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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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o out the pa40 s. a familyecves fesa an exclusive wral news poll shows a majority of people think our public schools are not well funded. and they say teachers deserve higher salaries. wral education reporter is here with the results. what do you have for news. >> survey usa did the poll for us.
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across the state and asked them everything from questions about the elect to education and there were two questions about the education -- about education that i was most interested on that i was focused on. first question was does k through 1 education in north carolina public schools receive too much funding, adequate or inadequate. a majority said that schools receive inadequate funding. 18% said adequate. 6% said too much and the remaining 9% weren't sure. >> we aned a second question which was should lawmakers leave teacher salaries where they are, increase them by up to 3% or increase them by up to 10%. the majority, 51% said increase them by up to 10%. 33% said increase them by up to 3%.
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and another 4% said they weren't sure j so >> -- >> so awe can -- so a significant number thought they should have p increase. >> i reached out to representative craig horn and i have a statement from him. he said teacher salaries must be moved up across the board. i heard that simply unrealistic from another lawmaker, representative linda johnson. she said all state employees deserve a raise. what kind of raise they'll get is still to be seen. >> hopefully something will happen. thank you. we have the full lawmakers
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funding on plus more result from our poll. just search keyword education. >> thank you. wral is your hoops headquarter. a lot of people probably chose to record the duke- nc state game today while they spent time outside. >> it was a beautiful day. but we'll focus our attention to the west. we'll check out where this rain is happening and how much we'll see in the coming days. it is coming up. >> i'm bryan mims live at the acc tournament. no, we are not in dpreensboro anymorement we are only a mile
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anymore. e: todays yourky da man: (rised) my goodness mark: ve juswon - athou dolla womahat'azing!t's amazinshriek woman:k, nicb. maray er than sterda maria,t deli felt alittorced. steve, steve:h? wo i am l missthat w emot wo prettesome a day, bomorro humpday, so lets reallyring it! lufor liwin a sand doars a da y day, life. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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two local teams went head to head on day two of the acc tournament. duke beating nc state to move on to the third round. >> bryan mims joys us live from the verizon center in washington, d.c. where local fans made the journey to cheer on their team. good afternoon. we saw quite a few duke and nc state fans here at the verizon center this afternoon. now, i'm a sentimental kind of guy.
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1976, well before lynda lovelapped was born. gerald fords ththe president. elton john, don't go breaking my heart. it was all over the radio. you know how much it cost gerald owens to fill up his ford maverick? 59 cents a gallon. it is also the same year bob harris became the voice of the duke blue devils. >> here the voice of the blue devils, bob harris. >> it is virginia visiting duke this afternoon. >> reporter: it could be called one of the best van damage points in college basketball. >> what a crowd we have on hand. >> reporter: for bob harris, the crow's nest tucked in the rafters of cameron indoor stadium home. it has been home for a while now. >> and had jete are left it alone, it was going in. >> reporter: how many years? >> this is 40. >> reporter: as the play by
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one who brings the games to life. for those listening on the road. he calls himself a fan with a microphone. >> i try to give that to the audience that, yes, this is an exciting game. these kids are playing hard and i want you to enjoy that. >> it has been the consistent voice. the voice of duke athletics really. >> reporter: coach k has worked with harris for 36 years. he calls him part of the team. >> we've never had a bad moment. he has probably had to announce a few bad moments. i know that. >> a quickment fast phrase. >> how sweet it is! -- a quick, little fast phrase. >> how sweet it is! >> the most moment rabble
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call, shot that everyone still talks about. >> catches, comes out, dribbles, shoots, scores! he has hit the bucket at the buzzer. >> whether you or i either one like norte, we are linked together because of your wonderful ability and my good luck to get a d.c.kette call out of t he looked at me and grinned and popped me on the shoulder and said i'm okay with it if you are. >> reporter: what is the secret to your longevity? >> i never thought about it really other than the fact that every time i come to work, whether it is coming in here, or coach's offices to talk to them or interview a player or whatever, i'm happy. >> reporter: harris calls his perch up in the crow's nest a magical place.
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julia sims, wral news, durham. >> and did you know this in bob harris is a life long friend of woody durham would had a 40 year career as voice of the carolina tarheels. and they both grew up in albemarle, north carolina. they played on the same little league team, same high school football team and now it is time to introduce to you another illustrious north carolina sportscaster. jeff gravelly. >> bob harris has done so many incredible things. he is not only a great broadcaster but a great person. there were a lot of shots that duke made today and quite an interesting game. both team just trading back baskets back and forth. there was an opportunity late in the game.
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have tied the game . it does not. >> quite a thrill that we had to travel all this way to see duke and nc state play for the third time this year. for the blue devils, that is their third win. duke will face notre dame tomorrow. >> unc and pittsburgh tomorrow. >> crime beat them the first time. it will be the second time they play. like that match-up bet fore north carolina than if they had played syracuse. >> i think we can find some decent places to eat around d.c. >> we will. >> you're in china up two. you better find something good to eat up there. and by the way, did i not have a maverick y a comet. sorry. >> thank you, guys. wral is your hoops headquarters. clemson and georgia tech will play at 7:00. then at 9:00, it is virginia tech and florida state. can you fine both of those
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>> this is a night you want to take the tv outside. >> upper 70s today, plenty of sunshine. love this time of year. basketball is exciting and weather that is comfortable. let's take a look at our amazing pic of the day. this is a picture of our wral gardens. i thought this would be i good segue going from the beautiful shot of our gardens and no our forecast. in a few weeks, our gardens will look like this. fine weather this afternoon. it was mild and it will be mild this eke. milder than was last night at 8:00. 68 with mostly clear skies. the wind will dry down. it has been rather blustery. there is a look at the wral gardens. the color will increase in the week ahead. 51 was the low officially out at the raleigh-durham international airport. only got to 7 # today. didn't see 80 across the area.
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-- only got to 78 today. 57 at the airport. 78 at fayetteville. all this gray you see is low level moisture increasing across the area. since there's gentle rise in the tier rain, that may create a little bit of lift overnight. low clouds an fog may encompass the area tomorrow morning. by afternoon, that should all break up. another big feature we are talking about is our upper level low that as cross mexico. it is dumping rain, a ton of it across parts of texas, louisiana, arkansas. some of the weather there has been severe. this is our ridge of high pressure. as this tries for make its way into the ridge, it falls apart. eventually, this will weaken considerably and make its way into our area over the weekend and bring us a chance for some rain. look at all the issues going o we'll call these water unders where you see the dark green. this is a flash flood watch in effect. and the red areas are counties under flash flood warnings. that means there is active flash flooding going o we showed you the video the last half hour from louisiana. that flooding continues up into arkansas and western tennessee. this is the rainfall potential over the next five days.
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throughout the lower mid high pressure mississippi valley. for us, saturday, sunday, monday, we are talking about 1/4 inch to 1/2 up. so a far cry from what they are seeing off to the west. our fitness forecast in the morn, the anticipation is for a cloudy start. some fog, maybe some drizzle. it will be warm at 61. it may take quite some time to scour out the chock. if it is slow to clear, that 77 may be hard to reach. -- to scour out the clouds. could have you few vichgles but the chance for rain very small. no the weekend be took the rain drops out for saturday and sunday because the chance for rain is so small -- chance for sprinkles.
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this time of year. enjoy it while it lasts y i'm hoping it doesn't prompt effect to burst into beauty and we get a freeze. next at 5:30, an old theater transformed into a living museum but the landmark didn't stand the test of time. >> our tarheel traveler take us inside the earl theater. >> donald trump is back in north carolina. he is expected to speak to a full house in fayetteville in a little more than an hour. new tonight at 6:00, ken smith is live with a look at the anticipation building in this crowd. >> an an update we just can't wait to share with you new at 6:00. find out why this teenager's mother is crying tears of joy
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no with the north carolina primary ekayndnort carolina ght and left. thank you for joining us. i'm deborah morgan i'm david crabtree. march15th holds the xt big prize for all the presidential cang rtrolie es vot weekalthe es at bo. ca obvly ar sptime nthna. nswr inig wnawill bepein l ou --lifi rlier y,n ic ands wrau
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vo fheir efflaa p ininon a wentstate. th belnona y itxt . >> th we ve iome, vel other stes e oboulee f wthe e statesally kee mi. i thinweke the re mina te t the en ouidn coefenof itbit orrsgot ar p isoma cln in la nighy ates thatuded ming ulate news trump apalto in isily y. cong t a 10ox0. you, k w,parade inocointomorrow. hillary clinton will make a stop at hillside high in durham. she had a campaign event for tomorrow at raleigh's broughton high school.


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