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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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chicago shootout. how the gun battle ended and who was arrested. a search becomes a recovery effort, the technology used to locate a volunteer firefighter who disappeared. it's 4:30. hope you are doing well, it is tuesday election day. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. hope you are able to sleep through all that wild weather overnight. just like elizabeth said, the night before the timeline played out about the same because i was going to bed, hail started coming down on the house, woke up around midnight. >> did you? once again, i was sleeping like a log. i came in this morning, i was like we did have all that hail. we were talking yesterday about the fact hail was going to be one of the risks from the main storm. i will show you the storm. no wind damage reports, which
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radar showing the rain pulling away from us. we will see gradual clearing. 57 durham, cary, wake forest. 59 roxboro. expect temperatures to be in the upper 50s heading out. 71 lunchtime. mid-70s this afternoon. it's going to be pretty with lots of sunshine. polls open for north carolina's primary races at 6:30 this morning,. >> 2 hours aways presidential candidates have their eyes on what will happen today. other big positions political jobs are up for grabs. >> tara lynn is live in raleigh with who is on the ballot. >> reporter: polls will open at 4:00 or 6:30 this morning, we
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ridge 4000 -- registered voters. let's look at the two things you will see on the ballot. senate, four democrats running for the democratic nomination to take on republican senator richard burr for the general election. the candidates are former state lawmaker, ross, kevin griffin, chris ray and earnest reefs, a retired military officer from greenville. you are decide whether the state should borrow $2 billion to repair infrastructure around the state. governor pat mc corey has been pushing for the bond. i will go for new buildings and renovations at university and system community college campuss the rest for local government water and sewer projects and construction money for parks, the north carolina zoo, the national guard and the
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today, are the gubernatorial primaries, polls will remain open until 7:30. a lot to think about on the ballot. an important job to do. thank you very much. this is a potentially decisive day as far as the presidential races go. the favorites could become the likely nominees as a result of super tuesday voting. hilary clinton is favored to win here in north carolina and in illinois. she is expected to win florida but polls put her neck in neck with bernie sanders in ohio and missouri. donald trump is expected to win among republican voters here in north carolina. he is expected to vest senator marco rubio in rubio's home state of florida and ted cruz his main challenger. there john case sick trying to fend off a trump win in his home state. david crab tree and laura leslie between the live covera a9:00 on wral 2.
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125, we will have the results as we explain what they mean to har heel voters -- tarheel voters. charges are not being filed against donald trump. 78 year old john mc graw was charged in the case. investigators considered filing a charge of inciting a riot against trump or his campaign since then the sheriff's office said evidence from the rally wouldn't support a conviction. his campaign issued this statement saying sit the protesters and agitators who are in violation, not mr. trump or the campaign. 3 chicago police officers are being treated for gunshot wounds following a shootout with a suspected drug dealer, the shooting occurred as officers were investigating reported drug activity in a residential neighborhood. when they announced their presence, a man and a woman ran, the man turned and fired
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multiple times. the officers returned fire killing the suspect. the officers injuries are not believed to be life threatening. police arrested the woman. . a person is dead after a fight in fayetteville, this happened at 6:30, on cedar creek road. the family members were shot dug an argument with an acquaintance. the victims were taken to the hospital where one died. the suspect is in custody, officers have not released any names. a section of capital boulevard has re-opened following an accident. a pedestrian was hit by a car at old wake forest road. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the driver is cooperating with police. effort to rescue a missing volunteer firefighter is now a recovery effort. the fire chief in princeville says crews from deeptds joined in the -- departments joined in the search for the man who disappeared while swimming with friends in the tar river. dive teams worked in water full
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the man and used a borrowed drone in the search. we expect recovery teams will return to the river in daylight. dozens of people ral i had in front of durham police headquarters to protest plans to build a new headquarters. construction is set to begin in the fall or winter. $71million has been allocated for the project. protesters say the money could be put to better use. >> what about the things that the residents of durham have been demanding for a lot longer, like housing and jobs and a better educational system. why are we not lisping to the residents -- listening to the residents before we build a new shiny building. >> it's been years since a significant amount of money was sppt on police headquarter. he says leaders are open to feed back from the public. the fed begins two days of meetings in which they will
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most analysts think the central bank won't raise rates, choosing to take more time to assess the financial landscape. sony has acquired michael jackson's music library. >> what was included in the multimillion dollars sale and who gets the money. major announcem from a
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concerning the game and . this morning at 4:39. watching the rest of the rain from last night moving out of the region. see it pulling away from us, a couple of sprinkles in the eastern portion of halifax county. rain is moving out. we shouldn't see too much more
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53 henderson, 60 holly springs, 61 in willmington. cooler that yesterday. a beautiful afternoon, sunshine, lunchtime 72. a high of 78 this afternoon. lightning strike blamed for a fire at a raleigh home. it started after 10:30, in the 2-story home on knights bridgeway. they saw smoke and fire from the roof when they arrived it took 30 firefighters a half an hour to knock down the fire. no one was hurt. a chinese company is making a bid for starwood hotels operating the w and sheridan chains. the chinese group is the same that just snapped up an iconic american hotel, the hotel in california. that win along with 16 other
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the hotel is a national historic landmark. michael jackson's estate sold interest in a massive music catalog for $70 million to sony. the catalog includes the work of artists such as the beetles and bob dillan and doesn't include the master recordings or the rights to song he wrote. for the first time in nfl official acknowledge as link between football and the brain disease known as cte, it came during a discussion on concussions. jeff miller, the senior vice president spoke about the connection and cited research that found cte in the brains of 90 former pro football players. former alaska governor sarah palin will take a break from appearing at campaign events.
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was involved in and how he is doing. also we have learned a maryland police officer was kill by friendly fire in a gunfight. who is facing charges for this ambush attack. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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damaged the track before an accident. the driver applied the emergency brakes before the passenger train came off the tracks, 8 cars derailed. 32 passengers hurt. two critically. the fiewj future of a fayetteville landmark is scheduled. blending public and privatat money for redeveloping the land around the prince charges hotel. as of last night, leaders were still meeting. we are waiting to hear if they approve plans to negotiate. investigators are working to determine the strength of storms in arkansas, this is video of a funnel cloud spotted near the grady community on sunday. meteorologists think 3-5 tornados hit the area, in addition to winds and hail. surveyors are working to assess the damage. several states across the south are dealing with some of the worst flooding in decades, many towns along the texas-louisiana border are under water. 1200 people were ordered to find higher ground while the
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update to the case of a maryland police officer who died in a shootout with a suspect. investigators arrested the suspects two brothers. that's after the prince george county police chief revealed the officer, coalson, was killed accidently by colleagues this the gunfight. he was responding to an attack sunday on his station by a gunman, police say shooting suspect michael ford dictated a last will and testament minutes before the shooting. the police chief angrily announced the brothers recorded the fire fight on their cell phones. ford was shot during the confrontation, but will survive. they face murder and weapon weapons charges. sarah palin is back in alaska, she is with her husband who is was in a snowmobile crash. >> thank you guys for my
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machine. a big wreck, thank you. >> palin was at an event where you heard her thanking everyone for support. doctors called his condition serious, he is expected to recover. mother ter reis a, the knop who cared for the poorest of saint. pope francis will announce the ceremony. the miracle responsible for the distinction involves the inexplicable cure of a brazilian man suffering from multiple brain tumors. her tomb and former home attracts visitors from around the world everyday. the fist games of the ncaa tournament are today. make your last minute bracket changes now. one report says filling out brackets and watching games will cost employers nearly $4 billion in lost productivity.
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expected to take part the office pools. we have an office pool around here. i take part. >> very close to winning. >> number 3, 4, so i didn't get any. >> i won back in 2009, it was. >> probably the last time unc won? >> yeah. >> if unc wins, bill definitely wins the office pool. if somebody else wins, you know bill lost. he is not ever going to pick anybody else. >> got to be loyal. >> unc alum we understand. >> i did it this year, too. i think they are putting us up. we have the sports poll thing. >> everybody gets to see your bracket. >> i did it. can you believe? >> that's good. >> i'm not going to tell you who i picked. i won't tell bill who i picked. >> not unc.
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talk about. it was not duke. >> we had thunderstorms come through last nite. about. we have cloud cover lingering from that. quickly them. a little bit of sprinkles, still up around wilson or north and east of there, 57 degrees, a little cooler than yesterday. you are not going to notice dramatic change. it's muggy and damp because of the storms. the dew point is 55. humidity 93%. 52 henderson. 50 roxboro. temperatures have not stopped falling. we will drop to the 40s last few mornings we have seen temperatures in the 60s. beginning to see temperatures falling. a big drop in temperatures over the weekend in to next week. its about the temperatures coming up in the next few days. low 50s to the north. 60s south, 61 fayetteville,
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63 goldsboro. everybody will fall in to the 50s through the morning. there goes the rain from last night. hail reports out of the system. the disturbance swinging through, moving out. seeing clearing down around charlotte and the sand hills and back to our south and west, you can expect to see a beautiful day today, maybe just a slim chance of an isolated shower later on this afternoon. it's not going to be anything like we have seen the last couple of nights where we had the storms roll through after sunset. the average was about an inch in diameter. about quarter sized hail, quarter sized hail is the threshold we consider severe, if we have a severe thunderstorm, it has to reach two criteria, quarter sized hail or winds at 60 miles per hour or stronger, it can have both. we ended up with the hail yesterday. 3 miles south of pittsburgh at 73:00. butter in 6:38.
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a couple of reports of hail that was about an inch and three quarter, ping-pong size, quarter size il at rdu. we will see the clouds moving away from us today. plenty of sunshine, looks pretty for us, nice to see that on an election day. the temperatures looking nice for us, too. 76 the high temperature as the polls open this morning, 6:30,s 57 and as they close 69. we are going to see temperatures starting to cool down and the first sort of push of the cool air happens thursday. on st. patricks day cold front comes through, may bring us a sprinkle or two, ushering in the cooler air, highs 60s friday and saturday and then we get in to the 50s on monday. that's a pretty significant drop in our temperatures as we head in to the week and watch that on monday morning, we are looking at temperatures in the mid 30s, which is why we
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while before you start your planting. it maybe a little wet, i-40, u.s. 70 looking good. u.s. 64, 540 looking fine. 8 years of work and this year was the most successful for the apex prom shop. >> how many dresses were na >>bialryon preview of the plot you will see in the passion and hear from the cast. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together,
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and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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the passion tells the story of jesus christ's last hours on earth, with contemporary music, sung by the cast. the show will be shot live in new orleans sunday, jim carlos canella will play jesus and chris daughtry will play judas. >> anything can happen. if someone slips and fall, there is no take two or take three, it's right there. >> i think it inspires people to watch then and not dvr because you are taping a live thing and watching it back later probably doesn't have the same impact. >> with social media you are going to find out what happened. you want to witness on the spot what happened. you don't find out by a post or a tweet.
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for our entertainment industry and excites us as artists and performers baa you can't replicate a performance live where you can feed from the audience like we do when we tour. >> watch the passion live on fox 50 sunday at 8:00 p.m. the apex prom shop was a big disease, provided free prom -- big success, they provided prom attire for students in need. 1800 dresses were donated. the prom shop gave away 700. more than 100 high schools took part in the program. the prom shop says in 8 yearses this was by far the most successful. coming up in next half hour today is the first time voters across north carolina will be asked to show a photo id. life with with you need to know to go to the polls in the primary election. >> raleigh's police officers
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also, where a lightning
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