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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 10, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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a>>moth >>ted by gary marshal, who also did "pretty woman." we notice a few similarities. julia's wig remind us of the blonde numbey na's rt iedsh wo laayia . so d "n awde", tine" anourse "pretty woman." and now here isha >> coming up, i ell abouew p. so tough to keep this a secret
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>> plus we open the "e.t." vault with a grammy flash back. couples you won't even remember. >>nde th'm cute, too. >> then we meet the new faces behind this year's si swimsuit issue.
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hizini - to on oprah exclusive. inside her closet. dishing on her all time favorite
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urure've h futtil u artederoying it. >> oh, my goodness, that looks good. that's your first looke new trailer for se of s. wrin sp atnd o but it looks like they will clash big time. hitting netflix march 4th. >> another binge watching favorite is coming back on amc. "better call saul." and fans are hoping we're going to get to see a lot more "breaking bad" cameos. how cool would it be to see walter white? on the set in new mexic getting dish from saul himself, bob odenkirk.
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>> stop me! >> confirming you will be seeing more of your favorite "bre bad" characters this season. >> if i can blow up this deal over 20 bucks. are you? t's ly craerfi t awa. bu notg asor w yo. so tracts e he acot 'snot n ew bob and rea eating at a hot dog stand. >> eating about 14 chili dogs until about 5:00 in the morning. >> will you actually eat the chili dogs? >> have to. on the 14th one i may not be as excited.
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they want to know everything -- >> i mosns of cal" or "breaking bad" have the same phenomenon of, e whappenst te me whahaens. you know what i mean? i don't want to know. oh, i wish i could know. >> exactly how i feel. o"b sghony . emotinteabout thprressus swomen in fashion. >> then we go behind the scenes of gwen stefani's big grammy surprise. plus, pregnant gwen in our flash back. >> this is my big award tonight. >> biggest stars and a moment we have never aired before. >> hey.
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>> all next. stevay i lucy. wosurp oh, you'ust n a sandrs! n: thas amin thag! (s) n: oice jok, wbett tn yey. thaverya le f and, ev yeah? man:stiling raemion. man:y awfor tuesy,ut tw isp 'ly bt! cky fe. thoudollday,
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oh, my god. >> look at those tears. that is the moment ashley graham found out she would be a "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. that's an honor. such an important statement as a plus size model. our carly was with the rooki todaew y >> what was your reaction when you found out? >> should i tell you the c part, or tell you when i actually cried. >> we got the first peek at her photo. >> it's really g >> oh, my god. okay. >> 23, from serbia, and a guess
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barbara also 23 is from hungary and modeor trs. ous cidi ancu >>s whhey sa >> that brings us to ashley graham. the plus size model weetany times. but this is her first si photo >> this is huge. this is phenomenal. b barrier. "sports illustrated," if you hit fans on the 15th, same night as the grammies. five days a away on cbs monday night. a big night for gwen stefani. she is doing something nobody else has ever done and only letting you in on it first. >> this is so tough to keep this a secret from everyone. we've been putting all the pieces together for months. m soved an lly ta >> tabouw mudeo. .
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thatthe video ev to be created live on tv during four-minutammmerreak >> it isan a unito lie ar nevto, th blaphic, a hint of the mu setcoste s fonextine "make me like you"ought
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welcome back, as many of you know, nancy certain, sure as the day is long, that the panthers would win the super bowl. that led to this bet with bryan cranston on the super bowl. now mr. cranston has come to collect. >> on show, you have to wear costume to deliver the news. i won't say what that costume is. but if she doesn't do it, i have back-up to make sure she does. have fun, nancy. >> oh, trust me, we will have fun all right. bryan is one of the voices in kung fu panda i think you can guess where we're going right now. >> okay, i didn't actually fit in the kung fu panda outfit. i'm a little tall. but i did get mei mei from the movie to be here. is that good enough? >> oh, no.
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come on. bryan said i had to read on "e.t." news item. bryan cranston, i'm going to get you back for this. in tonight's birthdays, which scream queen wanted to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader when she g that is emma roberts. she turn happy birthday. and i wanted to be a k
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>> oh, my gosh.x, ilike womtind ng aer a she78, 25.i'she', buthatis 40.
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