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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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trageous attacks against innocent people. >> reporter: he in d upaistionsaifrcoc. ouornd a anfr lgm waquarantinedr awfr e rmin a precauti tinations ev ts rai rgets. evt toacnot ore setyforee cuty. eporte wngreofred mo press twkeeir ing in s no is a widi c >> tallwa e encontinl unitstates,terntietov it
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any time ve thh anhing traumtas veitto nd woultiyofileard t abou thimorng.>> rearlthmo i w al one ans meely tranoraris and juounthsago. rliethk,did storabouthcafe at opis is simi ere cooinks, very pame the the acesth pe d tee terathci. we areeeing sir --as yo n sere, vepict fromrusselere wearnghemilar pe ofmemoali memberkio n ans aut threafter the atd he ain. riti with spt stheose.
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t italpelikewaduri y. ve. > vef bbingcoue the ne te beiatie tas a tt aywral6: r a spial onexpaed io nbc ws th st. >>t toght, fourlimorng d a causrued afarurmen dia cathathagh the school. >> it happened last night about 8:30 at the entrance to north carolina wesleyan. sloane heffernan has a report.
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memorial is being planned for those four young women just beginning their college career. counselors were brought in to talk to their class maillots today as the president we're told traveled to each of the hometowns of the young women who were killed to offer his condolences to their families. four angels mark the spot where four young lives were lost. classes were canceled at north carolina wesleyan college as students mourn the loss of four students killed in a crash at the entrance to the school monday night. >> we loved these four individuals. we are mourning. we are grieving. >> reporter: student government president emmanuel williams said he knew the young women personally. he says 19-year-old donisha scott of raleigh, 20-year-old candace mcbride jones of lili ill ton, 20-year-old kedisha brown of henderson and 20-year-
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always together school officials say the four students were mere moments from arriving at the dorm when the crash happened. >> i believe they were running to campus from having dinner. >> reporter: shattered glass and broken glasses are painful reminders of the young lives lost here. >> here is family. we are not just students or friends. we're family here. >> reporter: rocky mount police investigators are looking into this wreck. they still have not said what caused the accident. we do know, however, that there was one other vehicle involved and the driver of that car was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no charges have been filed. david? >> sloane, thank you. a local mother and her toddler narrowly escape a carjacking. where it happened and how police were able to capture the suspects. >> we are right in the midst of flu season even with this warm weather.
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worst may be yet to come. >> i'm greg fishel. a lot of ice crystals atop the blades of grass this morning. nothing like that coming tomorrow morning. our temperatures headed very much in the other direction. we'll talk about how warm we'll get over the coming days in just a minute. yodn't money bu a snoer ii. why youy oved luhe d, fust the s aty, u can get a decis x-inch sub,
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it'shreelar su thy: on our binch diffsub day of tk, just throllars. sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the oven red ken, ndery brea there'rrestie su
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bway. frh hawe do. one of the most recognized iconic sites in all of europe, the eiffel tower, lit tonight in the colors of the belgian flag, all a sign of solidarity following the series of terrorist attacks today in brussels. and we continue to follow that tragedy. here at home, unc system president margaret spellings is spending time visiting each unc campus meeting with students and staff. today, she visited with chapel hill's venture lab. several have criticized the board of governor's decision to hire spellings. protesters have been vocal about their opposition swroo ills say give me a chance and i'm all ears. i want to hear obviously from everyone with a different point of view and we'll attend to their concerns and issues as best we can. >> spellings will continue her tour of all 16 campuses in the unc system through may. one person died of a crash
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lumber this morning on highway 96 in zebulon. sky 5 flew over the scene on fowler road shortly after the crash. the highway patrol says an suv collided about a tractor- trailer. the driver of the suv died. she has not been identified. two children riding in the vehicle were not seriously hurt. > -year-old boy died from his injuries following a serious crash outside charlotte. the boy's father and two siblings remain hospitalized. troopers say the family was headed to school yesterday morning when a pickup collided with their minivan head-on. the driver of the pickup died at the scene. investigators believe he was distracted while rounding a bend in the road, crossed the center line and collided with a van. two people have been charged after carjacking a woman with her 3-year-old child. police say the woman was parking at appear apartment complex last night when two men, one arm wimbledon gun, approached and demanded her car. she was able to get away okay
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police found the car a couple of hours later and arrested tony rochelle and antoine blake. the flu is still spreading in parts of the u.s. and experts say we've yet to reach the peak of the season. flu season usually hits a peak in february or early march but it could linger into april this year. the vaccine has proven to be a good match to this engineer's virus. it is nearly 59% effective. north carolina has reported 10 flu related deaths this year. stocks closed today mixed. the dow closed down 41 points ending a seven-day win streak. the nasdaq was up almost 13 points and the s&p was down about two points. a sign that warmer
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the opening of carowinds. the park opens on friday. scotty mccreary is take a quick break from the tour circuit to make a stop in cary. he will perform at the cary arts cent fore world voice day on march 29th. the event will also feature a discussion with mccreary and experts from the duke voice care center. the garner native will talk about what it takes to keep his award winning voice healthy. on a day with such heavy news coming in from around the world and here at home, nash county, how wonderful to have sunshine and warm temperatures. >> this is a day where the morning wardrobe simply did not work in the afternoon. it was all over the place. this afternoon, we are in the 60s with sunshine. for those of you concerned about the frost, that is not going to be an issue for at least a week and hopefully maybe not until next winter or fall but certainly nothing to worry about in the short term.
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as we look towards downtown raleigh and currently out at the raleigh-durham airport, it is as warm as it's been all day, 66 degrees. that is the official high through this time. we'll wait to see whether or not we jump up a degree or two between hours and have a high of maybe 67. we'll know that this evening. dew point of 30. the air is very dry. humidity at 26%. pressure 30.17 inches of mercury. low and mid-60s as we look from the triangle area up into southern virginia. as we look farther south, temperatures are in the mid and upper 106. not a lot of range here across the region. satellite and radar mosaic, very clear skies across the southeastern part of the united states. the system yesterday that was just coming into the pacific northwest has now moved inland and is generating rains and
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and that system will be heading eastward and mike will have more on its eastward progression and what it is likely to do across the country so be sure to join him in a half hour for more on that. it looks like its effects on us will be fairly minimal. we are likely to see more rain from it later in the week. let's start off with futurecast here. we are starting off with mild temperatures in the 60s and then we'll fall into the 50s or through the 50s this evening and then eventually late tonight getting down into the 40s we think in maybe areas. that is not nearly as cold as last night's 32. tomorrow, way full come flement of sunshine, we think we'll even do better than these numbers here. with a full complement of sunshine, we think we'lev the numb inng it been three or four degrees warmer
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futurecast and us are good friends. we can politely disagree and everybody still likes each other. so it is not a problem. and then as we head towards friday morning, what is left of this system coming into the western u.s. now throws some showers in here and we could really be mild friday morning. it may never get below 60 the entire night in advance of that frontal system. so 8:00 this evening, 58 degrees. clear skies, not nearly as cool as it was at that time last night and late tonight, 43 as opposed to 32. so a nice hike there. then tomorrow, it likes a fairly windy day. the next couple of days could feature quite a bit of breeze out there southwest at 10 to 20 with gusts at 25 and temperatures running about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow than what we saw today. even warmer thursday despite an increase in cloud cover with highs around 80. then a chance of some showers late thursday night into friday morning followed by clearing friday afternoon. still up in the air about
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into monday as to exactly how significant that rainfall is going to be and exactly when it will occur. just being honest. so check with us. we still have several days to watch it. >> at least no more 30s. it will warm up. that is a definite. >> all is good. >> thank you. as we go to break, breaking news out of wake forest where capital boulevard is shut down in wake forest near burlington road. >> this is a live look from the scene, from sky 5 at the scene where you can see a passenger car crunched it appears between two trucks. drivers are being asked to avoid this area if possible because, again, this one side of capital boulevard -- did we say northbound or southbound, similar, on this?
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