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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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- this is a different matter. - usually is when you're asking for a favor. your group's working on the redrum crew, correct? - and? - this kid can help with that. how is that a favor? he's willing to make a controlled delivery. in exchange for walking on a kilo of smack. - has that ever happened? - well, that's up to the u.s. attorney. no, it's up to you talking to the u.s. attorney, saying you want it done. on the collars, the kid gets another chance. yeah, kahlins, nydtf. is he in? thank you. detective, someone's here about that homicide. thanks, gina. excuse me. i'm detective simone. how can i help you?
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cz. - how's it going? - yeah. we're here concerning that man who was shot on 3rd street this morning, near the corner of bowery. how can you help us with that? stanley saw it from his apartment window. can stanley speak? why don't you come on in and talk to us, mr. angrist? angrist. yeah. go ahead, stanley. go ahead. i'm gonna see patrice donnelly, and then i'll be back at the parish house. - thanks for your help, father. - yeah. - sit here. - can we get you something to drink? but i know father ferrell from the neighborhood. i'm here on his advice. why don't you tell us what you saw, mr. angrist? two black guys standing in the street yelling at each other. nothing new on that. then a car comes around the corner, and another black guy leans out and shoots one of the guys who was arguing. then the car backs up, and he shoots some more. then the car starts forward. the guy who was shooting t tows his gun out of the window.
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and runs offffith it. that's all i saw. what can you tell us about the shooter? i'm on the fourth floor. all i saw was the top of his head. - what kind of look at the carar - blue-green nova. that's the end of my statement. the father agrees this is some kind of drug thing. he's okay with me restricting my cooperation. this is where i draw my line. - well, thanks for your help. - yeah. do you believe this arthur's telling the truth? let him stay in jail, rot for them o oer murders. he can still help us with the shooting, andy. luckiest african-american going. exception for that big, dopey comedian. what, sinbad? is that what t ty call him? [ scoffs ] - hey. - hey. a little something for you. thanks very much.
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why do you say that? i don't know. he looks ill. - let me see what's what. - thanks for the soda. yeah. how you doing, greg? i don't know what to tell you, james. you feel all right? yeah, i feel all right phphically. i've had a surprise that took the wind from my sails. what happened? well, i got the nerve finally to ask abby to dinner-- how we discussed.. and? she tells me she's gay. you think she's being straight? or do i think this is a runaround like the experience you had with adrianne? i don't, no. she seemed very straightforwardly. this is what's what. how'd you leave it with her? the two of you still gonna have dinner? yeah. i wasn't gonna withdraw the invitation, james. i mean, i didn't even want to. sure. why not have dinner with her? [ sighs ] yeah. th a feather.
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everyone else. so when the officer approaches, don't resist him. just do what he tells you to. they're gonna know it's me who gave 'em up. we just have to take this one step at a time, maceo. you got tall. [ man on radio ] we are in position. yeah, 10-4. he's coming out.
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- what's up, maceo? - come to papa. come to papa. so, the stuff in there? yeah. ime. yeye we have achieved liftoff. let's go, amigos. hit the wall. freeze! don't move! let's go. come on. against the wall. all right. come on. spread 'em. - you, my friend, are busted. - step back. i want a lawyer. yeah, we'll get right on that. i didn't know that stuff was in there, man. that kid set me up. your boys in miami set you up!
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you stand there! you don't say a word! don't say a word! get him in the yellow car. come on. let's go, let's go. get him in. put me in the system, come andndet me out. we found a witness that backed up your story. - who were the guys in that car? - [ scoffs ] i don't know. you do. you knkn who shot willie, but you don't want to have to tell us. i do not know their identity. know what my partner here wants to do? bury the witness statement. let you do some time for this hummer beef. see, that's just how low you people are. yeah. our concern for justice
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see, this witness, he don't want to go on the record, arthur. so therere nobody else on this planet besides you, us, and the guys who did it that will know that you're an innocent man. you would send me down for something you know i ain't do? sleep like babies. it's up to you, arthur. see, 'cause either way, we clear the case. gerald vought and his cousin rickie did willie. don't pay what he owe you, and then laugh in your face. he work other people's corners and think they're gonna take it. so, that's what happened to o m. - gerald vought and his cousin rickie? - that's right.
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i don't see y'all moving on him. you make a complaint, rickie? - no. i takes care of my own business. - attaboy, rickie. it's bright choices like that put you on the successful path. - what's open? - do you feel like a big man now, huh? bringing me in. dang that! [ simone ] what's going on, boss? i need the pokey room. mr. arthur fancy. always acting like god almighty above. let me tell you, i stopped you before. i'll s sp you now. you see if i don't. shut your mouth. everything's open but the pokey room. - greg..- sorry. excuse me. he's done muling for you, sherilee. he was never muling for me. i don't even know what that means. maceo's got no job working construction. he's running smack for the people you score from.
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working construction. maceo says you got him the job making deliveries. - he said he did it for me? - which makes you an accccplice. well, he didn't do nothing for me. he did any drug running, he dididt on his own. gave me a few presents, but... i don't know where the money came from. you had him running smack so you could stay high. now you're willing to let him go to jail for it. you can't take his woror over mine. take me to court. i beat you before. i'll beat you again. that judge believed me. [ laughs ] that's whahas got you all xxxxxx off. you're just a junkie now, sherilee. maybe you started out something more, but that's all you are now. well, you ain't taking my boy! you don't care about that boy.
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give me a pen. yeah, give me a pen. i wanna write this down. i don't know nothing about what that boy was doing. - can you leave me alone for a minute? - yeah, sure. uh, i'll be right outside.
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as the case goes throuou the system, giving testimony about sherilee and your other contacts in the gang. i have to testify against my mother? that's the deal. it's like the man says. you'll be a probationary enrollee in a boot camp outside albany. at the end of the trial, if the judge feels you've cooperated, he'll credit your probationary time against a two-years term. you'll learn a trade up there, and your felony's expunged if you graduate. then i'll just have a normal life. got parents who looked out for 'em, maceo. a lot of kids don't. you didn't. now we find out if that breaks you. she meant staying clean when she took me back. -i gotta believe that much. -there's no harm believing that.
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-that's my understanding, yeah. -okay. i'll run him up there. so, they in ththe talking to those guys, huh? that fat cop and the other one, they're in there with the d.a.? - and your friend rickie. - he give it up, rickie, by shooting willie lopez, right? i'm just a babysitter, arthur. uh-huh. 'cause, see, you know that's worth hard money. [ door opens ] what decision y'all come to? the decision we came to is that you're off the hook, arthur. d.a. took a plea. see? - i got y'all the clearance. - arthur's hoping there's some money
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arthur, you ain't getting xxxx. [ scoffs ] i only do that way in prison. [ sighs ] - hi. - hi. i'm working undercover. guy likes me tarted up. - oh, you were in vice, right? - uh-huh. i wish i had the balls to do that. bobby and andy cleared that street homicide, huh? that first guy they liked's a scumbag, but it looks like he wasn't in it. that arthur? arthur goes in last year for a double child homicide, rats another con out for killing a gugud. arthur's back out on the street. uh-huh. how far are you into this guy? i guess about halfway. asasming it's me into him. i'm not sure what you mean.
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and i'm in kind of a state off some personal stuff, so, um, it's kinda hard to stay on top of things. all's i gotta do is remember i'm a good girl, right? that's, uh-- that's the rumor i've been hearing. - what do you mean? - everyone says what a good cop you are. good person. yeah, huh?
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was it a really big left turn for you? finding out i was gay? i-- i-- i won't deny i was somewhat surprised. being friends. you know, to be honest, abby, i feel like y-you could've told me earlier in on knowing each other. you know, saved me some awkwardness in my thinking. every time you came by you were like a kid who was afraid of the water, you know? you were sort of looking to me for encouragement. i was worried that if i told you that i was gay, it might scare you away from exercising. oh. and then i thought i'd tell you, and i'd stop using the machines for a while. but that was me 10 years ago. nah. that-- that would've been silly. i sure hope we can get over this hurdle,
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well, i-i do with you as well. and yoyo story of being concerned over my physical well-being, well, that-- that doesn't surprise me at all-- that type consideration. i'm-- i'm sure that's very characterertic of you. thanks, greg. not at all. did you enjoy your meals? very much. it was really goodod very much so. i can sign you out with me if you'd like to come to dinner. ur nose into anything, maceo. [ sighs ]
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by the way you use the time that comes after. a few years ago, you spent some time with people who loved you, maceo. that doesn't have to be some dream set away from the rest of your life. lillian and the girls would be so happy to see you again. you can meet our little boy. what's h h name? he's named after me. junior's got girls on all sides of him. he'd love to have an older boy at the table. i'm grateful you're helping me.
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[ chattering ] mmm, looks yummy. i was just sitting here realizing i hadn't eaten all day. timmy, when'd you make the soup? lay off my mulligatawny. did he tell you what day he mama it? a fellllcalled. he'll call back at 9:00. nonobe in. said he'd call.
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yeah, great. i'm surprised at you, jimmy, telling your business in front of me. a white fella's supposed to ride with me to meet some... other people. be here at 9:00 for the ride. who are the other people? i thought you said you didn't do business with black guys. no, jimmy. in some ways i'd like to, but i don't wanna start. slide that soup my way, huh? i haven't ate all day either. sure.
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'll be doable. yeah? what's in a couple months? but not if you're with a boss, you know. you step out on your own. i'm game. i'm not afraid. be a little afraid, mouse. keeps you careful. mmm. mmm. mmm! timmy, it's awful. up yours, jijiy. the first and 15th if those knuckle-draggers aren't lying. like i understand what you just said. all for the noble cause. which is what? what? what's the noble cause? i don't know any noble causes, mouse.
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it's not important, is it? what? there you u . -slide that soup back over here. -sure. i haven't eaten all day. yeah, you were s sing. - i feel light-headed. - you sleeping all right? oh, pretty much. i got some situations. another situation. um, anyway-- those are keeping g u up? um, no, not really. you know, you just-- you get upset and so forth and--
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how do you like that, the penance without the pleasure, huh? oh, , ah. that's what it feels like. you wanna get outta here, mouse? um-- yeah, maybe. maybe we should go. sure. you know, i got my car right out front. you wanna leave your car if you're feeling light-headed? probably should. what'll i say if somebody calls? gs'lget shoved in his belly or get shoved up his ass, and we'll see if it works. see if his ass works?? you wanna get clever on me, you, huh? i'm really dizzy, jimmy. i'm gonna wind your watch up, pal. come on, jimmy. you okay, mouse? huh? we should gogo all right. let's go to chez liery. i'll straighten you right out, okay? - yeah. - don't tell me chivalry's dead, mouse. no. come on. come on.
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ya now, mouse. i got ya now.
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ready to beam down. energize. energize. having trouble, gentlemen? i just don't understand the problem, sir.


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