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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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anday abo this ws rnino and n coat. th b wier coa a wore i t rng. e and since i n i coulisndmpatur i t, and it'sea b c ow, this is g tim binte coa thoh we pwi only ybt tomorrow an wean itwar the ref ar u rutoe iz morning. it's still a little bit damp out there you can see on the tarmac, around rdu and our temperatures are in the 30s this morning around the triangle. 39 in cary and wake forest, as well as durham, holly springs, duck horn and at the tv studios. up in virginia, 37 in south hills, 36 in roxboro, 39 in
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fayetteville, so chilly, chilly out there this morning, and especially since we've gotten used to those warm temperatures. mid-30s here at 8 a.m., 49 at lunchtime, the high of 56, which is a little bit warmer than yesterday, plus we'll have the sunshine. it's going to be breezy and the breeze will be chilly and tonight we have a frost advisory in effect. i'll tell you more about that in a few minutes. tar is here, talking about traffic, and last time it was pretty quiet. >> still the case as we take a live look at the commute. we are delay and accident free all at the point of the morning so that is some good news. as we look at the drive from u.s. 1 at cary parkway, people are out and about at 6:01. no delays or accidents in that area. things are also clear at u.s. 2
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is just six minutes. bill and renee. and today, president obama meets with president castro. >> the leader of the free world, and one of the last communist leaders will sit down improving some deep differences. >> renee, bill, good morning from havana, cuba, where later today president obama will break an 88-year code of silence between the u.s. and cuba their talks delivering a message of hope for many in this island nation. after a visit to old havana yesterday, including a stop at the famous cathedral with first lady michelle and daughters sasha and malea, this morning, president obama will focus on the business to the tourist and renouxed relationship between cuba and his country and will lay a wreath at the memorial, and honored as a hero in his
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and there will be an official state welcome from cuban state.castro and bilaterally meeting where the president says he'll be quote candid about areas of agreement, including human rights topics. the two sides are talking again is the most important factor. >> yes, it's interesting it's a historic trip and it's been 50 years without relations with the north american government. >> reporter: third generation cabdriver, hopes the president will talk a close look at the country she's so proud of. i'd like that he get to know our country, how beautiful it is. its tourist attraction to share with everyone else. >> a beauty and culture hidden from most americans for more than 50 years. >> reporter: travel still very limited. the state department will not issue a tourist visa and of
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effect between the two countries. many see this visit as the first step towards easing relations and restrictions here. wral news. >> wral's leyla santiago is live and will have live reports starting in our newscast at 4:00 on wral. you can follow or journey on >> and donald trump says he'll release a list of potential supreme court nominees. he said he'll give a list of knife or ten judges he would nominate. he said that should ease concerns he might pick judges tens too liberal, and sen. republicans say they're not hold a hearing on merrick garland's election now or after the election. a woman charged in connection with a crash that
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hospital is due in court. donnie marie williams is facing several charges including reckless driving, stemming from a february crash on massen gale engale road. they suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. an attorney for a teen whose deportation is on hold plans to file a lawsuit this morning. acosta got a reprieve over the weekend. back in january, i c.e. agents picked up acosta while he was on his way to school. since then, family members, fellow students, teachers and members of the community have all called for action to stop his deportation. the group also gained support from congressman butterfield. yesterday the director of immigration and customsen forcement announced he would not be deported allowing time to hold an appeal, and held a rally to support him.
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so we're going to keep pushing until we have weldon back home here. and that's the end result that we want, is for weldon to live safely here in the united states with his family where he should be. >> his family says they fear he could be harmed or killed by gangs if he returns home. he's currently being held in georgia. and a fort bragg soldier accused of killing a woman in panama, velez was assigned to the third special forces group, and was conducting training in panama when he killed a 25-year-old woman in june of 2014. at the time, the social media said they were involved. 24 ryan walker of haute mills was charged with a fatal shooting in landsville road saturday night.
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what died from a gunshot wound to the chest. they're listed as soldiers in the 82nd airborne. police have not released a motive and is being held in the cumberland detention center. and enough pluto nium is
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what he was . it is 6:09. temperatures are in the 30s. it's not cold enough to have any frozen spots on the roads. notice this wet spot. people on salem are driving through this puddle. and we had some showers overnight, but we're drying out. 36 in roxboro, and garner and wake forest. it's not quite as quite easy cold as yesterday. the wind's going to make it feel really chilly. 36 this morning, coat weather at
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climb into the mid-50s this afternoon. frost advisory, more about that coming up. thanks elizabeth. salah abdelslam was planning more attacks from brussels and had access to several weapons. he was captured friday following a shootout with brussels. he's charged with terrorist murder and his attorney says france. new overnight, north korea has fired five more missiles into the waters off its east coast. this news from south korea's news agency comes three days after the north fired a medium range missile into the sea for the first time since early 2014. south korea's military is investigating this morning. the launches are in response to the u.s. and south koreajoint exercises.
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to make dozens of bombs. ships arrived to transport the storage under a bilateral agreement. the ships are fitted with naval guns and other protection. at least one group in south carolina is questioning why it needs to be stored in north carolina. and a costly special session will be called for, to stop the law that would allow transgender individuals to use public restrooms responding to their gent gender identity. >> and it has been a fascination for several days, the hatchings
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ortee wld b fewesle b showers we'll talk in me detail in half an hour. traffic this morning, i still looks quit oat your map so far so good we're starting to see me brake lights as wealk a ok at the clayton bypass, we're starting toee some of thatongestion at 621im monday morning. we'll a look a little bit further along-40, t ea bh dti osausag. sl t t at tntt e - t . caeitor eshe westbound lanes are the taillights that you see the hailights, and nmajo dela taking eight mites from 440 to u.s. 1 at thisoi in
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wide look you're all clear in rham, as well as theeltline and the 540. back to you. a new record for the acc, maybee should call it t awesome post conference. next how nre dame pulled out a nail bite to joinive other
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yo can s tain boss the artte ar a tord our region. we'renoy to s muct. st ohatis'rnn seclring is tre. ce fol t hethan see snow, u lntingpottendo se ousteablsnas atf . i'nosuretir latestasw there wiout,etaklot - ther ourif sshot a yan s sumixed ve 'ld ith me conditions aos t reg and doec t see tt, mtehe y9 i cntperature. ntat5. our h 8ures aosthe etlly, but weereta aendof
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tomorrow, we're lograre cse freeng, evenrhant i ght sost asohat' in et fo tomor tuesednesdaytothuray'lgeohe ekenanks litensettled frad effectmo mreezingto t-30sro lyhat' e g . ti te rt ts cass l tay dowo har 56, gh ps upgror wleayig3.30, , is at ile ce sat the aibly neathotear a recd a reco low, but we'll havehose frosty conditions psiblhigh temperatures climb into the
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in the morning, but 25 to 30-mile per hour wd gusts during the afternoon and i will be absolutely unsettled, mid-to-upper 60s for easter ay,e're loong at sunrise at 7:07. it's psil see soms,g thrand will being a little bit tricky for the next w days. that's a look at your weather to go and taraerehraffic go. >>tao e so m slo tghhnson coty.we'll ltit amjue.but d have spd at nt. cr to s b attherf-95, a 301 i the souun lanes the two cdn oun a ts t, theorni, b ar'll fa some do
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good morning. snowy start to spring. millions across the northeast waking up to a messy, monday commute. a foot of snow expected in some areas. schools shut down in boston. al is tracking it all. history in havana. president obama kicks off his ntroversial trip to cuba. the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit, and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> the president set to meet raul castro later today. lester holt is there live. mr. trump goes to washington. donald trump reportedly set to meet with republican party leaders today, ahead of a key speech on america's role in the middle east. this as the gop front runner says he doesn't condone the growing violence at his rallies but understands it. and pure madness. a string of fantastic finishes caps a wild weekend at the ncaa


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