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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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?? >> here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west, the cisco kid!
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>> hey, pancho, what are you doing? >> cisco, that fellow ain't no barber, he's a butcher. look what he do to my face. >> don't blame him, pancho, blame your whiskers. they're so tough, instead of a razor, he should've used a wire cutter. >> that's what he used, i think. >> (laughs) (gunshots) >> let's go! ?? >> help, sheriff, the bank's been robbed! ?? >> scatter!
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>> you're going in the wrong direction. ?? >> tracy has been a thorn in the side of bankers throughout the southwest, cisco. we're mighty grateful to you and pancho for having captured him. if there's anything i can ever do for you, please let me know. >> thank you, mr. parker. pancho, don't be so sad about the other two getting away. it could happen to anyone. >> but not to pancho. they slipped through my fingers
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(laughter) >> don't forget the welcome mat will always be out for you boys anytime you come back to town. >> cisco, i can't believe myself-- a sheriff who like us. >> well, good-bye, gentlemen. >> good-bye. ?? >> are you all right, miss? >> sure, i'm fine. get your hands up. you, too.
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se?orita, you're all mixed up. it was the other two men who-- >> get their guns. >> but, se?orita, these are the men that were chasing you. i guess i'm all mixed up. >> perhaps the young lady will explain, pancho. >> sure. you had my brother put in jail. >> your brother? >> yes-- frank. i'm pat tracy. >> holy smokers, cisco. she is the sister to the man we just put in the jail. >> you're very bright. and you're gonna get him out. >> why should we do that? >> i didn't say, "we," i said, "you." and just to make sure you don't try any tricks, i'm holding your chubby friend here as hostage. >> chubby hostage? is those bad words, cisco? >> be quiet, pancho. suppose i refuse? >> you wouldn't want him to meet with a slightly fatal accident, would you? >> what that mean?
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>> terry, put his gun back in the holster. my brother'll need a horse, cisco. take chubby's with you. and don't get any bright ideas-- one false move, and chubby's a dead duck. >> duck? i ain't got no feathers. >> be quiet, pancho, and watch yourself. ?? >> se?orita, please.
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>> oh, cisco, i thought you was halfway to the next town by now. what brings you back so soon? >> a little business, sheriff. >> well, anyway, i'm glad you're here. this monkey's been spoutin' off at the mouth how he'll be outta here in no time at all. >> and i will, sheriff, real soon. >> you hear that, cisco? says his gang'll try to break him out. >> not his gang, sheriff, me. i've come to release him. >> you release him? >> turn around. >> now, look, cisco, if this is your idea of a joke... >> no joke at all, sheriff. get the keys and unlock that cell door. >> i don't get this. you risk your neck to put him in jail, now you wanna turn him loose. >> it's not what i want, it's what i must do. >> i told you i wouldn't be in here very long, sheriff. thanks for coming to my rescue, pal. >> your pal, eh? now i'm beginning to get it. the whole thing was a frame to collect the reward money. and to think i refused to believe those rumors about you. >> open up the door and do it quick.
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in there. >> you'll never get away with this. i'll hunt you down if it's the last thing i do. >> i don't have time to explain now. come on, move. >> i could use that gun, cisco. >> yes, but you're not going to. get going. ??
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>> what're you doin' on the floor? >> nothing, se?orita, just resting. the bed was too soft. >> get up. >> oh, anything you say. >> we're almost there, cisco. your fat friend'll be happy when you turn me in for him. >> that was the bargain. it had better be kept. >> what's the matter, don't you trust us? >> would you? keep going.
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>> they're comin', pat. >> good. you boys got it straight? >> sure, give lou a chance to get in the clear and then start blasting. >> right. >> what about chubby? >> we'll take care of him later. give me his gun. >> this is far enough. >> tracy! >> get in front of me. >> you'll first have to release my friend, miss. >> yes, of course. >> that hombre's too smart. >> ah, there's plenty of time. >> all right, come on out, chubby.
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>> hey, cisco. se?orita. just a minute, cisco. my gun-- i don't think cisco will take me back without my gun. gracias. >> pancho, get on your horse and keep them covered. >> give me your gun. let's get 'em.
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(firing) >> this is far enough, pancho. we'll wait here until they pass us, then we'll do a little chasing ourselves. >> and we'll teach them not to call me chubbies. (horses approaching) >> whoa! >> just in time, sheriff. >> so i see. drop your guns quick. you were out chasing tracy,
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with any of your lies. >> but i never lied to you. >> forget it. i'm takin' you to jail. >> yeah, but sheriff, we didn't did anything. >> shut up! pick up their guns, frank. all right, you two, on your way. >> did you get them? >> no, but the sheriff did. carted 'em right off to jail. >> we'd better get out of here fast. i'll pack my things. >> what's the hurry? >> it's quite possible, you know, cisco'll tell the sheriff about this place. >> we're not leaving yet, sis. >> why not? >> because i came here to do a job, and i intend to finish it.
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if you're caught, this time they'll lock you up and throw the key away. please, frank, let well enough alone. >> sorry, but i'm not leaving here empty-handed. terry, joe? >> yeah? >> let's ride, boys. they won't expect another raid on the bank so soon. >> you're a durn mule-headed, ungrateful ignoramus! that's what you are, sam dawson. after what cisco and pancho did for you. >> did for me? did to me, you mean. why, those double-crossing conniving-- >> save your breath, mr. parker. >> cisco, maybe he can make him believe it. >> he'll not convince him in a million years. >> you're dang-tootin' he won't. >> if they were working for tracy, why'd they capture him
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>> that's easy-- to collect the reward. >> that money went to charity. you heard cisco tell me to send it to the mission, didn't you? that's where i sent it. >> charity, my foot! with those two, charity begins at home. the mission is probably where they pick up their mail. >> how can a man be so stupid? remind me not to vote for you in the next election. >> yeah, and remind me to vote the same way. (gunfire) >> what's happened, lou? >> tracy just robbed the bank and shot the cashier. >> dead? >> no, but he's in a bad way. you don't know where to find him. >> jim pearson, the cashier, has a wife and two kids, and if he dies, cisco, i'll see to it that the both of you and your whole gang swing. >> keep an eye on 'em, lou. i'm going after tracy and the others. >> all right, sheriff. >> oh, that stubborn sheriff. if he'd only listened. >> yeah, and if a monkey had wings instead of a tail, he could swim in the water like a rabbit.
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>> still think i'm stupid, sis? stow that in your bag. >> you have any trouble? >> nothing to speak of. >> the sheriff and his men were after us. we lost 'em. >> bring up the rig, joe. we're getting outta here. >> i'll give ya a hand. >> hello, mr. parker. >> hi, lou. it's sure too bad about your cashier. >> get up. >> but mr. parker-- >> get up. do this to you, lou, but your boss is so stubborn, he won't listen to reason. you're gonna exchange places with cisco and pancho. >> but-- but mr. parker, you can't do this. it ain't legal. it-- it's agin' the law. >> pick up the keys and move. >> all right. >> get your hat, pancho. >> where we going? >> never mind. i'll get the guns.
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>> want me to ride with you? >> no, thank you. we'll take care of this ourselves. come on, pancho. >> good luck. ?? (horses passing) >> this is gettin' monotonous! hyah! whoa. be careful, men, they might be around here somewhere. >> put up your hands. throw your guns down. get off of your horses and make it quick. get their guns, pancho.
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>> how did you break jail? >> never mind about that. you just listen to me. >> yeah, take your two ears and listen. you know, you're a nice fella, sheriff, but you got a head like a little pig. >> why, you ornery, lowdown... >> sheriff, patrol yourself, patrol yourself. >> we tried to tell you but you wouldn't believe us. well, pancho and i are going after him. you and your men are welcome to come with us, or we'll leave you here, but make up your mind and make it quick. >> how do i know you won't lead us into a trap? >> cisco, how can a man be so silly? why would we lead you into a trap when we can kill you now? >> well, you've got me there. guess i have been pigheaded. >> all right, pancho,
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?? head them off, sheriff!
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no, pancho,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! don'mo ?? ho-ho, cisco, it start all over again! whatever it is, cisco, this time let's leave it to the sheriff. (laughs)
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shooting water chickens. (both laughing) ?? >> good-bye, amigogo >> see you soon! (laughing)
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(bell ringing) now,you see what happens when rule one is ignored? never expose your gun hand, it's dangerous. why, davy here was hammering a nail with his left hand. he missed the nail, and, now his gun hand is all swollen up. now suppose he was in the buckhorn saloon and he got into a ruckus. his gun hand... (gunshot) (children laughing) that's something to be proud of! oh, now sonny, you run along to school. well this is a land of free speech. give the man his say. all i ask is that you give me a chance. yup, this is a land of free speech, to listen to him!
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yup, a man has to be tolerant. to a point. (punch) (laughing) stupid. stupid. (laughing) jim. you alright? jim don't! (punch) you rotten excuse for a human being! now is that the fine talk eastern ladies speak? i had enough of your man.
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guts enough to wear a gun. and i'll kill him. trackdown
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quince flanders hasn't broken any laws. he beat up the school l acher. from what i heard, it was a fair fight. oh sure, quince is maybe fifty pounds heavier that jim, three inches taller. sure, it was a fair fight. the point is, quince flanders has told our new school teacher to get out of town. well, that doesn't sound like much of a point to me, since hardly any of the kids ever show up to school. seems to me like it's the fault of the parents. well that too, that the school teacher is trying to corrupt them with his eastern ways, and the folks who brought them up. well, sooner or later the people are going to f fd out that he's painting the wrong picture. oh, he is such a bully, boy with a gun and on a horse, and with a rope. some folks as well as the kids think that whatever comes out of his mouth is gospel.
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t of porter. hoby, you'veot to stop it. alright. suppose i throw quince in jail every time he beats up on a school teacher. that's uh, disturbing the peace, two days. he gets out, and stomps on jim all over again. i don't think k 's worth while to ask a man to stay in town with that kind of treatment. bess, i've been telling hoby he's got to convince jim to stay. i've come to tell him he's got to convince him to go. jim has bought himself a gun. jim martin bought himself a gun. that would be comical under ordinary circumstances, because jim martin didn't know which end of the gun the bullets came out of.
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(children yelling) that quince sure can handle a rope! yeah, kids seem to be having a lot of fun. yeah, they'll grow up full of fun and plenty stupid. you too? well i hate waste. now you take that schoolhouse, that was built for a purpose and now it's just standing there empty. well i never knew you had an interest in educatioio well it's like money. money means nothing to those who have it, to those who don't, it means a lot. what about quince? he never had any education, and look at him, he's full of joy. a want something before you can miss it, his joy is busting things up. he's trying to prove what he's not is better than what the teacher is. quince will forget all about the kids once this teacher leaves. well he's not gonna leave. he bought himself a gun. he's got no business w wh a gun! oh now there's an attitude that surprises me, what's your interest? well, i guess i'm a sentimental slob. i figure on getting married someday, maybe have a few kids. i don't want them to grow up without help.
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men like you mr. gilman make life out here possible. men like the teacher make life worth living. well tenner, sometimim you say a mouthful. wanna take a walk? (gun drops) nobody's gonna think you're a coward if you get out. those children can't be left in the hands of a quince flanders. what can you do about it? get them back in school by provinini'm as good a man as he is. we know you're as good a man as he is, six ways out from the middle. the children don't know it. i'll have to prove it to them on his level. whwhe do you expect to get the muscle to do that? brain is not divorced from muscle. it is in quince flanders' case. if a teacher allows quince flanders to replace him in the eyes of the young, then he's not worth the name man.
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. no. it's very simple. i i sh quince into an argument, and i kill him. not while i'm in this town you won't. thank you mr. smith, but i'll have to handle this thing myself. why don't you use your office? throw quince in jail? then him. well i never did see so many people wanting to throw so many other people in jail. now, there's no reason... (gun drops) would you mind leaving so i can get on with it? before you put a gun in a holster, you should know how to handle it. for instance, it's always smart totoave one chamber empty, so theheammer will rest easy. a glass for my friend.
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he's about half your size i'd guess. why ain't you heard the news? he got himself a gunun it's not gonna help your reputation any to kill him. you'd look stupid gunning down a dude. i'm gonna kill him for satisfaction, not glory. you kill him at all and i'll put you away- you'll what hoby? i ain't breaking no laws. if he puts on a gun, it makes us equal in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of the people. our people hoby. western people. what's eating you? he's from the east? well, among other things. plus, , don't like how he wants to kiss a sneer at the land we were all brought up on. well just because he wants them to learn how to read andndrite doesn't mean that he wants them to forget about everything else. well he always makes out he's better than us. we don't need his education. well if you would've had a little of his education,
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burned out by the drought. well, other ranchers made it. what about that uh, , ore you opened? it lasted about two months as i recall. aw, i went in too short on cash, that's all. mmhmm. and all the gold you were gonna find w wn you went prospecting? how about that? it's my fault there is no gold in texas? it's not the school teachersr. what do you mean by that? i mean you've made a mess out of everything you've tried to do, and you need somebody to take it out on. and you picked him. ool teacher. i'm just good with a gun. well i'll tell ya, you use it on him and i'll find a way to make you swing. there ain't no way hoby. you can't do a thing to me if he draws first. looking for someone?
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they went out to that abandoned mine shack in dover's canyon, jim, tenner, and bess. dover's canyon? somebody's got to teach him how to take care of himself. is that why tenner went along? hoby! if anything happens to him it will be your fauau. this isn't even my argument and everyone's shoving me into a corner. ?? this town needs jim martin a lot more t tn it needs quince flanders. ?? (gunshot)
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alright, try it again. (gunshot) the idea is to hold your breath, just as you squeeze the shot off. like this.. (gunshot) i see. (gunshot) yeah, that's more like it! if he's going into town with a gun, i'm just helping him know how to use it. look, i am responsible for the peace in porter. i aim to keep it, mr. i don't mean to be difficult mr. gilman, but you can't do anything official until something definite happens, can you? well, i'll tell ya, a couple of fools start shooting at each other, there are innocent people liable to get hit. i promise to do my best to hit mr. flanders. and i'm sure he'll do his best to shoot only me.
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(gunshot) i feel like i'm at a wake. (gunshot) won't he listeteto you? my husband is a man of principle. men of principle don't listen to their wives where a point of principle is concern. we both understand that, don't we mr. gilman? my husband is going to be killed.
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(gunshots) once jim martin got the idea of what to do, he had no trouble in following through. his accuracy became equal to that of hickock, ringo, and hardin, but a big problem still remained. well, there's nothing more you can learn about shooting, t's something else again. and more important. to face a gun slinger, it's the first shot off that counts. all this bull's eye shooting don't amount to a thing if the other man outdraws you. let's try. alright, give me your gun, and put up a fresh targetet
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ready jim? ready tenner? draw! (gunshots) well yours is the best shot jim, but tenner fired first. if we faced each other, you would have never gotten yours off. i'll just have to keep practicing, that's all. time for the next round of drinks folks, like i promised. i buy a round every day that school teacher don't show up. it's bustin' me, but i'm enjoying. yes s r, it's quince flanders telling ya. it'll be a sad day for porter when he gets guts enough to come in. a funeral for a school teacher, and the end of free drinks for you monkeys.
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(punch) you had no call to do that, hoby. he was trying to mash my gun hand. he's right hoby,i did it on purpose. next time you wannnnget yourself killed, you do it outside my jurisdiction. better luck next time. thanks. well, jim's chomping at the bit, he w wts to come in. yeah. he thinks he's ready. he ain't never gonna be ready. i understand he's a pretty good shot. well, if it was target practice, he'd be walking away. he couldn't outdraw a fly. he won't even get his gun out of the holster. we gotta do something to stop it!
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why don't you wait a few days? right now i am as fast as i'll ever be, you know that better than i i . jim. i wanted to be the strong silent type, let you go and do what you want like a good suffering pioneer wife should. it's difficult enough as it is. oh, why must you do it? you know why. en that you didn't know existed two months ago? for parents who don't care one wawaor the other? i'm not doing it for them bess, i'm doing it for me. for you? these weeks i've found myself wishing i'd never gotten into this spot. i wake from sleep in a cold sweat thinking of facing quince flanders' gun. i don't want t tlose you. see it my way honey. any place i go to teach, i'll find people like quince flanders. if i don't make a stand for my right to do my job the way i see it,
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i thought you understood. i'll never accept standards that mean people have got to die. my wife has to accept it. it's senseless. utterly senseless. jim! oh, jim i love you so. i know bess, i know how it hurts. i love you the same way. ?? jim's in town with a gun!
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last call folks! (laughing) looks like everybody's waiting for the school teacher today! alright, where is he? i don't know. alright, i'm holding you responsible. he's breaking no law 'til he draws.
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well, , 's sure taking his time! he'll be here. i'm a patient man, but a hungry one.
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'bout time quince. you can't dry gulch me. now quince, you don't think i'd shoot even a rat from behind. here a man don't have his gun out ununl he gives the other fella a chance to draw. i just want to make my position clear. i called you a rat, that's exactly what you are. to prove to you that i've given due consideration to the category i've placed you in, i'm going to empty my gun, except for one bullet, because that's all that's ever needed to kill a rat. just one bullet.
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that weathervane. we can't have that weathervane stand still like that. doesn't it know that that big wind, quince flanders is standing in the street? let's have a little respect for quince flanders! (gunshot) see better than you can quince. (gunshots) it's too late hoby! one shot left. as i said, i need only one bullet for a rat. (gunshot)
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(bell) bess! morning henrietta. this one's on the house, fresh off the press. now you read that editorial all abououhow this is a growing town, and how we need more school teachers like jim martin.
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morning mr. gilman. mr. smith. good morning bess. i hope the school bell doesn't disturb you. well, it's the kind of sound that wakes the place up sort of, i like i i i hope the town does. mr. gilman, you figure this town will raise a monument to me?
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hey, if there is any gold in those mountains then how long's it been there? what? well, millions and millions of years, hasn't it? so, what's our hurry? another day, more or less ain't gonna' make much difference. ah, we'veveost more than two days already.


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