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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 18, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applae ]>> sh:loevybody! wee ck eap bandver er [ eers ande f ougheeth drr net two ic ea jamndndgarden, tt, y!nde ahaother band tecommando t their de lealnond surecah matour thaming l 8th al ana grea weektt laus ret night," a team ofal s,tatistican af om rdbrg you a ttle seent we ll, "tweekmber plauh:et's getrted
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12e e justinie st tce.laugnd a , e mb ostates donaldasono 57, the number of states he claims to have won so far. [ laughter ] 350, the percent spike in americans googling, "how can i move to canada after trump's super tuesday victory?" 350, the percent spike in canadians googling, "how can we move canada after trump's super tuesday victory?" [ laughter and applause ] 12, the number of threes steph curry nailed this week. also 12, the number of tens leonardo dicaprio nailed this week. [ cheers and applause ] wee esng .35, the number of ounces in this container of vaseline lip balm. 14, the number of containers of vaseline lip balm needed for steven tyler's lips. [ laughter and applause ] 777, the number of delegates hillary clinton needs to win to in order to become the
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12,345,241, the number of times hillary has refreshed the delegate count page on [ laughter and applause ] [ laughter ] one, the number of glasses of wine to per day needed to maintain a healthy heart. three, the number of glasses of wine per day needed to maintain a healthy sense of contempt for your ex-boyfriend as you scroll through his facebook page. [ applause ] 5.5, the average number of grandchildren a grandparent has. 5.5, the years it feels like since one of them called. [ crowd oh's ] oh, come on. she looks like a bummer. [ laughter ] nine. move on. nine, the number of levels of consciousness there are according to buddhism. zero, the number of levels of consciousness there are according to ben carson. [ laughter and applause ] 29 million, the number of
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and applae et w bte ght,er r rst nigh a goldlobengctss you knroe sh "a" heil goinon0" and buye." her last pacs heais iters w. takek. this fouh me h >> tn't eflu heroat'se 'cau's be thrg up forks. >> well,a'amhe dto at'sagno soif yexcu i h otheen i need toee >>xcusthist ac refl not e intont. there'thing wi o lileirl. >>rs. beu needcalm wn. o, ym do u fianotctor you run ore sts.
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unl i know what's wronth my daughter! >> seth: please welcome to the show, jennifer garner. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> look at you here. >> seth: it's always so nice to see you. >> so nice to see you. >> seth: so, congrats on the film. this is based on a "new york times" best-selling book. >> yes. i'm sorry. >> seth: oh, did you do that? >> yeah. sorry. i'm so glad that's not food from this morning. >> i know i don't want that. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's eggs? oh, no. if it's eggs it's from this morning. >> yes. it just hit the "new york times" best selling list yesterday. number five. >> seth: that's very exciting. >> that's really exciting. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's great. >> seth: and so -- and was this a book that you knew of before the film? it's actually the fastest turnover from book to movie i think in history. i could be wrong, don't quote me on that.
1:03 am
read the script. or if it was it was just at the beginning. >> seth: well that's exciting. >> yeah. >> seth: it must be nice to be involved in a property so quickly like that. >> it is. and the girl in the book is now just a couple years older so it feels all very current to the family. >> seth: that's exciting. now you of course are also, you play mother in the film, obviously. you're a mother in real life. >> i am. >> seth: i'm about to become a father. was there any advice you got or is there any advice you wish someone had given to you before you had your first? >> um, gosh, everyone gives you so much advice, right? >> seth: there's a lot of unsolicited advice. [ laughter ] >> there are a lot of experts out there. >> seth: yes. >> and as much as you think that you -- okay, i'm gonna follow what this person says, i'm gonna follow what that person says, i'm gonna read this book, and i'm gonna have this birth plan. it's not up to you, dude. [ laughter ] >> seth: did you read all the books? >> i did it all. but it doesn't matter. let it go. don't worry about it. you're gonna struggle, it's going to suck, just like for everyone else. >> seth: okay, great. [ laughter ] so i then -- >> right? >> seth: based on what you told me, i could go back to my wife, who has just been piling up a
1:04 am
"look, this doesn't matter." >> she can't help it. god bless her, she cannot help it. >> seth: yeah. >> you do not say that to her. >> seth: okay, cool. >> do not say that to her. >> seth: i've pret mh opped saying anything to her. [ laughter ] >> yes. great, yes. >> seth: yeah. >> very -- yeah, i'm so glad you mentioned that. i would never do that to you. >> seth: okay. >> no. treat this with caution. you know. >> seth: yes. >> be very, very careful. just know in your head, this is all gonna go to hell in a hand basket. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] we're getting closer because my wife has had this real blissful arc. she's becoming a bit more and i forgot to fill up the humidifier the other night. to getting a divorce. [ laughter ] >> you shouldn't have just said that on tv. >> seth: no, she'll be happy. >> you know what, it's dangerous. right now you should just ix-nay you know what i mean? >> seth: by the way i love that this show. [ laughter and applause ] is part of her routine. >> i understand, i really understand.
1:05 am
the show, "alias" that you did. and we have two "alias" people on the show tonight, because melissa was also on. >> i know. oh, i wish melissa was right here with me. >> seth: i'm so sorry. >> we could do it together. >> seth: we could do it together, except i don't know if she'd make it out on time. how did that -- so you had done "felicity" with j.j. >> i had done "felicity" with j.j. >> seth: which is very different than "alias." >> so different. i had never done anything like "alias." i had never even imagined doing anything like "alias" at the time. i'd never been in a fight certainly, except with my sisters. [ light laughter ] and j.j. said to me, "i've written this story with you in mind, this script, but you have to audition for it." course. i mean, of course i'll audition for it." so it was five auditions. and each one -- each audition was about an hour long. and he would take me from crime scenes to this scene. to learn how to fight." and i said, "yeah. yeah." [ laughter ] really. >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, i guess it existed, but i didn't use it. >> seth: and before the internet, no one had any reason to fight. [ laughter ]
1:06 am
but i didn't know how to look up somebody to teach me to -- i mean i just used the yellow pages. >> seth: right. >> and i went to the person with the biggest ad. i called them up and said, "can >> seth: uh-huh. >> then i went to see him every day and he -- at one point i remember -- >> seth: what sort of, so he was like a -- >> he was a karate -- i guess. i mean, i guess. >> seth: you were obviously a great student. [ laughter ] >> he was so hard core that at one point, he put me in the splits, you know. and he sat on me. and i said, master -- >> seth: he sat on your shoulders? >> yeah, he kinda sat on my back to force me into -- i said you're gonna pull my muscles. you're gonna -- he just was -- he said to me, "water flows down." meaning, i tell you what you're gonna do. >> seth: wow. >> it was such like a karate kid moment. >> seth: it's obvious his career only flourished in a time before yelp reviews. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> seth: i think once the internet started people said, "this guy is definitely, might not know fully what he's talking about. >> right. you're right. you're right. >> seth: you were so kick ass on that show. >> oh, thank you.
1:07 am
early career, it maybe would not have been easy to predict how "alias." so you were full marching band, yes? >> absolutely. >> seth: and this -- you don't -- >> oh. >> seth: look at that. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. yes. >> seth: did you -- so you were saxophone? >> b flat alto saxophone. this is sally right here. >> seth: okay. >> this is the john adams junior high marching band. >> seth: i'm sorry, is sally the name of the saxophone? >> yes. >> seth: okay, well -- [ laughter ] there are people in the photo as well. >> i mean, sally the sexy saxophone but you can call her sally if you want. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> okay? >> seth: sure. >> that's dave foster. >> seth: okay. >> he was a trumpet. oh, maybe that's not -- yep. nope, yep, there he is. >> seth: okay. >> so anyway, yes, this is parade formation. clearly, i'm breaking parade formation to wave to my mom or something. >> seth: yeah. >> but you always -- >> seth: would you get punished for that if you got caught? >> yeah. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: what was band punishment?
1:08 am
and you had to -- you know when you walk in a parade you have to really smoothly go heel-toe? >> seth: i did not. >> did you not? because you don't want to jostle your instrument. >> seth: sure, sure, okay. >> you know what i'm saying? >> seth: obviously so it's real -- >> right. >> seth: yeah. >> so you have to go a smooth heel-toe, so you want a steady gate. >> seth: yep, okay. >> you wanna key off of the person to your right, 'cause you want a straight line. >> seth: yep. >> right? >> seth: yes. >> okay. and then you walk like this at rest. which i was clearly at rest. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and then when the person in front does whatever, goes like that. you go -- >> seth: okay. >> all at once. you cannot mess around. it's got to be -- [ laughter ] >> seth: and i will say, when i watch marching bands, i'm very impressed by the precision. and this does not come easily. there's a lot of repetition. >> absolutely not. you go to band camp. >> seth: uh-huh. >> you stand in the sun and you practice marching at the same -- you know, everyone has to have the same steady level of gate. and it's not easy, seth. >> seth: i didn't say it was, jennifer. [ laughter ] and i resent that you did. and now, where is sally the sexy saxophone now? >> well, i lost her. >> seth: okay, well. [ laughter ] >> but i don't know where she is.
1:09 am
>> yeah. >> seth: obviously you cared about her very deeply. >> i did, yep. [ laughter ] >> seth: you know where your kids are, all three of them, yes? >> in theory. [ laughter ] >> seth: thank you so much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: always so great to see you. jennifer garner, everybody. "miracles from heaven" is in theaters now. we'll be right back with thomas middleditch. [ cheers and applause ] man, i might just chill tonight.ppymkeaby. ppymony... ppymonke.. ymonyby...pupp .mony. ...b uppymonkeybaby.. ymaby. moun dew kksrt.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is an actor and comedian who stars in the golden globe-nominated series "silicon valley," which returns april 24th on hbo. you can also see him in the
1:14 am
let's take a look. >> t -- ou pe dn your b? tt fm no. carl frhe bark? no. gas sta dan >> tor-rteguy? n froqu [le ] gototh a no >>et pomback to sh, friend ed. ch ala uddyfter all that, j the c.eteah. la ance and thetotahe y wa t e gree gratil you. ts o-- i hear re
1:15 am
ught ] gat. >>. hut the ho for you. laer mei y s out of yr s, u rver >>ow, y, p it you shotvie hio. yoife rk on vias n e roep >> yeah. syoguys tk heers go. y ohio. >>h:out sh >> wl,ea y know, fst a stop at, the eastasacti ih chrse ] d th we di-- y ouelveving a passfo r lil anothes vacation >> ska youw? et expin amo's onon >> well,e amun lbed breaas eth:h-huh. >>up. thetheoe stin bed anast lik have theirms and tts.
1:16 am
we we g tfa. kw in a cry ike wewn the , inheowwe wee drg own and li bugg aorse andgyas next t crut erng liho dudes setea[ er ] thock. hend roll. they rock, nd . sut you h ad oval hat time. ur personal >>et ug ]>> ande we t f thju. odo i knrn eryo'sind. ty or answ id essa q? y >>y. [ >>h:s rede one >>et pretty th alrit. ea >>h: iut isi rsmet ind e of td ci -usheater co cit
1:17 am
>> >> set you were onthcr yh. th ha al sees iyou'ree of their s ysee secociw. >> uh-huh. >>nd is r i ve buits a zae li reat s- avt cora month >> yeah.t raarke hs. anyoreeaot reli , cat espe t iklun. et [ ug >> and the ahese ta we hike inda le, owe hasomein ca btatu s u'inda like can do an yanet htu , g ugs. >> seth:y.[ gh i e ri >>etrd c't g ou druof >> >> s o i dave to dall my acroin oe dehter ]en- [ n'geen bck . i thk pe b t
1:18 am
all the thre oruus ike don wa g te.ea s wst cal wh it >> pe sie term- too lo and ahere'al f baro sit too- t baheudto >>eth: w i m, ppy et gch >>etig gng tlet th y,, i eth: g i >> l lks thing. i'm "no." etikat you l tohe mosinint jumd >> seth:lk abouta li ander ente t do te toet t pt.l, iean, a fd of mine, you , enr sad hom, thind e.d u kn, theynged f gs you knowin aron wei
1:19 am
iserotic po ara it![ la ] utar on pua margarit i who you to do nipua a l it t arita.>> seth: 'cathoua t of. >> a on it. ok. >> sep erwe go. it ed ed ri.>>h:rede >>h. >>taboutderick use t sson "sicon vy," so y ogians th aroufricd them sndowould y deri fre erd you get e idea >> okay.
1:20 am
cain erth colge riostation caed kxlu, andrdtuff raom sff d lad a lyat so kewh t and com 3." kaumber three. ye anecipr it. by fnce e' a fren sgehis her anit. she wit he do w- >>h,e ha theli>>i w wikhat his? oked i une ub n a m at la songwritinetn ro won be described as eastiz >>et >> 'o ur llee. seth:ete
1:21 am
- that u kn [ ught ] eteah. orn a bo ing ne keamtw knowteirsig is ryvent >>h: a sreat codi w 's kind of l's t rease rmanumoryoknow. >> >> theno for the comedy eth: all r a he'llt's m bi >> ska >> wl, >>etet's shoreal qui eder play lenkling deparenha we les hece on laught ] od-bld.iddi. i would nehedon'
1:22 am
[ ht>> set o sw weet i >>n ism be ke it'ly>>eah atompo hate you bi t's assing time on t. itken half chga soit's prey owobrvional prk, mbe pp cody is one. dis. sy. d't t >>et i can juss. oh whicca? i'llo it righto camera. ea let'so it right the it ove two. oka iminif thidn pre in theaityed ctly iyo that wld be co lighlaht tt was g [ >>ayhave no smile. >> seth: would it >>inwa
1:23 am
>>eth:kahopehis dot ve sog othe itug apau>> s prettrigh >>hame>>etnkback, bu >>f h:t'alwa to see u. >>nk having >> s tmas di evyb [ ee appus as"silicalesl ohbo. henzinisfrid. 'lbek th lia geor chrsnd appla (bat f, ween most ething,soow hcovest hing ev a sg pool p (paric)(strti
1:24 am
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tuy beautibies. blding gum u y thin's a rt of hingard. not.
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early gum disease in just two weeks. erine( to yuth [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guest is a golden globe-nominated actress who stars in the upcoming medical drama, "heartbeat,"
1:29 am
nbc. leke a l t's t? >> low. tell donclea d get me that ar >> rway,ocr. callaha b her >> hey >> wano a terotopic ansp. don't we that'sotoingppen her pnary pressures a too i danrthotopic tran it we abpumpinst ind ssure. can dohis. >> alex, tre are fr door inorld w know w do thisraon. >> i'll be five. >> seth: please welcome to the show, melissa george. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> hi, how are you? >> seth: i'm good, welcome. >> thank you. >> seth: so, we can tell from the clip there, you play a heart surgeon. >> i do. >> seth: and you did the research. you actually went and watched a heart operation, yes? >> i did.
1:30 am
paris. and i put i was just there to watch, you know, just to have a conversation have a conversation with the doctor. and i walk in and i see a man, 70 years old, under the sheet, ready to be cut open. >> seth: now, see, i would get lost. >> oh, no, there was a "what are you doing here?" way. >> and she said, "i'm just here if you fall." >> seth: oh, wow. >> "if you pass out." >> seth: because they thought that you maybe would get queasy, >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: so you stayed and procedure? >> i stayed and watched the whole thing, and it was about seven, eight hours long. >> seth: oh, my god. >> you know, we cut him open. i saw the beating heart. >> seth: i feel like in america, you're not allowed to just have an actor in the room. >> oh, no -- [ laughter ] >> seth: i feel like that's a french thing. "would you like an actor in the room to watch?" [ laughter ] >> when he woke up, the guy was like -- they told him, you know, that i was there watching him. he was very happy, but it was crazy. i just remember watching all of that and thinking how hungry i am. >> seth: no. [ laughter ] >> it made me so hungry. >> seth: oh, no. you're hannibal lecter. [ laughter ] >> i just wanted to eat like --
1:31 am
i'm looking around, like, "is there any hamburgers here?" >> seth: yeah, oh, my goodness. >> yeah, it was great. >> seth: well, you learned a lot. you learned more about yourself than the guy who got the surgery did, i think. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: and is it true that you had to go to a fashion show directly after you saw seven hours of surgery? >> yeah, so they're cutting him open, and bone dust is just going everywhere. it's in my eyebrows. it's on my face. it's everywhere and i just kept -- >> seth: bone dust is very in. >> it is very in. [ laughter ] >> seth: when you can bone dust yourself, legally, it's a very hot look right now. [ laughter ] >> so, i got home and had to shower to get the bone dust out of my eyes because i had the christian dior fashion show. >> seth: oh, my goodness. >> and i'm sitting there in the front row, looking at everyone's hot, underneath their shirt, going, "i know exactly what you look like inside." >> seth: "you're all the same. you could dress up as much as much as you want, all your insides look the same." >> you all look the same. >> seth: you had a very exciting visitor to the set. john kerry stopped by. how does someone like john kerry end up on the set of your show?
1:32 am
they were producing the show. and there's the man, himself. >> seth: now, i feel that almost more interesting is the fact set. >> actually, this is a chimps eat monkeys. >> seth: oh, chimps eat monkeys? call it a monkey. >> seth: really? >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and he was very -- in case you needed to know. >> seth: right. >> so we -- he was very, very -- he was spitting a lot. and i said to the trainer -- >> seth: that's right. john kerry or the monkey? >> john kerry was spitting. [ laughter ] so, the chimpanzee was spitting a lot. i said to the trainer, "what's wrong?" and the trainer just said, "he's bored." >> seth: that's it? >> yeah, john kerry was talking a lot. and we were all just there. >> seth: and the chimp just started spitting? >> and the chimp was spitting, and he was bored. [ laughter ] >> seth: wow. i will admit, that's where the chimpanzee has the advantage over the human when jo kerry is talking. [ laughter ] you, obviously, playing a heart surgeon, that's a high-pressure job. you know pressure, though.
1:33 am
younger days, you were a competitive roller skater? >> i was a very -- yes. i was second in the junior worlds, in the national titles as well, for artistic roller skating. [ applause ] >> seth: artistic roller skating? >> thank you. >> seth: so, it's sort of -- >> we don't go straight. we don't go straight. >> seth: okay. >> we do tricks. >> seth: so figure skating, but on roller skates? >> figure skating with costumes, and my mother would speak when all the little -- you know. >> seth: cue a song of your choice, and you would do a routine? >> yes, but no lyrics. just, you know, music. >> seth: of course. >> and, i came second, and i was very upset about that. >> seth: oh, so you're competitive. did you find out why -- >> yeah. there's a picture of me on the podium. when i come first, and i'm super elated, and then, there's like, when i come in second, i'm like this, you know, like -- >> seth: really, so you're a bad sport? >> i am a bad sport. [ laughter ] >> seth: what was -- >> i'm sorry. i wanted to win. >> seth: what made you get out of the roller skating game? >> well, i came second, and the reason i came second was because my leotard was -- i did, like, a special trick. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and my leotard went up my front bottom -- >> seth: okay. >> and back bottom at the same time. >> seth: so you double-wedgied yourself. [ laughter ] >> i double-wedgied myself. >> seth: and that is something that the judges can deduct points for? >> this woman, one of the
1:34 am
double wedgie. >> seth: really? >> and i got points deducted, and i came second. >> seth: and then you just walked away from it? >> so i walked away and became an actress. >> seth: there you go. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and now, everything's allowed. >> i can have wedgies. >> seth: you can have anything you want. >> i can have any wedgie i want. >> seth: well, congratulations on the show. i'm looking forward to the premiere. >> thank you. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: melissa george, everybody! "heartbeat" premieres march 23rd on nbc. we'll be right back!
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