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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. digging out from the nor'easter. the deadly storm dumping more than 2 feet of snow in some areas. this power line going up in flames. hundreds of cars stranded on interstates. a college basketball team pushing their bus free. travelers even camping out in grand central. now, snow still falling. nearly a million without power. and new concerns about another major storm on the way. president trump faces new questions in the russian investigation. was he crossing a legal line when he asked about witnesses about their interviews with the investigations. a secret back channel between putin and trump right before the inauguration. customers complaining their amazon echoes are erupting in laughter.
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what amazon says what could be behind it and what could fix it. and one-on-one with the new bachelorette becca, her message for arie after that brutal break-up. >> were youup set after being essentially ambushed? >> her first interview, only "gma." and good morning, america. help you're well this thursday morning if you're the northeast, it means you could be digging out from that storm. boston right now, still coming down there. a bit of a messy commute. they're moving pretty well. >> though, hundreds of stranded on highways and interstates overnight. look at this, northeastern women's basketball team, teamwork. they were able to free their bus. they successfully got it out. play in the their conference
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tournament quarterfinals today. >> it's mad out there. hundreds of schools still closed across the northeast. more than 3,000 flights cancelled by this storm and nearly a million are without power this morning. >> full team coverage across the storm zone this morning. we start with gio benitez in one of the hardest-hit areas in new jersey. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, listen, behind me, one of three interstates where people were stranded overnight. this is why. look at all of this snow just piled up here. there's so much of it's causing a nightmare in the northeast. this morning, northeast reeling. in new jersey, and parts of new york, 28 inches of snow paral e paralyzing the highways. highways shut down. we experienced it firsthand. we haven't moved an inch. nobody has.
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a total standstill. clearly something has happened up there. after an hour stuck on the interstate, we had to turn around, hoping to find another exit. we're actually going to wrongway. we're going south on the north side of the interstate. i-80, car after car spun out, dug in or just plain stuck. hours later. >> still stranded out here. >> reporter: even cops unable to avoid the icy tracks. >> we have to come out and respond to a lot of these vehicles that are stuck and in this particular situation, here on this road, now my vehicle is stuck as well. >> reporter: in philadelphia the northeastern women's basketball team taking matters into their own hands, joining forces to push their bus out of the snow. downed trees and downed power lines combining with wet snow to create hazardous conditions.
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this picture of a power line exploding. trains also brought to a grinding halt. trapping passengers for hours. grand central station in the heart of manhattan, turned into a hotel. >> we've been stuck on the train for over 2 hours. >> reporter: in ocean city, new jersey, streets turned into rivers. >> squad 29, manchester middle school, a 30-year-old schoolteacher struck by lightning. >> reporter: the storm also claimed one life. a woman in suffolk, new york, was killed by a falling tree. back here live in saddlebrook, i want to show you this okay. all over the place. this is what we're finding now. my feet slipping here. this is that black ice. you have to be extremely careful. you have these temperatures that are just causing this. it's all over the place. got to be careful on those roads. >> gio, thanks very much.
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the storm left hundreds of thousands without power across the northeast, many of them in l larchmont. abc's linsey davis is there now. >> reporter: good morning, robin, what a mess out here this morning. this damage is actually left over from last friday's nor'easter. take a look. from the sky, you can tell how extensive the problem is. here you go. you have these trees that have knocked down power lines. this is one of those blocks where it's so extensive, problematic, they never regained their pow you are. nearly a million customers in 11 states in the northeast this morning are in the dark. people on this block were initially told they would get their power back on by friday. now they're not so sure. here's the problem, heavy snow toppling more trees bringing down more power lines. putnam county have travel bans in effect this morning.
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so the utility crews can work more efficiently to get the power back on. >> linsey, thank you. the storm closing down hundreds of schools and leading to those messy commutes. let's head out to eva pilgrim. in boston, where that snow is still coming down very heavy. >> reporter: it's a mess. the snow is still falling here in the boston area and the roads are a mess in some places. at times it's been whiteout conditions, near impossible to see. just on our drive here this morning, we barely could see how slippery the roads are. we did see plows out. we just saw a plow train go through this area just moments ago. with the snow still falling it quickly recovers the road making it slippery once again. now, on the neighborhood streets, it's a thicker mess. because all of that snow and all the rain that happened last night before the snow, so people are being cautious, you'll
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notice watching these cars behind me they're going a little bit slow and they're a little bit more backed up this morning. people being careful on the road. >> being careful. still a lot of people on the road heading to work. what about to school, are they open or closed today in the boston area? >> lot of the schools here are closed in the boston area this morning and that's because those neighborhood streets are still needing to be cleared off today. amy. >> all right, eva pilgrim, stay warm out there. >> as we saw in eva's report, yeah, snow still falling in some places and another storm is on the way. rob is tracking it. you can see from amy's response. when will it end? >> they'll get a break soon. this storm now spinning in the gulf of maine. she mentioned the heavy, wet snow blocking the roads. prts of vermont and new hampshire still getting the
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heavy snow right now. here's our next system coming through the midsection, sunday morning. maybe some severe storms across the deep south. the question is, when this thing approaches the coastline, does it make a turn toward the northeast? it will be a storm one we'll be tracking closely over the weekend. >> winter is hanging on. washington now, multiple new developments in russia, including that president trump is questioning witnesses about their witnesses. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the latest. >> good morning, overnight, news breaking that the president may have been talking to witnesses about their conversations with the special counsel. and we're getting more evidence that bob mueller is still pursuing if there were any ties tweet trump associates and ties close to putin. sources tell ax news after reince priebus appeared before
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the special counsel president trump was curious and wanted to know how the encounter had gone. during that conversation last december, trump asked priebus if the special counsel had been nice and if he was treated fairly. according to a source familiar with what was said. the question is, should the president be talking to witnesses about their testimony? the president pushed white house counsel don mcgahn to deny the "the new york times" story. mcgahn interviewed by the special counsel, never released that statement which would have been false. lawyers for the president did not respond to abc news. but sources close to the president tell abc news the conversations were innocent and took place after the witnesses testified. meanwhile, abc news is learning the special counsel's looking into whether this man, george
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nader helped facilitate a back channel meeting in the seychelles island. with erik prince. right before trump's inauguration. nader represented the united arab emirates said he was part of it. according to a transcript, prince responded know. schiff telling abc news in a statement last night, he wants to bring nader before the committee to get to the bottom of what happened. george, the white house also responding to that lawsuit filed by stormy daniels the adult film star who claims she lad an affair with president trump more than a decade ago. the lawyer said president trump must have known about the payout to keep her quiet.
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tom llamas has the latest for us. >> this is getting uglier by the day. we told you about that lawsuit earlier and now throw in a restraining order. the back and forth right where the white house doesn't want it -- in the headlines. this morning, new details about president trump's legal fight with porn star stormy daniels. the president's longtime personal attorney michael cohen, obtaining a temporary restraining order against daniels from an arbitrator trying to silence her not to does close confidential information about an alleged affair with the president. did your client stormy daniels have sex with president trump? >> yes. >> no doubt about that? >> no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: the ruling connected to a nondisclosure agreement daniels signed days be ever the election. now daniels is suing the president saying that agreement is not binding because he never signed it. >> there's a signature line for mr. trump on the agreement. he was obligated to sign it and
7:12 am
he never signed it. >> reporter: just three weeks ago, cohen admitted to using his own money to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to daniels said in a statement, neither the trump organization noer the trump campaign was party to the transaction. >> he said, listen, i paid $130,000 this agreement was in place. >> why are fighting this. >> because daniels wants to tell her side of the story. >> reporter: the white house trying to push past this. >> look, the president has addressed these directly and made very well clear that none of these allegations are true. this case is already been won in arbitration. >> reporter: daniels pea attorney says that's not true and the notion that president trump didn't know about the $130,000 payment is absurd. >> any suggestion by mr. cohen,
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the white house, the president or others that the president, mr. trump at the time, would not have been informed of something this significant in the waning days of the presidential election is ludicrous. >> now this could be a major gamble for stormy daniels. according to that nda she signed, there's a clause that she's found in breach she would owe the president a million dollars. the flip side if she wins the nda is tossed. she could probably sell her story for whatever price she wants. let's talk to dan abrams about this. let's talk a about this lawsuit, what are her prospects for success? >> in effect, she has two arguments here. number one there was no contract. he didn't sign it. number two, if there's a contract, first of all, they would argue that cohen violated it by admitting there was a payout and as a result the contract should be null and void.
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so, interesting legal argument. not a frivolous case, either. >> the president, these conversations he's having with people after they speak with mueller. not ra problem because they come after. not legal problem necessary but not a good idea. >> any lawyer advises someone in this kind of situation be careful not to be seen as talking to most importantly, interfering with most, most importantly, trying to sway witnesses who are testifying in connection in this sort of matter. i don't think there's anything in this report that's a problem per se. has he had conversations with other prospective witnesses? and how would it fit in if he ever sat down with robert mueller? >> meantime, also very clear that robert mueller is looking at collusion with russia
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potential collusion with russia. >> this is about this seychelles meeting. the heart of investigation right now, being june 2016 to february 2017. this fits right into that key period and the question becomes, why? why were they setting up these back channels with the russians? this is not an investigation, i think, of some technical violation of the law with regard to the transition period. also at the white house, a looming announcement that could spark a trade war. let's bring in cecilia vega. he was set to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum as early as today. >> the signing that was supposed to be happen is very much up in the air. george, allies around the world are outraged by this prospect. the president saying a trade war could be a good thing. the white house is willing to make some concessions for allies
7:16 am
like canada and the mexico. but our allies in eur livid. here's products that americans could end up pay more for bourbon, peanut butter. part of the reason why gary cohn quit last week and republicans are outraged by this. >> unclear when the formal announcement will be. george, now to those new concerns about the amazon echo. a new report out says more than 47 million use devices in their homes. some now are complaining their alexa is randomly erupting into laughter. amazon is revealing what may be behind it. who better to tell this story is t.j. holmes.
7:17 am
>> you're home alone and it's pitch black and then you hear this. [ laughter ] >> it's creepy. if you home alone, you hear that could terrify you. most people right now are having fun with this. tweets, of course, fell asleep when my alexa starts letting out a creepy laugh. another one, hearing amazon echo laugh late at night when i didn't expect is the most fri t frightening thing. >> has amazon figured out why it's hammond. >> it's being triggered by a phrase. if you say -- this thing is on. turn the lights off. it gets mixed up and starts laughing. >> it's completely silent and all of a sudden, they're asleep and they hear the laughter. >> is amazon doing anything
7:18 am
about this. >> they're saying alexa, can you laugh? i'm done. they told me to wrap. let's get back to rob. >> check out some of these snown southern vermont. outside of new york city, over 2 feet. new york city getting 3. five in boston and it is still coming down there. >> reporter: good morning
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everybody, we're dry, but it's cold out there. let's look outside, at least we'll see bright sunshine, mixing with clouds, as we look live on sky6 live hd cape may. is it almost summer? no is the answer. let's check the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll be below average for the next seven days. blustery today, 42. morning flurries or snow showers tomorrow. 43. 43 on saturday. arie after what's being called one of the most brutal tv break-ups ever question. did you know that today is here for the taking? a day that's filled with more possibilities than ever before. .
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edwards, 7:23 a.m., thursday, march 8. we're digging out from the nor'easter, that's tough on the roads. let's go over to matt pellman. he. >> reporter: as a result it's been a tough morning commute with people slipping and sliding into things and each other. crash on the schuylkill expressway westbound university city now off to the side by south street, but coming away from passyunk it's extra heavy throw this point at south. farther west the off-ramp from the westbound side to conshohocken was close because of an earlier overturned vehicle. crash on the blue route northbound near mcdade has cleared. heavy coming off i-95. on i-95 there was a crash and vehicle fire by woodhaven.
7:24 am
we've had accidents both ways along 309. this one northbound in glenside, left lane out of the commission, tam. >> we'll take a break and karen will come back with accuweather. cancer challenges us. to find smarter solutions. to offer more precise and less invasive treatment options than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy. see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at
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everybody, i'm meteorologist karen rogers. it is cold out here right now. we have windchills in the low to mid 20s. the high today, 42 degrees, with the chilly wind it will feel blustery today under partly sunny skies. we'll be doing melting, but at the best of times it will feel at or below freezing with the wind. tomorrow, we'll is have a snow shower, 43 is the high. saturday, 43. we're looking for the potential of a storm sunday into monday. >> new bachelorette becca is up
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next on "g.m.a." we'll see you in 3030. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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back here on "gma." that's meghan markle with prince harry, out this morning celebrating international women's day by visiting with girls interested in science, technology, energy and math. >> we're all wearing purple in honor of that. but meghan markle is wearing has certainly made a ripple. that jacket she has on, well, we found it's from j. crew. it's sold out. it's sold out because she wore it. >> just like that. also right now, northeast digging out from that deadly storm. some areas saw more than 2 feet of snow, snow still coming down in boston. new york, still messy this morning. another storm could be on the way next week. and florida lawmakers have passd that school safety bill responding to the shooting at
7:31 am
marjory stoneman douglas high. imposes a three-day waiting period, allows some teachers to be armed but doesn't ban assault-style rifles. we begin this half hour with that sp first interview with the new bachelorette becca, talking about her split with arie and how she's moving on. she's moving on in a big way. >> a big way. in the space of 24 hours, viewers watched becca suffered what was arguably the most brutal breakup in the history of reality tv and then be anoirnted the next bachelorette. this took months to play out. what stands out about becca, how gracious she was and the understanding that maybe she gets something better out of this mix athan arie. >> the new bachelorette, becca! >> reporter: for the 27-year-old a second can chance at love after one of the most emotional --
7:32 am
>> i feel like my future was ripped away. >> reporter: and uncomfortable breakups was broadcast on tv. bachelor arie dumping becca and calling off their engagement. it was raw and unedited. >> i can't imagine my life without you. >> i wanted those things for us, too, and i just can't give those to you if i'm in love with somebody else. >> reporter: becca talking to our cameras moments after taping after the final rose, but the studio audience still there. kind of a whiplash of emotion. >> reporter: i know. >> reporter: revealing how she felt coming face to face with her ex days after viewers coast to coast watched her painful breakup in real time. when you saw arie tonight, how did you react. >> i was so anxious and so nervous. it was good to see him and asked some of the questions that i wanted to ask and to get the
7:33 am
closure and move on. >> were you upset at being essentially ambushed when you thought you were going to have a happy weekend with arie? >> we had to do what he had to do. i would want him to follow his heart. at the end of the day, if it had to happen then it had to happen. i don't want to say everything . i truly think it is. >> reporter: we just finished watching your heart being ripped apart on national tv, how are you going to get to a place when you're ready to fall in love again. >> just meeting the guys tonight, gives me so much hope for what it come. >> reporter: you gave everything you had to arie, can you rekindle that kind of love, something you can re-create? >> definitely. i have been in love in the past. i was in love with arie.
7:34 am
i know i'll find it again. >> reporter: the show executives say this new season with becca of the bachelorette could be the strangesest yet. the good news is the bachelorette is coming back on may 28th. finally, michael will be able to get some sleep over the next couple of weeks. >> i like the superlatives. this is one going to be the strangest ever a 5-year-old girl damageling from a ski lift, you see her instructor hanging on to her ho hoodie. her parents share their story. >> reporter: her parents are speaking out saying the incident traumatized their whole family including their other daughter who witnessed the entire thing. it's a horrifying scene and something every parent on the mountain is afraid. 5-year-old is seen high above
7:35 am
with the ski lift, ski instructor holding on to her hoodie. her parents who do not wish their last name were also on the mountain that day. her mom riding just a few chairs ahead of her on the lift. >> that's my daughter. >> reporter: this frightening incident is not the first time that a child fall from a ski lift. this girl seen dangling from a lift, the woman next to her dropping her 25 feet to rescuers below. >> is she okay? >> reporter: officials who worked with that ski resay the girl and her family are safe and sound. the ski resort's protocols and procedures acted precisely as they were intended to work. >> most of these accidents
7:36 am
happen because of humor errors. >> reporter: they said riding a ski lift is safer than riding in an elevator, but no federal regulations for lifts across the country and her family tells us their experience with big bear mountain resort left them with more questions than answer and they're not providing us with the facts. they're refusing to give us a medical report of what happened to our daughter. they had first responders on the scene who told us in person that my daughter was unconsciousness and they're refusing to turn that documentation over to us. >> reporter: she suffered bruising over her father, but her parents according to first responder their daughter became unconscious during the ordeal. they want the full story. >> we deserve to know what happened. >> reporter: the resort telling abc news in a statement, they have provided an incident report to the family but doesn't have any control over any medical
7:37 am
reports. saying we are truly sorry our response to the family's concerns after the incident, fell short. her dad said it rained before the day before, the chair lifts were covered with ice. that's why she slid off. her parents want to get her out on that mountain so she's not fearful coming up next, the accused oscar theft charged and released. how he got his hands on that statue in the first place. and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings.
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back now with accused or cas thief trying to steal frances mcdormd's oscar. paula faris has those details for us. >> reporter: question, for you, what kind of thief would make a facebook video bragging about their brand-new oscar? that's the argument his making. overnight, accused oscar band it terry bryant. >> congratulations. >> reporter: released from jail without bail. but with a stern warning -- >> if you're late to court or fail to appear you can be confident that a bench officer will issue a warrant for your
7:42 am
arrest. >> reporter: appearing in court on wednesday, bryant sporting a blue suit, pleading not guilty to stealing frances mcdormand's best actress oscar. a felony in california. >> a difference between holding an oscar and what he's charged with. that will play out in court. >> reporter: this morning, questions are swirling about how bryant a man with a lengthy criminal record, including charges of burglary and assault, had a legitimate ticket to the governors ball in the first place. the associated press published this video of bryant walking into the party at the same time as mcdormand. no one appears to check for a ticket. i all started on sunday night, bryant was streaming his appearance at the exclusive at the oscars after-party created by celebrity chef wolfgang puck. it was live on facebook. >> what's up? >> reporter: just moments after mcdormand received her engraved
7:43 am
statue. >> look it, baby. i got this tonight. >> reporter: he was posing for cameras pretending it was his own. >> look it, i got this. this is mine. >> reporter: thanks to wolfgang puck's eagle-eyed photographer, didn't get too far with the oscar the photographer did not recognize bryant as a recipient from the awards show and believed he was in possession of a trophy which did not belong to him, adding he never followed bryant and took the oscar from him. now that photographer simply walked up to bryant and took the statuette without any resistan e resistance. in order to prove felony grand theft, the prosecution needs to show that bryant was going to leave with that oscar. >> how did he get into the party. >> that's good question. terry bryant was a known party crasher.
7:44 am
he's walked red carpets, he's posed with awards. lapd said he had a legit ticket to the party. he didn't leave with the oscar. >> was he trying? coming up, has one of the greatest mysteries of all-time been solved? one professor who says he's 99% sure he made a discovery about amelia earhart. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. the pen where you don't have to see or handle a needle. and it works 24/7. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it should not be the first medicine to treat diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes
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we're back now with what may be the answer to an 80-year-old mystery. professor thinks he finally discovered what happened to ameliaer ear hath, the pie nearing pilot who vanished in 1937. david wright is here with that intriguing story. >> reporter: good morning, amelia earhart's disappearance is one of the world's most enduring mysteries. so many theories of what may have happened to her, possibly solved now by a professor from the university of tennessee. amelia earhart, a dry academic paper with a bomb shell headline. >> i'm 99% sure that these bones belong to amelia earhart. >> reporter: amelia earhart was an aviation pioneer. first woman to fly solo across the atlantic. >> i've been very fortunate to
7:49 am
do the flying i have done. >> reporter: in 1937, her lockheed electric disappeared without a trace, some believed she crashed in the pacific. others including the history channel have investigated the theory that she and her navigator somehow managed to land on the marshall islands only to be captured by the japanese military on the eve of world war ii. the professor richard jantz doesn't buy that. >> the rosetta stone that broke it open was to ability to measure amelia earhart's bones from photos and her trousers. >> reporter: he measured her bones against bones from gardner island a few years after her disappearance. >> it was an opportunity for me
7:50 am
to go in and test a high both ses. i was willing to accept the idea it wasn't her. >> he says he's 99% sure that she died marooned on that desert island. 99% isn't 100%, he notes. >> but he's pretty sure. >> he's pretty sure. these bones have been examined before and ruled out. he debungs that in the paper. they found on that island five chars of glass, when they put it together could be a jar of dr. barry's anti-freckle cream. >> very interesting. >> thank you. >> you believe it, too. >> possibly. >> thank you, david. coming up, could your social media posts stop your career before it starts. plus, reese witherspoon is here live, come on back.
7:51 am
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pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ sflmpbts welcome back. ski report time, mount snow i vermont, a foot. they had to get out the yardstick, 26 inches and counting with more snow coming down. meanwhile, hard freeze warning in the south as some of those trees are startin
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 a.m., thursday, march 8. let's head over to matt pellman to look at your traffic, is it looking better, matt? >> reporter: no, no, the camera is nodding in agreement it's not a great morning on the roadways tam. this is i-95 southbound side, the delay is not as normal but it's heavy near the betsy ross bridge. northbound in bucks county we had an overturned vehicle accident by street road that just cleared out. we have an accident on the benjamin franklin parkway inbound out of view heading toward the city. vine expressway, vehicle off to the side, busy. eastbound side busy. down wires blocking elbow line and hartford road and church road. septa bus routes are not running
7:57 am
because of the weather. tam. >> let's go over to sky6 live hd. live look out across center city. at least, karen, it's clear. >> reporter: it is, in fact the sunshine is meting snow already i've been watching the snow fall off the side of the building as it is melting. all this melting will refreeze tonight. it's blustery today, partly sunny skies, 42. it will feel cooler than that with the chilly winds. tomorrow we'll get a few flurries or snow shower. 43 the high. saturday, 43. sunday, sunshine fades behind clouds, 44. we are watching for the potential of a storm sunday into monday some models showing it's sliding to the south and not hitting us. >> red cross has opened a shelter for storm ravaged bucks county at the municipal building in langhorne.
7:58 am
16 inches of snow fell in the area. reese witherspoon is up next on "g.m.a." to talk about a wrinkle in time. we'll see you in 30. we just moved in about four months ago,
7:59 am
but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it!
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. digging out from that deadly storm that dumped more than 2 feet of snow in the northeast, now snow is still falling. more than a million without powers. becca is the new bachelorette and this morning, she's revealing what happened after that bomb shell breakup. >> my future was ripped away. >> what she wants arie to know. her new search for love. >> i was in love with arie and i know i'll find it again. >> as the first-ever bachel bachelorette sends her words of encouragement. social media cleanse, how the wrong posts can kill your career before it even takes off, the sites that scan your account for red flags. steal their style, margot,
8:01 am
viola, get the red carpet looks for a whole lot less. plus, reese witherspoon is live in times square. she's teaming up with everyone, from oprah, jen, dishing on what's next with all her co-stars and her big whole in the out of this world blockbuster "a wrinkle in time" as we say, good morning, america. and good morning, america. great to have you with us this . can't wait to see reese witherspoon. >> it's international women's day, reese is celebrating. also celebrating today, serena, she's playing in her first professional singles match since giving birth to her daughter alexis olympic. >> women and young women are
8:02 am
doing it. my daughter just sent me a text, happy international women's day. happy international women's day. >> everyone is asked to wear purple, we have different shades of it on now. we begin this half hour, that mess created by the nor'easter, hundreds of schools closed. dangerous commutes and the snow just keeps coming. let's go back to eva pilgrim there in boston again. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's still snowing here in boston. sometimes creating dangerous driving conditions. for the morning commute. whiteout conditions making it very hard to see. right now, it's slow down just a touch. notice the interstate actually looks pretty clear right now. it's still little slippery, you have to be careful, the plows have been through. it's those neighborhood streets, the side streets that are still a mess. and because of that schools in this area, many of the schools are closed today. they're part of some 300 schools
8:03 am
across 7 states that are closed today. this is one of those days that if you can avoid being out in the snow, being out on the roads, you're really better off, robin, to stay home. >> thank you so much. >> that heavy, wet snow and so many people are cleaning up from this storm. while they're doing that, there's concern about another one on the way. rob, you're tracking that. >> amy, you mentioned heavy wet snow, it's march, we get the temperatures where it's very heavy, good news on the interstates. but, you know, it weighs down the trees, knocked down the power lines what we saw here in west orange, new jersey. a huge difference in snow totals from some of the cities, to maybe 30 miles outside the city, 2 to 6 inches, philadelphia, new york and boston. vermont, just outside of new york, over 2 feet of snow. next storm coming down the pipe, it will head toward the
8:04 am
mid-atlantic. monday morning, we get to the carolina coast. snow across virginia and north carolina. the question is, monday afternoon, does it peel up toward the north for a full-on nor'easter? this is one model. another model scoots it out to sea. amy, back to you. >> we're going to go to washington right now. multiple new developments in the russian investigation including that president trump has questioned key witnesses about their interviews. >> reporter: the big question, should the president ever be talking to witnesses about their testimony? we learned overnight that mr. trump spoke with his former white house chief of staff about his interview with the special counsel went. the white house counsel tried to make a statement about don mcgann tried fire.
8:05 am
these conversations with innocent after both men testified. overnight, more evidence that mueller is still looking at if there was collusion. george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much coming up here the new bachelorette, becca's message. what is she going to say to arie and lauren. those new sites that could help cleanse your social media accounts. lara? >> hello, ms. robin. i'm here with tory johnson. she has great deals and steals like this. little moonlighting for you. help make life easier while saving big and being safe. so much coming up on "good
8:06 am
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma" and this wonderful audience we have here on this friday eve. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to have you back -- we have every possible shade of purple going right now. >> you know why, right. i have every shade on myself. i wanted to make sure i really supported. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. great audience today. let's get into "pop news."
8:11 am
there you go. some pbs px from a galaxy that was farther away, john williams saying he'll retire from the force, the 86-year-old legend nominated for an oscar this year for his music on stars wars the last jedi, he's scored eight of the nine star wars films. going back to 1977. you may not know this, he's also the man behind some of hollywood's most famous scores, e.t. the force will not sound the same without him. also this morning, last week, you guys remember when i show you the four billboards not three billboards. you she says,
8:12 am
pointing out her timing for the big return is perfect. posting on insta gram the day i play my first match marks international women's day. she goes on to say, my comeback could not have been on a better day. williams also revealed she'll be wearing a gold "s" pin for her charity which raises awareness for those affected by community violence. the "s" stands for anything special to you. serena, best of luck from us. she'll be hitting the court tonight at 10:00 p.m. good luck, girl. we'll be watching. falling asleep to you. then finally, mcdonald's is also flipping over women today.
8:13 am
flipping its iconic "m" turning it upside-down to turn it into a "w" in honor of international women's day. in mcdonald's recognizes the extraordinary contributions of women in the past, the present and the future. happy international women's day. >> thank you, lara. time for our cover story right now, advice for the new bachelorette. we heard how becca is moving on from arie, and now former contestants are chiming in on with their advice. matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: in the space of 24 hours of viewing we got to see becca going from hysterics to be led off stage by a horse by a man vying for her heart.
8:14 am
don't worry, becca, you hold the reins to your fate. >> lauren elizabeth burnham, will you marry me? >> definitely. >> reporter: just moments after arie's bomb shell. proposal to runner-up lauren and her heartbreak was broadcast on national tv, bachelorette becca wiping away those tears and taking it all in stride. >> i wish them nothing but the best. i really do. they deserve happiness. the show is all about finding love. >> reporter: becca telling me it was the first time she had to watch that heart-wrenching moment. >> it was tough to relive. of course, brought up the old emotions. but, again, i just want to move forward, move on and be happy. >> reporter: despite what many called that public humiliation by arie she says she wishes arie and lauren the best of luck. >> this could be a successful relationship. >> i do believe him.
8:15 am
he does mean that. i hope after everything he holds her heart in the highest regard. >> reporter: overnight, past can contestants weighing in on the journey that becca is about to take. >> i'll celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary with the love of my life ryan in december. and i have no doubt that you will find your man just as i found mine on the bachelorette. >> your strength is truly an inspiration to all the women across america and the whole world. >> hope you find love, go get your man, girl. >> i wish you better success than i had. >> reporter: bachelor nation showing the love across the nation. >> there are billboards up. >> billboards? >> there are billboards up. becca, you'll always have a rose from minnesota. >> reporter: folks started sending her cash through venmo, now reaching over $6,000. rather than drown herself in booze she said she wants to
8:16 am
donate the money to cancer research. >> i love my wrien. but i don't think i can drink that much. >> reporter: host chris harrison revealing to us that why the show decided to air so much of that deeply personal breakup unedited. >> i stand by the fact that you can't just show the pretty things. it's not life. >> reporter: but harrison agrees that becca endured a difficult situation viewed by so many people on television and she did with so much class. >> i think she handled it with grace and dignity. >> despite her maybe because of the social media outcry against arie, and the way the breakup was handled, those two finales were a ratings bonanza for the
8:17 am
franchise. guys. >> buried the lede. >> missed it by not having a camera right here during all of that. now that social media alert, more employers are looking at accounts using them to vet new hires. there are new tools that could help clean up your posts and abc's erielle reshef is here. >> reporter: good morning, we probably all posted something that we regret but there are services that say they can help you clean up your social media history, so how does it work? we asked three willing job seekers to give it a try. take a look. this this digital era, a steep price for what you put on social media. >> if you're applying for a job, if they don't like what they see that could be the end of the
8:18 am
process. >> social media marketing expert terry rice says they're among the simplest to navigate. at this school, with his guidance, we decided to give them a try with three willing job seekers. what are you worried about? >> profanity. >> something that stands out in your mind i shouldn't have tweeted that. >> my choice of wardrobe. >> content. >> reporter: first up, scrubber, within minutes of logging on. >> oh, man. this is pretty bad. >> reporter: the site flagged hundreds of posts for all three. >> yikes. >> reporter: how does scrubber work? it's $19 for the first month and $9 to continue. it scrubs your social media profile and then issues a report card with a grade. in fact sh, our subjects scored "d"s across the board.
8:19 am
this photo of j.r. holding a beer at a pictures that seemed benign. >> not sure why that's offensive. >> reporter: that's david and his wife on their wedding day. >> maybe they're jealous. >> reporter: next, we move on to rep'n up, it links back to each post and lists reasons why it might be harmful. it seems a bit sensitive. bryce discourages the use of the "a" word online. after spending some extra time, they chose rep'n up. >> why they're picking these things. >> reporter: aara went with
8:20 am
scrubber. keep in mind both services do have their limits. for example, neither picked up a snarky tweet from aara about a former boss which she basically said she already finished her work her boss asked about it. the ceo of scrubber he said aara's tweet didn't get flagged because it didn't detect profanity. what about that wedding photo? >> that photo was flagged because, a very excited friend had chosen to use a few choice expletives when congrating the happy couple in the comments. >> reporter: in the end, david, aara and j.r. greed that a social media cleanse was money well spent to stay out of the digital doghouse. we reached out to rep'n up but the company declined to be
8:21 am
interviewed for this piece. you should follow some of these job recruiters online to see what future employers may want. >> good advice. think before you post. george brought up something. you know who you look like? >> i don't know. >> becca, the bachelorette. >> i should be so lucky. i'm not the bachelorette. thank you very much. >> scrub that from your social media account. let's get over now to i love snow days there's a lot of kids with snow days, but as a kid you loved it until your father made you shovel the snow. this dad has a solution outside of philadelphia. little 2-year-old mckenna helping out, look how well
8:22 am
engineered the little car is done by dad. that plow was doing it right there, when you're done my mom needs to be dug out in connecticut, come up i-95 and i will put you to work. here's a look at the local forecast. check it out. >> reporter: i love putting those little kids to work, right? storm tracker 6 live showing no problems today, we're dry, it's chilly out there, here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see partly sunny skies, when the winds kicks up it's blustery, but this time of year it feels good under the sun. we'll have melting with a high of 42. tomorrow morning we'll flurries or snow shower north of city especially, 43. 43 saturday, staying chilly with the breeze. steals. t.j. is with us, tory johnson. up to 52% off today and on this international women's day, all
8:23 am
of these companies -- i love this -- are founded or co-founded by women. >> love that. >> great job. >> so starting with, just in the makeup room, they have cats and they're nervous when their cats jump around, they knock over candles. so, they use flameless candles. flameless candles. the first time we have ever featured these. you get a little ambiance here. push the off there. look what will happen. >> nothing. >> these will go off. these will go on. there you go. you have to aim the. we have 12 remotes going here. anyway, huge assortment. what i love about this, you can use it as a nightlight with a timer. for people, they all have timers. a fabulous assortment you'll find online.
8:24 am
all of these slashed by 52%. $14 to $22 the instant ear lobe lift. if you've got a little droopy, sometimes one -- listen, sometimes one is not even and you both earrings to look evening. you get that leveers the back that replaces the back. >> it's an ear lift. >> yes. what i love, there are sterling ones and stainless steel. four pack, unbelievable deal on these. norly 25 to $50. $12.50 for the four pack. never lose an earring. never lose an earring. so, this works. this company was founded by a beauty editor who understood one
8:25 am
of the most important elements of a beauty regimen is good sleep. designed to promote better sleep. they got all laven car and c chamomile. there are pillow sprays. maddie's got some pillow spray. >> there you go. >> give it a sniff. >> huge, huge assortment everything from night oils to bath soaps. just fabulous. all of these normally 19 to 84, slash in half, $9.50 to $42. then, this is all shapewear that doesn't suffocate. slimming that doesn't suffocate. huge assortment from bottoms to tanks. 18 to $68, slashed in half, $9 to $42. >> guys, more deals from tory
8:26 am
coming your way. plus, reese witherspoon in the house. stay with us. and whether good morning,
8:27 am
8:27 a.m., thursday, march 8. the nor'easter has left over a bit of a mess. let's go over to matt pellman with the schuylkill expressway good morning. >> reporter: you know how i feel about leftovers. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound by the blue route off to the side, police on the scene. the westbound delay is actually worst as you come out of town this morning. if you're heading inbound on the kelly drive watch out from a crash near sedgely and one on 20th street why the franklin institute. slowing on i-95 southbound delay is not as bad as normal. it's worse on i-95 southbound in wilmington a crash on mlk boulevard 15 miles per hour 202
8:28 am
to concord pike. ac rail line is suspended. northeast corridor is running on a modified schedule. tam. >> now, let's go outside to karen rogers with a look ahead to your thursday. good morning. >> reporter: don't forget the sunglasses, tam, it's blinding with all the sun reflecting off the snow. let's check the conditions. lots of melting high of 42. the windchills feeling like the low 30s. tomorrow we're watching for morning flurries and snow showers north of the city. 43 is the high. melting then, too. saturday, chilly breeze, 43. don't forget to set the clocks forward saturday night. sunday, 44. we're watching another storm system at this point looks like it may stay to our south, sunday night into monday, monday's high, 42. tuesday, windy, sunny and 40. wednesday, about 13 degrees below average, where did march go, tam? >> it's come back be so is
8:29 am
"g.m.a.," we'll see you in 30. new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming
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switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us [ cheers and applause ] and we do welcome you back to "good morning america." we are so excited about our next guest. i'm telling you, this woman does it all. academy award winner, emmy, she does it in front of the camera and behind the camera. now she's taking on the whole universe in "a wrinkle in time." please welcome reese witherspoon! [ cheers and applause ]
8:31 am
>> wait until you see the film, y'all. comes out tomorrow. we have been talking to ava duvernay. oprah was here yesterday. >> i watched yesterday. >> you stay so busy. we try to spruce it up. you went to the walk of fame, you scrubbed it up. >> it was dirty, robin. of course being a mom, i had a baby wipe in my purse. >> just happen to have it in hand. >> don't let anyone walk all over you. >> nobody walks all over you. bless your heart, international women's day, and she's heading to -- as busy as you are, you're making time to head over to the united nations to speak about this. what are you talking about?
8:32 am
>> i'm going to talk about my charity, to help with women with online harassment suits. we're talking about that and talking about giving money to the united nations and just helping women throughout the world. >> well, you have been using your voice and thank you for that. and you have talked about the importance of representation in film. we see this in "a wrinkle in time," in front, behind the camera. >> it was amazing. ava duvernay is amazing. she has a vision. you know, she really believes that, if you want to change the stories you see on screen you have to change the story tellers and that means the faces you see on screen, but it's also everyone behind the camera making the movie with the most diverse crew i have ever worked with in my life.
8:33 am
because making movies is hundreds of people and letting the people be a part of the process, infuses the whole film with love. >> and it jumps off the screen, it does. you want to see a little "a wrinkle in time"? >> tell me what's expected. >> mrs. who? >> mrs. whatsit? >> what can i do for you, mrs. whatsit? >> ava and oprah talked about this, bring a child with you. >> oh, my kids loved it. they all read it in school. my 18-year-old daughter, my 14-year-old son both read it in sixth grade. they had such a fun experience seeing it reimagined through
8:34 am
ava's eyes. it was fun. >> speaking of fun, y'all had a blast, you, oprah, mindy. >> we did. i was sort of the minister of fun. self-appointed. i made sure we went to vineyards and we went on helicopters and -- >> why not. >> yeah, it was really fun. i dragged everyone around until we were tired. >> you can see that. >> oprah was like, i'm not going any more places, you're wearing me out. she was a good sport. >> and the transformation you had to undertake. >> yeah. had to wear these amazing costumes and turn into a flying creature. it was fun. >> we had a lot of fun last week. there was somebody here who's actually a huge fan of yours and wanted to say hello. take a look. >> hi, reese, you know me it's
8:35 am
your tennessee girlfriend, i'm sorry i'm going to miss you. wish i could be there with you. have fun. [ applause ] >> i love dolly. i love dolly. yeah, i have a show that's coming on in a month and i interview dolly. >> really? >> yes. i'm so inspired by dolly, she's my childhood idol. >> you have so much going on, we're excited about big little lies and meryl streep. >> yes. >> we start next week, first rehearsals with meryl, laura dern, it's going to be different this year, new story lines, new characters. >> i love that little sparkle in your eye like, can't tell you so much. i know how you enjoy reading. you're teaming up with another name drop, kerry washington and
8:36 am
you're working on a limited series? >> yeah, so, this book called little fires everywhere by celest ng, there's a mystery, there's a fire and you don't know who started it. our children sort of like, your mother might not be the woman you're borne to. >> you can tell by the reaction from everyone. but wait, there's more. >> but wait, there's more. >> you and jennifer aniston teaming up to do a morning news show. how are you guys preparing for that. >> well, we're writing the script now, a fictional version -- >> bless you. >> we play morning news anchors as media is changing. and women's roles in business
8:37 am
are changing. we're writing the scripts now. i'm really excited. it's so fun to work with jennifer. we did "friends" a long time ago, i played her sister. this is our first opportunity to work together again. >> we're so happy for you. i mean, as they said, in front of the camera, behind the camera, and have just, you know, always somebobeen somebody we h rooted for. >> it's great, it came out of about five years ago i just started seeing parts were diminished. if you want something done do it yourself. so i started a production company and i sought out the women i wanted to work with and i said women want to see themselves on screen and they don't want to see this one-dimensional wife or girlfriend of a superhero. they want to see mothers and teenagers and different aspects of femininity on films, so it's been a really great time,
8:38 am
becoming a producer and working with people i love. >> hello, sunshine. the perfect name. tell you what, i'm here for you. so if you want a little rehearsal for the show you're working with jennifer aniston, would you like to take u- stand and deliver the lines.""i. and you know how much i love to read, so everyone here in the audience is going home with a copy of "a wrinkle in time"! >> take my line. >> coming up, tory is back with more great deals and steals. stay tuned. >> you're a natural. yo
8:39 am
ok, you're elbow deep up the business end of a turkey, and we're gonna serve sunday dinner off a counter wiped with jasmine sparkle? i got salmonella justhiing about it. me too. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it. clorox means clean.
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8:41 am
monday, it's tom brady in a rare morning tv exclusive. mond >> welcome back to "g.m.a.," the latest film in the marvel universe, avengers infinity," award. we have 15 commemorative covers
8:42 am
including robert down j junior, chris hemsworth the most cover in the 28 career history. go out and buy all 15 of them, of course. here's a look at the local weather forecast him check it out. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, it's bright outside with all the sunshine glaring off the snow. 42 is the high. ts melting, it wl feel coolhah wh a chiy breeze, tomorrow, say snow showeroorth, 43. with even more deals and steals for you guys. more problem-solve iing items, either founded or co-founded by women on this international women's day. >> this company, reuse me.
8:43 am
reusable bags. susan from australia has the little cross-body, detach nl strap. kim lberly is proud to be posin that, today's her birthday. extra excited to be here. that big she's holding, look it -- it folds into this tiny thing. this big duffel folds into this. you can pop it into a suitcase when you're traveling. >> when you're a shopper. >> and bonus for shoppers, no more plastic bags, you can use these instead of paper and plastic. normally they range from $15 to $30 all slashed in half. from 7.50 to $15. this company is called backyard safari, all about creating little gardens right in your kitchen. you don't need a green thumb or everything you need from the water comes in this. the starter soil, the seeds, so
8:44 am
many different options and what i love as a bonus about these, these can help kids build self-esteem and confidence. they're being used now in class rooms because kids feel that responsibility of watering and making sure they're getting sun and being proud when something sprouts. that's not just limited to kids. >> did i see one that says grow cocktails in. >> yes, you saw one that grows herbs, grow colors, does colors an cocktails? they do have a cocktail kit. >> all right, that's awesome. >> there's an option for everybody. normally $12, slashed in half, 6 bucks. bring it right into the garden. this is biodegradable. >> love it. >> weather doesn't matter with thos ucopia, all about kitchen
8:45 am
organization. what's great about this is typically when your cabinet is flat you can't see the spices or anything is. you wind up buying multiples of is allseeerything at once. little drawers like this to put spicesn and keep things neated. this really doubles your cabinet space. your cabinet typically you would put the glasses in there. this allows you to get double the space. huge assortment. kitchen.'t just use these in the put them i thethroom, we've got yto it.e is giftsrom
8:46 am
less. ♪ ♪ because my body can still make its own insulin. ek to activate my body to release. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. the pen where you don't have to see or handle a needle. and it works 24/7. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable medicine
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to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with medicine to treat diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take trulicif you hl or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, if you have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you're allergic to trulicity. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. to help lower my a1c i choose trulicity to activate my within. asonce-weekly trulicity
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is right for you. [ cheers and applause ] we're back now with how you can steal celebrity styles for less. we love the red carpet looks from the oscars, to the grammys and now celebrity stylist and fashion expert me lis garcia is
8:49 am
here to show us how we can re-create those looks on a budget, that's the key. the oscars were on sunday. everyonehose looks. one of my favorites was allison janney on the red carpet, wearing that stunning red dress. tell us about this look. >> she looks gorgeous. thousands of dollars. i love the dramatic sleeves. so beautiful. her jewelry, guys, $4 million worth of jewels that she's wearing. this is an expensive we can re-create less. >> on our first model, this outfit is under $100. >> yes. this is amazing. carly is wearing this great lulu. i love the sleeve. this is wearable. we're not all going to wear an oscar gown. so beautiful, affordableable and
8:50 am
easy to wear. that choker is under $20 from lulus. 's greatresemblance of this dress but not for the price. >> i love it. it's beautiful. next up, let's the talk about hailee steinfeld. tell us about the secret to standing out. >> an incredibly gown, a gorgeousgown, sleek, modern. metallic boots. this, again s really expensive. not the easiest look to wear just like this. but i wanted to translate it in a way that's affordable. >> and i'm looking at it right now on our next model. this look is less than $150. >> the whole look, a jump suit is more wearable for a easy. one and done. it looks so beautiful.
8:51 am
instead of doing the big boott e gave her the same color, that purple me at ttallic heel. >> ibetter. >> i think it'sy perfect. >> gorgeous. gorgeous, gorgeous. let's bring out kerry washington, she always looks grple bring globes look to life? we have a look at what she wore. >> all about these black she paired it with a bootie, a little unexpected butexpensive they're over $2,000. so, just her shoes alone are $2. >> for und $50. >> this is actually 40 the whole
8:52 am
look. >> come on out. >> looking gorgeous. this is a great dress. this is from boohoo. again, the high slit the dramatic slit, it looks so much like e shoes, so beautiful. her shoes, you guys, $13 from >> for any moms to be we had chrissy teigen looking beautiful i want to show you how you can do that look for less. chrissy's look before. very expensive. she has her baby bump there. >> i wanted to make it accessible. it's a top and a skirt. we took separate pieces which are easy to put together. definitely more affordable way to do that. >> stunning, looking beautiful. all you ladies, thank you so much.
8:53 am
>> thank you, guys. we'll be right back, guys. nd
8:54 am
8:55 am
the hottest star matchup in music today. note. >> tomorrow, the one and only sting and shaggy, live tomorrow, only onamerica."
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by microsoft, empowering innovation. so, all you guys want to come back tomorrow for sting. >> yes, sting and shaggy. >> good morning, 8:56 a.m.,
8:57 am
there thursday, march 8. let's head over to matt pellman for a last look at traffic. >> reporter: almost friday, delays on this thursday are lighter than normal, but we're seeing them on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side from past the boulevard into center city. i think i would cruise the schuylkill expressway or m -- use the schuylkill expressway or mlk drive because there's a crash by sedgely. we have slow speeds coming off 26th street to the westbound side of 76 in the single digits an earlier crash by south street is gone. crash on the side wilmington i-95 southbound sluggish by mlk boulevard. we're seeing 20 minute delays on the broad street subway because of equipment issues, three septa bus routes are suspended because of this not-so-pleasant weather. let's go outside to karen rogers for a look at weather, good morning.
8:58 am
>> reporter: good morning, tam, temperatures are above freezing, i'm hearing the melting going on right now with the sunshine and march sun angle. we'll see lots of melting today 42 fort high. later tonight, it's coming off the buildings now, 28 for the overnight low, you'll get morning refreeze and morning flurries an snow shower north of the city. 43 is the high. saturday, chilly and breezy, 43. set the clocks forward saturday night. tam. >> we'll remember, thank you, karen. coming up on "action news" at noon, digging out from the storm. tens of thousands local customers are stuck without the power. we'll have live team coverage from the hardest hit neighborhoods. a little fun on "live with kelly and ryan." i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday we just moved in about four months ago,
8:59 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
9:00 am
just kind of ties in very well. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, award-winning composer of "phantom of the opera" "cats," and others, andrew lloyd webberd ryan seacrest! >> ryan: good morning.
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