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tv   Today  NBC  March 16, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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arinyee th rq on e carpet, amon ows oem > s o favrit ch, id s er raoped n. >>go m. lcpp ou ernsuhan vur > weeg >uy. ett aer cho tod.hoas ! we'vene before plems maoooe th. o,it weon u nc we4 >> lled la nigi isod a 2 >veryb of tweall h bt perswheabout chr"na yeaut >>nk y
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>>s mo, 't nr. sarteden ut itdon. my smach was ur s txity ear wgo brek. > we d k 00.t t i . >> t w. >> ah happened. ben thi e nt ttloas shy w28lswe'ro e na nentiould nt de wve w o lnt-jd - lau she lovbo hathsu ent mo dad. > , >> ktos mm a he t ththe d nd eyactll be rlaregem. lauren is olfec eally ed whme they heseth urha'hiew. took hat he sic engage
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pick.thfipeon- c be sme rin r eear sso. >es s sethio you in n don y rongn ervel firs mn out of t heliopt to the nal ro i jo-joteverood si s'sehappens p joo.ste onth 'vly bes ed,ut m tav esomty h. dnno fin ndou bu fod mor n'evnnohrt n
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tht ubes ndthmage lifehome. wheng? r d.m autnee wrry me and as seboa of j buatwucv > geng earn il nt se m . > i . >>asasoi toe r. o, no e. e it tn s ry rs > dsad he thwbu he saido lo sne. >>t une a high shol-'ongg t h ene fte t a now whaed? >> laur goth icone hgd sig tlookat h e
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mollih.o n. ou. lren,an ret h wil marry elaen >a you're myon u per y l adie? tstr >aluc >amjo tis wholim t we actuerteahd. ythe fd t eeal n
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e h neachelore ojo has oialmedth.hrn e eytostatgawayhae dun w?ainoveh ot >>s ve rlbee se kh'si be rtf e n't relyack t e de coulde sae mend how you did u ee nhe b su >>whherea? > >now, > >on ou my peroo uromi wasn n. >>yo' mprsn, toanda, e g o tht'ly t >> wh we hve t fowto n y. wequ a w find outwempwitn.
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buzz e t' a lae, b -- wold outbe a ormaown? whas y s >> wur sigge. > s o >t's s e omp et vei ounot going toievet go a por b y s ulmake t erecle th two would neverw each ohndouave lo e n'tth uld o g l dtthink o.kay>but wishe m theldi you
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>>d e uri re. nisll he herth wsqun. srec d >> a iiinawa sfi. w ae h ah ff our s.habacaan s g- >>re she'do is ntamen >> a tr. avrw. of eg he eleole. hidaht been and hped s at wiai >>'m aunce t evoat ee cone n. e sur eeboou the d ts t ve vanl ewih th sae r op about. g t t inthe winey
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eyaccdo rhires e netwc t foutinprovdo atfehir al w onef e. was. >> tgohelpede ir nwor xly > hppy et tula w, hin ll blayinf tans.s playigl, withe bl w numbegoin 91 >ly shldpoiout,l ye airyqueens$0 for r osersol >>l es wi a a edurbu'al ht beh . mto lave is whou e? > ag veu lvt dev. il. daernis's aittlebi aout
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hendoueone meo'eeli hai el on k s exe ut ai wite . >>eof uzo. dirc rnk he i we t he ae es . bycute. t'. > so a a headah oay. ve tint. > ias h. >i'lbdyinminut >osare l hpe at arn't ere the mor se i o textisyou too. i alwayh ynsing thetro. st wha onirt cl atle tsrrible. does t wise y le w ershod go bk 13 1s angure they'rei ng i tha sl mai
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yes,s d. hyoure thites his amaad v 'se os ouk'sauto oy d allth they ep with oto be nty fetou thsisaieine "livha >> lo a tn acice o aa g toap.rg. y'e ggtoe ynte e>> attunii o inorln trde. i wha at's awe e fe o >f ir wh we givt >> min her. sewg me wild .
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aidott t t, an' hat s an icon aen >> t doera wwon't, dtell faihe' s." rmsea rema be rec shey "e hat irst o owre you ' mg. p ife. log tll h mre erlig e mip e hl. otidg. iisomuu t loa on what you ght o whohte nnfus ife -->>ho pas li y a nt forsak and o i ve atc ato se
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> when o vshorterm mory, at' tte mm k, yo - m l evethg childoobutfeme io. > 's ot > and i'ine ee, try,ee astdth etec n'vi 's comg csc. >> tnar is speciothangl wit >oteu eerg ti i g . >> aknt pty >oms w whayoosuer o. ii rewewe shootng ond u ghee lp the
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itie o tha n ofl oughthis me happe tsyour kind tng >>w ? >erodtoldenot th'tny g whei cse,you moe r bu dn'tenyy tt. ed l t my ifimes ilantis t about e cices. two eesee n nthme e t. igha super l ofait wayognt nd ths? eerybyaid.evof ps ng usseyn tank. b es sai w grnkohe b e ne, sa d o >w
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hey say n'eing ue we en' netbodontowow. >> iwai t su. 'n>> its kind of funn,s 's de lhe on n > ion't kohiy ea >rl.d e i er ug be doig a e ney d t ag andldaug i midf te eh lyt ao ta col dola thiound g leeugd c't
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ss sond i lok acbsunde.we tnbop wreers ghadhesege rsfirstn talke yo y he erllinr had ok asprin >h t thechclingof your dwd stat wmha eu hn ois ary >>o. lo hat. itwa4. hned rehboan onmade me the undsthe gr ha weon he mddl hedleo. >> went on with rearl.ali cok ing tatsm t. idd.blee] fr oth
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exreatgs and a e lot mo >> it's booze day tuesday, also known as brain teaser tuesday, also known as spanky tuesday. before the break, we gave you this question. >> fill in the blank with one word to make two phrases. second-hand smoke detector. >> hoda got it right away. do you know who is always smoking hot wherever she goes? >> dame helen mirren. she won so many awards during her legendary career, including an oscar for the queen. i got to sit down with helen on the set of "eye in the sky" where she plays a colonel. take a look. >> two suicide bombers andhe very high value individuals. >> the rules of engagement you're operating under is to capture, not a kill scenario. ma'am, i think it would be wise to refer up. >> are you telling me that or just debating with me? >> to refer up?
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>> i am telling you. >> oh. >> ooh. >> hello to you. >> she's cross about that. >> she is. now was this originally supposed to be that of a man? >> it was written for a man. >> how did it change things when you stepped in? >> nothing changed on the page at all. i mean, it absolutely fell into place. i think the only thing that it slightly -- it made the moral dilemma that you see played out in the movie kind of more poignant, more potent if you like, it being a woman having to make those decisions. >> it's about a terrorist and the question is, do you capture, do you kill and how do you do it? >> yes, it's very much about the whole issue of drone warfare. it's so interesting that suddenly in the news and in the public awareness it's becoming this growing awareness of what drone warfare really is and how it's prosecuted, how it's managed.
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very much about that. and it's about the appalling sort of moral decisions that constantly have to be made in war. >> you're so multifaceted. i'm looking at you in this gorgeous dress and all i can think of is most of the time when kathie lee and i show you on the air, you're in a smoking hot bikini. we showed you the other day wearing a cool weather jacket, very hip. i look at your hand and i see a tattoo. right? >> i do have a tattoo. very, very old tattoo. >> how long ago did you get that one? >> i used to tell people i got it in prison before my sex change. [ laughter ] >> so why did you get it? >> i got it because i was drunk, in america, on an indian reservation in minnesota and a girl did it for me. it was unbelievably painful. it's quite spiritual. it's equal and opposite. fun he enough, speaking to what
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is to see the people who are so different from you as basically being your equal, of equal value with yourself. that's sort of what it means. >> you have a wonderful life outside of the movies, too. you have a delicious husband. >> i do. shooting right here in new york, shooting a movie with robert deniro. and i'm shooting parallel with will smith. >> fantastic. so do you two of you at the end of the day, you're shooting your stuff, he's doing his stuff. you get together at the end of the day, do you talk work or put work aside? >> how did it go, darling? did you get your day, i always say to taylor. the only time i pray to god is when taylor's shooting and i pray for the weather to be right. because if there isn't snow or it doesn't rain when it needs to rain, you know, the whole schedule. so i do pray to god for my husband's schedule. but, no, it's fun.
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details. did you get your day? was it okay? were there problems? we share the difficulties. >> falling in love at 40, in that range, was that about the >> 38. >> 38. is he the love of your life? i mean, falling in love at that age, 38? >> yeah. i guess. because, you know, don't have much life left, do i? i hope he's the love of my life. who knows. you never know what the future may bring. no, i mean -- no. i recognize the great thing about finding a partnership, let's say, a partnership later on is that you recognize it as such. you recognize the partnership level of this relationship as much as the love and the lust and all the rest of it. >> thank you so much, just for, one, being part of our show, even when you don't know you're part of our show, and for inspiring people when you don't realize.
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>> she was asking about you like crazy. i said, she'll be back this week. "eye in the sky" is in theaters this week. they go together like bogey and bacall. >> what's for dinner? >> pork chops and apple sauce. >> right after ths.i' got thacrea noit's, uhbreyerge indulgences it l like eam. not i hae? urealuldn't le it 's gameland crstuf i liamel d crstuff. 's not for kid i'a grown- brergelaulge creamyo, rrame toppedh cry curl 'say beyond ice cream. ugh! heartburn no oneurns on wch! trka-s heaburn reliefchew work st and don taste chalky hearn.
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t'usoil>poonorwo d. n've gerem heate.'rstwetohe togellou i will. >>e'ing >i >> tour uc it ochoth, vin i r n ye w, ka i'mje laged ly. s eey. this arts to thvinegusoo a wick >>thwhat ing utast quite su. ereor a >> gext to t> r.abt tthree e and ad po cht thing. pui tea fivoevemnyou
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>> cppe e. oes tha i le s. uty. that'smy ta itt l.he, lfthekins ry rf, gh d wou in the te ani' a t uweeted pluc kahieleou d the suar appl juice ou. a scem noeyo athsswthea? arju eansome cmo poa. hi ovcok abo40 mite starbe rl> sm an tht youdo t > t.ingn a livla eis- esta o >> there gesll u' dngreat >> msh! >> ito make because t nxtday s ashs rlly iou tmulpose sidedis
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ea he h -- >> mpledrrotorop, app uce ecyou doh den in s? >> t kow >>rve iithese, d cee orfuanhaoonia>>kisheeit, ? xa. u'veot. elicio. >> u it?amazing, igt?>>i reidaea. es junirih ool. laghr >>her ttomod.y. isons notheryou won'l
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lita ce temns i toldyou mono m faorie snreible, ths oklvs athe s thwo >> >>eusalngarn mpre ce a larger tan lifeicon urnerea e r >> eing ur, onak " ems h." so great to see you again. so excited for this book to be out. un to hgem ria aull el ary liksso cnaingn oright edryinnot t s wad. a k thenc naof er cd etho was is fhiasnv in t toulove
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sdot knmorn ds.isakor oro thebetvwackes ely fuly a and see thisn. > ofpretbod wey bs e nd wprt ithr hing t pae dda b t >u'r g at s a . > yove historyts dramat, t charksctrs and ul ale, ari. e a ngth ataw maial harhistoy, it up. it totdishorcon >oyn't beve it 'rg i ury iasica > hungn. ka ngst wheo bck sorhiph.
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itn borayoodbye on is pareboo makfiveie vy y >>as me o ay. ve >> lmos100uha eteed fispe h is- thsoan dn m >onoh pi is all it tenjessos t ia >> yo wneris wh >>etresvle, rogersr ill, f >> lo
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don i'e -ld oe homasnott, ta. >> lan ikahe omcane,svi w weant expaintele, ough ye er e foclerules an regulas o anco after coutton. n ow,eve actrs rita wilson, whoh a rformance for us. and more people. plus the very fnny father and son, eugene and daniel levy. we love . >> shopping bags with gdgets. just do it, do it! you kow ou missed it. >> i id.the , continwn ggt sorie tra day. >>umoth baheloree'ycontrover pleaseel n
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> bc cdere t ache chtetig. at in her hometown in anrrashito sds f.>>thrgwe tefa's gavinft d,nsi her dva odnd how he's gi pluurnsr"nus. ngo's father and sister relive their nightmare the people versus oj simpson. >> that's always haunted me. a days after her funeral, only we can take you inside the $33 million mans nancy reagan shared with her husband.


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