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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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ah, he winds up smacking somebody, somethin' worse-- that don't do no one any good. you're right. glad your undercover's over? yeah. put the short skirt away, huh? how about that old man, huh-- with the rat?
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don't move put your hands up. aw! bitch! keep 'em up. i got every right to live here. am i supposed to freeze to death? this is an illegal knife, pal. they sell them in the stores. [russell] turn around. what's this, huh? oh, a crack pipe. this hand. let's go. i won't go in there no more. yep. let's go. come on. let me go. i'm grace morgan. someone left this message at my house. yeah, that was us. detective simone. this is detective sipowicz.
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we need to talk to you about your son, fred. come here. sit down. sure. wind blows stink from the river, you look for my son. - you know where your son is now, grace? - you can call me mrs. morgan. you got nothin' to talk fred about. and don't pull any of your sick tricks. i know how ya put people in a corner. last situation, freddie had to say he was guilty just to ever see the light of day. organ, your son has committed a serious crime, or didn't you teach him that growin' up? what's he supposed to have done this time-- stole the crown jewels? he killed a person, mrs. morgan. you'll say any damn thing, sons of bitches. - [sucks teeth] - now where's he goin'?
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artie. what do they got you here for? how ya doin', grace? what's goin' on? have you got him in some corner? i'm sorry, grace, but freddie killed that girl. - who-- with the diamonds? - yeah. no. she-- she was in love with him. she loaned him those diamonds to sell. he killed her, grace. i--- d in his apartment. - oh, my god. - [boyd] fred needs help. i would've given him any money he wanted. you're messin' with people's minds. and now you're... makin' him lie like freddie had to lie. - yoyolived in our home. - i know. i know.
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are you gonna hurt him? please don't hurt him. if we have to hunt your son down, yes, he might get hurt. if i say where he is, w-will ya treat him right? we don't wanna have to use fore any more than you want us to. please, because it's my fault. no, grace. you write down the address here. are you sure the victim was his responsibility? yeah.
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nah. i-i'll stay outta that building, okay? god, it's, like, such a big deal. two of youse-- two detectives. been drinkin', harvey? yeah. so? that's still legal, isn't it? - what else do you do with your time? - i work. what kind of work? - advertising. - you're an ad man? - i distribute advertising. - you mean you hand out circulars. ve me a name. drummin' up trade for the porn industry. it's not just porn. - they got nude dancers too. - they do any dancin'? you got a job, why are you squattin' in that building? i just been in there a few weeks. i got kicked outta my apartment. i fell behind on the rent, you know? and blowin' your money on crack. i don't smoke crack. what do i want with crack?
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where were you this morning around 9:30,0,0:00? asleep. - anybody vouch for that? - no. i was alone. who-- who you gonna show that picture to? - girl in a hospital. somebody c c her face up. - whoa. wait a minute. you didn't-- you never said nothin' about that. -i thought this was trespassin'. -you were hoping it was trespassin'. if you're the one who cut thatatirl, you can do yourself some good... by getting your story out. without you... intending it to. did she lead you on? - whoa. i want a lawyer. - you're requesting a lawyer? yeah. yeahah you're tryin' to frame me. i want matt navarro, legal aid. yeah? he must've gotten you a walk on one of those other collars, huh?
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[sighs] hear that, boss? guy lawyered up. if gina picks this guy out of a photo array, i want andy to talk to him. [medavoy] sure. bring in andy. what's goin' on? there's been some developments. we need gina to take a look at some photographs. [medavoy] you up for that, gina? do you think you have a suspect?
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you'd feel up to that, gina? it'd really assist in the case. - all right. - good. him. all right. he cut me all up.
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but, um, that doesn't affect... the situation we have here. look. i'll call you back. hung himself, this diamond crook. - and made a lousy job of it. - yeah. took an eight-foot drop, tore his head off. [snaps fingers] this close. headin' for south america. all right. voucher 'em. call the owner. - i'll contact the mother for the i.d. - um, let bobby handle that. greg and diane collared up on a skell, and gina picked the guy out as her attacker.
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brought you some coffee. you like it with cream and sugar? yeah. that's good. that's a hell of a place to lock anybody up. gotta go to the john? nah. i'm okay. i'm detective sipowicz. have a seat. [clears thr] this girl that got her face cut-- know anything about it? nothin'. she picked my picture, she's wrong. that's all i can say. waitin' for a lawyer, huh? right.
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t gonna confess. i didn't do it. - so the girl was mistaken about you? - yeah. ow! ooh! leave me alone. i'm sorry. i, uh-- [chuckles] something came over me. i, uh-- [clears throat] see, that girl used to work right here in this office. - she did? - yeahahi'm, uh-- uh, listen. i-i hope i didn't hurt ya. come on. come on. [sighshs you didn't do it, huh? no. um, that's the truth? that's the truth. ah! sorry. i don't know why i did that. look. i'm not the one, okay? you got the wrong guy. i believe you. i believe you. i don't-- i don't want you to confess. don't sign this thing. mm-mmm. just don't hit me, okay? i won't hit you.
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yeah. [sighs] y! [grunts] you cut this girl just for fun, didn't you, huh-- you sick son of a bitch? get off of me! you saw a pretty face, you had to mess it up. no. she was fightin'. she went for my eyes. yeah. you were gonna rape her and kill her! she set me up. she wanted it. she got me in there,e,thed fightin' and screamin'. no! you lyin' bastard! - ah! - you cut her 'cause she wouldn't have nothin' to do... now are you gonna give it up to me, huh? are you? [moans] i'm gonna give it up. i'm gonna give it up. all right. all right.
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[door closes] so, uh, am i in the wrong line of work, andy? you know, i should've been a store clerk or somethin'. cut it out, medavoy. boss takes me off of that guy. you think we're supposed to be all one thing, huh? you got a way that works for you. some skells they, uh-- they need somebody to listen to 'em, or they're lookin' for help. - that works for you. me-- - [faucet squeaks off] se that. our boss's job-- put the right one of us on the thing that needs doin'. yeah. well, i-i-i-- i feel i would have gotten there. it just happens i-i-- i got objections to tuninina guy up. - everyone's got his methods. - god-- god forbid, somethin'-- somethin' happens in custody. don't think i don't live with that in the back of my mind. god fofoid, you ask yourself, "did-- did he only go 'cause-- 'cause he was gettin' hit?"
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"know the guy's right off witness statements and physical evidence," plus... "he don't confess, your witnesses get beat or killed for testifying." me, if i feel i gotta do it, i hit 'em. you're committin' a crime. i'm committin' a crime. and if i'm caught, rview." so she wouldn't have to testify-- they'll sit on my jury at trial a a they'll vote to lock me up. i better know all that before i raise a hand. - who's this guy writin' foror - me.
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[door closes] no. that's, uh, okay, if you prefer to make the i.d. tomorrow. i'll pick you up at 9:00 tomorrow. all right, ma'am. [handset settles in cradle] hi. worked out with your guyuy mm-hmm. - he's writing it up. boy, andy's scary. - yeah. that's how you wanna do o . oh. talk to me like i'm a stranger. i like that. so have a good dinner. [sighs] you want me waitin' at my crib until you decide t tcome over for another soul-search, diane?
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i'm not playin'. i'll talk to you tomorrowowhmm? [knocks] i'm back. who beeped? oh, that was greg. gina, that, uh, guy you i.d.'d off the polaroid? he confessed. so you don't have to worry about bein' in contact with him. that's a big relief. yeah. the doctor stopped while you were gone. says he's reasonably optimistic.
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- you put that outta your mind. - thth's my fear. listen to me. you know what we have to do? i got hurt. i was reluctant to call my parents, same like you. they're afraid of hospitals. see, but you gotta trust your parents to show their love for you. they love their daughter more than they're afraid. afraid if they'll be upset. i don't wanna call till morning. sure. that's fine. it's not necessary. it's all right. really. so you just took the short course on how my ex-husband operates.
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yeah. - i'm glad that skell, attacked gina, gave ya a statement. - yeah. do they know how bad it's gonna be? no. not yet. - she got family with her? - i'm not sure. james martinez is over seein' her. i could tell they had a little something goin' on. oh, you pick up on that kinda stuff, huh? yeah. i do. what'd you work today? perp went and hung himself. hmm. - they should popularize that as an alternative to trial. - [chuckles] this is sure fun. yeah? yeah. i mean, dating is so hard-- just gettin' it organized. and then, uh, the guy almost always turns out to be a jerk. but i don't wanna quit. i'm a... big romantic.
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[chatter on tv, indistinct] what's he doin'? he's just lying there lookin' like he told himself a joke in his sleep. [chuckles] yeah, i've seen that. looks like he told it to himself a couple times before too, and he still thinks it's funny.
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russell. she's not doin' good. how do you tell? it's like she's... stuck. about a week or so ago, bobby says she seems better, but it's like it trailed off. does "better" mean ready to do what bobby wants? he's not that way, sylvia. he loves her, but he's concerned for her also. andy, do you think that we could really afford me stopping work? absolutely. i-- i get a marshal's job moonlighting. it won't equal your income, but we'd have less expenses. yeah. we wouldn't need a sitter for theo or to budget for my business clothes. don't you worry about money. yeah. right.
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theo just keeps floatin' into my head. i have to reconnect with what i'm doing, just, kinda like from a-- a standing start. but then i'll wind up thinking, "i'm doing this... "when i could be... thinkin' about his dopey mug without feeling guilty or... at home holding him." him and you...
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goin' on? hi. - ginger ale. - yeah. [liquid pouring] you know about jimmy. yeah, i do. that was somethin', huh? [ice cubes clinking] that was awful. yep. with jimmy you never knew what was comin' next. jimmy didn't tell me what he was into. i knew him a long time. i never knew either. hmm. i'll believe that if you want me to. you're the customer. [door opens] did jimmy talk about me? [door closes]
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did he tell you if he slept with me? he didn't say. if he drugged me? no, babe. that psycho snitch didn't say. but i'll tell ya how he had circulation problems off bein' diabetic, and he did like to add his little potions to ladies' drinks. am i taking you wrong? are you lookin' to, uh, find out if he drugged you, or did you wanna score some more fizzies? what?
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you think i wanted that to happen-- for him to do that to me? my mistake. you're lucky i don't arrest you. oh-ho, yeah. call the cops. tell 'em a wacko skirt in patrick's wants me arrested for asking what she's doing here. i just need to call a friend. i don't care who you call. make it quick, and get outta here! [coin clinks in pay phone] [tapping keys] [chatter on tv, indistinct] [phone rings] [ringing continues] [sighs] yeah. all right. i'll be right there. get out then.
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an arkturian macbeth. watch him. watch macbeth.


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