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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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evehave eye hind t? intrucing a hut'firs$5 flavor menu. ju $5 wn yo capizzfotholam u got itstckeach. wid a rshey's for veach? yes. it'sto so fier $5 flavor menu. onlyt pizza hut. >> spero: time now to look at the capital one impact performance. >> doug: four minutes to go, six made threes, 12 made field goals -- he is a one-man wrecking crew. averaged 25 a game last five games in s.e.c. play.
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also efficient. >> spero: already has two -- had two 30-point games on the season before today so this is his third on the year. his career high earlier this month in gainesville, 35 points, also had a 33-point outburst against ohio state. a game in which he had seven threes. the other thing he's done, doug, in this game, nine rebounds for kentucky as well. >> doug: he's a competitor, if you want to compare him to a player style-wise where he doesn't glow you away with his length and athleticism but blows you away with his athleticism and all around skill, people say brandon roy. >> spero: baldwin able to turn the corner and then swallowed up by matthews. ulis.
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hook shot. marcus lee will replace labissiere. >> doug: wade baldwin with a head of steam going to the basket but how about hawkins. that should have been goaltending. that hit the backboard first. a fantastic block. >> spero: we expected intense. this has been as good as advertised. jones coming around the screen, never appeared to have it cleanly. we'll slow it down. kentucky down six. vanderbilt with a win climbs to within a game of first. everything but the finish. kentucky just one for its last nine. >> doug: wade baldwin is doing an outstanding job in jamal
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attention to murray, nobody is watching ulis. he had a run at will the rim. >> spero: vanderbilt struggled. one of their last seven. 2:30 to play. eit to shoot. kornet. baldwin. off balance. able to get it to the rim. but it's last touched by the commodores. >> doug: outstanding defense, marcus lee plays quality defense, four fouls without fouling. they've started switching on every screen but locking in on fisher-davis. >> spero: ulis. briscoe thought about it.
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briscoe from deep. kentucky stone called. >> doug: you're open by design if you're vanderbilt. you have to make isaiah briscoe make jump shots. that's quality defense knowing the scouting report. >> spero: vanderbilt, meantime, no points in three-plus minutes. 90 seconds left. shot clock at two. roberson. another desperation floater. murray. pass broken up by jones, and now kentucky in serious trouble.
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commodores coming up. >> doug: jeff roberson, you mentioned, leads the s.e.c. in free throw attempts. here is why. he puts his head down and shoots a floater with the shot clock running down. the most impressive part was kentucky ran their hammer play trying to get jamal murray the ball in the weak side corner for a three, and vanderbilt has done an excellent job of knowing that scouting report and taking it away. they've done a much better job on jamal murray in this last third of ballgame. >> spero: kornet, heady play, into the backcourt where fisker davis tracks it down and more seconds coming off the clock. whistle blown in the backcourt. double bonus. two more free throws for vanderbilt. third personal on ulis.
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on. asked calipari how he felt with their spot atop the s.e.c. and he said nothing is guaranteed. we could lose our last three games. >> doug: they're not only playing tournament-caliber teams, at vanderbilt, at florida, l.s.u. at home but you're playing teams that are desperately in need of a victory, and you're their biggest game. and they're playing without derek willis. >> spero: ulis from deep. hasn't been his day. now five of 20 from the field is ulis. whistle blown underneath on vanderbilt. the commodores have been searching for their first signature win all season. they're finally going foget it. >> doug: this would cause vanderbilt fans or college basketball fans to say put the in. they are in the ncaa tournament. but that's not the way it works.
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game. then if you beat texas a&m on the road you're absolutely in. it would behoove them to beat tennessee, win a game or two in the s.e.c. tournament but kevin stallings's team has turned it around from the abyss of the middle of the season. snoorp barring any late collapse vanderbilt would climb to within one game of first place in the s.e.c., hard to believe considering where this team was a couple of months ago. they could conceivably in the afternoon tie with the wildcats for first place. >> doug: a&m, has to go to auburn. a&m could conceivably win out and win the s.e.c.
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it's been in this conference. briscoe fouls lachance with 34.8 and it is a party here in nashville. >> doug: in the s.e.c., if you storm the floor your athletic department gets fined. and i believe you get away -- there is like one free pass, one court storming. i don't know if they have had a court storming. >> spero: this is what lies in front of kevin stallings and vanderbilt. home for tennessee. the big one to close at a&m in college station. >> doug: if there is a game that costs kentucky the s.e.c. crown it's probably the tennessee game. on the road. 21-point lead.
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the white flag. 16th-ranked kentucky about to fall to 21-8. >> doug: john calipari has taken his team off the floor and taken his players off the bench as a preemptive move in case of a court storming, sending his players away from the floor. >> spero: this was a three-point kentucky lead at halftime. ken stallings empties his bench. there is the kentucky bench. >> doug: when you say john calipari empties his bench, he literally emptied his bench. when you're kentucky and you have been to the final fours and won national championships, dominated the s.e.c. as they did last year, people storm the court any time they bite. >> spero: a precaution, as doug points out. mychal mulder. a little short.
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>> doug: what a win for vanderbilt. they showed toughness, they showed grit, they showed defense and they showed themselves as a tournament team. >> spero: vanderbilt limits kentucky to without a point over the last four minutes and wins it by a dozen. >> spero: and the post-game party already in full swing. vanderbilt to within a game of first place in the s.e.c.
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kentucky and a&m, and what an interesting final week it will be in the s.e.c. final score 74-62 vanderbilt. coming up tonight on cbs. "ncis: new orleans." "ncis." and 48 hours. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. os capg prov cbss dion bend it. r tho'veved ane fami thatve sed t fferurestservicetur we kwhat ians to.geannsuranceuote and see why 92% of our mst forifheooe w laat llhanks! welowe they gave me a few tip pointe towardthe rit rtil and voila!
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>> greg: a reminder. tonight here on cbs. begins with "ncis: new orleans" and "ncis" followed by a n edition of "48 hours." coming up tonight, only cbs. welcome to "the road to the final four." greg gumbel in new york. the game you just watched, vanderbilt upsetting kentucky 74-62, joined by clark kellogg and seth davis. couple of things about this game. we said before it's a game that vanderbilt had to have, and
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offense that ran dry in the second half, led by three at halftime. >> clark: when you don't have the ability to score inside which kentucky doesn't have, it makes you tough when you have to rely on the perimeter shot and i thought vanderbilt did a nice job taking advantage of inside with damian jones. they made an adjustment on murray and nobody else stepped up for kentucky. >> seth: they watched you at halftime talking about giving damian jones the ball. he had 11 points in the second half, many of those early in the second half, vanderbilt seizing the momentum and i thought they had great team awareness defensively, tyler ulis went 0-7 from three-point range and another fly in the ointment for kentucky a consistent theme all year, 10 of 23 from the foul line. >> greg: the s.e.c. standings as they stand right now. how it alters your thinking coming down to selection sunday.
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they're in, if they fall apart down the stretch, i think this vanderbilt team helped themselves today. >> clark: texas a&m at the top of the standings along with south carolina, next week is going to be quite interesting to see who claims the top spot in terms of getting ready for the s.e.c. tournament. >> greg: you mentioned today. we will have highlights for you. we'll hit the scoreboard and bring it all to you. (hs) y, lks like e nelawh you do? tnk wentlowe
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mee's haed all otech. chnolo... y, have seen all the amazing techlogy in gei's mobp? app? look.elic id cards,emy ro ser can evmit m. wo.. mobile prks like a charm. geico. great savings ole . >> greg: the game you just watched here on cbs, vanderbilt knocking off kentucky 74-62 after which they stormed the court which is verboten in the s.e.c. -- i think it should be verboten everywhere. >> clark: i agree. >> seth: can cost the school $50,000. i think it's sad an opposing coach feels he has to send his
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he's that worried about their safety. >> greg: there is no reason not to. >> clark: you've got to have a way to get the players safely off the court because you know in many cases kids going to storm the court and it's a matter of protection and safety and i hope we get to right across the country so nothing tragic happens before it's a universal rule. >> greg: let's get you caught up in other action today. texas tech, number two kansas. >> seth: kansas jayhawks playing to potentially be the number one ranked team in america. mykhailiuk was hot. kansas wins 12 straight conference titles. >> greg: seth davis love's countdown to a countdown in the locker room. congratulations to bill self and the kansas jayhawks.
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traveling to austin to take on texas. >> clark: they had good control of this one. buddy hield had 23 in the first half. texas finished strong. connor lammert knocking down the three. that gave texas the lead. they had a 22-0 run late in the ballgame to win by 15. javan felix and isaiah taylor doing a terrific job playing downhill and getting to the free-throw line for texas. >> greg: texas a winner by the score of 76-63. meanwhile, seth, arizona on the road at utah running into a red-shot runnin' utes team. >> seth: a really good game. freshman for arizona trier had 23. gabe york. childers, where are you? old school reference. >> clark: i was at that game. >> seth: first time since 1998 the utes defeat arizona and nobody stormed the court. nobody got hurt. really good team, utah. watch them.
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your top four in the country. >> clark: i have five fighting for the number four seeds. michigan state -- kansas, villanova clearly on the number one line for me, xavier, michigan state, north carolina, two of those three i think will end up on the one line. >> seth: we have a result to come today in charlottesville but right now virginia even though they're lower than north carolina in the a.c.c. standings would be above north carolina on the seed line based on their overall body of work if north carolina winds tonight. >> clark: i do think they get it done on the road. >> seth: my pick to win the title is michigan state. >> greg: we'll take a time out and back with more highlights. eck isut, o. thaheimi ed to d got more. moregs oca nce? ahro-fes ande. ke r insce. moreto s nice, to c 's n a, tein sha
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