tip shoshanna is redefining the workout to do at the office. >> reporter: i got a request for standing desk workout. it's a booty burner. bend into the left leg and push through the left heel, coming down, up, reaching the right leg back, ten of those, keeping the core tight hold it at the
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[scraping noise] >> this is a fun way to get children into shoveling. this little girl is having a blast. this was sent by nicole brown from west grove, chester county
6:25 am
showing two-year-old mckenna cruising the driveway plow operated by dad. >> i bet it was better for his black than the traditional shovel. >> i could put them to work all day. [laughter]. now as we head outside to i-95. >> reporter: pretty. >> reporter: pretty if you don't look at the middle part of the screen. all northbound lanes are blocked as they clean up from the earlier vehicle fire from the accident because people slipped and slid. avoid i-95 northbound head to frankford avenue instead. getting here from the northbound black horse pike is tough the ramp is blocked on 295 blawf -- because of a downed tree. >> reporter: we'll have melting today, 42. it's below the average high
6:26 am
which is 50. we have shoveling and melting to do in greeneville, ten inches. lower makefield, 10.5. broomall a foot of snow fell. i love that everybody sent the pictures and shared them. my friend susan shared this on social media. look how cute her kids look and the snowman, that's my son enjoying the snowman, thanks for sending all the pictures, good mother that i am hey it's my son. >> 6:26 a.m., do you know where your children are? >> our team coverage of the storm craft continues next. >> tens of thousands of people are waking up in the dark. we have details on the red cross effort who help those who need a warm place to stay.
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>> now on "action news," digging out from the storm, we're surveying the streets letting you know what the conditions are like for the morning commute. >> power problems return heavy snow on trees and power lines caused outages to spike once again. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are on a two hour delay, you can find a list of closures and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen and >> good morning, everyone, 6:30 a.m., we have team coverage of the storm's aftermath. in a little bit you'll here from jeanette reyes live in south philadelphia and walter perez is live in bucks county. >> we'll check in with them in
6:31 am
just a moment, first up let's get weather and traffic from karen rogers in for david murphy and matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: it's international women's day, i'm being extra nice to you this morning. >> reporter: happy international women's day, we have a lot of slick spots, storm tracker 6 live, the area of low pressure the nor'easter is pulling out of here right now. no problems with that. let's look at the what to expect with this. the sun returns not just today, but the next few days, we'll be doing a good amount of melting even though the windchills will feel like the 30s at the best of times. it's chilly not just today, but the next seven days, we're looking at temperatures well below average not feeling like march. we continue to watch a southern storm monday and we'll show you the latest model ideas with
6:32 am
that. 28 in lancaster. above freezing in the city, sitting is at the freezing mark in millville. the surface temperatures on the ground are at the freezing mark in many areas, that's why you're doing the slip sliding away. winds 8 to 16, gusting you will to 20 miles per hour. even at the height of the afternoon 2:00 p.m., 42 it will feel like the freezing mark. the windchills are an issue today. temperatures near the freezing mark, many icy spots, any of that slush you saw that's all frozen. how are people doing on the roads with this, matt? >> reporter: they are slipping on the frozen slush and sliding into each other. one of the vehicles involved in the accident burst into flames. i-95 northbound side north of woodhaven by the cornwall heights park and ride. they have the northbound lanes blocked coming into into bucks
6:33 am
county. this one is almost gone they are loading the last week on the flat bed tow truck, all the lanes are open. because of the situation farther north avoid i-95 northbound, head to frankford avenue or the boulevard instead. there's a crash on the northbound expressway, off to the side, west of university through that point at south. we're watching a septa bus accident lafayette hills germantown pike at church road by the general. that's why a number of different septa bus routes are detoured this morning. 476, northbound side near mcdade boulevard, a crash taking out the left lane. delco, crash route 1 boot -- baltimore pike cleared out, but a new one at new garden township
6:34 am
baltimore pike. many are waking up in the dark yet again. >> crews have been working up until yesterday's storm arrived trying to restore the power lost in the previous storm. drone 6 is over medford in burlington county new jersey, you can see downed trees and power lines eye long robin hood drive. officials declared a state of emergency cleaning up the mess. bucks county was hard hit. this was video from bensalem, electrical wires came down and began to burn. drivers and pedestrians were told to avoid the area at for the road at meeting road off bensalem boulevard. >> utility peco has been making headway to get the power restored. 5,000 dmers are in the dark right now -- customers are in the dark. pse pse&g, hardest hit,
6:35 am
burlington county. atlantic city electric has the trouble in burlington and camden county with 7500 outages. >> in the city getting out of the parking spot could be the hardest part of the morning. jeanette reyes is live in south philadelphia, jennette, a lot of people will have to put a little work in this morning. >> reporter: today is the not the day to sleep in. it's just as you mentioned, it's the parking spot, if you live on a back road, side street that's the toughest part. main roads are clear, we're at 17 and titan. this is not as bad as we've seen it in other storms that you can see, the road is a bit icy it's not completely clear and some of the cars are snowed in just enough it will take you a few minutes to get out. this is video from overnight some of the icy conditions you'll see. the good news during the most of
6:36 am
the day yesterday, temperatures were above freezing, it was the wet, heavy snow that was fairly easy for plow trucks to clear off the roads. anything that was leftover was iced over, overnight that will be the tricky part though. just the side streets, the two hour call the delay for philadelphia school it was the right call because it will take a few minutes to get out of your neighborhood streets. listen to what some students decided to take up the time yesterday during the day. >> it was wet and slushy, it was like more water than snow. it's like slush. >> reporter: if you're one of the lucky ones that had your roads cleared, keep in mind for a lot of other people that is not the case. use that extra time clear off your car and take it easy if you're walking or driving to work getting out of the side
6:37 am
streets. reporting live in south philadelphia, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you jennette. >> it was bad enough in richboro, bucks county a shelter is available for the residents hard-hit by the nor'easter. walter perez is live for us right now, good morning, walter. >> reporter: matt, no doubt about it, bucks county got hammered by the storm. 6 to ten inches of snow in general across bucks county. 16 inches in richboro. you can see the effects huge mounds of snow on the edgeses of parking lots and side streets. the secondary roads and main roots are in good shape, but a lot of people will have a hard time getting off the property and getting to work and school. while snow was the big story in richboro, the power outages further south in lower bucks county, the numbers are astonishing. 57% of customers in lower
6:38 am
makefield without power and that's an improvement from just a few hours ago when 64% of customers in lower makefield township were without power. 40% in bristol. 39 in falls township vus -- just to name three. a lot of people are struggling without power, red cross has set up a shelter at the middletown township 3 municipal way in langhorne. a red cross shelter set up municipal town township municipal complex, 3 municipal way in langhorne. reporting live from richboro, walter perez channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> aaa reports a spike in cals during the height of the storm. 1,000 drivers were calling in the region yesterday more than half the problem, people's
6:39 am
vehicles became stranded in the snow. >> philadelphia international airport, powerful storm impacted major hubs, a quarter of all flights were canceled yesterday. a live look at the airport this morning, there's residual delays, not many, 30 flights coming in and going out have been canceled. >> let's go over to karen rogers and see what to expect in accuweather today. >> reporter: good morning, as you head outside, it's chilly out there. we continue to watch tomorrow, too. we're watching to see if we could get a morning flurry or snow shower, high of 43 tomorrow. i want to show you what future tracker 6 looks like, there's a chance of a dusting up to the north friday at 3:00 a.m. maybe a snow shower moves through, 4:30 a.m. that's about it. we have a chance of flurries maybe a snow shower early tomorrow morning. other than that we have a dry couple of days.
6:40 am
the next storm that we're watching could come sunday into monday. i'll have the latest model information with that, matt. >> reporter: forget about that, we're dry, music to my air, we're not dry along i-95, the ice caused a major accident in bensalem. they will let traffic by in the right lane, it's only been from time to time, i-95 northbound is locked up. the second accident cleared, but a jam up on i-95 northbound. the accident cleared from germantown pike. we're watching a crash in ambler with the vehicle facing sideways 309 southbound by susquehanna road jammed coming down to the turnpike. mount laurel a bunch of downed wires blocking portions of
6:41 am
hartford road and elbow lane and church road. >> up next, a life saving act when every second counted. hear from a man who helped free a little girl from a car that scrummed the car. >> we'll -- that jumped the curb. >> we'll look at the full storm damage when we come right back. does this map show the
6:42 am
peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales.
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just kind of ties in very well. house. >> panic settles in as xanax viewer watches several tree branches crash to the ground in south jersey under the weight of the snow. rachel shot the video yesterday near silvan lake in burlington county. >> looking in olney on 5th street. it's a story you see everywhere. the main roadway seems to be fine. a lot of people are dealing with brushing the snow off the car and the ice off the windshield and getting over the embankment of snow next to your car. action cam found a crew of shovelers clearing the federal steps in wilmington last night. someone added creativity outside
6:45 am
the queen theater building a snow man on the northbound side of north market street. >> you were building a snow man, yesterday. >> built two, one fell over. i'm not so good. give me another storm and i will work on it. >> no, no. >> reporter: no more storms we're done. storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry right now, staying dry the next couple of days, let's go outside, drone 6 is out flying around, look at the snow they had we're live in medford right now, this is burlington county you see the snow. areas of burlington county got between 7 and 9-inches of snow. we had heavy bands and thunder snow. you can see how the snow is laying on the trees, as well. live in medford township drone 6.
6:46 am
with the some of the gusty winds and the weight of the wet snow we have trees falling in the area, as well. drone 6 looking live as people trying to get up and doing a little diagnose -- digging out before they get to the cars. even the windshields if you're getting out to clear over the car and driveway, it's cold out there. feels like 26 in reading, 19 in lancaster. 26 in the city. feels like the freezing mark in cape may. the winds will be a factor today. satellite and radar showing the storm is out of here. we have clear skies, you're seeing clouds filling in. that will be the case today. partly sunny, we're dry today. we'll be doing melting even though it will feel colder with the winds we'll have sunshine and temperatures will reach the low 40s. sitting at the freezing mark at 8:00. 36 at 10:00. partly sunny skies, a chilly breeze at 3:00. kids coming home from school,
6:47 am
40 degrees, 6:00. 36 degrees. after we get the melting we get more refreezing tonight. temperatures will be colder. we drop to 28 in the city. that will mean the low to mid 20s in the suburbs. it will be another day tomorrow when you wake up, we'll have slippery spots with all the refreeze overnight. the next storm we're watching, sunday night into monday. i was looking at some models yesterday, i thought oh, no there was one showing it developing into a nor'easter and hitting us hard. that model is backing off. many are showing it staying to the south. ink it looks like more than likely it misses us, it will be a close call and it's something we're watching sunday into monday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, blustery today the winds partly sunny 40. tomorrow, snow shower in one or two spots. 43 is the high. saturday, 43. set the clock forward saturday night.
6:48 am
sunday, sunshine fades behind clouds, the storm stays to our south or brushes us by. if it brushes us by, we could get snow 42 is the high. tuesday, partly sunny, and 40. wednesday, upper 30s, that's 13 degrees below average. temperatures are below average for the entire seven-day period. as you clean up we have over a foot of snow, it's cold. >> matt and i will set our clocks early just to be ahead of the game. >> reporter: speaking of getting out early, that's a good idea you need extra time there's slick spots. up in the distance there's a vehicle on its side, skid and flipped over on the ramp on the schuylkill expressway westbound to conshohocken the ramp is closed. meanwhile, in camden county, 295 north of the black horse pike, the ramp from the black horse
6:49 am
pike northbound is closed because of a downside tree. we have 8 septa bus routes that are not running. ac rail line not running this morning because of signal problems. tam. >> thank you, matt. philadelphia police say they arrested the driver who jumped the curb mayfair striking the mother and two young children on the sidewalk. 31-year-old sackry lauer is accused of fleeing the scene at tyson avenue. 3-year-old was pindz under the vehicle -- was pinned under the vehicle. >> she was halfway under the car. we all our power we lifted the car and we moved it back. >> violet is in critical condition her mother and four-year-old sister suffered bumps and bruises. seven middle school students are under arrest
6:50 am
threatening to shoot up the school each student is charged with making terroristic threats. surveillance video shows a 14-year-old pulling up to a home in victorville on monday. he steps out of a white suv with flashing lights while wearing a uniform. the homeowner said the teen claimed he was investigating a domestic disturbance. detectives say the teen pulled a woman over and gave her a warning before letting her go. >> time to see what's going on at "g.m.a." >> robin roberts, is covering the northeaster and everybody cleaning up from it. >> reporter: the messy commute after the nor'easter left hundreds of cars stranded on interstates. the storm caused ripple effect for airports around the condition. snow is falling in areas. we'll have the latest on this storm and another one that could be on its way. ahead an exclusive first interview with the new
6:51 am
bachelorette bech can a after the uncomfortable break up with bachelor ari how she is moving on. yesterday i hope you were with us, for oprah, today it's reese witherspoon to talk about a wrinkle in time and so much more coming up on "g.m.a." on this friday eve, matt and tam. >> looking good, thank you robin we'll see you inhabit. >> two eagles pumped up flyers fans with super bowl spirit. center jason kelce and michael kendricks rallied the crowd. the flyers presented kelsey with the flyers-inspired mummers hat made by bobby coil of the avalon string bands. the flyers lost the game 5-2. billboard asking labron
6:52 am
james to join the sixers. they are all over los angeles. the letters spell out his name l -a. i doubts he will like their billboards as much as he liked ours. he said ours were dope. >> those were copycats. a woman's basketball team pulls off the assist during yesterday's storm.
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6:54 am
>> did you hear this, the rumbling sound is thunder snow during yesterday's storm. mark razz from galloway township new jersey, shared the phenomena with us. northeastern university women's basketball team helped push the bus out of the snow on the campus of st. joe's
6:55 am
university. they are in town as part a delaware tournament. >> i hope they are tired once they face the lady hens. 6:55 a.m., first up, updates from karen and matt. >> reporter: it's cold out there this morning, windchills feeling like the low 20s. the temperature will be at the treegz at -- freezing hark at 8:00 a.m. -- freezing mark at 8:00 a.m. accident on the blue route cleared seconds ago, the travel time is double what it should be, delco delays northbound off i-95. we're back with the top stories in just a couple minutes.
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> top stories 6:57 a.m., red
6:58 am
cross has opened the shelter for residents of storm-ravaged bucks county located at the municipal buildings in langhorne. 16 inches of snow fell in richboro, the second highest recorded snowfall total in the area. the big dig began without streetlights, the storm knocked out power to homes in bucks and burlington counties. mobile 6 is providing what it looks like on the roads this morning. we're in the olney section of philadelphia. you can see the snow creeping in on the lanes as we travel live in mobile 6. >> reporter: a vehicle i-95 northbound by wall heights just cleared. schuylkill expressway the off-ramp from the westbound schuylkill expressway to conshohocken is closed because
6:59 am
of an overturned vehicle icy conditions caused this accident, as well. 309 in ambler, southbound side a crash near susquehanna road taking out the right lane there. a busy morning. >> reporter: partly sunny skies and 42. it's below the average high of 50. we'll be doing melting today. it will feel colder than that when you factor in a chilly wind. at the height of the afternoon it will feel like 32 degrees. tomorrow morning we'll have slick spots with the refreeze. we could see flurries around tomorrow morning, as well. >> i hope you got to spend the day in pajamas, i hope today gets off to a decent start for you, as well. for matt pellman, david murphy, matt o'donnell, karen rogers, i'm tamala edwards. "g.m.a." is next. o st
7:00 am
good morning, america. digging out from the nor'easter. the deadly storm dumping more than 2 feet of snow in some areas. this power line going up in flames. hundreds of cars stranded on interstates. a college basketball team pushing their bus free. travelers even camping out in grand central. now, snow still falling. nearly a million without power. and new concerns about another major storm on the way. president trump faces new questions in the russian investigation. was he crossing a legal line when he asked about witnesses about their interviews with the investigations. a secret back channel between putin and trump right before the inauguration. customers complaining their amazon echoes are erupting in laughter.


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