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tv   WRAL News Sunday  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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didn't i just say no questions? alright! alright! those who sophisticationtand tho daredene it apa. e all-new lexus rx hyb nes luee is essive. is is thrsui pctn. >> kevin: the hawkeyes have lead by 6 and the buckeyes by 5. let's look at the capital one impact performance. >> dan: mike gesell has done it on both ends of the court. this is one of his two dunks. how many times we say he has two
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and this is a spectacular dunk, the young man averaging over 8 points a game and 16 today. the biggest reason why the hawkeyes have the lead. >> kevin: and he is the last player with points, steals and assists, passing number four on the listor assists. dan asked fran mccaffery who needed to play and he said it was his position, glls gesell. williams stays in the contest for the buckeyes. >> dan: iowa has gone back to a zone. >> kevin: weaving through it is williams. and lyle draws a double. >> dan: what a pass! >> kevin: lurfing, 3 -- good! he put it down! [cheers and applause] 4 of 6 on triples.
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[cheers and applause] [crowd yelling] >> kevin: 10 seconds on the clock, woodbury free, gesell driving, scooping -- no. woodbury had a hand on it but picked up by bates-diop. a chance for the lead for the buckeyes. [crowd yelling] >> kevin: williams. long 2! and he got it to go! they called it a 3. they're gonna look at it, i believe. what a shot! 8-0 run by ohio state! and kam williams, the top 3-pointer for the buckeyes laces one.
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over there you can't even see him but lyle somehow finds loving who is all alone and he dox down the three -- knocks down the three. and is this a 2 or 3? but kevin, no matter, this is what we have been talking about the entire game. ohio state needed to stay civil close -- sufficiently lyly close. >> kevin: he's boost arc. that is a triple. that i a triple and i thk people saw the smile on the face of thad matta ammee probably can't believe that his young team without their best player, who they lost, jae'sean tate, with shoulder surgery, -- have a look at it right here. clearly above the line -- their best player is good. a very young team that has
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trick taking on number 8 and playing playing them right down to the wire. 8-0 run by ohio state. the last 1:58. don't you love this game? i mean, this is what college basketball is at its best in what has been a wide, wide open season. >> dan: kevin, that's just the point i was gonna make. you never know what's gonna happen. it's hard to play on the road. it's hard to win on the road. and that's what we're seeing here from iowa today. this is with gesell getting up there. and it's not poorly defended. but williams, one of the top 3-pointers, as uyou mentioned, in the big ten. he has an open look and knocks it down. >> kevin: kam williams right there, a redshirt some of. he was a high school player the year in baltimore. and as you look at the replay,
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>> dan: yeah, kevin, but i think they called it a 2. >> kevin: it was a late 3. watch the official on the right side with his late raising of his hand. uconn the foot is above -- uconnyou can see the foot -- and there's the hand up. >> dan: okay, but if they called it a 3, and they don't, they can't tell, it stays a 3. >> kevin: watch the official on the right-hand side. and it's late. it's a late raise of the arm to signal a triple. look at him. watch him. my goodness. >> dan: again, kevin, if it was a -- if they called it was 3, loving makes the 3, and so
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i am not very good at math but 3 more makes it 64. so if they call it a 3 and they can't tell, it has to stay a 3. it has toon be indisputable evidence. and if it takes this long, you know, you have to leave the call where it was. >> kevin: i see -- i see some daylight between his right foot and that line, dan. >> dan: kevin, i don't think they called it was 3. because what should happen is the official in the background, if it's a 3, he should put one hand up with three fingers in the air. >> kevin: i agree. right. he did not put both arm up. >> dan: but one to blow his whistle to stop the game and then put the other hand up, as well.
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signal-wise. but so, you know, we're playing at hoess so of course they are gonna put the 3-pointer on the board but i'm not soarure that's what the officials called. >> kevin: hoess has won -- oo state has won 4 ofin ts to mstate.asttrai iner seasonhe top 1 tix tve dot.>> dan: at a cal n. d i in kevi inka i that happ i theedth f
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the diut evidce. k: can bat's n a3.ok. soo car - d but ts gogcrgr wh yo i ihat s tline>> kevin: thad maa is ngyouaidharms:'t d. iaised b hedpheclock aother,o stop, wou on- thas whang "iai -out tlattems st l l at the oretheicia ifronofthe oo stat th'shi fi, rht hesyra tnke' png hitay ti kin: as th ftbal
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not s re aneecf sin heicialinit i i 3-poi phrge of hand ieirnd hds tee fp a then t bse he pot . >> weoo videoay t hat a l at vidpl a twooint ot ayysys anheyood ahe plndid iao. ner sna3.>> kinhe hyegend 2 tgo. ffasheball. bates-di le on gesellan: ig
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rnhelover k:lyle.iams 3ers d applau>> dan:heyt calleddole al foul onhon woodry. mpns gonna bf e tht gre job, kam wiiams we n th >> kin:amss the numbernt dilams with . >> dan: andhons g do kevin:hat'sis fi:e' p r thlaiger thesewouys on the the playforwve oneanr. woodbur isonna snim arou. gh
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d ab andnk for $3.00 devere two mes-- uara -(click) >> kevin: tonight on cbs gen with back-to-back "60 minutes." and then the moves, "last vegas." the buckeyes leading by 2. they have had one of their top players, foul out. great individual performances. iowa trying to build on their resume, certainly on the outside looking in and iowa is trying to go after their first conference title but they've got to win today and the two remaining games to make it certain. full-court pressure. harris. bates-diop. >> dan: bates-diop didn't really
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>> kevin: he was in a
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with a time-out taken. >>in: tt clk ritow a9 loohamaa. d ttait eynonrenc ph te6- and hav won ur of e st fe in coence play. andsshe pl, eryug is a3.thic cal and cideinutle
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giens,itou h- tl e 35 fr throw ser kevin: thehot clocdownith o ti-o ock at.oh is. &tps k evnene t now t&t, buy o gefreer mopopulaartp nor how you hang out she every minute of it. y one one frar smaes.
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kevon ockba hrsmites" andnmo ve" >> dan: ifrehio ate, pu tn e hands o tedi ywa ihink ma yive g anc at te thro :e has gesellef th shot cloc 1!' of anout.th5 o.iowaalny bu [celng]
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supped tta untomyucs tba. ev shod 7.5. dt' whaoul hortade. k: the veee bck t.nogus b we' he dothiel ched . squoon't thi >>in i d'te >> d:nd hntentionally noouing . a j . in: t he go. >>nd sot . u ow,s nonough t stu ow, rela youoto go kl but o tcoro allowed aree time kinld you geto half co andal ather ti
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>>inge.rowdli] >>evin d. got ilo side! cked up byin emmohehird f io. ht ifr us, danies simply over jarrod uthoff hawa areat plaom fromehind thesh th. the benchirate the f aa didt c aou ufsc i , uthf got --aniel giensus l h t. ev b-dh ftk. mccfery is halfway on the
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>> dan: a time-out. kevin: ohio statey 2. 1.2 to hundred sn , "vi," nitsim the zzunts cash money the biggest discount and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. syou five hundred i'm savin' you we have autoune, right? oh, yeah. that'sit!l: y >> kevin: moments ago. >> dan: this was not a foul, i don't think. he comes from behind. i think he gets all ball. this is where i think the foul was, right there. giddens just lays out uthoff, setting the screen.
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by keita bates-diop? 19 points for the sophomore. bates-diop with 19 points, 6 rebounds, 5 blocks. and a beautiful swat inside on the driving gesell. 3-point lead. [cheers and applause] >> kevin: wow. time-out, iowa.
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and pure etion in columbus. >> kevin: tonight on cbs, two hours of "60 minutes"," back-to-back of the award winning show. and then the movie "last vegas." and this is today in the big ten. ohio state with -- >> dan: the key thing as we have been telling you all game long is ohio state, this will be their second big ten victory against a top 50 opponent. >> kevin: huge. >> dan: but now they have more work to do. but this was a must-win. now they've got to play at michigan state next week and michigan state is playing as well as any team in the country. >> kevin: so ohio state starts
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they've -- if they go on to win here request would win five of their last six in conference. go to 19-11 overall. and 11-6 in big ten play. 7-2 at home. and the hawkeyes, of course work to be done here with 1.2, but right now hovering over a third consecutive loss, the eighth ranked team in the country. uthoff, that's it. the upset, unranked ohio state has beaten number 8, iowa! [cheers and applause] >> kevin: one of the youngest teams in college basketball, coached by thad matta. has come up with perhaps its biggest win this year. the eighth ranked hawkeyes lose a third consecutive game. fourth in the last five. a thriller in columbus.
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saying good night from columbus, ohio. tonight, back-to-back "60 minutes," only cbs. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> now to new york and greg gumbel. >> greg: thank you, the final score as we welcome you to the "road to the final four." you just watched ohio state upset the hawkeyes. joined by clark kellogg and seth davis. got to do something about the way the game slow town like freight trains. >> clark: i know the officials are trying to get the calls right and the replay one was you like to have but it's just too long, too cumbersome, yet don't takes away the come from behind win. >> seth: and ohio state, they to not have a midweek game and then play at michigan state next
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state, you like a game to stay sharp, but get healthy, whatever it is. and they are still a bubble team. i still don't think they are in but when a win inasty lancing would be. >> greg: and xavier trying to win on the road at seton hall. >> seth: and coach was worried about an emotional let down. and not happy with his team's toughness, seton hall beat them on the glass, the foul line, every ucla way and even the steph curry imitation. and i think that chris mack could tell them congratulations, they are in the tournament after the collapse. and they will be a dangerous team with the high ceiling. at a have a lot of sophomores
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maturity is impressive. >> greg: and you did say beware of a letdown. >> clark: with teams that are desperate versus coasting, it's hard to ramp up emotionally to win on the road in a tough game. >> greg: and seton all over xavier. and tonight on cbs begins with two back-to-back hours of "60 minutes," followed by the movie "last legasvegas." good night, everybody. next at 6:00, a destructive scene after flames tear through
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on the scene with new developments. and carolina hurricanes long time player and fan favorite and traded in the nfl draft, who the canes will acquire and how the fans are reacting.
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