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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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rroris, the news next > thk inus a orthateepsbye nu. 4: in e morning figure in brussels. the city is far from asleep. here is what is g on. a sourceays the highest priority is to identify the sued bombers. >> once known, their names will ecked. o former law enforcement officials and a military bomb
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suspects in the tan and black on the left both wore a single ble. wacras ofa ssib asa ad man ey thed n believed to ha ca te rit th inidrgets sptsinked tttis cimr y' group prises for ain st threahang is d re er pertsath atcks lrm planni. ai ed alanisflag. y loople ay ofedats isthest hao in
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yocaseall of tle tgefenen ley io at e us ibesab hpeat orone aislck they tartenuerof rshethan a aie. > americanwe mb and hismie fici rethe seice me teefrtah re e jure nds mi taedeaolsel tis e hu. xiou he frear-d ollls,fourth ces it fa mrs wlss boston raon mb. > n who play eg sket u.s.wa
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ine orist ta oachig says g its was one bl oad'seba acines ketball coac ies lthatg.>> hfohea n ped ayo y ne andth ca r thrs mbt he texted hiwife aft o tell their cldren and
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ally of the py. hanmanage gehoandmaking pla trn to leig >>presraa orderi a-arin ag u.s. thalf-f roh tuay o sp e ofy truteing in thewaof y'ta the e wod ad centerli lo he bgilag.wygo se mo signf speclar se the eiel is li predeaither wiop ousls. wel har ke brg the perpetrars tju juicanter teoris
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> sa bassor to beiu r tithne she rv lgfr 92 until 96ag tarly0. her job toovsee bay. ves ll s edto hear about the attacks friend in m, wh t ws ok>> happ o frnd heith bem e, i er anon a foro io at ry y to soismoing was icalreof>> amelinry, d for the opleof belgm. d ar th
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realfful se cog ndhori edth >>shortacke ag stop eg trenstop i be trend. y e nst ng thenrero whhaen du profsohersga pz s tlwhheterr hoha clay inusliveton, ael >>epor debra, t isfeg overreacti a s g. aiatextlat wou le toe.en>>epte e deruion, t wha si, injureinnt struinany around t wo are ared
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fothpeoftas, duke ispzee ouseatck2 e. t, provoki the overeacti. o have tastaicd things uliname thpolation. thesend obivwoul e muimfrte tooieight.>>he fr para but tein th plof muim co n n ber ofthrror sulask cotry
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wll len thop pte anwell ier and fi iom arrtris wh the aacks in inssas chols miles an oura n . on, not. ll, thk u,ie moboings aad ining rifor anpageft igor tas.wh tretewi en landed e s. anontodama leig crs ou:3 e patr a mp in the r c orcea mae
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this is rlieto can e thseverity oe asther sevel at they jt itarnd. iverf trk was keonhosp e n's not relethrmeiflkedtoabthreasy efhis we told u susignatn. heed he steppewnfrom job has 20 forson bo ar thki i vesopersonal is in y fe that tye joats me tterhe county mmonhe apected
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atthe neins to he of hngs > shifdety sedhino e.psy was ot tis.> king ns tonit e erher enter a.w tails about owssion th as a ree mperatur arheupno frostwoab toyou llwoy boutwath be n
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torepublican trp are ininara. fewmo moniltand fcovera on whate teec o morning 30l. >>h ro cldbe t rston locas from ndg to disabilits an d . a aft ci tonight. ulpr un tot . d froming thlocal nimum waorbowsatmo th wsngleba schoanbas accog
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wteomro it. t, ck a ige>> trip me ebah sp to pele inep obleft thnd ths e cuve cointhofmbgo ocu. e raobliedmeioth u.s. llanact ng or of te he. inngfu akfoign la rwithbae id of moui mat as prenbara lot rtric tioint e st . >>hinkembald ven edngag ter:calina pr iwiawke
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t first to nd in96op r yover. ben e,betoa cier k r s fatigueweinar castalik anr re puk the plans g on and gh ina wethose stoppe yrs. >> er noba cuhe su the cub govnmki ngss rg all embersco althle n rightsntr d othendors. al this is a ge
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ma thlandwowhat tho sremaht violiothis . e n ffni cathere l prnsn cuodthpren amt wi l fo anoud a half inanactoyou.>> ywaall s from ha ti-e .c anover no eg aeaayn e usmorr. yoow s chil todnid to >> y is mnihefrt acalst lkelikeit eder pr kilaug rtainly nog mpur ave fez t w iwill
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t' tsk as ow thfferen tonht l t,e . stwica. l r coole thais drnds calm thco was ab near t,animnde cong in a ea t 10aphour an wprevt teesm lling. e t, 32. airpor ply.drpith ht it ino ster, gein th at48w. no tto rw aoss e cotr ovheupf days y ingbe em w juscong io e c
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p wok he sg eaoflopressure that ideve it is doing soin ea lon nsas weng th ojted ow depthere ing tordernoon anmoowening. will a here, 6- 12nche frnort radocrosaskand soutinneso scsin.tulytt upper andow m e p reund averseextendg erar thephrn poiof w d so nland. s to befair narr nethit wi signict. he ir area loessure here movirough ag its ong. ging are okat e wait ed therk ght t thugrt caroliri llbethe stanceo e s,otf snow. t rin th
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once that syon by, sd out or aoe firspartof ek ill marks ouerday anbend foron, loineask lyi will be st u,eao ups, il r nththis a wayn ght. s orreat bg orighemoow fu cplenofsh thmpurn s, otthing you no toow it hed. t 15 hos heft, at y toab a onnicethlog d rdthsd ngt a rtly sunny,ezl waithigh aran thokaheawards ayight and fr
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ndda sund , ere ha raibut it ly ace ght no anagnic e. se k utstay bothe. >>es. ssibleth ylo lo-nge s.>>ouov theine toiscr a allat s blni nigh>> ythk nin sports, ce no statba. >>unc h,s,exe gu
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dot. stthe wabarber says heisthe nad t itougst
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e roat noanacbaat-ont o fos . hekngave y coachewl m e puui the nbidfohifamiama t ee16 tourment c su olfoatnxty. r ism rsitroy msmenethrean he e enusst ly coin loti. like kids ate en on jusin d br
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his is tg thvengro r u a arhe sramy st samyy shed >>te e en learnenot ertis with . to heis e t coulasa tion an fi lech a comback anhe woulstilbelkinreer h o t gest hkeme lhe crt tha swmyknife dog libiofis a bi . ysleof nd o-l cesay>>questionybodugng th conn
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theo cahecongte t. > keflig st ande uevi r wot theibodies ad im h ede mes thucte ay eginrr. we are oin amdiphilel coths. lookorve uray. >>ffalo manishthavcane numb ges ts togo. atanne catory. therishae aneslyyogeplays likeis. rdstg caliadgettg ow, ieit2-h,boy,enafsttuon
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it i l ey s. youim o dit it e.i miss. ju colequmisd, justerrs ki>>rsy, e ilu anawome nt en baraysyi in ba osgrt sling h for the me thlady the prenem tjo daat ball. ravi 3 their runs, 4-1 fina onla and ver,fo wdhis. >>uge ewwo. e, ba.
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ki n hicltoand an run e o tthe osonou atck? e plwas dilaw eeengethusmsbombffiratmain on the nwa isig the om to the u.s.. menttokee ones e and saf itthrizoriand &t
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in0 wr"thowthon ne anigh eerspplaus >> s: from sdio 6b rockr ce in the art new york city, "th tonight show starring jill tonighn jid hits ched saronan, l gut iglea, and featuring e gend roots ue: 43ea wo
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t me thow"evyb th iit you ma ee app t y t axjourlves k r re ank uch. h snit. hoowd a gr rk wyowa hchrs and a]>>vexy o w. >>imwee, wcome agn. host, wt people a t abt. lateobam tr to ba. i at othe ek


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