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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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davenport: no, it's a bad connection. i'm having trouble hearing you. what? only what i read in the papers. [ door closes ] jesus, i think you should come into my office. no, look, calm down. i'll be there. i'll meet you at 7:45. did i hear the phone? uh, nervous client. it was for me. you want some coffee? item seven -- mick belker is undercover at michigan and 143. our information is that a loan shark is operating a 6-for-5 o oration out of a lunch wagon down there. he's feeding off the area factory workers and the construction workers. now mick's gonna be running a competition roach coach.
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wardlow rides with ziff, altieri with carson. also, everybody say hello to officererathryn mcbride. she's a transfer from the polk. officer mcbride is gonna be riding with sergeant bates. item nine -- wants and warrants. now there's three new composites on the upstairs board, people. let's everybody keep our 316 files current. also, warrants continue on jesus martinez -- hispanic, late 20s -- in connection with the courthouse investigation of judge fixing in the 17th district. he's wanted fofoquestioning in the possible homicide of attorney harold brown. all right, 10 -- phones. watts line, sarge? no watts line. no, they're rerigging us for r new intercom system. now, people, these intercoms are to save time for official communications. they're not for asking a khaki to bring you a new pencil.
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[ effeminately ] you won't believe what neal said last night. buzz me when we get upstairs. okay, all right, settle down here. last -- this is the last item. now listen, people. if you ask the opinion of the podium, this temperature up flux that we got ain't the genuine article. my g gss is we're at least three weeks from spring. now that's a word to the wise -- premature garment removal. this is when you could catch a doozy. hey, no, listen. sometimes i think a nice string of garlic around the neck, and you don't push this season, half the medics would be out of business. okay, that's it. let's have a safe shift. they're getting away out there! come on. so what do you go by -- kathryn? kathryn, kate. i figured it wouldn't be kathy. i've just visited the psychotherapeutic future, and it works.
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oh, all of that edibib gobbledygook, henry. you know, those headshrinkers -- they just simply corrected a chemical imbalance in that poor fellow's brain, and now he's cheerful and filling his hospital room with all kinds of martial science books. got to be a good sign! what have we got, stan? just keep it out of the flow, bobby. junkies ripped off a government-surplus warehouse. night-shift guys are inventorying it upstairs. need a hand? lieutenant. be careful with that raft, bobby. yeah. oh! taking some religious vows, renko? why aren't you talking? [ strained ] well, i would. my wife burned my tongue on a casserole. a thousand degrees! oh! man: hey, guys. you better watch out for that lanyard. what lanyard? that one r rht there!
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atter?! aaaahhhhh!h! what happened?! i bit the place where i burnt my tongue! i can't under-r- i bit the place where i had burnt my tongue! dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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all right, coffee and a bear claw -- that's $1.10.
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make poached eggs? what? fried or scrambled? okay, scrambled and bacon. coffee? yeah. listen, i want you fellows to know we got everything on our menu they got over there, and thatatncludes "get me through till payday" service. gonna be making loans? buck a weekk on every $20 you borrow. that's a lot better than healy's rates. [ horn blows ] man: i was gonna try this guy. but i i ve to wait till lunch. there goes tommy the rat. who's he rat for? hey, i got nothing to hide. see me at lunch, fellows, if you want to borrow dough. you need a driver's license and a pay stub. no offense, buddy. you may not be around. what happened to your thumb? late-payment charge. [ horn blows ] yeah, yeah. see you fellows at lunch, huh?
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that means no more life rafts. well, don't let me hold you up. morning, frank. autopsy report on harold brown -- heart attack. they couldn't rule out a struggle, but they figure it was more likely he fell. i guess jesus could d ve pushed him. any word on jesus? bench warrant issued this morning. morning, norm. how you doing? hey, guid. what do you want, tommy? i got a problem. that department's closed. ou. i got no choice. not here. guid, i know you're not in my fan club anymore. but i'm jammed up. you're the only one i ever saw him say two words to. berto. who's that? i got on his wrong side five months ago. this idiot's still got it on the brain. you're a different kind of cop than he is, tommy. tell me about it.
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they said maybe some dope was missing. but everyone passed on it -- internal affairs, the d.a. it's history with everyone but this lunatic. so, uh, can he hurt you? night we made the pop, i thought he could have seen something he figured was me doing something wrong. then he didn't say nothing. i figured he didn't see it. now i'm thinking he's some kind of warp case who wants to pull on my wings a little before he rats me out. hey, the thing is, guid, een thinking a lot since you and me talked. i've been trying to clean up my act. if you could just talk to the guy, find out where he's going with this. id before. yeah, all right. hey, tommy, i'll talk to him, okay? i'll let you know what he said. how you doing? i'm okay. i'll call l u later on.
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yeah. [ static cracks ] hey, it's working great. excuse me. are you going to the captain's office, too? phone installation. intercom installation, captain. just pretend l le i'm not here. fast as possible, please. morning. morning. that call i got this morning was from jesus martinez, franknk i just went to see him. at least temporarily i'm acting as his council. frank, he's like a terrified animal. on that bribery charge. now he's wanted in brown's death. only for questioning. he wants you to meet him outside. he says he can explain everything. [ [ atic crackles ] davenport: frank, he's hiding in that laundry. i'm afraid something terrible is going to happen. we both know jesus has been trying awfully hard
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do my job ad hominem.. if i meet him outside, i'll have to bust him. tell him to come on in. i don't think his situation's as bleak as he thinks it is. when jesus was a street punk, everybody gave him the extra mile. now he's playing it by our rules, and nobody gives an inch. she says jesus is hiding in a laundry, neal. doesn't his cousin run a laundry? so? so let's go for a ride. whoa, lover. this legal? we're citizens. we do laundry. [ fofoign accent ] officer howard hunter. yes? ah, i'm jagawala, the boopity of benmar basar. you have a nicer uniform than your picture. well, thank you very much. but i'm a little at sea here, mister...? jagawala. just call me jaga, as all my friends do. and i ask you to understand
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then this letter came, in answer to so many of my own. prunella, who makes my heart boompity-boom. oh, you're a friend of prunella's. more than a friend, my friend. i'm her spouse. s-spouse? prunella's your wife? wife, yes, yes. and i'm very much attracted to her. have you ever watched her eat? mmm-mmm. wonderful! i think of her, and i'm the lusty one. well, if what you say is true -- it's very true. well, then, uh, if that is the case, then you and miss ashton-wilkes, or rather, mrs... jagawala. ...have a great deal to discuss. she speaks of you as her new good friend, and she does not provide her address. you will arrange that i see her, yeah? i would have to verify your account.
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davenport. she must have come back to talk to jesus. i don't like this, man. gonna look like we followed her. but we didn't. no, we just listened in to her conversation. accidentally. hehe she's leaving. you go on in. flush him out the back. morning! i left some laundry about a week ago. can't find my ticket. what color was the bag? purple. name's washington.
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i think i see it. that's it, jesus. [ tires screech, horn honks ] all right! put it down, jesus! on the ground. on the ground! do it! come on! hey, what we got here? what are you doing? what are you gonna do with that tape? what is it, your favorite salsa group? nobody's gonna destroy the evidence. i'm begging you. it's my only shot. it's in my pocket, okay? you leave anything in the dryers?
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[ reggae music plays ] check out tito puente. hey, mr. bongo! one hand on the wheel at all times. [ tires screech ] what, are we late for something? my kid's got a dentist appointment in a half-hour. i reminded him before i left, but he's a real airhead about appointments. how old? 13. he the only one you got? ill together? no. whatever. it's a long story. whatever. cop! cop! hey! [ wailing ] freeze! police!
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i could have killed you. you never run when a gun's on you! you never! nice job. what? way totoo. how are you? lionel styles, lieutenant. thought it was about time we shook hands. styles real estate. styles real estate, step-up development, excelsior holdings -- i'm all of them. so you put that flower under my door about the block meeting for tenants this afternoon. one of my managers put it there. afraid i can't make that. oh, gee, i was kind of hoping we could go together, sort of present a united front. why don't you tell me what's on your mind? you spoken to anybody from armature's development yet? no. i think you and i are sitting on a pretty sweet thing, especicily if we move in sync. you mean they're interested in that area? that area is ready to be yuppified.
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see, parcel by parcel, each one of those lots is gonna go for $100,000, $150,000 apiece. but if we negotiate collectively, i i ink we can do a lot better. what about the tenants? that's what that meeting is gonna be about today. see, when they find someplace else to live, well, i think that area is gonna be some high, high rent. that might not be easy. easy, hard -- i don't see where that's our problemm i didn't buy that building to turn a profit. i'm concerned about the neighbhbhood. lling me you're not collecting -- i'm collecting rent, but i'm trying to improve the place. i'm not planning on putting my tenants out to put yuppies in. when did you say thisiseeting was? uh, 1:00. i get your dander up, lieutenant? i'm gonna be there. good. i look forward to it. it was nice meeting you, lieutenant. get him started through booking. i'll tell the captain.
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what happened, jesus? how did they find you? listen, don't let them destroy the tape. at least give me that! don't say a word. just pretend like i ain't here. me and neal got lucky, captain. we found jesus outside a laundry. check this cassette out, huh? [ hispanic accent] "attorney brown's confession." did you send them afteteme? you know better than that. so you destroyed the state attorney-client privilege law all l your own. i don't know what you're talking about. lawyers to find their clients. we just happened to run -- detective, it's taking all my self-control to keep from slappppg you, but that would bring me down to your level. jesus told me you thugs confiscated that tape. it could contain his confession to the lindbergh kidnapping for all the good it's going to do you. if you followed her, you're up for a board of rights. we didn't, captain.
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ldn't help but hear. that came across the squad room. she said something about a laundry. i remembered that jesus' cousin runs one. want to listen to the tape? martinez seems to think -- i'll get to it, okay, j.d.? see if you can get a.d.a. berertein up here, and i want full 770s on the entire incident. yes, sir. how could they hear a private conversation? open circuitry --- it will be like that till we get you online. if we keep clear sledding, 4:00 p.m. the latest. not here. two cavivies isn't so bad, considering the way you brush. i brush them good. he giviv it the neighborhood job -- you know, the brush is in the neighborhood. well, the dentist told mee to have you call him. says you haven't been in in over a year. when you pass a certain age, it's not as important.
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mcbride. good to meet you, fabian. so you guys gonna be partners? for now. see you later. see ya. hey, fabian... don't forget to make an appointment to have youruravities filled. i made it for next saturday... for both of us. that's a real charmer, for sure. he's a good kid. he likes you, too. was he close with your partner? joe? sure, yeah. so we didn't talk about you yet. you married? no. ever been? unh-unh. ready? yeah. don't say you didn't realize what was happening. [ british accent ] you're getting t tt tone again. please just answer my question. but it was all so ritualistic, you know -- chanting, the incense, the drums. i only began to suspect what was happening when they smeared me with indigo grease and ocher. the promotional brochure had mentioned
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aint... matrimonial rituals. the man has a legitimate claim. it w wld never be recognized in our courts. howdy... you don't for a moment think that i'm interested in him? i really d d't know what to think. listen to me. no one has ever made my cannons roar like you. i'm reassured. but i do think you have to see this poor fellow can you arrange the meeting? yes, he's calling me this afternoon. you can talk to him tonight and unburden him of this illusion. i'm far more interested in the possibilities of this afternoon. i'll get the check. how you doing, norm? look at you, vince. you fell apart, huh?
4:24 pm
? see some of the other guys? it's a personal conversation about tommy donahue. yeah. i understand there was a problem with some evidence. it got stolen. you got ideas it was tommy? i'm not gonna nominate him for "cop of the year," vin. i'm not even gonna tell you that i don't think tommy would put the arm -- what are you gonnanaell me, norm? well, kid seems like he's trying to pull himself together. and if it's something more or less under the bridge -- he's two years younger than us. sorry? donahuhus not a kid. the file is closed, but there are two entries in our jackets. it doesn't matter to h h, but it matters to me. if you give him the benefit of the doubt -- what doubt, norm?! i know what that little piece of garbage did, and i'm gonnnnnail him for it. you tell him that, norm.
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[ honks ] [ honks ] hi. what are you doing here? do you recognize this? i'm working now. i'i'on my way to dr. scully's, and you didn't sign this insurance form like i asked yououo do 10,000 times! give me the form. mick, i know you're on an operation, but i'm due e three weeks. dr. scully said if we don't get this form in,
4:30 pm
do you have a pen? yes, i do. oh, my god, mick, you're on fire. oh, god. go away. if it's grease, use soap. go away right now! [ coughs ] you set fire to my truck. why would i do something like that? get me to split, which i am not going to do.o. slow learner, huh, sam?
4:31 pm
i'm going over there and cleaeaup my truck. and when my food service is closed, i'm still gonna be making loans. don't grow too attached to your thumbs. i'i' been attached to my thumbs my whole life. look at what my thumbs could do. sam -- come on!! so you telling us we got to move? well, i ain't moving! yeah! right! yeah! i'm henry gogoblume. i own the building on the corner of decker and 133rd. and although i haven't heard mr. styles' plans for his tenants, i want everyone here to know i don't think you have to move. all right! all right! if officer goldblume has no objection, i would like to present my plan first. then he can give whatever arguments he wants to to the contrary.
4:32 pm
i'm gonna deal some cards and let you decide how to play. now for real, people. if a bunch of rich, white men want to come in here and teaea this neighborhood down, who out there think they can stop them, hmm? who? let me s s some hands. come on, let me see some hands. who? somebody? oh, you can stop them, brother? how? what you gonna do? hire a lawyer? rich man's got 10 lawyers. man: i heard that! i know you did. so what then, shoot him? white man's got all the cops. fact is, there ain't nothing you u n do to stop them if they really want to come in here and do it. you understand? but you could be smart and make them pay. you got tenants' rights, huh? you got leases, huh? well, then you make them payay to get you out! [ crowd clamors ] you see this ring, huh? you see that? you see this gold watch here, huh?
4:33 pm
llac. see, i was born in this neighborhood with nothing. but i learned how to make the man pay. you got to learn it to earn it. yeah! all right! [ applauding ] now suppose the man is gonna give you a month's free -- no two months' free rent. that sound good? you like that, huh? hs' free rent. well, you're too easy. yeah, six months before you agree to move out. and during that time, you take that money, and you put it in your pocket. and you go out and you buy.... and you enjoy. yeah! i may even give you seven months, because i'm on a roll, and they're gonna have to pay the toll! [ applauding ] now, uh...officer goldblumum here -- he has been living up here almost four months now.
4:34 pm
i got something for you to sign at the door. officer? i believe our neighborhood has a potential all its own. and if we could work together, instead of seeing it destroyed, we can improve -- improve what we have and make it something that we can all be proud of. brown: would you listen to me, jesus? martinez: no, i'm through listening. i i ow i got you into this mess. damn envelopes to the judge. and i'm gonna get you out of it, but you got to let me do it my way. gap [tape crackles] erase...splice. okay, attorney brown, i gogoto go, man. just as long as you know i'm innocent. okay.. re-entry, re-edit. okay, so we talk tomorrow. i'm taking off. yo, man,n, almost tripped on your carpet. fake sound effects. you think jesus might have handled that 1 1minute job for watergate?
4:35 pm
but is it admissible? we have been getting some better decisions on the proceeds of questionable arrest. there you go. here you would have to make the case that they overheard the conversation accidentally and they didn't follow her. both of which is true. shut up, j.d. i think i'd have a tough time selling the point that they showed up at the laundromat the same time joyce left. if we're pretty sure that jesus didn't cause brown's death. autopsy was inconclusive, but that's how they've been leaning. then if he can help us with judge hardin, i'd say make a deal. hey, captain, if you'll just push button number three there, you can put your precinct online. i know what that is! that's a fuse. two minutes! great, great. will yououit in while we make the proposal to jesus?
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sometimes they just need a bigger fuse. yeah, yeah, hurry up. i'm getting it, i'm getting it. whicicone of these broads is the big sergeant i hear so much about? the one who's in love with my sally? "a," we don't have no broads working here. and "b," if we did, they wouldn't be in love with no woman. no, sal -- my brother. sal benaci? sal the plumber? that guy's your brother? yeah! i says to him, "i got a aig up at the hill street precinct." he says, "look up this big sergeant. the chick loves to party." your broroer must be messed up in his thinking since he got conked on the noggin. here, hold this yourself.
4:40 pm
you would be immune in the entire matter involving possible judge fixing and bribery. in return, you would give us testimonial and evidentiary cooperation. you people are still insulting me. i said i knew nothing about bribes. i made deliveries! you don't have to admit anything, jesus. to have you go to judge hardin and pretend that you knew. what about the murder charges? there weren't any murder charges. you were called in for questioning. the autopsy report indicates s torney brown died of a heart attack. tampering? immune there, too. like to refer to your argumentnt against tainted confiscation., thank you. i say no deal. now we're all gonna leave now, huh? we're all gonna go and have a nice laugh. nobody's laughing. i want a guarantee that i can practice law. you want us to fix the bar exam? no! i want a guarantee that i ain't screwed up with the ethics and credential panan. jesus -- jesus nothing!
4:41 pm
take. i think he's got a fair concern there. we'll make a full presentation of the facts. i don't think you'll have a problem with the ethics panel. don't worry about that. that's been agreed to. i didn't touch attorney brown! i went there with a tape to get him to incriminate himimlf. we're standing there, screaming at each other, and he fell over! but i knew that you people wouldn't believe that. jesus, the tape is nonoan issue. it is to me. i know what you're saying -- "poor, dumb martinez tried to change the tape around." what other choice did i have, frankie? you put me in jail. you bust me at my job.
4:42 pm
what do you want me to say? i talked to him. is he gonna back off? no. that crazy creep. a guy like this, his reputation means everything to him. but they didn't get us for anything. they questioned disposition of the evidence. fofovince, that's like being convicted. okay, i get it. listen to me. for whatever reason, the night that t ts happened, vince didn't turn you in. now he says anything about seeing what you did back then is as much trouble for him as it is for you. that's why he's trying to make a separate case. guy's running all around. thanks for finding out for me, guid. tommy, you hear what i'm saying?
4:43 pm
and keep your nose clean. that's right. that's how i got to do it. hey, look, i got to get back there. take care of yourself. you too. all right, there's your driver's license, there's your pay stub, and here are two new andrew jacksons, and i'm gonna see you on friday, right? and you -- get the hell out of here. let's talk. go on. come on. forget about that dumb stuff, all right? my irish temper. i'm listening. what i'm worried about here --
4:44 pm
no good for nobody. now, i got no particular love for this neighborhood. be my guest. all i want is s piece of your big. you want a piece of the interest i collect. how about it? no chance. come on. i want to show you something. we tried to make it easy for you, shorty. you're gonna try and hurt me now? looks that way. you too? ah, come on, say it. yes. thank you. i just wanted to get that on tape. aahhh! aahhh! [ sizzles ]
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
i don't have to hear this, young man. well, you better hear it, bro. 'cause i'm getting sick of waiting around. i'm coming in, and i'm naming you, and i'm gonna put in the nails on tulesdale. you're ridiculous. i ain't ridiculous! i'm just tired of waiting around for you to do the right thing.g. what do you want? i need a vacation. i'm gonna give you a check for $3,000. that's just once, you understand me? not $3,000 this year, $5,000 next. well, you know, i got a lot to keep quiet about, your honor. with your own bailiff getting busted for bribe taking, it must be pretty hard around here.
4:48 pm
this whole thing blows away. that ought to do it. well, then you better make it $5,000. the rent in san juan is getting high, you know. you're under aest, judge. ah, come on, judge. that's just weird. the charges? bribery. lieutenant howard. jaga. where is prunella? oh, not here. i'll make my apartment available. prunella said so in her letters. you're a generous man. prunella has told me she also explained in her letter that she didn't consider herself married to you. and about her friendship with me? yeah, women change like moon. i will pay you the full matchmaker's fee for bringing us back together, howard. and many gifts. do you like monkeys?
4:49 pm
t think you should get your hopes up. my friend, my stars are all aligned. i will go to her like a lion -- to roar. oh! you have restored my happiness. sergeant jablonski? what?? miss dolan. i didn't think you'd remember. well, you were a very memorable khaki officer, miss dolan. that i just passed my civil service, and i'm legitimate now. hey, that's very good! better late than never, huh? you show real stick-to-itiveness. you ought to be real proud of yourself. hey, look who's here. lieutenant buntz. maureen just passed her khaki certification, lieutenant. no kidding? do you have a minute for me, lieutenant buntz?
4:50 pm
so, uh...second time's lucky, huh? i graduated fourth in my class. fourth? wow. uh, what can i do for you? would you have dinner with me some night? not for anything, miss dolan. oh, please, call me maureen. yeah, well, uh, if i'm not mistatan, maureen, last time you and me conversed, i had the impression that you thought i i s a scum bucket. well, i know that you thought that. i mean, i know that's the impression i gave, but i didn't mean it. i mean, i did mean it, but... look... are you busy tonight? judge garvey hardin, resisting arrest, bribery. all those charges are complete frippery. never in my 17 years as a jurist have i seen such a scandalous exexple of police misconduct.
4:51 pm
yeah, tell you the truth, i was surprised they put us together. i do a couple tours with all the new assignees. two female officers -- they ever do that permanent? not up here. need a ride home or anything? ladies. can i help you? no, taking care of one member of this family's plenty. i'm vito benaci, sal's big brother. kaththn mcbride. how are you? he said you was a pistol. he did? she's in love with him, but nobody's supposed to know. sal the plumber! right! is she good or what? you guys want to double with me and my brother or what? uh, vito? right, vito. vito, when i go out with sal, she would d ve to go out with you. all right for the benaci brothers. yeah! be sure to mark your calendar book for 2046 maybe. [ doorbell rings ]
4:52 pm
you really succeeded in making me and my tenants enemies, mr. styles. ooh, sorry to hear that. they all want me to cash their leases out like you're doing with your tenants. well, i think i might have a way of solving your problem. i didn't have a problem till this afternoon. well, i've got a proposition for you. how about i buy you out? 130 grand be more than double your money. those people are gonna blow that seven months' rent you give them. they're gonna spend it all, ananthey're not gonna have any place to stay. oh, come on now. what are you, the "massa" of the plantation? don't twist my words. i thought we were talking about you. $130,000 cash?
4:53 pm
hey, look at this. old habits die hard. hey, tommy. how you doing, mary? this is maureen dolan. tom donahue, mary franken. what, is he trying to impress you? tommy and i used to close this place up prettttregularly. is that right? man: detective d dahue? telephone. yeah. be right back. it was good seeing you, mary. take care of him. yeah, as much as he'll let me. hey, you want to sit down? me and him used to partner. this is a nice place. for a dump. [ sighs ] so... how come the sudden change of temperature? something like that.
4:54 pm
i was halfway through my certification course when i realized it. i just keep imagining being back at work, having my job back, and i was always talking to you. you weren't hollering at me? no. you stepped on my onions pretty good last time we talked. i wasn't hollering when i was thinking about us. couple times, we weren't talking at all. see ya, guid. uh, what's up? uh...
4:55 pm
that you would g gnt me 20 minutes with prunella. not at all, jaga.
4:56 pm
ertainly observe it carefully. i see that you're well aware of prunella'a'love of hats. this? oh, no, no, my friend. this is the wedding helmet, symbolizing thatatn marriage there are two bodies but only one mind. very colorful. ooh, very strong magic. be sure and push that buzzer hard. it sometime sticks. my love will have the strength of 10! and i hope she has an active pelvis. mmm! tell the truth, furillo. you really don't thihi your people tailed me to find jesus? i wouldn't think j.d. had that kind of initiative. you tell the truth. do you think all those months
4:57 pm
elivering for lawyer brown? what do you think was in jesus' mind the day brbrn first offered him a job as a paralegal? imagine how lucky he must have felt. especially considering he falsified his transcripts in order to get into law school. a kid you would have laid odds would be dead in the street by the time he was 20... man gives him a chance at a real career. if i were jesus, i would have made it my business i would have thought harold brown a saint. [ sighs ] and i would be lighting a candle tonight for the cops who couldldt carry out a legal search. all a part of the service. mmm. [ laughs ]
4:58 pm
high noon. faced up to reality. [ siren wails ] who got it? detective delaberto -- somebody gut-shot him. [ sighs ] no assistance call? he didn't call for anything. we just found him heree maybe he knew the guy.
4:59 pm
you home. where do you live? delaware and amherst. what happened? guy got killed. did you know him? i knowowho got him, too. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
[ lock clicking ] - hey, who's thehe? - it's me, bobby. you okay?


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