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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 12, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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a face mask or fake nose or fake ears. >> yeah -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> i did. >> jimmy: and the process of that, to do that, well, i don't wanna ruin the story. >> well, this is before you. >> jimmy: yeah. >> this is like '95 or something like that. mike meyers was doing the ronnie wood sketch where he does ronnie wood talk show. i can't do it, but it's very funny. >> jimmy: that's great. >> and i had to play liam neeson in that movie he did with jodie foster. chick-a-pea, chick-a-pea. that thing. whatever that was. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. i remember that. yeah, yeah, i remember that. >> and so i had to get a face mask of a mold of my face made so that they could put liam's nose, which i got a nose, but he's got a bigger nose. so, they wanted a big nose. so you go into makeup on friday night before "saturday night live." friday night, you're there, i'm there at 7:00. i just had the pre-show dinner or the rehearsal dinner at -- i had jambalaya. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> this is key, jambalaya. [ light laughter ] they put the mask on. so, it's like a quarter-inch of this white stuff, and they had
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and covered that -- so everything was covered except this. and so 15 minutes, it hardens up. then, off it comes. and then they make -- then the next day, there's a nose. well, they go to take it off, and it wouldn't come off. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm not laughing -- >> they used the wrong stuff. >> jimmy: i'm not laughing because i'm -- >> yes, you are. >> jimmy: i'm laughing because here you are, and everything worked out. okay. [ light laughter ] >> no one was harmed in this. should have been, but -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what did you do? >> they used the wrong stuff. they used plaster, like you would put oh, i don't know, on your wall. [ laughter ] so i've got a quarter inch of plaster, thick cement on there. i got three days of stubble. [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> i got eyebrows. i got eyelashes. everything is attached.
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[ muffled ] that's happening. >> jimmy: two straws. >> so, he's trying to put -- the makeup genius is trying to pull it off. [ laughter ] and it ain't coming off. and i push him away. he's going, "you have to relax. it's your -- you're the one who is causing this." [ laughter ] [ muffled ] mother[ bleep ] mother[ bleep ] >> jimmy: i can kind of understand what you said there. >> sort of. sort of. then he, you know, pulled it. now he's going to get a hammer. and he's going to go -- just hold still. [ laughter ] i swear to god. so i pushed him away. now, it's an hour and a half of i'm trapped inside. >> jimmy: so sorry. >> and the jambalaya is talking to me now. [ audience ohs ] the jambalaya is goin', "we want to come up. we're comin' up." >> jimmy: you're gonna throw up? >> yeah, i'm gonna throw up. i'm gonna throw up in the next 90 seconds.
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breathing out of those two orifices. where's it gonna go? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: where can i throw it? >> where's it gonna go? i talked myself out of throwing up, which is not easy to do. then, finally, i was able to pull it. i literally plucked my own eyebrows. there was nothing here. bald as a baby's butt. just -- you can see, there's a little something. oh, good. nice and tight. [ laughter ] yeah. it's like, from here on down, it didn't grow back. so anyway, so pulled that off. now the eyelashes are attached. he's gonna yank it. [ muffled ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. [ laughter ] >> he yanks it. they were able to -- then lorne comes in, concerned. lorne comes in, "says i know a a surgeon at a party." and he pulls a guy over out of a party in new york city. and the guy shows up with his bag. pulls out an x-acto knife, and
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not move because i'm going to cut your eyelashes. i'm going to put it down and cut your eyelashes, but if you move, i'll cut your eyeball or eyelid." >> jimmy: jambalaya. jambalaya. jambalaya. >> jambalaya. jambalaya. now we're here. wire cutters. now we're here. now we're santa claus with a a white plaster beard and three days of stubble. which meant 25 shots of novocain. boom. boom. boom. boom. all the way. by 1:00 in the morning, this took six hours. by 1:00 in the morning, i was ready to go and do "snl." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: acting! it's the business. [ cheers and applause ] you are a trouper for that. you're a trouper for that. it's a legendary story. and we all respect you for that. we all love you for that. i'm gonna come see you on broadway. i'm not gonna tell you what night.
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but here you are. you're in this play with michelle williams. now, this is -- the play opens march 10th. i know you're just doing previews right now. what is the play about? it's a dramatic play, right? >> it's a tough, tough drama. it's a mystery. there's a secret between these two people that happened years ago. it's a horrible, horrible thing that he did with her. and she's confronting him. and for those who like drama, who -- from page one we come in and we grab the audience and hang on to 'em. i've never done a play this tough and this challenging and this honest to god dramatic from beginning to end. and then it's got an ending that just you don't see coming. we did it off-broadway, i did it with alison pill, 2007. and it just killed. so i'm glad to do it on broadway with michelle. >> jimmy: i cannot wait to see you. and thank you so much for coming by our show again. we love you so much. >> you're welcome. >> jimmy: jeff daniels, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] go see him on broadway in
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february 5th. we'll be right back with lilly singh, everybody. stick around. hey ther i h you nyth hey siat's&t'st of , i that scan... righnow, sto at for phonget ee. w, is thht? is th currenr fr at&t. ay sou dknowrythin , i knou ask toyou th&t ess th the m. ay, er dturnoff. t no an andget anher onee whe yoa seine. shopl's...wls rd early bds...the w dsfolife colio.. everayhian anyour h tff yo pas
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>>immyngralaons,al [ eersla] >> tha so ch an >>llnd nghat's co wantt to talk hingcai your vids.inyoarts. are png atouarteoing o e t men ouble,er m sued to sa myokay, ahoo tt. >>y paarli 't t eye tuly ememre te, e gg myar >> jimmydo ha ba" y don' but ofre tan frda mcalled ldgoldbut am platinum." [ laughter ]go pnu" i puthainy deanheng royaecsethks e m r t he's goto be d, rht prouofou? iean,s. non th jimmll rs >>, easest
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so, you ayat. yo idial i st shes yours,ou aar tchingn er n, ito y. >> thank. jim: shs , no >>h. j no. hterheraer is ire lisctpeco shall of d lycs [ la e acale o lygh tt ekndg ags. ht dn't kat sh kon is about druri, om ht s pe j dowreut yfinge en doouter. esevytbo an n'kn as so i h dr ard omy f likesouger ]ll ike >> jimth ah. pdithey kno you we doing characters, that you were doing, kind of, them? >> oh, no. i didn't tell them ied eos.i n't th
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rnthond. lill la heke tha jimmyreal whu kingde? f? y kw, iwas wn posted my fit vi iv sgo. howa a lyso sa thought ii pla rough i coma j: t h.cheers alaus >>: ryhat. yoppy m soenne - [ la yeahank you. : that's t'our moe all oua unisland n isnda nofor my hcaus a very madt,n orn lanom for myaplace, and vie ur wasab >>immy: so, 's ac unicla eryt tt makeyou haatakou happy o evyone hasir own unn is i dodoyoe
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[ t ht ] thinme o ed t pe d he was likatinfo, cae nottmyry o medo cahe prince. ug : ellojust cal a g >> "out g ouoi ly im: lo y dog, bud?"ablu ely >>my w : fuis tt? didnveknowoujuince of du >> yeah, aary,gainyo n. >> j, i ntsh hi tnicorn" e illygh. >> dlet , inuding yolf, leu believr ev aecon you deseto be py, beuse u l deto bso ppy. eers ] stop evng. yoknow to his ri noight? cheers u kn got this t no perw in sochec t. eers ] audible ] k 'em t.
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i'm ban checkem out. mancster, k 'em t. frbai, fsydn hongg. i'm n tonto. check 'et! eers ] cheend app] jimwe aifn is. you'wel. co b a fa >>ha yosoh. ick ound. lilly , reou wega ovme >>immyyodo >> jmy: y to play "fast ly the brk. 's gna bod a applae ] wh can pos chpagn my phone andit sti work. aaaa yek.[phone rging nny,'mbouto t in th ta aaaaat th's czy. [elerical acng]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. we're hanging out with lilly singh, everybody, right here! [ cheers and applause ] and we're gonna play a game that's just like "family feud," only faster. it's time for "fast family feud." here we go. fast family feud fast family feud [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy:you ready? >> i'm ready, i'm ready. i must warn you, i grew up in "family feud."
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situations every day. >> jimmy: you really? >> yes, "family feud." like, i'm ready for this. >> jimmy: you're ready. everyone knows the rules of "family feud," right? >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: i don't have to explain it, right? okay. let's -- [ buzzer ] no, no. you can't buzz in already. >> i was testing, testing. >> jimmy: is that the first time you hit a buzzer? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's pretty good, right? [ buzzer ] don't you just want to do that? it's the greatest thing ever. okay, here we go.
1:01 am
the next one. it's time for the final round, okay? this is for all the marbles. here we go. let's hear the question. >> name the first thing you do after waking up in the morning. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: shave. [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] why would i say shave? >> checking your phone. [ dings ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh! you are like a genius. oh, i love her right there. lilly singh is the winner, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] that's the fastest "fast family
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we'll be right back with music from st. lucia, everybody. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ot another onei have an oram an "." the. youd hi stacew. shets to thewod wiou. he cgram enginto td su higgeeakness she cas too k yo riend ly w a job at ge. too i wisfrom ofire. ajay is w should hir than sly thgh, stwent greool e's rely loy you giva shay's aayantro music love these ts. laous.
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steve:oday is ur luc y. wo (surpse oh, m od rk: you'ust a thousandlars! won: thas amg! thasg! (ris) n: ok,ice joark, w betthan yey. thaliverya le fd. and sve, st yeah? woman: i am stilssing raion. woman:retty awe for atuesday, but tw isump y, et'ally bring it! lucky fofe. a thounddollday,
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jeff daniels, lilly singh, st. lucia. [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. hope to see you next week. bye-bye.
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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- ryan reynolds -- from "scandal," actress katie lowes -- music from "wyononna and the big noise." featuring the 8g band with jaleel bunton. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening! i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everyone doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] fantastic to hear. let's get to the news. the new hampshire primary was last night, and i guess i'm not surprised as the state whose motto is "live free or die," voted heavily for "live free and die." [ laughter ] bernie sanders beat hillary clinton last night. new hampshire and nearly every voter demographic including older white voters, younger white voters, and that's all they have in new hampshire.
1:17 am
following his victory in new hampshire, bernie sanders has become the first jewish candidate in u.s. history to win a primary. afterwards, bernie held a press conference where he answered questions with a question. [ laughter ] he might not like it, but there's a lot of jewish people at home right now losing it. [ laughter ] according to google, ben carson was the least searched for republican candidate during yesterday's new hampshire's primary, mostly because he's standing right where we left him. [ laughter and applause ] he's there. you don't have to search for him. he's still there. before officially dropping out of the race, chris christie told reporters he wanted to go home to take a deep breath after his 6ht place finish i i new hampshire. i guess he momentarily forgot that home is new jersey. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] take a breath in new hampshire,
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australian wildlife officials, this week, discovered a rare albino turtle making its way out of its mother's nest. it's being called "jeb." [ laughter and applause ] that little fella. [ laughter ] the popluar amc tv series, "the walking dead" has teamed up with hallmark to create a new line of valentine's day cards. it's the perfect way to say, "this relationship died years ago." [ laughter ] people magazine has announced that actor ryan reynolds is the sexiest dad alive. [ ee ] coming in last, your dad. [ laughter ] an australian investor is planning to launch a replica of the titanic, called "titanic 2." what could probably go wrong? [ laughter ] coca cola is attempting to trademark the rights to the word
1:19 am
calorie-free sodas. unfortunately, the word "zero" has already been trademarked by republican candidate jim gilmore. [ light laughter ] well, go out and vote for him if you feel so bad. [ laughter ] looking forward to him having a hot new york. [ laughter ] and finally, a recent study has found that people who say, "i love you" during sex are more likely to feel satisfied afterwards. and least likely to be satisfied are people who say, "what are we, brad?" [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic show for you tonight. [ chee and applause ] he's the star of "deadpool," and the world's sexiest dad. ryan reynolds is in the house tonight. [ cheers and applause ] also from abc's, "scandal," katie loews is in the house. [ cheers and applause ] and music from a country legend, wynonna judd, is here with her new band "wynonna and the big
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but, before we get to all of that, as i mentioned, donald trump and bernie sanders were the big winners in last night's new hampshire primary, a result that has thrown the establishment of both parties into chaos. with more on that, it's time for "a closer look." [ applause ] so, donald trump and bernie sanders both won as outsiders running against their party's establishment. but let's be clear about something. that does not mean they're the same type of candidate because they're not. sanders is running a serious campaign on issues. trump is a demagogue running entirely on personality who has contradicted himself on almost everything he's ever said. the only things they have in common are they're bad at using combs and they both pronounce it "huge." [ laughter ] that's it. [ applause ] i mean, just take a look at how different they were in giving credit to their rivals in victory speeches last night. first, here's bernie. >> shortly after the polls closed, secretary clinton called
1:21 am
congratulations. i thank her for her call, and i congratulate her and her supporters for the vigorous campaign they ran in new hampshire. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay, now, here's trump. >> i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, okay? now that i got that over with -- [ laughter ] >> seth: trump thanks other candidates with the same rushed speed and low enthusiasm, i'm guessing he usually reserves for foreplay. "okay, now that i got that over with, can we get to the good stuff?" [ laughter ] one of the most stunning things to come out of new hampshire was the fact that the republican winner barely even had to spend any money to take first place. jeb bush, for example, spent more than $36 million in new hampshire. trump, meanwhile, has spent so little on his campaign that according to the new york times, he might actually make money on it, thanks to supporters who have bought millions of dollars
1:22 am
again" hats and t-shirts. trump's campaign is basically just an old navy that happens to be running for president. [ laughter ] still, a "make america great again" hat is the cheapest way to say to your friends, "reassess everything you think about me." [ laughter ] but back to jeb, that $36 million might actually have paid off, kind of. >> former florida governor jeb bush with a strong fourth place finish in new hampshire last night. >> bush's campaign is celebrating his fourth place finish last night, calling it a success. >> it looks like you all have reset the race, and for that, i am really grateful. >> seth: stop treating fourth place like a victory. [ laughter ] in horse races, it's not "win place, show and jeb." still, nice to see him smile again. at least he did better than fifth place finisher marco rubio, who lost his momentum after repeating the same lines verbatim in a disastrous debate performance to cast out on his ability to talk without a script. when the results came in last
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gehes... ane wi gen t to stick thinky..ense who get a le ick to the biful mmake keep iup.. wielta in plusokinetyou n. see eltaan do. chee se: , plea givr 8g bre. rs a tingn toni d, t ranton re appus u check ja e ndryht aunn in bron lovr. thk u sobe, .ha >> such a easure.[ rs aus]
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tou owm films li "wom ild "ald "just nds.hinedeol o d imaxe fday. t'take lk. nowyown bk parts now,e. ni b vegracu. yep. g s d, an to kil. [ yein] unting ] [ ] [ avy ea >> fin os lioust saturday night. [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome to the show, ryan reynolds.
1:32 am
>> seth: how are you, my friend? >> i'm pretty good. >> seth: this is -- >> this is good. >> seth: this is very exciting. this film, as a fan of comic books -- >> yeah. >> seth: as a fan of action films, deadpool is sort of deep canon character. not -- >> yeah. >> seth: and you have sort of pulled this character out and put him on screen. and he's very different than any other superhero i've movie i've ever seen. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: because this is a hard 'r.' >> it's not -- >> seth: it's not close to -- >> it's not [ bleep ] around, seth. >> seth: it really isn't. [ laughter ] >> no. >> seth: it really isn't. >> it really isn't. >> seth: and what i'm very happy about, cause in a lot superhero movies no one ever dies. >> oh yeah. >> seth: right away in this movie. >> yeah. >> seth: you kill tons of people. >> yeah. there's -- he's profane, violent and extremely funny, and those are the things that i loved about this character from the get go. >> seth: yeah. >> from the first time i ever read about him. >> seth: here's my description of it. >> yeah. >> seth: tell me if these work. >> i love it. >> seth: i feel like it's "van wilder" meets "green lantern." that's like finally, both of them. >> wow. [ laughter ] okay, sort of good, sort of
1:33 am
>> you know? >> seth: but i feel like van wilder elevates the green lantern. >> the van wilder, yeah. i think, yeah, i sort of look at it like if "who framed roger rabbit" like had sex with "heat." >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and then -- and then somehow ended up on celluloid. >> seth: there you go. >> yeah. i think that's kind of -- yeah. >> seth: and as we can see from the clip, a character that will address the camera. >> yeah. >> seth: which is a really fun thing as well. >> yeah. yeah, he sort of he breaks the fourth wall. it's very meta, the movie. he knows he's in a comic book. i mean, he makes jokes about ryan reynolds. i mean, he's like, you know, it's a totally different brand of x-men. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, basically that's what it is. i mean, he lives in the x-men universe. >> seth: and your fans, the fans of this character i should say, are sort a lot -- they have a lot to take credit for as far as bringing this to the screen. >> oh, yeah. for 11 years i've been trying to get this film made, since 2004. the first "deadpool" comic i ever read had a panel in it and it said -- somebody asked deadpool what he looks like under the mask and he said, "i look like a cross between ryan reynolds and a shar pei." [ laughter ] and i knew at that moment, i was like, "one day i will play this guy." [ laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic.
1:34 am
get it made since then. since 2004, 2005 and to no and then we made some -- a little bit of test footage. that test footage leaked on the internet about two years ago and "deadpool" just they overwhelmed the studio. and the studio was just literally forced to say yes. so, pretty awesome. >> seth: that's such a great story. >> can't make this up. >> seth: it's not a story that happens often where fans get what they want. >> never. never ever ever. >> seth: and i think they're gonna be very happy with the film. >> yeah. that's how "the avengers" happened. that whole thing. >> seth: no it's not. >> no, no. >> seth: "the avengers" were not. >> pretty much, no. >> seth: you also have done some fantastic things. you mentioned foage leaking on the internet. >> yeah. >> seth: you did some great promotion. you went out on halloween and you talked, in your deadpool suit, and you talked to some kids. >> oh yeah. i've done -- i've never done a film where the marketing was such an extension of the actual film. on the last the day of shooting i left with a suit cause i waited ten years to do the movie, so i'm taking a [ bleep ] suit. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. >> right. >> seth: so you own the suit now. >> yeah. it's apparently like a big no-no. >> seth: yeah, i bet. >> like ben affleck tried to leave with the suit and they tasered him. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. you can't. >> you can't leave with the bat suit.
1:35 am
somehow i got the suit. but i've actually worn it more after the fact than i ever wore it in the movie. [ laughter ] not just for sexy sexy time. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> but also for promotion of the film. >> seth: i think it's great that you took it home. not that you're at risk of this, but at some point you get older and you are going to have to say in current shape because nothing will be worse than a fat deadpool. [ laughter ] >> no, no. oh, yeah. fatpool. >> seth: yeah, fatpool. >> "fatpool" is "deadpool 12", which we're scheduled for release. right after "deadpool: colonoscopy." [ laughter ] >> seth: there you go. >> rated "r!" >> seth: oh, i can't wait for that. >> yeah, it's gonna be awesome. >> seth: so, you went out, you put on the suit and you went out on halloween. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: and you talked to some kids. you tried to -- >> i did some recruitment, you know? >> seth: you tried to recruit a team. >> i tried to recruit some kids. try to pull them over to the dark side. >> seth: let's take a look real quick. >> yeah. >> what the hell's your name? ray-bans come here. all right, stevie wonder, what's your superpower? >> shoot lasers eyes out of my eyes. >> that's the stupidest [ bleep ] superpower i've ever heard. [ laughter ] you're not on the team. i'm kidding, you're on the team. you're not on the team. get back over there and sit down. you? >> wolverine. >> i like it. i like it.
1:36 am
storm, come here. what's your superpower. >> to control the weather. >> you can control the weather? >> yep. >> like al roker? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you made their kid's halloween. >> right? totally. >> seth: so happy. >> totally. >> seth: did you -- is this true? i heard that you found out this movie was officially gonna get made, not because the studio called you, but because you read it online. >> yeah. basically read -- a lot of like people that are celebrities or work in hollywood they usually get dumped, like they find out they've been dumped online. i got engaged to online, pretty much. >> seth: yeah. >> that was it. yeah. i just read that they we were gonna make this movie. they basically gave it a date and then -- but we thought, myself, rhett reese, paul wernick, and tim miller, we're like the core guys that have been developing the script and the movie for the last six years. we all thought we were just summarily fired. >> seth: and that -- because otherwise they would have called you and told you. >> yeah, they would have maybe called us first and said, you know, are you available. >> seth: right. [ laughter ] >> or something. but no they just gave us a date off the whim. >> seth: that is fantastic. underneath the mask cause you look like yourself in the movie. >> yeah. >> seth: you're in uniform, and there's also some bad stuff
1:37 am
>> oh, real bad stuff. >> seth: and i wanna just show a photo because i'm very -- i have a question about this. >> yeah. >> seth: so that's you super ugly face. >> yeah. there's not a lot of detail in that but it's pretty -- yeah, it's pretty -- i look kinda like benjamin franklin, the bloodless ghost of benjamin franklin, maybe. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> had sex with radiation. >> seth: yeah. >> and then that was me. >> seth: it's a little -- do you mind me saying this, it's a little testicular? >> it is, yeah. very testicular. [ laughter ] but only the left nut, the right one is much different looking than that. >> seth: yeah, exactly. but i ask this because you have a daughter. a very young daughter. >> i do, yeah. she's a little over one, yeah. >> seth: a little over one. so, she comes to set? >> yeah. >> seth: she came to set on this day. >> yes, exactly. >> seth: and how does a just over one-year-old react to this? >> well, see that face still had dad's voice. >> seth: oh, yeah, that's not good. >> but she's gonna be reenacting that moment with crude sock puppets to a therapist for the rest of her life. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> she was instant tears. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: i don't why i'm saying really. >> yeah. like come on. >> seth: like does she not understand hollywood. >> i'm sorry. please, come on!
1:38 am
she saw it. for like three days she was shy around me after that. i might have actually caused real damage. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] well, you know what, it's a waiting game to find out. >> it's the first of many. yeah. >> seth: it's the first. now, your director has said, because again, compared to a batman, a superman, deadpool is not mature. >> no. no. >> seth: he has claimed that you are equally as immature as the character you play. >> oh, i'm the worst. i'm more immature than deadpool. >> seth: where does you immaturity come from? >> i have no idea. >> seth: yeah. >> probably like just an unquenchable thirst for validation. >> seth: oh yeah. that'll do it. [ laughter ] >> i'm think that's a start. >> seth: yeah. >> i don't know. i'm just like -- >> seth: siblings, do you have siblings? >> i have three older brothers. >> seth: oh, that's something. >> i was the youngest, so i was just more of a moving target than a brother. [ laughter ] you know, you had to be smart with your mouth not your fists. so that was kind of it. i mean, on set i was always doing just awful stuff. >> seth: yeah. >> like deadpool says horrible things in this film, and i'm talking -- at one point i'm talking about the villain and every set has a script supervisor and the script supervisor is really there to remind people of their lines. if you forget a line they just call it out, they'll yell it out to you if you're like sitting on set cause they can just pause


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