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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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tdears. biebe rihanna,ic biartying lht after grys of england. kelleyclrkon ist bo hexpho ishel a gwe t to bewed hat ellen snows. new york's biggest talk show host asking ra questions and getting racy answers, but guest did he go that far with? >> oh, my g i think i just ru everything. february 25, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> this is really unprecedented. it's the first academy awards since the shooting in san
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sniffing dogs and secret security has been arriving in l.a. >> here you got a good shot. >> that's nominee matt damon dressed down talking oscar odds just moments after landing at l.a.x. from london, and look what was on the same flight, that's actress front-runner brie larsen. meanwhile the in the spotlight attended a private dinner. sam smith who was nomi for his specter theme song, he says huge spot light fan. the live show just three days away and mich turner is on pscar's red carpet. >> today the academy releases video andenstasketches
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tomorrow on "e.t," our home
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allen flashing back that is pregnant kelley clarkson at disneyland, she and her daughter absolutely adorable withcinderella. but she was happy to get her feet on the "it's a small world" ride. remember, kelley actually won the first snflt"american idol." owen stefani is going to be a judge on the voice. >> let's talk about blake. >> let's in the talk about bleak. >> let's just look at the pictures again. >> but the way gwen giggles when
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down right sweet. >> they didn't have enough chairs at that event? >> i love you. >> these two were hanging out together at a wedding the night before gwen's live video shoot. so we're not surprised that ellen got away with this. >> when he preponderance popopped the wequestion about you being his mentor, hat was his response? >> okay, so no wedding bells yet, but the couple has been so aboelin ch other sincethey sta atingast ll. gwen, a eve showing her l r bl her video. >> he was supposed to be part o it. >> i was going to beethe piano player. i should have done that. >> he would have been there until like 2:00 in the morning and he would be s i hate
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target. so our day with talk show host andy cohen, we get the a-lister to admit to almost anything. then the making of an oscar gown,akingeopleink we' su. z iitrie lar'sliindo
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alexander mcqueen, whe sarah burton, mcqueen's designer showed her fall line with one oscar dress after at. joe zee is going t joining me tomorrow with his ultimate to ask forecast and he's going to be telling us system secrets. if you are fan -- andy cohen is a new york be selling author. but his rea baby is "watch what happens liv a day in the life of andy cohen. >> we're on the way to watch "watch what happens lives?" >> the bravo executive hosts the only live show in late night. >> this is really cool, this is
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did youake a little h? >> ah. >> if i i youver to my house at 11:00, the first thing i would do would be to make you drink. >> tom harding. there is not a [ bleep ] that that man would be excluded from. >> have you ever had a moment where you feel like, i've gone a little bit far? >> yes. hu ev be with a la >> no, i have t. > i li oh, my ink i ruined everything. >> have you ever been with a lady? >> yes, i have been with a lady. >> more than once? >> i asked lady gaga if she had ever done molly. >> i see selfies with both kim kardashian and kloe kardashian which is a butt selfie.
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>> "watch what happens live" is celebrating it's 1,000th show next week and he has his cirrus xm channel. >> this is my ritual here. >> his first guest was susan lucci. >> out she comes, full length fur coat. >> when i was doing all my children, something about him, i told him this, something just jumped off the page. >> andy is a nonstop ball of energy every minute the day. >> you know what? it's all fun for me, i'm passionate about everything i'm doing, i am living the life i always dreamed i would be
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>> chrissie teeagan will tell anything. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which actor
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the answer is coming up nexstev tay i lucy. wosurp oh,gone mayou'ust a thousandrs! n: ts amg! thaazing! (shs) man: oe job.k, wbett tn yeerday. thaveryelt a le f andve, yea man: i astilmiing thatraion. woman: prey awesome for tuesut torw is da lrelyri i cky life. win thounddollday,
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uppies? yo'votwa 'snlelhe show,bo. mm ety upo birda a gitd paty. the y, i on the excitiwe ncyd arhostgci ouny,e.t"ivet e >> monda "t os as the dg evotur
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>>s al it's real al emiy: sheldo there'somethive bn wanting to talk but i know nd of a uc sub. to nit dtoin what is it? yourday'ming u you'er t us celebrate it. and s hopi maybe is y cou. suppat's discusone cod ve.ayea mn, oesn'tto b a big or athg. justere'o? w-wait a minut mentiobirtayand anishell, whthatormati been tole me


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