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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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to happen as the new president of the unc system starts her job today. new this morning, emotional homecoming for paratroopers and loved ones at fort bragg. good morning, great to have you with us on this tuesday morning, i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. we are going to have another beautiful day. get out and enjoy it. >> how warm you ask? just as warm as yesterday. the hi yesterday was 73, yesterday's record was 78. today's is 82. the area. cooler than yesterday. not cold, look at this shot, i don't know we had this shot before at the sky cam. that's the capital building, the center of your screen, the round hotel went up in green.
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41 durham and here at the telephone station. 46 in holly springs, 32 roxboro. 34 south hill. 46 fayettevilleing 50 goldsboro. a ride wide range of temperatures most spots in the mid 40s this morning. 66 lunchtime. high of 72. another quick warm up, a beautiful afternoon, expect rain tonight and early tomorrow, we will talk about how much coming up. the naacp will talk about an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of a man in raleigh. the 24 year old was shot by an officer police identified as dc twitty. tara lynn is live. >> reporter: you can imagine the anger, the frustration that has swelled here in the community. leaders are asking for patience from the community as the investigation continues. the police chief here in
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a written report of what they know so far that they will be ending over to the city manager's office in five days. around noon. police went to serve a drug warrant downtown. police and witnesses say the suspect ran and during the chase, the officer shot den kins and killed him. a gun was found near the suspect. crowds gathered, intentions remained high during a candlelight vigil. >> our police go through-trying to protect and serve things like this have got to stop. tragedies have got to stop. >> reporter: the state bureau
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investigation. the internal affairs department will look to see if policies have been broken or violated. he does have a lengthy wrap sheet and on probation for drugs charges and three previous convictions and also last fall. the shooting happened the same day raleigh council was supposed to take up the idea of body cameras for police officers, that was postponed. aclu says it needs to happen. the executive director said in a statement, this points to the urgent need for north carolina second largest city's police department without this crucial technology, and accompanying policy that guarantees used to promote officer accountability and transparency.
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more delegates to presidential nominated commissions can be won today than any other day. hilary clinton and donald trump in to the contest. a poll that came out shows trump getting 49% of the republican primary vote. that's 30 percentage points ahead of marco rubio. on the democratic side, clinton topped sanders 55- 38%. count on wral for coverage of super tuesday, we will carry hour-long nbc nightly news with lester holt. tune in for the late news at midnight for a wrap up. you will see an increase in how much you pay for services across north carolina , the state will charge sales tax and services like auto repairs, maintenance and appliance installation, the service taxs are expected to raise $160
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they are in effect. closing duke engine's coal ash pond statewide. they are inviting the public to get involved. classification is a key step in cleaning up the toxic materials and determining deadlines for when each must be closed. hearings scheduled in willmington, ashville, eaton and dallas and north carolina. more hearings will be held in counties where there are coal ash facilities through the end of march. the state department of health and human services will roll out the report on medicaid reform progress. lawmakers passed a bill to overall the $14 billion insurance system for the poor and disabled. it could take up to two years to gain approvals from the government. it will take another two years past that point to make the transition to managed care
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the new president of the unc system. spellings exceeds ross, forced out and left at the beginning of this year. the coalition that includes students and faculty members is calling for a walkout on several system campuses today including unc chapel hill. the group takes issue with the background and the way in which she was chosen by the board of governors. voting on a new funding schedule for school construction. watch the sessions live on at 4:30 this afternoon. more than 160 paratroopers are back home at fort bragg. >> with the 82nd airborne division headquarters reunited with loved ones overnight. they returned from a 9-month deployment in iraq. the homecoming was an emotional one. this is the second time if less than two weeks paratroopers
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from a deployment overseas. a win for apple in caught. how a judge's ruling against the tech giant could affect its case against the fbi. what is set to happen the
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killing two college student . it's allyel cool, especially near the -- a little cool. especially near the virginia line. nice and quiet this morning, skies are clear you can see pretty stars out there coming in. 39 cary. cooler than yesterday. 34 roanoke rapids. we will have a rapid warm up, as we get in to the middle of the day today. lunchtime 63.
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70s and 5:00 down to 70 degrees. bus stop, kids are going to want to wear the shorts and t- shirts and will need a jacket, temperatures in the mid 40s. apple has won to get in to locked iphones. the justice department can't force the tech giant to access case. apple is fighting on accessing the locked iphone used by one of the shooters. the battle is stirring a national debate over security versus digital privacy. set back for google and self-driving car. google reprogramming after the car hit a bus. it happened in mountain view, california. the lexus was going less than 2 miles per hour trying to get around sand bags in a wide lane and grazed the side of a bus traveling 15 miles an hour. no one was hurt.
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cars will understand buses and other large vehicles are less likely to yield to us than other types of vehicles. ever wish you could talk with an opportunity. we are hear to help with attorneys on call, we are partnering with the bar association for the day of service. attorneys in all areas of the law will volunteer their time from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. friday to answer your questions. whether divorce, issue with the landlord or tenant, problems with debt, more than 150 attorneys will be here friday. this is your chance to get legal representation, or them. it's good information. a kidnapping and wild police chase caught on video. >> who a man abducted before
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let's lookt what is gog on. nice and quiet this morning. a pretty day toy, with teerateslimbing in to the 70s this ternooch in plac. sks arear,ng a the leigsky ca we h30s t mathis rn 3ry st. urham. rboro. insornes, south hi. mucharo, gr uror the e average 40s this mo 60atunick rmp,r thisfte front that come through tonight, we will ta about the rain and the ming of th coming up. the state naacp will hold a news conference aba man shot dead by a raleigh police officer. >> it happened near the inteection of bragd st


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